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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 8, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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as always thank you for joining us and making this show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never, ever miss an episode of hannity and don't forget for news anytime,,, and, of course, in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, stay tuned, laura ingraham, the ingraham angle is here right now and she's got a killer, kick ass show. that's what i read. >> laura: hannity, those early release programs with violent criminals, those are working out really well aren't they all across the country? you killed it tonight on that. you be believable. >> sean: sad. >> laura: two years for attempted murder that's all? two years? at least he was charged with that. unbelievable sad times. again this is liberal paradise this is the way they want it for the whole country so if the whole country has a chance to make a different choice in november or they can keep getting what we're seeing. >> sean: laura, 61 days. we'll get the government we deserve. >> laurie: i sure hope so.
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sean great show tonight as always. great to see you >> i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. let's get right into it. now the words courageous and brave, they're tossed around so casually these days. in pop culture, in politics, in hollywood, in sports. >> god bless liz cheyney for having the courage to stand up virtually alone. >> that athletes like colin kaepernick bravely chose to kneel down so that others may have the courage to stand up. >> you think of meryl street's speech? >> i thought it was very brave because i believe that hate and fear is just ruining the soul of america. >> at what christine blasey ford did today was brave and she spoke her truth. >> admiral rachel levine is a ground breaking leader, public health champion and an advocate. >> my definition of courage would be to be true to yourself.
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>> joe biden, who knows and has learned and studied america's history, and has, therefore, the courage to say black lives matter. >> laurie: and other altruistic adjectives are being bastardized as well. hillary clinton and her daughter are now out flacking their new show called gutsy. >> what is the most gutsy thing you've done recently, both of you? >> well, i have to say doing that series and getting way outside my comfort zone. i did everything from try to learn to tango which, believe me, is not easy, to making acorn soup. >> laurie: dancing and soup? very gutsy. what sacrifice, what courage, hillary. but that's not all folks because don't forget, the gutsiest thing of all is hating trump. >> our former president really
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not only main stream but main lined hate in our country so it was really important for us to include gutsy women handing up to hate and white supremacy, standing up to bigotry in their own lives, in their communities and for our country because i think we all need to be doing that right now. >> laurie: no. right now, chelsea, what we need to be doing is recognizing and celebrating the gutsiest and most courageous woman of probably the last hundred years and that's the woman you failed to even mention in your silly little book. queen elizabeth ii. now that was a gutsy woman. because gutsy is someone who, somehow, even at a young age, sets a dignified example for others to follow. >> we are trying to do all we can to help our gal ant sailors, soldiers, and we are trying, too, to bear our own share of
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the danger of war. when peace comes, remember, it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place. >> laurie: and gutsy is putting duty first, putting your fellow countrymen ahead of even your own personal desires. >> i have, in sincerity, pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. throughout all my life, and with all my heart, i shall strive to be worthy of your trust. >> laura: and gutsy is carrying on with time-honored traditions when so many in modern society are rejecting them and ridiculing them. >> visits by american presidents always remind us of a close and long standing friendship between the united kingdom and the united states. and i am so glad that we have
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another opportunity to demonstrate the immense importance that both our countries attach to our relationship. >> when we understand what the monarchy is and it really is a deeply colonial role and not just in the past but now. the fact that we take this really white family to represent what britain is tells you this is a hangover to the colonial times. >> laura: oh, really? gutsy is standing resolute and stoic in times of great national change and challenge. as she's done since 1953. >> i cannot lead you into battle. i do not give you lourdes or administer justice. but i can do something else. i can give you my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the people of our brotherhood of nations. >> laurie: now queen elizabeth's kind of grit and determination and courage, gutsyness, it's kind of considered pass say in much of today's modern world and
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it's a world where so many expect a trophy for being their authentic selves. a world where people fret and naval gaze about work/life balance or worry about whether they have enough hours in their schedule for self care and me time. queen elizabeth loved her dogs and her horses and her family, but she also loved her country. she wouldn't think of casting as perfections on our country or criticizing her nation like so many democratic leaders do so readily. elizabeth knew what was expected of her and fulfilled her duties brilliantly decade after decade after decade. we're never going to see another like her. it is truly the end of an era. but we can hope that britain and the rest of the world, maybe even hillary clinton, learns something about real guts, real courage, and real service from her example. joining me now is woody johnson
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former u.s. ambassador to the united kingdom and company owner of the new york jets. woody, you had a wonderful relationship with the queen. we're showing some of the pictures of the two of you now. tell us about her and as you got to know her. >> well, the first time you met her, each ambassador gives her your letters, your credentials and then you have a short conversation. and at that meeting, which is pretty exciting at buckingham palace, i asked her if we could have dinner together and she could bring some of her friends and she said i'd love to. but let's have your friends instead. so some of those pictures that you see, i think, are part of that evening. so about, you know, a few months later, she came over and i got to know her and see her among the few of the friends that she
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brought as well and you could see just all the things you talked about, the resolve, the humor. yeah, you've got to be on your toes, you had to be on your toes with her. she was very, very quick. she had incredible memory on almost any subject. >> laurie: and, woody. >> go ahead. >> laura: woody, her relationship with you, she got to know your family, and president trump i know, because i spoke to him about it, he just adored her and it looks like she kind of adored him. >> well, i've known donald trump, you know, former president trump for 40 years, and i've never seen him as excited about anything, maybe with the exception of his wife, to meet the queen and have a conversation, particularly there was a lunch before the state dinner, which is very funny, but the dinner itself, he told me
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this, not the details, but 45-minute discussion with her majesty that he said was probably the highlight of his presidential career. just, that was the impact she had on our president, but also i imagine on all world leaders that met her. i know mike pompeo met her and nebul the administration and they were all wowed by this pledge at 14 to serve her entire life, long or short, the people. and she did. she -- two days before she died, she had a meeting with liz truss, the new prime minister, and boris johnson, the outgoing prime minister. so to the very end, she served and just what an example. >> laurie: what do you think, woody, will change with charles as king? >> well, i think, you know, the
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good news about her life and what she's done is that it lays out a pretty good path forward. you know, she changed with the times. she has a lot of young people around her, so she gets different points of view. and i think charles, king charles now will do the same. i've met him and the president's met him. we like him. very smart and i think he'll do an excellent job. >> laurie: woody, the end of an era, though, with queen elizabeth's passing. i mean, gore ba chef died, what a week or so ago? those are kind of the last two very influential people of the 20th century still alive, i believe. jimmy carter obviously but i think elizabeth and gorbachev had their own influence. >> there's really nobody like elizabeth ii, nobody in the whole words in my eyes and in
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the president's eyes said she's never done anything wrong. seven decades in service plus all those years before that, and that's pretty good. i mean, that's not as good as you, laura. >> laura: thanks, woody. >> but that's a pretty good record. >> laura: i remember getting your christmas card, though, woody and seeing you with the queen and i was like, okay, you win. woody has the christmas card and it's a pictured with you and -- yeah, you won. but you were so touched by her and getting to know her and i was so grateful that you're able to come on tonight to share some of those memories. >> it's a pleasure, my pleasure. >> laura: woody thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> laura: joining me now someone woody just mentioned former secretary of state mike pompeo distinguished fellow and the hudson institute and fox news contributor. mr. secretary, we're obviously seeing a shift in governance in the uk with the new prime minister liz truss only two days into the office now with king
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charles. how monumental a week is this, not just for the uk but for the entire, you know, western order given the passing of the queen? >> well, i had a chance to get to know the queen just a little bit. i just had the chance to meet her one time. she was a remarkable woman who had given so much of her life to true service, laura. her commitment to others, commitment to country before self. she sacrificed so much in her own personal life. i pray that the united kingdom will have, and king charles the same thing and that new prime minister truss will have opportunity, she won't have the benefit of 70 years of experience through thick and thin, good times and bad, prime ministers from the left and the right, but this will change leaders all around the world. there was just not inside the united kingdom that the queen was important. she was important to lots of different people, lots of countries around the world. she understood dedication and service in a way that i think and i pray our nation will get back, people who care deeply about our country and are
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willing to fighted for it the same way the queen was willing to fight for her country and leaders. she will be missed. >> laura: i was just speaking earlier about the idea of changing definition of changes, valor gutsyness and she really embodied the true definition of those things where today, you know, you're gutsy for saying you want more me time or saying you want to have more self care. like that's a gutsy thing to say in the workplace. but to me there's a nostalgia here but it's more than that. you talk to a lot of young people today, they have affection for her. so there's something about beyond just the pomp and circumstance, but about her and what she represented that i think there's an enormous amount of affection for. >> laura, i think you're right. i think all generations couldie see how steady she was. i think we are looking for serious leaders who are steady and who are prepared to stand for the values and the institutions and to defend them
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vigorously, not just with a tweet or a snide remark some place on social media, but by real service, real work, real dedication, real wisdom, real experience, real knowledge. things that this queen certainly has and we see lacking too often around the world, both on the world stage and here at home. >> laura: could you imagine the queen ever disparaging her own country? whether it's the history of the country or former leaders of the country publicly the way it's done so glibly and casually today in the united states by so many people of influence? >> unimaginable. and seven decades on, it never happened. she not only was unapologetic about her role and her place and her country's place in the world but remember we're just a couple days out from 9/11, i remember the queen at 9/11 as well. she understood what had been put upon the world. she understood the united kingdom's responsibility to help america respond to what had happened, to our citizens that day. she was steadfast in protecting
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freedom around the world wherever it was threatened. >> laura: she loved reagan, she had a great relationship with reagan, john paul ii. obviously she and trump got along really well. woody and i were just talking about that. >> yeah, absolutely. >> laura: i want to you play you some other reaction to her death from some corners was a bit odd mr. secretary. here's former obama official and journalist rick stingle. >> british colonialism which she presided over for years had a terrible affect over the world. there's a still a cashing that yearns for that very thing that we escaped from. >> laurie: what on earth is he talking about? i mean, they have contempt for anything attached to tradition, period, end of story. unbelievable. >> you've got it exactly right. this is an attack on the foundational ideas of our country. we have a very different system. we have no monarchy here we
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split away from that a couple hundred years plus ago. in our country it's our constitution and our founding. those attacks would be exactly the same on our institution the thing we will hold dear. kind of a marxist attack, that's a bizarre statement from the left who just literally rejects history and tradition and values and virtues in the way we all have delivered not only four our country but the united kingdom and the relationship between our countries as well. >> laura: mr. secretary they're going to be really miserable the next few weeks all the ceremonies and so forth they'll be absolutely miserable. anytime people are patriotic they're really unhappy. great to see you thank you for joining us >> so what happens from here? a period of mourning for a couple of days, we expect a coronation of now king charles to follow that. now for a time line ahead, we go to london where amy kellogg fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent is standing by. amy. >> hi laura, yes, it is going to
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be a busy ten days of mourning. it's not like the country is obviously going to stand still. there will be a long process of saying good-bye to queen elizabeth but also kind of ushering in king charles the third. and as you've been saying the united kingdom is very rich with ceremony and with tradition. so -- and given laura that queen elizabeth has been the sovereign for 70 years a lot of the ceremony and procedure that will be taking place over these next 10 days are things that we have never seen before. tomorrow, things get into motion with now king charles the third and queen con sort camila returning from balmoral scotland where they were with the queen today when she passed away. they will travel to london and charles will address the nation. then on saturday, something
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called the ex session council which includes senior government officials which will meet at the palace to pro claim king charles the third the new sovereign of the land. then the queen's coffin will be returned to the palace after traveling by royal train. the prime minister and other ministers from the government will attend a reception to welcome or receive the queen's coffin. proclamations will be read in the various evolved administrations scotland wales and northern ireland. tributes will continue in parliament. on tuesday king charles will embark upon a tour of the united kingdom. in the last year or so he had been picking up some of the queen's official duties because she had been having increasing trouble with mobility. but up until close to the end of her life, she was carrying out some 300-plus engagements a year. the queen's coffin next week will be carried in procession from buckingham palace to the
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palace of westminster where she will lie in state and that will be open to the public for 23 hours each day. i'm not sure exactly why 23 but that is the plan. the state funeral is to be held in ten day's time. we've heard the 19th, we've heard the 21st of september in westminster abbey. that has not yet been confirmed by palace officials yet. and then finally the queen will be buried in windsor castle's king george vi memorial castle and that will wrap up the period of mourning, and this period of british history, laura. but for now, and i've just arrived in london, but the mood is really one of shock, though. she was 96 years old and people kind of knew and feared the day she would go. it all happened very quickly, as we saw her just a couple of days ago meeting the new prime minister and more or less swearing her in, laura.
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>> laura: amy thank you for joining us. i know you're exhausted, it's the middle of the night for you but thank you very very much for giving us that update. and back home decisions that will determine our own future will be decided at the ballot box in two months. one republican shocked the country with his win last november and is he providing a blueprint now for how the party does it in november? governor glenn youngkin is here in studio. can't wait. state there.
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>> republican lawmakers, people like ron desantis and the governor of virginia youngkin are focused on is banning books. >> what glenn youngkin did was a huge dog whistle that put fear in parents and i can understand that fear because if you talk about things like critical race theory in the way that he talked about it, he talked about it like it was, like it was something to be afraid of. like it was something that was indoctrinating the kids. that to me is fearmongering. >> laura: oh, that means glenn youngkin was winning. those comments weren't from last november during the heat of the gubernatorial battle, those were from the past two weeks. so this big convulsion over governor youngkin's victory last year is still simmering today
7:26 pm
for one reason. democrats and their media lackeys know that the issue of education, parent power, and everything that parents are doing to push this issue, is potent. and it's potent heading into this year's midterms. so while a popular nairtive has emerged of sending the issue of abortion back to the states will suddenly turn the vote back to the democrats, i don't buy it. i told you all along, i do not buy the narrative. are pocketbooks more important for parents and their children's education? yes they are. we're pleased to be joined in studio by virginia governor glefrng junken. governor good to see you. >> good to see you. >> laura: thanks for being here. they still have a blind spot on this issue. they don't understand why their parents want their kits taught actual subjects, not what they're pushing on the kids. >> no, and we saw this last year through our entire race where parents were standing up saying, we're in charge of our children, not bureaucrats, not politicians. and yet we saw the progressive liberals continually try to inject themselves between
7:27 pm
parents and their children. and, oh, by the way, keep classrooms closed, dictate explicit materials parents don't want in their children's education and, oh, by the way finally lower standards and tell them if you just do okay it's good enough. and then what we saw, laura, of course, is virginians stood up and said no. it wasn't republicans or democrats, it was all virginians, parents from all walks of life said we've had it. then we see the test scores come out and tell us that not only were the closed schools detrimental to our children but what they were being taught, being taught what to think as opposed to how to think all of a sudden resulted in a 20-year loss in learning in math and english across the country and we saw the same thing in virginia. >> laura: how is that good for minorities. >> in fact, people talk about averages, and it's worse for minorities, for black virginians, for latino virginians, by the way for
7:28 pm
virginians that have english as a second language and are disabled. and what we continually see is the progressive liberals ignore all that and all they want to talk about, all they want to try to inject on our children is a political philosophy. >> laura: or gender identity philosophy. >> they want parents out of our lives. >> laura: governor i have to get to this california passed this law that banned the sail of new gas powered vehicle by 2035 but faced in pretty quickly and aggressively. and i didn't know this as a resident of virginia, i didn't know this. but virginia tracks california. so right now the commonwealth of virginia is poised to ban the sale of gas powered cars by 2035? and you said you're going to try to, you know, marshall the legislative force behind undoing this. >> we have to. we have to. so, of course, when the democrats controlled the house, the senate and of course the governor's office, single party rule by progressive liberals, rather than do their job and represent the people that elected them to be there, they outsourced it to california.
7:29 pm
and worst yet, we've got to have 35% ev purchases in 2026. so no longer to parents get to decide what happens in their children's lives, no longer, in fact, do people get to choose what car they want to drive. >> and how far they can drive. >> and how far they want to drive. and no longer would the democrats who were elected to represent virginians want to do their job. and this is why virginians said enough. and i think we're going to see enough shouted across the country this november. >> laura: now, a lot of people are seeing your campaigning outside of the commonwealth of virginia. i mean we want you to stay in virginia all the time but you're all over the place very popular, 55% approval which is nice to see for a republican governor, any governor but great to see for you. the washington times wrote about you saying youngkin's been stepping up his out of state appearance to help gubernatorial candidates across the country which is feeding murmurs about his presidential ambition. what are your presidential ambitions? >> well, my ambitions right now
7:30 pm
are to be the best governor that i possibly can in virginia and we've had a great first eight months. i'm also finding that there's a great opportunity for me to support virginia candidates running for congress. and i've often thought that the road to the majority in our house of representatives comes through virginia. we've got great candidates, way ga in the seventh and general in and chao. >> laura: these are diverse candidates. >> the future of the republican party, it's amazing. and on top of that the republican candidates running in states that look just like virginia last year where joe biden won by five or ten points but you see the issues of education and inflation and law lessness driving people into the republican party who never voted for republicans before and i think we can help. and that's why i've been excited to have a chance, when i do leave virginia to go help republican candidates win governor's races so they too can see what it's like to have a republican governor and see a state moving as opposed to stalled. >> laura: you're not giving me
7:31 pm
on anything on running for president. >> i'm focused on 2022 laura. >> laura: are you renaming these community colleges or allowing the new pc names remain. >> sadly it was done. >> laura: can't stop that. >> before i was elected. what i have been able to stop is jumping in front of changes to our history curriculum where they no longer wanted to identify george washington as the fatherer of our country or james madison. >> laura: status coming down. >> no more status coming down but we can teach all of our history and this is where i think the progressive liberals miss this. which is we can in fact teach the good and bad and stand up for parents in the classroom. >> laura: yeah. governor youngkin great to see you congrats on a first eight months and can't great to see what's next >> despite their damaging leaks the justice department has the audacity to request a stay in i lean cannon's approval of the
7:32 pm
special master in the trump mar-a-lago case. next up our power panel react to that. plus they're going to tell us why former trump attorney general bill barr has it all wrong. so stay there.
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>> the opinion i think was wrong and i think the government should appeal it. it's deeply flawed in a number of ways. i don't think the appointment of a special master is going to hold up. but even if it does, i don't see it fundamentally changing the trajectory. in other words, i don't think it changes the ball game so much as maybe we'll have a rain delay for a couple of innings. >> laura: okay. that absolutely stunned me, his comments. i guess they kind of cover for each other these days, the doj informed the 11th circuit court of appeals that it does plan to file an appeal in the case. in a separate simultaneous court filing prosecutors asked cannon to stay her decision on two points, her order to temporarily halt a significant portion of the fbi investigation into this
7:38 pm
potential mishandling of classified info and second her order to allow a special master bill barr was talking about to the clad feud materials. joining me harmeet dhillon, molly hemming which mike davis and harmeet dhillon chair woman. what does ag barr get wrong? >> aim not sure if he's just starved for attention now or has a willful misunderstanding of the law maybe peddling his book but clearly knows the former attorney general twice the deputy attorney justice before that. >> laura: he's really smart by the way. >> he's a really smart guy he knows he's wrong as a matter of law here. he knows that the president of the united states has the absolute constitutional power to declassify anything he wants. he knows that a president has the absolute statutory power under the presidential records act to take and maintain these
7:39 pm
records in the office of the former president classified or non-classified. he knows it is legally impossible for president trump to have violated any law in the way he took and maintained these records in mar-a-lago. so i'm not sure where bill barr is coming up with these series. it doesn't sound like he read judge cannon's opinion because it was a pretty even-keeled reasoned opinion. he clearly didn't read it. >> laura: harmeet you also have a theory on this in reference to the precedent that does exist on the special master question. explain. >> well, laura, the very practice of a taint team, which is what the doj has been relying on for many years to deal with the inevitable circumstance of seizing people's property in a search warrant and getting privileged information, is flawed. and, in fact, the federal courts are beginning to pick up on this and there's an important opinion out of the fourth circuit that judge cannon referenced in her opinion appointing a special master that says that it is
7:40 pm
quite possible that the taint team situation, which is the doj itself being the umpire of whether something is privileged or not. that violates a separation of powers because it is firmly within the purview of a federal judge to do that and the judge typically will farm that out to a special master. so to be clear, the special master reports to the court and it's the court's duty to call balls and strikes over what's privileged and what's not and privilege includes all the privileges. so yes there is a dispute in front of this court between the government and the former president as to the privileged nature of these documents but the court is saying, let's sort that out and let me decide that. and the government is ignoring in its filings that dispute. it is asking the court and threatening the court that if you don't treat all these things as president trumpively our property, things that are marked classified, then we're going to appeal this to the 11th circuit and i don't even think the appointment of a special master is appealable under normal
7:41 pm
precedent and the 11th circuit. >> laura: i agree with you harmeet. and molly i want everyone to see how damaging the selective leaks can be. here was leon panetta today over at mess nbc. >> these documents have been thrown into a box and brought to a country club in florida where there's a very good chance our most important secrets could have been compromised as a result of that. i think this is a serious matter. if. >> laura: mollie that from the former cia director who called the hunter biden details disinformation. >> the selective leaks you're getting where people in the fbi and department of justice are going straight to the washington post and straight to the new york times just like they did with their russian conclusion hoax is one of the reasons i was a little surprised to see a former attorney general bill barr seem to fall for these selective leaks. he understood how that game was played when he was dealing with the russian collusion hoax and
7:42 pm
that is the same game being played now. the thing about the leaks will be eventually debunked but they're putting forth false and dangerous narratives but they also undermine themselves. they claim this information was so mishandled down at mar-a-lago well nobody knew anything about this. none of this was showing up in the pages of the washington post or new york times until the fbi and doj got their hands on it. >> laura: so they themselves are compromising the information. >> and it undercuts their own claim. >> laura: and the issue of nuclear capabilities of other countries, the cia i believe has its own web site that gives a lot of this information about -- right? >> point out, too, the original leak to the washington post was that donald trump had nuclear codes and was about to set off a bomb or something like that. that just quietly went away and was replaced he had non-classified information about other country's nuclear capabilities which is a huge dropdown in drama and shows how these leaks take a long time to be shown to be false. >> laura: mike i want to read part of the argument that the
7:43 pm
government made today. they said the injunction against using classified records in the criminal investigation could impede efforts to identify the existence of any additional classified records that are not properly being stored. so now there are more classified documents after we had how many agents there? you know looking at every nook and cranny and underwear drawer and pillow case or whatever. >> so if these records were so dangerous in president trump's hands at mar-a-lago, why did biden, why did attorney general merrick garland, why did they wait 18 months to go get them? this is a total political hit on a former president because they're fearful he's going to be the president again and also know president trump declassified on january 19, 2021, and took the crossfire hurricane records that are so damaging politically for obama, biden, hillary the fbi intel community. >> laura: seems like they're afraid of donald trump they just want him to cry uncle and go away and never be in public
7:44 pm
office again and they'll go away. panel great insights tonight thank you >> you heard it for months now that biden and the democrats are mounting a furious comeback. joe mentum? congressman jim jordan a roy lay it out for me next. stay there.
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>> when it comes to the biden era, the best could still be yet to come. >> are he and his party poised for an electoral comeback. >> this is with inflation perhaps starting to settle the beginning of a biden comeback. >> laura: okay. if you want to get a sense of how much the regime media hates you, look no further than the epitome of the biden or democrat comeback stories. now, as a psycho of depraved crimes ripped through cities in america, drugs pouring over our borders killing our citizens, now an estimated 69 million households are now cancelling vacations, driving less, cutting grocery purchases because of the cost, inflation is killing everybody. they want you to buy into this political fairytale? your safety, your security, your physical and financial, you know, well-being. this means nothing to them. joining me now is ohio congressman jim jordan ranking
7:50 pm
member of house judiciary and texas congressman championship roy also a member of the judiciary committee. congressman roy, are you surprised that this narrative was really set before labor day, last month or so, but they're trying to drive this all the way to the midterm. >> well, there's no question it's all they've got. but the truth is, you said it, i'm here in texas and we have 107,000 dead americans, from opioid and fentanyl driving poise news because cartels have control of our border. crime is up 40% in our 24 biggest cities. in our military, our army is down at 50% levels of recruiting. the reality is, is that we have our children, who have been set back two decades because of the response to the pandemic. i could keep going down the list. you know it, the american people know it, their electricity bills, their gasoline costs up 44% reflects it. but the fact is that the republicans, we can't expect to win, we've got to go earn it.
7:51 pm
and we've got to go earn it by making this case you're making right here and jim and i are making right here to make sure the american people know it and then we've got to fight for them. we've got to stop funding the very tyranny the bureaucrats going after the american people like the 87,000 irs agents or finding the open borders or funding the fbi to go after parents who dare to question their school boards when their daughter is raped in a bathroom like scott smith. republicans can win this fight we just have to take it to the people. >> laura: congressman jordan you talk about hating your own citizens, when asked about the california energy crisis, here's how the epa commissioner responded. >> we put together rules that began to reduce pollution that are exacerbating this climate crisis. we're also putting together rules and regulations that encourage more investment in clean energy, which is distributed so that we can be more nimble and mobile as we face this climate crisis. >> laura: congressman jordan,
7:52 pm
spewing this in the middle of what is a self created energy crisis. i mean, this is the definition of sick. >> yeah. i mean what they're doing is driving up the cost of energy and everyone knows when you drive up the cost of energy you drive up the cost of every other good because you have to transport good but i think crime is the issue that will move front and center lauer a the past couple weeks we have eliza fletcher gets murdered when she goes out for a run in her own neighborhood. a county in maryland has imposed a curfew because crime is so bad. there was a washington redskins football player shot going out for dinner. that all happened in the last couple of weeks. and what were joe biden and the democrats up to? joe biden was raiding the home of the president of the united states. they were taking the phone of a sitting member of congress. they were calling half the country fascists and extremists and then he signed legislation that is going to unleash, as chip said, 87,000 irs agents to come harass we, the people. that's what they've been up to
7:53 pm
while they've been passing these policies that are leading to the record crime we see in every major urban area in this country. so the american people, they can say what they want in the big press and the media but the american people get the facts and they're going to show up in a big way, i believe, in 61 days. >> laura: congressman roy, there was a dc council woman who responded to your governor, greg abbott sending the illegal aliens to washington. watch this. >> the governors of texas and arizona have created this crisis. and in many ways, the governors of texas and arizona have turned us into a border town. we don't know how long this will take to resolve. >> laura: congressman roy, now, do you think that dc council woman has ever been to a border town? >> well, i find it deeply ironic, congratulations to governor abbott for being willing to stands up and try to secure the border and sending some of these folks to dc and
7:54 pm
new york, this council woman took the bait. the same council woman by the way who called for the abolition of ice and who declared dc a sanctuary city and now she gets a few hundred folks delivered to her doorstep and she's trying to declare an emergency saying we're a border city we need help. you know what? we have 4,000 a day coming into texas across our border because mayorkas and biden willfully refuse to actually execute the laws of the united states, purposely releasing people and now americans are dying from fentanyl like ut football stars in austin texas or the three kids that died from fentanyl in the last month. that is on the president and this council woman knows it. >> laura: it is absolutely putrid and they deserve everything they get. congressman, thank you >> the only tradition the queen may have broken, well, we had to go with it, well, her love for america, up next.
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♪ ♪ . >> laura: well that was two days after 9/11 when queen elizabeth broke long standing tradition by ordering the star spangled played outside buckingham palace. that's just the way she was. ♪ ♪ >> greg: there you go, made you laugh. if it made you laugh, that makes me happy. happy thursday everyone. well, it's day eight without kat on the show. as you know she's on her honeymoon and i think she sent us a video. >> hey greg, i'm still on my honeymoon i'm in germany and i know i always laughed when you talked about all the movies you


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