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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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immediately talk to your doctor about how cute tenzer may help reduce pain in your feet so you can get on to your own right feet. you tenzer great feet deserve great feet. >> hey, i've got some great news from publisher's clearing october thirty . first, you can win seven grand a week for life, but you got to enter at pch .com seven grand a week for life. dinner now at pch dot . >> hello and welcome back to our special remembering the queen coverage. i'm chris gallagher in los angeles. friday morning is dawning in the united kingdom as the world remembers queen elizabeth the second her life and legacy looming very large as mourners continuously gather around buckingham palace to pay tribute. and back on this side of the pond, the empire state
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building lit up in purple tonight. to honor the longest reigning british monarch at 70 years. we'll have much more special remembering the queen coverage coming up, including a look at what comes next for the new king charles , the third. but we begin this hour with senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg. she's reporting live from london. good friday morning to you , amy. >> good morning. trace the queen on her 2020 first birthday said that her whole life, whether it be long or short, would be dedicated to service. and shortly after that comment, or i should actually say not so long ago, she revisited it, saying that she'd made it in her salad days when she was green trace. but she didn't regret a word of what she said. and of course, her life was long. her life was rich and it was productive. and so her death today came as a shock to many brits. and frankly, people around the world who really didn't see
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it coming. and somehow in some suspended reality probably thought it would never end that steady hand , that guidance that she provided not only to the british people, but to people across the globe, an example of a values of strength and of kindness. people went out to the gates of buckingham palace as soon as they got the word that she was in failing health. it was a rainy day and people in their thousands stayed out for much of it. and into the evening, the statement that came from buckingham palace earlier in the day about her health was more strongly worded than any we'd heard before about her health. and that was an indication that things were very grave then we saw the images of family members racing to be by her side up in balmoral, scotland, where she usually spent her summer vacations and had extended this one because she'd had these issues with mobility
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since the death of her beloved husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, last year. the man he called, she called her strength and her stay in those images of her alone, sitting alone at his funeral, which had a lot to do, of course, with the coronavirus restrictions, was just a stark image of of the queen's changed circumstances. her heir, her eldest son , charles , now king charles , the third will be the center of a lot of activity this week as his new role is made formal. we are waiting to hear from him today. we don't know exactly what time ,trace, but he will be making an address to the nation and given that there has not been a change of sovereign in 70 years, people will be quite curious to to read very closely into what he says, to see if he indicates any plans to take the monarchy in any sort of different direction or perhaps to get some indications of his style. i mean, he has evolved also
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very much in his adult life. he's been waiting all his life to be king. and i think people are quite anxious to hear what he has to say later today. trace, i can imagine amy kellogg live for us on what is an early morning in london. amy, thank you . let's get more into the record setting royals life and legacy. now let's bring back steve hilton, host of the next revolution and former strategy director for david cameron, who was one of her majesty's 15 prime minister. steve , great to see you again. you talk so eloquently, so eloquently about about the queen last hour. i wanted to push forward now and kind of talk about the future. king charles the third. he will speak to the nation today. but it's interesting because i want to know what you think about him coming out, saying in the past that he would like to slim down the monarchy. >> and what do you think that means? well, one thing i'd say, trace, is that there's something in his statement today that i think is really important and we should all remember, which is he said that he and the family, comforted
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by the knowledge of the affection and reverence in which the queen was held. and that is really true. and i think that's a really important point to remember is the grieving and the and the reflection on her life goes on is she knew how much she was loved because of the platinum jubilee celebrations in particular. looking ahead, he's a very different character. >> one of the things that's most remarkable, remarkable about the queen is that in all her 70 years on the throne, she never once let slip any indication of where she stood on any issue at all, on any matter of controversy. that was why she was able to be such a unifying figure for the nation. >> people had suspicions about what she felt about certain issues every now and again, something bubbled up. for example, there was a sense in which she had a disagreement with prime minister margaret thatcher about her attitude towards sanctions on south africa. >> that was just, you know, you can count on the fingers of one hand those kinds of occasions in 70 years. that's why the queen was so
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remarkable, prince charles , as he was then until today, completely different. >> we all knew what he felt about almost every issue. he's been incredibly vocal on a huge range of very controversial topics from architectural organic farming to particularly now climate change. his views on climate change, by the way, if you put them in the mouths of a politician here, in america, he'd be off there with aoc and bernie sanders. and so it'll be interesting to see how he conducts that role. he can't possibly replicate what his mother did, but it'll be interesting to see whether he can unify the nation in a different way with a different style. >> yeah, it's interesting because i know you live in this country now, stephen , and we talked about some of the battles the royal family has had in recent months, in recent years. speaking, of course, of of megan and harry. and i'm wondering how they fit into the big picture as they move forward here. apparently, they're going to stay on this side of the pond for the time being. i'm wondering if that plays or
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tugs at the heartstrings of charles because they have had some kind of a falling out. and i wonder if that gets mended in the process of him becoming the king. well, you'd hope on a human level that it does because you want families to come together, not to be split apart. but i think in terms of the official position, i think king charles is he now is has made his position clear , very clear that he's going, as you mentioned, but for a very focused, slimmed down monarchy. he's been urging the queen to do that, particularly in relation to prince andrew , but also in the conversations around prince harry and making sure they all want prince harry and meghan to be part of the future of the monarchy. harry and meghan have decided they don't want to do that. so as far as the future of the monarchy in the uk is concerned, around the commonwealth, i think that charles has got lots of radical ideas. he's had plenty of time to think about that. i don't think we'll be hearing
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too much about that in the next few days. i think in the next few days, his role will be to lead the national mourning and a focus to be on the queen and her life. >> but i think in the weeks and months ahead, then you really will start to see some changes. >> yeah. and it's also you talk about changes here. and boy, over the past, if you're living in britain, you are literally kind of getting some whiplash, right? you've got a new prime minister, you've got a new king. and the economy really isn't that great over there. steve . >> but it's not just the economy. i think the really big issue is actually the energy crisis, which is far worse. we talk about it often here, of course, but it's far , far worse because the uk ended up being much more dependent on russian energy. and so that's a huge issue. >> the cost of energy in the uk for households was set to rise to treble spectacularly go up much worse than and you have crisis's crises in the national health service and so on . it's a huge, huge in-tray for
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the new prime minister. on top of that, there's massive disruption in national life. so i don't know. we wish her well. we wish the new king well because, you know, we all want to see, you know, regardless of our views on the monarchy, we want to see britain do well and thrive. >> i got about 15 seconds left. steve , your final takeaway of of the queen, the queen's passing. >> i think we all need to just stop for a moment and learn the lesson of her life, her exemplary life lived so well, a model for everyone. the selflessness that was at the heart of her life, the sense of duty, the sense that it is not all about you , it is about us . that's what real leadership is about. >> have steve hilton great. as always, thank you for coming on . >> we appreciate it. thank you , tracy . well, president biden added an engagement to his calendar on thursday, stopping by the british embassy in washington to sign their condolence book and offer his sympathies to britain's ambassador. the white house correspondent kevin corke has more on
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the u.s. response. kevin , good morning. morning. trace more than a monarch, she defined an era. that's how president biden is remembering her majesty the queen elizabeth . the second tonight, the president and the first lady, as you pointed out, signing a condolence card at the british embassy right here in washington, d.c. thursday night. mourn for you was a great day for so delighted. >> got to meet your fourteen presidents served during a reign and she met all of them except for lbj. the president calling her a stateswoman of unmatched dignity, who deepened the bedrock alliance between our two nations. >> and i don't think she is all of it. must you find me, my mother, in terms of the look of her? >> just the generosity ever, the picture of dignity, her humor on occasion was on display, in fact, during this visit to the white house
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for america bicentennial, nobody can say that what happened on the fourth of july 1776 wasn't very much of a bilateral affair between that. it was a frequent visitor, of course, to the white house. the queen said it was a place she always felt welcome . >> no wonder i cannot feel a stranger here. the british have never felt america to be a foreign land. on my first visit to washington in nineteen fifty one , your predecessor, president truman, welcomed me to the white house. >> think about that. former president george w. bush remembering her majesty for her great intellect, charm and wit and of course, team time with her corgis. meantime, when they were first navigating life as president and first lady, barack and michelle obama say she was the queen who welcomed them with open arms, did you or did
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you not? >> the world wants to know fist bump with the queen. i did not, but i had a great relationship, a great relationship, said former president trump. he also said the queen was a grand and beautiful lady, and there was none like her. we actually showed you . if you're watching that clip just a few moments ago, president biden actually met with the queen in june. 2020 one . and that was the last time the two spoke. the queen passing away before being able to take up the president on his invitation to visit the white house. but her long tenure will be remembered by several former presidents and indeed the world over choice. >> yeah, we talked earlier how you're a history buff, kevin . and i saw this headline today saying you look at queen elizabeth the second life, and she lived through the jet age, the space age, the digital age ,and then you had so many young people who were so drawn to her. still, it really is this legacy that that will go on and on .
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>> it really is . and if you think about it, too, from a perspective of, say, a parent like our parents, i mean, they've only known the queen and they've been able to sort of unpack their perception of the queen trace through the war, through the postwar era, through the turbulent 60s and the 70s. and the 80s and on through all the great many years. and so for you and for me as history buffs and as newsmen, it's something that we can chronicle. but i think there's a real connection there with the american people. you heard steve hilton mention it. i heard sharon osborne mentioned earlier in our coverage. a lot of people in this country thought very highly of her and we'll miss her deeply. >> kevin corke, you're the best . thank you , my friend. i appreciate it. meantime, for more on the legacy of britain's longest serving monarch, let's bring in one of our colleagues with personal experience covering the royals. correspondent gillian turner joins us now gillian. queen undertook many visits to the white house during her 70 year reign. >> and you were fortunate enough to get to witness one of
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them. >> i was there as a white house staffer back in 2007. at the national security council when queen elizabeth actually came to meet and visit with president bush and his family. at that time, i'd worked on prep for dozens of head of state visits from foreign leaders. but i have to say that none of them at all were as eagerly anticipated as this one , not even when the pope came. you don't need to have worked at the white house to know the president bush's love and esteem for the monarch ran very deep. they had a rapport with one another that was evident to the whole country. >> take a listen. mr president , i wondered whether i should start this to saying when i was here in 1776, evros stays in the united states . we have much enjoy the chance to dwell on the history of the relationship between our two countries. as well as celebrating its present strength and vitality. >> the two of them really embody the special nature of
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that us uk relationship living, breathing, examples of it. he always said that no one understood the burden and privilege of public service like queen elizabeth trace and julian. what about her other visits to the u.s. between nineteen fifty two to twenty seven ? >> well, kevin mentioned a couple of them. she first visited washington when she was a princess back in nineteen fifty one . she came with her husband, prince philip. they stayed with president harry truman and his family at the blair house, which is just across the street from the white house, which was being renovated at the time. then six years later, she returned for the first time as queen, and she stayed inside the white house with president eisenhower and first lady mamie eisenhower. that was in 1957. her last visit was twenty seven . that trip to see president bush we just spoke about in between, she visited the u.s., a whole handful of times. in between those white house visits, she met thirteen sitting us presidents in all and knew every single one of them personally. from president truman to president biden, always taking
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care, of course, to democrats and republicans with equal grace and hospitality. tres equal grace. >> gillian turner, great inside. thank you . we appreciate what queen elizabeth the second played an important military role as well as a ceremonial one . the national security correspondent, jennifer griffin has that side of the story tonight from the pentagon. >> during her reign, queen elizabeth the second served as the colonel in chief of sixteen british army regiments. and corps. she was the first female in the royal family to serve on active duty in the british armed forces. she is the last surviving head of state to have served during world war two on september 13th, 1945, bombs were dropped by german warplanes on buckingham palace. rather than flee the city, queen elizabeth's father, king george , the six, and her mother remained at buckingham palace to show solidarity with londoners living through the blitz. princess elizabeth was just 13 years old when war broke out
10:17 pm
on september 3rd, 1939. she and her sister, like two million other british children, were sent to live in the countryside to protect them from the air raids. >> and when peace comes, remember, it will be for us the children of today. my sister is by my side and we are both going to say good night to you . come on , margaret. good night, children. good night and good luck to you all. >> during her life, she experienced upheaval in europe, the end of the cold war and a changed global national security environment. >> the nature of war changed during her reign, but in many ways the threat to stability remained constant. >> on september 12th, 2001, 24 hours after 9/11, queen elizabeth ordered the u.s. national anthem be played at the changing of the guard outside buckingham palace. nothing like that had occurred
10:18 pm
in 600 years. she later paid her respects at the 9/11 memorial in new york . in 2020, queen elizabeth visited the headquarters of britain's mi5 domestiques spy agency to thank her country's spies. >> we were responding to the threats from the or the cold war, domestic terrorism or the cyber. you have always demonstrated the utmost commitment to defend . >> even in her 90s, she recognized the shifting nature of the threat facing the united kingdom, inaugurating london's new cybersecurity center in 2017. >> queen elizabeth the second oversaw the british military for seven decades. she grew up during world war two and died as europe faces the possibility of another war threatening to expand across the continent as vladimir putin seeks to change the map of europe trace. >> jennifer, thank you .
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you help you get back into shape. bass absolutely free that jeff. hi are the three six nine three six nine . >> welcome back to our special coverage.
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let's look back at the life of queen elizabeth . the second here is senior national correspond richardson. >> although queen elizabeth , the second was born into the royal family, she was never destined to be queen. so when the duke and duchess of york announced the birth of their first child on april 21st ,1926, no one could have guessed their little daughter, elizabeth alexandra. mary would one day rule great britain all that was to change, however, what elizabeth's uncle, prince edward, abdicated his right to rule to marry an american divorcee. elizabeth's father reluctantly took the throne, becoming king george . the sixth, the nineteen thirty six 10 year old elizabeth became his heir at age 14 , the home schooled princess began to perform royal duties as well as doing her bit when her country was embroiled in world war two. in 1945. at age 18 , the young princess trained as a driver and mechanic in the women's auxiliary service. she and her sister later joined other britons to celebrate ve
10:25 pm
day on the streets of london. like thousands of others, she also had a sweetheart. her third cousin, prince philip of greece. the couple were engaged to be married shortly after the princess's 21st birthday. the royal wedding held november in nineteen forty seven in london's westminster abbey, brighton. the gloom of the postwar years. the following year, the couple's first child, charles , the prince of wales, was born. he was followed by princess and in 1950, prince andrew and prince edward. but in 1952, while in kenya, elizabeth learned her father, the king, had died. >> she was now at the age of twenty five . the queen of england. >> i declare before you all my life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. >> elizabeth was to rule in a new era, her coronation in all its splendor. the first to be broadcast on television in 1957. queen elizabeth met
10:26 pm
president eisenhower. she would go on to meet every other serving us president except lyndon johnson. she often spoke of the strong bond between the two nations, saying it extended beyond military ties. the 1990s was a turbulent decade for the royal family as marriages of three of the queen's children fell apart amid relentless tv coverage and tabloid headlines. but there was worse to come in 1997 with the death of diana, princess of wales, in a car accident in france. at the time, the queen was criticized for her reserved response and persuaded to make an unprecedented live broadcast. >> so what i say to you now as your queen and as a grandmother, i say from my heart, first i want to pay tribute to diana myself. years later, the queen attended prince william's wedding to kate middleton in april in a ceremony claimed to have been watched by two billion people. that same year, the queen made an historic visit to the republic of ireland,
10:27 pm
the first british monarch to do so in almost a century. a step towards healing, a deep historical rift. the following year, the country turned out in force to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60 year reign, throwing her a diamond jubilee celebrations spanning four days. thousands lined the bank of the river thames as a flotilla of 1000 boats led by the queen made its way down the river. the worst of british weather tried but failed to dampen the mood. and the queen then 86 years old, stood side by side with prince philip, then 90 , for the four hour ceremony. queen elizabeth ended her celebrations by thanking the nation for honoring her. >> i will continue to treasure and draw inspiration from the countless kindnesses shown to me in this country and throughout the commonwealth. thank you all. >> in 2013, the queen welcomed her third great grandchild, the much anticipated prince george , son of william and kate. he now becomes second in line to the english throne. two years later, he was followed by a sister, princess charlotte, now third in line.
10:28 pm
2015 was also the year queen elizabeth became britain's longest serving monarch, overtaking her great great grandmother, queen victoria. in 2016, the queen celebrated her 90th birthday. the four day event was a symbol of her deep involvement with the armed forces and a chance for the nation to celebrate her life in 2018, the queen watched as her grandson, prince harry, married american actress meghan markle in a ceremony that brought glamour and hollywood royalty to the house. of windsor from an early age, queen elizabeth was one of the most recognized royals in the world. nearly a third of the planet looked to her as the leader of the commonwealth. she embodied old fashioned values of virtue, faith and self-restraint, honoring to the very end the pledge she made when she was just 21 . >> rich, thank you . it's very early friday morning in london. let's head across the pond for some more analysis of her majesty's remarkable rain and some inside into what happens with the monarchy. >> now we are joined by a member of the british house of
10:29 pm
lords, lord john taylor . lord taylor, thank you for coming on , sir. we appreciate it. this is very, very monumental. change week in your country. you have a new prime minister, you have a new king. you lost a queen. i want to play some sound from what the new pm said about the queen and then get your reaction. >> watch. the death of her majesty. the queen is a huge up to the nation and to the world quinella of us . the second was the rock on which modern britain was built. our country has grown and flourished under her reign. britain is the great country it is today because of her a great country with some adjusting to your thoughts on this, sir, well, good morning, trace, and greetings from london. first of all, my prayers and condolences must go to the royal family on the sad passing of her majesty queen
10:30 pm
elizabeth . the second we must remember that king charles , the third as he now is , is not only the king of the united kingdom, he'll be king of the commonwealth, which encompasses fifty six nations covering two point four billion people. so this is an enormous change. i do hope, trace, that this is the dawn of a new era, not the dawn of a new era, because the king is a very different character and personality to his mother. the queen was barely five feet tall, but she was a giant in terms of her character, and she rose above politics. she kept her head above the fray, whereas prince charles , king charles , as he now is , couldn't resist the temptation to get involved in politics. he would talk about climate
10:31 pm
change and his views on architecture, and they didn't always go down. well, some some see him as as rather woke, in my view, britain needs to wake up, not woke up. so he's a very different character. >> so let's just see how we go . you say see how we go . do you think he'll continue on that? because as you say, i mean and steve hilton pointed out earlier in the in the area of climate change in this country, he would be considered on the far left where his viewpoints come from. do you think that he will not be political or do you think he'll continue to dabble a little bit in some of these political areas? >> well, trace a true leader needs to be a healer, so he will have to hopefully listen to advice and not double. he needs to reassure the country, the nation, the commonwealth and indeed the world during a very troubled time that he is going to rise above politics.
10:32 pm
we need someone who is able to be a statesman, not merely a politician. those days that he needs to understand that part of threats that tomorrow, indeed, friday and saturday, both houses of parliament will be sitting. and indeed, it's very rare that parliament sits on a saturday and in the house of lords, in the house of commons will be paying tribute to the queen departed queen. >> so depressed. i'm sorry, sir. the associated press said this wrote this about king charles , the third he now finds himself in, if you like, the autumn of his life, having to think carefully about how he projects his image as a public figure. he's nowhere near as popular as his mother. charles must figure out how to generate the public support, a sense of endearment that characterized the relationship.
10:33 pm
elizabeth had with the british public. a sense of endearment creating a relationship with the british public is that job number one for the king now ,sir, trace it is . i mean, he is seventy three . so he's had 70 years actually . to prepare for this and hopefully will understand that he really does need to reassure the nation. we're in shock. i have to be frank with you. we knew this is going to happen. i mean, the queen was 90 years of age. she'd been on the throne for 70 years. so we knew that this was going to happen. but we're still in shock. we're missing her and we need reassurance from the new king that this will be the dawn of a new era, not the dawn of a new era. and tomorrow, the day and tomorrow in the house of lords, in particular, we're going to have barons on the baron who can have barons, earls, viscounts and even a few from marquises speaking about their love for
10:34 pm
the departed queen. so he will have to follow that and that's a very difficult act to follow. so i hope he will take heart. >> he will take advice from others. he'll have a chance to travel around the united kingdom to go to scotland, to go to paris, to go to northern ireland, to talk about his vision for the future. he'll be giving a televised address soon to the nation. so we'll have that opportunity to reassure. yeah. well, as always, best of luck to you and your nation. sir. we will be watching what the king has to say later on in the hours to come. our lord john taylor, thank you for getting up early with us. thank you . thank you . well, coming up, we are looking at queen elizabeth's legacy, not just as britain's longest reigning monarch, but as a pioneering female leader at a time few women serve as head of state next. >> i know i may be close to
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10:40 pm
while britain's longest serving monarch has died at the age of ninety six , the queen who guided her country into the modern age, blazing a trail of female empowerment. our senior correspondent laura ingalls shows us more tonight. >> queen elizabeth . the second was a woman who served great britain with strength and confidence, setting the standard for leadership, not just for her nation, but for young girls and women around the world, some who would end up following in her footsteps. queen elizabeth paved the way for the likes of britain's first female prime minister, margaret thatcher, german chancellor angela merkel and britain's newest prime minister, liz truss. who met with the queen just this week. today, truss pronounced the country devastated and called the queen the rock on which modern britain was built. former us secretary of state hillary clinton tweeting, a few individuals in the history of humanity have led their people
10:41 pm
with such steadiness and grace as queen elizabeth . my condolences to everyone mourning her passing and the end of an era ascending to the throne at the age of just twenty five , the queen inherited a job which many men thought they could do better as the decades would prove. queen elizabeth broke the glass ceiling, balancing service to her nation and dedication to her family. the queen empowered women and led by example in many ways, a favorite story of her fans involves the times she hosted saudia arabia's late king at balmoral castle in 1998 when she jumped behind the wheel of one of her land rovers and took him for a spin . the move was a bold one because women at the time were banned from driving in his country in 2011. the queen oversaw a major change to succession laws, as agreed by the leaders of the 16 commonwealth countries. that meant sons and daughters of any future british monarch would have equal rights to
10:42 pm
the throne. here in new york city, the empire state building will be lit in honor of the late queen in purple and sparkle and silver to honor the life and legacy of her majesty trace. amazing. laura , thank you . now with more insight into the legacy of queen elizabeth and how things actually work in the british royal succession, let's bring in newsweek's chief royal correspondent, jackie oyston. jack, it's great to have you on here. i just keep going back to the fact that that when she became queen, she was twenty five years old and joseph stalin was leading soviet russia and harry truman was was the president of the united states . and she had this magnificent and amazing and lasting impact as this extra nearly strong woman. >> that's absolutely true. and she didn't get much of a child today either, by the way, because she grew up during the war. so she had page 10 , her uncle abdicated. and she was told for the first time she was she was now in the line of succession to be queen. then she lived through
10:43 pm
the second world war. she she served in the armed forces. she was determined to be the first female royal, to be a full time serving member of the british british armed forces. and then yet 25 , her father died. and then she obviously inherited his job. and i think there was a narrative at the time that the the pressures of the job that helped contributed to the decline in his health. so the weight of responsibility of that and taking that job from obviously was humongous. and but then you have i mean, people have said she you know, she defined an era, but she she didn't she defined error after error after error, generation after generation after generation. in particular. sixty nine . you have only ever known the queen. so this is a huge, huge moment for britain. and it is . yeah. i mean, we are now on a new course in a way that we have not been for most people's living memory yet. >> the guardian writes in the following op ed, hers was a form of female power exercised so artfully as to be almost invisible. the queen pulled off the rare
10:44 pm
trick for a woman of exercising profound influence without inciting backlash, in part because the scope of that influence remains so shrouded in mystery. she did not so much normalize the idea of a woman in charge as make the nation largely forget that that was what she was while retaining the ability to freeze grown men with a look. your thoughts? >> yes, that is absolutely true. and i'll tell you one significant parts of the way that her power and influence functions, which is that she is an absolute expert and an expert in crisis management. and one thing that she understands that a great many politicians and public do not understand is that you cannot tell people what to think and what they should think of you . you know, what the queen understood was that you have to show people through your actions. and we saw that really recently at prince bennett's funeral when she made the decision that she would sit alone and have a koven compliant funeral and that showed her people that
10:45 pm
she was going to experience the same version of covid that they experienced to so that she had this real chance for connecting with the public in a way that's exceptionally rare. and she will be truly, truly missed. >> yeah, i want to play a little bit of sound. these are from female mourners in the uk and i'll get your reaction. >> i just don't know if that is another like it's been wonderful to have a female head of state the past. we've always looked up to something. so this not just this. >> very, very sad. well, jack, we talked in the break. what a monumental change this has been in britain. the pm, you know, the loss of the queen, the new king. i mean this for a lot of people, not just women, has been a huge change. oh, absolutely. and one thing the queen was able to provide britain, was a rock of stability, where if the world was changing around you , there would be one thing
10:46 pm
that was a constant and that would be the queen. you know, we in britain have not had a new head of state since 1952. you know, in most countries, most democracies, this wouldn't necessarily be an extraordinary event to shift from one head of state to another. but in britain, we haven't undergone that change since the age of deference when, you know, people didn't criticize public figures into new media interviews, didn't challenge them and your last guest on this show, who was talking about the new era or a new era, i mean, that alone is an indication of how different charles's experience is going to be compared to his mother's when she became queen for the first time. if there was no social media, people looked up to prime ministers and presidents and monarchs and didn't criticize them. it was a it was a very different time, a different time. >> and as you say, she was era after era after era. jack rice, great to have you on. thank you for coming. >> thank you . well, coming up, our special coverage, the life and legacy
10:47 pm
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10:52 pm
for us as a country. she's lived through major world events and she was always steadfast and strong and never flinching. >> she's been wonderful and she's given her life. she's just a wonderful person. my parents had tremendous respect for and she pledged her life in this country and she led this country with great reverence and duty. and respect and honor. i just don't know that another like many britons gathering outside buckingham palace, overnight to pay their respects to the queen as the impact of her life and death is being felt around the world, even russian president vladimir putin acknowledging her authority on the world stage. kristina coleman is here with more on how leaders around the globe are responding tonight. >> and it really is an outpouring of huge respect. it's amazing. so many people calling her a friend of their country. as you noted before, so many heartfelt condolences are pouring in from millions of people, including celebrities and leaders worldwide.
10:53 pm
>> the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau, released a statement saying, quote, she was a constant presence in our lives and her service to canadians will forever remain an important part of our country's history. >> and this picture was shared on behalf of the president of ireland. in a statement, he said, we remember the role queen elizabeth played in celebrating the warm and enduring friendship and her great impact on the bonds of mutual understanding between our two peoples. ukraine's president vladimir zelenskyy said, we extend sincere condolences to the royal family, the entire united kingdom and the commonwealth over this irrepairable loss. and in addition to all these kind words from world leaders, crowds gathered to mourn the loss of this iconic woman worldwide at a variety of places, at vigils and restaurants, including this british restaurant in new york city. >> shop.
10:54 pm
we just didn't think this woman was ever going to go . and , you know, she's been that figurehead longer than i've been alive. and we've all grown up with her and that family. so it's like a family member gone. so having a female figure to look up to my whole life has been monumental. >> and so many celebrities, of course, also honoring her majesty. singer paul mccartney tweeted, god bless queen elizabeth . the second, may she rest in peace long live the king. english fashion designer and former singer victoria beckham tweeted she will be remembered for her steadfast loyalty and service. and my thoughts are with the royal family at this time. and singer mick jagger wrote for my whole life, her majesty queen elizabeth . the second has always been there in my childhood. i can recall watching her wedding highlights on tv. i remember her as a beautiful young lady to the much beloved grandmother of the nation and all day long people have been honoring the queen, referring to her as a great
10:55 pm
role model with great dignity, decency and selfless dedication to public service. >> and you played the sound bite of the older woman and the younger woman. and we had a guest on said it's not the end of an era, it's the end of an era. after era after era. >> so much rackley exactly. how she represented so much class. >> she's just so respectful everywhere she went. it's just amazing. such a role model. amazing. stay tuned. >> our coverage continues. a heart attack. do they have life insurance? no, but we have life insurance. >> john , i'm trying to find something we can afford. >> fortunately, in only a few minutes, i quote, found john a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty nine dollars a month. and his wife and a 500000 dollar policy for only twenty one dollars a month. go to select cocom now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford. >> select . we shop, you save attention. medicare recipient the engine
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>> we'll never see your son again. i'm not going to let anything my son have some bad news. the cleaning lady season premiere monday, september 19th on fox. >> shannon bream is a new host of fox news sunday. i had this front row seat to history over the last 15 years. now, a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention miss. >> she hosts fox news sunday. eau claire, paul . >> well, the kingdom mourns


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