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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 8, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> we'll never see your son again. i'm not going to let anything my son have some bad news. the cleaning lady season premiere monday, september 19th on fox. >> shannon bream is a new host of fox news sunday. i had this front row seat to history over the last 15 years. now, a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention miss. >> she hosts fox news sunday. eau claire, paul . >> well, the kingdom mourns
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and grieves as the world mourns queen elizabeth , the second great britain's longest serving monarch is dead. she leaves behind an astonishing legacy stretching seven decades and iconic global figure who ruled with devotion to her country. >> and as matriarch of a royal dynasty and now begins a new era in british history. the reign of king charles the third. >> hello, everyone. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles with continuing live coverage of the death of queen elizabeth . the second it is 11:00 p.m. here on the west coast, 7:00 a.m. in great britain. the people of england waking to a new dark dawn. their queen is gone. the age of ninety six , leaving behind an ache in the hearts of britain's most of whom have never lived under another palace. ruler. this morning, thousands of mourners from around the globe continue to gather outside the gates of london's buckingham palace to pay their respects, a visual testament to the legacy of the woman. many remember as the unlikely
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queen, the princess who ascended from world war to auto mechanic to queen of england at the age of twenty five . her life captured along the way in headlines and by hollywood. over the next 70 years, queen elizabeth would command the love and admiration of the world while confronting regal challenges and personal tragedies. queen elizabeth . >> the second was the rock on which modern britain was built. our country has grown and flourished under her reign . britain is the great country it is today. because of her now in accordance with the royal line of succession, queen elizabeth's oldest son assumes the throne of the commonwealth as king charles . the third title he spent a lifetime preparing for over the next two hours, we'll take a look at the life of queen elizabeth . her reaction from palace
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watchers and hear that. and world leaders and examine the future of great britain's historic monarchy. >> the people of great britain coming together to mourn the loss of their beloved monarch and at the same time usher in a new king. we are expected to hear from king charles the third just hours from now. >> but first, our senior foreign affairs correspondent, amy kellogg. she's live for us in london. >> amy, good morning. hi , trace. and we're going to have to get used to calling him king charles the third. he's prince charles . still, to many of us who have been used to calling him that for many decades now, the reactions keep pouring in trace. this is a woman who didn't leave anyone untouched around the globe and entrepreneur richard branson was saying just a short while ago that she stood for the best of british values. and that quote you played from liz truss, the new prime minister of britain, instructed to form a government by queen
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elizabeth just three days ago. it is now was saying that she, elizabeth , was the rock upon which modern britain was built. and i think a lot of people, while some would criticize the monarchy for being a bit stuck in the past, many really applauded queen elizabeth's ability to move the institution forward, to grow and to modernize , not forgetting that she was ninety six years old when she died. so it's hard to change the older you get. and she did her best to to move with the times. people will miss her steady hand . that sense of consistency, though, because there always was an ethic there that was consistent, that was kind, and that strived to do the right thing. people have been gathering outside in front of buckingham palace. they many were there to see the announcement of the queen's death posted on the barrier
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on the gate that separates buckingham palace from the from the from the street and this all began at noon, basically on thursday when the palace issued a statement about this grave concern about the queen's health. and that was stronger wording. and we had ever heard in the past about the queen's health. and then we knew it was terribly serious. of course, this was reinforced when we saw those images of family members racing to be at her side. there are reports in the press about who made it in time to say goodbye and who didn't. all of that is unconfirmed, but she was she died peacefully, the palace says, at her home, her castle and balmoral, scotland, where she had stayed beyond her usual summer holiday . a lot of that due to the mobility issues. we understand, that have been much worse since the death of her beloved husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, last year. the images of her alone at his
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funeral were very moving. trace, i know we've played them earlier, but they they really did mark a change in her life, her changed circumstances, losing her partner of 70 plus years longer than her time as queen. her eldest son charles, now king charles a third. and there will be a series of events to usher him into the role he'll speak to the nation later today. and there will be, of course, tremendous interest in any messages one could give about the direction he plans to take the monarchy and if he indeed plans to put his own mark on the institution. this is the man who has waited his whole life to be king, which is a much different situation than his mother, who had the heavy mantle of sovereign placed on her shoulders, thrust on her shoulders at the tender age of twenty five . and also later today there will be ninety six gun salutes ,one gun salute, or one series of gun salutes for each year of queen elizabeth . the second life.
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>> yeah, you've been covering this part of the world for a long time, amy. i'm wondering because king charles the third made a few comments about his mother's death today. >> his speech tomorrow is a speech tomorrow. looking back still or is it more forward looking and the future and what he wants to accomplish? we've not been given any indication that as of yet, trace. but i do think it was interesting what steve hilton said about the fact that echoing what you said, that he that charles will want a more slimmed down monarchy and also that this is a man who has been very political over the years and he's embraced the issues that the queen never would put herself out for. she remained so neutral and above the fray. so it will be interesting if he talks at all, which i doubt he will . but there's a war going on in europe. there's a cost of living crisis here. we've had a pandemic and there's global warming to try to deal with.
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these are all issues that he will care about. he's very much of an internationalist. we've seen him traveling the world representing the monarchy for decades now, and in particular affinity for the for the arab world and the muslim world. he's traveled many, many times to the middle east. so he's a great internationalist. he's a politically minded person. but i have a feeling there may be more reflection on the incredible life of his mother, perhaps, than any personal views. >> i think you're right. amy kellogg, live for us in london. amy, thank you . for more on the legacy of britain's longest serving monarch, let's bring one of our colleagues with personal experience covering the royals. fox correspondent gillian turner joins us now. gillian, you've been covering the royal family for several years. how does the coverage the queen's passing so far compare with past royal family events? >> well, when i became a reporter here, fox news, my first overseas assignment was actually covering prince
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harry's wedding to meghan markle at windsor castle. that was back in 2018. and extraordinary and really historical event at that time, not just because of their worldwide fame, but because queen elizabeth's grandson was marrying an american. that event, more than anything else, instantly made the special us uk bilateral relationship all the closer. now, at that event, the queen herself was not front and center. this was by design, even though the two got married at st. george's chapel on her state. she did, though, have the best seat in the house for the ceremony. the seat directly in front of her was also left empty. so that she could be easily seen by the public on tv. at the time, there were reports the seat was left empty in tribute to the late princess diana. but that was not the real reason. while that day was obviously one of great joy and celebration and today's coverage is of a commonwealth that's now in mourning, the british press has had years, if not decades, to prepare for it. one of the most obvious press protocols on display today
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where anchors and reporters who were dressed all in black as a mark of respect, but also because they've been ordered to do so by the public service broadcaster. the bbc famously has the strictest protocols in place, known as operation london. bridge, which demands all of their scheduled tv and radio programing get interrupted to make way for special rolling coverage of the queen's passing. this happened today. it even included a preplanned playlist of somber music. >> interestingly, trace. >> yeah, very. and how about the reaction from the british people today, gillian? >> so what we've seen today from the public is an outpouring of love for the queen. that's nothing short of extraordinary people. not just there in the u.k., but really across all the commonwealth countries stopped what they were doing in order to pay homage. ground zero is , of course, the queen's longtime home, buckingham palace in london. where tens of thousands of people gathered in solidarity. darity. but elsewhere at the queen's
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other estates, including windsor castle, balmoral, where she spent her final weeks in london, edinburgh, dublin, people were gathering together by the thousands all day long. that is going on well into the night. we expect they're going to be there for weeks. trace yeah, and that seems to be the conventional wisdom. >> gillian turner, thank you so much. you bet. well, as people in the united kingdom mourn the loss of queen elizabeth , members of the u.s. congress offered tributes to her majesty as well. with us now, fox correspondent kevin clark with more reaction from our nation's capital . >> kevin , good morning. good morning, trace. speaker pelosi called the queen a pillar of leadership, someone who guided the united kingdom through, quote, great turbulence. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the queen's reign was never, ever about her or her feelings, and that reflected her sterling character. >> she presided over a period of historic strengthening of the alliance between our nation's that has changed
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the course of world history. for the better. meantime, senate majority leader chuck schumer said elizabeth was the type of leader truly needed in hard times. she was a rock, the living embodiment of the virtues that lie at the core of the nation she so proudly led . i dare say we will never see a leader quite like her for as long as we live. >> indeed, meantime, the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee, jim risch, said the queen guided both her country and family through troubled times. >> great britain is is a country that's about as close to america as any country that there is . and so their loss is our loss. she was very good to america. so obviously our condolences.
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all americans condolences go out to her family and for that matter, to all people that are citizens of great britain. take you back to 1991. that's when elizabeth became the first british monarch to speak to a joint meeting of congress, prime minister winston churchill did so back in nineteen forty one , the queen told lawmakers and congress that parliament and congress were sort of twin pillars, if you will, of our civilization's a significant part of your social contract. >> is written down in your constitution. us rests on custom and will. the spirit behind base, however, is precisely the same. it is the spirit of democracy that these ideals are clear enough, but they must never be taken for granted. >> truer words were never
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spoken. now, when the house meets on tuesday, we believe, based on our sources, that it will pass a bereavement resolution and a jvrn in her honor, trace a somber time on capitol hill, but a lot of lawmakers have great affinity and affection for the queen. it seems an apt way to remember her boy, kevin , we have talked about throughout the night how she lay literally was the queen through 14 us presidents. you know, i was reading not too long ago that she had a fairly special affinity for ronald reagan and she was very fond of him. >> she was fond of the gipper. you and i talked about our love of history. and , you know, ronald reagan, former president reagan, really loved horses and loved to ride horses, as did the queen. and that's one of those interesting connections that they had. and by the way, she was not going to get out. there were a helmet or cowboy hat. it really drew them close together. >> and the pictures were
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wonderful choice. yeah, they truly were. >> kevin corke, thank you . you want me to have the death of queen elizabeth sets in motion a carefully orchestrated procedure for which the royal family has long planned amid the mourning and remembering a centuries old transition of power must be observed. it is a day of great loss. but queen elizabeth the second leaves a great legacy. today, the crown passes as has done for more than a thousand years to our new monarch, our new head of state, his majesty king charles . a third, we usher in a new era in the magnificent history of our great country, exactly as her majesty would have wished by saying the words godse of the king that the prime minister talks about god save the king. and with us now, more on what's being called operation london
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bridge is the executive director of the henry jackson society, alan mendoza. mr. mendoza, thank you for coming on . she was talking about the passing of the crown, but the actual crown might not be given for several months. it's going to take a while before they actually get to that point. >> yes, exactly. i mean, what you have now is a process where there will be a coronation. of course, where the crown is formally handed over to king charles . but he does take over immediately as the monarch. there can be no waiting between the two the two sort of monarchs, the monarch in place. but that formality, that ceremony, the moment which will be obviously viewed by millions around the world, that will take place in some months time. and there's a whole set of things, procedures that have to go through first in order to get that point. >> yeah, you talk about the queen's casket. it will go up to edinburgh and then comes down back to london. and it really this that would last about 12 days.
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do you think maybe 11 days. we see a funeral? i know they the hope is to have it 10 days. and today in in britain would be day one . when do you think we actually see the funeral for the queen? what it's supposed to be , as i say, d plus ten . so that's the sort of 10% plus death. it can't be on a sunday, though, as a sort of feeling. well, should it be on a monday? saturday? they will be thinking very carefully the logistics of this ,because they're going to be millions of people who want to pay their wishes that respects to the queen. in the meantime, they have to have obviously a process for that and they'll be thinking clearly what is the optimal time to do this? massive ceremony? >> yeah, and i think that's a good point. because there are there are going to be millions who want to pay their respects. and does she lie in state for two or three days? at windsor castle? can that be extended? can some of this stuff i know it's been worked on for years,
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but can some of these plans be altered a bit, mr mendoza? >> well, they might be . in fact, what's interesting is , of course, when her husband, the duke of edinburgh, passed away, everything was changed because it was, of course, during the current period. so there is some flexibility, but she's likely to stay, obviously, in westminster hall in london as opposed to in windsor because that's the place where monarchs do rest . and , of course, this is a stretching back , hundreds, a thousand years even in this kind of context. but there are they're all changes. i'm sure they have changes already in mind. even beforehand. but it's going to be very different to perhaps what have been envisioned five years ago. >> yeah, i yeah. exactly right. westminster, the funeral itself clearly will be a worldwide monumental show of respect. what do you envision in this funeral for the queen, sir? >> well, i think it will be dignified. and we have to remember, although she was, of course,
11:19 pm
our queen, she was the queen of the commonwealth, she was a world figure, primarily. she's a mother. she was a wife, a grandmother. and from that perspective, that will be a significant family element. of course, to this funeral, even though it will be before the cameras of the world's media. >> yeah. do you think, sir, lastly, that the crown will lose some of the influence it has had over the past hundreds of years, particularly this past 70 years? >> well, i think queen elizabeth was a one off in terms of the longevity, in terms of the particular diplomatic skills the king charles has been waiting for this for some time. it's not as if he's just thrust into this from day one . he's been apprenticed. he's been practicing part of the role already. i think he is a monarch who will hit the ground running and any doubts people may have about the influence of the crown, i think will end very quickly because i think he will be a very active and vigorous monarch who will be looking to extend the influence of the monarchy
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as far as he can push it. >> yeah. alan mendoza, great inside, sir. >> thank you for coming on . thank you . well, london mourns the loss of their longest serving monarch. queen elizabeth was ninety six . and coming up, president biden offers his condolences to the uk. and we look back at the queen's long relationship with us presidents. great nurse mariam serbo knowsoy a moment this pure demandsdr, ci this pure gold, pureon moisture lotion. twenty four hour hydration, no
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three seven. that's eight hundred five two zero zero three seven. before i begin, i want to say a few words about queen elizabeth ii. >> just stop by the british embassy to sign the condolence book in her honor. i had the opportunity to meet her before she passed and she was incredibly gracious and decent woman. the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of the united kingdom and the commonwealth in their grief. >> president biden expressing his condolences to the british people over their loss of their longtime longtime monarch during his 70 years of service.
11:27 pm
queen elizabeth the second met with 13 american presidents. >> marianne rafferty is here with more on this lasting relationship. and it really was lasting the yeah, we're talking seven decades of visits with american presidents from harry truman to joe biden. the queen rarely involved herself in politics, but she did make sure that the relationship between great britain and its closest allies stayed strong in nineteen fifty seven , she met president dwight eisenhower and went on to meet with almost every us president for the next 70 years. that meant inviting sitting presidents and their families to buckingham palace for handshakes, dancing, sometimes raising a glass. the public loved seeing the queen interacting with american presidents, and she knew the importance of such visits during a trip to the george w. bush white house in 2007, for a fourth state dinner, she said, quote, if the atlantic unites, not divides us , ours is a partnership always to be reckoned with in the defense
11:28 pm
of the freedom and the spread of prosperity. that is the lesson of my lifetime administrations in your country and governments in mind may come and go, but united we must always remain. president ronald reagan visited windsor castle in nineteen eighty two. >> in the two maintained a long friendship. well, after he left office and former president barack obama and wife michelle visited buckingham palace early on in his presidency, saying the queen gave them a warm welcome . and who can forget this picture? president donald trump appearing to greet the queen with a fist bump, fist bump with the queen. i did not, but i had a great relationship. >> and the only president queen elizabeth didn't meet with was lyndon johnson. no real reason why. why she. never mind. they never met other than according the lbj library, the invitation was just never extended by either one , although they did send letters to each other.
11:29 pm
>> but it sure looked like a fist bump. the trump it did. asten, laura ingraham asked, did it look like a fist bump? and he said it was. and i think he would just kind of going down and they cut the picture the wrong time. >> but, you know, it looked like she went right into it. right. thank you . meantime, queen elizabeth , 70 year reign is the longest of any british monarch. she recently took part in a massive celebration for her platinum jubilee that celebrates has now turned to grief. the uk will now hold 12 days of national mourning and the queen's body will lie in state in parliament's westminster hall until her funeral. queen elizabeth , the second was born into the royal windsor family on april twenty one nineteen twenty six at birth as the oldest daughter, the duke and duchess of york and niece to the king, no one expected that little elizabeth alexandra. mary would one day be the longest serving and one of the most respected rulers of great britain. but a love story would transform her quiet country childhood into an altogether
11:30 pm
different destiny. when elizabeth's uncle, prince edward, abdicated as king to marry the american divorcee wallis simpson, elizabeth's father reluctantly took the throne, becoming king george . the sixth in nineteen thirty six , making his oldest and then ten year old daughter elizabeth , his heir to the throne at age 14 , the home schooled princess began to take on some royal duties. her family was an outward expression of strength and resilience as england was battered by the blitz in world or two in nineteen forty five at age 18 . the young princess trained as a driver and mechanic in the women's auxiliary service. she and her sister margaret later joined those celebrating vijay on the streets of london. like thousands of others, she also had a sweetheart in the armed forces. her third cousin, prince philip of greece, they were engaged to
11:31 pm
be married shortly after the princess's twenty first birthday. the royal wedding held november of nineteen forty seven in london's westminster abbey. it brightened the gloom of those postwar years. the following year, the couple's first child, charles , the prince of wales, was born. he was then followed by princess anne in nineteen fifty, andrew in nineteen fifty nine and edward in nineteen sixty three . but in nineteen fifty two while in kenya with prince philip, elizabeth learned the tragic news that her beloved father, the king, had died in an instant. the twenty five year old became the queen of england. at my coronation i shall dedicate myself to your service . elizabeth was to rule in a new era, her coronation in all its splendor was the first to be broadcast on television as millions around the globe watched the transformation
11:32 pm
as it happened. in nineteen fifty seven , queen elizabeth met president eisenhower. she would go on to meet every us president during her reign except lyndon johnson. she often spoke of the strong and vital bond between america and the uk. but with the 1990s came turbulent times for the royal family as the marriages of three of the queen's children fell apart, all under the scrutiny of relentless tv coverage. and tabloid headlines. then, in 1997, diana, princess of wales and mother to the princes william and harry was killed in a car crash in france as she was hounded by the paparazzi. at the time, the queen was criticized for her reserved response and persuaded to make an unprecedented live broadcast. >> so what i say to you now as your queen and as a grandmother, i say from my heart first i want to pay
11:33 pm
tribute to diana myself. she was an exceptional and gifted human being. >> over time, the monarchy's reputation rebounded in april of 2011, the queen attended prince william's wedding to kate middleton as some two billion people around the world watched a ceremony. she also made a historic visit to the republic of ireland, the first british monarch to do so in almost a century. a step toward healing, a long and painful divide. the following year, the country turned out in force to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60 year reign. a diamond jubilee celebrations spanning four days. thousands lined the banks of the thames as a flotilla of a thousand boats led by the queen made its way down the river. the worst of british weather tried but failed to dampen the mood. and the then eighty six year old queen and 90 year old prince philip stood side by side for the four hour ceremony.
11:34 pm
queen elizabeth ended the celebrations by thanking the nation for honoring her. >> i will continue to treasure andrew , the inspiration from the countless kindnesses shown to me in this country and throughout the commonwealth. thank you all. >> in 2013, the queen welcomed her third great grandchild, the much anticipated prince george , son of william kate. now, all these years later, another george is now second in line to the british throne. his younger sister, princess charlotte, is third. she was born in 2015. and later that year, queen elizabeth became britain's longest reigning monarch, overtaking her great great grandmother, queen victoria. in 2016, the queen celebrated her 90th birthday. that was a four day event honoring the queen's deep involvement with the armed forces and giving the nation a chance to celebrate her life. 2018. the queen watched on as grandson prince harry married the american actress meghan markle in a ceremony that
11:35 pm
brought glamour and hollywood royalty to the house of windsor and led them firmly into the twenty first century. but about a year later, harry and meghan would famously decide to leave. the royal family moved to america and give a tell all interview to oprah winfrey, which caused deep divisions within the family. in 2020 one , the queen's beloved husband, prince philip, died at the age of ninety nine . the nation mourned with the queen, but covid restrictions kept the funeral small. the image of the queen sitting masked and alone in the church became the image of a country both in mourning and in lockdown. but as she had so many times before, the queen persevered and the very next spring she became the first british monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee marking her 70 years of service, her family and her
11:36 pm
people together for what may be one final celebration for a one of a kind queen from an early age. >> queen elizabeth was one of the most recognized royals and recognized women in the world. nearly a third of the planet lived in the commonwealth that she ruled. she managed to combine the truly regal with a country woman, simple pleasures. and she embodied old fashioned values of virtue, faith and self-restraint, honoring to the very end the pledge she had made when she was just twenty one . >> i declare before the cry whether it be normal or shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family. to which we all belong. >> and the platinum jubilee was the final celebration for the queen. meantime, a new king and a new prime minister. and less than a week it's a lot to take in for the people of
11:37 pm
great britain. ahead, what can we expect as king charles takes over as the head of state that we've always looked up to. so this isn't just the spirit. my mom called me earlier. she was crying on the phone because the queen has been a huge part of my life and everyone's life. we've all grown with her. so, yeah, very sad indeed. she led in this country with great reverence and duty and respect and i just don't know if that another like new delenda aletta explore, discover an endless variety of hot and cold creative recipes thanks to the innovative cold phone technology new oletta
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11:44 pm
. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more on the late queen's military legacy during her reign. queen elizabeth the second served as the colonel in chief of 16 british army regiments and corps. she was the first female in the royal family to serve on active duty in the british armed forces. she is the last surviving head of state to have served during world war two on september 13th. 1945, bombs were dropped by german warplanes on buckingham palace rather than flee the city. queen elizabeth's father, king george the sixth, and her mother remained at buckingham palace to show solidarity with londoners living through the blitz. princess elizabeth was just 13 years old when war broke out on september 3rd, 1939. >> she and her sister, like two million other british children, were sent to live in the countryside to protect them from the air raids. >> and when peace comes,
11:45 pm
remember, it will be for us , the children of today. my sisteboth going to say good night to you . come on , margaret. good night. children. good night and good luck to you all. during her life, she experienced upheaval in europe, the end of the cold war and a changed global national security environment. >> the nature of war changed during her reign, but in many ways the threat to stability remained constant. >> on september 12th, 2001, 24 hours after 9/11, queen elizabeth ordered the u.s. national anthem be played at the changing of the guard outside buckingham palace. nothing like that had occurred in 600 years. she later paid her respects at the 9/11 memorial in new york . in 2020 , queen elizabeth visited the headquarters of britain's mi5 domestic spy agency to
11:46 pm
thank her country's spies. >> were responding to the threats from the . all the turmoil, domestic terrorism, all the cyber scare you have always demonstrated utmost commitment to defend . >> even in her 90s, she recognized the shifting nature of the threat facing the united kingdom, inaugurating london's new cybersecurity center in 2017. >> queen elizabeth the second oversaw the british military for seven decades. she grew up during world war two and died as europe faces the possibility of another war threatening to expand across the continent, as vladimir putin seeks to change the map of europe at the pentagon. >> jennifer griffin, fox news channel. thank you . the dawn of a new era in british history within a few days apart, the united kingdom appoints a new prime minister and names the new king. liz truss was with the queen in her final appearance last
11:47 pm
tuesday, which marked the first time that queen elizabeth appointed a new prime minister in scotland. but now truss is a ascension to power is being overshadowed by england's new monarch. king charles will look to continue the legacy of his mother, who was seen as a stabilizing force throughout her record long reign. she did not weigh in on political topics at home or abroad. but king charles has in the past, leaving some to wonder if he'll continue to publicly speak his mind. here with more, the founder of threadneedle ventures and berry and very nice of you to join us . thank you for coming on . i wonder if that's a good question to start on , because the queen really did try to stay out of politics as much as she could. do you think king charles , the third will weigh in as he has tended to do in the past? >> well, king charles's tendency to express opinions on things such as the environment in the past has been the function of not at the time being the sitting monarch. if you look at the role of
11:48 pm
the head of state in britain, in this case, the king previously queen elizabeth , the constitutional role of the monarch has been to stay out of politics, to represent all of the people and that has meant not waiting in to the political issues of the day. and so king charles , frankly, by virtue of the political role of the royal family, which is to not have one , will be expected to stay out of it. >> it's interesting because over the years, we often heard these rumors. right. and this is going back a couple of decades, how the queen and margaret thatcher had this kind of combative relationship. and it turned out they both had great respect for each other. i mean, it's it's one of those things where where you find out years later that what you hear about the monarchy isn't always the truth. >> i think that's right. and also, i suspect that combative is one of the last was really applied to the late queen elizabeth . in reality, she was known, if
11:49 pm
you read the autobiographies of the prime ministers of britain and others who are close, the royal family, that she had a tendency not necessarily to be direct in giving her feedback to the prime ministers, but rather to ask questions, to be encouraging or to be enthusiastic. perhaps she thought that was the better way, but i think combative is probably unlikely to be her style. and i think that is one of the things that king charles is going to have to replicate is the ability to be neutral and be able to be calm. and it's to step back and actually not express a preference in a particularly forceful or forward leaning manner. >> yeah, i mean, there have been a little bit of tumult in britain. i mean, the economy is is not really on its best footing right now. there have been some changes. i know that king charles will speak to his country. i'm wondering what you believe he needs to get across to his people in a few hours. >> from now. >> i do think king charles ,
11:50 pm
as prime minister truss has done in london on monday, stepped into their roles at a point in time where the united kingdom in britain feels very fragile. >> we've got the weakest pound, at least relative to the dollar since nineteen eighty five . there's inflation that's almost double digits and there's real unrest. there's real division that has really stemmed from brexit and from other divisions that you've seen regionally across the nation. and so i think king charles talking about unity, talking about continuity, talking about the strength of the nation when it chooses to rally together and to continue on with the legacy of queen elizabeth being stability and being that fortitude, i think is important. >> you talk about the legacy of queen elizabeth . we had a guest on earlier who said that he believes that she may be the world's greatest public servant. >> is that a fair statement? the public service that queen
11:51 pm
elizabeth exemplified? i think was very unique to the role of the monarch in the sense that she famously didn't have very many interviews. she really didn't talk about her personal life a great deal . >> she made references to her family in her christmas speech every year. she perhaps would throw one or two anecdotes about some moment where she had passed a bed. >> but the great art of queen elizabeth's success and the reason i think the british people have such affection for it was never about her as an individual. it was always about the institution of the monarchy . and i think that example of public service, which was to almost subsume the individual for the seat, for the role for the people. i think that's something that's going to be very and i suspect we may not see again. >> i just want to put this up on the screen, because this is queen elizabeth's global impact. she spanned 15 uk prime ministers, 14 us presidents, seven roman catholic popes visited a hundred countries as monarch, royal patron or president to more than
11:52 pm
five charities. last head of state to serve in world war two reigned for roughly 30% of us history. and the list and goes on . what do you believe her greatest legacy would be ? >> to wrap us up? i do think it was the ability to show that the royal family can evolve. if you think about when she became queen, it was just the dawn of the tv era. she has seen the royal family survive through the social media era. she has seen huge changes not only in technology, but also in socio-economic demographic shifts. and i think it's proving that the royal family does have the ability to evolve over time. >> and barry, thank you so much for your time. >> great insight. we appreciate it. thank. >> meantime, paying tribute to the late mother could take a further toll on great britain's already ailing economy as stores across the uk closed for business upon hearing of queen elizabeth's death.
11:53 pm
the fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt has that story. the passing of queen elizabeth not only brings the end of an era for the british monarchy, but will also impact to the country's economy as the mourning period comes with a substantial price tag out of respect for the queen's stock markets, banks and shops across the uk closed the day of her death, and for the second time in less than two weeks, the market and many businesses will once again shut their doors for her funeral. the cost of these closures, coupled with funeral expenses, and the coronation of king charles , it will be steep. the exact economic toll is not yet known, but according to a business insider, the financial impact could be anywhere from one to six billion pounds or between one in seven billion dollars. >> people are making a stink about the cost of queen elizabeth's death and to the economy.
11:54 pm
>> but realistically, the tourism industry will see a boom in regards to the queen's death upon her majesty's death. >> prince charles immediately took the throne and a new currency depicting the king now goes into circular and everything's already prepared. >> the portraits have been taken. they know exactly what's going to happen because this has been planned for years. >> money featuring the queen will be phased out of use, becoming collector's items. >> all the changes will also impact the bottom line, including issuing new stamps, passports and police. amell attari uniforms. >> jonathan hunt, fox news. >> while greeting britons look for a sign of consolation and may have spotted one thursday afternoon soon after learning that their beloved queen had died. here's what many saw as crowds gathered to pay homage to queen elizabeth . a double rainbow. it appeared in the sky over london's buckingham palace
11:55 pm
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first family country music got to show the legacy will continue beyond me. i'll do anything to protect this family. my family's all secrets in los . what did you do. there's a above ticket years ago. just watch more series premieres this sunday on fox. we've got a huge game here. everybody is excited by this match up between two heavyweight fighters to kick it off. baby , let's let's get the best team in the country. this defense, dwight three knocks. oh, my goodness. instant classic, classic chinning dream is a new host of
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fox news sunday. i had this front row seat to history over the last 15 years . now a proud sunday morning tradition continues. don't mention miss. she hosts fox news sunday when you can't watch, listen, get the latest news business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening. >> well, the kingdom of great britain prepares to usher in a new era. queen elizabeth the second great britain's longest serving monarch, has passed away at the age of ninety six . and while her loyal subjects grieve, they also rejoice over a remarkable legacy that stretched seven decades. she was indeed an iconic figure