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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 9, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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ago, 9-11 with some of the key players at the time coming back to say it could happen again and in the case of some, how we're preparing for the possibility of just that but never forgetting that day. see you then. a busy two hours. right now here's "the five." >>m judge jeanine pirro and jessica tarlov, dana perino, greg gutfeld and it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the entire world mourning the loss of an irreplaceable icon as our greatest ally embarks on the new era under a new king.
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queen elizabeth ii resting and eternal peace after passing away at the age of 96. tributes have been pouring in from dignitaries and fans across the globe has thousands of brits descended upon buckingham palace to pay their respects. the life was nothing short of incredible. she rained through 15 prime ministers the first being winston churchill and through 14 different u.s. presidencies % of u.s. history. king charles iii started his first full day on the throne by greeting mourners in buckingham palace and sewing the nation with this extraordinary moving speech. >> my beloved mother was an inspiration and an example to me and to all of my family. and we owe her the most heartfelt debt in a family could owe to their mother. queen elizabeth was a life well
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lived and a promise with destiny kept. and she is mourned most deeply in her passing. i shall endeavor to serve you with loyalty, respect, can love as i have throughout my life. william now assumes the scottish titles, which have meant so much to me. i also want to express my love for harry and meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas. and to my darling mama, thank you, thank you for your love and your devotion to our family and to the family of nations. >> judge jeanine: piers morgan will be joining us in a second. until he does, was taken around the table. i have to tell you, jessica i was really impressed with that speech, with the tone and the
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gravitas i heard in his tone with a sadness. >> jessica: thought he was good too. i kept thinking through the whole thing recently lost a parent. but just a complete mess the day after. think about if you wake up the day after and you lose a parent, and you have to become king or queen and you have to go and console millions of people. the second the reports came out under medical supervision, started coming out of buckingham palace and the brits will stay. they love their monarchs. and they want to see them. his ability to go out and connect with people at such a tough moment, i thought it was so impressive. >> judge jeanine: and you know, sean it was a testament to his mother. he has been in the shadow of his mother for many years. it is unusual to become king at 73. but we have piers morgan joining us, are you there? thank you so much for joining
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us. >> yes, i can, thank you. >> judge jeanine: everyone at the table offer sympathies to you. i heard you throughout the day talking your relationship with the royal family. we thank you very much for being here. we are going to go around the table. i would like to start with something, piers, if i like. control statement about referring to camilla as the queen consort and as queen elizabeth indicated. and then talking about kate and william the prince and princess of wales and then of course, going to harry and meghan, not referring to to thm as the duke and duchess but saying harry and meghan i love o you as you build your lives in another country. can you translate that? >> >> well, yes, i can. it is very clear to me what the
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new the new king charles iii was saying is william's eldest son is the error and the prince of wales is the future of his side of this new slimmed-down monarchy filmic monarchy. he has another son who he didn't give him his title and harry has this wife called meghan. all right, he said he would use the word love but voting their life outside and then another country. and i think beneath all this there was a clear message from charles that he is getting fed up with this rival royal family based in california, spray coming the royals and the monarchy whenever it seems to four huge, personal enrichment from companies like netflix and paths bona fide. the future of this monarchy under me for now is going to be william and his family who have been impeccably behaved and modeled this nonsense -- while
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this nonsense has been going on. a very traumatic event for this country i have to say and very emotional right now about losing this remarkable woman after 70 years. but they say the families, the seismic events can either pull people together or make them ten times worse. i see no sign but it's gotten worse. harry went up to balmoral on his own and i was told meghan up was going to go with him. but that was stopped at scotland. and harry left at 8:00 in the morning. and didn't even have breakfast with his family. he's being a normal cottage wins are, literally a half-mile from his brother. they were once so close but he didn't even say hello to him. they didn't meet and say hello. there is a gigantic rift in the very heart of the newm monarc. he's incredib hurt by his son and daughter-in-law and is putting his chips on william. it is the right thing to do.
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if i were him i would go further and stripped meghan and harry of all their titles. matt, done, take it away. >> judge jeanine: next to dana, do you have a question? before i understand that could happen and he has some plans and has had a lot of time to think about the things he wants to do with the monarchy. i wanted to ask about the commonwealth overall. do you think it can hold together, or will therapy moves to leave the commonwealth. if i were a smaller country i would want to stay within it but you think about that challenges prince william and kate had with her recent trip over the summer. the trip to my questions about the colonizers. it was rough. i wonder if there might be some movement there. >> well, that was a pretty disgusting thing to be said, i have to say across the pond by a very subtle academics journalist on this very feed blaming
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queen elizabeth for effectively all the sins of the british empire and all correlation, completely outrageous given she was the one that outed all of that. i think it is a good question. i think most of the countries want to stay in, but there have been mumblings about -- prince charles or king charles iii now and the prince of wales and his son william. they have to navigate some pretty tricky waters. they can't go back to the tried and tested turn up in your white suit looking colonial in an open top jeep and hope for the best pier that will not fly anymore. they are going to have to be smart about the way they go about it. but again i come back i'm afraid to make an article. if they keep chucking mud at the royal family, if he keeps spray gun ink the monarchies and the institution and if they keep saying they are racist, that will cause a lot of damage as it has been in the commonwealth. there is this book
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coming, prince harry's supposedly tell-all memoir in which he's planning to take down camilla, for example the queen consort. where does this end? this as a family of war and the future of the monarchy and the commonwealth is very contingent how much damage these two continue to want to do to it. >> judge jeanine: okay, sean question mike >> sean: it is important to unify the family and you indicated this family is getting torn apart but to unify prince charles said, listen, i will not be involved in politics and i will be apolitical. but as we know king charles has been a climate activist for much of his life. do you see him actually giving up the claim activism given the climate policies have caused in europe? >> well, i'm told he's very keen he has the monarch to not continue behaving in the same way as prince of wales. he believed prince of wales give him a license to an opinion and
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to govern and make his thoughts clear about climate change. but i've been told people close to him he is to determine his monarch to pipit into a nonpartisan, nonpolarizing, incl usive style that his mother had appeared but it is difficult, is in it. he's so by having strong views about issues like climate change and so one. can we really expect the weekly meeting with the prime minister this week? can we expect them to keep quiet and some pressure and those weekly meetings question mike i think he will find it very hard. this is a guy repeatedly written to government ministers and writing haranguing them about things like climate change. so i think it is going to be very interesting to watch because he can't really afford, i don't think, to continue to behave the way he has done with hot button issues and politics. the beauty of the queen's reign, we didn't know what she thought
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about anything. she didn't tell us. she was just there overseeing nonpartisan figurehead. she was incredibly popular and respected. the moment you start dipping your fingers into politics as a monarch, i think you are heading into big trouble. >> judge jeanine: all all right, speech six, we greg gutfeld. >> greg: hi, there are people like me that find realty an unfamiliar phenomenon. i will ask you a dumb question. how do you explain the role of the monarchy now to people who aren't familiar with it, and since you have lived in america, what in america comes close to fulfilling that role and could be something like "the five"? [laughter] >> well, the nearest -- i was about to say, greg, i keep reading you are the king of late-night tv. >> greg: that is true. speak with a way that the american monarchy rest on your shoulders. you are the king.
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>> greg: thank you. >> we are all lucky and fill fortunate to be your royal subjects. [laughter] was once asked by an american journalist, what is the point of the monarchy? look, the whole point is not really a point but on elected officials. what did the queen do that made her so beloved and so popular, and why do we feel so grief stricken she's gone? i want to explain it to people like this. you have prisons that come and go and then last more than eight years. you move on and invest the motion and time into a new family and a new president. we invested for my entire lifetime and one woman and her family. she barely put a foot wrong and 70 years. i can't think of a president that has not put 7 minutes without putting his foot in his mouth. what she stood for, kind of old-fashioned values, which i think missing in society today. she never played the victim or felt sorry for yourself.
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it was never about her. she was not arrogant. she was humble. she believed in stoicism and resilience, mental strength, duty, service to her country. it was that that made britain great which sadly we have lost in recent times. that is what she stood for. and i think if you had a figure like that, personally, it is a great shame you got rid of the monarchy in america. [laughter] however, you made that decision. to have tried to move on. you now have king great. it is not quite the same ring. it doesn't sound as posh. but i think she brought stability and she was there as kind of a comfort blanket in difficult times. and someone to share in difficult times. i don't know how big of a deal she was to all of those individually until we lost her. i have to say, it feels like we lost the nation's grandmother. and imagine the most beloved president you've ever had being
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there for 70 years and never put a foot wrong and they die. that is what it feels like for us. what is the point of a monarchy? the queen is the point because she was the most beloved figure in the world and god bless her. >> judge jeanine: all right, piers, how many americans feel the impact of the queens death as well? i mean, she was not a queen in this country. so many of us respected and idolized her for all the recent you just mentioned appeared piers, thank you for being with us. of course you can catch up piers morgan uncensored on fox nation. coming up next mr. unity himself president biden taking the gloves down and doubling down on his maga republican attacks. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: president biden embarking on his blitz and remember the commander-in-chief in ohio given a speech after revving up the pace last night at the dnc. that is where he doubled down on his maga republican attacks and seems like he wants to have it both ways. >> not every republican is a maga republican. not every republican has extreme ideology. i know because i've worked with them in the mainstream republicans, there are a few left. but the extreme maga republicans has chosen to go backward for anger, violence, hate, division and that is their game. together the democrats, independents and mainstream republicans can choose a different path.
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>> extreme maga republicans don't only threaten clinical rate rights, but they want a better america. >> dana: the president is not the only one fearmongering, joining the bandwagon claiming a house majority could spell chaos, john, we must go to you to see about this. where would you fall in the continuum of ultra maga to maga. >> there isn't just ultra-maga but maga america first policy but we put our country first. when biden is talking about extreme ideology, he can't help but look at the democratic party and say listen, if they are attacking the second amendment, first amendment freedom of speech, open borders and they were trying to transition kids, sterilize kids under 18. there are advocates of partial abortion promoting socialism. those are the extreme sides of the democratic party.
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if you look at democrats, they have been talking about the same since 1980s, lower tackett has come a strong military, but your question i don't think this is going to work with the american people. you have to win the middle. and when you go so hard against donald trump and supporters, a lot of people don't like that. and one last point, he is going so hard on donald trump, it brings to life what happened with mar-a-lago. this was a political attack. the rate at mar-a-lago was a political attack because joe biden sees donald trump comp a threat to his power and using the fbi and doj to go up mar-a-lago is all about politics and not document spirits before they must have done some sort of focus group that said they will wait for them. they don't think that they have to win all the independents but they have to win a certain number and a hold on their fingernails is that the idea? >> jessica: we would like more than fingernails. everybody is trying to win whatever coalition works for
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them. we are so polarized, we don't have overwhelming majorities. people are partisan generally and even independence when you look at it but 44, 40% identify as independent. especially with an issue like abortion on the palate and will be on the ballot in kansas in places like michigan and now he. but everyone knows what it means to get another conservative supreme court justice versus if we get a liberal one. people have their corners. in terms of a strategy though, i thought it was interesting. reuters has a poll out 50% think that americans make america great again is threatening error economy. so if you look at the number of republicans that joe biden is to pick off, 25% would be just fine. you can win like that with all of your democrats and with independents, left-leaning ones and a lot of the right-leaning ones who do not see the world as you do, sean. sean, be serious person here. don't just say -- if you don't
2:23 pm
like something, it is not fake news. polls are real. i've been pulling in my life. >> dana: some of the polls, labor day, judge we started with biden has got some went back. and polls come out and herschel walker in georgia now moving up and brian kemp moving up your juicy little bit more of this type mean. >> judge jeanine: it is tightening. but one of the things that concerns me about this maga and not everybody is a bad maga. first of all name me one maga other than donald trump he would give me the name -- speed i'm not asking you but the president. who is he identifying that we should all hate. because they will destroy democracy? we can't ignore what is really in front of us. that is there is a president who is trying to get us to hate the others. that is not america. this is a president that promised to unify all of us.
2:24 pm
he's not just the opposite. he is not defining it. can't work with others because the pushback was so great. you are calling everyone a republican is a dirtbag? wait a minute! the truth is the democrats were offering giveaways. they are offering handouts, government aid. and they want phones and everything else. the republicans are saying, we stand for some kind of, you know, financial conservative focus as opposed to paying off student loans and on and on. i mean, the thing that bothers me is not so much getting closer not getting close, who is he talking about and why is he dividing america? he should lose because of that appearance before one of the things the president said to date anyone talking about entitlements would be a maga republican. that has been a policy for a long time. and i spent a way that no one could so social security back.
2:25 pm
>> sean: the reason why that poll is showing is that fear is effective, right? that is what this is about. they are creating fear of this fanta maga group. the republicans cannot let this exceed because this is another joe's pretend moderation, right? this is in america's bold. joe is good playing middle-of-the-road and the media promotes the ruse. it is pure bait and switch before and after the election. like told you are swimming against a biological female and it turns out it is leah thomas. he has the leah thomas a president's. now he claims, now he claims he has the law and order guy and why? because he condemns january 6th. that is what you are working from. so far it has kind of worked here there is a problem with this you old coot. we condemns january 6, all of us and we condemned the riots. year and a half of riots, the explosion in crime everyday. the deadly degradation, you
2:26 pm
never have condemned those things. you had during a lot of the stuff. so if you are a law and order guides and so is jussie smo smollett. >> dana: some tough language of your own. and she wears city mayors not offering sanctuary to the migrants been bused to the towns. we will tell you all about it. ♪ ♪
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uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. ♪ ♪ >> sean: this is really rich. sanctuary cities are completely melting down after a tiny taste of biden's border crisis.
2:31 pm
lori lightfoot sending migrants on a bus to her city of two illinois suburban town. meanwhile, muriel bowser declaring a public emergency as busloads of migrants continued to arrive. in a d.c. councilwoman who celebrated her sanctuary city status is complaining about the search. >> it is said but worth reiterating that the governors of texas and arizona have created this crisis. and the federal government has not stepped up to assist the district of columbia. in many ways, the governors of texas and arizona have turned us into a border town. [laughter] >> sean: craig, set us straight. is this crisis greeted by the governor of arizona and texas? >> greg: it is beautiful is what it is. a brilliant obvious point if the republicans running the site is the way the dems are with this hypocrisy, they would be branded cruel and humane.
2:32 pm
because the republicans are running the cities the way the crime is, homelessness, drug addiction they would be cool and humane. but they get a pass by the media on this and other sanctuary cities are the worst false advertising. they could brag about compassion without actually following through. they are what i call the stolen valor in the compassion world. and it is about time they get found out what texas did was turn sanctuary cities into border towns, which are authentic sanctuary cities because the border towns operate that way for people coming in. now, they are actually -- she should be thanking texas. thank you for not making me a hypocrite. now i'm truly sanctuary city. what an idiot she is. >> sean: dana, you have small number of migrants coming into the liberal cities and losing their minds, melting down where arizona and texas are absolutely flooded. >> dana: i would love to ask them, what do you think governor abbott and governor ducey should do about
2:33 pm
that instead? please tell me? and i would love to label the application for their state of emergency has sanctuary state of emergency. that was so created. i can't believe how irresponsible lori lightfoot is in chicago. she is getting migrants and she is mad and i understand she is mad. instead of figuring out a problem and going to d.c., we have to fix this, mr. president. she just bused them to the next town and didn't tell the mayor. >> sean: that is a really good point, dana. jessica, you have mayor lori lightfoot complaining about governor abbott that she called a racist, unpatriotic, unchristian for busing migrants to her city and what does she do? puts the same migrants on a bus and sends them out of the city to another town and pass the buck. >> jessica: people do prefer the suburbs. i have heard that. if she didn't actually call the mayor that she was sending them to, that is such an insane political faux pas and so unfair to do.
2:34 pm
you guys know where i stand on this. i think the federal government has to step up. this is certainly part of the crisis they created. sanctuary cities, when you get a busload 75-100 people, what is the huge freak out? you are talking chicago, new york city but d.c. is smaller obviously but there is space for these people. there are resources for these people. if you want to stand by your policies and i believe in sanctuary cities, find the money. joe biden, give them the money if they need more for this and make sure until people can go through the court system. and i believe showing up for your day in court, we accommodate them. but this game of ping-pong in people from buses, it really mas me -- i hate to sound emotional but it makes me sad these people coming here for a better life for now being used on both sides just as, you know, a cable news conversation. >> greg: aren't you happy to be in america whether chicago? >> jessica: but it does not
2:35 pm
feel good being used in a fight like that. >> judge jeanine: they don't think they are being used. they think they are getting a free ride to new york city, washington, or chicago. these are cities they write about and they want to come to new york and they want to see the p or they want to see america. they want to see washington, d.c. what really infuriates about this nonsense, colliding hypocrites as you said 300 people to chicago and lori lightfoot wants to send them to a republican town? this is, folks, the new redistricting. it will not go through the courts. what will be done by governors, mayors, and other county officials. when they start moving the immigrants into republican areas, that is what is going on here. it is national news. not yet come in new york -- let me finish. the bottom line is these people are coming here. we are giving them housing, education, medication,
2:36 pm
pre -- where did they just say free health care we have a problem with inflation. we have a problem with people buying food and people buying gas. how many millions have to come here? m&a towns have to be overrun before we say, okay, that is enough. >> sean: it stops when democrats understand these are venezuelans coming in and they hate socialism and communism. a good conversation "the fastest" is up next. ♪ ♪ [laughs]
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: welcome back it is time for "the fastest." first up this is plain disgusting.
2:41 pm
passengers have been sharing videos of filthy airplane cabins with trash from the spill drinks in case vomit. absolute yawk. everyone help me there. some airlines cutting back on sanitation measures because of the cost and inconvenience. dana periods before this seems like not a smart business strategy. there are certain things you have to spend money on maybe you can cut a corner somewhere else and double vomit bags. i'm not suggesting that but it's pretty bad. you got me at vomit. v3 dominic >> jessica: cutting back because you don't have hand sanitizers so you now have vomit? >> judge jeanine: in with the amazing part of all of this, first of all they expect you to clean. they come through with a bag 26 times. leave me alone already, that is number one. number two go, flying you get an email, how was it? you want to tell them because i take pictures like this and i figure there is rodents going around because it is so dirty. and yet they never give you a
2:42 pm
chance to answer what you really think it is like and what you would recommend us again and no space to say you are filthy, dirty and i never want to fly your plane again. >> jessica: greg. >> greg: i have to remind everyone you are 35,000 feet in the air so that is kind of cool. we are complaining that the tube that is in the sky is dirty. i would rather have a filthy plane than a faulty one. but there is one solution. they have got to stop giving away sprits and sell snacks with crumbs. you notice this? just do peanuts. there are always going to look for crumbs, croissant cookies and please don't bring crab legs on pier that is wrong, dana. so wrong. now you when i fly private. >> dana: that is what happens a big night sidekick. >> judge>> jessica: and a littl. [laughter]
2:43 pm
>> s[overlapping voices] >> sean: i would be disgusted and complain like you, judge. >> judge jeanine: i try to. i have the pictures and everything. >> greg: flight attendants are so authoritarian these days. don't you dare complain or i will put you on a list. i will put you on a list! >> jessica: up next, workers are back in the office but not bringing back the manners. "wall street journal" said the working world is getting ruder. employees are cursing more and handshaking less and quitting on shorter notice and not answering emails and texts, greg. >> greg: we often talk about the supply chain crisis or supply chain problem but we have an etiquette problem. somewhere along the line passing down the basic rules of the behavior. i don't want to say how that happened or why the culture habit that but some of the skills are rusty. they don't even exist anymore. and i would say it's not work,
2:44 pm
it is almost everywhere people are generally more rude. as you know i'm very polite. so i'm deeply offended by this. this is where i often don't come to work. >> jessica: facetiming in public places. >> dana: i would say if you or someone promoted or looking for a raise or looking for a better office situation, improve your manners and that will be noticed. to be with this is the problem. people have sat home for the last two years and they have not socialized. they are in their pajamas, scratching their selves all over. you know, greg, then they don't come to the office. they need to behave as a normal human being. >> judge jeanine: to me, most people are walking around in their pajamas. we changed our whole way of dressing. people walk around in their pajamas and they thrive in their pajamas. >> greg: you see the sandals, the video on the first segment. >> judge jeanine: the sandals. i had a guy next to me who vomited in my purse. outrageous.
2:45 pm
i got up and stood up when he vomited and they said, sit down, sit down! , sitdown! he vomited on me. >> greg: was at peter doocy? [laughter] >> jessica: don't go anywhere. o"fan mail freddie is up next. i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: that was great on "fan mail freddie," the judge remember spirit the first question from cindy, the movie that traumatized me the most as a child, this would be easy, dana? >> dana: my parents would never let us watch rated r movies at home or horror movies in particular. i went to a slumber party and they played "kerry." i've never seen anything like it. i can remember these moments like yesterday and obviously i was traumatized. >> greg: that is true. >> sean: i was eight years old and we watched "the hand." directed by oliver stone. >> greg: terrific. as a writer, i was eight.
2:50 pm
great film, great film. another r-rated film, jessica. your father was big in films. >> jessica: that is very nice of you to say. "chucky." "child's play" horrible for aid child. >> greg: judge? >> judge jeanine: i remember "the exorcist." speed t don't don't make >> greg: with mine were made for trilogy of terror with a lit from africa and then bad ronald lived in the walls. you guys don't care. "dual" written about a truck driver. that is really good. who is your biggest title growing up, judge? idle. >> judge jeanine: all right, you will laugh but charle has
2:51 pm
ten. >> greg: that was mine! >> judge jeanine: it was not! >> greg: all right, i will pick a different one. i will pick a different one. i had the plane of the apes doles. the things i did with that doll appearance before come on! >> greg: i used to play games with that you! jessica. >> jessica: i just loved -- and continue to. post career legacy as well. >> sean: i love the "dukes of hazzard"'s. >> greg: eric estrada, johnny wilcox spirits before he went to school with my mom in wyoming. >> dana: what was the question? >> greg: biggest title. >> dana: mary lou rhett end. >> greg: that is so funny because you are the same size.
2:52 pm
i first thought it was charle heston. but i'm going to go with my second favorite, sorry, leith, lee majors because he was in the big valley and then steve austin in "the $6 million man." and also, "to $6 million man" all. i can't get into it. "one more thing" is up next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ e you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms and .nl . pectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased
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♪ >> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing and dana goes first. deign dawn i love this story. there is this seal in china. quite a stir. being transported to an exhibit and unfortunately. he got loose. a container tipped over and he was in a busy mall in china.
2:57 pm
now he is just wandering around. he is scared but they are trying to lure him with dog business cuts dog biscuitswhich i don't . very cute. >> greg: upside is he doesn't know he is in china. >> dana: upside is he is not on the menu. >> greg: great show dagen mcdowell. michael loftus it's a really funny she. let's do this quickly. greg's confused cat corner. cats aren't that dumb this one is having a problem. apparently never run into what we have seen in the wild. a lady bug and look at that very confused. what is it? how can i get rid of it? this is often like me when i'm waking up in the morning with a bug in my face. i don't know what else to say. i'm out of gas at this point. i don't really care. >> judge jeanine: all right. so britney d'angelo was getting ready to board a flight.
2:58 pm
the representative says i will give someone a seat upgrade if you do the best dance. so watch this woman do a dance for a seat upgrade. yep. as you can see she is doing a lot of twist turns and did a split and guess what she got the upgrade. she sprung into action. literally and there she is. she wowed her fellow travelers. >> got to love delta. >> needless to say she won an upgrade to delta comfort. >> greg: there is something wrong about that. you can't force customers to entertain you. >> judge jeanine: she didn't pay for that seat. anyway, go ahead, jessica. >> so fresh off all the top gun fun. tom cruise is taking the promotional tour for the latest installment of mission impossible to new heights quite literally. so fun. a new video shows him casually chatting about the upcoming movie so casually you wouldn't know he is on a biplane soaring.
2:59 pm
known for doing his own stunts and action packed film. only a small preview of the adrenaline pumping steam mission impossible has when it comes out next year. >> greg: it's a green screen. >> jessica: it's just cool like movie star stuff. >> greg: tom cruise has been dead for 20 years. >> jessica: scientology says -- >> sean: all women who propose should do on solid ground. proposes to his girlfriend on the dock drops the ring and goes through the crack. never do this. >> dana: no one ever learns. >> sean: he dropped off the edge and swim underneath and save the wing before it was lost. >> dana: tossed his baby off to the side. >> i saw this jessica. this is real tossing babies if you live near a lake and a dock you never let your valuable unto the dock and pass them to someone and they will fall in.
3:00 pm
we have seen this so many times you need to learn. live and learn. >> greg: she should turn him down immediately. she should dump him. i don't care if it's their kid move on. >> judge jeanine: or have a net under it. all right, that's it for us. we will see you back here on monday. >> have great weekend. thanks for joining us. and the news is next. good night. [laughter] >> bret: breaking tonight, the new king of england promises he will serve with loyalty, respect and love for the remaining time god grants him. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. king charles iii made his first address to the british people today, one day after his mother, queen elizabeth ii died at the age of 96. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in london tonight with the latest. good evening, greg. >> bret, it was a remarkable day. a day that basically a london and the world looked back at the reig


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