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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 10, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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po always, thank you for beingsa with us. thank you for making this showrv possible. please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever miss an episode of hannity. you can get news any time atca fox, hannity, .com. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled.bled the ingraham angle. laura ingraham. up next, i hope you havet next a great weekend. i'm laura ingraham. >> thanks for joining us . this is the "ingraham angle" from washington. e ingraham tonight. tucker carlson, while, ob he's staying up late. are you kidding me? .yeah, he's going to be here. he's going to reveal what he th says is the single biggestway aa change in the way americans may have to start livingng. but first, fake versus real. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. decided on all right. f i decided on friday night thatsp it's time to simplify things for everyone. you're all busy out there, for e right? thmocrats are
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the democrats are cratering,, y and yet they want everyone tot r believybode that the opposite is true as we approachdt the midterms. so over the pasterm st month, all we've heard about is joe's turnosed midterm momentum, that he's turned the corner after r a rocky summer. actuf course, the opposite is actually true. in fact, reuters as biden's approval rating at a pathetic 39%. even so, reuters spins it to attack trump somehow you see how it works, right? >> democrats have zero accomplishments to point to. all they have are these lamepts attempts, messaging, they're failures. but by every measure., thingsrs are getting worse in america. but to joe's goon's, that justhr means that they have to throw more dirt into the wind, hopingh you won't seoping yoe through t, . >> but't the angle w, don'orryt, is here to help you differentiate the real issues facing america from help ssues fathe fake ones that is raising. first, republicans anti democracy is clear which way the new maga republicans
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are. they're extreme. >> democracy is really at stake. we all saw that day, this desurrection mob that came to attack our democracy, y.our democracy is at risk toda. >> false, pathetic. come on , look at florida. they overhauled their entire voting system afterhauled thr 2 they made big changes even after 2020 voters. reason have reasons now tothey h actually trust the system innd florida. lad last time i checked, they actuallsti y count the vots on election night. n what a novel concept. so is democracy in peril in florida? no, of course. not. but their next fake is that extremism and fascism are on the rise. >> you can. look any number offt different metrics. right wing extremism is on the rise. >> there is no question thatis o extremism is on the rise in this country and it poses a very real national security
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threat. this is ultranationalism. tural this is fascism. and it's it's rising in america. >> false. there is not a single person at the white house, at the dnc or at "the washington post" who actually believes that i acf republican win in 2020 two or 2020 four will no longer have le electionr s, okay, that it's fascism time in the united states , it's extremism run amok. and if you believe anyfor eigh , you're just a sucker. the next fake thatomehow somehow conservative policies are anti womenpolicies and repus have been so scary.ary in >> and what they're talking about, taking away women'so vote right to vote , women's right to choose women's rights ingenea general are clearly underare attack throughout the united states . >>under athroughout the ensuins on women's fundamental rights from elected republicans in congress, false, really.e
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i mean, women are going to be locked in the kitchen wearing aprons if the gop wins. you think i'd be for that movement? i don't even cook well enough to do that. okay, i'm not going to be back in the kitchen, stupid. >> meanwhile, in democratds, strongholds, women can'twome evn go out jogging without worrying about being assaulted. and how our soaring energy costs that the democrats haveau causedsed go good for women. those voluntary blackouts in california, some of that's good for women living alone. ohsome, and our high food price. oh, those must be great for women by their calculus. the fact is strong women are on the rise throughoutng the republican party, including minority women. there's newly elected texas congresswoman maya flores. also in texas, there's monica de la cruz and cassie garcia. i seat indiana air force vet. jennifer ruth green is vying for a house seat that last saw republican win in nineteen twenty eight . how about michigan tooter
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dixon, a phenomenal candidate running to unseat governor gretchen witless wittmer. she's down just eight points ind the latest average. she should b be thnexte next gov governor . but remember, the left doesn't even consider any of those women. certainly women who believe in populism or americ a first policies to even be legitimate women at all.. there is the ultimate fate and of course, there's the ultimate fake that republicans are racist at heart. >> the republican party just won't reject racism. >> what the republican party right now stands for is white nationalist racism. as we head into the midterms, republicans can be proud of racism. >> another vicious smear with zero evidence. in fact, t if there's racism on the rise in the united states , it's found in liberal policies that disproportionately harm minorities. a bank of america research report found that inflation shock of 2020 one disproportionately, proportionately affectedican-ami african-americans, hispanic africa. no communities
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and it's not just the day after day, democrats are ignoring the nightmarishans problems facing americans, which, of coursewhic, the left g policies themselves created, like how government run schools are failing our kidski. covid lockdown's which democrat mayors and governors have embracedwn, have led to test plummeting test scores. and in washington, dc,scof mayor muriel bowser covid vax mandate is going to prevent about 40% of black students from evensroo entering the classroom when they start enforcing why start the mandate. it's disgusting. and when students aren't falling behind academics, they're being indoctrinated by and gender radicals , , , a . >> yes, so yes, i do dress as spider-man sometimes, but it's the username. one tis the only onehi thas is t
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actually does make sense because this is my daddy. >> the fact is , if you live in a democrat run area, your public schools are in shambles. they treat parents as the enemies and fa parentsr left ac as the brave heroes trying toto thwart the parents. >> so i'm going to makethere a prediction within the decade, there will be a huge exodus ofo. christian families from public schools just going happen. and another real issue versus all their faiths, the youngo thugs who are now feelingnow fe empowered by democrat policies to go on racist rampageskilling and killing sprees beat out on waggett. >> malcolm apollonian, do you think? i would say no bacon, no fakin. berriman rehr. . oh, my momma cut. oh, you think our plan can offer some sweet real mind on ? >> then there were two wannabe copycats also in memphis, brazenly proclaiming their own racist intent to kill a white
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lady while her grandkids are in the car. so with a message of commit the crime and do no time from george soros back de's, is it any shock that crime is out of control in the united states ?te of course not.s? and the left's all cops are. message to young people. see that graffiti everywhere. cab that's put a target on the back of law enforcement . soa what'das the result?ortageo a dangerous shortage of police offi officers across america. >> and now, of course, crimeping is creeping into the suburbsof e and one of the tony fauci malls outside of washington, dc in tysons corner of virginiawitnes yesterday, witnesses say gun and a hammer wielding suspectssa waltzed into a jewelry store, ga smashed glass casesss and ran ou with the jewelry. a lot oft rolex is apparently the smash and grabs have become an epidemic across the nation. the cops are on the women. the cops are on the way. hey, get out. >> out of the way.
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get out of the way. i know another real issue. the democrats are actually makintsg you poorer by the day.your so your wage ws aragese lower n than they were a year ago cost because of the cost of livingof has gone. so you may be working more than one job just to pay the bills. o inflation is eating awayn atne your money, at your bottom line. so just this week, a gallup poll revealed that a majorityy l of americans now sayat inflation is causing them personal hardship. >>al h but democrats don't careu and , of course, they never want you focused on the very real issue of the biden foreign policy collapse. we're pouring billions o f into ukraine. we're following europe's lead on energy. and , of course, we see they're in crisis mode right now. doand we even need to remindani? you about what happened in
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afghanistan. of course not. course zeroand we have zero chy is nothing that i can see. democrats are just putting us on a path to subservience to president xi and the ccp instead of us takingin charge. >> we're begging them to to talk to us . >> my hope is that president xi will recognize the benefit of getting both of us moving in the same direction. the world needs to see these two powerful countries actually working together and there is no bigger threat, frankly, on the planet right now.t. then the climate crisis. than the climate crisis. >> begging president xi. fo now, the choice isn't about cho choosing maga or anti maggette in november. what it's about is choosing ant truth or fiction, real or fake. common sense or woke fantasies . democrats are guilty of almost every malevolent act and goal
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that they attribute to us . >> so every time the left tries to turn the conversation to candidates like dr. oz droningn on about his home in new jersey, or maybe they tryge to get you to focuscontro on something controversial. masterda postedn arizona posteve years ago. yag dest to.o understand what the democrats are doing, distraction, the choices. obvious. e either your lives arither e goio get better by electing republican s or your lives will continue to get worse by keeping will democrats in c. you want to know how things will be here after an entire election where democrats keep control will look no further to how california is doing. remember, they had a chance ton recall gavin newsom, the governor, but they didn't.wi and now it'st is blackouts, crie and more sanctuary policies. mofor oh, and don't forget gettingg ri rid of gas powered cars. >> so good luck getting to your two jobs and an electric car that you can't charge because of rolling blackouts.
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>>g the left knows they can't debate populist conservatives policy because we win a fair debate every time. so all they're left with is the politics of distortion. politics and d distraction and demonization. they can raise money from plutocrats who don't want change and then use their regime media foot soldiers to relentlesslyhe enforce the narrative of their choosing. but we we can appeal to reall to people on the real issues and eventually real stops, fake . >> and that's the angle. joining me now is kentucky senator rand paul . senator , great to see you tonight. i think that more than more than past elections, this e one really is about common sense and the left's utter rejection of it. >> do you agree? thing i >> yeah.s an and the thing is , is there's an enormous disconnect betweengd those in washington and those on the ground, like in kentucky. in ktucky,t 40 people to severer
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flooding recently in eastern kentucky. hundreds oechundref homes were and i was just out there. mot one person said, can you please send more money to ukraine? they said, how come we're a rich country and we're having trouble digging our ditches, repairing our roads and all of the basic functions of government. and yet the politicians in washington want to send another 13 billion after they send this 13 billion will sent over 50 billion dollars to ukraine and people in eastern kentuckyr are saying, how come we can't repair our bridges? how come ws, howe can't repair our roads? and so i find nobody ii findn kentucky coming and say, please send more of our money overseas. and yet in washington, it's not just democrats. you got democrats and all the republican leadership lining up saying, please send more of our money to ukraine, but i'm nog it at hearing it atu at all. >> now, you talk about that, sea disconnectto, senator . and today, president biden unveiled one of his new so-called accomplishments made in america is no longer just a slogan. earlier this year went to lockheed's factory in alabama.
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they're making the javelin senaile that we're supplying to ukraine. senator , how does a productiond of a javelin missiles for ukraine help americans know that? >> the americans at the factory, i guess. yeah, i've never really been as big on looking at arms programs as a jobs program. i think that our weapons are uniquely owned by the taxpayer, the even if private organizations make theseons. and they shouldn be something that's like, oh,ve well, let's give more weaponswe to create by getting involved in more wars overseas. no, we don't really havere the money to do this. $30 trill we are 30 trillion dollars inant the hole and it's inflationary . you borrow more money to buy weapons. it also causes inflation. and so really what i hear still around kentucky and around the u.s. is my gas costs sos yer much we can't go on vacation this year. the groceries cost so much.citie i'm a senior citizen. nner i check is getting thinner and thinner. i can't afford tafo doford t ths
12:15 am
i want to do because of inflation. th knowy all instinctively this is from the massive debts,e the massive borrowing and the huge covid lockdown's and allanu the mistakes that were foisted upon us by democrats, by biden ,by the democrat congress, and so i think there's a hugee wave building. >> i really stilwal thinve buils a huge wave of discontent and people are going to want to throw the bums out who caused all this inflation and everything's tightening. you see that with the blake masters race, two points or three points. amerson, paul faderman in pennsylvania. tennesu've got your own race in tennessee, senator , but you'ved got a healthy lead. i know you're not taking anything for granted. i in kentucky. excuse me. no, i said tennessee. oh, my gosh. i i don't know about connecticut yankee at heart, but i lived in kentucky. i got it. i got to without fighting hard in kentucky. >> and things are are narrowing across the u.s., but we're fighting hard here. and people want to go to rand paul .com. they can find out more about our race, but we're fighting
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hard to let people know that i'm a different kind of o republican . i'm a kindf republican of repubt doesn't fly around the world at taxpayer expense. i'm a republican who also says,n you know what, i'm going to give money back to the treasury from my office. i'm not going to spend all the money they give me. i'm going to give back . so my office is actually giventu back over five million dollars tory the treasury.t awesome. awesome. that's awesome. and i'm going to tweet out your new ad, senator , which i just saw, which is fantastic. i don't know who made that ade for you , but now everybodywi is going to be curious. so they're going to have tto mo go to my twitter to see it. senator , fantastic to see you . haven't seen in a while. so thank you so much.n is now our own tucker carlson is here next on how the democrats vision for a cleaner future is just really part of a global suicide pact. plus, he's going to take us inside his new fox nation series, transgressive the cultbb of confusion. >> stay there. age before beauty.tor lotion why not both visibly diminished
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your house, seven grand a week for life and now at pch .com. >> the global elites greenback vision for the future. vis we've talked aboutio this before and the angle it's known as the great reset, right? well, it's playing out before our eyes. and it started laslastt week, jt days after california announced that it was going to ban after s powered cars by twenty thirty five , ramping it up rampy byhe way. . the st by the well, the stat te toldhe reside that they needed to startneeded making to sacrifices. firs ut up, don't chargechar your electrigec car because it's
12:22 am
going to overload the grid. but that if th wasn'att enough t the drapes, the extent you can or blinds and pretty cool your home and make sure thatur , that thermostats above 78 degrees still feels cool beyond words. >> i walked in ated i seventy degrees and felt like i needed a jacke78t. oh yeah. let's see that video. now, this is all part ofnd a larger and far more alarming trenlarmind because in coloradot week, about twenty two thousand people were blocked from usingo their own thermostats. xcel energy customers received messages saying thatd their temperaturesg their wered because of an energy emergency and they couldn't override what xcel was setting them out. now, the company threatened to do it all over again.mmer we've had a hot summer thiswe'r summer. and we're going to see more opportunities for these programs.o be used. to be used. yeah, it's happening across it the pond. as well. >> we see there's a global
12:23 am
scarcity of energy. wha sot whatever we do, one thing is for sure, we have to save electricity. but we have to save it in a smart way. so what we have to do is flatten the curve and avoid the peak demand, which is going off fauci there with flattening >>e curve. now, this is what happens, though, when you rely on other countries as your main sourceman of oil and gas a. now, russia, they just continue to toy with the eu, dangling this promise of opening nord stream one . and because these leaders werecs bullied by what a swedish teen their citizens may freeze this winter, then there's the fertilizer issue. last year, sri lanka tried to go all organic in terms of farming by banning synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. which just led to a surge in food prices. and then food shortages in nethl the netherlands. they're facing the same sort oaf issues over an order to cut emissions. it sparked massive protest in ou
12:24 am
we covered some of this over the summer by dutch farmers. and then earlierearlier th thist led to the agriculture minister abruptly resigning the. so when biden, jennifer granholm and co. say we'reionin transitioning to a cleaner future, what they are really saying is they've added america's name to a growing global suicide pact. >> joining me now is tucker carlson, host of tucker carlson tonight, and tucker carlson originals on fox nation. his latest two part series, transgressive the cult ofusio confusion, is available now. tucker, we're going to get to your new series in just a moment. but this these aren't isolated incidents. it's easy to report on them easo as such. ort this is happening in san francisco. this is happening in colorado ti then and in britain and france. but this is a global consensusna building that we have to lower everybody's consumption and then standarowerd living. >> well, the global consensus is that a small group, people
12:25 am
need to take control of energy and energy is civilization. you don't have civilization without it.n't have civilizatio without it. civiliza tions growcivilizations grow, ss coosper with cheap energy and they contract. and with or without it, it's it. really that simple. so if you give control of your energy to someone, that person controls you completely. .. forgy is control and i think we'v se had cheap energy for so long. we we were energy independent abou t about t 20 minutes ago that people don't understandr clea how threatening this is and how close we are to being under the complete and total control of people who wish us ill. >> or tucker. when we think about electric vehicles, the point of electric vehicles in the minds of many is to limit how far people canmo travel. i mean, maybe someday batteries will be longer mileage spans and so forth. but right now, for mosnot electric cars, you can travel two hundred fifty three hundred fifty miles on one full charge. well, that limits how far
12:26 am
people can go . that in and of itself is a limited on the freedom ofhich f movement, which we're frankly guaranteed iran our in our founding documents. not any more .ng it's as frn attackaid on indivl autonomy, by the way. they can also be turned off remotely with without your compliance. right. and so and you can also be denied access to the electricity grid, as they just did in california. the grt work. , doesn'ca it's down. no changing out, making illegal .th the gasoline engine is the single biggest change ine the way americanand s live in our lifetimes. 10x. i mean, there's no biggetherr change in this sort of to like. no, it's a good idea.ehicle by the way, electric vehiclesibe are terrible for f the environment. and i'm not talking aboutt taca carbon emissions. they'rrbmissions be i the amoung required to get an electric vehicle far outstrips that you need to buy a chevy to make a chevy tahoe. so like the whole thing is ache scam. it's only about control. now, tucker, we have to move to this in a two part series on fox nation that you and calle your team have put together.d e,
12:27 am
it's called transgressive t the cult of confusiocult on. she >>ve i want to show everybody a sneak peak watch cult succeed because they make empty promises to wounded people. >> it makepe s you cooler, hotterrter and smarter than everyone else. >>n the promise is very straightforward. all your problems can be solvede by changing your body. >> this is particular, really appealing to lost teenagers and the evangelist spreading that gospeast teenag l hour on tick tock. >> girls go online and the watch these videos now on tick tock. they're very well produced, areo very fun to watch. w and the videos by trans influencers promise that ipromif you start a course of testosterone, everything's going to get a lot better. a your anxiety will get underepres control. you're a depression. you're going to feelio greate g and these girls are in a lot of very real pain. in a lot.ooking for a solution . this is an issue that you and i , as parents, shr as americans, share a similarf level of passion and deeppa concern about what did
12:28 am
you learn new when you were making this the children across the country being mutilated and that none of us are saying anything about it because we're so intimidated by the aggression and the lunacy of the advocates who are in favor of this in the entire american media and virtually everyately institution in american lifeevra has been bullied into shuttingn up as childrenlife are mutilat and it's a moral crime.n't mu itti should be a legal crime. it's it's beyond belief that this is actually happening. and yo u i think anyone running for office, anyone holding o office has a moral duty to call this out and to ban it immediately and to punish people who are doing it. no, doctor should be allowed toh mutilate a child, period, evers . t and those doctors should be charged for the crimes they're committing, period.are committing. when you loo and again, i don't know why no one's saying it, but whenening, you look at what's i actually happening and just take a look at it, there's no defending it. >> well, paul mchugh from johns hopkins, who did some of the most groundbreaking studies of what happens
12:29 am
with individuals who've gone through this transformativeormae surgeries, hormone blockers, et cetera. and you pointed this out. i mean, the level of suicide of people who've gone through this procedure post puberty years into their , quote, transition that doesn't have discussed at . all at all. >> noncake ie of the details get discussed and a lot ofwe details we couldn't put on television because there are television because they are too to horrifying. we didn't want to put them on because they're too upsetting the idea that you're born this way, really. t but it's increased thousands of percent in the last two years. no, this is the product of a sustained propaganda campaign on social media designed to chid lure children into this. and then they're sterilized and mutilated.we poi >>nt like, why are we putting up with this? tucker, i want to than i want tr doing this. i want everyone to be sure to catch this series called transgressive the cult of confusion. it's available on fox nation now. mos and tucker, most importantly,th .ust thank you for stayingan ukp with us. . >> we really appreciate it. her.
12:30 am
oh, i love it. i'm honored to be here. o'cloct want i don't want to make it out like you go to bedkh at, like, nine o'clock every bu night. but, you know, it's at leas a little it's a little late and , you know, you're at leastt forty two now. >> so, tucker, you great to see you , laura . >> absolutely. take care. ohy,, what a surprise. now, somehow biden bungled hiss condolences over the queen's death. plus, two gutsy wometh, n whinee about what's holding them back . raymond arroyo is here with allc the details. and friday, that's next. >> there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are. this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. boys can be girls and girls can be boys. i went down the same same path. something hijacked my brain. criticism of the transgender movement. we'll get you canceled, kicked off social media. what in the world is going?
12:31 am
the schools have actually recommended the kids to activist resources, initiation, recruitment glovebox. people are uncomfortable. it preys on and creates broken families. i had my son completely taken away from me. it is everywhere. the culture is out to get your child. tucker carlson, originals, twins. live streaming. now on fox nation, sign up at fox nation. hi , i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's sleep helps support a healthy immune system, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular system. thankfully, relaxium sleeps formula is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.
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12:36 am
and personal with the people of great britain on his first full day on the job, his limo stopping outside the gates of buckingham palace, where he took time to shake hands and accept condolences following the death of queen elizabeth , the king and queen consort camilla spent ten minutes with the crowd before turning and walking through the gates. of the palace. >> i'm ashley strohmeyer. now back to the "ingraham angle" for all your headlines, log on to fox news .com. >> now, wait, wait. is it is it really friday? that oh, that means it's time fories. friday follies. >> for that we tur n to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. trie flies, raymond is really trying to trying to gid n up excitement, i understand,se mide before these midterms, right?rm >> yeah. right look, the president the is literally becoming the harold hill of politics. llhe warns of random trouble
12:37 am
and then he starts rattling off a string of incoherent phrasesin or ultra mega vane's bursting in the nick. democracy under threat. a trump, trump, trump, tiki torches. >> you got trouble. trouble. and i stood up his mother with two kids, type one diabetes, type two diabetes. i meanh tw, the last time that n the last guy was there, what was his name? i can't remember. democrats, independents, or mainstream republicans have top lube stronger, more determined, more committed to savingmore cod american democracy tha to n the major republicans are to literally destroying american politics. you just have to vote . vot we have to vote .you have you have to organize, mobilize,h get out the vote. thisara elusive desperation law. wow. if. i f harold hill was like, get trouble, my friend's trouble, rivercity. and they started getting reallly angry, it would be just like i'll tell weird angr by turn
12:38 am
is after he does those reallyeal bad jokes right. well when he says, well, who is that guy who was before me? i mean, it's it's believable the that he forgot trump's name. i so i don't think that joke works. >> w, you know, when you've got a forty two percent approval rating, inflation and crime exploding everywhere, you got wh do what you got to do. and that's what biden's doing. but his visit to the british embassy, laura , to express his condolences on the passing of the queen, created its own visual commentary about a crumbling empire. this is sort oref what it looksa like. n >> the poor man looks less vigorous than the queen did in her final weeks. but he finally got down to business with a great message. >> if he would like to seetakes laura , look, he hcae takes a card out. >> h.e cannot write an extempore condolence. he's literally copying
12:39 am
the messag is lie from his schet the stage directions card that w he carriesit with him. i mean, you'll see in the closee up, i've never seen anythingn like this. you can write jokes, god bless h on the passing. but he can't remembee can'r. t >> souo he pulls the card up no. and what was perfect is when, tw as when he asked, am i able to write in the book? and i was thinking i was going to correct his grammar.bu but thatt is an actual legitimate question with a divided is he able to write it? and the answer is no withoutptit the card, at least not without the prompting of the card. >> but laura , the most telling was this one .one. keep your eyes on the visiting first visiting first lady born from the great baby .. so the to get to read your. and we were joking. she actually can thank you .perm
12:40 am
>> he asked permission forisor e every movement. cavery n i write the message? can i walk over here. but i love how jill kind patshe him on the back like an oldou pony you have to take out to her. >> com.e on now. time to go eat your sweets. y there you go.ou well, she i think there i think when when he she heard his he was about to reference a jokes e and i think shd e was worried, e raymond, where that jokere was going to take this conversation like that time, the time i sniffed queenie's hair, that was you know, you don't know say there. about to she's like, let's let's move on to the shuffleboard court. yeah.cour here wtse go .heret out the door. thank you , joe . one political figure not being stage managed by anyone,n wh laura , is hillary clinton, who is everywhere this week extolling the virtues of gutsy women. i think a gutsy woman is is determined to make the most of her own life, but also to shy to use whatever skills,
12:41 am
talents, persistence that she has to bring others along. >> o she's made a new movie abot gutsy women, laura and meghan. s the stallion and amy schumer were included, but too gutsy. t the first lady actually met mother teresa. atinella not included among the gutsy women. thes don't know wher d knoe thet these e people or what the criteria was, but i don't know also who made these to the passport office of gutsy women. >> well, she said also that itei was gutsy. she described it gutsy that she learned the tango. i believe in me. i've learned to make some special soup with that. that's the actual definition of gutsy conduct. thcomeat i on , the queents is god help. >> no, no, not at all.w, then on the view, she got silly reference to the raid on mar a lago. >> no one is above the law
12:42 am
and the rule of law. nechama, you know, has tow ha be our standard. i yeah, except when it comes tos o hillary clinton law, contrar y to her recent tweets, trying to talk away those thirty three thousand emails, a twenty eighteen doj inspector report found found one hundred y three of those emails were classified as confidential or top secret. and worse, the fbi said hostile actors gained access to the info via those clintonia emails, so she should be careful about lecturing people, about protecting democracy in the rule of law. >>people aboting democra and i r for your very sharp comments about the former first lady. >> what difference does it make ? well, finally, raymond, a big kupa piece on aoc drop this week. mag this is like reading a celebrity mag fromfr the fifties. the congressman is portrayed as a prime mover of legislation on capitol hill, though she
12:43 am
rules the fact that the misogyny and patriarchy are holding back her presidential ambitions. >>sidential that must be my fae quote. laura's, the one i'm going to show you this picture because this accompanies it. now she looks likeshe a latina wonder woman in the middle ofin this gq spread. bue this gqt aoc says it's reay important for people to feel their elected officials give a bleep about them, notaboh fromem on high, but from the sae level. meanwhile, she's literally you hed on high on the capitol steps. i mean, you can't make thit makp . she looked pretty look gorgeouse in those photos, but it's kindog of it seems like she's on a glide path to netflix or, you know, paramount plus or one of the streamingr services >>r meghan mark out. >> there's another l gomersall, the horizon. she's already on the . but is that raven?>> raymo see thank you . you, awesome. hato gre see you . have a great weekend. all right. we preview the one movie hollywood has been too afraido e
12:44 am
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how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> that's 800 80% for one seven six . all right. you got , you got drugs, got shady. business dealings.iden i mean, one hundred and five iss basically perfect forike a hollywood movie, except unlike hunter, with as many,
12:49 am
tinseltown just never going to touch it. but my next guest, robert davipm ,did. here's an exclusive clip from h. breitbart, my son, hunter. >> so i'll tell you what's going down. devon archer is telling joe biden just joined the board of the ukraine energy company prisma at the same at time, vp joe is the point man for president obama in ukraine. the obvious next questin is , where is hunter? okay, okay, maybe it didn'ts. happen exactly like this, but metaphorically, speaking, r neve hunter never actually went tor . ukraine during all this. >> but don't letat full thayotl you . >> three weeks later, he was appointed to the board of it li ourisman. e neveneverdad says, w discussed my business experience, my word as a biden. joining me now is robert davi, director of my son hunter., robert , it's great to seeeat you . great. >> now, laura , thank you forra having me on this. made me laugh and cry kind off
12:50 am
at the same time. buat tt are we to believe that s is authentic or borderline authentic? how much artistic license do you use in this film? >> the artistic license is thet lighting and the cinematography in camera shots. licinematogri put in there the o some of the othemer elements.wa but, you know, the script wasred pretty well researched. you had peter schweitzer's book. you had the laptop from . lapto you had beautiful things, which i read hunta, biden's own autobiography, and the screenwriter and the film american here and the people unreported story society had done a lot of research. and then i did when i got the film to direct. so the as the film says, laura , it says, this is not a true story. except forexcept for all the fa. so we use a lot of their ownn w, word s, a lot of their own situations. but now it's dramatized in but it a different way and withway and a satirical aspect to it.
12:51 am
>> now, robert , your films, i know parts of the movie in serbia. and while you were there, i guess you had some fairly interesting visitors. >> what caoun you tell tell usi wellt , we filmed it all in serbia because i needed thoseukn locations that ukraine, bucharest,e, the chinese communist party, the deals that he made with the spy chief of china, plus the chateau, c my most of ihat was all shot it there. but while we were there, it'was interesting more because i was e when i got there in the beginning of the end of september, beginning october,hel the staff at the hotel cam ce uf to me and they big fans of, you know, films i've done over the years. >> and they said, you know who's here last this month?seat i don't know, joe biden, but he's here at this hotel.s he >> what wares he doing? i said, what's he doing in belgrade? was he was he doing an art gallery? ening oropening or was there sod of deal going on ? and then. well?
12:52 am
, a shooting, a gentleman shows up who phelim mcaleer, who is the part of part of the unreported story the unreported story society, te northern irish guy, good guy. and know we got film crews here, the documentary film are g is here to do the the story.. they're doing a documentary. they want toto ask questions and maybe be on the set as hissd film. i don't want anybody on the se n . it's a close sethis at.. i don't want anybody twao take footage and use it for el somethinseg else is not the way we have them say something haveh and they're saying something and should be okay. anwell, i'm suspicious of that. the guys came on , they spoke to the actors after, you know, they're shooting and the guys were picking back about weinishh finished the movie. and this is like probablviy in february. he goes he calls me up because i guess what? he does whatwe you saire rightde right about those guys.ey you had a feeling about them because they were they were hunter lawyer. biden's lawyer. we thought the guy was real, but he's by lawyer and he paidin he bailed out two million dollars to hunter for his tax thing. so whether what the motivation v was, i have no idea.
12:53 am
but they showed up on the set under under the auspices of being a documentary film crew on who>> they were working on a private they w yeah. yeah, they're worried. they're worried about the film.o i mean, why elserrlm would theyt ? not that you're not fun to hang out with , robert . you are fun to hang out with .b' but i don't that's all they wanted. all right. the cours, we couldying your hu have predicted this, but they're portraying your hunter biden filmnt. well, and not the greatest, like rolling stone called it wildly boring. ng selon said it was deep state right wing grift. and of course, the guardian , which wrote that the right wingh movie is for fringe lunatics. well, it looks like you got your imprimatur of excellence fo from all of those sources.of th >> robert , badge of we'rell of number ninety three on all the films on imdb. it's going crazy on the internet. the film is tremendous performances by lawrence fox and english actos by r. brilliant, absolutely brilliant performance. john james, who plays joe biden, gives another great.
12:54 am
>> it's a george. >> yeah, robert . i don't think they don't realize that when left wingg publications criticize a film like a film this, it just sends independents and conservatives s to watch the film. they don't they don't seem to get that. but so every tim thae they it's good stuff that robert , i can't wait to watch the whole thing. hunte my son hunter is available now.. robert will soon. >> but congrats, ma'am. thank you so much.>> tha laura , thank you for now.r hav we kind of always knew that alwn carmela was a little bit spacey kind of out there, but she just took it to a whole new galaxy. >> my friends, the last bite will explain her. you won't face me. i'm like zyrtec. allegra won't make me drowsy. elektro starts working two times faster than claritin. so take a look. before allergy symptoms take over you and your kids, try. allergist recommended non drowsy children's allegra monarchism music study now
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