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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  September 11, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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6-9:00 a.m. and follow me @kilmeadeoneverythingincluding r @kilmeadeoneverythingincludingr umblewhereyoufinddanbongino. accordingtomyofficialclock,dan bo accordingtomyofficialclock,danbo nginostartsnow. . >> from california to europe the left's suicidal energy plans is a complete scam. i use my words deliberately. a tennessee mother of two kidnapped on a jog tonight a jujitsu expert shows us some simple defense tactics. we'll do a side by side
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comparison to see which party favors actual fascism. the great one, mark levin joins me to put that debate to bed. that's just three minutes away. queen elizabeth ii passed away after 70 years on the throne. her son charles iii takes the crown. joining me now a good friend and former visor to british p.m. david cameron, steve hilton. steve, thanks for spending time with us. i know i have been commenting extensively on the passing of the queen. one of the things i find disturbing about this is some people took this as an opportunity, the liberal side of the aisle to use the death of the queen as a proxy to attack
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england and western civilization. this isn't the time for that now. steve: yeah, but what do you expect? i was going to say, can you believe it? but of course you can believe it. this is who they are and how they behave. they take every opportunity to engage in their ridiculous virtue signaling. trying to outdo each other and who can be more stupid, more ignorant and morrow fencive. even if you take their argument seriously such as it is. the queen was head of state not of government. you can't hold her responsible for the activity of the government in the past or in her reign.
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it's are you deck husband to apply those standard to events that happened well in the past. the whole thing is ridiculous. and the nastiness they bring to it is ridiculous but not all that surprising. dan: one of the things about the monarchy. we are a constitutional republic. you told me you objected strongly to the monarchy during your time in the united kingdom. but the suspension of disbelief. they are not perfect. the family had problems like everyone else. but it led to a sense of continuity. you know as well -- am i reading that wrong? >> you are exactly right. i'm a proud american now. but i think the reason so many people are so deeply moved by what happened being here 10
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years, but i feel struck emotionally by this. people in england absolutely are. i think it's because of the personal qualities of the queen, rather than the monarchy. they see someone serving them and devoting their life to them. that's what they are reacting to and grieving for and also celebrating. >> steve hilton, thanks for your time. we look forward to your show, thanks a lot. you can watch folks, queen elizabeth ii. i heard the word fascist thrown around a lot. it makes my hair stand on end. i heard it thrown around so much so that i am getting used to it. fascism isn't a term to be used lightly. i hope americans understand how
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the horrors of actual fascism killed millions upon millions of people in the 20th century. >> two of the hall marks of a political fascist party is they don't accept the results of elections that don't go their way. and they embrace political violence. >> the maga republican agenda that we saw incite violence in our nation's capitol has no place in american democracy. what do you think about the president talking about americans semi fascists. >> everybody is freaking over fascists being fascists. that's what fascists do, that's why we have law enforcement to bring fascists to justice.
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dan: do you understand we are dealing with crazy people here? you just saw a montage crazy. if the left is so focused on farwithfar fascism. let's do a check. severe economic and social regimentation and forceful opposition. let's do a comparison. let's go back to the trump year and the trump tax cuts. donald trump he signed a law giving citizens back more of their own money through the trump tax cuts. here is your money back.
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middle class americans benefited the most from those tax cuts. the whole essence of fascism of control is to take your money, not to give your manny back to you. am i reading that wrong? then there is the whole censorship thing. conservatives are constantly suppressed, shadow-banned, deplatformed and saying things like cloth masks don't work. that happened to me with screw tube. and it turns out i was right. and president trump was right. establishing your own free speech social media cite doesn't sounds like one of the 12 steps
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to far fascism? >> and which side wants to take away the guns. we don't need to have that conversation, do we? the fascists of the 20th century started by disarming the people. the facts don't stop these lunatics. some of them like home * from comparing the -- like hillary clinton from comparing the right to fascists. >> fascist is a big word, i know that. but if you go through the hallmarks of authoritarian regimes, you see too many characteristics on our republican side.
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dan: yes, she is right. i agree with her. there are some clearly designed steps to totalitarianism. compare them to the biden administration. the first step in the march toward totalitarianism is discontent. inflation, war, surging crime, the energy crisis. voters are ripe for change. they are right where a dictator wants them to be. step two, a false savior swoops in and pretends to have the solution. last week we saw a disturbing speech where joe biden stood up and called for unity while calling conservatives extremists. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent an
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extremism that threaten our republic. dan: the government wants to make the decisions for you who gets to say what to whom when and how. >> this is about companies and individuals recognizing the only way they get past misinformation is to limit the power we have to limit the spread of misinformation. remember scary poppins. we called it the ministry of truth. while the title has been dissolved, the ministry of justice hasn't slowed down their efforts to limit what you see and hear. the radical left wants everyone to believe we are in a crisis, and the number one threat to people in america and the world
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is climate change. it's such a threat that climate change thing is they just passed the inflation reduction act that is just a climate change bill. what's standing in the way of this total control of your life? your god-given rights enshrined in the bill of rights. one of them being the second amendment. >> we can take the instruments of terror that pose a mortal risk. dan: total control also means going after political opponents by weaponizing.
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there is only one side doing that. the left. and they say we are the fascists. where do we stand? i think ronald reagan may have predicted what we see happening. >> someone once said many, many years ago that if far fascism cs to america it will come in the form of liberalism. it will be total control by the government through regulation. dan: the left always accuses conservatives of doing what they are already doing. it's time we apply this to their claims of fascism. the great one, mark levin is fired up about this topic. keep it here. it's three minutes away.
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dan: joe biden calling out maga republicans as semi fascist extremists.
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joining me, the great one, mark levin. you heard my monologue about fascism. who are the real fascists. get the government off their back with regulations. that doesn't sounds like fascism to me. mark: it sounds like the book "animal farm." it was a takeoff on the old soviet union. the livestock are looking in the window seeing the human beings eating and overweight. so they decide the workers being the animals will rise up and take over. at the end of the animals are looking in the window and who sitting in there in the place of
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the humans are the pigs. and the pigs are doing the same thing as the humans did. not to be crass, that's the democrat party. they are the pigs sitting at the table living it up while the rest of the country suffers. i was thinking about this earlier today, dan, how distant we are from our founding. and it's purposeful. we have elections every two years. it's what happens between those elections that makes a huge difference in our country. for the democrat party and marxist left, one has nothing to do with the other. they are committed through the bureaucracy, the courts, or elections or despite elections to advance their ideology or agenda. it was never on the line 87,000
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irs engine. for the destruction of the gasoline automobile. even when it comes to the destruction of energy independence. biden didn't put it that way. out of one side of his mouth he talked about getting rid of gas cars but on the other side of husband mouth he said he would never do that when he was campaigning in western pennsylvania. i concluded something you know and most people know. in order to be a democrat you have to be a radical. in order to be a radical you have to lie through your teeth. it's not the people you are working for. we have a recession. joe biden said we are not in a recession. inflation has grown. he says inflation is zero. we have pronouns instead of real
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names. why? to dehumanize us. this semi fascism thing is a tool out of the old book of every fascist and marxist regime that ever existed. and that is to paint your enemies in a certain way and repeat it over and over again. you now dehumanized them. their peach doesn't matter. they are the enemy of the state, the enemy of progress. i have been saying we lived in the united states of the democrat party more than the united states of america. the democrat party like communist parties all over the world. whether they admit it or not, most of them know it. i am not talking about the people. i'm talking about washington. the party comes first in iran, the party comes first in cuba
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and venezuela because the party is the country. the party is the government. not for republicans. we talk about small government, the constitution and checks and balances. that's why when they speak honestly they are at war with anyone who disagrees with them, whether it's the courts. that's why they seek to destroy donald trump in their every waking moment. dan: you have written a number of transformative books that design the liberal movement. i have a minute and a half. are you optimistic? can we turn this freedom train around and get it back to the station in. given the media is not telling the truth about where we are. are we condemned to failure here?
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i'm genuinely concerned about that. mark: i go back and forth. we can't win every election. but we better start winning a slew of them or we are going to lose the country. we need politicians hole focus on the culture and society. that's why donald trump was and is such a transformative individual. that's why ron desantis is such a transformative individual. and that's why they are under vicious attack and assault. the people entrenched. the people who have all the resources and control the instrumentalities of our government, they understand the difference between a mitch mcconnell and the donald trump and ron desantis, and we have to, too, if we are going to keep our country.
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dan: mark levin, thank you for all you have done for me and the country. the show is on tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. "life, liberty & levin." it's the finest show we have on on the weekend. always an honor to have you on the show. mark: you are way too generous. god bless you, my brother. dan: we talked about investment giant blackrock and how it's force its environmental agenda and investors. but is it legal? several state attorneys general say no. how do we defend ourselves after a tragic kidnapping in tennessee. a jujitsu matter is here to tell
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us how to defend ourselves.
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dan bongino. for all your headlines log on to dan: remember when blackrock ceo -- they control hundreds of
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billions of dollars in assets. remember when their ceo larry fink said he would use investments to change behaviors. >> you have to force behaviors. at blackrock we are forcing behaviors. markets don't like uncertainty. markets like totalitarian governments when you have an understanding of what's out there, and obviously the whole dimension is change. dan: a coalition of attorneys general are warning blackrock's agenda could violate the law. i readed the op-ed in the "wall street journal." i was stunned. my wife was driving and i was
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reading. blackrock pressured exxon to sell some of its oil assets that wound up in the hands of a chinese company that blackrock had an interest in? >> that exactly true. but i think it was more than some of its oil interests. they want to take exxon, the world's largest oil company if not one of the largest, and make it not an oil company. i'm so glad that you played that clip from fink talking about how you have to force behavior. they just wrote my group of attorneys general back and said we are not forcing any behavior. we are doing what the clients want. we are doing what the state investors and pensioners want. to have us be a member of the climate 100. you just helped prove our case.
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thank you. dan: you know, it's very rare in my business that you are shocked. you see a lot of bad stuff. i read this journal op-ed piece. blackrock responded and said we believe investors and companies take a forward looking position with respect to climate risk. these opportunities cut across the political spectrum. but they are not generating great returns on these green new deal investments at all. am i misreading this? >> what they can't get done yet at the ballot box. the esg marxist based ideology, they are doing it through shareholder meeting and board rooms and through and being led by a company like blackrock who control trillions of dollars so
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they can force a company's behavior. and we'll be in litigation before it's all over, i'll bet. dan: i'm so glad we are doing this and i hope you will come back to discuss where this case goes. i'm focused like a laser. thanks a lot for spending time. i really appreciate. it's their face and their voice. but is it really them? the surge of deepfake technologies is messing with reality. the deepfake threat could be the next threat in the disinformation movement.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." folks, the next fight in the disinformation wars could be brewing from fake movie stars to tv shows. deepfake technology is suddenly everywhere. [♪] dan: he can sing. now even businesses are worried
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about the potential for deep fakes to be used during video calls. morgan wright. these deep fakes are so convincing. but the problem goes both ways. i could do a video of morgan wright that's not you and have you do all kinds of terrible stuff. but some of these videos could be real and deepfake technology so convincing that it creates a whole bevy of problems. with deepfake technology, you might prove that it's not true an hour later, it doesn't matter the initial damage is done. the damage is done. imagine what happens. we know it's going on in russia and ukraine. but you said earlier. you said i am doing it if i had the skill.
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if you upload enough video you can make somebody say or do something. it's deepfake as a service. it's simply upload can this stuff. i worry about stuff around nation state actors. imagine in our military, you have a military leader and you make it look so convincing that they say we are going to blow up x. there will be a percentage of people who still think 9/11 is an inside job. you will have a certain percentage of people even if you debunk it and disbelieve it, they will believe the deepfake. dan: i can't imagine the secret service being sent a video giving you instructions. this is a real threat. >> think about how tense things
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are with china and taiwan. imagine a video comes out with xi jinping. where they said we have had enough, we are dropping a nuke on you. do you not reply to that? it's going to get to the point that it will be tough to know, is it real or memorex. we have to come up with ways to show this is authentic video. i worry things will be done to national security from a political standpoint that a video purports to come out showing some dastardly thing an opponent has done. they don't have time to react to it because the damage from the deepfake is already done. dan: 9/11 is sunday.
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it's something that deanly impacted me and changed my life. you know exactly what you are doing. the smell is in the air, the lights in your eyes. you remember everything about it. i was a police officer in the 75 precinct and i used to walk out to the parking lot and in the back was esu truck 7, the s.w.a.t. team in the nypd. i passed a lot of those guys in the parking lot. they were the best of the best. when people need help they call the cops. when cops need help they call the eesu. i wonder how many of them i passed that aren't here with us anymore. i worked in the world trade center. i was out in the long island office. but during my career i worked at
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the world trade center for a brief period of time. i used to get out of the train station and look up at those towers, and i wonder the same thing, how many of those people i walked past are no longer here because of 9/11. god blessed this country. we can survivor. more "unfiltered" coming up. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining
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dan: california is on the verge of a complete electrical failure. governor newsom urged residents to conserve power by using less electricity in their home. ironically giving the speech in the place cold enough that he has a fleece on. this is america. last time i checked. phone check. it's 2022. it's not a third world country where resources need to be rationed yet.
12:47 am
the left predictably doubles down on their suicidal energy policy. california already announced it was going to ban the sale of all gas powered vehicles by 2035. but as it heats up he wants to accelerate the suicidal plan. >> we are accelerating that transition to low carbon renewable sources of energy. dan: what's he talking about? the residents of california were asked to avoid charging their electric vehicles using major appliances and not running their a.c. and the left is blaming it on climate change and global warning. of course, energy secretary granholm, she is super
12:48 am
concerned. >> california is in the lead to show the rest of the nation how it is done. dan: showing us how it's done every day. blackouts and stuff. they want to bring the dark ages to your neighborhood next. will the powerful left suffer like you? never. kim kardashian said i believe in climate change and anything can help. but i believe in being realistic. i will do what i can. but you have to pick and choose what you can in your life. the side telling us to be scared of climate change isn't that scared of climate change. obama has nice house on the water. what about europe's climate crisis. >> what we have to do is flatten the curve and avoid the peak demands. we'll propose a mandatory target
12:49 am
of electricity use at peak hours. dan: flatten the curve. no thanks, i'm good. we are all set. didn't we do that flatten the curve thing once? didn't i warn you the covid crisis was just the beginning? i warned you. anyone remember the last time they wanted to flatten the curve. all you had to do was put a mask on. but the power grid, they don't even follow their own rules on that either. remember the whole masking thing? hypocrisy is kind of their thing on the left. but listen, seriously. credit where credit is due. you have got to do the right thing, and that's recycle. the left, they do recycle. they even recycle their swamp
12:50 am
creatures. remember hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta, the emails releases showing the corruption in the clinton camp? he's now joe biden's new climate advisor. talk about recycling. you have to stick to your principles, bro. a tennessee mother of two tragic all kid mapped and killed. how can this happen. we have some incredible self-defense tip
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered" a tennessee mother of two kidnapped while on an early morning jog in later brutally murdered the suspected kill or thankfully is behind bars but the case shocked nation with many wondering could something similar happen to
12:55 am
them? trowrnght show is chief representing instructor at gracy university our friend henner i thought of you immediately about. i saw this story, i have two daughters. please we could save lives here. what do you do if something like this god forbid were to happen to you? >> thanks again dan for the opportunity to join you i want to preface technique but saying under no circumstances is the target of a crime like this to blame for what happened to them we should run wherever we want any time and drink whatever we want and hang out whoever we like so we have the right obligation to learn techniques to increase chance of survivability in a physical encounter so my wife is here and in case of abduction what we have to understand rule number one. don't fight the attacker. fight the attackers octave what they would like to do is grab
12:56 am
and isolate and remove you from primary crime scene quietly and quickly as possible so our objective so slow things down and loud as possible to draw attention to the situation so if 'have a is over here and look what she's going to do. >> somebody help. help. going to pry herself out what she did grab her by wrist pulling her first is based in interestingly this base allows her to delay my ability to pull her and now in eve tries to punch me she would compromise her balance and potentially be taken away. so this is whats i mean by don't fight attacker fight their octave slow down attack. she was drawing attention with loud screams at this point and then used a wrist release to pry her hand out with leverage, able to make her exit now what happens in a situation where he falls to ground ore can't break my grip instead losing her balance and sliding. she might choose to go to the ground deliberately introduce her feet into the situation an now she can strike and now she has not only better distance control but she can strike from underneath me further delaying the attack.
12:57 am
increasing chance of bistandser intervention and if they fear they're likely to go because they anticipated a easier abduction than what they're getting. finally someone takes you to car. no matter what do not get in the car. trying and not going to cooperate under any circumstances you see how she used her legs to push off car delaying her entry and then once we hit the ground but thrown in the car after you -- rule number one, get out as quickly as possible someone dwriex in the car you go out the door other as we quickly at low speed and can't get out of the car they're driving you're in the backseat. if you can't exit the car -- there's an option a effective watch what've does from here she lox her handle together and from here -- i got to breathe. bilateral artery compression right here wrapping neck in six to ten secondings first is
12:58 am
rengdered unconscience to give a chance to plan exit and exit vehicle from there. finally if she's in the passenger seat not behind subject maybe she cannot strangle him because of the angle and he's driving let me explain this last resort this is worst case scenario no exit no choke, there's no way to get out of this car you might consider dan at low speeds while they're driving -- to cause an accident. boom if you have an option put your seat belt on first but you cause an accident hoping to draw attention to the situation and then when the crash happens low speeds best to control as best you can and make this situation in the point point of point is g is on the table when it is saving your life rule is never be taken away from the primary crime scene. where contact was made so eve's attempt to crash is in her attempt to prevent us from going to another location where it is much harder to recover her and help her get free from that situation. all of these from the women in power gracy program through self-defense all of that available at gracy so check it out to learn more.
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dan: gracie folks, please, please check it out henner this situation is literally life saving not been figurative thank you so much for your time we really appreciate that. thanks to your wife as well. >> any time dan i appreciate you as well. thank you. dan: you got it. before we go, remember you can catch the dan bongino show every day on fox nation. here's a clip from this week's show. you would see "60 minutes" people say -- sir -- sir -- remember leslie stall when trump accurately said on "60 minutes," that the hunter biden laptop it was real stall from "60 minutes," sir -- sir -- this is "60 minutes," sir. we can't broadcast that, sir -- you would see that now. if we had semihonest media a shred of dignity you can stream
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the dan bongino show fox nation 3p eastern follow "unfiltered" facebook instagram at "unfiltered" at fox set your dvr if you can't make it live next saturday night at 9 p.m. thanks for tuning in. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gun salutes around the united kingdom. king charles iii formally proclaimed monarch. a new era begins for the


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