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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 12, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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we appreciate it. >> i was saying yes. that was a bobble head yes. >> carley: sorry. caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> todd: your chicago bear my new york football giants, joe and i are never happy on a monday after sunday football. enjoy this moment. screen shot this, it's never going to happen again. "fox & friends" begins now. ♪ ♪ >> we gather today in remembrance. >> carley: you are watching history unfold as king charles iii addresses parliament to honor his late mother queen elizabeth. >> i cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us. >> very, very poor communications. >> the republican mayor of burr ridge illinois calling out light foot after migrants were sent to hotel in his town. >> the border is secure. >> we have a secure border. >> manhunt for the burglar who
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swiped two firearms from democrat congresswoman aaron bass' home. >> she feels safe in her neighborhood. >> i would say a 10 i feel safe. >> yesterday treasury secretary janet yellen said a it federal reserve strategy launch the country into a recession. >> the fed is going to need great skill and also some good luck. >> to achieve a soft landing. >> rhinestone house. the kick by bullock is on the way and it is no good. missed it to the left. ♪ 'yeah, yeah, ♪ >> brian: you are looking at charlotte, north carolina, where they are feeling the effects of the giant victory. okay, they are not. but i am. desperate to try to take emphasis off the panthers. by the way, if you are in charlotte interstate 85 there has been a crash to exit 23.
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mecklenburg county there were two accidents and goes all the way to exit 68. 73 degrees and the wind is 3 miles per hour. >> steve: welcome back to traffic and transit on the 1. >> brian: i'm just telling you have a bunch of accidents. >> ainsley: if you think you are watching national news you are not this is very local. >> brian: trying to zero in. if we have time what city do you want to do traffic? >> steve: omaha. >> brian: no traffic in omaha that's why people are there. >> steve: we should do the traffic in england. >> ainsley: that's true. traffic is going to be pretty bad. it will be next monday we will be covering it live. martha is already there. i will be joining her and piers morgan and we will have that coverage for you next monday. >> brian: looking live at king charles' motorcade heads to scotland to receive the keys to the city. >> steve: this after charles' first address to parliament as the new british monarch and as the world mourns queen elizabeth ii the royal family is set to
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attend the first of many services over the next week or two. >> ainsley: greg palkot is live in buckingham palace, greg? >> hi, ainsley, steve, brian. it is midmorning here and maybe you can hear behind me, it is already busy. in fact, we saw the kings just wiz by us in his rolls gave away to us and in fact everybody here on his way as you noted up to edinboro as we begin a very long week of honoring the late queen elizabeth ii. just concluded westminster hall near where we are joint session of houses of commons, speakers of each house formally offering condolences to queen. charles in part had this to say. >> she set an example of selfless duty which, with god's help, and your counsel, i am resolved faithfully to follow.
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>> charles, yes, heading up now to edinboro scotland where the coffin of the queen was carried by hears jammed sunday balmoral home. charles will join other family members and walk with the casket to the main cathedral for a service and public viewing later today. it should be a highlight of the day. out and about this weekend to the delightful the crowds as the windsor castle prince william and wife kate plus harry and wife meghan this is the first time the four have been seen together since harry and meghan moved to the u.s., stepped down from royal duties. a lot of excitement. in a new statement today harry said in part about the queen, he called her granny, thank you for your commitment to service. thank you for your sound advice. thank you for your infectious smile. we too smile knowing you that you and grandpa are reunited now and both together in peace. referring to great grandfather long time husband prince philip.
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the queen will be brought here to london tomorrow. public viewing starts wednesday. the state funeral, yes, happens a week from monday. president biden among the many, many attendees. a very big deal. a lot of ahead and some fond memories. back to you guys. >> steve: indeed. greg, as we look at charles' rolls going through downtown london we know jill and joe biden are going to be in attendance. do we know whether or not any of the former presidents like donald trump, mr. obama, mr. clinton, mr. carter might be in attendance as well as george w. bush? >> it is a tight fit in westminster abbey where they will be holding the funeral. only 2,000 there, steve in attendance. and so, that's gotten the royals off the hook. and so they don't have to invite anybody else from the former president's ranks. so, no. our understanding is it will be
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president biden and the first lady and no other former presidents. but we're still waiting on that. things could change. it's early days, it's a week ahead. >> steve: one other question for you. i saw something in politico that said they will not allow choppers into the restricted area. and apparently heads of state can't bring their own cars. so the president can't travel in the beast. he would have to go on a bus? >> brian: or a bike. he could bike. >> this is quite interesting, guys. yeah. they will get off of their plane. they ask that the dignitaries fly in commercial travel. i don't think the president is taking the ba over. then they will allegedly gather and be put into buses somewhere in west london maybe a little bit beyond my place and then drive in here together. we will see how that hangs together. i think that's more the green hopes of the planners rather than maybe what will actually happen, guys.
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>> ainsley: yeah. they are expecting heads of state from all around the world and make sure that they are all safe. >> steve: on the bus. on the shuttle. greg, thank you very much. we will check in with you at the top of the next hour. >> ainsley: while the queen lies in state, the people from the public who want to go by and see her coffin and pay their respects are being warned the queue could be long. the lines could be very long. standing for a long time. the weather they are not even sure if that's predictable. if you are going, if you are part of the public, they are warning new advance. i'm sure you are will be standing for a very long time. >> brian: bring some water, some refreshments because they will not be served there. i was amazed how many times have not been scheduled yet even though they have had years to prepare for this. some of this stuff seems somewhat more fluid than i would have thought. >> steve: perhaps some of it is security because the new king of england will be there. we do know that while charles is in london, the queen's body will stay in scotland until tomorrow
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night. and then be flown, i believe, at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night in london and then go to west minister where she will lie in state. that will give hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to say farewell and mourn the woman who has been referred to as the backbone of britain. >> brian: right. you know what's amazing i look at her like a single figure, somebody in history that's like no other, that's been a constant. you really can't compare anybody at all to queen elizabeth. and then hillary clinton reminded me there is somebody. listen. >> i think nancy pelosi. [laughter] is the gutsiest woman in politics right now because she has shown through all kinds of turmoil and challenge what it means to, somewhat like the queen, to be drawing an analogy here, get up every day, put on
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theist those high heels she wears, suit up to fight for the values and ideals that she strongly believes in. >> steve: okay. well that certainly puts an end to that question about the comparisons to queen and others. maybe. >> brian: case closed. >> steve: simple longevity when it comes to somebody in the public eye because nancy pelosi has been a public servant for years. but, still, to put her in the same category with the queen, i mean, the queen was the queen for 70 years. she was like zelle leg in so much as you look throughout history there is the queen with churchill, there is the queen with truman, there is the queen with roosevelt, there is the queen with everybody. >> brian: there is nancy pelosi tearing up the state of the union. >> ainsley: good point. and she didn't choose to have this role. she continued her active duty throughout her life and did it gracefully. nancy pelosi did choose her role. and was very -- is very political. the queen is not. >> brian: right. so we will see. but like the queen, nancy
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pelosi, the queen moves on. nancy pelosi could be moving on if she is no longer speaker to ambassador from its. she might have a new job. >> ainsley: hillary clinton is making the reference gutsy because she has this new special on apple tv plus. >> steve: how is it. >> ainsley: i watched a little bit of it because i knew we would be talking about it. she questions to mow alan rouge. she has a round table discussion how comedy is different for a woman than anna. that's as far as i got. >> brian: i don't blame you. i think you should get a medal for that just to go through that much four hour show. >> ainsley: it's like -- because we wake up so early. i get up early on the weekends and the house is quiet. i'm flipping through. i have watched everything. kept flashing on the screen i will take a look at and it see what it is like. >> steve: let us know how episode 2 is.
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>> brian: you could have napped. >> ainsley: actually it did put me back to sleep. >> steve: the funeral is one week from today. be in attendance in london. talk about the queen and life and times. we got piers morgan coming up and martha. they are both in london nyles gardner as well part of our remembering queen elizabeth ii coverage. what's coming up. >> ainsley: the hypocrisy one democratic mayor is showing after dozens of migrants arrive in her city. and wait until you hear vice president kamala harris describes the southern border. >> brian: plus, the patriotic moment playing out at the jets game since 21 years since the 9/11 attacks ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight
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>> carley: we are back with your headlines, starting with america's crime crisis. the nypd is searching for a thief caught on camera, knocking a 77-year-old woman unconscious while fleeing a barnes & noble on saturday. the suspect getting away with just $35 worth of funko toys. four people shot on caught an camera attack in the big apple yesterday. shocking footage from the scene shows the shooter firing several shots before running off. those victims are thankfully expected to recover. and a violent weekend in chicago leaves five people dead. and at least 25 shot in philadelphia. four people are dead after 20 shootings and four stabbings over the weekend. the city is on pace to break its single year murder record which
3:17 am
was set last year. school is out in seattle for the fourth day in a row. teachers refusing to work until the district raises pay among other demands. still no word on whether class will be in session tomorrow as officials say that announcement will come later today. in the meantime, schools will provide grab and go meals for students that can be picked up between 10:00 and 1:00 p.m. the nfl is officially back. tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers walking away with a 19-3 victory over the dallas cowboys. dallas losing more than just the game as quarterback dak prescott suffering an injury that may sideline him for a few weeks. and in cincinnati, the steelers win in overtime, an overtime thriller against the bengals but possibly at a steep cost. star pass rusher t.j. watt suffering a pectoral injury during the fourth quarter. is he scheduled to get an mri today to see if he tore that
3:18 am
muscle. meanwhile the colts owning their season with a tie against the houston texans after kicker rodrigo plannenship missed a key kick two minutes to play. shocking the tennessee titans to win first season opener since 2016. dance party in the locker room it by head coach that got most of the attention on social media. metlife stadium belting out the national anthem led by an nypd officer. the new york jets marking 21 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks before their season opener against the baltimore ravens ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars
3:19 am
♪ through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts. >> carley: an amazing moment there the jets losing 24-9 on a rainy day in the meadow lands but the take away of that game certainly, guys, with the national anthem in the beginning. >> brian: i thought the weekend crew was amazing down at 9/11 and i also thought football did a great job commemorating. 21 years is not a big year. 20 years. >> steve: not one of the even numbers like last year. >> brian: i thought it was pretty amazing. >> steve: during carley's newscast she mentioned chicago, she mentioned filly, talking about the crime. you know, we have been telling you that over the last couple of months governor abbott down in texas has been sending migrants first to washington, d.c. because they say hey, we are a sanctuary city. we have got a lot of migrants down in texas. let's bus them there. then they bus them to new york. now they are bursting them to chicago, and so far he has bused
3:20 am
364 migrants to chicago in the last 10 days. of course, lori lightfoot says what he is doing is racist. and she runs a sanctuary city and everybody is welcome there. however, it turns out that apparently the leaders of elk grove illinois got a phone call on friday by the way we got 90 migrants we are going to send them to the la quinn that hotel in your town. they were not told they were coming. they were up the tree without any details until finally somebody called from the federal government and said okay, this is how you feed them. this is how you get them healthcare. and they went down the list. >> brian: okay. so, this is how crazy it is. this is what happens when you have a federal government that has totally took its hand off the wheel when it comes to legal immigration. states turning on states and cities on cities. cities within state turning on other cities republican mayors. shipping them to the suburbs, saying okay, you think it's going to be a blue problem.
3:21 am
i'm going to make it a red problem. here's the issue. i'm just wondering is that city a sanctuary city? if that city, if you are sanctuary state in california, i guess technically every city is a sanctuary city. but if that isn't, you could say excuse me, don't open the doors, keep going. their argue. was they took afghanistan refugees in knot why not the illegal immigrants down south. your problem, this is a democratic problem. refuses to enforce the border and says come one, come all, you come to my city, you get to stay on the city dollar on the taxpayer dollar for free with no fear of deportation. >> steve: well, we have got one of the mayors from one of those suburban towns of chicago going to be joining us in the next hour of "fox & friends." they were flabbergasted. they do not like the idea that they were not given any heads up. >> ainsley: greg abbott wrote on, he says the president has never visited the border to understand the crisis that he created. >> brian: yep. >> carley: he said the border czar kamala harris taking no
3:22 am
meaningful except one to visit el paso over a year ago. dhs secretary mayorkas testified that the border is safe and secure. he said that statement is either shockingly uninformed or intentionally deceptive. kamala harris doubles down says our border is secure. if that's the case why are they shipping all these people around the country. listen to kamala harris. >> would you call the border secure? >> the border is secure but we also have a broken immigration system and in particular over the last four years before we came in,and it needs to be fixed. >> we are going to have 2 million people cross this border for the first time ever. you are confident this border is secure? >> we have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. >> brian: okay. we would have provided this video for chuck todd to help him
3:23 am
out with this interview because he really, i guess, started to believe her hawfltedding delivery. listen to what was happening at the same time virtually as she was giving this interview or at least when it aired. bill melugin is providing all this video for you. come one, come all. chaos is breaking out. you have a few mexican agents chasing down some illegals at the border while being cheered on by people on the other side. this is a constant stream that's only picking up. keep in mind, this summer was supposed to be slow. too hot to travel. instead we just got a lot of dead bodies, more refrigerator trucks needed for dead bodies. she went on to say in that interview, oh, well, people you understand nobody wants to leave home so desperate they have no choice. no, people understand we are a better country gla they have. more opportunity than anywhere on the planet. got word president of the united states this is one moment where somebody has said come one, come all. we don't care. that is why they are putting their lives at risk and their livelihoods and mortgaging their
3:24 am
houses to these illegal human traffickers. >> ainsley: bill melugin when he tweeted out that video. he said good morning from eagle pass, texas where we had another large single grouch migrants cross illegally at sunrise. border patrol large group. del rio sector. had 345 plus of these groups since october. also, they made the largest meth seizure, $12 million worth of drugs. >> steve: unbelievable. >> ainsley: in our history. that was at the southern border port where they seized this $12 million worth of meth. >> steve: sure. so obviously there is a problem at the southern border despite what the border czar says on television and that is exactly what mayra floor reds the grand new congresswoman from south texas said about the vice president. listen to her in her own words with maria. >> first of all, vice president kamala harris has done nothing for us in south texas to secure the borders. she is useless.
3:25 am
and at this point, you know, i rather her not come to south texas just because she is going to be in the way of our been agents processing the women and children that have been raped. i would rather her stay away because unless she is going to come here for south texas for real solutions. i don't want her here. you know, i'm honestly very frustrated. i'm frustrated with the president, with the vice president that we have asked them, we have begged them to come to south texas to come and see what they have done to us. what they have done to this country, and they have never cared to come here. at this point i would rather them not come here anymore. we are very frustrated and to be honest with you fed up here in south texas. >> steve: right. that's why greg abbott is shipping people to the big northeastern corridor cities and to chicago. apparently the city leaders in philadelphia now are wondering because we are a sanctuary city, are they going to send more migrants here? some migrants via at bus when asked by fox news digital over the weekend greg abbott when
3:26 am
asked are you going to send people to philadelphia, he said stay tuned. >> brian: by the way bill melugin also tweeted out in the del rio sector they arrested a sex predator who crossed from mexico who crossed illegally. they have his name down there lewd sex acts. he was convicted of that in south carolina. but he is back. so, good job. how many terrorists came across 21 years since 9/11? they don't seem to care anymore. >> steve: what about the drugs that weren't stopped? ains ain't the fentanyl that all these parents were worried about. mark levin american didn't vote for all these open borders, fentanyl and ms-13 we have lost control. >> steve: despite what the vice president says. >> brian: keep that in mind when you go to the ballot box. >> steve: listen to her take on the u.s. supreme court. >> i think this is an activist court. that causes me great concern. >> steve: okay. also concern, fox news contributor and constitutional law expert jonathan turley, his concern. you will hear from him coming up next. ♪ i already got your song on ♪ when you are climb in it will
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# h. >> brian: vice president are kamala harris taking aim at the supreme court. >> i think this is an activist court. it means we had an established
3:31 am
right for almost half a century, which is the right of women to make decisions about their own body as an extension of what we have decided to be the privacy rights to which all people are entitled. that causes me grave concern about the integrity of the court overall. >> brian: her remarks coming as chief justice john roberts defends the high court saying simply because people disagree with opinions is not a basis for questioning the legitimacy of the court. joining us now fox news contributor and constitutional law expert jonathan turley. jonathan, were you surprised by that comment? do you think that was something that should be taken seriously? >> well, i was a little surprised by chief justifiable roberts comment. i was with him in colorado springs. we were both speaking to the 10th circuit judicial conference. and his remarks were led by that line. he clearly wanted to make this
3:32 am
statement. that's rare for roberts who tends to avoid public controversy. really tends to avoid political interactions or pushbacks but he clearly came to the conference and speaking to the judges of the 10th circuit to make that statement anyone who has ever spoken to the chief knows that he is the ultimate institutionalist. he has a profound connection to the supreme court. it's really wonderful, actually, to hear him talk about the court because it's a deeply personal connection. and the fact that he led this office speaking to these judges really did say something. the vice president has every right to criticize the dobbs decision. there are good faith and legitimate questions on both sides of that case. but, instead of talking about the substance of the opinion, she attacked the integrity of the justices. and that's unfortunately a sign
3:33 am
of our times. but, i think what concerns the chief is my guess is that these attacks is coming from our leaders. the vice president of the united states. >> brian: unbelievable. interesting gig had you with the chief justice. i'm glad you showed up for it. must have been very interesting. we will talk more about that but i also thought this was noteworthy from kamala harris' interview. talked about the possibility of getting more than 50 senators in place and what will happen if it happens after the midterms. listen. >> i cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster on voting rights and reproductive rights. [cheers] >> brian: so you know exactly what's going to happen if the democrats get control, knowing that two years after that more than likely the senate is going to flip and it's very hard to discount a republican having a legitimate shot at being president. life will change big time when
3:34 am
it comes to there are 51 democratic senators. >> that's a fascinating aspect about this whole history of the filibuster. it's a series of self-inflicted wounds by the democrats. when they first moved to reduce the filibuster, many of us wrote columns saying you need to think again. that is, you could lose control of the senate soon. and you are going to need this to protect minority rights. they ignored that and indeed they didn't achieve much. but they lost a good deal. >> brian: we will see what's going to happen. also, that will fuel a lot of republicans now -- wait a second. life changes permanently unless you get to the polls. politics enter the fray. jonathan turley, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: still ahead on the show new king of england addressing parliament. we will go to london as the world mourns the passing of
3:35 am
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calibrated to my unique hearing needs. now i enjoy every moment. the quiet ones and the loud ones. make a sound decision. call 1-800 miracle now, and book your free hearing evaluation. >> her late majesty pledged herself to serve her country and her people and to maintain the precious principles of constitutional government. with god's help and your counsel's, i am resolved faithfully to follow. >> ainsley: earlier king charles addressing parliament in his first visit to westminster as the monarch. he is heading to edinburgh to receive the keys to the city. it's his official welcome to scotland leave royal procession
3:40 am
behind his mother's casket. gara joins us now. >> good morning thanks for having me. >> ainsley: so sorry for your loss. i know you are originally from belfast, ireland. our hearts go out to your people. tell us what your thoughts are when you look at king charles iii and hear him speaking. will he be able to follow in his mother's footsteps. >> that's a great question. thank you very much for your condolences. they are appreciated. i feel a great deal of admiration for him. these are words that are heart felt and deeply recommitted. reassuring to the country at this time. also it was particularly touching to hear him talk with such affection about his mother and christian faith and how he hopes to be guided by that in the way his mother was and speaking he has spoken to the country so well about the support he hopes to gain from
3:41 am
his family and his dedication to his duty as king. there is a great deal of admiration under leaf in the way his mother has spoken since his passing. >> ainsley: well known for playwright. you have written a series of novels. written a book about the queen mother as have you done your research about this book. are there any stories about queen elizabeth s cket that you could share with us? >> yes. her mother used to -- they used to speak in french in code to each other in the hope that they could have a secret warning to one another. but the queen mother used to say the word devoir duty. her and princess margaret remember your duty. keep going. part of the joy of researching queen mother comes out in america november 1st. i realized what an incredibly close family she was growing up. and i think that childhood
3:42 am
really shaped her. you know, her mother told the queen to say her prayers every night at the foot of the bed and apparently one of the things that she used to say was you know, when you are praying, don't mumble, you are talking to god. >> ainsley: i love that kensington palace said that william invited meghan and harry to join them in windsor at windsor castle. we saw that surprise moment on saturday that video of them walking and observing the flours flowering and speaking to some of the people in the crowd. tell us about that relationship. do you think that can be repaired. >> i think we all felt for newspaper editors across the country when they started scrambling across their desk because there was absolutely no warning that william, kate, harry and meghan would be coming out together. because as you say there is a lot of speculation about this relationship. i don't know. sometimes families can -- we all know this from our own families, don't we?
3:43 am
you come together in times of grief it's often not a permanent mending of the bridges. a lot will depend on what happens next and what the sussexs do and what the prince and princess of wales do. i hate to see any family in disarray when we are at the end of our lives we don't look back at quarrels and arguments and which we had had more of those. i would love to see them repair that relationship as brothers. i get the sense and certainly rumors that there is still quite a bit of strained relationships between the two couples. >> yes. maybe they are doing this just to honor their grandmother. she says forgiveness brings families back together. they do have this book that's coming out. thank you so much gareth ruffle for coming on. >> thank you. >> ainsley: over to carley. >> carley: former mlb pitcher turned port authority police officer was killed while heading to work at manhattan's 9/11
3:44 am
commemoration service. police say a wrong-way driver hit anthony's car heading on -- head on along the new jersey turnpike. he joined the port authority police force after an mlb stent mainly for the atlanta braves. he was 37 years old. he is survived by his wife and four children. to a fox weather alert. flood warnings issued in the city of chicago yesterday in addition to heavy rainfall causes pipes bursting across the city left cars stranded on streets and hundreds of homes flooded. some areas got as much as two feet of standing water. you can follow this story and all the latest weather now news by down loading the fox weather app. on any connected device. president biden is set to give an update on canceled moon shot initiative. biden's moon shot cut the
3:45 am
disease's mortality rate in half over the next 25 years and provide benefits to survivors and caregivers. the president will give the speech at the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston. 19-year-old ca car sealing his place in history with a stunning victory with u.s. opens men's single final. vaulting to number one in the world rankings, he is now the youngest player number one player in atp history. the match lasting more than three hours in front of a packed arthur ash stadium. those were your headlines. >> ainsley: so many new faces in tennis. exciting. also, that officer that died, he played for the braves. made a great salary and came back to staten island and became an officer for the port authority. the man who was killed heading to work at 9/11 over the weekend. so our thoughts are with his family. apparently he is just loved out on staten island, carley. and all the coaches, all the
3:46 am
baseball coaches know him out there and he has been such an influence to the kids. >> carley: now four children don't have a dad because of this accident. driver hit him head on going the wrong way an absolute tragedy. so good of you, ainsley, to honor him. >> ainsley: he made so much mope and came back and became an officer. how wonderful is that. >> carley: absolutely. >> ainsley: he will be remembered. thank you so much, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> janice: we do have wet weather in the forecast for parts of the northwest and northeast. you heard carley talk about the potential for rain for chicago. take a look at it. here in new york city, temperatures around upper 60's. up to boston 66. cooler weather because of the rain in the forecast. not only today, but tomorrow. we could get a couple of inches, especially towards the new england region over the next three days. and then the severe storm threat as well from parts of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast. we could see some large hail, some damaging winds, even an isolated tornado. that's something we are going to watch. we have that front that's
3:47 am
stationed across florida. that's going to bring scattered storms as well as parts of the great basin into the four corners, stay cooler across areas of low pressure. that cold front still very warm though across the plain states. all right, ainsley, over to you, my friend. >> carley: lots of red on that map. thank you so much, janice. january january you got it. >> ainsley: sign of the times, biden's effort curbing inflation putting homeowners in the red. could we see the repeat of the housing crash. how the remote work trend could actually drive high paying jobs overseas ♪ i do it ♪ou. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield... and installed new wipers. that's service on her time. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you!
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3:52 am
purchases made at gun stores in an effort to lower gun violence. visa, master card and american express among those committing to the new initiative. officials at visa say the company now l. now use an international standardized merchant code for sales at gun shops instead of labeling them as general merchandise. and goldman sachs reportedly pulled the plug on free coffee for employees as they return to the office. sources telling the "new york post" staff face the realization last week when they were mandated to return to five days of in person work. free coffee machines were used to encourage in person attendance during the pandemic. but now sources telling the post that executives believe the threat of being fired is incentive enough. steve, i think that's a good incentive. >> steve: coffee, job, got a good point. meanwhile, thank you. the biden administration's effort to curb historic inflation taking a toll on people buying a house. of the interest rate for a fixed
3:53 am
year 30 year mortgage rising to almost 6%. that's up from about 3% last year. so could the housing market be in trouble? joining us right now with reaction is macroadviser founding partner mitch rochelle. mitch, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we were just talking. one of my kids is looking at a house and it would have been so much better had they bought it last year but there was no supply. that's where we are right now. some houses are actually going down. they are going should i buy it but the rates are double. >> yeah. i would say if you want to buy a house, buy a house. you mentioned supply, steve, i think that really is the issue. there is very little inventory of homes on the market. even today with all of the reports that the housing market is crashing, there is still less than four month supply of homes on the market, which is historically low. >> steve: right. >> if there is not a lot of supply out there and there still is demand, price also at least hold if not, you know, continue to go up while they are close to
3:54 am
6%. i remember 18% mort games back in the late 70s. >> my first mortgage that i had it was 13%. adjustable rate mortgage with a teaser rate. people are complaining about 6%. i said you need a little historical perspective particularly down in florida in some of the suburbs around new york city, during the pandemic the prices have gone up. they have kind of stabilized a little bit. some pundits are predicting a housing crash. do you see that? >> no. there is some pundits on this network the business network that are saying that. i don't see it. to me it's still a supply and demand story. building new homes is virtually impossible today because labor price is so high. all the materials that go into building a house are high. so builders aren't building and there still is demand. what's going to happen? prices are going to at least hold. i don't see a crash and i also don't think that 6% mortgage is
3:55 am
going to scare away people from buying. >> steve: mitch, help us out. if there is somebody watching they just heard you say the rates have gone up but still low by historic pepper. what sort of a mortgage should they be thinking about? should they be thinking about an adjustable rate or go all in on a 30? >> probably the most common question i get. here's the good thing about mortgages. you can always repay them. right? >> steve: right. >> so if you take out a mortgage and do a 30 year fixed and rates go down. you can still refinance. the problem with adjustable rate mortgages are they do adjust. if you are thinking of holding it and we are in a period of potentially rising interest rates. that rate would go up in the future. i'm a big fan of the fixed rate mortgage and, again, if they go down, refinance. >> steve: the other thing is when you were talking about it's impossible to build a house these days. when you think about the cost of building a house, 9 cost of the stuff with inflation has gone through the roof. some things like garage doors are impossible to find anyway. >> yeah. there is a whole bunch of
3:56 am
things. my house in florida we are still waiting -- we just got a refrigerator a year later and still waiting for range hood there are some things difficult to get. also the reality because of inflation, steve, two things that are important. one is you can still buy an existing home for cheaper than it would cost to build a new one. other thing let's not forget rents are going up like crazy. something buying may be cheaper than renting for some people. >> steve: there you go. mitch, thank you for joining us on this monday. >> any time. >> steve: coming up, a burglar breaks into a democrat congressman's $2 million house just months after she said she felt absolutely safe. the pushback on liberal policies spurring america's crime crisis coming up next on "fox & friends."
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