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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 12, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. ♪ we gather today in remembrance. >> carley: you are watching history unfold as king charles iii addresses parliament to honor his late mother queen elizabeth. >> i cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us. >> i feel safe. >> los angeles police are on a manhunt for the burglar who swiped two firearms from democrat congresswoman karen bass' home. >> just months after the embattled democrat says she feels safe in her neighborhood. >> we're at the i told you so portion with the democrats. >> the republican mayor of burr ridge illinois is calling out chicago mayor lori lightfoot after migrants were sent to a hotel in his town.
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>> kamala harris doubles down, says our border is secure. >> we have a secure border ♪ o say can you see ♪ >> carley: metlife stadium belting out the national anthem led by nypd officer marking 21 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack. an amazing moment. ♪ ♪ would you cry that a lie ♪ would you say goodbye ♪ or would you let it ride ♪ and would you cry. >> carley: yeah, there he is. people walking on the beach. lots of birds. nahant beach, massachusetts. 73 degrees there today a little crowdy and rainy tomorrow. but the rest of the week is going to be gorgeous. wednesday through the weekend will be really pretty there. >> brian: in the united states? >> carley: in the united states, brian. it's going to be upper 60's,
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lower 70s. >> steve: as you look up the avenue of the americas ride, ride, ride let it ride for this month, september 12th. welcome to america's number one cable morning news show thanks to folks like you. a busy day. >> carley: we remember everyone from 9/11. we prayed during our church services yesterday. prayed for those families. we know some individuals that lost loved ones there because we live in new york, obviously. so our thoughts and prayers are with your family members. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: yesterday was impactful too not only think about 9/11 but what do we learn from that or are we safer back to afghanistan. and the fact that al-qaeda is back in -- is back in afghanistan. the taliban are back in control. this is deja vu all over again. when do we realize what kind of peril we are actually in by taking our hands off the wheel. general mckenzie yesterday said listen, we have 2% of our intelligence that we had before we pulled out. so, we're pretending as if there is no al-qaeda threat anymore. that's a expary thing.
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>> steve: what happened to the expression never forget. never forget the families but never forget it could happen again. >> ainsley: in other news, king charles is heading to scotland for services mourning his beloved mother queen elizabeth ii. >> steve: memorial comes after charles' first address to parliament as sovereign. >> brian: greg palkot the general in charge of buckingham palace for us. hey, greg. [laughter] >> lieutenant colonel, i think. hey, brian, steve, ainsley. it's noontime here at buckingham palace. but it's already busy. again, we saw the king wiz by in his rolls royce a short while ago and we have been seeing a lot of pomp and pageantry being practiced this ahead of a full, full week of the remembrances of the late queen elizabeth ii. just concluded at the westminster hall parliament joint session of the houses of commons and lords.
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are camilla made a very regal entrance. reply from charles short and sweet. take a listen. >> she set an example of selfless duty which, with god's help and your counsel's, i am resolved faithfully to follow. >> now as we say king is on his way to edinboro coffin of the late queen brought to a packed city on sunday. that is now at a royal residence there. charles will join family members and they will walk with the casket to the main cathedral there for a service and public viewing just about two and a half hours' time from now. that should be spectacular. out and about this past weekend to the delight of the crowds at windsor castle, prince william, wife kate, plus prince harry and wife meghan it was thought this was the first time this four have been seen together since harry and meghan had a little bit of a falling out with the
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royals and moved to the u.s. in a statement today harry said in part about the queen referring to her as granny, thank you for your commit to service. thank you for your sound advice. thank you for your infectious smile. we too smile knowing that you and grandpa are reunited now and both together in peace. harry, of course, referring to his late grandfather the queen's long-time husband prince philip. the queen will be brought here to london tomorrow, public viewing starts here on wednesday. millions could be coming out. that state funeral happens a week from monday. president biden, first lady among the attendees, i know we were discussing last hour, guys, again, officially only the head of the head of state and their spouse will be allowed to come. they are trying to in the past rules have been bent for at least one state funeral, at least former president was allowed to come as a private guest. so, to be continued there. we will watch about that about any of our former presidents,
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back to you. >> brian: vladimir putin invited? is he going to come? >> sorry? >> brian: vladimir putin, is he invited? is he going to come? >> he will not be coming. he sent a telegram, actually called the loss of queen elizabeth ii irreparable so even he broke down and knocked down his anti-western fence. but the word is feeling is just out of courtesy more than anything else that he won't come and cause a big ruckus, guys. >> steve: greg, we just saw a moment ago, you ran some of the video of william and harry that came out on saturday together. >> apparently, william just texted him and said hey, you want to gout and look at the flowers. they went out. and now i know in the press there in london, there is some speculation that harry and william may actually walk side by side behind the coffin a week
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from today. >> that's an interesting angle. we will be waiting for that we saw something like that, if we all remember back to the death of their mother princess diana. we saw that. could would he be seeing that again? that is certainly a real possibility. but, yeah. it was impromptu. william texted harry, said hey, you want to come? there was a little discussion about how to work the corography they came out the four of them basically iconic shot. a reuniting of the team. and great interaction with the public. >> is it true that with now king charles said don't -- told meghan don't come to the bedside of the queen? >> another report. however, one angle on that is that they said well, kate is staying behind because she was there with the kids at windsor. prince william went along so
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maybe can you go alone, too. there was a lot of back and forth with who gets up there when, but, remember, sadly, because queen, even though everybody that we have heard from was great on tuesday, she must have gone fast because, she went down fast on thursday and the only people who were there by her side were two of her children. that would be charles and ann. everybody else after the fact. sad stuff. >> indeed. >> greg, thank you very much. >> ainsley: her daughter ann was curtsying next to her coffin earlier today. >> steve: that's right. the queen herself chose ann to accompany the body throughout scotland back to london which will happen tomorrow night. the palace. >> brian: make plans for that like when i die you guide my body. amazing. >> ainsley: they did make all these plans and they had for decades. i'm sure they are planning the next one. just always have to be prepared. the problem was when she died in
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balmoral they didn't account for that so that took a few days. >> steve: that became operation unicorn when they die in scotland. >> ainsley: operation london bridge is whether she was removed from balmoral and that operation began and they told -- the way that the officials will know that operation london bridge has begun they will say london bridge has fallen and this is code for she has died. >> steve: there you can see the scotland castle lined in wait. piers morgan, martha, niles gardner coming up coverage on fox. >> brian: talk of crime and lack of punishment billionaire who says crime is a top issue. that's what's happening in california. in los angeles, specifically. and with karen bass' six-time congresswoman. she has been saying over and
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over again crime sunday control. it's no issue. until, of course, it happened to her. i was shocked number one it happened to her and, in e. number two, what the criminals took. >> ainsley: she'll is running for mayor in l.a. she is the frontrunner there running against a billionaire. >> brian: rich caruso. said l.a. home was broken into and two of her firearms are stolen. the guns are registered. she bought them years ago as personal protection. this is what she told the press. i came home and discovered that my house had been broken into and burglarized at this time it appears that only two firearms, despite being safely and securely stored were stolen, cash, electronics and other valuables were not. it's unnerving and unfortunately it's something that far too many angelenos, is that what you would say los angeles, folks live there have faced. >> steve: absolutely unnerving. and everything else. and, yet, here is she is, she is the frontrunner in california right now. in los angeles. back in may, rather, march, during a debate, and, you know,
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the moderator made it very clear, 777% of people in los angeles, say that crime is a problem. how would she rate how safe she feels in her neighborhood? keep in mind, just over the weekend, somebody went into her house and opened a gun vault, got two guns. left of the money, left the electronics, only took the guns. did she feel safe? in march, here she is, watch. >> do you feel safe walking in. >> i do feel safe. i would say a 10. i feel safe. but i do understand that a lot of people around the city do not feel safe and i respect that. >> brian: that's nice. by the way burglary up 15% just year-to-year in the city. triple that here. >> the suspect a hispanic male i believe we have a picture, 200 pounds. political science say about 5'9". wearing this outfit dark clothes, surge mask and blue ball cap with some sort of a white logo on it. steve: i wonder -- you know, she
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is running for mayor. obviously there was no politic e car in front of the house even though she is a sitting member of congress. don't these people google people's houses had no who lives? >> brian: maybe sending a message nobody is safe? >> steve: well, unfortunately, she personifies now that there is a big problem there lara trump had this observation about crime in this country and remember, is it all tied to about a year or two ago when people were going the other way? watch this. >> how do you exist when you don't feel safe, when you don't feel like you can take your kids out in the neighborhood? and i feel like we are sort of at the i told you so portion of things now with the democrats. they had the big defund the police push and we all said well, we know it's going to happen with this, this is a recipe for disaster, crime goes through the roof. right. people don't feel safe. all of a sudden you realize you can't function in a society without law enforcement. >> steve: brian, about an hour ago, we were talking about crime and you said, look, this is one
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of those referendum issues. what are you going to decide when it comes to november. you are looking for in a candidate? obviously, everybody is angry about inflation and the cost of gas and food and everything else. how safe do you feel? a woman who is running for mayor out in l.a. probably doesn't feel that safe now even though she has a couple guys right over there with guns standing. >> ainsley: how scary would that be someone who has been in your house, a stranger, broken, in walked around, stolen your items. there is that housewife housewives of orange county or one -- she woke up -- beverly hills, thank you. she woke up in the middle of the night, and her children, thankfully were in bed with her and she finally talked them into going into their own bedrooms to sleep. the guys broke. in she had to get down on the floor and she said take everything, please don't shoot me. i'm a mom, i have children. she relived that on the show. and i happened to watch that episode so i could see that terrifying. >> brian: someone gave the republicans a memo because over the weekend dr. oz, running for
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senate seat in pennsylvania made crime the number one issue. same with ron johnson. senator in wisconsin. he is telling people, listen, this is what we -- this party brings to the table. this is what has happened over democratic leadership. that's legitimate issue along with the border. democrats seem to be running on roe v. wade. >> steve: how safe do you feel at your house, wherever you are in the country. all right. 14 minutes now after the top of the hour. and carley joins us with some headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. we are going to stay in los angeles with this first story here. an unfortunate one at that. the nurse accused of causing a car crash that killed five people in california was reportedly driving at 130 miles per hour at the time of the incident. this according to court papers obtained by the "los angeles times." the nurse was previously thought to be driving 90 miles per hour when she crashed. she faces murder charges for the crash that killed an infant, a pregnant mother, and her unborn baby. senate intelligence committee
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chairman mark warner says the appointment of a special master to review materials found in the fbi's mar-a-lago raid has put -- has put a congressional briefing on hold. >> there is some question because of the special master appointment by the judge in florida whether they can brief at this point. we need clarification on that from that judge as quickly as possible because it is essential that the intelligence community leadership at least gets a briefing of the damage assessment. >> a federal judge granted the trump's request to appoint an independent special master to review materials seized by the fbi after he claimed some of the information obtained was protected under attorney-client and executive privileges. ukrainian forces reclaiming more than 700 square miles of territory near the country's border with russia. the counter offense seeing massive success and driving russian troops out of previously occupied territories. this comes as russia celebrates the opening of the largest ferris wheel in europe. vladimir putin attending the
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opening ceremony in moscow. also in ukraine, president zelenskyy visiting the british ambassador to ukraine to pay his respects to queen elizabeth ii. prince william going viral on social media for not opening the car door for his wife kate. the prince and princess of wales are seen going to opposite sides of their suv. prince harry meanwhile praised for opening the back car door for meghan. while the majority of social media yours were critical of william, some gave him credit for reportedly inviting meghan and harry to appear together to pay respects for the queen this of course seen as a sign of unity for their grandmother. how do you feel about the social media comments, guys? typically of twitter. >> ainsley: i'm surprised harry did the right thing there, william is the one. >> carley: i was told there is no difference in gender why would one open the door for the other? >> ainsley: i like when a man opened it for me. >> brian: you are old school.
4:17 am
>> ainsley: i am old school i think it's nice and polite. he had a lot on his mind. william has a lot on his mind. >> ainsley: i'm sure kate is fine. he touched her lower back and ushered her in. >> steve: plus amid hundreds of people. security people were very clear you do this, you do that i think. >> ainsley: all that etiquette training out the window. >> brian: does the butler teach the etiquette training. >> ainsley: they have teachers. >> brian: do you know anybody else with an etiquette teacher. >> steve: what i remember from family affair is mr. french was very top of mind and explained a lot of the things you were supposed to do. >> brian: that's why people when so well behaved. >> carley: my butler was off last week he is back to work tomorrow i will ask him. brines. >> brian: wow relay that to him? >> steve: wait, you give hip monday off? >> ainsley: could you imagine if we had butlers in our small apartments? show me around the hallway? the trays will be dropping
4:18 am
because we run into each other. >> steve: the problem with having a butler you have to clean up the house before the butler gets there. >> brian: plus how do you make up smalltalk all day. you don't want a butler there. >> ainsley: that's why i don't have one. >> brian: make smalltalk. right, still ahead on this show, more buses arriving in blue sanctuary cities this morning. so why chicago's lori lightfoot relocating these migrants to suburbs instead? one town's message for the mayor. ♪ ♪ to learn about here. ♪ if i was someone else, would this all fall apart ♪ strange where were you ♪ when we started this game ♪ i wish the real world would just
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earlier this morning, more buses from texas dropping off nearly 100 migrants here in new york city at the port authority. you can see it right there. sanctuary city mayors are furious about this, including chicago mayor lori lightfoot. >> he treating these human beings like freight and like we don't need to know exactly what's what. > >> steve: now mayor lightfoot accused of hypocrisy after migrants relocated to our next guest's city without a heads up from mayor lightfoot. >> gary grasso is the mayor of burr ridge, illinois, he joins us from chicago. gary, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: in your town of burr ridge, illinois right now you have got 64 migrants, they are at a hampton inn. when did you find out they were there. >> after they were checked? >> who took them there? have to presume it's the city.
4:24 am
that's where the buses originated from and they were sent to our city. there is confusion, even as we sit here this morning. there's confusion as to who made the decision, whether it was the governor who, you know, is a sanctuary state person. and/or the mayor i was not told. >> steve: are they in a hotel. do they have something to eat. has the state talked to them about school, medicine, any of that stuff? >> we are trying to get that message out. they are in our village and, of course, they are a lot safer in burr ridge than chicago. so safety is the number one job of government so we are making sure they are safe. they are not the problem. they are behaved. there is no issue with them at all. they are looking for school opportunities. we are inquiring as to whether or not they can be employed by our local businesses if that's an option. we don't even know, frankly, how
4:25 am
long they are going to stay. they are here legally supposedly because they are asylum seekers, which i understand just means that they are here temporarily until they go through the process. >> steve: let's see how that all works out. we got a statement from the governor's office wgn in chicago. they said the state of illinois has a prior relationship with the hotel, that hampton inn being used in the suburbs, their staff has done amazing work welcoming refugees and asylum seekers. it's interesting they are choosing this specific instance to gripe to the press about governor pritzker made it clear illinois is a welcoming state and xenophobia has no home here. is he talking about you complaining? >> he must be and th i take gret offense. this is nothing again to do with xenophobia. we are a very diverse community if anybody knows anything about burr ridge, you know, it's not about the migrants. it's about the very thing that
4:26 am
lori lightfoot complained about and not giving us a heads up so we can be prepared and tell our residents obviously they had many, many questions about safety, about health concerns, about unaccompanied minors. and so it's just the arrogance of the state just presuming they can do what they want. they invite people to come to this state and then they just willy-nilly put them in the suburbs without even giving us the courtesy of letting us know. >> steve: mayor, thank you very much for stopping by and telling us your story. you got your hands full. thank you very much for starting your day with "fox & friends." >> thank you for including me. >> steve: you bet. all right. by the way, we did reach out to the mayor's office. we have not heard back yet. if we do, we will let you know. meanwhile, still ahead on this monday, want to bring down inflation? good luck. treasury secretary janet yellen warns it will take great skill to avoid a recession. newt gingrich reacts to her grim economic outlook straight ahead. ♪
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keep your fingers crossed. what are we starting to do a kickoff on a football game flipping a coin? treasury secretary janet yellen warning her replacement at the federal reserve has a tough road ahead a when it comes to the record high inflation rate because path to raise interest rates. fox news contributor newt gingrich author of defeating big government socialism is here to racket. your reaction to hoping for luck? >> well, look, i think that she is ignoring how much the strategies of big government socialism stopping energy development in the united states, putting all sorts of regulations on business, subsidizing people for not working. creating an art official environment -- artificial environment for the economy. remember, this inflation is bad enough that the u.s. army just recommended to its younger soldiers that they go on food stamps. we haven't seen that since jimmy carter. the inflation is bad enough the price of food going to continue
4:32 am
to go up this fall. nothing they are going to do policy wise to turn it around. the price of electricity keeps going up. 20 million families are already behind in paying their electric bills. i think that we are already in a situation where in any traditional situation you would say this is a bad economy, a painful economy and it's likely to get worse. >> brian: so democrats are saying that america is getting used to high inflation now even though 56% of the country says it's extreme stress on our wallets because it went from 9.2% to 8.5%. are we getting used to it? >> no. i think, look, if you are in a government paid job. if you are the president with air force one. marine one. the white house staff, you are totally buffered. you don't feel the inflation. if you are a white house staffer, being given $20,000 in loan relief by the president. you don't feel the inflation. if you are a democratic congressman or senator, you got
4:33 am
a nice cushy job. you are not feeling the inflation. however, if you are a normal, everyday american and you are going to the local grocery store, you are feeling inflation. if you are somebody trying to fix something in your house and you cannot get the things you need even at a high price because logistic supply chain is still screwed up, you are feeling a bad economy. i think if we just talk to a good and bad economies, and didn't get into technical language. the average person knows that we have a cost of living crisis that particularly effects senior citizens and it effects the poorest americans. >> brian: newt, the january 6th committee is going to reconvene and do their report in october. ironically, just before the election. evidently they are targeting you and the vice president. and they want you two to testify. will you respond to their -- have you been requested -- would you go? >> well, my attorneys are working all that out. i'm not directly engaged with the committee. but i will say, there has never
4:34 am
been a more blatant misuse of the justice department this close to an election. you know, the ground rule used to be that 60 days out they stopped all this stuff precisely to not try to influence an election. instead, you have a deliberate targeting process underway to intimidate republican donors, republican candidates. even republican lawyers. we haven't -- this is as close to a police state tactic as we have ever seen in this country. and, of course, this totally, i think, inappropriate it's not really a congressional committee. it's a show trial stalinist tradition. apparently sitting down this week with their hollywood producer. sitting down with hollywood producer to plan the next two months. this is absurdity, and americans should be insulted these these people think they are stupid enough to fall for this kind of thing. >> brian: yeah, just real quick. the president of the united
4:35 am
states being with this whole special master, we are inside 60 days. we should not be hearing anything more about the investigation until after the election. don't you agree? >> yeah. i think this all one side. by the way managed to put hunter biden to one side for several years. so this is a totally one sided partisan, i think, dangerously corrupt process that americans should be really worried about in terms of their own personal safety from the government. >> brian: go get them, newt gingrich, thanks so much. >> thanks, take care. >> brian: still ahead, you are looking lye at edinburgh, scotland where king charles has just landed as he is prepared to receive the keys to the city we're live in the u.k. as the world mourns the passing of queen elizabeth ii. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write.
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charles the iii just landed with camilla and he will receive the keys to the city, his official welcome to scotland where he will lead a royal procession behind queen elizabeth's casket. >> steve: we are just waiting for him to pop out of that jet. former adviser to margaret thatcher nile gardiner joins us now from the washington, d.c. area. nile, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: we are all doing great. thank you very much. it's great to have you for your point of view. as we wait for the new king of england to come out of the plane over the last number of days, particularly on friday when he made that heart felt speech, i think the people of the world are getting a different look at charles. you know, he has always been somewhat aloof, a little more quiet, a little more reserve. but, i get the feeling people like the new king. >> yes. exactly. i think that's an excellent
4:41 am
point. i think the new king has grown in gravitas and stature over the course of the last few days. i think the british public have greatly warm warmed to their new king. charles was not the most popular figure when he was a prince. but as king, i think the british people really are taking to him. he is also, i think, establishing himself as a leader on the world stage as well. so he is off to a very strong start. he gave a superb speech today n westminster hall to westminster to members of the house of commons, house of lords, so i think he is off to a very strong start as king. >> ainsley: nile, i know you were adviser to margaret thatcher. do you have any stories of the queen that you would like us to know? >> actually, i met the queen, in fact, lady thatcher's 80th birthday that party. >> steve: there he is. >> i remember a sovereign monarch of tremendous kindness, warmth and also wit as well,
4:42 am
actually. the queen was just an incredibly likeable figure but also a very humble person as well. despite her tremendous, you know, power, stature and so on, i think the queen was just an incredible person. a really selfless lady who lived her life for the british people, a tremendous life of dedication, a life of service, also life of faith as up deeply religious figure as well who really was a tremendous leader the christian faith in so many ways. just incredible lady. >> brian: nile, we know what the prince was like when he was prince, now that he is king, do you think is he going to be somewhat of a green activist as we hear all these world leaders to come over commercial and take mass transportation? >> brian, that's a great question. and certainly charles has been known for his environmental activism in the past and also for some controversial political statements on issues such as
4:43 am
immigration. i expect that as king he is going to be a lot more careful in terms of any kind of political intervention. but, without a doubt, i think that's, you know, charles has been controversial politically in the past. he has to be very disciplined as king. he has pledged as king to keep out of politics all together and that is the right approach. you cannot have the monarch in any way engaged in any kind of political discussion. that's not the role of the king. that's the role of the prime minister and members of parliament and the british government. so the king has to remain completely neutral. but, as you point out, brian, certainly charles has a track record of political interventions especially on environmental matters he has to be, i think, very, very careful in this arena. >> steve: indeed. nile, thank you for joining us. as we take a look the former prince now king of england is heading from the airport to
4:44 am
edinboro downtown receiving the key and what happens next where the queen of england will lie in state until tomorrow and i believe 5:00 and then she will be flown to london. >> ainsley: do you know what's interesting we were always able to identify the queen. she liked to wear bright colors because she wanted to be seen, the queen needed to be seen. in this role, as the king now, he wears a suit, a dark colored suit. >> steve: well, he is in mourning as well. >> ainsley: will that change? >> steve: also dressed as he is because earlier he addressed parliament at westminster hall. so he has had a busy day. >> brian: if he has a magenta suit we will know it in two weeks. >> brian: you almost expect for him to have a robe and a crown on. >> steve: that's coming. >> brian: carley shimkus, thanks so much. you have agreed to do the news. >> carley: i certainly do. a shocking update on a story we have been following. the democratic las vegas official who has been charged with murdering a reporter will remain in office and still get
4:45 am
paid. clark county public administrator robert tell les was at the center of a negative expose written by jeff german, he was found stopped to death outside his home last week. despite being allowed to keep his job tell les remains behind bars having been denied bail. award-winning country music singser john michael montgomery seriously injured after tour bus veered off the side of the road. montgomery posted an update to social media yesterday. he says he is on the road to recovery despite suffering cuts and broken ribs. the singer thanked first responders for health and said he would be taking the first week off to heal. at tom brady and buccaneers walking away. over the cowboys. dak prescott suffering an injury that may sideline him for a few weeks. in cincinnati, the steelers win in overtime, an overtime thriller against the bengals but
4:46 am
possibly at a steep cost. star pass rusher t.j. watts suffering a pectoral injury during the fourth quarter. watt is scheduled to get an mri today to see if he tore that muscle. meanwhile the colts opening their season with a tie against houston texans after kicker rodrigo blanken ship missed a kick with two minutes to play. the new york giants shocking the tennessee tightens to win the first season opener since 2016. it was the dance party in locker room led by head coach brian day bell that got most of the attention on social media. janice, who doesn't like a good dance party? >> janice: i love a good dance party all the time. that's my middle name janice dance party dean. okay. what's your name? >> steve. >> tiffany. >> janice: where are you from. >> tampa. >> janice: i hear you have a young budding meteorologist at home. >> yes, our 7-year-old evan. >> janice: evan has to come next time. >> yeah. he will. >> janice: anybody else you want to sigh hi. >> to ethan and noah at home.
4:47 am
>> janice: take a look at the forecast. make sure have you clear skies 54 in chicago. we have a area of low pressure across the great lakes and the midwest and then we have this trailing cold front that's bringing the potential for showers, thunderstorms across the northeast down towards florida. so we will be tracking that not only today but tomorrow so we're going to see those showers in and out of the neighborhood throughout today and into tuesday. also the southwest we have some flooding to be concerned about for parts of the southwest including nevada, the las vegas area, there is the rain in the forecast, too much of a good thing can cause some flash flooding so fox has you covered. here is the southeast where we are dealing with more rain in the forecast on sat temperature rate offed ground, especially for florida heading into wednesday. especially daytona beach. it's hot across the plains. who are we tossing to, ainsley? >> ainsley: that sounds great, all of us. >> janice: say hi to all of
4:48 am
them. >> steve: hello from all of us to all of you. >> janice: yeah, better with friends. >> ainsley: we witch little search the best become a meteorologist at fox one day. >> brian: we would like to see his grades. >> janice: indeed. >> steve: we would be in trouble. >> ainsley: folds of honor expanding patriotic mission how they plan to now help families of first responders. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ they support us. they protect us, and we have to protect them and their families as well. you saved so many lives that day.
4:49 am
where were you when the towers came down? i hear this loud noise. so i look up and it was the north tower coming down. and i can just remember i'm not going to outrun. i dove under an apparatus there on the corner. of west and vesey. right here. right here. my brother steven, he ran through the tunnel to the towers. and that's why we started the tunnel to towers foundation. all these men and women have inspired us. we're so proud at the tunnel to towers. we're taking care of catastrophically injured service members. gold star families well, a fallen first responder anywhere in america, we're going to pay off your mortgage. and if you don't have a home, we're going to build you a home. join us in supporting our nation's heroes and their families. now, it only takes $11 a month to make a positive impact. go to now.
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good morning to both of you. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning, dean, i'm so proud of you. first military now it's first responders. gracy, you have met dan. tell us about your husband and what happened in december of 2017. >> yes. my husband was a deputy with the douglas county sheriff's office. and on new year's eve, of 2017, i awoke to find out that i was a new widow at 29 years old with a 4-year-old and a 16 month old. and suddenly my world was rocked
4:53 am
my life just changed in a moment. everything ahead of me was suddenly gone and i was alone raising two little girls. >> ainsley: wow. i know that zac left banking, went through the academy while he was working a job as a banker and left that for his true love, which was law enforcement which ultimately took his life. we are so sorry for your loss. dan, tell us how your -- what are you doing now? why are you now focusing on first responders and i think you have a surprise for gracy. >> yeah. we do. i think ainsley in this country we tend to take our freedom for granted. we tend to take the fact that we dial 911 someone is going to be there. and we looked at the folds of honor mission, which you covered historically has been military. the need to help first responders is dramatic. there is a 911 call placed about 240 million times a year. that means we literally have millions of first responders out every second of every day coming to our aid and our most dire
4:54 am
circumstances. and as we learned from gracy, often someone is injured or killed coming to save us. and so our commitment expands today to help the families of first responders and, you know, the only thing i know 15 years into this, ainsley, and you are connected with our faith. this is god's mission. he calls us to take care of widows and orphans with the greatest frequency in the bible. and that is what we are doing at folds of honor. and we are so happy. gracy, to announce that our very first two scholarship recipients are your daughters and everything starts somewhere. we started above our garage in zone broken arrow, oklahoma 15 years ago for folds and today we start scholarships f with your family. we are apologetic for your loss with zac but we are going to honor his sacrifice by taking care of his young girls. >> ainsley: how do you feel? what is your message for dan and how does this help you? >> i think, for one, it's just
4:55 am
incredible. incredible gift to know i don't have to do this alone for my girls and that law enforcement world, they always talk about how like i got your six. means like i have got your back. as a cop wife, we wear shirts and sweat shirts that says i have got his six. i had zac's six. and then he died and i was alone. now it feels like folds has my six that i don't have to do this alone. and i'm just so grateful to know that my daughters are going to have an incredible education and our pain is remembered and seen and i don't have to do this alone. >> ainsley: that's so sweet. dan, people at home, most of us can't afford to pay for college for all of these children but we can definitely do our part. we are doing this as a country and we can all have a hand in this. what do we need to do if we want to join, start paying a little bit per month fold of honor our squadron visit our website folds of it's a $13 a month donation
4:56 am
representing the 13 folds that bring that flag to iconic shape of freedom that first responders and military get when they pass away. we desperately need folks if they want to join our squadron i will send them a t-shirt like the one i have on. ainsley i want to thank you, gavin, everybody at fox that has been with us for 15 years to new journey expand our mission that supported us. we desperately need everybody's help to pay it forward and take care of spouses and children of fallen and critically disabled first responders as well as our military. >> ainsley: gracy and, dan, thank you for saying that we are all just doing our part in all of this. you are right, it's god's work we can help one another and that's what we are called to do. grace j you are beautiful. those girls i know you have a 9-year-old and now your youngest one is 6. god bless you. i'm glad this can help you. >> thank you. ♪
4:57 am
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and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. ask your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: king charles iii landon edinburgh, scotland, with a royal session behind the casket. >> i cannot help but feel the weight of history. >> yesterday treasury secretary janet yellen to strategy to bring down inflation will launch the country into a recession. >> there will be some good luck. >> more buses arriving in blue sanctuary cities but now mayor lightfoobeg


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