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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 12, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> where did the time go? >> it was a fast show. >> it was. >> pick up steve's book. it's on pre-sale today. >> simply happy cookbook. bye. >> bill: mourning the loss of a monarch. minutes from now the royal family will walk behind the coffin of the late queen elizabeth. that procession culminating in a spraer service in edinburgh. we have several days of this. i'm bill hemmer. remarkable to watch. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." one of the things that we've been watching here as the people gather at st. giles cathedral is the camaraderie and friendship. you think of the late george
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h.w. bush and everybody gathers and has a moment. that's what we're watching here. the queen's coffin will lie in rest at st. giles. >> bill: the quoen's coffin will then be flown to london and she will lie in house of parliament. >> dana: president biden accepted an invitation to the funeral. the first lady will join him. they remember her more than a monarch. >> bill: king charles iii arriving in scotland after addressing parliament on sunday for the first time since his mother's passing. he pledged to follow her example of selfless duty as lawmakers offered up condolences. >> dana: this is the moment everyone is talking about. princes william and harry
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making a rare joint appearance. they and their wives greeted mourners outside windsor castle and harry made his first statement on his grandmother's death. jonathan hunt has more from buckingham palace. >> good morning to both of you. we are in the heart of another historic and hectic day here in the u.k. it began with king charles iii and queen consort camilla attending to a joint session of the house of commons and the house of lords. there they received the condolences of those houses on the death of queen elizabeth ii and king charles made a short address to both houses in which he paid tribute once again to the dedication that his mother showed throughout her 70 years of service and her constant vow to uphold constitutional principles.
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listen to king charles. >> this vow she kept with unsurpassed devotion. she set an example of selfless duty, which with god's help, and your counsel, i am resolved faithfully to follow. >> from there king charles and queen consort camilla traveled to scotland. they went to holyroodhouse, a 21 gun salute marking their arrival in the scottish capital and now they will travel from holyroodhouse shortly following the queen's coffin. alongside king charles we expect the princess royal, princess anne and princes andrew and edward. it will be the first time that we have seen those members of the royal family behind the coffin carrying their mother.
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it will be an extraordinary scene, among so many extraordinary scenes that we have witnessed ever since the death of queen elizabeth ii. dana and bill, you mentioned at the top the joint appearance of prince william and harry alongside their wives on saturday. it was pretty extraordinary and may mark, one hopes, the beginning of the thawing of the frosty relationship. it was notable, i thought, that the two men, william and harry did not share any public embrace. there is a lot of work to do in that relationship. bill and dana. >> dana: thank you so much. there you are looking edinburgh is a beautiful city. the weather is cooperating. >> bill: a parlor game what the brothers' relationship and what kate and meghan's -- i thought
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harry got a raw deal over the weekend saying he didn't open the door for his wife. i -- william. i think william just went around because he was driving the car. >> dana: i don't know. >> the steering wheel is on the right, remember? >> dana: interesting they called them the fab four. all right, okay. it was a lovely gesture and i think the queen would have been happy to see them together. hopefully they can keep that going. >> the bottom line the family is something for a show of unity for them, the rest of the country and u.k. president biden is on the road again. heads to massachusetts talking about infrastructure. inflation is the real issue concerning voters. just weeks away from the mid-terms 56% say price increases are creating financial hardship for them and that price is increasing by the month. peter doocy at the white house begins our coverage of the president's policy initiatives, part of the problem, perhaps. peter, good morning.
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>> depends who you ask, bill. good morning. republican about to go public with a new platform for the mid-terms says he thinks he has got proof there is a direct line between that financial hardship and this white house's policies. >> we think election and the policies today should make america stronger. what we've watched from the democratic policies, their wasteful spending. their wasteful spending has brought inflation. every american should ask themselves could they afford to give up one month's salary? do you realize it has been taken from you because of the high inflation based on the democratic spending? >> people are making big changes to adjust lives to the inflation. per gallup, 24% are only buying essential. 17% are traveling less. 17% driving less, 12% buying generic, 10% eating out less
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and 10% growing their own food now and vulnerable democrats are blaming biden including chris pappas, the democrat from new hampshire. >> i think the administration was asleep at the switch managing inflation and understanding the emergency that existed with inflation early on last year. many said it was going to resolve itself on its own. i think they were relying too much on economists and not listening to people on the ground in districts like this. >> we get another inflation number tomorrow. the white house must think it will be great because they are planning a big celebration here at the white house in honor of the inflation reduction act, bill. >> thank you, peter. nice to see you from the north lawn. >> dana: let's bring in james freeman, "wall street journal" editorial page assistant editor and fox news contributor. the mid-term voting issues, economy at 77% the most important. you think what peter just said.
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people making decisions about their life. i think gun policy, violent crime out there. healthcare always hangs in. it continues to be an issue for people. economy job number one for republicans here? >> it normally is. we talked about there is a cluster of issues that favor republicans and others favor democrats. here we see the cluster the republicans lead on is what is highly important to voters. the new reading tomorrow on inflation for august will be important. but i don't think it really even if it's better, even if it's improved people understand the pain of the last year. when it went up 8 1/2% year-on-year terrible for a family budget. >> bill: what you hear from democrats in tight races as they're saying hey, you were late to the party. maggie hassan is one of them, running for reelection, democrat. a tough race. this is what she said from over the weekend on biden inflation.
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>> the president was -- took too long to really begin to tackle inflation. and i think we still have work to do on lowering energy costs. i think it is important in the inflation reduction act we stood up to big oil and giving tax cuts the families who invest in energy efficiency in their homes and pivoting away from our dependence on big and foreign oil to a green energy economy. >> bill: she is not the only one. democrats at new hampshire congressional district 1 are seeing a similar thing. >> it's a contradictory message. the first the president took too long to focus on inflation. the inflation reduction act, what is it? $307 billion to push american towards more expensive forms of energy. you will see as people start to see the price of this climate mania, it is not an inflation reducer. she mentioned the incentives.
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why do you need to give a big tax incentive to people to put a solar panel on their roof? it doesn't make sense for them normally. it is not cheaper. it is not a better way to go. it is not a deal for them as far as most americans see it. whether it is trying to get more solar panels on the roof or get people into electric cars, it's an expensive transition. >> dana: it is so strange. they want to have more things like electric cars that will use electricity but they don't want to generate anymore electricity. it is a short plank going down the pier. last week if you were a democrat you might have been feeling good. we're moving forward. polls look good. by the end of the week you see some polls out of georgia and pennsylvania, those two big senate races things are tightening up and republicans doing better. "the new york times" writes
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yes, the polling warning signs are flashing again. democrats are polling well and exactly the places where surveys missed most in 2020. so he is basically saying remember when everybody seemed surprised that the republicans did so well in 2020? it might be happening again with the polling. >> i think you look at some of the races he is talking about. pennsylvania, wisconsin, where democrats were getting bullish. these are pickup opportunities. you have the polling history that he is talking about. you also have candidates in fetterman in pennsylvania, barnes in wisconsin, who are very far left. so these are not sort of the safe moderate plays to try to win over a swing electorate. the goal here is to really get to early voting and then election day without a full examination of the record. they are not matched up with the constituents in those states. >> bill: thank you, james. always good on a monday to get it closer. >> dana: thank you so much.
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>> bill: 11 past. russia suffering what is being called one of the worst defeats so far in the war. could it mark a turning point for the ukrainians? plus this. >> do you feel safe walking in -- >> i feel safe. i would say a 10. i feel safe. but i understand a lot of people around the city do not feel safe. >> dana: that was karen bass earlier this year before thieves broke into her multi-million home. we have terrell and how it's underscoring the cities failed approach on crime. >> this is a bus in chicago from two days ago. that city after slamming texas governor greg abbott for sending migrants to her city, the mayor taking a page out of abbott's playbook and small town mayors aren't happy. >> it is just the arrogance of the state just to presume they can do what they want.
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>> dana: los angeles mayoral candidate karen bass says thieves broke into her home
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over the weekend. she says they stole two guns that were secured inside a lockbox. senior correspondent william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more. what happened? >> what is unusual here, dana, the thief takes the guns but leaves behind according to bass valuables, electrons ickx and cash. what thief doesn't take money and jewelry east lie pawned? they claim the guns were quote safely and securely stored in a lockbox, yet the thief apparently walked out with both weapons. according to lapd it happened friday. the suspect described as a 200 pound hispanic man in a surgical mask and baseball cap. it's hard to say he is hispanic based on the photo and why did bass need a gun? based on the debate earlier this year she claimed to feel safe in los angeles. >> do you feel safe walking in -- >> i do feel safe. i would say a 10.
6:20 am
i understand a lot of people around the city do not feel safe. >> bill: the bass campaign declined to provide a make and model of the guns other than they were legally registered handguns and she did not have or ever sought a conceal carry permit. it didn't say when she obtained the guns but earlier told the "l. a. times" she learned to use a gun in the late 70s as an organizer for young americans who supported the cuban revolution. bass may feel safe in l.a. many others don't. robberies up 17%, crime is a major issue in the mayor's race. the lapd officers union opposes her saying she is not tough enough on crime but does maintain a double digit lead in the race. >> dana: william la jeunesse in l.a. >> bill: we know a guy who knows something about l.a. leo terrell. welcome to our program. here was her statement.
6:21 am
she said at this time it appears that only two firearms were stolen, cash electronics and other valuables were not. unnerving and far too many people in los angeles have faced. i do feel safe. what's up with this? a robbery of two guns and everything else left behind? >> nothing makes sense on this. you played an earlier clip where she said on a scale of 1 to 10 she feels a 10 of being safe. she lives in a different los angeles. no one in los angeles feels safe here at all. this is a candidate, bill, who is not running on law and order. she called for defunding the police. she never supported law enforcement. she supports black lives matter. not a peep out of her during the riots of 2020. there isn't a sane democrat who supports law and order. you know what, bill, william is correct. she will win not based on policies or competence.
6:22 am
she is going to win on gender and skin color. we saw that disaster as in the vice presidentsy in the white house and press secretary. it is the wrong reason to elect this woman as mayor. >> bill: we'll see. rick caruso seems to be a good candidate. >> dana: i am confused, leo. was this a targeted burglary? because if only the two guns in a lockbox and those are the only two things taken. i wouldn't feel safe if it was targeted like that. it doesn't seem like it was random. >> you are right. this doesn't pass the smell test. it's ludicrous. you take two guns, why? you leave the jewelry, why? you leave the cash, why? it is being close lipped. the only information we're getting is from the bass campaign. it doesn't make sense at all. it is inconsistent with what the motivation of any criminal would do when he breaks into house, to rob what? cash so he can pawn it or some
6:23 am
type of jewelry. it doesn't make sense at all. i think there is a lot more to this story. i don't want to speculate. we need to hear. >> bill: i want to take you to illinois, a small town southwest of chicago. the mayor says this about cash bail policy. they are letting violent criminals out an low or no bail and you've seen what is happening in chicago and how much crime has spiked because of it. like the policy on steroids is what this is. fearful we'll see all kinds of events. kidnapping and assaults. we'll see these things over and over again. leo, we're already seeing that in parts of america. >> bill, this is george soros on steroids. i want everyone to understand january 1, 2023. the jails open up. in cash bail for second degree murder, robbery, burglary. it will be jails open, criminals will have a field day in the state of illinois.
6:24 am
what this tells you is what i said earlier. there is no democrat in this country that believes-in-law and order. that speech joe biden gave a couple of weeks ago funding the police? it's a red herring. it is totally chaos. victims are in danger in illinois effective january 1, 2023. >> dana: that's right. the governor there said we'll mark a substantial step toward dismantling systemic racism that is in our communities. >> since i've been a fox news contributor tore there is no systemic racism in this country. look who is running, democrats? how can you have? it's a go-to term that doesn't exist as a civil rights attorney for 30 years. we ended systemic racist ms in the 60s and 70s.
6:25 am
show me a democratic city where you have systemic racism. it's a lie. >> bill: thank you. speak later in the week, leo terrell in los angeles. good luck with your town, leo, you'll need it. >> hi, percy. >> dana: princes william and harry together in public for the first time in two years. does the reunion mean a reconciliation sh we await the queen's final journey through scotland. the public will finally get a chance to pay their respects in edinburgh. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile.
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6:31 am
the beautiful city of edinburgh, the capital of scotland. >> bill: so he will walk behind his mother's coffin as it is transported through the city down to st. giles cathedral and where we'll see a ceremony in 30 minutes that could be quite remarkable. >> dana: beautiful the way they've laid it out. the citizens there have lined the streets. you can see them up there, everybody trying to get a view. i can't remember the name of that hill. my husband will tell me in a text message in a moment. that is one of the most beautiful cities. i love it. they are lining the streets there and somebody sent me a picture of everyone who has a corgi, one of the kinds of dogs that queen elizabeth ii has have all showed up well. >> bill: the queen's coffin will be at the cathedral for 24 hours and public will get a chance to file past and that i their respects. this is part of the -- part of
6:32 am
how the people of the u.k. will thank her for 70 years on the throne. want to bring in our colleague martha maccallum and duncan lar com. what is your expectation what the world is about to see, watch and hear? >> great to be with you this morning, this afternoon in the united kingdom. we're getting a look at the holyroodhouse year and seeing people arrive at st. giles cathedral and we'll see the first procession behind the coffin that we've seen. we've seen the coffin make its was from balmoral to edinburgh yesterday and liz truss, the new prime minister walking in now. what an incredible week to have
6:33 am
a new prime minister, invite to form a government, the prime minister by the last act of queen elizabeth ii. new prime minister and king going through the motions together in a really unsettling week in the united kingdom. what's settling is the ritual. tradition we're seeing play out. we'll see the children of queen elizabeth, andrew, edward, charles, now king charles all walk behind this funeral behind the coffin. queen consort camilla and edward's wife will be in a car as part of this procession. it is a big moment for the family, no doubt. the first time that charles will come in contact with the coffin of his mother, queen elizabeth ii.
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[bagpipes playing] ♪♪ [band playing]
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>> bill: as martha pointed out a moment ago it is exactly one mile walk to the st. giles cathedral. that's where we'll all watch together for the service. and the service is officially considered the service of thanksgiving. a service of thanksgiving for
6:37 am
the life of her majesty, the queen. we'll see that probably around 10:00 eastern time our time. prince charles is wearing his military garb. >> dana: it's called the royal mile. the history here is rich and deep. as piers morgan and others pointed out, the feeling within the country is one of sadness but incredible respect. i think the way they describe the service as one of thanksgiving for the life of her majesty, the queen, is quite appropriate. [silence.]
6:38 am
>> bill: perhaps it is only appropriate that charles begins his tour of the u.k. is scotland, when you consider how much the queen had so much affection for scotland. scotland the stop today. tuesday the capital city of belfast and in wales at the end of this week on friday. >> dana: it's a six-hour drive from balmoral castle to edinburgh. princess anne road in a vehicle behind her mother for six hours and she was somebody who didn't ever want a lot of attention, public attention, but she is
6:39 am
selfless in so many ways. her devotion to the country something her mother was very proud of and her philanthropy was very wide and deep. >> bill: royal spotting will get better throughout the week, i'm certain. but i believe we saw andrew a moment ago in the frame. so he is nearby his oldest brother, now the king, king charles iii. >> dana: king charles at holyroodhouse there.
6:40 am
>> bill: if nothing else, dana, they picked a beautiful day in scotland. >> dana: they don't get many like that there. >> bill: fantastic to see that. this will last one mile. if you go to your google map, officially it says 1.1 mile but then again who is counting, right? martha, if you can see what we're seeing, go ahead and give us your impressions as we move. >> we just saw the most stunning vista of holyroodhouse and the hill behind it, part of holyroodhouse park. it is a stunning day here. as bill pointed out, it is a dual event here. the earlier ceremony we saw with charles the presenting of the keys he rejects and get
6:41 am
back to the city saying it is in excellent care. he is on a four-stop tour that will go to wales and belfast, ireland, and then to london to greet the people of the nation as king and here lies queen elizabeth ii as they begin the trip up the royal mile to st. giles. there is prince edward next to him, princess royal ann and then charles closest to us in the military regalia and prince edward, the youngest of the four children of queen elizabeth and prince philip is there as well. the last time we saw a service of thanksgiving was for prince philip and the funeral was very small because of covid. several months later queen elizabeth had a beautiful service of thanksgiving for her husband. one thank you from charles in his first statement as king.
6:42 am
he said mommy, thank you. and we also heard that from paddington at the jubilee, ma'am, thank you. you are hearing it all across the country. just an outpouring of gratitude for 70 years of service, a life well lived and this is one of the very significant steps that we are seeing in this first procession on the way to this very important service in edinburgh, guys. >> dana: duncan also joins us. he is with us for these days. he is a former royal editor of the sun and a royal contributor for us now. duncan, your thoughts this morning as we watch the procession of the royal mile begin right now. >> well yes, good morning. this is the moment -- first moment we have had to see the coffin being accompanied by the
6:43 am
new king, a sight that probably will become quite familiar in the next few days. as you say, this sort of ceremony will occur as the king visits belfast and wales and ultimately in london for the funeral. it's quite incredible what's happening in great britain at the moment. i don't think anyone can really remember what this is like. the reason i'm looking down is to see these scenes. it is as though nobody is being forced to pause. nobody is being forced to play -- rather than play pop music on the national radio stations they're playing toned down and respectful songs. the television is just wall-to-wall. this is a period of morning that nobody is being forced into but nobody is complaining. this really is an opportunity for a nation that's grown up
6:44 am
with the queen, generations after generation. my mother remembers the day that her father, king george vi death was announced and watching her teacher burst into tears in 1952. it still continues. that feeling of emotion that the queen invoked. these ceremonies are very formal but they've been very long in the planning. these soldiers aren't here just having been called to duty. this has been practiced over and over. the boots have been polished many times to within an ounce of their life. all that time we have they've been waiting and hoping that this day and this week, if you like, this major news event, never came. but, of course, we all knew it would and so here we are today, watching a piece of history unfold, if you like, in front of our eyes.
6:45 am
>> dana: for viewers tuning if and catching up over the weekend, what was your -- what did you hear or observe of the two brothers, prince william and prince harry, over the weekend as they got together? >> i'm glad you asked me that because i am going to read you a quote from the queen, which i was reminded of the moment that we saw what happened, and that was a quote from the speech she gave at christmas 2019. and it said it's through small steps -- i have to paraphrase it. but through small steps we can make a big change. and i hope that those small steps william, kate, harry and meghan made together outside the gates of the spiritual home of queen elizabeth ii, let's hope that was the beginning, really, of the signs that the
6:46 am
queen will finally get one of her last wishes, and that is that harmony is restored between two brothers that at the end of the day love each other. it is great to see that the early signs are that this might now be starting finally to happen. >> bill: there was some reporting, i'm sure you're aware of it that behind the scenes it required extensive negotiations before that public appearance happened this weekend. and they lingered quite a while, at least an hour, i believe, on the clock to thank the people who had come out to see them and extend their well wishes to their grandmother. i think it's important in terms of family union and expression. i entirely agree with the point you are making there. and i guess we can all guess what the relationship will be like going forward. >> i think that's fair.
6:47 am
i would like to say over the last, well, couple of years meghan has come in for a lot of criticism in the british media and i would like to remind people that when we saw her at those gates with harry, william and kate. some body language experts have said she looked very tense and was grabbing hold of harry's hand in a way that perhaps shows she was terrified. we've got to cut her some slack. on meghan and harry's behalf it too a lot to have a truce in respect of the grandmother that they both adored and that adored them. even in her final days, the queen did not turn her back on harry and meghan. despite a lot of calls, she refused to strip them of the title of duke and duchess of sussex. she saw harry twice, once over
6:48 am
the jubilee and once back in april when he was heading off for his invictus games in holland. the queen adored hear and she adored william. so what ever has happened to change the mood let's hope for everybody's sake that it lasts. that harry and meghan return to california when this is over and they sit down and they tell their two children, who are now, by the way, prince and princess, that they must soon meet up with uncle william and auntie kate and the cousins and get on with getting to know each other in a way they haven't in the past two years. that might be blind optimism and we still have a memoir coming and several more spotify podcasts for meghan. who knows. there is a chance the words from the queen, those small steps ultimately can lead to big change. and i think there are so many
6:49 am
different things and mixed emotions going on in britain at the moment, it seems the royal family itself are right at the heart of those dilemmas now, what will life be like now that this great leader and great grandmother in many senses of the word has finally moved on? >> bill: duncan, thank you. stand by for more in a moment on that. joining us now the royal expert and welcome to our coverage. your impressions based on what we're watching at the moment if realtime. >> so here we saw history every day. one thing we don't see so often is history unfolding in front of our eyes. you said it best, i think, bill, when you said it was remarkable. it feels like british history, this is world history and televised in a way we haven't seen before. if you get a chance to try the absorb as much of this as you
6:50 am
can. 480 years since a monarch last died in scotland. this pageantry and incredible display like nothing else on earth. we'll talk about this for generations to come. i was there at holyroodhouse in the press area when the queen arrived. the crowds were 20 deep. it was packed out. it was full but the crowd was quite warm hearted and somber. it wasn't boisterous in any way. there was a great wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst the people here. people are already preparing to pay their respects. go to where the queue starts. this is a big moment. the queen said herself that grief is the price we pay for love. what you are saying with all of these grief. dozens of people watching the queen for one last time is an immense outpouring of how much
6:51 am
they love this woman and how important she was to british life. >> dana: i have a question that is maybe called american ignorance, i'm not sure. you mentioned how it had been so long since a member of the royal family or king or queen had died in scotland. if the queen had died in london, would the process still be the same that you start in edinburgh? >> no, it would have started in london. elizabeth loved scotland. she loved balmoral. it was something very dear to her. there are scottish flowers and many picked from the estate of balmoral. the first people to say goodbye to her are the people who worked for her. a place so close to her heart in balmoral. it might be another 480 years that will have this same respect and deep love of scottish tradition and scottish life in a monarch.
6:52 am
we may never see this again and why it is such a big moment for history. >> bill: a moment ago the shot was stunning if you can see the monitor. you talk about finding one of the more charming spots in the entire country. it was a beautiful shot as you saw people lined up several deep on both sides of that road as it leads up. what would be your expectation for the thanksgiving service? we'll see that in about 10 minutes from now. >> i think we'll see a lot of people possibly in tears. we'll see some very honest and open words about just how much the queen mattered. one of the things that you'll notice when you do see that ceremony is you'll see political rivals, even you could almost call enemies sat next to each other sharing moments and that's what this has done. it has brought people together. you mentioned william and harry. it is just the fact that this
6:53 am
was something that we knew would come. but it still seems so unexpected and disorienting that this has happened and coming to terms with over time. you said again that thank you is what all of this is for. people are putting their differences aside and thinking about what matters. what matters right now is to give one last goodbye to such a great woman, boris johnson called her elizabeth the great and maybe it will stick. she has been such an immense figure in british life for so long. the heart and soul of britain for decades. i don't think we'll see it like it again. >> bill: thank you, my heritage director and royal expert joining us, as so many of you are. thank you for your time and input. >> dana: charlie langston is assistant editor of the daily mail. i would like your perspective.
6:54 am
the crowds are multi-generation. what are the younger people of bright an experiencing right now? >> there has been a lot of conversation that the fact the queen and monarchy in general were much more popular with older generations. but i think that everyone in the u.k., no matter what age you are, understands the cultural significance of this moment. several other contributors have said this is a piece of history we're watching unfold and it is a piece of history that many people will likely not experience again in their lifetime. i also think that even if you aren't a fan of the royal family, even if you aren't a monarchist, you can still appreciate the gravity and weight of what this moment means. i think everyone who is there today, all of the people lining
6:55 am
the streets, are doing so because they want to show respect for someone who held an incredible role for 70 years. whether or not you were a fan of the queen or supported the idea of the monarchy, i really don't think that you can fail to understand just how important this moment is. and also to not want to be a part of it seems crazy to me. i myself wish more than anything that i could be there. i know that personally, this entire past few days has been incredibly emotional. i have shed tears, i know my mom at home has shed tears. so many friends texted me saying they can't stop sobbing. i think it does hold personal significance to almost everyone in the u.k. no matter what your age. >> bill: you picked, unfortunately, a good day to miss. this weather is beautiful for scotland. so many of us as americans we travel to scotland and take in
6:56 am
the history and many americans go there for the golf, you know, you can find some of the best golf in the world. you get a day like this today you really consider yourself lucky. >> dana: the sun is shining. charlie, thank you. >> bill: we'll come back to you in a moment. martha, i want to bring you back in before we get too far afield from the william and harry moment from over the weekend. there was a statement from prince william that said this. the prince of wales invited the duke and duchess to join him and the princess of wales. prince of wales thought it was a show of unity during a difficult time for the family. the whole theme of unity is what we're hearing from everyone during our coverage today, martha? >> absolutely. it was a very nice show of unity. i listened to duncan a moment ago. how long it lasts, we don't know. i think the biography is a huge
6:57 am
factor and discussion whether or not it should be shelved and not come out. that comes back to what harry and meghan desire for the future and whether they have a hope to rejoin the family. i think that's a big question. perhaps an apology is potentially in order for some of the statements that were made that were deeply hurtful to william and to his family. but i just want to mention one thing. we are looking at this shot right now and you see andrew in the crowd, speaking of the difficulty in unifying. and so this morning when they all got up to get dressed for this, you see charles in full regalia, edward in full regalia, ann as well. andrew is wearing a suit. he was stripped of those royal military connections. he is wearing his medals, but this is a different role for him and he was a favorite son in many ways of the queen.
6:58 am
she loved his sense of humor and they were close. but andrew is living a very different situation right now. one other thing i would mention in regards to scotland and queen elizabeth's connection to it. her mother, the queen mother, spent her childhood at a castle. you can read about the associations in shakespeare. the queen mother bought a home in scotland later in life. that also something of this very deep connection. when they introduced charles this morning and gave him the keys and welcomed to your ancient and hereditary kingdom of scotland, that was the greeting for charles when he arrived this morning, dana and bill. >> dana: thank you so much, martha. we want to bring in jonathan, a british broadcaster and royal commentator to get your thoughts this morning. they're halfway through the royal mile procession.
6:59 am
jonathan. >> so yes, it is very moving to watch this. it is a slow and respectful process but one that despite its length doesn't lose its -- in some ways it's a reflection of how much respect people have for queen elizabeth ii. people have queued to see this go past. we know that when the coffin will lie in state in westminster hall in london, there are predicted to be, five, six, seven hour queues just to get into room and go by the coffin. people are massively respective of her and want to pay their respects. >> bill: jonathan, we hear in the united states have had the good fortune of seeing so many events that the people of your
7:00 am
country are able to perform and boy, there is just something about the way you are able to put this together that makes it all so pleasing to the eye, and perhaps to the ear as well as we get into this service in a moment here. why do you think that's the case? why are you so good at it? >> well, i mean, firstly, this sort of thing dates backs hundreds of years. they didn't make it up in the last few days, of course. i think that is part of what's important. not that it looks spectacular but underlines the historic nature of the monarchy. while it isn't necessarily what you would design today, you wouldn't necessarily if you were starting from scratch come up with the idea of a king or queen, the reason we have it is because of our history and background and it is part of british culture. so i think at times like this when the whole world is watching


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