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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> that is so good.>> tucker: te the sad news for us . maybe you want to break. weomorro to keep going, but can't because we're out of time. w.e showwe'll be back tomorrow,0 p.m. the show that is the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and especially groupthink. the good sean hannity takes ove over right now. >> seven seconds early. he show early. t. all right.s. thank you, tucker. it. i'll take the seven seconds. i appreciate it. with gratitude "hannity.. using thanks. welcome to "hannity". and tonight, hillary clinton is using 9/11 to trashans. republicans. humpty dumpty has a big new job teaching your children. and democrat karen bass, at who rails against your second amendment rights, just lost track of her own guns. st traf but first, we are only y seven days away from this tipping point midterm election.i the housing market is ons the verge of collapse. verge of inflation is at a 40 plus yearr high . we have been the sorecession for months and months and months. the southern bordeutr is a stat of chaos. violent crime is spiking allcris over the country. fentanyl deaths.
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they , too, are at an all time high . so now with the midterms aroundo the corner, democrats want you to forge allt all about this. instead, they want youn to foc. on only three main distractions . here's their game plan foring tv the next fifty seven days. idthey are attempting to divide the country on the basis of race and gende r and age, et cetera. >> it's their usual playbook,ge their election, your playbook or election year, depending on how you want to characterize it. republicans are racist, sexist, cisthomophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. they want dirty air, water. you know, the routine. second, democrats want to gin up hysteria around abortion and yet another lie. they will attempt to scare voters by claiming that voters y abortion is illegal. that simply is not true. after the dobbs ruling,ot abortion is still very much legal and the vast majority of i states and i have it on gooditi authoritiny that republicans in the senate will bring up a national abortio bringn lawwoe sometime this week that would have a mandate of time of
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15 weeks, which is what the mississippi law called for.d and that brings us to the third distraction as we speak. >> democrats are trying to dehumanize and vilify, quote,viy those evil, rascally maga republicans and donald trumpr supporters in order to rally ba their base. according to bidense. , the democrats half of americatht is now a threat to democracy.o c simply because they now support or once supported donald trump. pported donaso instead of tryino the economy or dare talk about it or the border or the fentanyl, fentanyl or opioid crisis, crisi or the cri crisis, democrats have been wasting almost allin ofim their time and billions of your tax dollars with one billinvestigation after wi investigation into all things donald trump. and this hasthn investn into alw for years. ars. first, it was the russia hoax and it was columnist crossfire, hurricane mueller's witch hunt, the o'malia clause investigation from the house oversight committee, house ways
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and means investigation into trump's taxes. anothexes. another housr house investigatin into trump's hotel lease, another house investigationn git into foreign gift disclosures. a d.c. probe into trump's inauguration fundraising. trumps another similar investigation from the southern district of new york and the eastern district of new york . and from new jersey' s attorney general. cal one impeachment investigation into a regular phone call wil with prain. a second impeachment investigation into january 6th. ukyet another house committee investigation into january 6th. that is still ongoing with more hearings to come and there is the southern district oftiont new york's investigation into o pardons. do doj probe into trump's political action committee. another house investigation into the trump administration's security clearance process. other investigations into adminr trump's property valuationat, hi and , of course, the socials prr media truth social. the trump foundationtys an, as h as a variety of other tax investigations. and , of course, the national archives investigation that
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led to the mar a lago raid. yos u got all that we'll ask at, the end of the show. if you remember, after all o trn this, trump has not been they are charged with any crime whatsoever and they're trying hard. but there's been nothing.. that's because the partisanhe p democrat democrats in charge of all of these witch hunts, they're not investigating crimes. they'r charge investigating a pn and a blatant attempt to smear ,slander, destroy him and destroy his supporters. see the old soviet union saying, show me the man. i'll find you a crime. except they haven't t tually found a crime yet. so i guess they'll make thate bu up, too. t a so do not take the bait for the next fifty seven days. do not get distracted democrats. they'll call you semi fascist. y they are the ones who stop your kids from going to school for two years. ool they're the ones who fired . if you refuse the vaccine, they're the ones that blocked you from going to church during covid. they're the ones who hired eighty seven thousand new irs agents to audit you and every small business in the country. they're the ones who causeu dn h thflation with record
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high spending. ey c they're the ones who are blocking the production of oil ,gas and energy independence in this country. they're the ones who are emptying out our prisons. they are the ones that support defunding and dismantling police departments. aney are the ones that want to end all cash bail and making all of our communities less our safe . republicans, on the other hand , are now offering a new contract with america, calling it commitments to america. 2 this will be out in the next two weeks. what they stand for, what their vision for the future of this country is , lower taxes, lower taxes and less er s, energyand law and independence, law and order soor we can be safe and secure border security schools that actually teach reading, writing, math , science,ci history and computers and noenct crt and social justice and gender identity. congressional republicans arendr also vowing to conduct real oversight with investigationsl c into the fda, the fda, the cdcoh investigations too the ,the irs, the doj, the fbi,
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and the entire bidenthj and theb administration. >> this will reverse itself. now, this electionentire is abt restoring sanity and common sense to government at a tim abm when our president has losmot touch with both of thesees i realities. >> if he's even aware at that, today is monday. take a loo awak. s it's frustrating. it's it's inconvenient. and it's bad for the environment. and there's simply no reason n th for it. this is the united ish come here, for god's sake. this is who we are. this is not this is not what we should be doing here.e >> with reaction, texas senator ted cruz, senator , ted first question. do you agree with me tha cruz,t my premise here, they can't run on anything, that they're successful at anything that the they've done to improve 3 the country? so i say they've got three things.. january 6th, hatin january 6, hating donald trump. pey got the usual playbook. republicans are racists. k or sexist and xenophobic. and january 6th and that'sortio. about it.
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and abortion. i'm shawn. you're exactly>> you are right.t if you look at the issues thatgh that are racking the country, ma that are hurting americans across the country, you have noe one inflatiomocr no n. the democrats have no plan foroe inflation other than to make it worse, to spend trillionsd more and drive inflation up even more ga s prices. they have no plan to reduce gasd prices other than to make itri e worse by hammering american oil and gas production they have no plan to reduce i crime other than to make it worse by continuing to support radical leftist d's and leftists who try to undermine, defund or abolish the police and illegal immigration. d they have no plathn to stop. they don't want to stop. to their plan is more illegal immigration, more chaos att th the border. and so their only political strategy, which you can see their cronies in the corporate media leaning in on is distraction. they want to scream donald trump all day long becausethey m there is nothing on planet earth they hate more than donald trump. long.they want to unleash corrut partizans at the department of
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justice and the fbi to go aftero donald trump to try to distract people.ract and they want to send joe biden up to give the most divisive and hateful speech we have seenh a president give in our our lifetimes, calling half of the country fascists. they're hoping to scare people o into showing up and voting for s an agendcarea that's failing. ta and what's amazing, they don't they don't plan to change. they don't promise change. they promise more of the same, h more the same disastrous policy agenda. >> all right. so in 2016, the media mob, they played a big part incy the election. >> they peddled hillary clinton's bought and paid fornd dirty russian dossiea.r. in 2020 eight . they pushed the narrative that hunter biden's laptop was nothing but russian disinformation. it was anything but. now the question, your debate db champ at harvard, alan dershowitz, once saide cha on this program, you will oneon of the smartest students he ever had, the honor of teaching. so you have an ability to others and you're really good
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at it.e sa others dme o not have the same skills that you do. when the media comes after anyy republican candidate or .conservative candidate and the go after these three issues. can you pleasee teach some ofss your colleagues? because i watched some of them and they need help . please teach them the art ofartf pivoting away from what they want to talk about, which w is every day, donald trump, every day abortions and move impac on to the issues that are impacting this country. >> john , you are preaching tor. the choir. we neee. r to be positiv affirmative with our message. we need topp be happy warriors o hungrier they get, the more we should laugh and be joyful because their agenda doesn'tk. work. ths you're right, the democrat and the stooges in the corporate media, they just want to repeat the attacks. and it's a real mistake when you see republicans that will have along discussion disco about this particular attack or that that particular attack rather than just going on affirmatively. our solution s. good wage what a people want.
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people wans.t jobs with good wages. people want their families to be safe and secure. people wanpeople want their t ts protected. that is a common sense agenda. it. that the overwhelming majority e of americans agree with .ree and so the corporate media a doesn't want to talk about it at all. it's our response ability toexp. lean in and explain.a better listen, was america better unem a couple of years ago when we 5r had the lowest unemployment rate is or n 50 years, or is it country? better now when people areericae hurting across this country? wattern s america better when g two dollars a gallon more fora dollars a gallon underbetter joe biden? was america better when we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in forty five years, which is what was the last year of the trump presidency? or is america better now? e ofwith utter chaos and four pr two million people coming acrossameric the border illegal? co ain't complicated. everybodmiy knows there isn'te r a democrat out there that can defend this policy. failure. . hed so they count on the media just to change the topic.
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we need to not fall for it. we need to instead urge the american people, if you don't like the path we're on ,eh we can change the path of november. and sean, mark my words, the media are trying to convince americans suddenly the democrats are surging in november. what uttere surging in garbage s are going to win the house . and we're going to win the senate. and i can tell you between now and election day, i am on the road nonstop campaigning for senate candidates and house candidates becausee road we're i to come in with big majorities to start the work of turninge cn the country around. >> the senator, i hope you'rtrae right. and are you better off than youf were since joe biden has beenn c president on based on anyi don' measure you can make?se i don't see we're better off in. any way, shape, mannern mccarthy and form. now, kevin mccarthy, was i was there. i was the emcee the night that newt gingrich became speaker of the house. he had a contract with america . that's twenty eight years ago. night newt gingrich game speaker and i'm getting old, senator . e and anyway. but he's coming outh commitme with commitments for america. i don't know why
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ameri am not and i'm not not being criticalno of mitch mcconnell here.n' as of now, he is not embracet a the idea of the senate doing ith as well.e se i would like to senatee the sene do if mitch doesn't want to do it, then i assume the individual candidates can sign on to it.on. there's something about a pledge, a promise in writing that i think sends a powerful message that you mean itif you and you're going to get it done. >> and if you don't, you're you going to be held accountable. listen, i agree and i will say there's a division of thoughtun. in washington. there's some people who have been in washington >> i.g tim somee that think the waytime you win elections is just you w don't stand for anythingay. on >> you don't engage on issues. i think that's exactly backwards. - i think the way you win elections is you draw a line in the sand. i think the way you win elections is you say these areuw the stakes. and here's wha at i will do whe. we win and when you're clear and when you follow through on your promises. that's what makes people shoes l up to vote .that and so every candidate out there that is campaigning
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on specific, clear promises that they intend to followr through, i salute them. but i'll tell you, once we win,t you and i both know that, that the battle is not over. r, that once we have majority.y, we need to do something with the majority. and so that's why i'm fighting not just to win in november, elect strog conservat conservatives that will then have the guts to.iv the let me tell yo u one ofone o comm the things that we ought commit to do, every single republican ought to sa oy we will not vote to fund these eighty seven thousand new irs agents. ird biden'ss armyo fun army to harass americans. and we're going to take that money and put it on our southern border to secureo our border. that ought t ao be a promisethat every republican gets behind now and that we follow through on when we have the majoritiesne next year. >> senator ted cru z, texas,s nt thank you. all right. year. so joe biden thinks that.ator seventy four million americans are semi fascist and threats tjo democracy.
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perhaps no one has more disdain for we, the american people than hillary clinton. yesterday, on the twenty firstc. anniversary of 9/11, hillary seemingly comparing donald trump's supporters to 1tterrorists. illary clinton >> listen, we have also, i think, been reminded abouts to how important it is to try to k. deal with the extremism of any kind, especially when it uses violence to try to achieve political ideological goals. so i'm one who thinks that there are lessons still toon be learned from what happened to us on 9/11 that we should b be very aware of during this time in our country and thee world's history. her he was reaction. fox news contributor lara trump outnumbered co-host mceneaneyd and former arkansas governor mike huckabee is with us . laura . we'll stare ish t with you. your reaction to that? and is there anythingreacti onmore extreme in hillary clintn lecturing anybody on morality
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or the law? >> or right and wrong?uring i think america rejected herd he policies outright. >> yeah, it's pretty rich coming from hillary.ary. but, sean, we know the truth. d we know that the democrats, whether it's hillary clinton or joe biden, love to throwou out this label and slap it on anybody of extreme. if you don't fall in lockstep te with what they think with their time.view, they do it all the . and we know that these are the people that make the rules . they can change definitions ofng words. it's amazing definitions, le recession or woman man. they're just able to change dro those at the drop of a hat. hat no problem. we know that they were happy to look at violent riots where people were killedriot, whereed government buildings were burned to the ground, small businesses destroyed groun acros america. those were mostly peaceful protests, but if you happen to r be in washington, dc on january six , maybe nowhere even near the capital , having done nothing wrong, you deserve,u dee
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according to these people, to have your lives destroyed. and while we're at it, you can have a private server.erver. you could bleach mit. thirty three thousand emails and destroy government phones with hammers. that's fine. but if your lastd bleach 30,000p ,you deserve to have your homesm raided and your wife have her personal belongings gonee through by a dozen strangers. pa that's the truth. and if we really want to get to the great divide here in america, we can go back starpinpoint where it all started and it startedte and th division in america started with that woman right there withwith hillary clinton and her lie about russia collusion. so the next time she wants to get on a soapbox and preached to americans, maybe you should just step in front of a mirrortt instead. >> well, is it extremehe, mir kayleigh mcenany, that youron: give up the energy independence that you inherited extreme and going to up to the iranians, the venezuelans, saudi arabia and opec for the lifeblood of
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the world's economy when we have all these natural resources here? >> td ofo me, that's pretty ext and it's costing all of us a fortune. >> absolutely. is it extreme to allow twogrants t million illegal immigrants to come through our borders during one fiscal year? ugboards andto allow fentanyl tr our borders, to allow six hundred eighty five illegal immigrants to die in the process as they try to cross the border? all of that's extreme.migrants i agree with laura about c the need for a mirror. h we have a president who called mago republicans to half the country clear and present dangers, threats to democracy. they do not respect the constitution, he said. i should say w don'te i'm a majr republican and so on and so forth. that was one . and then the next week w i wask stunned. i was sitting there.i was go i'm going througinh a news feed and i see that hillary clintonon draws this really opaque a contrast between american mecitizens and the terrorists fr whom i saw that that man.
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we all have seen the picture ofr the falling man falling from the burning tower, drawingon bee a comparison between american citizens and the heinousenitizen monsters who committed one of the most evil acts iurn our country's history. icable that is despicable. and the very next story i see is the fact that khalid sheikh mohammed and four other guantanamo detainees, terrorists, architects of 9/11, are not going to get the death penalty potentially. >> it's amazing. >> governor , you just have a great sense of the political h penaltenvironment. i know a lot of people are predicting a wave election year. we've seen it inelection ninety. 2010, 2016, i guess you could say as well. others are predicting it.. i li i don't like to make thatt li prediction. i like to act like we're w five points behind, seven points behind to work that much harder. >> your thoughtsyour? n there's only two ways to run into the election. unopposed and scared. we're not unopposed.ppos we better ruedn scared or. we'll end up getting the biggest thing we have tois o mess is get the message out there. when joe biden says that
11:19 pm
the maga republicans are a threat, we need to just says no. let's make sure we all alunderstas make make amer america great again. >> so if that'ica great s somett is a threat to the country,or well, write me up for it, because i'm all in for making america great. apparentlyn fo, joe biden is not interested in making america great again. gr and i would just say he's doingo a heck of a job, not making is g america great. >> he's making it awful. i qui and we need to quit acting liker we're afraid to takee on t on the issues, evehen t the abortion issue. a lot of republicans are afrai . of it. republicans ar to do is makeit the democrats answer forhe their radical extremist position to take the life of an unborn child right up to thei the moment of its birth. ta that's exactly the pointke. lif our positions are not extreme. >> well said . governor , good to see you. thank you, governor .moment o thank you, laura .point. great to see you. thank you. when we come back , a bizarrebia story involving l.a. mayoralrr candidate karen bass on a home
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. one . again, that's eight hundred three two five four nine nineg one . all right. st developinorg story ououtt of where democraticonight.
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where democratic l.a. mayoral candidate karen bass saysm he multiple firearms were stolen from her home in a break i in n. on saturday, bass said in a statement, quote, at this: time, it appears that only twoel stolenms, despite being safely and securely stored, were stolen. >> cash, electronics, other valuables were not.. and it's unnerving. and unfortunately, it's something that far too many. angelenos have faced. >> now past the formerbass a congressman is a staunch guna control advocate. and this summer even boasted about her commitment to targeting law abiding gun owners. and bod aboutweeting, quote, i y twenty , twenty two moms demand action gun sense candidate running for mayor of los angeles. los angeles deserves a mayor that we can trust and stand up to the gun lobby, not cower before them. and while in congress, passs also co-sponsored a resolution that urged states to repeal t stand your ground laws among a litany of other far left gun
11:27 pm
positions. and now she wants to double down on all those far leftmayorl failures and become mayor of los angeles. so pass is fine, keeping gunss o for herself. if they were secure, she said, but wants to make it harder for law abiding citizens in los angeles to exercise their second amendment rights. here, with reaction los angen, , terrell, along with founder travis secon leo. let me look at this from the legal side. so she had these had these securely and safely stored guns robbed, but they didn't take cash. they didn't take other other valuables. they didn' valuables. they didn't take electronics. why is my antenna up really, really high ? and my b.s.? adam schiff meter spinning around in circles in my hea like a siren did that. it's good that it came up a little higher because i'll tell you why. about what, 60 days before a midterm election where she's trying to become a themid- first black female mayor of los angeles and we know how racefirl
11:28 pm
and color has nothinacg to dok a with qualification. see our vice president , see our white house press secretary . i don't buy this story. she she's rob and the the robber only takes these twod guns in a brinks lock box.his. i don't buy this. s happen and i think what is happening here is she is getting a message out there that she's against guns. sean, she alsoe said said earlia this year, on a scale of one to 10 , it's a 10. as far as her safety in los angeles, she's on a differentan. universe. los angeles is not safe .sh she supports george gasko. she supports black lives matter. she supportst antifa, where with her the summer of 2020an riots, she was supporting 202 the rioters. this woman is a disaster. and remember, she was very close to being vice president . what did her in? because she thought castro was a great leader.e rioters. this woman is horrible for los angeles. she's horrible for the country. cashe must be living a multi
11:29 pm
universe because los angeles, if not safe .o so we're supposed to believe the firearms were safely and securely stored, clay travis. >> but they didn't steal anything else. that makes me very suspicious ca in and of itself. and then she supports getting sh rid of stande your ground lawsa around the country. the o'm wondering, okay, s what did she have the firearms in her house for?s in was she going to retreat with her weapon and say, pretty, please leave my house? is that was that her plan?ve >> because that doesn't make sense either to me. look, leo knows what's going on in l.a. right now. >> is l.a.>> l.a so unsafe that people are actually beingllowed followed ttheio their homes. and when they arrive atuse, their house, criminals are followinollog them inside. f and i'm so sick of this.. it is infuriated every city in america, the people who are telling you how safe the city is , pay for their own private security. they have their own armedey havr guards and they want to tellmet
11:30 pm
everybody out there, oh, youybo yodon't have the right to protet yourself. do you know how many suburba yon women right now?n >> d o you know how many peopled peoe of color you go look at who'sf o buying guns right now? it's not your white guys out. there who are driving so manyres of these firearms sales.. it's women who feel threatened in their cities no matter where they go. like this poor woman, eliza citiefletcher, who went for a n memphis and got kidnaped while she was out jogging by the university of memphis. it's alldnappe these women all r the country. it's a lot of minorities whosees community are unsafe because of politicians like this lecture us and saying your cities are safe and they're living like hypocrites. they have tons of gunsritz themselves. they have all the armed security they want. hypocrite leo, you how many times we heard corey bush say you got to defend the police? securiout here spending five hundred grand on our own. private security? well, they're rich enough forprv your own private security detail. you don't need a police. the i ask anybody, what are youe yon going to do, god forbid. -
11:31 pm
and we have an increase in the murder rate, crime rate alli across the country right now because of defund, dismantle, no bill . d what are people going to doo thy that are anti-gun if, god forbid, somebody break sews into your house? into your house and wants to bring harm to you and your family? i know whawill do.t i'm going td i'm going to defend myself and my family. what are thesefamily. people hao defend themselves? nothing. leo, and basically what they want, they want civil unrest. they wan leo?t citizens who depd on the police to become u vigilantes. we'rnrest withe going to take ms into our own hands. and this chaos shot, vigilante e basically providing a prescription for chaos without suppe without supporting the police, by basically allowing criminalsng to roam the street and terrorize, they're basically telling citizen fendnals t for yourself. >> and that's what's going to happen in result civil disorder . what would what do you do if you don't have any type ofyourse weapon? you're sitting duck at the police response time is running out.
11:32 pm
so you still you're you're doomed. re >> whatever is going to happen, happen. re well, they'll tell you what you're supposed to do is callal a social worker and they'll just tell the criminal that c they feel sorry that are the criminal is behaving so violently and try to talk them out of committing a crime of violence. k then what are you going to ask me? >> and they get arrested is . yeah don't sh, to shoot somebody ther and then they get sent right back out on the streets. on the they're barely in prisonc all. i feel bad for so many oe fou our police out there working as hard as they can. they get bad guys arrested.e the people who are committing the crimes, and then they're back out on the streets, thankss to people like kamala harris so almost as soon as they get arrested. >> allt right, travis, thankn:v you. leis and leoo terrell, thank yo. all right. now, as drug cartels and human traffickers exploit biden'sg cal broken border filling, vice president kamala harris, your border czar, is claiming border security is a priorityits and that the chaos is all donald trump's fault. >> a p that wall that he built o stay in mexico policy that hefa. the wall h
11:33 pm
had ending catch and release, is that what she's referring to? youdecide, we're going to two million people cross this border for the first time ever. >> you're confident this border secureco? the we have a secure border a and that that is a priority fori any nation, including ours th and our administration. but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. >> it was a forty six year low and this is now a record now a record high of course, it was biden bide and harris that rolled back the trump era border restrictiond s trum remain in mexico, like they brought back not justp catch and release, but process and release. and meanwhile, dc has declared likea state of emergency overy r the recent arrival of migrant ivalbuses, but are getting justl a small glimpse of what borderef communities are suffering day after day. why aren't they welcoming these migrants after declaring themselves sanctuary cities?
11:34 pm
also, big breaking news from our very own sara carter, investigative reporter, nullable, dhs documents now lay out just how big of a national security threat the open border that biden created really is .s us and sara carter joins us now to you fear is we explain. our fear is we have already calh caught up to i believe that we know of 70 people on the terrorist watch list. now, we don't know how many got through. go ahead. through.we expect a lot, sean. >> i mean, those are 70 that we know about.when y when you think of this iou thin numbers. imagine this, over numbers, imagine this over eight hundred thousand. now it's looking 800,000 like me a million people that are knowno god away's those are peopleitede that actually got into the united states that we know of. but we weren't bue no able to check their backgrounds. we have no idea who they are.ei all we have is footprints, maybe a little bit of them on a video scanner or some type ofino radar when they came across. t now, as far as the one pointypef
11:35 pm
nine plus million that we've we encountered, i'm going to showwo you some documents here that we've obtained exclusively herue for the show that show that thi more than dozens of ms 13 gang members, 18th street gang members,, people with arrested for sexual exploitation of children and not only that, m shawn, but people in here that are currently beinger investigateds an for possible to terror ties just this summer. and to make to emphasize this a little bit more , shawn, just this i get an idea of what's going on here, this is just one part of the u.s. mexico border. this is the rio grande valley sector. this is just in the rio grandeei valley sector. valle and these are over 10,000. 10,00 once you total them once you total all those numbers of crossings this last fiscal yea rr of of people connected to criminal behavior or possible terrorr
11:36 pm
ties. now, those terror ties are much smaller than those people are entering and crossing back and forth and getting arrested ove r and over again.ties but the number f ms 13 gangng members, the number of 18thor street gang members, the number of gang members that are comingr into the united states fromg central america are overwhelming. and i can tells come this, law enforcement officials, border patrol officials, people that are working along the border in the drug enforcement agency as well as ice are extraordinarily frustrated and angry with the bidention i administration. they say that the bidenlyin administration is lying abous ht what's happening at the bordermi and they are putting america'scl national securit security y at >> you know, i watched allg do these heart wrenching documentaries abous t a twentyf first anniversary of 9/11. that means terrorist cells can they can mix in with the y time they want and they can mix int a with the immigrant population, get processed and we have cell after cell. and that means it's a matter o d when, not a matter of if.f wh that's something like 9/11, maybe worse happens here.worse n
11:37 pm
that's that's that's chilling. very informative. reports. carter, thank you. all right.w we now we turn to another big tur breaking story, this time outof of south carolina with a democratic senate candidate, krystal matthews, who is running against senator tim scott is under matthew fire afte seen on tape disparaging her afg constituents and repeatedlyg wh attacking white people in particular.people. he here's the video obtainedeo. by project veritas. >> as always, youdeciddee to boh the white house. >> otherwise, it looks like we need somebody who understands >> [bleep]e that we can clean up and put in that no new . we all work for the same thing that we all know what the place
11:38 pm
is like. a secret society, exclusive membership. we need that. watch what the game is , where the street like ready at. seane >> now, we did reach out to the matthews campaign for comment and shore since confirme that it is her in the video, shk but says she was taken out of context. fellow democrats, even in south carolina, are slamming these remarks. matthews, she is remainingg thes defiant. take look, first i say i'm ais racist against blacks. >> whe remain the firsningt vids out and now i'm a racist against white. t wh here's the raw truth. i'm against people of all colors. >> if you're not here, to do a job, don't take your home. i was never interviewed. he wa i never knew he was a a journalist. neveurnalist. r. >> he presented himselfed t as somebody who wanted to work on my campaign. o work onow, of course, this hal rhetoric is completely unacceptable. >> sadlyunacceptable, it is wha come to expect from the newextrm extreme democratic party herert.
11:39 pm
with reaction, the author ofrean the brand new book. it's an awesome book, america a redemption story choosing hope, creating unity. america a our friend, south carolina senator tim scott. his election is crucial in south carolina. that is your opponent. you've got to treat him like l adam schiff. really? wow. e adamthe guy i know created evy human soul, senator . >> >> absolutely. your 100%, right, son . gleason three twentyt eight twenty nine reminds us that we're all part ofmily the same family. unfortunately, these bigoted comments towards white peopl.eit and black people should be condemned by every singleblac american, every south carolinian. this does not represent state.te. i can't think of a worse worst comment to be made by a senatorial candidate. unfortunately, she seems t be me be echoing the comments. she talks about maga republicans that she heard from president biden. there is a bigger pictur ae here of words and comments that aret
11:40 pm
are salacious, that reflect too salacious, better on th inflammatory , that reflectsside too much on the progressivettacl side where they're attacking, attacking people because of the color of their skin. sean, there's nothing more un-american than that.hat i >> what did you think of the other video recorded jailhouse video? apparently, she's on tape saying they need gangsters, the n-wordg they need to infile politics by putting on suits and acting respectable. g i got to tell you, the more th i hear her talk, the morearrassd i cringe, the more embarrassede i am for those who support a equal and fair playing field.t they don't want to hear those h comments. frankly,ea she consistently criticizes black people as to suggest that only black drug dealers have money. this country is allowed so many of us to prosper because pros our field, our playing field, it is more levele ou today than
11:41 pm
it's ever been. we should be celebrating evd be of the greatest natio nation on earth, not condemning it with her >> you know, it's amazing. even democrats are now critical of her.her. i read your book cover to covera ,and i think m it's a must read for everybody. and it really is a redemption's story. and i won't highlight the fact that there was a point in your life you were failing every subject but one and but you were able to turn your lifee right. how did you do it? well, wasn't it comes righthow? back down to where you startedu . we are all god's creation. the truth is , when we come together, as an american afr family, i had african-american leaders in whiten le leaders who didn't see me as a blacks a kid. i didn't see them as white or black. they just saw an opportunity to impact a life. seano , you've done it init your life as well. i listen to your story and i understand you see people notu e color. you see people firste people, n.
11:42 pm
>> if we get back to those basic common values, all of america prospers. all ofes all of americaam is br and we should continue to look t for ways to work together, e ren period. it is who we are.y i and it's one of the reasons why i was able to turn my life aroun around was because of a chickofe fil a operator, a guy named germanies, who saw something in me that i could not see myself.a and then i believed that my future in this country was unlimited, that it's going towa turn a bad day into a great day. into >> it's an amazing life story.a and by the way, i was far moreie incorrigible than you are. i'm just never going tan youo bs honest as you are. that's all there is to it. are. but we appreciate you being straight ahe with us, senator tim scott. >> all right. straight ahead, humptympty dumpy had a great fall. humpty is back. he's got a new gig. >> he's not going to believe th where he landed. and by the way, the lefse poll numbers, they are inflated. are they inflated ahead ofember? november? are we purposely being lied to? matarito robert kahului straight
11:43 pm
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11:49 pm
he just landed a fellowship. i can't even believe this at harvard university, teaching a course on so-called threats to democracy. this is how lo harvard has now sunk. they hired humpty, i think company. if you want to talk about threats to democracy, he ought to let me be a guest lecturer at his class. i'll do to on interrupted hours. i'll make it an audio visual presentation that'll be an extravaganza and i'll show all the lies that he and his former liberal network colleagues have been peddling this country for years with all the proof that they lied. and also ask yourself, will humpies class detail how humpty himself pushed the russia collusion lie and conspiracy theory and hoax ? or what about the jesse smollett was the victim of a hate crime hoax? or suggesting that hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation another hoax? >> or will he even remotely
11:50 pm
be critical of anything that democrats and his liberal media colleagues have done? >> can't believe how low they sunk. all right. because meanwhile, also tonight, the struggles for pennsylvania in that senate race are tightening every day. john fetterman, well, his troubles are getting more and more undeniable. here's fetterman again, struggling to speak in pennsylvania over the weekend. >> take a look at such the most important race for the senate here. for twenty two , we have two. replace pat toomey. he had a chance to match me up again and he quit. let me ask you another question. who wants me to be the fifty first vote ? send me to dc to make sure you know i will be there to be that vote .
11:51 pm
thank far left senate candidates ever to run beyond being a spoiled socialist trust fund that never had a real job. and he likes to act tough with his hoodie and tattoos. he has lived off his parents for decades. he bought his house from for a dollar from a sister. but he wants to let out one third of pennsylvania prisoners, wants them out of jail, wants to eliminate fracking. oh, and 80 plus billion dollar industry in pennsylvania, wants to legalize drug dens, wants to abolish the filibuster, wants abortion with no restrictions. at all whatsoever. the control of the senate may very will be decided by the commonwealth of pennsylvania and the "new york times" is now sounding the alarm for democrats with a new analysis suggesting that recent good polls for democrats may be a mirage. to explain why, insider advantage pollster matari is with. >> how are you doing? great, john . all right, let's go over this. we talked about this privately
11:52 pm
and i think we talked about it on my radio show. >> and that is they use likely voters, not or registered voters, not likely voters. and this happens pretty much every election season. >> well, it is . i'm not going to say it's some sort of conspiracy or whatever , but there are different approaches to polling and the way polls, the way pollsters gather their information. we like to rely on likely voters because it gives you a better idea of who's actually going to show up to vote . when you use registered voters, you get a lot of folks who might be vaguely interested in the political election, but they aren't going to vote . and that can sometimes give you a little more to the democratic side and maybe invite robert hayle from trafalgar with us. robert , you know, as you look at all these competitive senate races, i feel more comfortable with republicans winning the house. but you've got every bellwether state in play this year and your polling shows every race is close and republicans have an opportunity. >> if it's a wave year, can they win all of these races?
11:53 pm
they absolutely can. and one of the things that we're seeing right now is that there's a full attention from from these groups that they're out there saying that the polling is wrong again. well, was wrong in 2020 and it was wrong. and in 2016 they haven't acknowledged that such a thing as a trash shot voter exist and they don't acknowledge it, saying things like deplorable, saying things like america is the enemy of the state. make republicans less like participate in polls. so you might have a democrat who thinks his neighbor's vote with because he didn't have a signing a charter sticker on his car . and he might even say, yeah, sure, when he says vote democrat. but it's a secret ballot and i think you're going to see a big republican wave and we're going pick up a lot of these seats that people do not think are even competitive right now. within two or three . >> i think they could all be winners of 20 seconds. >> do you see a wave election? i've seen it start. i think the republicans were
11:54 pm
dropping for a little while. the last two weeks i've to turn around and particularly in these battleground states where biden's approval rating is still dropping, it's not getting stronger. and republican candidates are getting closer. >> all right, robert , thank you for that. thank you. when we come back , an emotional moment during the national anthem at the jet game yesterday. you don't want to miss it. you don't want to miss it. straight ahead, new zealand poncelet again flags a superel flexible patch with maximum motor strength light again. the contours of the body to relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention it really, really sticks so long pass. >> it's good medicine. samit by 300 empire three hundred and by 800 ideate 300. >> and today from the creators of the original up walker the upright posture walker that
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12:00 am
was an amazing moment. >> our thoughts and prayers with all the two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven families that lost loved ones and. it's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. >> in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura , happy monday. happy monday. i'm always going to try to match my dress to your tie, but i'm not sure i'm going to do that. that pastel tie you wear,thank i'm not kindyou. of a pastel gal but i like the royal blue and i love the and i also love the national anthem atand the game. that was beautiful.i love the nm at the game. that was to many people. >> i don't think that was wonderful. the ties come from fox. they send them to me and i wear them. that's it. first of all, you rather not s primping. i have seen you primping in the makeup room. you print like a girl. i've seen that several you should see hannity. he tries