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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 13, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> our thoughts and prayers with all the two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven families that lost loved ones and. it's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. >> in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura , happy monday. happy monday. i'm always going to try to match my dress to your tie, but i'm not sure i'm going to do that. that pastel tie you wear,thank i'm not kindyou. of a pastel gal but i like the royal blue and i love the and i also love the national anthem atand the game. that was beautiful.i love the nm at the game. that was to many people. >> i don't think that was wonderful. the ties come from fox. they send them to me and i wear them. that's it. first of all, you rather not s primping. i have seen you primping in the makeup room. you print like a girl. i've seen that several you should see hannity. he tries the jackets.
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he asks everybody, does this say look good? does this make my ? i never seem like that's notke l true. it is embarrassing.ook bi g?you should i should i go? >> i got to go now. after i drive and run, go have a good show. all right. i'm laura ingram . this is ingram wrangell from washington tonight. >> lra: we called out called ot gal, hillary clinton last week on the show and she apparently took time out of her busytime oo fschedule to respond to more on twitter. i'm going to have a response ofo my own in moments.f but first, the big green fizzle. >> that's the focus ofbut gre angle.t's anglene hour. it turns out that today's democratic party, it's just radicalized. it's also wildly stupidh as and impractical. they downplay, even deny the impact of climate change im as communities are literally on fire. we made the largest investment to combat the climate crisis in
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history and deliver on environmental justice for people everywhere. >> okay, her pantsuit is figuratively on fire. she flip so much all>> right la, because in kabul, on the left, invoke environmental justice. watc h your wallet and be prepared for a more miserable life for you and your family.a e what they plan to do is to take more of what you earned they ps, namelyother their connected friends and their political donors. it's sort of like a reverse robin hood situation. is thatit's l youanot is g life is going to improve or that you're going to haveoi e more money in your pocket. we already know that they want to ban cars. they want to ban natural gas, nu hookups in your home.ra they want to ban leaf blowers, ranching, beef, grass, lawns, but ditching oil and gast oi and rapid transitions is going to require inflation, stoking spendingrapid in multiples of wt they've already rammed through . now, courtesy of influential liberal columnist ezra klein,mnz
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we have the zainy blueprint forw how they hope to radically t change the way you and your family live. the d strategy,rbonizely liv he wrote in the new york times,n at its core, is simply this. e right now, 60% of electricity comes from fossil fuels. we nee d to rebuild our electrical grid around clean sources and then we need to triple or quadruple the total amount of electricity we generatthen triple e and almt unimaginably large buildup of wind and solar power. he's right about that.e. it's unimaginable, let alone obscenely expensive. and how much of the american landscape, pray tell, will be eaten up by this so-calledn clean revolution? he writes to put some numbers to that, a plausible path to decarbonized modeledes by researchers at princeton, sees wind and solar using or visually affecting up tor five hundred and ninety thousand square kilometers, which is roughly equal to the landmass of connecticut. my home state, illinois, indiana, kentucky, massachusetts, ohio, rhode island and tennessee, put
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together, you know, just thinking about that, that t ogis going to look gorgeous, jut beautiful. the environmentalists apparently, they don't carew about how any ofth their structures will impact wil birds and other fauna b and flora. sorry, good lucds ok nibblingr othe on. solar panels. they're also banging out a huge amount of corporate welfare to force the scheme on americans in o the bipartisan america infrastructure bill is there. they're trying to sort ons f wander around with checks, with tax rebates, with tax credits and if you can create enough of this change here, like we will givs chaine youa to a tremendous amount ofus subsidies or will be guaranteed purchasers or whatever it might be . >> so they're basically just or g ord their way to a very, very, very large decarbonized. >> and the greenbacks aredecarb trying to appeal to biden's ego or maybe chill's at this point. if t biden succeeds, his legacy' will be atypically physical, s electric vehicle charging
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stations, battery manufacturing plants, vast areas of land covered in wind turbines and solar panels, all thoseel states that rattled off, those are all going to be wind plannelar, about none of this is going to work as planned.t ii i don't think any of it'ngs goig to happen. most of it won't. they they neither have the competence nor the money nor the politica de col supporta upend american society. this you want to knowto upend what the brutal truth is here it is the so-called utopia that klein and others fantasize about will reduce the mobilityd and standard of living for all of l but the wealthiest of americans.ivd mobilityor all but the wealthiest of americans. because remember the rules, they never apply to the wealthy people. they're going to fly overheadthp and their helicopters while the rest of you are desperately trying to find charginle.they'lo stations, today's democrats never think through the consequence of their nutbag policies. never, as we saw durin democrg covid situation, governors like michigan's gretchen, hitlessen wittmer and california's gavin newsom bowed down to wthe teachers unions.
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they locked those kids out of the schools and now we'red no seeing the academic and mental mentth ruin that this selfishness caused. but at least this angelic womany is happy. >> where's the education piece? is here? education where's the education piece is here? climate change ? if we actually stop these w extreme weather events, she's an extreme weather man. r. that's terrifying. i've seen that before. all right.'s for the year, they waved offf al all the concerns aboutnc inflation. the smarty pantserns, they went, full speed ahead with their, thy spend appaloosas and now now with prices skyrocketing for everything biden wants you to demok that the high prices you're paying are just kind ofcr ate button oimaginary. >> the american people should have confidence that we'rethe on the right track. we're seeing real se we've worked to make sure our economy recovers to lower ey costs for families. >> first, has the man not seenr.
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>> laura: has the men the right track wrong track numbers yet?th i mean, it's horrible chece. second, as for those lower costs for american families, perhaps he missed this.unter, i aside from hunter who can't? i guess he can sell those. can sell t blancpaihon artwork things forth hundreds of thousands of dollars. most americans are really, really hurting.and biden' joe and biden's cabinet. well, it's teaming, as we know, with far left halfwits and america spent over america 40 billion dollars in ukraine. but biden, he wants to spend wap eleven point seven billion dollars more . have you heard that inen is this the secretary of energy's takeaway from that? >> itake awafrom that t has beer in terms of the war and inms o terms off th eyes open about how vulnerable we all are when we don't of ho create our own homegrown energy sources. but that is an accelerant as well toward the ultimate goal of gettin g getting to 100% clean electricity or net zeroelt y by twenty fifty . we're vulnerable precisely because her party sabotage
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our homegrown energy. all of it was energy independence. and now a proxy war is a it waso mewelcome accelerator's. county that what you said to force change on our country? if biden could have found anyone who knows less aboutho ta energy, like i don't knot w who would that would have been listening to granholm. >> oh, wait, i found him., >> we need to move ine the direction of electric vehicles. we've got to make sure that this happens quickly. ctric vehicleshis enough to help us beat climate change. >> one problem, mining minerals for evs is impossible to meet. demand, thanks in part from the green regulations. >> of course, they're all frauds. these people, they're claiming to love clean energyo love as ty refuse to green light more nuclear plants. california's energy crisis we're seeing unfold before our eyes was predictable, especiallyli when they shutciale a nuclear plant. the green warriors, the biden administration's, the they're about to run into the buzzsabou
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of the american electorate iname november. voters can see what's in storel down the road. indown t if the envirheo extremists have their way, they have to look noe furthextrer in europe where this are getting very, very unpleasant.look no further than europ are maybe very stinky as the eu is now poiseged to restrict showers to five minutes. never forget skyrocketing energy costs for americanstes. is the policy of democrats. it's not an accident. democrats must inflict pain ged inconvenience on you in order to get you to agree to change and obey. you will love the green nirvana that awaits. yoey. you will love the u will love i. >> yeah.e it some elderly americans living alone are probably going to freeze this winter, but ats livg least bill gates and greta thornburg will be more hopeful a about the planet. and that's the angle le. joining me now, i'm delighted, stephen miller, former senior of the c,o president trump founder of america first legal, and ben domenech, editor at large for the spectator and foxt news contributor.
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stephen , do youor thinku thinke the american people in the end americanappreciate how fanatical the left is when you read thatai ezra klein piece?, th >> i mean, thiis is s thisth ise dream world for him. no, more . this is a dream. well, how many states did off i rattle off? they're going to have thosemarkr wind turbines, solar panels, massachusetts, five states. i think most ohe f our country will be one large solar panel. you fly across country, you look down to see a never ending solar panel with a few windmills peppered in between. and i wonder if gavin newsom will volunteer his state and perhaps his beaches tof n ke the windmills coast to coast, destroying our entire view our with our napa. we're right.iew. yes. let's get them up there. you i don't think to answer your question, laura , that the american people know how radical thispeople is and republicans have their work cut out over the next couple of months heading into the midterms. tto paint the picture,that you the picture that you painted radical and to explain their vision is so radical thath we will end up like europe, he unable to heat our homes, unable to cool ioun the summer,o
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unable to have basic electricity to power our lives because they are systematically shutting down the proven reliable sourcesr live, includis as you mentioned, nuclear, thatd we need to power this country. >> now, when we've heard a lotre about the so-called falling prices, i mean, they just they're like baghdadar fall times ten . i keep saying things that are t untrue and yetim janet yellenthy is telling americans, get ready for winter. >> watch this winter. >> the european union will cease the most part,t buying russian oil. it is possible that that could cause a spike in oil prices. our price cap proposal is designed to both lower russian revenues that they uses to support their economyth and fight this illegal war. >> th i mean, and be telling us ,> get ready for cold winter. the biden administration comes to us always winter, never. u >> christmas is always winter, the beginning of what is going
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to be a bad winter covid come: e in winter. >> i for my sins and steven>> i miller can can criticizefo me of air for this.s i am friendly with mr. ezra klein and so i like a nice guy. >> my message to him beforessagm this and i said, i'm supposed to talk about your articleout tonight. what would you say? your article wouand he said, i y this article is depiction of all the things the left wantsat . t of whafail and i actually think that's a fair assessment of what he's rightt he, what he's puttil out there. i think that what what fail. he's putting out there will fail. >> it will absolutely fail. that's five states.l. and see, the five sta states mike lindell. it's a lunacy.te and so fros!m from my perspecti. ,what this means is who is really being serious in thise conversation? is it the left which wants trsa? o essentially put solar panels over multiple states all over the globe where a solar panel. >> exactly up around with it.
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>> yeah.e is or is it people who actually look different problems in in th their area when it comes toei energy distribution? >>when they say we should be investing more in nuclear, we should be investing more in wil the kind of power thatl will actually lead to people's homes as opposed to being dependent on minerals and things that we neeg dependem the chinese communists in orderm to further our attempt at beingg energy independent. >> the simple fact is us,n ad the biden administration has set us back enormouslymi in so many different energy independence. >> we were we were we werefact doing 18 months ago. >> wasn't like fracking exactly. but fracking. tracking. >> but they set us back in so i many ways and their inability to grapple with their factilityg and their mediraa allies, willingness to cover, they're covering up. >> they're absolutely covering up. stephen , i have to get to thise "new york times" reporting in the last week, the justice department has issued forty subpoenas. these two phones of trump associates over january six . your response to this, less
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than two months before a midterm election will come after that. that's that's the point, though, isn't it? i mean, of course, it's already >> been. well, it's been publicly reported that i was on the list of of subpoenas in the new york y times. but that's " the point, right? when are they doing this right? before the midterms. what is this all about? what has it always been about?wh we've had this conversations ab? on your show many times. it's about using the power of the justice department to influence our elections. it's about the department the partizanship that has infected the doj at the highest levels that everyone who treasures the rules of law in america should be terrified about what is happening to our country sh be have the crime facing: an d women in this country, womenc. just walking on the streets, families. fami this is terrifying and this i is what they're doing. this is what the focusifying. i. the american people are the problem or the criminals or the problem. the drug cartels. i have a i have a little girl. i have a , you know, a wife
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and i am terrified at the levela of random crime that is happening on the street. >> depraved crime, depraved leve and completely predictable. and yet they're bothering steven because, you know, he. emailed and texted with people . it's ridiculous. i mean, it's it's absolutely absurd. justt it is an indictment of our justice system that we have this going on in such an obvious way, a vindication of everyone who has been saying from the beginning that the fbi and the doj were out of control, shot through , shutwith partizans and can't be trusted. e >> steven, i think>> laura the republicans, they get i think they're going win i the house in the senate. i'm going tohi saynk so it toni. maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think so. i think win both. >> i think s o it.f this narratf joe mentum that is , it's alle d b.s., okay, i think in the end, the american people are going to have to see the republicans e step up with real solutions if they get back into power, if they get the presidency, they got to break up these big agencies have to do something. they can't just talk about i'm sick of hearing them make i. lists of things they want to do. it has to be specific, break it up, make it count.
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and to the point that ben wasco. making, put the cartels out of business. stop going after your politicalr opposition. >> ben, do you think it will happen? the republicans of the kohona? >> so they're going to do the same thing they always do and punted down the road. i mean, comepunted road? on . askin are you putting are you asking me to put my faith in the republican party? the gop, the better the democrats so long. i mean, i would like to see it. >> i would like to see it. it's an existential moment. i really do believe it has to has to be done. stephen and ben, get your solar panels. are the clouds luck at nightk that are great to see abouwit. >> all right. the other day i took tontial twitter, the boys are like this to note that hillary clintonclft had failed to include queen elizabeth in this new book. she wrote about gutsy women. well, that didn't sit well, apparently with the former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate who took time out o cf her very busy schedule to respond, tweeting, thanks for getting the word outw about gutsy laura . a book now turneeehankd apple ty docu series. it was a challenge to narrowhalt down who to feature because it's true, there are just toapoh
12:17 am
many amazingey a women in the world. well, i don't disagree. mrs clinton. and maybe maybe i was being unfair to hillary guys, i .s une i mean, whriy include women like queen elizabeth or mother now saint teresa globally?n like recognized for their tireless service to others when there are so many more deserving quee gutsy gals out there. out just look at two who werejust lo k featured on hillary's tv series, like the foul mouthed comedian amy schumer.n hillary's tv series. or meghan, the stallion whose gutsiness is on display when she tells young girls to shake their and spread their legs. but maybe, i don't know, we should have seen this coming th eibecause her copilot in this effort, daughter chelsea yours n, offered an early shot at yours truly last week. >> we don't we don't think that any woman should just shut up and sing or shut un't p and plan sports . i'm glad they read my well, ifk to that's a criteria, well, women who are outspoken,bo i'm surprised that kathleen willey, wanita, broderick and paula jones weren't included in the book. s, why wen
12:18 am
in thethey'll make it to the second edition . but up next, john letterman's bizarre performance yesterday has led to more questions abouta his ability to debate. but he's not the only democrat ducking the voters. washington debate. republican se candidate tiffany smiley patty e on patty murray's dodge. plus, are the polls oncemurphy e underestimating republicans? you just heard me reference it.g we're going to bring you the the evidence and surprising source next. >> stator there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are. this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. boys can be girls and girls can be boys. i went down the same path, so i'm being hijacked. my brain criticism of the transgender movement will get you canceled, kicked off social media in
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the world is going on . the schools have actually recommended the kids to activist resources, initiation recruitment glovebox . people are uncomfortable. it preys on and creates broken families. i had my son completely taken away from me. it is everywhere. the culture is out to get your child. tucker carlson, originals transgressive streaming that one fox nation sign up at fox dot .com. >> hi , i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's sleep helps support a healthy immune system, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular system. thankfully, relaxium sleeps formula is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up
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harmor their unborn children. call liberty legal. now to see if you're eligible to five seven five five three five one .e fo i hope. i truly hope for each and every one of you. you didn't have a doctor inr lie making fun o your life making fun of it, making light of it. or telling you that you're not fit to serve people.e people sometimes ask, yoseu kno, can you describe a stroke, whata you what's happened? sometimes i must say two words so together.mes i must two words together. that's the that's the thing. it's such the most important race for the senate here for twenty two , abortion is the ballot now in november. yikes. wow. it's obvious why fetterman
12:24 am
is ducking debates and hasederm' nothing to do with auditory issues since he's had no doitor problem. no problem at all. appearing at a three thousandy person pro-abortion rally on september 11th, now, things are so bad that even "the washington post" editorial board is noticing. they wrote, the fed chairman is asking voters for a six year contract without giving them enough info to make soun d judgments about whether he's up for such a demanding job. we believe mr. fetterman should release his medical records for independent review, and hecordsn should debate mr. oz before voters start casting their ballots next week, by the way. but fetterman is just part of a larger theme for a the democrats. it's kind of a trend they don'tt need to think. they have to explain their views to the voters or defend them at all.that in arizona, democrat all gubernatorial candidate katie hobbs is refusing to debates is republican carrie lake, callingn her a conspiracy theorist and even calling off anyr negociate over a debaterist and with her. and in washington state,
12:25 am
republican senate candidate tiffany smiley has accepted foda debate invitations against senator patty murraybate. she extended them, but patty murray will not agree to any of them. now, we'll remember this his time they want us to agree u various presidential debates. tiffany smiley joins me now. tiffany,an are we really to believe that this is all aboutsl scheduling details from senator murray's office? l aboutbecause you've made yourf available on a number of dates,d a number of opportunities for debate. but no, no go so far . >> right. you know, i accepted my first debate four weeks ago. and since then have accepted four more debates. so i have accepted a total ovef four debates with no response from the campaign. i think it's importantfr tomo ne as well that i also accepted an editorial board interview that t
12:26 am
i had thought would be in person with me and senator bernie murray sitting side sitti by side in front ongf the editorial board. it turned into a zoom, which i agreed very graciously i agreed. i know senator murray ha s voting schedules and those senatoof things, so very graciously agreed. and then she negotiated behind anosed doors to have isht be independent and separate of each other because she thought it would be ch othera her campad they thought it would be a more productive conversation. for someone who talks about democracy. al for sol the time, you know, the cornerstone of democracy in this country is healthy debate.o and the voters of washington front deserve to see the choice in front of themof. i mean, just look at patty lookp atmurray's most recent votes inr her record , though, you know, she voted for the americand. sh rescuee plan, one point nine dollars billion, which democrats and left leaning economists said that that would cause inflation. ause inflation is a tax on a tax
12:27 am
americry single american. yeah, one point nine trillion,a i believe it's not. i wish it was billion, but fair point. so so these these debatet fair p invitations were extendeoid. you accepted them. she tries to do it solo. that's not a debate. t by the way.o we reached out toffic senator murray's office, e tothe campaign and they respoh a short while ago to saying, as senator murray has made clear , she will absolutely debate tiffany smiley this fall.d the pate tiffany just like she's debated in every general election. but they didn't offe, just r a date or a time. well, why it's taken so darn itg long to agree to eve snh? one debate. and i think this goes to the point, the same point that we're seeing in pennsylvania, tiffany, that the democrats really don't think the voterstes deserve to have answers during h a very difficult economic time for american families at a time was enormous problem with crimie . >> they don't think the voters n need to hear from them. well, and that's it's just it's absolutely wrong. i mean, the people want leaders.
12:28 am
they're sick and tired. ey wanof career politicians. i was 11 years old when patty od murray was first elected. as and i told the editorial board, i said, i will end this just how i started it, talking startd directly to the voters. and , you know, this reckless tax and spend agenda that the democrats have imposed on all americans. i ask anyone to come join us because when i get into the senate, i will fight for my recovery. and reform agenda. that's what we can fight for. an and anyone that wants to join me can join me at smiley for washington to hold these career politician accountable and getrr our country back on track. reign in the out-of-controly spending and start deliveringba results for the american people. ck ochuck.i think the dinosaurso lumber right off the stage at this point. they've had their day. now it's your day, tiffany. nowi llbest of >> we'll check back with thank you so much. m and speakinguc of the midterms, the spinmeisters are out inmidt full forceth. elling we have been telling you for weeks that the media would begin to engage in the biden
12:29 am
and the democrats comeback story, that they would relentlesslye back st sell that. axios was the newest entrant in acing administration, stenographer and pumping by nomics, giving the administration a chance to rehabilitate its poor standingra with no pushback whatsoever. but like everything else,te is just another mirage. and one surprising source is stepping forward to offer a note of caution. the new york times nate cohncau. writes, the polling warning signs are flashing again. democratic senate candidates are outrunning expectations in a the same placegains where the ps overestimated biden in 2020 and clinton in 2016. interesting. joining me now, charlie hurt, fox news contributor and opinion editor fors the washington times. charlie, these comeback storieas to me seemed geared towardk stsuppressing the republicanup vote , demoralizing republicans think, oh, it's all hopepressin, , al is lost. and it seems to be things are
12:30 am
tightening quite quickly. >> and not surprisingly, yeah, t exactly. and of course, that's alwaysly our strategy. and it's nice to havto have thea entirely in your pocket. because democrats do this every election. but and even though that, you know, i think we see it comingft ,a lot o af people fall for it anyway. but you're exactly right. and they're doing that. and of course, the problem with the biodynamics storylineti and all of these claims thatx st somehow things areor turning that around brilliantly is that you can't really hide frompeople hav the economy. people have to fill upe to fillp their car. they hav thee to go buy groceri. they feel the price of things. s they feel the economy in their own lives. so no matter how much the media tries to lie about it, no matter how much the white house blames lies about it, it it, doesn't really work. if people are at home and they feel the they feel the pain personally. >> well, according to this
12:31 am
new poll out also fewer americans are listing inflations as their top issue. right. that was the big headline on the hill. but then youne dig into the article and it says, but it remained the issue most frequently cited as being frequl top of mind aheay d of abortion and health care. so, i mean, you can't deny what you're paying every month for fr your utility bills. i'm looking at mine is pretty, pretty astounding. >> exactly.s >>and why we turn to these peopt for polling every election just baffles me. and , of baf course, youfl knowo the one pollster thallt gets who these things more right than anybody else, trafalgas r has washington state as a three or four point race. if washington state, the senate race in washington state, is it three or four point race? it's going to be an absolute bloodbath. but one thing and i think all of these polls are going to show a , you know, a very
12:32 am
different picture in about a month from now. >> and that's because when are things are as bad as they are,of right now in terms of the economy, in terms of crime, in terms of the open border, , people tend to check into the election much later. so it's not really all thatg tht surprising that a lot of people are sort of looking ate this righ casually right now. but when it comes time to actually cast a ballot, they'reu going to think about all of these things that joe biden has done and democrats have done teo make their lives person more miserable. and they're going to punishpersn joe biden, the democrat. yeah, i mean, i think a lot of people feel that pain has been inflicted on them with school closures and high prices. ink at the ballot box, the can they're going to inflict inflict some pain on the incumbent party that has driven thesethe a policies. i just i don't believe that with the choices between i want more abortions across america or i want more money ini dot thn my pocket, people are going to choose. they want more abortions. i just don't think i think that's a loser argument as much as kamala harris and everyone else wants to argue otherwise.
12:33 am
>>ument. yeah. and they're not just going t o lose among republicans jus and independents. they're also going to lose a among democrats becausmongede democrats don't want tmoo pay five dollars a gallon gasoline and they don't on inflationline going through the roof. and by the way, also, as you'veo always pointed g out, going, thy back years, they don't want open borders. regular democrat voters don't want open borders. the only people who want it are these lunatics in washington. >> charlie , great to see yought. tonight, as always. thank you. now, why are we still allowingws our greatest geopolitical adversary to buy up our farmland and angle investigation? >> and moments laterto , you be the judge. nutrisystem is answer the bell with menu items that are new for twenty , twenty two . our most satisfying weight loss plan ever, including new premium meals that are big and filling with up to 30 grams of protein. i jumped right in and lost
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12:39 am
then what if i told you thatomef some of that farmland was set near us military bases? it's pretty nea but what if i told you that the country doing all of this t was a major adversarold you y oa the united states ,majo the adversary of the united states ? so the angle has been warningr about this for months. and over the weekend, the wall street journal put it the most starkly ever chinese ownership of us farmland leapt more than twenty fold in just one decade from eighty one million dollars in 2010 to one point eight billion in 2020. beijing has outlined a strategy0 ,but large scale state backing for these investments indicates there is one. joining me now are the authors, two authors of that piece, both from the lincoln network. is a erik, shawn, under policy technologist and jeffrey kane is a senior fellow. larsjeffre, how long has it been since our own government has audited, carefully audited these purchases? >> so the last time the program
12:40 am
that tracks these investments has been audited was in w nineteen eighty nine , according to gao. so ever since then there has been no formal audit of the a program. >> jeffrey, how is thisgr possible? you haveam the ccp approving these purchases? y no one is going to buyal fromh this without approval from the ccp and yet this is just like what is going along. >> those is fine. tell us the worst of the worst >> year. well, the worst the worst the cp is that the ccp is buying through private companies in ngchina, massive tracts of lando of land, many acres of land that are right near military bases. so there's one example in northy dakota, another one in texas. it truly is a wild situation to see chinese companies openly buying landn to wherelane they can spy on american military bases. can weon d o that in china?y need to can wellowed. so we're not allowed to do anynn of this in china, but they can come here and buy whatever they want. china is a communist country and people cannot own land. the state owns land. we can't go there. an
12:41 am
we can't buy land, open a factory on that land. but chinese companies are free to come here.the >> thichins place is open large smithfield foods website address concerns of their owne r ties to china. they claimerns they're notna a chinese state owned enterprise. they don't undertake commercial activities, they don't. >> on behalf of the chinese government lawyers, it's understandableehalf of why theyo that. i but i point out but it's veryn h strange that when the deal came through in 2013, the company that bought out smithfieldat bro foods w.h group was givenroup a four billion dollar loan by the bank of china, a stategi backed chinese bank, to do that, loan. that's also considered veryo do strange that they're being fronted the money to buy by our largest pork producer. >> can't we just get to cut to the chase here? nothing that chinese interests s do in the united states is not approved by the ccp in some way, shape or form, correct? right. so the ccp is buying land. i'm sorry. i i'm just going to you guys aresu all academic, going to say
12:42 am
the way regular people talk. the ccp is approving everythe cs single i purchase that's made in the united states . >> yeah. one way or another in one way or another, because because well, in america we have separation of private business and government. we have liberty.we we have freedom in china that doesn't exist. private companieliberty.s areoet ultimately accountable and must answer to the chinese communist party. there's no way around that. and if they're buying land by a military base that is open to abuse, it's open to spying. >> that is a major red flag. >> and i don't know how this situation happened, but it is absolutely right. i mean, shouldn't be to buy. anything here. oh, yeah.: they they can't have millions ofslavd people enslaved in labor camps.a and we're welcoming here the last month, adam minter bloomberg wrote a piece implying that the chinese investment in us farmland to ban that would be a national nat security or food security issue. serity or fofor us .e he also went on to say it washe racist, a bloomberg. er right, a racist to ban china., s i guess the libertarians say t this is all open markets, open borders.
12:43 am
they're still peddling that nonsense. your reaction to that?your react well, there are concerns about that. by grace meng different bill a few months ago with the boring e response to that is that there's other adversaries have raised concerns about that from north korea, russi hera, venezu. isn't just a chinese thing. it just any country that's anin. adversary of the united states should be shown the door . roughly 40% of us domestic farmland will be transferred to new ownership. it said in these i mean, this is just this is crazy. an and i go to jeffrey on this they just mentioned. but last congressman newhouse added this amendment to the agriculture spending bill that would ban agriculturet purchases from chinese parties. democrat congresswoman grace meng, as you know, to stronglycr oppose the amendment. listens. listen to her logic. >> everyone has to hear this. i understand the issue and theiu concerns, the intentions behind it. but i am als it,o concerned abot singling out china and the
12:44 am
repercussions that it will have on the health and safety of asian-americans here in. the united states . >> lau, this is one of the major red flags of the democratic left. they say that worrying about they our national security against st the most authoritarian police state in the world, which is chinat th polic, is going too be conflated with racism against asian-americans. ian am. these are separate issues. we can we can weth canese are e equality at we can, you know, promote the rights of minorities. it's a fake issue. we can also fight china. we can defend against chinese incursions, china, chinesewe c communist party incursionsan deo the country. >> these are separate.e se you know what this reminds mpae of? the wu hanlaof n. t ar like you could never talk about the bujon lab and the origins of virus because that's racist.i it's a totalt be non sequitur.cs but they throw sand in the windi and hope you can't say anything. coys, great to see you tonight. thanks, laura .mplainin all right. whhingy are credit card companis working with democrats to monitor and trace credit cark p
12:45 am
the congressman who recently school democrats on the gun s?issue, greg steube, is here. >> in moments hill reacts, dator. hi , i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's sleep helps support a healthy immune system, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular system. thankfully, relaxium sleeps formula is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed. relaxium triple action formula was developed by renowned neurologist and sleep expert dr eric ciliberti. it'll regulate your natural sleep cycle, relax your body and calm the mind for better sleep. through the whole night. call today and get your very own risk free bottle of relaxium sleep
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little. >> you are smart kids. you're smart, very smart. >> now how democrats have been b really ramping up the pressure,
12:50 am
haven't they , on their corporate cronies? ramping up tt n theito target political adversaries? well, and among them, our lawar. abiding gun owners. earlier this month, law-abidin senator elizabeth warrenelizabea and over two dozen democrats sent letters to the ceos of major credit card companies, and they demanded that those companies start trac k gun sales. now, last week, new york governor kathy hochul tweetekad in part, everyone nees to do their part to combat gun violence. american express, mastercard, gun viol firearmsa shoul purchases. then on friday, the international organizationgn for standardization approved new merchant codes for gunan sales, which would clear the way for credit card companies to do what democratsre weress wa asking. so guess what happened? visa, mastercard, americanan express, jusdt like that, allanp recaved and will now categorize gun store sales separately, meaning your purchases store can now purchases be tracked. c joining me now, floridacked congressman and gun owner, steub proud gun owner greg steube.
12:51 am
congressman, if you all take bac back the house, will you launch inquiries into the way thisinque pressure was put upon theses pu oncompanies? m lookin i'm very much looking forward to the ability to issueth subpoenas from the judiciary iss committee to get communications from the dojuehe, the fbi, the biden administration, democratic senators mitteeand congresswoman, men and women that asked these different credit card companies to do this, because i would note be shocked that in a year from now, we find out that it was the fbi that asked these creditt keepinompanies to start keeping track of this data, just likedat they asked zukerberg with facebook to diminish russian disinformation on the hunter. bebiden laptop story.diminish i would not be shocked ifdisi the fbi was involved in this. and if we take the housen th back and we get the majority back , we will absolutelywi be issuing subpoenas to get the real information, the factll iss and the communication that went on between the administratiohe n and these companies. >> well, congressman, second
12:52 am
amendment provides a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. the supreme court has has ruleds on the individual nature of this. right. there are other rights that they can then put into some tracking system or in order to surveil or any otherane things that they could do regarding the first amendment, maybe church attendance, like, you know, they treat the second amendment differently for a reason. they don't want individual they'd tres to be able to own the types of weapons they want to own. i'm not talking about machine guns, but they want to get into people's gun lockers if they can. and make sure they can track every single weapon for law abiding people. every for law-abiyeah, and thee this. >> i mean, just look ate bills y the bills that they've passed through congress. and in other first amendmenth cg rights, other constitutional amendments. what, what california's doing on what doctors can and cannot say about vaccines. they just passed a bill recently. i read an article that they're limiting what doctor abouts cana about the vaccine and covid-19. they are actually taking steps to take awaying step your constitutional rights,
12:53 am
starts with the first amendmenss . then it goes ttitutionalo the ss amendment and they're going to keep on and keep on doing whattn they're doin theg until a law abiding citizen citizen starts standing up and taking. back ouro country. tat sandboke bacxk ou andrew ross sorkin thinks, congressmen, about what these credit card companies are actually doing, what there is a law in this country which is to say that effectively says we doo not keep a master list. ther n a e is no master database in america of guns and some people look at this and say, well,s is this a backdoor chateau chateau? >> that's that's not the goal.o? congressman, if that's not wha the goal, then what is the goal? >> an absolutely is the goal. they know they can't pass through congress with 60 votes in the senate, a gun registration nationally for every american for every gun that they own. so they do it in the backdoorckr way they get these way corporats to agree with what they want to do. and they d do inadvertently.. and then when the fbi orth the doj wantens a list of what
12:54 am
americans own, what firearms, they'll just do a subpoena. the visa or mastercard and american express congress didn't pass a law and they get the information that they wanted to because these corporations aren't the will progressives and this administration. >> it's got to be stopped. congressmarporationsn, republice back the house. the senate there has to be realt reform, not just talk of reform, but moves to break upea these companies, these major like atf totalk up corruption in the atf. corruptie to be broken up. yes, fbi, doj, rest assuredt asu myself and jim jordan and the judiciary committee will stop at nothingmyself a to ensure thf freedom is back in america, that investigations are done to show how deep the deep statew de is . >> now, we need toep. congressman, thank you. dad's work >> the last bite, will explain. >> so we need dodsworth meat daughters playtime, thankfully metaphorical auto pans
12:55 am
and zooms to keep you in prison. and the meeting on track. meet a portal, the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you. >> the fed is printing money like crazy. debt is rising by the trillions. is there a way to profit from this madness? >> what do these experts say? the more money you print
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>> laura: they were looking for animals the big wooden but that feel didn't stop the chicago bears from celebrating their upset in an unforgettable way. [cheering] >> laura: okay, i love that, that is like the breaststroke and the butterfly all in one. gutfeld is next. >> carley: we are awaiting the release of new consumer price index report that will help determine how much the federal reserve will raise interest rates next month. it comes as president biden celebrates his massive spending agenda at the white house this afternoon. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. that victory lap as americans are struggling to get by financially. recent poll finds vast majority of household


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