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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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for animals the big wooden but that feel didn't stop the chicago bears from celebrating their upset in an unforgettable way. [cheering] >> laura: okay, i love that, that is like the breaststroke and the butterfly all in one. gutfeld is next. >> carley: we are awaiting the release of new consumer price index report that will help determine how much the federal reserve will raise interest rates next month. it comes as president biden celebrates his massive spending agenda at the white house this afternoon. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. that victory lap as americans are struggling to get by financially. recent poll finds vast majority of households making less than
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$90,000 per year says this has created financial hardship for them. >> carley: americans are optimistic about falling gas prices and people feel better about the economy. kevin corke has more on the white house victory lap. good morning. >> kevin: to hear the white house, the president has taken america from crisis to resurgence and that is the message he will float later today at 3 p.m. to hype the inflation reduction act. >> president biden: do we need to sell the house? do we need to skip payments on the car? can we afford to send the kids to college? inflation reduction act is a god send. it will save people one prostate cancer drug $6000 a year. thousands of women are taking
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breast cancer treatment. we will see the savings. >> kevin: for all the back slapping, analysts point out that the biden students loan give away will eat up progress on inflation. the student debt cancellation announced by the biden administration will cost $500 billion over 10 years, under our estimate, wiping out $238 billion of 10-year deficit reduction from the ira, more than two times over. we estimate is student debt proposal will cost as much as the first 16 years of ira deficit reduction on a nominal basis and first 21 years of deficit reduction on present value basis. if that hasn't gotten you shook up, consider what the penn wharton model says. student loan bailouts could cost
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as high as $1 trillion. here is texas senator ted cruz. >> it is our responsibility to describe, was america a couple years ago when we had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years or better now? there isn't a democrat out there now that can defend this policy failure, they count on the media to change the topic. we need to not fall for it. >> kevin: the white house has begun preparing for potential national railroad strike the american association of railroads estimate could cost $2 billion a day in economic output. monday amtrak announced suspending searchs on routes mostly out of chicago. that could be devastating and could hurt everybody. >> todd: i did not have railroad
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strike on my 2022 bingo card. i probably should have. >> carley: your monopoly board. >> todd: don't pass go, don't collect $200. -- minority communities. >> this is about granting a down payment, we've been doing for years to buyer, no matter who they are to buy a house in minority majority neighborhood. idea has anything to do with zero down payment, limited program geared like we did $5 billion in financing to help revitalize neighborhoods. >> todd: offer mortgages with no down payment to minorities in charlotte, dallas, and miami. some point out how it resembles months before the housing market collapse and great recession
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that followed. moynihan pointed out high fico scores and low delinquencies. the justice department signing off on president trump's pick for special master to overview documents received from donald trump's mar-a-lago home. >> justice department is signing off on one of two candidates proposed by former president trump to overview the records seized from mar-a-lago. the justice department said it would allow raymond deary to review the material, writing deary have substantial judicial experience during which they presided over federal, criminal and civil kays involving national security and privilege concern. deary was nominated by ronald reagan in 1986 serving for the eastern district of new york
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until 2011 and seven years on the u.s. foreign intelligence surveillance court. he approved an investigation into former trump advisor carter page and his alleged ties to the russian government. approval clears way for deary's appointment by sean almeida /* /* ileen cannon. trump's team says the doj is seeking to limit the scope of any review of investigative conduct and presusuppose the outcome in what is deems classified records. deary would determine which documents be shielded from federal prosecutors. >> carley: mayor of suburban chicago town calling out the mayor, craig johnson of elk
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grove says the governor sent migrants to his small town without any time or notice. >> i was upset i didn't get courtesy of a reach-out. when somebody makes a mistake, the way they are reacting is to swing at us. the governor owes our community an apology and i'm waiting to hear that. >> carley: not the only town where migrant buses were sent. there was no notice. texas governor greg abbott blasting lightfoot. >> she is epitome of being a hypocrite, hypocrite for doing what she was criticizing me for and not acknowledging what president biden has done. president biden has been flying
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migrants around the country, sometimes in the darkness of night and she's never said a word about what he's done. >> todd: crime crisis, shocking hit and run caught on camera, we want to warn you issue the video you are about to see is disturbing. a driver in a pickup truck plowing into a know ma. look at that, the man in the wheelchair attempting to cross a parking lot. he flagged the drier down before he is dragged across the p pavement. the man flees the scene and the victim taken to the hospital with injuries. the suspect was arrestd and charged with injury to a disabled person, failure to stop and render aid and unlawful use of a firearm. >> i am worried about being
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physically attacked. it is not safe. >> what the police force overburdened, people think they can do anything now. so -- >> i think we need more police. people don't want to apply and i can't say i don't blame them, it's a tough job. >> carley: crime is not just a problem in portland seattle, deadliest month with 11 homicides reeking havoc on the city. seattle police pleading with the city for help on the frontlines. >> we're screwed, how long do you think it will take to hire the 500 officers that spd whpt they can barely hire five a month. sheriff office down by 115. how long to get them back up to a decent staffing, this will not go away. >> todd: the president of the washington state fraternal order of police joins us now.
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marco, you heard that sund bite, describe how dire you think the situation is? >> i got to tell you, it seems like we talk about issues that are plaguing law enforcement time and time again and local officials enact policyings that are part of the problem. i realize most citizens, almost 60's % do not support defund the police. we have some media, communities and local officials that continue to demonize our profession and as a result, we have officers who feel unappreciated. they are frustrated and leaving their departments in droves. i read in july on cnn, 45%, there is 45% increase in retirements and 18% in resignations in the law enforcement profession.
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even in cities, 86% of agencies dealing with a staffing shortage, like in seattle in king county for instance. that brings to question, what are we doing? enough is you have in. when officers are not on the road, crime rates go up. we have seen and are experiencing a 25% -- or 25-year high in murders in this country. within the numbers, 16 of our la larger agencies have been dealing with the most homicides in recorded history. we understand that our citizens support the police. right now it is time to act. we need people and citizens to contact their local officials, demand that they provide tools and resources to the brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis on behalf of the citizens of their community. >> carley: number of police officers within the seattle department was 12 to 1300 for
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seven years, that number dropped toen it94 in 2020 and now down to 954 officers in 2022, would you draw direct correlation between defund the police move mentz and the lack of officers now? >> that is part of it and also with the way our judicial system is with the way our prosecutors and judges are not holding criminals accountable, officers get frustrated, they want to support the victims they are trying to help and unfortunately some instances, they're not. it gets frustrating, our officers are feeling very discouraged because all they want to do is protect the public. >> todd: chilling statement from seattle police officer's
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president. the profession is almost on its last breath and what happens is that criminals fill the void when there is no law enforcement and you connect to funding and reform laws that were just absolutely catastrophic to the communities, this is the sad result. who ends up paying the price? our community. 350 officers will be eligible to retire at end of the year. if they do all retire, is it safe to say the criminals will run seattle? >> well, when more officers are retiring than we're hiring, crime rates continue to skyrocket and criminals are going to be moreapt to get involved in this type of activity. we need officers, we need support and it is up to, we're asking citizens in our communities to help us. >> carley: number one job of politicians is to keep the community safe. are you seeing any shift in
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thinking of lawmakers in seattle? is anyone out there getting this message? >> yeah, there are. i think that many politicians are starting to realize the way things have been going has only hurt public safety and our citizens and victims deserve to feel safe when leaving their homes and when they are go being to the park and taking their children out in the community. they deserve to have safe streets. i think they are starting to realize that and we continue to drive that message as a society to make sure that public safety is got the best resources possible. >> todd: thank you for your time, it's a dire situation we'll be monitoring. thank you, sir. did you hear this? fired cnn anchor brian stelter has a new job and you'll never guess where it is. >> carley: and did you see this? >> e-mails, i use words like my
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guy or my chairman or the big guy. >> good. i like that. big guy. >> carley: the film the white house doesn't want you to see focusing a lens on hunter biden's shady business dealings. the director is telling us all about it coming up next. ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of?
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>> todd: russia military marking 21 years since the 9/11 attack. norad detecting two planes on sunday. u.s. military officials say the operation is not seen as a threat or provocation, but comes after surveillance aircraft entered the zone twice in a two-day period. >> carley: hunter biden said he would be happy to introduce business associates to top communist official. the offer came after a 2013 dinner party with that official
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in beijing for his father, the then vice president. this as a judge orders e-mails sent by dr. fauci and karine jean-pierre to social media platforms be turned over after accusations they were trying to censure stories on hunter, covid and mail-in voting, it is the center of a new movie titled "my son hunter." >> we never used your name in any correspondence relating to business deals, only face-to-face. i used words like my guy or my chairman or the big guy. >> good. i like that. big guy. >> carley: 10 for the big guy. joining us now, the director of "my son hunter," robert doefy. tell us about this movie.
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>> the film we shot in belgrade, told through the eyes of a 25-year-old left wing activist who works as stripper to meets up with hunter biden and she takes us on this journey. she doesn't know who he is at first and we get into the emotional life of hunter biden. i didn't want to demonize addiction. it's a father and son story, who happens to president of the united states, vice president of the united states with influence pledging and hitting a crack pipe every 15 minutes. it's a great performance by the english actor, lawrence fox. you got john james, who is playing joe biden and emmagovic who is playing the stripper. it touches on many issues. addiction is a big thing with
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fentanyl pouring in by the chinese and the every family is hit by it. i wanted to tell a story that was crowd funded because american people were frustrated that the story has been buried, as you said in your opening segment. recently mark zuckerberg said he was told by the fbi to suppress the story and so the american people are frustrated. i don't care if you are left or right, this shouldn't happen. it has emotion, especially a film with political content, should be told with a satirical hand and my benchmarks were like the wolf of wall street or american hustle that was the fbi sting. and gina borcana, very
1:24 am
interesting, great quality, she plays a secret service agent and it goes into the emotional life of hunter biden, i looked at beautiful things and we infected this script by brian godawa. the crux of this, message in the ravioli, sauce is tasty and spicy and it will get the message out. >> carley: we know a lot of the behind the scenes because of the laptop and you are turning it into a movie, something we haven't seen before. robert davi, we appreciate you joining us this morning, my son hunter is available for streaming right now. minnesota democrats spent 2020 pushing to defund the police, that message could turn. is that because the midterms are
1:25 am
right on the other handa the corner? there is a message for the governor. >> todd: hunter biden is not the only one with ties to china, new climate advisor john podesta has relationship with a top official in the chinese communist party. you will want to stick around for this one.
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>> carley: all eyes are on two biden administration officials and alleged connections to china. white house advisor john podesta and william burnes facing calls to show their ties to communist regime. jackie ibanez has more. >> jackie: john podesta was
1:31 am
named to president biden. he previously served as advisor to president barack obama before chairing hillary clinton failed presidential campaign and e-mails review while heading that campaign podesta held multiple calls with the vice chairman much the chinese people political consulting conference, an organization under you leadership of the communist party. podesta calls him a friend in the e-mails. e-mails reveal hunter was asked to facilitate introduction between mr. tung and other business associates and hunter replied he would be happy to do so. william burnes is having credibility questions after new report alleges burnes served as president of washington think tank while it disclosed
1:32 am
communist members. there is a letter expressing concerns over burnes ability to handle threats. it is suggested burnes lied under oath or is incompetent. mike pompeo calling out biden administration stance to the communist nation saying it is time for the biden team to recognize reality. china wants to underminus, they have not changed. >> carley: interesting story there. thank you. florida democratic gubernatorial candidate charlie crist taking a swipe at governor ron desantis comparing him to the devil at a recent event saying we have a divider on the other side and the uniter over here, you know some people call him de-satan, have you heard that? i'm trying to be nice. de-satan added that?
1:33 am
the choice is crystal clear, he's bad, we're good. charlie crist stopped short of calling himself to the messiah, he compared himself to zelenskyy, saying you see the color, the blue and yellow, does that remind you of any country? we're fighting for freedom, too. tomi lahren will react to this story in the next hour. >> todd: he refers to himself the igniter and calls desantis de-satan. think about that, i'm uniter issue but wait, he satan, the anti-christ. can you smell the unity? i can. more good news for lee zeldin, third democrat abandoning governor hochul, a democrat. endorsing lee zeldin, a conservative. holden says new york is under
1:34 am
mayhem under hochul and calling to renew the police policies as crime rate soars, he's a progressive, that is insane. lee zeldin promised to bolster the police presence after being attacked on stage at a recent event. lee zeldin is behind by only single digits. another race to watch, arizona senator mark kelly struggling to find words to describe how joe biden has done in his presidency. watch. >> has he done a good job, do you think? >> you know, first of all, it is not my job to give him a report card. i would say mixed reviewed. >> todd: his opponent leaving kelly with a simple message, senator biden record is your record, can't hide. survey finds 47% of voters support kelly with 45 backing
1:35 am
masters. if you're a democrat running over next eight weeks, probably have an answer prepared for that question, which you know you are going to get asked. the fact he didn't speaks volumes. >> carley: he said it is not his job to give the president a report card. you are running for senate, it is your job to give the president a report card. and to think, i was thinking that joe biden's messaging on republicans are bad, they are all maga republican, threat to democracy, how does that help a candidate like mark kelly who is trying to get moderate republicans and independents? it sdnth. that is why i think yesterday president biden talked about his unity campaign, unity initiative, what a total 180. >> todd: we talked about the tightening of the race, two
1:36 am
points. blake masters trying to move to the middle. kelly has to be prepared for that. another reason that mark kelly needs to address what joe biden is doing is because joe biden increased attacks on 74 million republicans throughout the country, a lot of republicans live in arizona and if mark kelly wants to siphon the votes for people who don't love blake masters, he probably should comment on stuff the president says, critique the president's performance, otherwise votes go to masters and that margin will shrink. >> carley: mark kelly is in a difficult position when it comes to the president and biden administration, it is a border state and he's called for stronger border initiatives and there was one story a couple months ago where the biden administration was rebuilding the wall in an area of arizona and thinking was to help mark kelly, but that is something he
1:37 am
got there in the end when he said i'm giving the president a mixed report card. really i am surprised we're two months out and candidates don't have a stock answer on the joe biden question yet. they stumble through it. mark kelly, total mixed bag. i wish he was stronger on the border issue, people are struggling, gas prices going down, we'll see what happens. >> todd: carley shimkus for senator. >> carley: hillary vonn asked how she feels about the president, she said i think it took him too long to tackle inflation. she said it was her idea to release more oil from the petroleum reserve and that is why gas prices are lower now, whether you believe that or not, that is a good answer, i give her an a on that. >> todd: you want that answer to deflect the questions otherwise reporter will carry on, if you
1:38 am
have a bobble, he or she will press you on, let's talk about the economy or energy, two thingss that all indications are going to get worse as we get closer to november. temperature will get cooler, people start with heat, that will cause huge demand for energy, maybe not in arizona, it is temperate there, throughout the country. big thing mark kelliville to pay attention to is the economy, arizona is a state that goes with ebbs and flows of the economy more than other states. they see highs and lows. my sum total, do you think mark kelly wishes he was still in space? >> carley: maybe some days, probably less divisive there. everybody has to be united in space. you mentioned this before, how republicans handle the former president trump versus democrats with biden, everybody was very much united in the republican
1:39 am
party around trump, different with biden and how people are distancing themselves on the campaign trail. democrats dodging biden, josh shapiro, bennet, tim ryan, he made his position on biden very clear, wily in ohio, cortez masto in nevada and in florida, all of those besides florida, what do they have in common? all swing states. >> todd: i also have prepared answer when it comes to out rage parents are feeling, 184,000 of them revoting against president biden proposed changes to title ix, saying it attempts to redefine gender and will hurt our kids. parents are speaking out. >> carley: and take a closer look at this worksheet putting focus on race and gender in their curriculum, coming up.
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>> columbia university up the street plummeting in the college rankings by u.s. news and world report after being accused of submitting faulty data to the publication. falling from second in the rankings to 18th after faulty data was revealed. columbia revealing it used incorrect methodology when compiling data and announced it will withdraw from future rankings. >> carley: a teacher assigned a sheet with terms like white privilege and transgender, titled vocabulary for conversation about race, gender, equity and inclusivity was handed out last week. parents spoke out at a recent school board meeting calling the worksheet troubling and it was never brought to their attention. it sounded like the school board
1:46 am
sided with parents. it is important to get involved in education. >> todd: in this day and age, you need to be a helicopter parent to make sure this stuff doesn't happen. this is not a small connecticut story, this will have national implication. connecticut, very liberal state, very democratic state. suthington is a democratic city, it is one of the americana towns, big into patriotism and the flag and big into living your lifelike a normal american, republicans and democrats need to pay attention to this, it shows that even if you have a d attached to -- you grew up a democrat, you are a parent first. if this is happening in your town, it doesn't matter you are a democrat, you will potentially vote for the party that is trying to kick this junk out of your schools and right now that party is republican.
1:47 am
democrats, if you are not okay with this or are okay with this, you could be in trouble come midterm. >> carley: parents are paying attention to it, look at virginia, one key reason youngkin won because mccauliff. teachers have more say how to mold a child than parents themselves? something i will never understand. and that is why republicans started to call themselves the party of the parent and it got under democrats skin, because they for so long were the party of the parents and it will come up in the midterm election. listen to this, parents across the country speaking out against
1:48 am
president biden title ix proposal, which could overhaul gender in public school. record-breaking 184,000 comments from parents voicing outrage over the plan. three mothers are here to react. sar is a south carolina mother and jacqueline is a working mom of four. good morning to you all. cheryl, i'll start with you, if the changes to title ix take place, what happens to schools nationwide? >> so if these proposed changes get approved, what the government is doing is taking worst of some policies that have been passed in local school districts and federalizing it, making it federal mandate. if a school district is not willing to open up locker rooms, bathrooms, sports to boys, they
1:49 am
will lose federal funding. it is comical we're even having this discussion, it guts title ix and original intent. what we're telling young girls is that men's feelings are more important than your safety, your opportunities and your experiences and we need to stop this in its tracks. >> carley: that's right. it would be a nationwide thing, whether in south dakota, ohio, texas, california or new york, across the board it could be a situation where biological boys could be allowed to compete in women's sports. take a look at what title ix reforms say. it would be protection for lgbtqia+ student from discrimination based on sexual orientation and sex characteristics and ensure ability to participate or male
1:50 am
or female sports team without limitation, use bathrooms that align with gender identity and inclusive nongendered language. you are a mother of a 14-year-old girl, what are your thoughts on this? >> good morning, carley. thank you, this is so disheartening and very scary as a female former athlete and my daughter is an athlete high schooler, this radical plan is insane. biden and the administration are really just overstepping their boundaries. this would kill women's sports. title ix was designed to protect women's rights and create a safe environment for them, this is counter productive, contradictive and very slippery slope. i think the department of education has really overstepped and overreached boundary of what they are doing and we are
1:51 am
creating problems and not a safe place for women. this is concerning and feeling like this is being used as political tool. i'm concerned as a parent for my daughter and what the future will hold and 180's,000 comments came in and i hope this will not be dismissed, very interesting midterm election coming up in the fall and hope parent voices are heard. >> carley: betty devos says implication of changes are inmistakable -- from competing against women, administration will do this for one reason, it wants to. congress has not acted, how our system of government requires such changes to be made. s the courts have not ruled on this, the american people don't
1:52 am
support this move, none of this deters the white house. if you could speak to the president, what would you say to him? >> would you want your daughter to be slapped in the face for all the hard work she did in athletics because someone who isn't even a natural-born female has decided, i want to be an athlete and i know i can beat those naturally born females, let me join this team? you're telling your daughter, my daughter and all the rest of the athletic daughters, it doesn't matter that you worked hard, we don't care. someone that says they are female can now come participate. do you not care? would you want your daughter's hard work out the window also? if you really are for the people, then listen to the people. >> carley: great point and great statement. cheryl, quickly, before we let you all go, there are a lot of vocal women's groups out there.
1:53 am
the women's march being one of them, feminist organizations where are they on this? why are they so quiet? >> that's a good question and one that i have been asking for quite a while now. i mean, i'm grateful that i live in an area where we have a lot of parents groups that are speaking out. people need to wake up and realize that our daughters are going to be at risk if the changes any through and i'm really the comments that were made about girls athletics, i agree, it is a slap in the face. i have twin girls, i had a conversation with my daughter last night explaining to her about title ix, i said how would you like it if a boy came and took your spot running the mile in track? she didn't like that and said, people can cheat, people can lie. it is just not fair. there is a physiological
1:54 am
difference between men and women and this again, it is ridiculous that we're even having this conversation. >> carley: the biden administration says they will read the comments and take them into consideration before making the changes to title ix, we'll see if that takes place. thank you for joining us, we appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. >> todd: former cnn host brian stelter heading to harvard to serve as fellow at kennedy school holding discussions with students on media and threats to democracy. threat to democracy thing lucrative for us brian stelter, his show was cancelled by cnn last month. fans not happy after last night's emmy's, they failed to mention oshg livia newton john.
1:55 am
actors like betty white and bob saget. big wins handed out last night, succession best drama series, ted lasso winning and big win for zendaya for euphoria, congrats to her. "new york times" admitting democrats are losing voters as midterm draws closer. >> carley: david webb will tell us where the party is falling short. brennan on deck, keep it here.
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>> todd: fox news alert, justice department signing on president trump's pick for special master to oversee views


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