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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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guy today. it's the moment we're living in. back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m., lying enemy and going after pillow guys because they voted for the wrong person. have a great evening. here's sh sean hannity. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to hannity. my monologue coming up in a mere moment but first we begin tonight with breaking news from the washington swamp. two major reports from investigative reporter john solomon and a new investigative report according to brand new court filings, we now know that the fbi paid a russian man with ties to moscow's intel agency for three years to be a confidential informant against donald trump and it goes deeper. this individual was the primary source for christopher steele's dirty russian disinformation dossier that hillary clinton paid for and is now on trial for lying to the fbi. in other words the bureau was so
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desperate to get trump that they paid a russian agent to spew anti-trump lies for three years. they also knew directly from him in early of 2017 that the dossier was completely false but people like jim comey continue to sign off on the fiza warrants even though they knew without the lying dossier would have never been approved. where's the rate of comemy's home. where is equal justice in america? seems to be dead for the moment. second explosive report from john solomon involves january the 6. one intel analyst for capitol police is blowing the whistle telling solomon that clear and direct warnings about the dire security situation at the capitol, way prior to january 6 was totally and completely ignored by those in charge and including ultimately nancy pelosi. here with all the explosive details, he's the editor in chief in, john
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solomon. start with the two big stories tonight. >> you hit the dan chenko thing right on the head. primary source with the christopher steele dossier funded by the hillary clinton campaign is a person that the fbi believes starting in 2008 was tied to russian intelligence. why did they believe that? they had evidence he was soiliest iting obama administration appointees sayinghead pay them if they leaked him classified information and working with the russian intelligence agencies and leaves a country, comes back and find out he's the primary source for christopher steele, the fbi fires christopher steele for leaking to the media and they hire this guy to be a confidential human source. they hire him after detecting in their first interview with him in many year on january 17 he lied to them and denied being tied to russian intelligence and had to say listen, buds i did, we know you're tied to russian intelligence. he corrects himself then and they then go and put this man on the payroll for three years
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trying to dig up dirt on donald trump and it's an extraordinary thing. and now we know doing work for the fbi getting paid by the american tax dollars and lying to the fbi not once and twice and five times in the indictment and john durham revealing many more lies that igordanchenko cold the fbi during this time the fbi case against russian collusion couldn't be more embarrassing than what we know. >> sean: it was andrew mccabe that said if you don't have the dirty dossier and he was the primary source, he told them in early 2017 that means two fiza warns signed after and mccabe said without that dossier, that would be no fiza warrant granted. >> that's why the justice department withdrew two of the warrants and there's no basis for them to stand under the law and now we know most of the confidential informant information the fbi was getting about donald trump was completely manufactured, including that famous pea tape. the story about the moscow
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hotel. john durham reveals in tonight's filing, he's going to reveal that the moscow hotel employees quoting the steele dossier will say they didn't know about donald trump and the terrible things that went on there. it's not true. every part of the steele dossier and danchenco's lies will be exposed at next month's trial. >> sean: the other breaking news story tonight and this gets very alarming. as early as october 21st, there were radical groups out there planning to riot on january the sixth and they were ignored completely? >> yeah, absolutely. fbi and u.s. department of security all provided the capitol police with extensive
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detailed information and said they were going to go to the capitol rally and storm the capitol. that's word from the intention reports. that's all gathered up by the intelligence division of the capitol police and disseminated and leadership and other people and nothing happens. the final plans for january 6, amid all the documents on just the news now and you can go see them and says there's no known threat analysis. a complete lie. the most important thing, a whistle blower has stepped forward. his name is eric core, he's a decorated military veteran. he's an intelligence analyst and one the best that the capitol police have and works for homeland security and he's so truesed. he says that he wrote a memo, actually we have the memo. on january 9, three days of the terrible riots occurred, he wrote a memo to all his bosses saying there's no way to sugar coat this, we knew in advance of all the intelligence and didn't act on it. we failed and we've got to learn from it and can't cover it up. there's no way to spin this other than we had a opportunity
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to stop and talks about how nauseous he was knowing that his fellow officers went out there on january 6, completely behind to the intelligence he provided his bosses. this is a devastating whistle blower i have confirmed he is working with capitol hill republicans, house republicans, working on the house administration committee, rodney davis, they've interviewed him and several other whistle blowers. if republicans get control of congress next year, an entirely different story about nancy pelosi's operations for january 6 will burst onto the scene. tonight people get to see the first part of it. the actual whistle blower's memoings to his bosses three days after january 6 and all the intelligence he provided going back to december 21st, 2020. 20. >> sean: we expect that the capitol police chief who had requested the guard, he's coming out with the book and that's supposed to be equally as explosive? >> i've heard those reports and he's writing on a book and a
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long espy s ex--- expose and one showing capitol police had plenty of warnings and explicit detail and nonstop war warning s they got their police department ready for january 6, they left all that intelligence out. i encourage everybody to take a look at the riot unit document. the document that gave to riot control units and saying no threat analysis at all. that was not true from the documents made public. eric core will be a very important witness in the next year in congress. >> sean: all right, john solomon, thank you for the reports. we appreciate it. and we are only 56 days away from the all important midterm elections and can't come fast enough. today we got more horrific economic numbers. inflation was even higher than expected. rising in august, again a 41-rear high at 8.3%. food, rent, healthcare, electricity all are way up.
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also now at record highs. gases is still more than double what it was before biden became president. despite a dangerous political gimmick that he has been implementing to empty out our strategic petroleum reserves right before the election. how convenient. we'll flood the market with more energy and oil and gas prices will seem like they're going down. the problem is it's a major national security risk because now those reserves are at a 38 year left all this after a 2 point best rate hike after the federal reserve and another rate hike next week is all but certain and likely another 75 basis points, which is massive and that means the housing market is on the verge of completely imploding. new home construction will stop, sale of preexisting homes will stop, home values will plummet on top of iras and 401ks. keep in mind, when trump left office, the average fixed rate
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mortgage was 2.77%. 30 year fixed rate mortgage. now under biden, it is over 6% and it is now getting higher. so under trump, a 30 year mortgage on a $500,000 house with a 20% down payment, had a monthly payment of $1,637. you buy that same house today, it will cost you $2,369 a month. a $730 difference. now, make no mistake, this hurts low income americans, middle income americans, and especially those that are on fixed incomes and simply put, joe biden and his fellow democrats, they are now destroying the american dream for pretty much everyone attempting to climb the ladder. those just trying to hold on two-thirds of americans now, they live paycheck to paycheck. now the market is also responding, they posted the worst single day since the height of the pandemic in 2020. s&p dropped a whopping 4.3%.
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dow jones dropped almost 1300 points. the nasdaq down 632 today. but also today, during a big event at the white house, joe biden was celebrating his self-proclaimed economic achievements and now he was actually patting himself on the back for fixing inflation and if you think that seems crazy, that's because it is. as town hall put it "biden celebrates inflation as the economy crashes and roaders went with the headline, biden is celebrating inflation reduction act as food, rent, all these prices are climbing". even the new york times "inflation damping biden's celebration for the economy". a comprehensive time line and "march 2021, white house says inflation isn't happening". summer 2021, white house says inflation is a transitory problem. august 2022, a month
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ago biden kamala harris falsely claiming we found out we have zero inflation today. szero. today biden held a celebration for the inflation reduction act that makes inflation far worse and call it raising taxes on the poor, middle class and fixed inform income persons of 2022 and wasn't much of a celebration for joe who frankly seemed extremelia agitated. watch that. >> the soul of america is vibrant, the future of america is bright, and the promise of america is real. it is real, it is real. not a joke. think about it. think about about you'd think about at the time. that nobody can doubt. nobody can any longer doubt that the climate crisis is real. you paid for your social security every single paycheck from the time you were a kid, you paid for it. where is it written that says america can lead in manufacturing?
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where is that written? we have to remember who we are. we are the united states of america. there's nothing, nothing, nothing we've ever set our mind to. nothing that we've not been able to accomplish. nothing beyond our capacity. ca. >> sean: joe does better when he's mad and looks like a raving lunatic and moments ago biden said he wasn't concerned at all about inflation. >> i think we'll be fine. >> are you worried about the inflation number? >> no, i'm not because we're talking about one tenth of 1%. anyway, thank you. >> sean: yeah, it was 1.4% when he became president. it's now 8.3%. he's either lying or he's confused. by the way, if we use the methodology that we use back in the 1980s, it would be a whopping 16% and they changed the methodology to make it look better. between his lack of empathy and fitz of rage and total forgetfulness, joe is getting
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worse every single day. these policies are unmitigated disaster and this past week, no exception. you decide. >> this extraordinary story being written today in america by this administration as i step over my coat. good thing my mom's not around. last guy that had this job, let me put it this way, thank all of you. cancer patients, survives, caregivers and don't jump from up there. okay. for all the leaders assigned to medicine, this is the united states of america for god sake it. is who we are. you know how much, you know how much i'm going to do with the deficit this year -- >> sean: >> sean: two days in a row he remembered the name of his country. good joe, good president. good job. almost no one on either side of the aisle thinks joe is fit to serve as president. don't take my word for it.
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listen to democrat mark kelly who i believe is in trouble in arizona. he does not deserve reelection and she's a chuck schumer democratic socialist. watch when asked about joe in an interview. take a look. >> your thoughts on his job, has he done a good job, you think? >> you know, first of all, it's not my job to give him a report card. i would say, you know, mixed reviews on certain things. >> sean: then when asked if he wants to be seen with him, he stumbled all over himself. translation: mark kelly like so many democrats running this year think joe has done a terrible job and yet mark kelly has it pretty much rubber stamped biden's agenda from the beginning and does whatever joe biden and the climate alarmist cult asks him to do. if you live in arizona, you should know this, mark kelly is biden, he is chuck schumer. we see the same thing with every democrat running. tim ryan, mandela barnes,
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warnock, fetterman, cast treatment they all support 100% of biden's radical policies and they caused record high inflation and record high inflation and disaster at the boarder and disaster in afghanistan and a disaster with law and order and a disaster in your kid's schools. great job, joey. now, the same policies that more than double the size of the irs so you can enjoy your annual audit. the same policies that abolish cash bail, de-funded the police, emptied out mesh's prisons and made us -- america's prisons and made us less safe and less secure. we have more from author of "here's the deal" kelly anne. steve, we'll start with you. you're the economic expert. what is today's news mean?
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>> it was an abysmal day for the economy and much higher inflation than anybody expected, i was shocked by the number and gas prices have fallen and everything else is rising. food pr prices are rising and medical health insurance and transportation cost, cars. everything you buy at the grocery store and you're right, people feel like the real inflation rate is much higher than even that 8.5 rate that the bureau of labor statistics came out with and then, you know, something else remarkable happened. interest rates started rising and you saw that increase in the mortgage rate you talked about. then you saw the crash in the stock market. and what was -- i've never seen anything quite like this, sean, joe bide season giving in weird, you know, victory lap, you know, in celebration at the white house and while he is doing it on tv, you're watching the stock market crash before your eyes. it's like saying that the
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hindenburgh was a success. i'm surprised the white house is that incompetent and this economy is in big trouble. >> sean: kellyanne, you've been following politics and had polling company for so 34 years and the things we're talking about tonight on this show is the things no democrat wants to talk about. they want to talk about january 6 and trump. don't want to talk about rioting in the summer of 2020. they want to lie about abortion and scare women and they are lying about it. then they want to use the old play book where republicans are racist, sexist, et cetera. will that work this year or will americans pay attention to what's happening and the failures of the policies? >> it will not work, sean. remember americans like to protest and pontificate in groups and we vote as individuals and we are voting with rising cost and rising crime. today was very sad. for the first time since february of 1991, we had a
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devastating number in terms of just the increase for lodging for where people live. it's 40% of the core number and guess what, we're hearing that people aren't just worried about gas and groceries and a conversation from five or six minnesotas ago and it's insurance and utilities and rent. one of the fastest growing new groups of homeless in our country are single moms who have a job, folks, they're working and have a job and doing the best they can. the job or two jobs in the household is no longer enough. but this is what i see in biden. it's a split screen presidency. he's out there telling us how great everything is, and we know better. we know the metrics and our own personal financial situation and, sean, absolutely this election is the biden fetterman economy. biden mark kelly. biden rafael warren, biden and that woman in nevada with three names and no accomplishments, her. it's bind tim ryan. they want to distance themselves from biden but remember, those
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who are incumbents, sean, they've voted with biden for build back better and inflation reduction act and every single democrat voted for the inflation reduction act and today we saw what a big lie it was. the biden presidency rests on one principle and he did it today. beaver what i say and not what you say. i have faith in voters and what they see and the pain they feel. >> sean: let me go to jim jordan. i'd love your take on the economy and i'd love you to respond to the breaking news from john solomon, one about the dorm report. the source for christopher steele and clinton's dirty dossier and the guy on trial, we learn and awful lot about him and he was being paid by our fbi. this is after they know that -- after he told the fbi that all of that dossier was bar talk and junk and garmin back and not verifiable or true. and then of course the whistle blower in reference to january 6, your reaction to
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that. >> our tax dollars are being used to pay a guy to lie to us. such a deal for the taxpayer. for goodness shake, i mean, i never thought this could get any worse than what we already knew about this whole mueller dossier, all t bologna and furtr emphasizing what the justice department was five, six years ago and even worse today. that's frightening and on the inflation issue, sean, how tone deaf can the democrats be? the day they get terrible inflation numbers, the market drops over 1,000 po points and t do they do? invite james taylor to the white house for a pep rally. this is crazy. kelly anne is exactly right and american voters and american people and american family haves common sense and know what's going on and there's a reason why so many people think joe biden's doing a bad job. it's because he is and they're going to show up, i think, in a big way in 56 days and change who runs the government.
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>> sean: i'm hoping you're right. steve moore, how do we get the economy right with a 75 basis point rate hike by the fed and what's that going to do to the housing market in general? >> yeah, you sowed some of the statistics and looked at increase in the mortgage rate you talked about. if you buy a median household, median priced home, maybe $450,000 over the life of that 30 year mortgage, just the increase in interest rates will cost you about $150,000. this is g going to crush aspirig homeowners. we've got to do two things and the reason the stock market crashed today is when the high inflation numbers came out, investors realize the fed will have to probably raise interest rates even more than was expected and that's one of the reasons people fled for the exits. now, here's the bigger problem though, until congress start -- and jim jordan is one of my
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super star heros and i know he agree withs me on it. until congress starts cutting government spending, we're going to see an acceleration of inflation. we've got to -- that's why it's so ridiculous to say this bill that spends $500 billion more money will reduce inflation. fonobody nobody believes that. >> sean: americans are suffering needlessly and so much can be res resolved if we had or old economic policies back and remain independent and we could achieve again and on top of that america should become energy dominant and we should be supplying western europe with our energy and then they can bye bypass putin because they're in for a rough wenter. coming up, we turn our attention tonight to the buckeye state, ohio, and tim ryan and his radical record. plus, you won't believe what he said needs to happen to republican extremists.
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republican senate candidate from ohio jd vance is next as we ♪ d
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>> sean: now key senate midterm matchups are taking shape in swing states across the country including in the state of ohio where republican jd vance is on the rise against far left radical tim ryan. he's out there pretending to be a moderate. he's just the opposite. now, here is ryan on msdnc this morning claiming that he cares about bipartisanship but in the same breath saying, the country needs to kill gop extremism and imagine if a maga republican said we need to kill climate alarmist culturallists. >> how do we fix all these
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broken systems? some are from republicans and not the extremists. we've got to kill and confront that movement and working with normal mainstream republicans and that's going to be really, really important because we have to reform these systems. >> yeah, to kill these people off. >> sean: yeah now, it comes as ryan continues to mislead ohio voters. he's trying to claim that he is a moderate who will stand up to the destructive democratic agenda. well, here he is on fake news cnn back in may looking a lot different. >> i'm an american. look, i agreed with donald trump on china, on other -- a few other issues but, you know, i've disagreed with democrats on stuff. you know, obviously ran against nancy pelosi, got in fighting with bernie sanders, it is agreed with obama on -- disagreed with obama on tpp and i've dis- agreed with republicans on things. >> sean: we'll do the job the mainstream media mob will never
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do is vet tim ryan and he's telling you he's a rubber stamp for the far left biden agenda and the agenda of nancy pelosi and 100% biden voter. 100% and trying to flip-flop his way out of all this and under the biden presidency, ryan has voted to support joe biden's stated position 100% of the time. not 99, 100. he wants to abolish the filibuster, he also is all in on the green new deal socialist agenda and he wants to ban gas powered automobiles and signaled supports that he wants to ban fracking and he called the criminal justice system the new jim crow. he wants more restrictions on your second amendment rights and he also pushed the russia collusion hoax and wanted to impeach donald trump over the mueller investigation and he voted for biden's latest tax and spend scheme to weaponnize the irs. he supports taxpayer funded on
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demand late term abortion and the list goes on. let's be clear. he is the furthest thing from a moderate and wrong for ohio and out of touch with the people in ohio. joining us now, republican ohio senate candidate jd vance. your race is critical. this is a must hold seat for republicans. looking at his record, 100% of the time pretty much tells the whole story, jd. >> yeah, it really does, sean. this is a guy who when he runs his scripted tv commercials says he wants to appeal to trump voters and the entire state of ohio and yet when he's unscripted, sean, he's saying we need to confront and kill the entire movement. a majority of the people of ohio of course voted for that movement in 2016 and 2020 so he's a complete fraud on every single issue he's voted with joe bide and pretended in the commercial he thinks the opposite and he's supported by joe soros and millions of dollars coming in to swamp the
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air waves of ohio and lie to the people of ohio and we need everything we can get and folks viewing can help us and go to and if we tell the truth, it's simple. the people of ohio are wise and they're smart and they're not going to buy lying fraud tim ryan. >> sean: what you're going through, jd, is now pretty much common place and it's happening to ron johnson in wisconsin and in pennsylvania and helping to hershell walker in washington and we're not talking about small amounts of money. they're dumping tens of millions of dollars in negative ads on republican candidates like yourself. where is this money coming from because in some cases it's up to $15, $16 million and already the democrats have spent. >> yeah, if you look at
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companies that donated to tim ryan and google was at the top of the list and google filtering republican fundraising efforts and preventing republican fundraising effortses and promoting democratic fundraising efforts and we know that for sure and the data is clear sean and they're using the technology industry and there are donors in the technology industry and gives themselves an unfair advantage and why we need people across the country to help us push back against this stuff. you know, it's so funny, sean, they're so terrified of the truth and of their record that they're lying to people in an effort to gain political power. we in the republican party have a simpler message like, look, let's get back to prosperity and back to safety and back to securing the southern border and stopping the flow of this poison into our country. it's just the truth and so long as we can telethe truth, we'll do fine in november. >> this is a guy that not only doesn't want restrictions on abortion, he voted to fund elective abortions in foreign
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countries with u.s. tax dollars. how do you justify that radical position? >> it's not a position that's good for the people of ohio. look, people in ohio actually believe that their tax dollars, this crazy idea, that their tax dollars should not go to funding abortion at 38 weeks. tim ryan tries to present me as some sort of far right radical on this issue but at the end of the day, his position is nonstop federally funded elective abortion up to the moment of birth. we're going to vote for that position again and again and again and i think republicans we've got to stop being defensive on that, sean. democrats at least the leadership of their party is so radical on the abortion issue and we've have to hang this stuff around their neck and to me that's not where the people of ohio are. >> sean: he calls our criminal justice system racist and new jim crow and even criticized bernie sanders but for all the wrong reasons. he said in new hampshire in
6:34 pm
2019, if we're waiting for 2040 to get rid of gas vehicles, we're doing something terribly wrong and he wants everybody to get an electric car that costs 20% more than a gas powered car. it take as lot of mining with a lot of equipment that uses a lot of diesel and by the way, those batteries for those electric vehicles are charged by an electric grid, 90% of which is fueled by fossil fuels. >> yeah, that's pretty simple and direct and by the way, the raw materials are completely controlled by the chinese here and the cobalt and lithium and there's a real problem here that tim ryan is left to bernie sanders actually saying we need to ban gas powered cars and it's going to destroy the ohio economy. we have a lot of auto workers and we need somebody like me to stand up for them, sean. >> sean: jd, your seat is
6:35 pm
critical if republicans have any chance to take over in the senate. straight ahead, john fetterman to debate oz before early voting starts in pennsylvania including a surprising plea from one liberal editorial board. now, also newt gingrich has a five point strike thaty for republicans to win in november. what is it? he'll tell us next. ♪
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>> sean: john f fetterman continues avoiding oz. and they're calling out fed fetterman's transparency and raising key important questions about why he doesn't launch a debate any time soon.
6:40 pm
by the way, he hasn't take an single question from the press. and the philly inquirer published a opinion piece tonight and it's up to the job at all. fetterman did not disclose owning eight properties in bradick, pennsylvania, where he was a fail and kevin mccarthy will do it and call commitments to america we expect in about ten days and put stated position in writing and sign it and expose all of these far left extremism inside the democratic party with solutions that will solve the problems our country is facing. former speaker of the house newt gingrich did it 28 years ago and i was the mc back in 1994. republicanswon in a wave
6:41 pm
election. nuttery leased five point plan to include focusing on rising crime, opening boarders, parental rights in school and much, much more. here to explain fox news contributor newt gingrich, i've appealed to republicans for 28 years to do this. kevin mccarthy will do this in about ten days. you have your five point plan. >> yeah, look -- >> sean: yeah. >> my five points, which i'll get to, are all within the frame work of kevin mccarthy and the house republicans commitment to america. i mean, the contrast between a biden democrat, who can't solve anything so they offer us hate and deviciveness. and what the house republicans are doing and what i hope frankly the senate republicans will pick up on and follow is to offer a series of very specific proposals. many more frankly than we had in the contract, and i tried to summarize that into five big
6:42 pm
areas because i think if we can stay on the big issues, we're going to have an amazing election this fall. the first is inflation and of course the numbers this week, remember, it's not just general inflation. food prices are up 13% year over year. every family that goes to the grocery store knows it's more and more expin sieve and fewer and fewer -- expin expensive anr and fewer packages and more expinexpensive and it's hittinge poor and the tight income people. philadelphia has the highest murder rate in its history. atlanta has a higher crime rate per capita than chicago and warnock, the democrat is not going to be able to explain it just like fetterman will be down by his pro criminal position. third is the border. look at mark kelly who on the
6:43 pm
same day within 12 hours voted against a rick scott amendment to hire 13,000 border patrol and then voted for the the biden position of 87,000 new irs agents so you're sitting in arizona with about 400,000 new illegal immigrants, and your senator can't vote for more border patrol but can vote to have you audited. i think kelly will go down just based on that. fourth, for parents and generally grandparents and relatives, parents ought to have the right to know what is being taught their kids. the teacher's union and left-wing crazies are bitterly opposed to and 84% issue and every republican ought to be willing to campaign on and it'll make a very big difference and we have to talk about totally overhauling the pentagon and intelligence community. there's a very real chance today that if we ended up in a big war
6:44 pm
with china, we'd lose it and lose it very fast and the current pentagon's too bureaucratic, too corrupt in the lobbying relationships and accepts too much incompetence and efficiency and it's a major american crisis. that's the frame work i'd set for the campaign. >> sean: i want you to address candidates because all the media wants them to talk about is january 6, donald trump, they want to talk about demagogue and lie about that abortion is now illegal in america. every woman needs to know that was a big lie. roe v wade was overturned and the state wills decide if there's any restrictions at all. stats like new york and california will have none and different states will have varying laws but abortion is still legal in america. the last thing they want to talk about is the usual play books that republicans are racist and sexist and ma s massage mystic d
6:45 pm
want -- misogynistic and want dirty water and air. how do you advice them? >> what i would say to every reporter is let me tell you about the price of food. let me tell you about the price of living. let me tell you about the local crime rate -- >> sean: what do you say to donald trump and all those people that went into the capitol on january 6? what's your answer? >> my answer, my answer to that is that's an important washington issue but right here at home, what matters is the crime rate that's threatening our citizens, the rising cost of food that's threatening every person in our district and we don't know what's happening in our schools -- >> sean: next question, what about about the supreme court taking away the issue of the
6:46 pm
woman's right to an abortion. >> they didn't and sorry you buy that falsehood. every woman in america is starts with what they're paying at the grocery store right now. >> sean: that is a great tutorial. you're good at what you do. i've learned from the best. by the way, you had to be desperate in '94 to let me mc that night. >> we had several choices and the others weren't available. what can i tell you, you were it. >> sean: award goes to bed by 9:00. that's where he was out. >> actually, my two daughters wanted you. soy had to do it for them. >> sean: i'm friends with the whole family. newt gingrich, i hope republicans are paying attention. thank you. circle back, jen saki started her new job at msdnc. can you think of a better example of media collusion and we'll remind you of some of the low lights in the white house from our previous job, straight
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we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ >> sean: all right, she's back. former white house press secretary circle back jen psaki started new job at msndc this week and thrilled to join a remarkable team adding she has a passion for "calling out bs". if that's true, then she certainly has an odd way of showing it because not once was she ever honest about the bs that came out of the biden white house. here's just a small trip down memory lane, take a look. >> you may have noticed this week that your gas prices have gone up. i want to talk to you a little bit about why. a lot of it has to do with vladamir putin. there's a broad range of russian
6:52 pm
disinformation in 2020. >> proudly supports y is the administration -- why is the administration flying thousands of migrants to the border from florida to new york in the middle of the night? >> i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night. as individuals come across the boarder and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms, they are -- the intention is for them to be quarantined. that's our process. they're not intending to stay for a lengthy period of time. >> build back better will not add a dime to the national debt? >> correct. >> why should americans believe that? >> because it won't. >> it was crystal clear things were not improproproving and suy chain and dis-washers and treadmills and -- >> the tragedy of the treadmill that's delayed. last thing before i get to your question. i'll circle back and hate to disappoint conservative twitter
6:53 pm
but i'll circle back as we often do directly. >> sean: we have fox news contributor joe concha and "fox & friends" weekend pete hegseth. the tragedy of the treadmill and the 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. flights in obscure airports around the country, those early morning flights, that's not the dark of night. i didn't know those things. >> no, no. she's always being straight up with everybody. i hope she's taking peter doocy with her -- actually i hope she isn't. we don't want to lose him here at fox. but unless peter doocy is going to be alongside with her on her new streaming show, it's unclear who would watch because the only reason we tuned in was to see the exchange of a real question being asked of a white house press secretary and worth noting her show will be on msnbc streaming show, sean.
6:54 pm
we had a former colleague who -- >> sean: she's going to miss, peter. >> she's going to miss peter and this -- as if, you know, peep don't watch msnbc. how often do they go to peacock to watch msnbc streaming show from a flak? i don't know she's being set up for success but at the same time everyone inflated how good she was at what she did anyway without peter doocy, she would not have been interested. >> sean: joe, what's your take? will she succeed or fail? >> peter is right without the contrast of peter doocy or jackie heinrich or someone to challenge her, jen psaki comes across as inauthentic and not interesting and going to peacock, this is like cnn+. who would pay to watch this when not that many people are watching msnbc for free. i love this quote right out of band camp from jen psaki and hope to explain tafanely passion
6:55 pm
for debunking things and hope to see it in my next job. will she be debunking herself, sean. this is the same former press secretary that say republicans want it defund the police and joe biden takes questions from the press four to five times per week, uh-huh, said the withdrawal from afghanistan couldn't be called anything but a success. i mean, come on. good luck to jen psaki and she'll fit in right at msmbc and island of misfit toys just fine. we're looking at female verse of the next keith oberman at this point, sean. >> sean: very well said. pete, congratulations again. battle for the america mine, a massive new york times number one best seller. you've done great. congratulations. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: we've got to take a break. more hannity right after this.e thank you both.
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
>> hannity: before we go
7:00 pm
tonight it was sado report, front of this program, esteemed attorney ken starr passed away at the early age of 76. ken was a fearless defender of the rule of law, american patriot, billion attorney. our condolences to all. unfortunately that's all the time we have this evening. never miss an episode on your dvr meantime let not your heart be troubled. are you wearing pink tonight? >> laura: i was going to because i knew you'd be fresh with that salmon colored tight. i knew it. and i'm so mad! i'm wearing this white cutout number. i'm so mad at myself. what can i do? >> hannity: if that's the worst thing in your life, you have a great life. >> laura: your debbie downer. i'm trying to have fun here