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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 14, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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attorney , by the way, a friend of this program, ken starr, passed away earlier today at the early age of 76 . age ken was a fearless defender of the rule of law, was an american patriot , a brilliant e ruleattorney , we will pray fn family and our condolences to all. he that's, unfortunately, all the time we have left this evening. thank you, as always. for making the show possible. please set your dvr.e on never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. wearingdv pink tonight? you know something?ing pink ton? i was going to because i knewi you'd be fresh and wear thatgo salmon colored tie. i knew it and i'm so mad because i'm wearing this white cutout. i'm wearing th, and i had that a was going to do i'm so mad at myself, girl. what can i do? what can i do? >> you know, if that's the worst thing, if that makes the top one thousand things to worry about inr life your life,. have a great like, hi , you're a debbie downer.: yo >> okay,ur i'm going to have fun here, by the way, up here. speaking of fun, ken starr,, god
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god rest his soul, what could that be ? warrior? he he he had the way of, like cutting through an issue with a smile on his face. ce i and i knew him since i was a young lawyer. i just started in practicing law. i ha him. mwn tribute to i'm so glad you did that, sean,n because he was a wonderful person and a brilliant legal mind. we're not going to see anyone like him any time soon. so thank you for those words for him.r and i'll i' he'll be missed. i'll tryoso it.e words. i'll try to do it. justice at the end of this show. but thank you so much and great show as always. even with the time. all right.s with i'm laura ingraham.e tide. this is ingram angle from washington.washington ton tonight. >> we're going to get right to. th it. the brutal truthe brutal. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. . all right. >> kim karhian has big news. kim kardashian is expanding her brand once again. your brand og a private equity firm with jay simmons, a sixteeequityn year veteran of the carlyle group, and prince gd
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prince wil william and harry. >> the royal drama continues. when yound harry saw, the the body language, i think a picture says a thousand words . es >> the body language, i thoughth was somewhat strained out that. and tom and jazelle trouble in>. paradise, tom brady and gisele bujon reportedly hitting a rough patch in their marriage. according to multiple reports,th the a-list couple's problems started when tom returned to the nf troubl. e nf >> oh, and lizzo finally. yes. gets recognized with a big m when i was a little girl, all i wanted to see was me in the media. someonin thee like me make some. about big girls. >> laura >> god bless. and , well, they're not hounding trompe. this is what the dominant, dumbed down tick-tock culture prefers that we focus on . but all of it is a distraction. none of it matters toion. your daily life, but you know,
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it does matter.but you know i our government, our twenty four trillion dollar economy, it's being managed by dunderheads with this law, the american people, one and special one and interests lost. >> say it again. intereststhe american people, d special interest lost.erests lower health insurance costs, lower energy costs for millions of families. millions of families. i want to take the mos i want to take the mostessive aggressive action ever, ever, ctioever to confront the climate crisis and increase our energyry security, ever in the whol security ever in the whole world. and that's not hyperbole. and that's not hyperbole, and that's a fact. ra: in the >> and the whole world, well, the dimwits atat 1600 pennsylvania avenue were 00 pennsylvaniactually outsellig today that talk about dysfunctional. they clearly dysfunc scheduled e event in the expectation that they were going to get really good newy were tly good newss os morning. but of course, instead they gotg really terrible newsible news ab on inflation. the market dropped more thaninft
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twelve hundred pointion. s. the do >> the dow was off almost four percent for a day. tha that has been planned for weeksr to be a celebration ofs to a cornerstone legislative achievement named the inflation reduction act. co of that cpike a report and the market reaction to it was certainly not ideal for president biden's. >> there are still a lot of headwinds heading into that election. the s&p 500 is down four pointdn two percent. again, we haven't seen thi s kind of big drop in more than three years. >>n more than tw i mean, thi is catastrophic. usliticians lie, my friens saw those numbers. but thdia outlets, they lie, but the numbers do not lie. now, let's take a look at recent history. real world median household income. trump rose from sixty six thousand six hundred from $66,000 fifty seven and 2016 to seventy one thousandn 2016 t one hundred eighty six twentyths twenty .ease that's an increase of six pointn only four euro eight percent and only four years. that was despite the effects of covid it.
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remember, there was no d inflation that. but nopite w, by spending trillions on nonsense programs inrograms printing hundreds of billions of dollars, democrats anand joe biden are robbing youn blind. a new report just came out from the census bureau today saying that real median householdt real median household income fellme fell from seventy one thousand one hundred eighty six and 2020 to seventy thousand seven hundred eighty four in0 tn 2021. another word the 2020 one .. ec in other words, the u.s.on economy under trump when weom were shu t down from covidm covi generated better results ford, better results for the average person than the u.s. economy the average person than the u.s. economy under biden. unded a vaccine and when the country should have totallyd haveoened and then go back t 2019. these numbers are important. thes the last year before covide num well then really median income was seven hundrede wa seventy two thousand eight hundred and eight dollars seventy two thousand eight hundred eight . so i in 2020 one , the median household income was two thousand twenty four dollars lower than it was in 2019.
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think about that now.t that these figures show why trump is still popular, tavis,is stil. it's obvious and why populist policies work by putting money in the pocketr. of average people. >> now, to put this all into perspective, people saw much saw bigger gains under trump and four years from 2016 to 2020 even with covid. d, then they saw in sixteen years of george w. bush and obamad obm again, facts are stubborn things. and of course, under biden , there's also the problem of inflation destroying savings, because we all know this., we py we we pay the bills thatth high prices are causing average american families to spend for e one hundred and sixty dollars more per month this year than they didnth this year th a year. and by the way, when these facts collide with a day of witf celebration at the white houseep
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. >> hmm. how do they end up spinning it ? >> overall, prices have been essentially flat in our countryt these last two months. that is welcome news fors fo american families. this this month we saw some welcome moderation in the price increases for food at the grocery store. it's moderatineg and real wages are going up again forg up the second month. again for the second month in in a row. >> i was reading the whole thing. it's a sombe readingr saying pre pr moderating. is that what she said?es a movere moderating? tha over baga >> you've got competition. everything has gotten so much more expensive, putting gas in the tank and food on the table.> table are the two biggestoo things that have been causing a little stress. the pocketbook that my kids ares really the one on the my kidss g >> like groceries, food, gas, just is really hard for them.em if if you'r e making very littleall yo money that all your paycheck goes for those essentials. >> m and my costs have gone up
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by almost 60% in last two years. the truth of the matter is we're going to go into recession. it's going to get ugly. you see yourself working multiple jobs to combaty inflation. contin i might have to do that if it continues like this.or i went back to work part timk fe on a one year contract tot to supplement our income. i'm workinsupplemeg more jobs ti i want to, but i just plainai don't want to work anymore.t want to work anymore. i want to retire i want to retire. t >> and that's not happeningther. >> laura: by the way that was our intern who did better either by the way, that was our intern who did bettert topi reporting on that topic thane o anyone at the other networksmbid thmbined.. the only thing, by the waye ,ont white hous sense t made sense tt the white house or maybe james taylor's lyrics, >> ♪ ♪ my buddy, my 90% never make you did. i didn't see five . see, it's all rain at the bar.r >>it's and what do we not know?t
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that that was a song about suicide. that on >> now, if he had sung up on a roof, i might have jumped after hearing this mucr heh todaarinyg proof that the song america's ta vibert, the future of america iis bright and the promise of america is real. >> iise of at is real. >> it is real. today we are gathered togathereo celebrate another historic step forwaricd for our nation. from the bottom of my heart, t i want to thank every one of senate democrati my senate democratic colleagues who made the inflation reduction happen. mr. president , thank you forria unifying and inspiring a visionv of a stronger they're safer future for all for our children. your extraordinary leadershipors has made thi ds glorious day possible.
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i that's an applause line. oh, my god. god. let them all designer ice cream after dinner at the french laundry, nancy, now, int th the real world, people know that they're worse offundry, n n they wer and myriad ways than they were under trump. this is why african-americany fm men are starting to turn away it's from the democrats. it's why hispanics are why hispe rejecting biden and his battalion of buffoons. young pl and it's why young people are just disgusted, period. and here you see why the media, they keep trying to distract us . the reason they keep talking about january six and the reason they keeptrying to n about fascism, this is it. a they're trying to avoid the obvious, the overwhelming evidence showing that pop realism makes the average american richer while establisum common policies made them poorer. and the media is going to do inia's goi everything possible, by thertint way, to avoid reporting alhel we the facts that we brought you tonight.u. because the brutal t because the brutal truth, whiles it's ugly here, is empowering.
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so sta so stay focused on the truth. yo when you go to vote and take power away from the people who are destroying pretty much everything you love. and that'sg you love. angle.g mo >> joining me now is larry larr, kudlow, host of kudlow on fox oo business, former director of the national economic council under trum,p. larry, have you ever seen have r a more discordant message from a white house on a day that the economic news was sos so abr the country? abysmal for the country? >> yeah, you know, the inflation report shocked re wall street , but it shockedport the whole country. so for them to putso f on someod of celebrating a concert c with james taylor oroncert with whoever is really a slap in the face and the back of the hand to typical working folks who are getting clobbere, to typd by ths inflation inflation and inflation is going to be the numbeanr one issue in this election, as it must be .
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and laura, you know, you'rey ri. exactly right. typical family income has declined under biden after it was soaring under trump, e prioe beating the prior several presidents. bu pricesat food and grocery prices are now grocy fooding massive inflation. food prices up 11%. grocery prices up 13%. and it's the 17th consecutive month of declining real wages and what you got out there is wages are rising. folkfolks ars are working hard,t inflation is rising faster.t inflation is risin so they're able to buy less.bleb i mean, not only food, you gotec look, electricity up 16%, natural gas up 33%. new cars, 10% used cars ups up eight percent. services of all kinds ups up seven percent, including online medical services. are now jumping for the first time in many years. it's an embedded inflation,
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laura . it's spreading and because you have all these woke progressive's run in the whiteth house, but they're taxinge and they're regulatingregulati and they're turning off the fossil fuel spigot. you're not getting help from the the supply side of the economy. they're squelchingpply sidng wha and strangling what should be ab massive boom.e a a ey inherited a boom. now it's a bust. and the fed is going to be leftl with the unenviable task ofg ups jacking up interest rates much higher and much longer than anybody thought possible not po long ago. here.'s noible not l supply sidp here. so it's going to be left ot the fed and that is going toy wind up being very difficultr tc for the economy. >> yeah,onomy. well, some of usn warning about it in the spring of twenty , twenty , twenty one , but they just waved off our concerns and now the chickens have coming home to roost, to quote reverend wright. to roost, to, has been bragging about one thing in particular of latebeen pra, lar.
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>> watch this. for all the criticism i got for gas prices, bringing too down $0 more than a dollar. >> thirty cents a gallon since the start of the summer. >> well, what he doesn'ty's that mention, though, is thatrage average gas prices are high three dollars and seventy one cents today, way higher. where i live. but they were only two dollars and thirty eight cents when he took office. when he so how is this, how does he hav have bragging rights here when there was no need for theser increased energy costs? this is self-inflicted. these increased thispain on the american people >> yeah, well the the great new deal is shut offal has shu the spigots. lookt off, one reason oil and gr prices have come down is because they're depleting the strategic petroleum reserve. they're ruinin g our energyuining our s security. they're ruining our national securityurity, and by the way,ht the biggest purchases they're making out therear is somehow coming in coming in the late summerha
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and the early fall. i'm sure that has nothing to do with the election. with the election. >> laura: right. we'll get to we're going to get to that next segment. yeah, yeah.t next segment. >> i'm sure it's just i mean, i'm sure it's just a coincidence. no, i'm no t. not. that was a joke. look at this.. inflation is so deep.embedded tt it embedded that, yeah,ev whatever progress you're making in the short runyou're m run, ot prices, you're giving iter foodc back on higher food and higher grocery prices.u stil and the stores, you know, youhes still don't have baby formulalii on the shelves. and as i said before, electricity is going s, el natul gas is going up, cars are going up. we are going to suffer a very a difficult slump, recession and the inflation, because there's no tax cuts or deregulation, no supply sider de health, the inflation is going to linger for laura . o it's going to go on longer. the fed is going to have to>> la clamp their spending money we don't have. >> larry, larry. righ spending moneyt, larry. they're spending money we don't th have. and they printed hundreds of billionsey printedllions o of do
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people to stay home and not you can' go to. le back to now, you still can't get people back to work. okay, so this this is not rocket science is obvious. we'r, lae federal government federal is spending trillions. in fact,overnmen the committee r a responsible budget just put out thisresponsi year, the bidee increased federal debt by almos t three trilliony almost dollars. yeah, they're spending too much. they're regulating $3 too much.o much they're taxing too much. and they're printing too much. printingmoney. they're taking they're taking incentives away to work and they're taking incen incentives away to.wa in fact, it's exactly the opposite. bu invest. t look at it this way. this woke progressive economicha has failed and it's failing. badly. >> and today was a perfectt exa. example. so i'm going to argue that sense common sense american folks around the country see thi arous failure. they're going to vote them out of office. the cavalry's coming . g g. it's going to be a big gop win
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come november in both houses. >> and it's an inflation election. it's a border election. >> it's a fat no election. i it's a crime election.a crime e, fundamental el and it's a parents running its schools election. real simple. just ce running four or five key poit and the gop can roll and stopisd all this bad stuff. >> stop larry in the water. absolutely. and then they actual and then they actually have to do something with their powerwe and actually take dramatic,ou'r bold steps, which i know you'rie in favor of. larry, great to see you. always tonight.. if yk you. if you can believe it, tonightou marks the final primaries the on the twenty twenty two calender. thankfully, fox is chief2022 political anchor i just ran into in the hallway. bret bair is standin fotical anchg by to take us through all the bigh races. bret, i've been inth a time here ,so tell us what's this is exactly it is amazing. t the final primaries right before we head into the final stretch inthe fih in november fr the midterms. delaware, new hampshire and rhode island. let's take you first out to new hampshire and the senate race thered the se.
12:18 am
new hampshire is seen as a possible pickup for republicans because they look at maggie hassan, the incumbentdemv democrat, as very vulnerable inn new hampshire on a number of differen a nt fronts. the republ but the republican primary is close right now.t was retired army general don bodek, against chuck morse, the state senate president right now, we are about four hundred votes separating the two. otes new hampshire doesn't haveas a ton of votes.he collectively as a state. it's notstate, i a big place. but you can see as we dig downi into some of these counties, this is bulldog's home and belnap county. he campaigned.ot there are a lo, yot you seu see, big separation there. again, not in vote totals, butoy here in rockingham county, just a big dump of votes for chuck,k. ov more so what we're seeing hereyh is a very, very tight race.t race, 41% in. th 41% in this is probably goinga to go for a while before we get a winner here.
12:19 am
one of the interesting things is about these races this time,s and it's a storyline for that we've seen all acrosst the country, is that democrats have been spending money goings for republicans, maga republicans in some cases that vulner they think are more vulnerable against their democratic incumbents. against theand new hampshire if those places. fifty three million dollars. democratplac.s spent and various races. this is one of them.. wil and we'll see how this panslet't out. now, let's go too e congressio the congressional races first. the second congressional race in new hampshire. and right now the updatenew ham. is that it's really you can secan see george hansel. there is leading 34% over bob burns. a race w that, again, is a race where democrats put money to try to get burns to win this race. that's not over yet. it's not over yet but george but george hansell is in a goodg position.oo if wd e go tposio the first congressional district. rict this is two former trump aides ,matt mauer's and carolyn
12:20 am it looks like carolyn levittvits has the early lead here. it's not over yet in new hampshire. they're for this race.ce. they go up against chris pappas ,the winner of this.e other the other one is and kuster. but republicans feel confident about that.i to ant twao take you really quickly to a governor's race that we're watching. that's fascinating. and that is the incumbentode is governor of rhode island, daniel markey, is facing a challengerlaniel in helena fork's. wh that is a cbs executiveo ca who campaigned pretty much solely on education in the waket of covid and how bad it is . this is a sitting governor , democratic governor of rhode island, who is in a realt ode dogfight herislae to see if he n pull this out. we'll watch this closely. but a businesswomande on the other side, ashley colace, is a republican that win will face the winner of this law. >> we'll send it back to you. wow, those are tight. and i love the upstart coming up against the incumbent. coming
12:21 am
i always love those stories. unbelievable. brad , thank you forincumbenks for sta stand up. for us tonight. thu bet. all right.ns team the one thing biden's team is bragging about is that, as was just mentioned a few moments ago, that's the still high gas prices have fallenve fl from whalet is a historical pea. but what are we paying in terms of our national security? congressman jim banks, victorio davis hanson discussedse the reckless depletion of our strategic petroleum reserve and what happens next to there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. boys can be girls and girls can be boys. i went down this insane path, so i'm being hijacked. my brain criticism of the transgender movement will get you canceled, kicked off social media.
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what in the world is going on ? the schools of actually recommended the kids to activist resources, initiation, recruitment. lovebug people are uncomfortable. it preys on and creates broken families. i had my son completely taken away from me. it is everywhere. the culture is out to get your child. tucker carlson. originals transgressive streaming that one fox nation sign by fox nation .com. >> do you struggle to fall asleep and stay sleep? i'll sleep. support has a unique blend of five key ingredients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer so you can wake up refreshed. >> i used to wake up a couple of times a night and now qnol, i sleep straight through the night and wake up refreshed. finally, something that works. thanks qnol. i recommend you try qnol five and one sleep support. to help you get to sleep. you need use offer code twenty five a sleep to save 25%
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one seven six . that's 888 zero for one seven six . now, we all know this. all we've talked about it. president biden has drained our strategic petroleum reserves to lower gas prices when before the midtermes. elections. revealswhen come oday just how dangerous thiss. political game has been to our national security. oil reserves have tumbled tomble their lowest levels since 1980. four.4. and you have to ask,o ask, w who benefits from all of this other than democrats, they think, in the midterms? whll, russia d, ofemoc course, because it's using its sale of oil to fund the effort in ukraine. but don't worry, i have no fear because all the happy talk over our proxy war, it's going to, in the end, make everything worthwhile. this weekend, the war in
12:27 am
ukraine changed a lot. ukrainian forces raised the ukrainian flag in town after town after town .flew they recaptured tons of territory back from russian forces. ukrainian military has succeeded in taking a broad swath of territory inh of the northeastern part oferri the country, forcing russian soldierstory in e to retreat tot everyone else is saying. >> i'm euphoric abourst ukraines advance and kharkiv and on. i hope all this is true. true. we wish the ukrainians nothingnt but the best. rem but we also have to remember a lot of these same forces weree telling us that the withdrawal g from afghanistan wouldhani go smoothly or that inflation was transitory or that contact tracing would stop.sitory koven no.t once to these chattering fools think about c the larger geopolitical issues that are colliding with this entire scenario, because while ukraine is making some gains, chinese president g is leaving for china for the first time since covid to visit vladimirtos putin. so you have to askit yourself, s
12:28 am
would she really be bettingid on a horse thag ont he thinks is going to lose? they have a pretty big surveillance system in china, don't we think? what he let that happen? they? joining me now is congressman jim banks, chairman of the republican study committee, and victor davis hanson, seniors fellow at the hoover institution. i'm going to get to the russia china alliance in a moment. but, congressman, this has all ba been accelerated by biden's handling, handing the whole russia and middltee east over ta energy production. we've completely abandoned everything we had in our favor and now russia can run the show. there. joe biden is the best thing that ever happened to putin and russia. and we're seeing that play out in real time. and if russia ends up winning and ukraine, there are two people that putin should thank. greta thornburg and joe biden because of this, the disastrous energy policies that they'vee bi den.enacted in the unitedpaul states for in the name of climate change and the green new deal . remember that that joe bidenw ds
12:29 am
amering out america's foreign policy to china. the interest of climatlicy te c. remember that donald trump was buying oil at twenty five dollars a barrel for the energy reserve, for bai the for the preserve's. s, and now you have biden is goingn to be eighty dollars a barrel w ilthat he's going to spend to replenish it. and the taxpayers ar it e the oe who are on the hook for >> well, and the same time samei they were complaining, i'm one of the other network were cos t. the oil company execs have to ty explain while they're making, why they're making so much money, do they not understandnde the law of supply and demand? when you shrink supply, there'sr going to be a lot more peoplebel going for that barrel of oil. i mean, do they not get that? is that complicated for them? becaus oile it clearly the democrats don't get it and joe biden's responsible fori it as a shame and russia is emboldened because of it. now, victor, you mentioned president xi traveling outside of china for the first time since covid. why is that significant?th and why is it significant that he's meeting for the firstcovi visit after covid with putin at this point? putinand the russia ukraine
12:30 am
conflict? >> we're in a really criticalstg stage now. the failed thunder road, schockenrigh with stage one tha. failed. e wentth intat fo a war of attrition and now ukraine and i admire them. they're fighting heroically, but they're getting very closer to the russianisallyvery bordern raisesat raises the question that you have an elite ailing dictator with seven thousand nuclear weapons, the world's therest arsenal. and there's some scenarios that we don't think about. is he just going to say, i lost one hundred thousand dead, wounded and missing? i'm sorry, wlost a hue lost and quit? i don't think so. is he going to say, i'm going to keep doing this and bleed ket out? i don't think so ble.ed out is he going tonk say, i'm going to draft a million russians and we're going to have our huge army? we outnumber them and we're nota going to call it a specialt it's military operation. it's a real war. i don't think so. a wi think he's going to say that you're getting very close to the russian border. you'rei don't th hitting target with nato and american weapons inside russia. you're attacking ships and we're back to nineteen
12:31 am
sixty two . he's going to do something t dramatic and we think he wouldn't dare do that. and that beghink he e dobut ths, laura , is ukraine under the american nuclear umbrella? >> it's not a nato power, but there are people writing every day, some from the administration, some affiliated, some just independent that act as if itacs is and that we are pledged to defend ukraine. i suppose, in a strategically scary fashion. if russia does something stupid and scary. so at some point, i think the chinese, the russians are figuring out what's the nextigu step. and it could be t wha veryat sco long 1962 cuban missile style. wethink we've got to stop and take a deep breath, especially as we get near befomidterms, because all of these things are accelerating in expectation ocausef these midterms. where are we and what are our responsibilities and what's the dangers to the united states people? at's w arhae the american people willi. to go to nuclear war over ukraine? i mean, that's >> laura a simple go to question. yes or no.lear and i would bet the answer that question is no. i mean, it's horrible as peopleo
12:32 am
feel much. they want ukraine to win. goinga congressman, we've talked a lot abouy not the issue that waswa brought up at the white house today. john kirby kind of tried tot address it, but not really givec watch, given the fact that no, an adversary in the case, china, foreign buyers are buying up u.s. real estate in case farms around military installations is is on the administe r nation's radar. i think the question of home. ownership is a little bit out of my out of my swingline buying up land around the military. >> i'm probably not the rightpe person to ask about home ownership. congressman, i found that>> lau answer insulting, an appallingco china is buying u.s. farmland near military installations. that man has no answer man. >> this should be alarming to everyone to be outlawed. it should be outlawed. house republicans have prepared legislation introduced to outlaw that, to stop china from buying farmland and properties. our biggest adversary buying up properties in america should. be banned and the white house
12:33 am
still to this point today refuses to even call china an adversary and recognize it. and you see activities like these. it's insane. thatinal that they can that they continue to ignore. you take charge ofignore it. th. this is going to be top t priority. congressman, thank you very much. great to see iopt tonight, victor. thank you. now, biden touts cancer moonshot, but what are his personal cancer foundation do to advance that research? plus, a democrat mayora democra is facing a recall and she's doubling down. >> raymond arroyo has all the details. cnn on scene next. when it comes to real estate agents, experience matters. the best agents know how to market your home for top dollar and navigate through a complex transaction. at ideal agent , we created our smart solar system with top rated local agents to sell your home for as low as a two percent commission. i was amazed in the fact that my house sold in one day. ideal agents saved me in the neighborhood of twenty to twenty five thousand dollars in commissions. the process was as easy as it gets.
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12:39 am
stop biden from selling it harder than anything, anything, anything. >> there's nothing, nothing, >> the nothing beyond our capacity building, our capacitying,. cat and jack. jake, i should say, i'll use my authority as president to increase funding , to break logjam, break logjams and the speed breakthroughs. d i announced the new head of the national cancer institute, boston's own boston's own monica battalia, verden. excuse me, i gave you my word m as a biden, this cancer a moonshot is one of the reasons why i ran for president .i ra >> now, blunders aside, thiss is is very curious, givenn th the history of the biden cancer initiative. now, this was founde bd by jill and joe biden in 2017. 2017. the biden's basically hired the obama cancer moonshot staff and pharma lobbyists and paid sf them hundreds of thousands of iddollars the during the two years it was running, the bidens took in
12:40 am
nearly five million dollars in donations, according to the new york they spent more than three million on salaries and zero on grants, zero toward cancer research. >> this was a moon shot toancerh nowhere, laura . well, as someonea moon sho who e a cancer thriver myself, i find that disgustin g and typical and not surprising from a family of grifters. what else are outrageous? well, the first lady was askedgs today about her husband running >> 2020 four after the performance. >> so what do you make of this ? have you talked about it about i with him? not yet. we've been a little bit too bus. busy. not yet, but i'm sure it'lbut in be discussion. look at the look at old joe has. he done. he has kept true to what he said he would do and so i think he just needs to keep going. ne look at all he's done, laura . the unity he's brought, the inflation he's brought down, restored america's place in the world. safetythe inflation? securit an.
12:41 am
but i love him. she says he needs to keep goings if only he knew where he was going. this was the president yesterday after one of his speeches. he's deportment. look, he's totally confused, doesn't know which way the's too and note the handheld mic he thh uses now law to compensate fors his diminished voice. and when the prompter went dowmn yesterday at a different speech, so did the speech.yeste. >> look, the fact is it was a lot . a lot we can do a lot we have to do.o you know, the fact is that right now with thisis infras infrastructure law, american th is is really getting on the move again. ag laura , if it wasn't our country, it would be a cound be really funny. >> but this this this is i. >> he's like the mean, he's like the press secretary. if he can't read it or seese it. if yr see it he's completely lost. this i he's completely lost. laura , this is heartbreaking. i have to say.s hearn he r how can you run again? again? how can he how can he keep going? because jill will take him too n
12:42 am
bloomington and don whatever they do there to get him ready fodo whatever tr the next week? i don't ray. go ahead, ray. what else? oh, and this is my charge.lse? all right. >> i have to read now. i'm beginning like biden. yeah. you're your it's okay. >> you're mayor in new orleans. latoya cantrell. she's a wonderful person and she's facing, i guess,s some backlash, though, over her luxury travel. whate backlash? yeah, laura , there's a city ordinance here that requires employees to fly coach and to reimburse new orleans for anys . upgrade. now, mayor cantrell went toshe t the south of france this summe e . she racked up more tha n thirty thousand dollars in $30,d upgrades since 2020 one .give an >> and she's refusing to give any of the money back . o >> all expenses incurred doing business on behalf of the city of new orleans will not be reimbursed to the city of new orleans. one thing is clear. i do my joe citynew orleans.b ae to do it with distinction,o it with dignity and integrity.stind inte grity every step of thevery ste.
12:43 am
>> this is ws what i have to say on that now.'s >> well, laura , this is why there's a recall effort here in new orleans against mayorl cantrill and fifty five percent of new orleans in a new poll support that recall.ew orleans that's bad news for the mayor. but when you're the murder capital of the country, you gott to expect a recall. a >> how many police officers are they down in new orleans? >> and there are o only abouffi? nine hundred law. >> onlst glad you got one of those pods . it's much better to travel in a pod than with the hoi polloi. so, raymond, you needed that for security.f so many people recognize that security was 70%. yeah much better than , they ney for her. all right, raven, great to see you. gr to turn this tur country into a banana republic, in sicyou would just the justice department on your political enemies just weeks before an election. youwell, so why are we being led to believe that this is now a normal thing? mike davis, julie kelly , they're here next. >> sustainer each year,
12:44 am
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. call liberty legal. now to see if you're eligible with five seven five five three five one too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. >> donald trump and the major republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. >> a new poll finding that 60%
12:49 am
of americans said that speech by biden divided the country. that's just out. it's easy to see why joe biden and merrick garland promised a justice department that would be apolitical. but for the last 20 months, or so, the biden doj has been on a vendetta campaign and the targeting of trump allies just eight weeks from the midterms. it continued tonight with my pillow founder mike lindell, alleging that he was confronted by the fbi when they took his phone. joining us now is mike davis, president of the article three project and former clerk for justice neil gorsuch. also with me is julie kelly , a senior writer at american greatness and author of january six how democrats use the capitol protests to launch a war on terror against a political right. mike , it's almost as if they are seizing phones of anyone who might have communicated with the president or anyone who's close with the president out on a limb here or what? >> this is scary.
12:50 am
stuff, laura . >> we started out where they were going after trump for non crimes of keeping his presidential records at more long ago. now they're going after his his his supporters. they're going after supporters for apparently the non crime of questioning an election. you have to have a predicate crime in order to have grand jury subpoenas and warrants. what's the crime? they're investigating, questioning the election. we're not a third world marxist yet. i'm not understanding how the biden justice department thinks that they can investigate these crimes. >> obviously, this january six hearings have totally gotten them big bucks. they've got nothing. so they have to keep trolling for information to try to keep this thing going through the midterms. and julie, i find it ironic that we're spending, what, $50 billion to defeat vladimir putin, who puts his political enemies at risk in jail, harassment targets them, vendetta campaigns against them. and yet it seems like that's exactly what's happening here. that's exactly what's happening now. and that's exactly what's been
12:51 am
happening for 20 months. to your point, laura , as you and i have talked about before, you have nearly nine hundred americans who were present on january six who now face criminal charges, mostly for nonviolent participation in the protests that day. but laura , in charging documents and sentencing recommendations, you see tax, you see social media posts, you see memes that were found on people's phones, not about what happened on january six , but what questioning what happened in the twenty twenty election. this is used as evidence against these defendants. so it's nothing really new to those of us who have been covering this prosecution closely. but to see this now used against high level officials, trump lawyers, and certainly this will this is the whole goal of the subpoena. they're not talking about january six in the outlines of this subpoena. they're talking about internal communications, about the twenty twenty election and plans to contest the outcome in certain states .
12:52 am
of course, that's not a crime. none of this ever had anything to do with january six . it was always to criminalize political dissent. and intimidate the republican base of trump voters. yeah, julie and i talked a bit about this on my podcast, but i think they want to scare anyone from working for trump in the future or perhaps any republican in the future, because for fear, they're going to run phone taken and because you disagree with them on some big issue. now, today on msnbc, former us attorney jeffrey berman, he accused the trump doj of corruption board. >> did the bidding of the president that he politicize the department of justice. >> and barr couldn't have done what he did without the help of others in the department of justice. bill barr should have been standing in front of those magnificent doors of the department of justice, stopping political interference from entering and instead, he was the chief architect of that interference, the way this is the guy that trump wanted to
12:53 am
be us attorney , i think in new jersey. and then i ended up at the southern district, like trump really pushed for this guy. and apparently now is barr a good guy or a bad guy now, mike ? >> well, it's pretty amazing this jeffrey berman allowed blm and then chief of to destroy new york city from june of 2020 till he got fired. and so it's it's amazing that he's coming on now to criticize. >> but it's also a book. that's what he's trying to do, of course. but it's more amazing. his bar was just last week. the democrats hero selling his book, and now they've quickly turned on him like marxists always do. they turn on their allies very quickly. now, the senate judiciary committee democrats are investigating bulbar gelee this this, and until the democrats, unless the democrats are thrown out of office, i mean, this is not going to end, correct? >> it's not going to end. it's going to get worse, i think is you and i have talked about i feel very strongly that this doj is out of control and weaponized and politicized as it is , will bring a grand jury indictment against donald trump. the only question is , when will it be before the election
12:54 am
or afterwards? they've ratcheted this up. so much among their base. you could see you could feel the blood lust of the base of the democratic party. they , after six years, finally want to see donald donald trump in handcuffs. and if this regime, this doj doesn't deliver, the democrats will pay a price in november. if that doesn't happen, mike and julie, great to see you both tonight. thank you. when we come back , goodbye to a great man and a really great friend, mr. j-p. cbo warns an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers says worst crash in our lifetime is coming since the start
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>> laura: tonight we lost a brillian>> lt legal mind, a fret guest and a personal one, can start there, he believed in the preeminence of the constitution and thonste principle of equal d justice under law. stick of this house of lepresentatives, with al respect, saw fit to turn its backespe on its own established procedures. procedures that had been thfollowed faithfully decade afr decade, regardless of who was in control. regardless of political
1:00 am
all those procedures were torn asunder. all over, the vigourous objections from the unanimous anand vocal minority, minority rights should be protected. equal justice. >> laura: our prayers with his wife, alice, their children and grandchildren. >> todd: atoned as separate celebration around the nation. president biden and his staff taking a victory lap while stocks plummet and inflation that that 8.3%. you're watching "fox & friends first" on a wednesday morning. stephen speaker nancy pelosi literally had to tell the audience to clap during her speech at the white house yesterday and it turns out some of her friends in the media also need some convincing. >> president biden will celebrate the passage of the inflation reduction act upon the


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