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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 14, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> a fox news alert, a florida judge unsealing more of the
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affidavit president biden justice department used to justify the raid on former president trump's home. you're watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. revised affidavit shedding light on the timing of the subpoena and how -- in the investigation. >> brooke: we are getting a more detailed look for the affidavit to search former president trump's mar-a-lago home. judge reinhardt asked that pieces be shown to the public revealing further detail of the timing of the subpoena and trump's investigation with the fbi. trump's team did provide additional classified documents to the archives.
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since 15 boxes, additional boxes stored in unauthorized location have been produced to the government in response to a grand jury subpoena. another section uncovering what the subpoena was seeking from trump including any and all surveillance records, videos from internal cameras located on the ground floor of mar-a-lago from january 10 2022 to present and on july 6, trump's team complied handing over hard drive of surveillance footage to ag agents. federal prosecutors received exactly what they were asking for and president trump's legal team is waiting final decision on the pick of raymond deary as special master. >> todd: thank you. we're learning the source of the
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steele dossier, who was accused of lying to the fbi was on the bureau's payroll as confidential information. >> our tax dollars being used to pay guy who lied to us, iener thought this could get worse than we knew about the mueller dossier, all this bologna, emphasizing how political the justice department has become, what it was five, six years ago, even worse today. denchanko is accused of colluding with russia to flnsz the 2016 election. >> carley: -- just a few thousand votes left to be
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counted. the winner will face hassan, for control of the senate. democrat taking victory in her primary and in the granite state, levit, a former spokeswoman who worked in trump's office defeated matt mowers and will now face pucks. >> chris sanunu, winning the primary, same could not be said for rhode island governor, mckee. >> carley: in north carolina, another battleground state, democrats outpacing republicans in requests for absentee ballots, 53% were requested by renningsters democrats and 13% to registered republicans. sources tell fox news the
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pattern is not unusual despite democrats casting more in north carolina, donald trump still won the state by 800,000 votes. >> todd: democrats love not to go to the polls on election day, they headache the election day bake sale. >> carley: they are pro-voting in advance. exclusive video from the border, capture illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage and scaling a wall in arizona. we will bring you the latest. >> todd: and top tourist destination in the south and great place to live. or was. asheville, north carolina being overrun with crime. we asked a former sheriff what needs to be done to turn it around.
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>> carley: shocking video shows another brutal attack on a new york city bodega worker. the suspect appears to stuff items in his pocket and walk out. an employee intervenes and gets punched in the head from behind. the owner of another bodega in new york joined us with her plea from police. >> what happened to nypd? we need the police to be at least two cars tending 24 hours, this is happening on daily basis. >> carley: her calls for help come as felony assaults in new york city are up 17.6% compared talast year and the pennsylvania house votes to hold philadelphia district attorney in contempt for failing to respond to
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subpoena for documents on his response to the city's gun violence epidemic. the vote comes as republicans try to impeach larry krasner, labeling the vote undemocratic. this battle as 386 people have lost their lives in the city so far this year, up 3% from last year and 10% from 2020. >> asheville, north carolina, tourist town located in the blue ridge mount angs have seen 31% increase in crime over the last five yearss. asheville touted as top 10 tourist destination back in 2017, but the city now ranks in the top 10% of most violent cities in america, that is tough to believe. former sheriff van duncan retired and left the democratic
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police because of anti-police sentiment. this stunned me, why? >> as we saw things progress, starting at about 2016, we saw a huge emphasis on reducing the jail population and we had something in common with cities like chicago, charlotte, north carolina and philadelphia. we saw mcarthur grants coming in and putting ech sis on reducing numbers without looking at how it reduced the crime rate. we reduced jail population numbers, we saw crime rate go up steadily. 2006 to 2018, we saw reduction of almost 33% in the crime rate. as some emphasis started to change, some elected officials started to change and basically
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an agenda started to take place, we saw numbers change. >> todd: another number, 100 officers left the department since may of 2020. i stated you are now a former democrat, what democrat policy led to police fleeing asheville, north carolina? >> well, a lot of anti-law enforcement sentiment. we were making good strides and reducing crime rate, we saw ourselves coming in as a negative in the community and in the eyes of some leftists politicians who were becoming, getting elected at that time. so when officers have to work under those conditions, when they are out serving the community well and we see high dismissal rate, low cash bail or
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no bail for folks being turned back loose in the community, it becomes frustrating for the officers and we've seen retention with the sheriff's office lately and with the city police department. >> todd: former gop chair of your county describing the town and city as hub of antifa. it is devastating what they have done in town. what has antifa done to the great city of asheville? >> antifaand activists have brought protest to asheville, which turned into what most people consider riots, as we saw during the summer of violence after the george floyd death and what we also saw in asheville is a lot of elected officials were part of the activist groups and
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actually got elected into office. we've seen policies change and regard for law enforcement change, as well. >> todd: asheville police no longer respond in person to fraud or trespassing calls, what does that do to peace of mind for the citizens there? that is not a way to lead civil society. >> we have a very large homeless population here in asheville and what we've seen with the dismissal rates for panhandling, for loitering and those type things that make businesses, it makes it tough to operate in asheville, when you see those dismissal rates, it is discouraging for officers and is provides no deterrent for folks
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to go back out and do it again. it is not against the law to be homeless, it is against the law to commit crimes and put a damper on business and make it hard on your town. >> todd: one of my best friends fled chicago for the city of asheville, north carolina, i don't know if he made the right decision, even though it is a beautiful place. we appreciate it. businesses are closing early, families are getting knocks on the door all hours of the night and people of eagle pass say that is some terror inflicted by biden's border crisis. >> several weapons, i need to have here because i don't feel safe. >> they are rubbing stuff or killing animals. >> carley: the city of el pasos they are at a breaking point. we'll be talking to someone on
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>> todd: exclusive video obtained by fox shows migrants scaling a border wall decked out in camouflage and using large ropes to scale the wall, fleeing custody. none were caught, making them gotaways. there have been 500,000 gotaways since last year. some asylum seekers are reportedly killing dogs and stealing from homes, prompting residents to take action. >> several weapons i need to have here, i taught them to use the weapon and they are teenagers, 14 and 15. >> my sister was asleep, she came to my room scared and was
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like, someone knocked on my window. >> they are rubbing stuff or stealing animals to eat, i don't know, or stealing things. >> kamala harris continue to push the idea our border, southern border is secure, according to dhs, united states on track to break 2 million entries this fiscal year. >> carley: president biden border crisis comes with steep price tag costing $20 billion per year. homeless shelters say they can't handle the influx. john martin, deputy director for the opportunity center for the homeless in el paso joins me now. john, good morning. you say your shelter is at a br breaking point because there is so much need, can you explain what you are going through? >> yes, ma'am, you are correct. not only our shelter, other
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community shelters, due to unannounced street releases from border patrol. i have one small shelter out of five that has over 110 individuals in it and should be closer to 80 at this point. it forced us to say no to some folks that are in need. >> carley: that is something you don't want to do because your doors are open to everybody. it seems like this is draining resources in your community. >> it is a drain and a couple different issues that impact the individuals that we serve our migrants that present themselves at the border and released. we don't know when they are coming or how many there can be,
2:24 am
you can't sxapt plan at that point. provide travel to where choice of destination is, it does take a few days to occur. you have folks on the streets. >> carley: you say migrants want to go to new york city, how are they getting there? >> there is local resources available for that and i will defer to the city of el paso, office of emergency management, but for those desiring to go to new york city, charter bus are provided. i would say that represents about 60's % and only talking about those that we know of, several others are impacting other shelters. >> carley: governor abbott is providing buses to other cities across the country, including new york city. where do majority of the people staying in your shelter come
2:25 am
from and are they men, women and children? what are you see something >> actually we've seen a mix and it does vary from day-to-day. for example, working with drop-off to the shelter, we saw families for a two-day period. shortly therefore, it has been single adults, both male and female. >> carley: what is motivating them to come to the united states now? >> we have talked to a few of them, i am not a spanish speaker and have to rely on those who translate for me, they are talking about journeys that are four to six weeks long. one saying i've crossed oceans, rivers, jungles, countries where i'm not welcome, each story will vary, it is tremendous journey for them. >> carley: you recently, the united nations says the
2:26 am
u.s.-mexico border is the most dangerous land crossing in the world. migrants die trying to get to this country. this journey is extremely dangerous and sounds like you are hearing the stories first hand. >> we are, but i would be remiss in not talking about the joy as they arrive. we are working with those who are not illegal, seeking asylum and released and it is amazing to work with them, that journey is coming to a close. >> carley: you are doing all you can to help those who need it. do you work off donations? >> we work off donations, different funding sources, federal, state and local, these are funding sources available and working with the homeless
2:27 am
population. >> carley: john martin, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. all right. president biden and the democrats throwing themselves a bagel party as inflation takes another bite out of your paycheck this month. >> todd: not even the media can spin this one. >> president biden will celebrate passage of the inflation reduction act. >> inflation remaining high, how this is worse than expectd and how president biden -- >> joe concha, that's an applause line, is next. some days, it felt like asthma was holding me back. but asthma has taken enough.
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♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. >> carley: fire spreads in california, burning 50,000 acres and forced 11,000 to evacuate their homes. >> todd: this video shows mud slide barrelling into a parking lot after heavy rains, looking like lava. it blocks access to roads and prompts several rescues. janice dean joins us with more.
2:32 am
>> janice: unbelievable wildfire season that started early and continues to this day. look at the map, active fires, 151, 1.8 million acres burned, the worst now across midwest, where we have high temperatures and not a lot of moisture. the smoke is traveling toward the east, parts of northern plains and midwest will get potential of smoke and air quality alerts toward the plain states. it is unhealthy toward mizula, toward nevada, affecting the west. we are getting relief in terms of moisture, that area of low pressure across the pacific k is still bringing moisture from the pacific to some areas. we could see potential for flash flooding, this is considered a
2:33 am
desert dessert area. potential for thunderstorms toward the northwest. lingering showers and thunderstorms for florida, clearing out of the northeast and nice air, refreshing air issue not as humid has it has been. forecast for florida, three to five inches over the next five days, not very sunny, highs today, heat is confined to the central u.s., cooler air for the west and cooler relatively low humidity for the northwest. something to watch in the tropics, starting to get its act together, nothing imminent for the east coast, we will monitor that for all of your latest details. >> todd: thank you. >> janice: nice to see you, see you soon. >> todd: clap for president
2:34 am
biden, wait. house speaker nancy pelosi forced to remind the audience to applause for the inflation reduction act at the white house. >> mr. president thank you for inspiring vision of stronger, fairer, safer future for all for our children. your extraordinary leadership has made this glorious day possible. that is an applause line. >> carley: joe concha joinings us now, can you believe this celebration took place at the white house yesterday and that from nancy pelosi, as well? >> joe: unbelievable, carley, this was the jeb bush moment. jeb bush, rejected front-runner implored a small audience to clap after an applause line.
2:35 am
it is like a comedian telling the audience to clap. like a seen out of cocoon looked tone deaf at the white house yesterday. what was the dow down, like 1200 points based on the horrible inflation number that came out yesterday? it will do anything, but lower inflation, people are hurting and elites in washington do not care, they want to maintain power and willing to say just about anything to keep it, that was an applause line. >> todd: clap for joe, not even the pr arm of the democratic party, the media, could spin this. >> president biden will celebrate passage of the inflation reduction act. >> inflation remaining high, why
2:36 am
this is worse than expected and how president biden framed this today. >> the white house is celebrating the inflation reduction act, which will take a while to make a financial impact. >> todd: you question whether or not the white house even cares, do you think this was a tone deaf situation with the white house? do you think this white house does not care about the plight of the american people that are struggling right now day-to-day, month to month and potentially year to year? >> joe: todd, i think they think the american people are stupid and the media will sell what they are fed as far as this event. i think they thought the numbers would be better, 8.3% inflation is near a 40-year high and 8.3% now, it was 1.4% when this
2:37 am
president took office. you can't spin that, you can't spin what people are feeling. look at the cost of gas and fuel compared to a year ago and the cost of food and the things we buy on a daily basis, you can't spin the unspinable. >> carley: california launching a new website that promotes taxpayer funded abortions. take a look at this figure, state is investing $200 million to strengthen access to abortion in california. gavin newsom pledged that california will be a sanctuary for abortions. >> joe: a lot of sanctuary going on in california. from, california
2:38 am
let's states know they don't need parent permission to get an abortion in california and sections devoted to immigrants. we have veterans that are homeless and our own citizens struggling to make ends meet, especially in california, with the highest income tax in the country, highest poverty rate and this is what gavin newsom is making priority. i can't wait for the newsom 2024 run. >> todd: i'm a california taxpayer, my hard-earned money goes to the state -- >> carley: republicans getting hammered for their stance on abortion, what about teenage abortion without parental consent, that is a headline
2:39 am
there. >> joe: we can leave it there, independents decide close elections and this could boomer ang. got to go. go do yoga. >> todd: america's baby formula shortage far from over and the white house is not close to following through on promises it made to parents. >> i had to make the decision no mother should make, which baby will get nutrients they need today, which one? that shouldn't be any type of decision. >> carley: we talked to that mother earlier this season and got an update this, mo, we'll tell you what she said about president biden's handling of this situation coming up next. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena®
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2:44 am
things and both are hard to find. so it is still a nightmare, i love to know where it is improving, it is not here, i can assure you of that. everybody that i know that has babies has gone through this exact same thing trying to find the formula they need, trying different alternatives, substitutes and babies are getting sick, which is what happened with mine. >> carley: turning now to this, president biden and his staff taking a victory lap over so-called inflation reduction act while inflation surges and stocks plummet. >> todd: cheryl casone has has more. >> cheryl: report of the week, consumer price index coming in hotter than expected, 8.3%. food, shelter, medical costs, largest contributors to the rise
2:45 am
according to labor department. grocery prices up, highest jump since 1979, rattling the market. dow losing 1300 points, 4% fall. the president threw a party to celebrate and timing is everything, right? the party was for the inflation reduction act. >> president biden: today offers proof the soul of america is vibrant, future of america is bright and promise of america is real, it is real, it is real. >> cheryl: again, as market fell, musician james taylor performed and senator john thune had this reaction. >> this is example of complete split screen you see in this country between the white house celebrating a victory lap this afternoon and the american people dealing with the reality.
2:46 am
>> cheryl: as far as the report, white house releasing statement saying data shows more progress bringing global inflation down. that is welcome news for american families with more work to do, which is not true, month to month, a lot of things jumped. senator joe manchin trying to defend the new law. >> inflation reduction act looking at cpi that goes up. >> we have a chance to fight inflation. >> cheryl: president biden is heading to -- to push his agenda. >> todd: executive director of texas public policy foundation. robert, with optics like that on the white house lawn, going into triple digit losses, thousands, it was insane.
2:47 am
how can the white house claim it feels the plight of the average american? >> it can't. good morning, todd, thanks for having me, yesterday's news was gut punch to american workers at same time you had slap in the face by the pep rally that joe biden and democrats had on the white house lawn. what are they celebrating more, 1200 point drop in the dow or 8.3 increase in inflation, which is up more than last month? it is disconnected, another let them eat cake moment from the biden administration. >> todd: they had to put it in writing, today's meaning yesterday, data shows more progress bringing inflation down in the u.s. economy, prices have been essentially flat the last two months, welcome news for american families with more work to do. i can tell you that is
2:48 am
ridiculously out of touch, i want you to explain economically why is joe biden off the mark with that? >> well, it is, prices have skyrocketed, american families have seen that and remain at sky rocket levels, to celebrate they are not skyrocketing even higher doesn't make sense there. core household budget items are hurting american workers most. rent is up 13.5%, or groceries are, rent is up 6%. this is hurting american families the worst, continuing to go up and staying up, no indication they are coming down. those are markers i look at as people try to feed families, pay their bills and provide for themselves that are struggling in this biden inflation economy.
2:49 am
>> todd: people want to retire and yesterday didn't help with all markets plummeting, we've had bad reports before, why did this tank the markets so badly? >> because it is just showing growing trend in the inflation, no longer a blip as this administration continue to claim, this month's inflation numbers are higher than last month, this quarter is higher than last quarter, this half is higher than last half and higher than last year, there is a pattern showing to be a trend. look at same time as americans are paying more and earning less, talk about retirement, prices are going up and wages have gone down approximately 3.4% over last year, a double kick. it is more expensive to go buy groceries, same time your paycheck is less and you are able to buy less to provide for yourself and your family.
2:50 am
>> todd: the white house is celebrating it is essentially flat, flat at 8.3% is not good. national debt approaching $31 trillion, highest mark in american history and the president spending is making it worse. in under two years, joe biden has racked up nearly $5 trillion tab, look on your screen to see what it includes, 1.9 tril knowio, american rescue plan, at the bottom, student loan forgiveness for people to buy fancy electric vehicles. how much damage has joe biden done to the financial future of our kids and grandchildren? >> severe damage, red lining the economy, we can feel that here in texas and in the heartland of america, we see warning signs this administration are running things too hot.
2:51 am
it is 4.8 trillion in new deficit spending under the biden administration. inflation reduction act 2.5 trillion in additional deficit spending and seeing everyday in economic indicators, our economy is just not able to come up with the massive special interest deficit spending from this administration. >> todd: maybe cancel the party, no americans should be celebrating this morning. china president and russia president teaming up to take on the west in their first meeting since the invasion of ukraine. >> carley: -- is here next. your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar.
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>> todd: chinese president xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin set to meet
2:56 am
face-to-face in undz tomorrow since the start of the ukraine war. republicans say our adversaries are taking advantage of president biden's weak foreign policy. >> joe biden is the first thing to ever happen to putin and russia and seeing that play out in realtime. if russia ends up winning in ukraine, there are two people that putin should thank greta van susteren and joe biden because of the disastrous energy policies that they have enacted in the united states for in the name of climate change and the green new deal. >> carley: congressman greg steube sits on the committee and joins us now. >> good morning. >> carley: meeting between xi and putin first in person meeting since the start of the ukraine war. what do you expect to come out of it and how much of a threat is this relationship to the u.s.? >> well, you add iran and north korea in there and new axis of evil threatening the world right now. what putin is doing is asking the chinese to help him in the fight in ukraine u.k. has had
2:57 am
great says and russians have been fought back and they need help. and the help that they can get from the russians come from the chinese. there's no doubt that the chinese are helping them militarily in the region. is he probably going to ask him for military equipment, armament. those type of things. they're also working with the iranians so that's exactly what this meeting is about. it just shows you that they are openly telling the world that they are working together against the interest of the west. >> todd: joe biden is supposed to be the leader of the free world. what should he do in response and will he? >> well, so many things that he should have done up to this point that he hasn't done. he is weak on foreign policy. look no further than afghanistan to see what type of military capability this commander-in-chief has. and putin and xi jinping saw that and new knew this is the te to strike and do the things they wanted to do ukraine. if you hadn't had some of the challenges the russians have had, the chinese probably would have made moves on taiwan at
2:58 am
this point in time. because the russians have had so many challenges in ukraine that's put those plans for the chinese on the back burner. >> carley: china's number one goal is to replace the u.s. as the world's number one super power and yet, we rely on china including really important thing, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, how do we fix that? and will would he be able to do that in time? >> we fix that by bringing manufacturing back to the united states. creating a tax environment that's beneficial for companies to be successful here and move their products here. covid showed us that between pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and all these different things our country needs it's relying upon to get from other countries like china. we need to be producing though products right here especially in the case of a national and international crisis in a war-time type situation. we are also not kinetically in war. we have given $52 billion to the ukrainians, to say we are not engaged in that conflict is not being honest with the american
2:59 am
people. >> todd: joe biden is going to detroit today to deal with electric cars. >> that will is going to help. >> todd: that will really help us. key exontd of electric cars in china. how compromised is joe biden when it documents china, congressman. >> absolutely congressman. look no further than his son hunter and the deals they have had there over a billion dollars chinese communist company. we are starting to get the iceberg of the information because of that laptop. count on the republicans doing investigations and all of this, bringing that to the forefront of the american people to see just how compromised the biden family and president biden is by the chinese communist party. >> carley: really quickly before we let you go we only have 30 seconds left. you said russia is going to ask china to provide military help? will they say yes and if so how will they respond. >> i bet they already have. this is a formal telling the world they are doing it. i guarantee you china is going to toont in that. china and russia want to take over the world and this is a plan on that direction.
3:00 am
>> todd: hopefully the president understands these two countries russia and china are our enemies. they are not some people we say kind of our allies, no, no. these are our enemies and need to treat them as up. congressman greg "stud "studio " steube not our enemy he is our friend. >> >> carley: good to be with you and everybody out there as well. what day is this today wednesday. to have haded to all day in fact. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. it is real. >> president biden celebrating self-k450e6789 as the economy crashes. >> biden is giving victory lap as you are watching the stock market crash. >> stunning video out of chicago, a man robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. three men athletic to kill him. >> told me that they would kill me unless i gave them my client. >> thousands lining the streets of london to say a final goodbye to queen elizabeth solemn procession will ta


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