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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 14, 2022 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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plan on that direction. >> todd: hopefully the president understands these two countries russia and china are our enemies. they are not some people we say kind of our allies, no, no. these are our enemies and need to treat them as up. congressman greg "stud "studio " steube not our enemy he is our friend. >> >> carley: good to be with you and everybody out there as well. what day is this today wednesday. to have haded to all day in fact. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. it is real. >> president biden celebrating self-k450e6789 as the economy crashes. >> biden is giving victory lap as you are watching the stock market crash. >> stunning video out of chicago, a man robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. three men athletic to kill him. >> told me that they would kill me unless i gave them my client. >> thousands lining the streets of london to say a final goodbye
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to queen elizabeth solemn procession will take place westminster hall. >> primaries in 2022 coming down to the wire and general bolton holding a state lead over chuck norris. the winner will meet maggie hasan in november. will caroline leave the beats -- high drive aaron judge is second home run of the game. he has 57 now. look how pretty that is looks like a postcard. feeling of fall there in the air. feels like it. 81 the daytime high. chance of thunderstorms, chance of rain on this wednesday,
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september 14th, 2022, live from the news headquarters of the world's most powerful news channel. >> brian: if the biden administration had their choice they would celebrate the first day of winter today looking at that beautiful summer landscape. >> ainsley: they love to celebrate. >> brian: everything is the opposite of what you think it is with the biden administration. set economy is soaring. if you don't believe it he will yell at you. >> ainsley: yesterday we got the consumer price index for august comparing this august to last august. it was higher than predict. came in at 8.3% year to year. it sent stocks tumbling and look at the cover of "the new york post." >> steve: right. here it is right here. dave, party crasher inflation rises, dow falls. dow fell like 4% the most since 2020. and but apparently, you know, wall street had been listening to the administration where they are saying, you know, we have got things under control. prices are going down.
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and people must have believed it until the dow fell off the cliff. and literally it actually did. >> ainsley: look at that. >> steve: close to 1300 points. so yesterday was a really bad day to retire. >> ainsley: s&p 500 lost more than 4%. nasdaq dropped 5%. >> brian: think about this. is this any time to celebrate the economy and your success. steve: can we vote? >> inflation reduction act. what an embarrassment. you are the president of the united states you get a fake covid test. sorry i would like to have a press conference today but i tested positive for the virus because you don't want to celebrate and hail your economy in your inflation reduction package when inflation 8.3%. higher than. >> ainsley: maybe plan the party the day after the numbers come out because then can you cancel it. >> brian: my goodness you might as well have an easter egg hunt. joe manchin could not be more embarrassed. he said everything is going to be great.
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going to reduce the inflation in turn we will be able continue to vest in fossil fuels and work on permitting. his whole plan has been sidelined because the democrats were never on board with chuck schumer's deal. >> steve: well, you know, unfortunately, joe manchin went along with it that's why we are in the predicament we are in right now. got so bad yesterday cnn cut away from the festivities on the south lawn to talk about the stock market. when you look at the numbers, there are no way things are going to be better between now and the midterms gas is up close 26%. electricity up 16%. largest 12 month increase since 1981 jiewttle up 20%. last number, winter is coming. fuel oil is up close to 7%. that is going to make this winter rotten.
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>> ainsley: gas prices have gone down but other energy costs that you just saw there on your screen like electricity and natural gas. they have increased so it's basically offset that relief that you are feeling at the pump just not in your face like it is when it's gas at the gas station because you are driving down the street and see those numbers in your face. you get that electric bill at the end of the month and sky high. up 15.8% compared to last year. biggest increase since 19 # 1. u.s. families have fallen behind on their utility bills and they owe a collective $16 billion. >> brian: don't worry james taylor is here to sing us into safety and security. >> ainsley: he was there at the white house. >> brian: the last time we were asked to bring james taylor out after the bombing in france when the president obama at the time decided to watch football instead of go and express solidarity. but they sent james taylor and john kerry to embarrass us internationally again. so, when in doubted wheel outs james taylor to sing fire and
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rain here is the president. >> numbers today resulting dive in the stock market? >> the stock market doesn't necessarily reflect the state of the economy as you well know. and the economy is still strong. unemployment is low. jobs are up. manufacturing is good. so i think it's -- i think we are going to be fine. >> are you worried about the inflation number though, sir? >> no, i'm not. >> because we are talking about one tenth of 1% and, you know, anyway, thank you. >> brian: yeah, it's at 8.3% overall. one tenth of 1% but you didn't count the fact that we are 8.3% and holding with no retreat which mean up go rates. for some reason the president's calculus is let's keep spending. that's the problem with past ways in which we got inflation in the past. we didn't spend like drunken sailors. >> steve: when you look at the last -- according to the federal reserve, san francisco, in the last quarter of last year, the
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inflation rate was about 6%. we are 2% above that but, when it was 6%. they said half of it is because of all this government spending. and what do they do? they were on the south lawn celebrating that they had done all this spending. and, brian, you are absolutely right. it's a crazy day to have a party when the stock market turns south. but it turned south because the inflation number, they had james taylor out who was great in the 70s now he occasionally appears at political things. he came on to sing a song about suicide and heroin addiction. that's what fire and rain is about. >> brian: i did not know. that is that true? >> steve: fire and rain. >> brian: i thought it was earth, wind and fire. >> steve: what would the fire be? what would the rain be? it's suicide and heroin addiction. anyway, here he is singing about death. you can close your eyes. ♪ my body's aching
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♪ my time is at hand ♪ i won't make it any other way i've seen fire and i've seen rain. >> how about james taylor a voice that heals our soul and unites a nation. >> ainsley: he donated his time and his performance fee was waived. and he has shared his politics in the past. he said that obama was his favorite president of all time and obama gave him two awards. he gave him the national medal of arts. >> brian: take that lincoln. >> ainsley: presidential medal of freedom. performed at second inaugural address and supported hillary clinton. >> steve: perhaps they should give joe biden the tone deaf award because yesterday he had that crazy celebration when america is not in the mood to celebrate larry kudlow was on with laura last night talking about a little bit about how the
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fire and rain guy showed up on a day where the stock market fell off the cliff. >> you know, the inflation report shocked wall street. but it shocked the whole country. so, for them to put on some kind of celebratory concert with james taylor or whoever, is really a slap in the face and the back of the hand to typically working folks who are getting clobbered by this inflation. and inflation is going to be the number one issue in this election as it must be. and, laura, you know, you're exactly right. typically family income has declined under biden after it was soaring under trump beating the prior several presidents. >> carley: yesterday the president tweeted out exactly four years i signed the inflation reduction act into law so today we are celebrating. that tweet garnered a lot of criticism from politicians and conservatives. conditioning woman virginia fox of carolina families that saw
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grocery prices skyrocket not celebrating. bill johnson from republican in ohio celebrating what the fact that costs are still rising due to your administration and the democrats tax and spend extravaganza. jody hice republican from georgia americans aren't taking a victory lap with you, joe. steve guess who works for senator ted cruz basically saying let them eat cake. talk about democrats being out of touch. >> steve: look at eggs up 40%. unbelievable. >> brian: nobody thinks that press conference was good move maybe except president biden. still, the minute the oval office door is closed he must have said should we have done that? >> ainsley: at least some of the other channels that normally go with whatever he says they were criticizing this too. >> steve: cnn cut away. >> brian: do you know why? because core inflation, inflation doesn't really mean anything to the average person, but they all went shopping. they all looked at the utility bills. they all were looking for some relief. they all know their wages went up but only about a little bit
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higher but inflation continues to stay, so they are losing money every single month. so people looking around going wait a second, what's going on at the white house? what are they celebrating in the inflation reduction act the day passed they quickly told us it was a green energy act so we don't have -- we have windmills and solar panels to solve our problems, not a good combination. >> steve: well, you know, and joe is always talking about kitchen table issues. over the last couple of days, kroger doesn't see an end in sight. and, in fact, on friday they announced that they are going to expand their private label business. the in-store brand stuff because they forecast that people are not going to have a lot of extra money to spend. when you look at that number for fuel oil with winter coming. fuel oil is up 70%. and i am old enough to remember when people back in the 70s when prices were high, what did they do? they turned down the thermostat. so that it was colder in the house. and do you know what jimmy
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carter, the president of the united states told americans to do when they turned down the thermostat, buy a sweater. wear a sweater. so you know what? this could be joe biden's sweater winter. >> brian: all right. meanwhile, come up straight ahead, take a look at this video. it shows the moment a national guardsman is robbed at gunpoint in the city of chicago and sadly this is one of many incidents. >> steve: look at that. >> ainsley: in the middle of the day. >> they told me that they would kill me unless i gave them my wallet. >> brian: he fought his way out. how democrats' soft on crime policies are impacting he everyone from all walks of life. plus -- >> ainsley: plus, the huge victory for a parent banned from school board meetings after raising concerns about questionable books in the classroom. that father is going to join us live. >> brian: next. ♪ here's something that you are never going to forget ♪ baby, baby, baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet.
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>> carley: we are back with headlines starting with a fox news alert. an fbi investigation is underway after a package exploded at northeastern university in boston yet. police have confirmed the university employees suffered a hand injury. no motive has been officially determined. but local reports say the package contained a manifesto criticizing facebook ceo mark zeg and his metaverse virtual reality project. as we speak, another bus full of migrants has just arrived in new york city. exclusive video obtained by fox shows illegal immigrants also decked out in camo scaling a border wall in arizona. the got-aways using large ropes
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to illegally cross into the u.s. meanwhile, residents in texas border towns say they are taking action as migrants cause mayhem. >> several weapons -- i need to have here. >> i already taught them how to use these weapons and they are teenagers 14 and 15 years old. >> they are running stuff or killing animals to eat. i don't know, stealing your things. >> but top officials in the biden administration like vice president kamala harris, continue to push the idea that our southern border is secure. a judge unsealing more portions of the heavily redacted affidavit used to justify the search on former president trump's mar-a-lago home. new unredacted sections reveal details on the timing of subpoenas in trump's cooperation with the investigation. the affidavit reading in part: 15 boxes were provided. additional documents bearing classification markings have been produced in response to a
3:19 am
grand jury subpoena. meanwhile, trump's legal team still awaiting a final decision on its pick of former judge raimondo deery as special master. and the final primaries of 2022 are come down to the wire in new hampshire don bolduc holds a lead over morse. the winner will face maggie hasan in november in what could be a deciding race for control of the senate. the democrat breezing to victory in her primary, of course. also in the granite state caroline left a former spokeswoman who worked in office defeats matt maurys, leave the will now face chris pappas. also in new hampshire, incumbent republican governor chris sununu easily winning his g.o.p. primary. sununu will join us later this morning. and in rhode island mccee
3:20 am
barely survived his primary against several challengers against helena. and those are your headlines and onto the general election. >> brian: general will get the support of sununu if he wins even if he called the governor an agent of china. he seems to be a little aggressive. >> ainsley: we are getting closer and closer. are there any more primaries left? >> steve: that was it. >> ainsley: awesome. now they can focus on their races. >> steve: yippee, one of the things that's going to be a big issue is crime. you know, yesterday we told you the story about how out in portland the mayor had done a survey and it seemed like a majority of people in portland were afraid that they might get beat up and they were terrified to go out walking at dark in their own neighborhood. right now it's dark here in new york city. it's a little scary outside. you don't see everything. so you would think that the perfect time is to be out is
3:21 am
11:00 in the morning. this guy national guardsman posted in terre haute, indiana, is he leaving the gym in chicago. it's 11:00 in the morning and then this happens. >> ainsley: then he heads down this alley towards his mom's apartment to go visit his family and look at this, three guys stand next to him and they are holding him back with a gunpointed to his head and they say we're going to kill you if you don't give us your wallet they didn't actually get the wallet. the guy is trained in mixed martial arts so he elbows. >> right, after a passersby yelled hey what's going on and then his instincts kicked. >> in he saw an opportunity to get away. >> in chicago you can't chase aing you inner, you can't chase an assailant. it's not the right thing to do according to the mayor. this is reinking, explaining what what it was like being mugged at that time of day in a place that normally considered very safe. hthey to tucker. >> i don't want to encourage everyone to fight back, right, because not everyone had the
3:22 am
military training that i have. so i had to use that training to the utmost of my ability to escape and survive that gunpoint, it was shocking but, danger is everyone in the united states. and people have to be prepared. they told me that they would kill me unless i gave them my wallet. i don't know what the policies are for the chicago police department, but what i do know is they are doing the best that they can with the resource that was they have. >> brian: robbery is up 18%. burglary 28%. theft, 65. motor vehicle theft 66%. total crime up 38%. and what could make it worse? not enough cops. people are resigning. they are retiring. not being hired. no married matter what city we highlight, the thing we always follow it up with nobody wants to be a cop anymore. they are not getting any respect. no one is even talking about pay. they are talking about lack of respect. lack of resources from new orleans to chicago to new york. it's the same -- to portland. >> when do people say i'm not
3:23 am
going to elect the same type of person again and again and again? >> maybe this year. >> maybe. listen, he is really lucky. because when he heard that passersby yell at them and he elbowed the guy and took off, is he lucky that he did not get shot. that's why he said he would not suggest that people do that. but, unfortunately, he could have just stood there and gotten shot as well. because the streets are simply not safe. tucker addressed this last night. it all comes down to law and order. >> in the hours after reinking was attacked, 16 more armed robberies reported in the area. police believe at least two organized armed gangs are now operating with impunity around buck town which means the gangs are in charge now. that's what the collapse of civilization looks like. no one has shown up with clear and reasonable rules and enforced them consistently. when that happens everyone calms down true in the family and the nation.
3:24 am
if you don't have that you have chaos. armed robbers suddenly have a right to be on your property. murderers get out without bail. what are we looking at? looking at a war on the population. it's time for real change. >> steve: and apparently the people who held him up are described as teenagers. the cops said they are looking for them but it's chicago. do you really think they are? >> ainsley: no. they catch a small percentage. >> brian: 16%. >> steve: they catch them, then what do they do? >> ainsley: gianno caldwell was on with us. he is the one i believe a contributor here at fox, a friend of ours, and he lost his brother christian was shot. and his other brother was in the car and watched his best friend sitting next to him get shot and die in front of him. we are continuously hearing this story. it's actually affected the fox family when it happens to gianno. and nothing is being done about it. >> brian: every city, same story. we will see when people want to get fed up enough.
3:25 am
>> ainsley: elections, midterms are coming up in what, 55 days now. you have your chance to go to the polls and vote for people tough on crime and not soft on crime. >> steve: because elections have consequences maybe there is time for there to be consequences when you break the law. >> ainsley: 64 minutes after the top of the hour. big crowd growing by the minute outside of buckingham palace as british people are getting into position to catch a glimpse of queen elizabeth ii whose coffin is set to move to westminster hall later today where she is set to lie in state. >> steve: her son king charles iii along with grandkids prince william and harry. >> brian: clague is in london with the latest. >> yes, princes william and harry will mark behind their grandmother's coffin scenes likely to invoke those heart breaking images of 25 years ago when then very young princes walked behind their mother's coffin at exactly 2:22 today,
3:26 am
local time, they will set out together with the queen's other children and follow that coffin on its 40 minute procession from buckingham palace over to west westminster hall where the queen will lie in state until her funeral. now, the coffin, the hearse, a converted jaguar which the queen herself helped design apparently in cleaning with her phrase i have to be seen to be believed has large windows and was illuminated. so those who lined the roads on that gloomy night last night could see her coffin. she was yeeted with cheers and tears as she arrived at buckingham palace. her coffin will be taken by horse drawn gun carriage along the mile, horse guard's parade and whitehall before arriving at westminster. the queen's coffin will bear her 3,000 jewel crown with it's 317 carat diamond and scepter with on it and ore.
3:27 am
she will only be buried with some sentimental jewels, her wedding band and pearl earrings. the queen being widely remembered as the nation's grandmother, a much loved queen and a former deputy press secretary tells fox news someone who is actually an absolute joy to work for. >> the best force i ever had. the best force i have ever worked for. i worked for a lot of bosses. she was brilliant. when things went wrong and sometimes they did go wrong. she was forgiving. she understood she was there to do a particular job and we were there to do ours. she just got on with it and she made life very, very easy for us. >> there has been so much focus on prince harry, of course, in this period. he has released a statement prince harry, the duke of sussex will wear a mourning suit throughout the events. his decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully ask
3:28 am
that the focus remain on the life and legacy of her majesty, queen elizabeth ii. you alluded to those crowds pulling outside of buckingham palace and along the mile already. but there are also enormous crowds waiting along the embankment. in that line to be able to pay last respects when the queen lies in state starting later today. it's expected those lines, steve, ainsley, and brian will be 30 hours long. there is some very strict guidance about what can you actually bring with you. and it is going to be quite a scene. >> ainsley: can you bring a fold up chair? >> brian: or a golf chair. >> ainsley: a golf chair. >> i think you can a little bit of food. you are not supposed to bring a knapsack or anything truly bulky. items will have to be left at security. but we do see chairs. we see some umbrellas. some plastic rain coats. those kind of plastic bag like
3:29 am
rain coats that people have covered themselves in in order to stay as dry as possible in this iffy weather. >> steve: no kidding as we look towards the palace. as the world says so long to the queen. >> brian: harry can't wear his uniform but prince andrew can. >> steve: that's right. he is wearing a mourning suit he said. >> brian: what's that a zip up? >> ainsley: morning or mou. >> brian: like pajamas? >> steve: not exactly. >> ainsley: with footsies. >> steve: all right. coming up on this wednesday, an illinois mayor, we were talking about him yesterday. demanding an apology from the state's governor after being labeled a racist. he is going to join us live next to share how joe biden's open borders are impacting the people he was elected to protect and serve.
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3:34 am
bus full of migrants to your place and you said wait, what? and you asked them some questions and they didn't have any answers, did they? >> once we got word some migrants were coming we asked how many? we don't know. where are they going? we don't know. what time are they going to get there? we don't know. more importantly we asked what kind of safety background have they had done and what kind of health background have they had done? that's important for our community. i'm elected to serve and protect the health and safety and welfare of elk grove village. >> steve: you said if they haven't been screened for their health and they have not undergone a background check, you are not going to dump them off here. >> we told them until we got answers to those questions, we couldn't let them come into elk grove village, you are exactly right. >> steve: okay. so they got back to you hours later and they said you, you know what? they have all had health background checks and had security checks and they are okay. did you believe that? >> steve, i do.
3:35 am
i got it from the director of homeland security for the mexican border region. >> steve: good. >> he assured me that they were checked for covid, monkeypox and other issues and they did do a screening. i want to have faith in our federal government. once we heard that and we said okay, you are allowed. in steve, one thing i want to make sure i point out. these are human beings. so we want to treat them with digital and respect, but we want to make sure that they're safe forever our community and be involved here. that's what we checked first. what really bothered me is the governor he has labeled suburban mayors xenophobic. nothing could be worse than saying that about local communities. my community has reached tout help these folks, give stuff.
3:36 am
donate things. we are trying to find them jobs. elk groh is home to the biggest business park in north america. we have got jobs. we will hook them up for jobs. we will match them. remember, they are technically legal here. the president of the united states says they are legal. we are treating them as legal people. but we want to give them jobs. give them work and be able to take care of themselves and pay taxes. >> steve: great, mayor, real quick, so you are angry at the governor. does he owe you an apology? >> oh, yes. we asked for the governor to apologize to elk grove village our community and residents. we are not xenophobic. we are complete opposite. we are welcoming and we want to continue to welcome people and like you said, these migrants are humans. we are treating them with respect and dignity they deserve and we will give them jobs. we will help take care of them. don't call us ever again xenophobic. >> steve: listen, if he calls you, let us know because we want to know what he said. chicago said yeah, the reason we have to ship them there is because we have got a marathon in about a month, which is just
3:37 am
nuts. mayor,. >> you are right. >> steve: thank you so much craig johnson for joining us. we're glad that we could finally get to the bought of what happened. but it's very troubling. thank you, sir. >> and, steve, real quick, thank you, congratulations on your cookbook and if you could do me a favor i could use a copy. brian's book is getting lonely behind me there. >> steve: okay. i will do the best i can thank you very much, mayor. thank you, sir. >> thank you, have a good day. >> steve: look at that a book tease right in the middle of that segment on the border. thank you very much. by the way we did reach out to the governor's office, have not heard back. probably won't. meanwhile, coming up. a major win for a parent banned from school board meetings for calling attention to explicit books in the classroom. his effort to protect kids from inappropriate content as the first lady says all books should be allowed. >> all books should be in the library, all books. this is america. we don't ban books. ♪ ♪
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a father in maine fought back after opposition to books in public schools got him banned from attending school functions. now the school board must pay him $40,000 for violating his first amendment rights. this as the first lady, dr. jill biden, says all books should be allowed in schools. >> all books should be in the library. all books. this is america. we don't ban books. >> ainsley: sean joins us now. he just won this lawsuit and gets $40,000 from the school board. good morning, sean. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> what a victory. what's your reaction? >> it's good. the piece that is a little bit frustrating is this is all about a lack of transparency within these school boards.
3:43 am
because of they really don't want to let parents know what's going on behind the brick walls of these public schools. and when you find out what's going on they don't want you to speak out about it in public comment. then they are going to do anything they can to banish you from campus like they did in my situation. because i was exposing the hyper sexualization going on with these children. >> what exactly did you find out was happening behind the brick walls? >> yeah, and we had this on the laura ini can't ham show last fall. we talked a lot about the books. as joe biden said first of all nobody i know is banning books. it's all about age-appropriate content and also about parental control. and we found out very early that a number of these books on a book list from the school were hyper sexualized, essentially pornographic content in these books being forced on to kids with daily announcements, prizes and incentives. again, i just don't believe that anybody's taxpayer dollars should be used to indoctrinate
3:44 am
children and hyper sexualize them. >> ainsley: let's bring in mark, he is your attorney. good morning to you, mark. >> good morning. >> ainsley: congratulations on your win. what was your argument in court? >> you know, what happened here, for what sean just said on the air, not really much more than that, they decided that they were going to banish him from all public participation. they were going to say he couldn't participate in public meetings but not just that he couldn't even compton school grounds. so, in that community that means can't go to friday night football games. can't go community barbecues. it was like a medieval banishment because he had dared to challenge the king. now, all of that is contrary to the first amendment. sean has a right to espouse any political views he wants in a public participation setting. and if the government then says i don't like what you have to say, so you can't participate in public life, that is a gross transgression against the first
3:45 am
amendment. and something that we fought a revolution and world wars to preserve. and we were not going to allow that to continue. and we were fortunate. we got a very principled judge. the judge looked at that the judge saw through every bit of subterfuge the government was trying to put forth. and here we are with the first amendment preserved for not just for sean but for everybody. >> ainsley: i wonder if this will set a precedent for the future, other school boards around the country. this one happens to be in the state of maine. they did send a statement from the school board rs u2 2 is pleased to announce they say they are pleased to announce that it has reached a settlement with a citizen over their challenge to the state mandated public participation policies. the district acted appropriately in enforcing these policies and will continue to call out inappropriate speech when necessary. sean, mark, thank you so much for coming on with us. >> yeah. if i might just say in closing thank you for the center for american liberty for all its support and mark we couldn't have done that without him so
3:46 am
thank you very much. >> ainsley: many parents across america are thanking you both. we appreciate it. let's hand it over to carley for headlines for us. >> starting with a he radio minored here for everyone. it has been months since several pro-life organizations were attacked by radical pro-choice groups jane's revenge and still zero arrests have been made. the attacks came immediately following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. the group has claimed responsibility for at least 18 incidents of arson and vandalism. still, zero arrests. former federal judge and u.s. solicitor general ken starr has died from surgery complications according to his family. starr was most well-known for being independent counsel in the bill clinton water water probe several other clinton scandals and led to the former president's impeachment. he wife alice three children and nine grandchildren. starr was 76 years old.
3:47 am
and listen to this: actor ryan reynolds' effort to raise awareness for colon cancer winds up catching a close call. reynolds bringing a camera with limb to his colonoscopy and leads to unexpected diagnosis. >> such good prep that i was able to find an extremely subtle polyp that was on the right side of your colon. this was potentially life-saving for you. >> carley: the dead pool star teaming up with cancer awareness lead from behind to share this amazing story. and janice, did you hear the doctor said it could be life-saving for him to have caught that how incredible is that? >> janice: really good to bring awareness. good for him. >> carley: absolutely. >> janice: take a look at forecast temperatures cooler in the northeast. that's good news, right? 66 near new york. humidity has gone, swept away with that cold front. 58 in chicago. 63 in atlanta. 62 in billings.
3:48 am
take a look where we are seeing showers and thunderstorms for the forecast for the four corners and florida. we could see a few inches of heavy rain for the sunshine state. here is what we're looking at in terms of wet weather and flash flooding for parts of southwestern utah. looks like that flash flood threat is going to exist through thursday for parts of the great basin and the southwest. so, they need the rain, but too much of it is going to cause flooding and watching, of course, florida where we could get 3 to 5 inches of rain in the next five days. we will certainly keep you up to indicate on that. fox for all your latest details. ainsley over to you. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. with summer coming to a close you might be thinking about ways to stay warm during the winter months. how about a home spa? wouldn't that be nice? skip bedell will show options and how your support will support american heroes. there he is in a spa without water wearing a vest. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
manufacturer they make amazing prontle projects. 36 jets. hydro therapy all around. beautiful led lighting inside. this is like a mega hot tub, just an amazing pete of equipment. great to get your muscles relaxed. we went through a tough time with the pandemic and everything. so stress relief. anxiety. >>this is a great way to relieve tension. >> carley: mom and dad would love it but so would the kids. >> fun for the whole family. i love it. i'm a little bit partial to this one though, brian. this is michael phelps edition. this is the ls 900. this is an amazing hot tub as you can see extra large. it seats 8 people. it's got hydro therapy everywhere. even this back massager 20 dedicated jets just to your back. >> brian: wow. >> neck and shoulder collar right here get under this massage neck and shoulder tension. >> brian: this is also today if you act you get money off, right? >> you do. this week they have up to $2,000 off many of their models and
3:54 am
also the proceeds from the sales of these, they are raising $100,000 to go to tunnels to towers which is as you know a great foundation to support the families from 9/11. >> brian: twilight, michael phelps, is there anything else that you have. >> there is. guys, this is like the mega, this is the mac daddy. this is their swim spa. so now you have all the best features of their hot tubs, right but also in a pool. come check this out. this is ben, our professional swimmer. guys, give a shot inside this thing. it's super deep. but, the best function of this is that it works all winter long. so you have a swimming pool all winter. >> i love it. it holds close to 2,000 gallons, actually swim in the deep end. the jets actually create a current. >> that's right. you have a big current right here. go ahead and fire that up. so this is great for exercise. because you can swim against that current and do endless laps. watch this, you swim in place. >> steve: look at that.
3:55 am
>> amazing for exercise. so you get the benefits of the hot tub at one end. of the whole family can play in the swimming pool all winter long because it's heated. >> brian: you are always winning. >> that's right. michael phelps, this is what he used to train for his last two olympics so, they partnered with him 12 years ago when they came up with these amazing design from master spas. >> steve: hang on to something or you will end up at the u.n. i have seen these foresaville but that kind of lap pool is very expensive. this is fantastic and affordable. >> great deals going on right now. thinking about getting one now is a time to get one. thousands of dollars off. feel good about the money going from these sales is going to tunnel 2 towers. >> if you don't have the space in the backyard to build a swimming pool that's wonderful that you can swim against the current. >> unbelievable. all above ground. so you don't have to dig any holes, install it in one day. it runs all year long. even in the winter you could be out swimming. >> brian: go t 2 that's where to go to tunnel for
3:56 am
towers. for you go to skip bedell. >> thanks, guys. >> brian: good luck packing this up. >> steve: one of my neighbors has this in their house. rainy brian i have got to modify to that neighborhood: >> brian: ahead businesses built in a college dorm is now worth $40 million. the army ranger whose dream became a reality shares his secret to success. ♪ ♪ entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪ ♪ >> as far as the border, we are taking unprecedented action. >> the white house continuing to claim that our southern border is secure. >> meantime exclusive video shows migrants scaling a border wall in arizona decked out in camouflage. >> the situation is not under control. >> we are getting a more detailed look at the fbi affidavit to search former president trump's home never before seen portions showing the timing of subpoenas and trump's cooperation. >> our duty to be realistic. >> thousands lining the streets of london to say a final goodbye to queen elizabeth solemn procession take blaze at westminster hall. >> it is real. >> joe biden celebrating self-proclaimed achievement as
4:01 am
the economy crashes. >> biden is giving thi


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