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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 14, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> sandra: celebration continues at least for president biden and his team as they sell their green energy plans in detroit. but is motor city in the mood to be told they have been making
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motors all wrong? >> john: electric vehicle push the latest issue fueling criticism that president biden is out of touch with everyday americans. >> sandra: barely been 24 hours now since the big celebration at the white house, the president celebrating his massive climate and social spending plan yesterday, even while rising inflation numbers sent the stock market into a tailspin. welcome back, as "america reports" rolls into hour two. we are keeping our eye there in the motor city, i'm sandra smith in new york. great to be with you, john. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. the president in detroit. the city where thousands of workers are losing their jobs in the name of going green. prices continue to hammer american families. >> people are hurting, and then they look at washington and they say how are you not noticing? how does joe biden have a celebratory speech as the numbers come out knowing that people are hurting? >> john: senator rick scott is standing by.
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first to jacqui heinrich, live at the white house with the latest from there. jacqui. >> jacqui: good afternoon to you, john. yesterday was marked by irony. james taylor played a song about death on the south lawn as the stock marketed plummeted, democrats gathered to celebrate the inflation reduction act an experts agree will not reduce inflation, on the same day that new inflation numbers dropped and it did not look good. >> stock market does not necessarily reflect the state of the economy as you well know, and the economy is still strong, unemployment is low, jobs are up, manufacturing is good, so i think it's -- i think we are going to be fine. talking about 1/10 of 1%, and thank you. >> jacqui: the president does not seem fazed by this.
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>> the split screen, the white house, taking the victory lap and the policies of the administration. >> yesterday officials were asked how exactly the inflation reduction act is going to reduce inflation, especially since the administration already spent deficit savings from this bill on student debt cancellation. >> rebates available today include a 30% credit to cover the costs of installing rooftop solar, up to 10% credit to cover insulation materials and other energy improvements, like energy savings, windows and doors. >> spending money to save money through tax rebates is not the same thing as bringing down prices, and prices are up across the board with energy up nearly 16%, groceries nearly 14%, john. >> john: jacqui, thank you.
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>> sandra: florida republican senate rick scott, thank you very much, sir, for joining us. your tweet caught our attention, you said what many were thinking. democrats celebrating the economy show they live in a total fantasy land. american grocery bills increased again and inflation sky high at 8.3%. hard to believe at one point, neil cavuto with an epic takedown at 4:00, the fact celebration was happening while americans are watching their retirement funds go down, stock market plunging and inflation sky high. what was there to celebrate? >> they are living in fantasy land. number one, number two, we have businesses that cannot afford their food, their materials, and be able to pass that on, so losing jobs. here is an example what's
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happening. more people going to food banks in florida, delaying retirement, come out of retirement, taking multiple jobs. in august we did not generate new full-time jobs. we lost 242,000 jobs, what we added was part-time jobs. the white house forgot to tell you about that part. if you look at the economy, retirement plans are going down, if you are on -- if you are on fixed income, what you have -- what you saved is worth less, nothing is good. >> john: numbers would not be in favorite of the democrats but can between now and november 8th republicans effectively leverage the economy to override the democratic message about the dobbs decision and democracy that has been pretty darn effective in turning what looked like a republican tsunami into a ripple? >> oh, i think we are going to have a great year. we got numbers out of wisconsin.
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johnson is up over barnes, ted bud is up three over beasley, herschel walker is up three, new candidate in new hampshire, i think is going to do a great job, hassan is in deep trouble. i can see a great win, and we are going to work hard, i think we are going to do well in november. poll numbers are heading in our direction. >> sandra: as far as the potential victory for republicans, the margin has been shrinking. you can acknowledge that has been happening. are democrats winning, albeit a lot of bad things happening right now, are they winning on messaging? >> take barnes race in wisconsin, in the last month, barnes positive versus negative, barnes was 16 points up on faith, now down two. so what we have done, we have
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invested in every one of our swing states, biden's approval is under 40 and democratic opponents are under 50. what the republicans are doing is paying off, we are moving up. look at wisconsin, everybody says oh, that's a hard state to win. ron johnson is up 49-44 right now. and even the democrat poll, marquette poll has him up. so look around the country, we are in the right direction. excited about the candidates and november. >> john: you were given a gift yesterday with the inflation number and looked like republicans were eager to jump all over that and pummel the biden administration and then lindsey graham said this. >> i think we should have a law at the federal level that would say after 15 weeks no abortion on demand except in cases of rape, incest, to save the life of the mother and that should be
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where america is at. >> john: so after republicans were saying all across the country that what the dobbs decision does is it simply throws the abortion issue back to the states and takes it out of the federal government hands, lindsey graham says oh, we need a federal law here, and a lot of republicans and other people suggested he scored a goal on his own net with that. where do you come down with that? >> if you good around the country, people are focussed on economy, kids' education, public safety. and democrats are clearly focused on abortion. >> that is very effective, it's very effective for them, senator. they have outpaced the democrats in registering women, registering women particularly in the suburbs. >> go through the polls, as likely voters, johnson is winning, bud winning, walker, barely down in a variety of
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states. down by 1 in colorado, three points in washington,s 2 to 4 points in arizona. we are actually heading in the right direction. democrats don't want to be seen with biden, he's toxic to the democrats. so we stay on our message, talk about inflation, about the border crisis, about crime, this is not where the country wants to go. the country says, the country is heading in the right direction, democrats control the house, white house and the senate so we are going to win in november. a lot of noise out there about how republicans can't win, but at the polls. we keep getting better week after week after week. >> sandra: what about in new hampshire, where you've got a pair of maga candidates, maga republican candidates winning, democrats seemingly to get what they wanted, they thought it would be tougher to go up the moderate republicans.
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bolduc, he won. hassan spent $9 million, and others spent ten of millions, and her approval is 43, 44%. biden is underwater. you can see we are going to win. we will be all in to make sure we win in new hampshire. hassan, they know we are you were there and they don't like her. >> john: ahead to after november 8th. if the republicans take back control of the senate, the question is, who is going to be the majority leader and the other day at the national cones conservetism conference -- >> after the november elections, i'm confident we are going to get a majority we'll make a decision then. >> john: the two of you have been working to try to win back the senate. do you have concerns about his leadership? >> well, he'll decide if he is going to run, i assume he will.
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the we have a lot of elections coming up. a presidential race coming up, right now, my focus is 100% get back the senate. >> john: sounds like another defer ral, senator. >> i have a good working relationship with mitch mcconnell and work on focus to get the senate back. >> sandra: appreciate you joining us, thank you very much. >> john: thanks, senator. see you soon. few people wanted to hear from him when it only cost the price of a cable subscription. who is willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars fired anchor brian stelter. wait until you hear about professor stelter's new gig. >> sandra: parents outraged over their children to get a woke worksheet to begin the school year. a parent says schools are going rogue with what they are teaching our children.
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>> sandra: apparent critic of facebook's founder tried to blow someone up on a college campus and now the fbi is on the hunt for that person. a package bomb exploding at northeastern university in boston yesterday, and came with a note tearing into mark zuckerberg, facebook's creator. live in boston with the latest, what do we know about the person at the center of this investigation? >> still looking into a lot of information here, the authorities say things are early in the investigation and still looking into things, not giving us too much information as far as suspects or motives are concerned. but we do know that the person that was hurt was a staff member here at northeastern university.
11:18 am
45-year-old man as the package was opened, that's when the package exploded, resulting in the injuries. just after 7:00 last night, right on campus in holmes hall on the boston campus. building was evacuated, bomb squad, ems rushing to the scene. a second similar package nearby, swiftly dealt with by the bomb squad. the package was a pelican style case, hard plastic, and inside virtual reality and mark zuckerberg. a multitude of agencies are involved here. >> fbi boston is offering its full support to our partners, especially with the boston police department, including the full resources of the joint terrorism task force, as well as our evidence response team and special agent bomb techs. >> the scene was declared safe
11:19 am
last night, students are back on campus. no arrest at this point in type in the investigation, still really in the early stages. sandra. >> sandra: live from boston, thank you. >> john: parents in connecticut raising the alarm over a woke worksheet that was handed out by a high school teacher that included all the greatest hits. michael is a father of five, youngest is in middle school. michael, some of the words from the southerton high school worksheet, white privilege, marginization, social justice, latinx, safe space, you argue students should be taught reading, writing and areth me particular, but instead something quite different. >> actually, i can't hear him. >> michael, are you there? >> yes, i'm sorry, i could not
11:20 am
hear -- yes, it's quite troubling. what happened was i belong to a facebook group called families for freedom that monitors a lot of different things going on in connecticut and souterton, and it was brought to our attention by the parent of a student that the worksheet was handed out, so the student decided to attend the board meeting and speak out against the worksheet that had outrageous and discriminatory comments, and i decided to go, having heard about it, and attended the meeting and spoke out with susan -- and other parents in town. >> john: is it your contention, though, that students are being taught the wrong thing? >> yeah, sure. my contention is schools should focus on practical matters, things students will need after they graduate high school to continue on in college and be successful college student or
11:21 am
into the workforce and get, begin a successful career. they need to know how to read effectively, write, communicate, they need to have basic mathematical and science skills. what employers are looking for. and when schools are focussing on all these other things and missing the mark, critical things that students need to learn, they are underserving the students and thus you can see what's happening with students graduating without being able to read, to write basic skills. in addition to that being an issue, these things are polarizing, divisive, the terms being used. many of them don't have accurate definition, no one knows what some of these things mean. so basically, you know, to discuss these topics and converse about them, you know, what are the ground rules, what are the parameters, a lot of times we don't know what these things mean and people have different definitions what this is all about. not to mention is very offensive, depending to what group you belong to. >> john: michael, jump in here
11:22 am
and for the control room, call for number three, as you mentioned came up at a recent school board meeting and the board's vice chairman said this,s it's troubling, i read the worksheet, do i agree with it, absolutely not. to hear about the white privilege thing, i'm tired of it. the talk of all the crap going on and this is it is frustrating as hell but the same time the world is changing and transgenderism, and other things are parts of everyday discussion. so what is the proper forum or venue, if you will, to have these discussions with students or our children? >> higher education has been largely overtaken by liberal forces and what's happening is that infiltrated into the teacher training colleges and they are being taught all these concepts and that's entering the
11:23 am
classroom so you are not getting an unbiased approach to the topics. teachers are actually taking sides and more often than not it's the liberal side. as a student in high school you should not know what the political viewpoint of your teacher is. if you he -- if the students know the political viewpoint, you've already lost the game. you need to be unbiased in these things and that's clearly not happening. if you look at this worksheet, it's a very bias worksheet. it's not setting ground rules for an open discussion, it's already basically precluding certain discussions from being held based upon the terms they are advocating. very charged politically left-leaning terms being used for the ground rules for discussion in this worksheet. this is just one example. if we have time, there are more -- many others happening throughout the state. >> john: we don't really, michael, but focus on this. point out the school board has launched an investigation, wa el keep looking at this and maybe get you back. appreciate your time.
11:24 am
>> thank you so much. >> john: one thing i want to bring up, sandra, and call for number two here, part of what the worksheet said, highlighting concepts when students are speaking to each other, one said racism is a systemic issue. if you look the other way or deny the systems exist, you are part of the problem. you can know in your heart you don't hate anyone but still contribute to their oppression. >> sandra: that's rough, and still in an environment post covid, so many parents are saying get my kids back in the classroom, back to reading, writing and arithmetic, and learning, and they wonder why they are not educating the kids and catching up from lost learning. meanwhile, history in new hampshire. she could be one of the young he have ever to serve in congress after pulling off a primary upset. but first, karoline leavitt will be joining us live in her first interview off her big win.
11:25 am
>> john: no shortage of problems facing the nation. why is the white house press secretary getting a pass for glossing over them?
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digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> decry vaccine hesitancy, it's coming from the stuff you give us. you are not paying attention to the science. >> give us a detailed plan for covid, detailed accounting where the money has been spent. >> sandra: dr. fauci and the cdc director back on the hill and grilled over the biden administration response to covid as well as monkeypox. this as the administration asked for more money to fight both of those. congressional correspondent is live on the hill. how much are they asking for>> good afternoon to you, sandra. the white house is looking for about $22.5 billion in covid aid. they have asked for this before, they were rejected before, and it's likely they are going to
11:31 am
get rejected again. today both democrats and republicans on the senate health committee put the cdc director and dr. fauci in the hot seat over this administration's troubled response to recent covid and monkeypox outbreaks, in addition to the covid aid, the white house is asking congress for almost 4 billion to fight monkeypox. republicans say congress has approved $6 trillion and still plenty leftover to be repurposed, not to mention many blame 1.85 trillion american rescue plan for causing sky high inflation. and get this, sandra, according to the non-partisan committee for responsible federal budget, this administration will through legislative and executive actions add more than 4.8 trillion, nearly $5 trillion to the deficit between 2021 and 2031. so, a lot of problems when it
11:32 am
comes to the numbers here. republicans also simply are not happy with the job the cdc has done. senator bill cassidy grilling dr. walensky about the ask for more money. >> now cdc is requesting billions of dollars for public health initiatives in an agency by your assessment is not functioning well, and which only about 22% of the people are showing up every day. >> many of us are on the road. i am here today and i am working. >> it's going to be hard for me to support more appropriations, until we have a better relationship, more trusting and transparent relationship between the agency and congress. >> it does not look like they will get the ten republicans they need to pass this through, at least before the midterms. by the way, the white house, sandra, is going to have a briefing on its monkeypox response tomorrow morning. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, aishah.
11:33 am
john. >> john: crisis have not gone away for president biden, border and baby formula are just as bad if not worse than a few months ago, but karine jean-pierre has been gone unquestioned. they could not find one fact check since the first day of the podium. >> on the job four months as of yesterday and nobody is holding her more accountable and not giving her a pass than peter doocy, particularly on the border issue, pressing jean-pierre over the thousands of migrants into the u.s. every day. >> that's not how it works. >> that's not what you want to happen but is happening. >> it's not like somebody walks over, that's not how -- >> that's exactly what's happening.
11:34 am
>> some cases they are scaling the wall in camouflage before running into the country, as we saw over the weekend, yet vice president harris still denying there is a crisis existing. >> the border is secure. we also have a broken immigration system in particular over the last four years before we came in and it needs to be fixed. >> the administration says they cannot get the baby formula under control with empty shelves. 61% out of stock rate, one louisiana mom says team biden is not doing enough. >> we are not a priority, you know. they are not concerned about us, it is not a big deal to them, you know, they are not worrying how to feed their babies, they are not worrying how to feed their children, it's not a priority to them and we are continuing to be shown that the american people are not the priority right now, much less our babies. >> at least one crisis that they
11:35 am
are addressing across the media, the 20-month long inflation surge from 1.4% when the administration took over to 8.3% where we are now today, john. yet every day at the white house they seem to say that the economy is quite strong doing well, in fact celebrated yesterday as the stocks tumbled. >> john: is climbing a fence walking, maybe not. is wading across the border in the middle of the river walking, maybe not. >> and in case of swimming across the river. but the point is, the images and the facts are undeniable and not just a crisis of numbers, fentanyl deaths, and migrant numbers. >> even joe manchin called out the white house yesterday. >> sandra: fox news alert, associated press calls the final race in the new hampshire republican primaries for robert burns, a clean sweep for so-called maga candidates in the granite state gop primaries.
11:36 am
one of them, 25-year-old who clinched the nomination for the first congressional district. karoline leavitt joins her now, and we have invited her democratic opponent on, he is welcome to join us any time. welcome to you, what do you think was key to clinching the republican nomination there? >> well, thank you so much for having me, sandra. i am so honored and humbled by the outpouring of support that i received from voters across my home district, new hampshire's first congressional district seat. and i credit our historic victory to the unprecedented work that we put in. it's pretty simple. we pounded the pavement. we spoke with voters, went to their homes, knocked on their doors, made the phone calls, we showed up and talked to them about the very real consequences of this disastrous biden-pelosi agenda enabled by the far left
11:37 am
democrat incumbent chris pappas. all policies are hurting the people of my great home state. they are fed up and they are looking for a conservative congresswoman who will put them first and who has the youthful energy to bring our party together and assure we take back the house in january. >> sandra: it was quite a race to watch play out, of course both of you, both of the republicans in the race came from the trump administration in some form, you from the press office and then your republican opponent coming from working in the state department under the trump administration, and also for the trump campaign. so now that that has happened, this means you will face off against the representative, two-term democrat congressman chris pappas. he is already making this race about abortion, after lindsey graham said this. listen. >> i think we should have a law at the federal level that would
11:38 am
say after 15 weeks, no abortion on demand except in cases of rape, incest, to save the life of another and that should be where america is at. >> sandra: now many voters want to know where you stand on that proposed federal 15-week, at 15-week abortion ban. >> well, i am pro life but also pro constitution, i believe in the supreme court, said this is an issue for the states to decide. we just passed the first ban in the state's history, applaud the legislators to doing that, and hope they will -- we have a greater voice. let me just say, my far left democrat extremist opponent is radical on this issue. he and his party support abortion up to the moment of birth, any time, any where, taxpayer funded. that's not where the majority of
11:39 am
the people in this state reside. they are the party of radical extremism and we believe in rights and we will good on offense on this issue and all the issues. they'll try to make the race about abortion but it's about inflation, it's about our wide open southern border, it's about energy prices that are skyrocketing through the roof, especially here in new hampshire. our electric bills are four times higher, and so those are the issues we are going to continue to pound the pavement with, and i have no doubt we'll be victorious on november 8th like we were yesterday. >> sandra: i want to ask you, karoline, about the divided republican support you received, an article on the screen on kevin mccarthy backing your opponent, and elise stefanik, ted cruz, and jim jordan, but
11:40 am
house republican leader kevin mccarthy backed one of your opponents in the primary. if you go on to win this district and become the youngest, one of the youngest members of the house of representatives in u.s. history, will you support kevin mccarthy as house speaker if the republicans flip the house? >> well, look, i'm grateful for all those who believed in me in this race, senator ted cruz, my former bosses, elise stefanik, lauren boebert, and yesterday the voters of this district made their voices clear. we won this primary by ten points. i'm not behold en to anyone in washington, d.c. i'm standing up for the people, will make that my main focus heading into the november general election and we'll take back the house. >> sandra: is that a yes, you will support mccarthy as house speaker? >> we are not focused on that
11:41 am
right now, frankly. i don't know. what i am focused on and what i do know, i'll continue to stand up for the people of this district. >> sandra: and i said utah, ohio jim jordan. final final on this, karoline. there's a lot of democrats right now are saying they got exactly what they wanted, with a far right maga candidate like you now going up against the two-term democrat in this, the first district in new hampshire. to them you say what? >> to the democrats i say this. it is not extreme to want to put your country first. it's not extreme to want to have secure border, a strong military, unleash the might of your own economy and not send billions and billions to the country of ukraine when our own southern border is not secure. be america first, putting your own people first is not extreme. democrats are the extremists and they will be held accountable come november. >> her first interview coming off her win last night. we will watch what happens in new hampshire's first district.
11:42 am
karoline, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: you might mistake it for a movie about the end of the world, instead it is very much a reality. and now some businesses say they should not have to pay if officials can't keep the streets safe. usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪)
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it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
11:47 am
>> john: resemble's hollywood vision of the end of the world but not a post apocalyptic horror movie, it is the reality of a major american city as homeless people brawl surrounded by san francisco's squalor. claudia is live along the san francisco bay. are residents there pretty much fed up with what's going on, claudia? >> yeah, they really are, john. and not just residents in the tenderloin which often gets a lot of attention because of the open air drug market there, but folks who live in many, many parts of the city. this video which has gotten more than 5 million views comes from the soma neighborhood near downtown and the convention center. a resident tweeted during an evening walk last week he came across these couple of homeless men going at it on a filthy sidewalk. several others look on with little interest but one man joins the fray, whacking the brawlers with a broom.
11:48 am
a barking dog adds to the frenzied scene, and many expressed concern about the dog in the squalid conditions. this sidewalk in the marina, upscale neighborhood with million dollar mansions seeing more homelessness, too. this video was shot by joe who is running for san francisco district attorney, and says the first thing he'll do if elected is prosecute drug dealers flooding the city with fentanyl, contributing to the overdose deaths of nearly 1700 people since 2020. he says city policies make it easy to be homeless here. >> well, you can get yourself an ipad and with the city's free wi-fi, get yourself netflix with only $9 and the $800 check and the police leave you alone, not a whole lot of reason not to come to san francisco. >> meantime, merchants in the castro district are so
11:49 am
frustrated with city hall they are threatening to stop paying business taxes. but with no immediate solution in sight, the outlook is as grim and gritty as those videos, john. the san francisco chronicle estimates as many as 20,000 people will experience homelessness on the streets of san francisco by the end of the year. >> john: that city has some real problems. claudia, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi insisting there will be a vote banning lawmakers from trading stocks. this, of course, comes as the house speaker and her husband, paul pelosi, are under fire for trades of their own. but it's much bigger than that. a new report showing questionable trades are very much a bipartisan issue. connell mcshane is here, reporting on the hill on this. i feel like you and i have been talking about this for a very long time. some very surprised this is still allowed by members of
11:50 am
congress. what are you hearing? >> we have talked over the last two days to 11 members of congress out of the 97 mentioned in the report you referenced, saying they may have conflicts of interest and the trades they can conduct privately in and out of stocks. the reaction is quite varied, because the situation is different depending on the member. some certainly stand out more than others, a democrat from california was mentioned in the report, his wife sold shares of boeing march 5, 2020. the next day the committee he sits on issued a damaging report on the company. then to your point it's bipartisan, republican congressman from ohio, bob gibbs, he was buying shares in a pharmaceutical company while the oversight company was investigating the company. he says the investigation was into the industry, not just the specific company, but he also tried to argue a broader point with this. saying that banning members from
11:51 am
buying and selling stocks in his view might discourage qualified people from running for office in the first place. >> you are going to end up possibly with two types of members of congress. one, super wealthy, trust fund babies, and can pay to do blind trusts and negotiate the rates, or you are going to have, and/or you will have people coming in that don't own anything, don't have anything, and no experience. >> speaker pelosi did indeed say earlier today here on capitol hill that she believes there will be a bill on member stock trading on the floor of the house at some point this month. should point out that speaker pelosi and her husband, sandra, were not mentioned in the report, speaker of the house does not actually sit on the legislative committees. back to you. >> sandra: really important stuff, thank you very much. up next, tyrus, the host of fox nation will join us. tunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis,
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>> sandra: well, it wasn't long ago that harvard raised eyebrows by hiring bill de blasio. >> now brian stelter is their newest hire. so he's a fellow for media, politics and public policy. you have a thing or two to say about this. >> well, i do. i can only imagine what greg gutfeld will be like tonight. he's obsessed with stelter. it's shocking to me. only in woke america can you get fired from a job from being unable to be factual and down the middle to go to a place where you will now mold young minds about being factual and following the truth. so yeah, i'm just -- it's only in woke america. so his bias paid off. it's never been a better time for trade schools. be honest with you. >> sandra: they're describing
11:58 am
his role where he will convene a series of discussions about threats to democracy and the news media. discussions with politicians and media makers, fellowing and faculty will help deepen publicly and scholarly understanding about the current state of the information ecosystem and its impact on democratic governance. sounds real. >> so basically he got his old show back that he failed miserably back at cnn and had 17 people watching. he's now going to do live in a school. the only thing when i was in college and they had a professor that came in from somewhere else, we would all be like you didn't have any ratings, bro. they're going to worry about how many instagram followers he has. i'm not sure his message will go over well in harvard. trade schools, home school, state schools. harvard, what are we doing?
11:59 am
>> john: you mentioned he wore his politics clearly on his sleeve. if not hiring people like him to do courses on media, public pollty and politics, who should be teaching those courses? >> how about a journalist? that would be awesome. maybe an older gentleman or gentle woman who has been in the trenches, followed a story and uses the magic word "sources." that would be cool. you know, someone from a 10 to 15, 20 years ago when we celebrated what it was to be a news person, a journalist. there's a million of them out there. so i would go -- they're unemployed because they don't pick sides. so just throwing that out there. softballing it up there. >> sandra: tyrus lets us know how he feels. i want to have you back on the railroad situation. >> yeah, bring me back. i'm not a conductor but i'm worried about the railroads. >> john: with everything that you've done in your life, at some point you drove a train. >> sandra: never a train engineer? >> no. but i built a lot of train
12:00 pm
tracks when i was a kid. >> sandra: now you're coming back. >> john: i had an electric train as a kid. does that count? >> electricity just came out. that was cool. >> john: i was wondering who he was referring to. >> no, we need you here. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" starts with martha maccallum right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum from lyndon. $900 million to build electric charging stations across the u.s. the president touting that big use of change awhile ago. but the environment and climate change rank low on the long list of voter concerns right now. at the top, the high cost of living and inflation, which, as we know, continue to soar. karl rove and joe concha


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