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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cross-country motorcycle trip. congratulations. tomorrow on "special report," the latest on the negotiations and the implications of a possible railroad strike. also want to tell you that my book "to rescue the republic" ulysses s. grant the fragile union 1776 now out in paperback wherever books are sold also on fox nation. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. here's jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. >> bret: you bet. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we have all met a sleazy salesman before. they won't stop trying to sell you something you don't want. >> anyway, let's get serious. you want to buy this car or what? >> no. we have to think about it. >> what is there to think about? you told me you liked it. you asked me 10,000 questions. i answered every single one of them. you drove it, you love it. what more do you need to know. >> jesse: rule number one about being a good salesman you always act like you are the expert.
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today joe biden did just that. >> you all know i'm a car guy. i'm here because the auto show and the vehicles here give me some reasons to be optimistic about the future. i really mean it. just looking at them and driving them, they just give me a sense of optimism although i like the speed, too. >> jesse: once you r reel in a sucker that's when you try to sell theme clunker. >> investing $7.5 billion to build electric vehicle charging stations all across america. so today. [applause] i'm pleased to announce we are approving funding for the first 35 states, including michigan, to build their own electric charging infrastructure throughout their state. [applause] >> look, folks, you know the great american road trip is going to be fully electrified whether you are driving coast to coast along i 10 or on i-75 here in michigan. charging stations will be up and easy to find as gas stations are now. >> jesse: he says the great american road trip is going to go completely electric and he is
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the one that is going to do it with your money. money that he has been sitting on. he signed an infrastructure law over a year ago. he could have been building charging stations when gas prices were at record highs. even the people that had electric cars were in lines a mile long to charge. but, instead, he let inflation run rampant and now he is using our money to pay a premium for his little charging station. so what has biden been doing for a whole year with infrastructure money? we looked into this. and we only found like four things. ready? $25 million went to build a little walkway in phoenix. 13 million to fix up a dock in florida. 62 million to renovate a terminal in liz warren's airport in boston. and 20 million to install heated sidewalks in one town in new hampshire. that's not even a shovel ready job. that's a shovel killing job. they had all year.
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they did four projects. and only spent .01% of the money we gave them. we're all going to be dead by the time they start fixing things up like we care about like potholes. is this the dumbest thing you have ever heard? biden doesn't even believe in what he is selling. ford executives couldn't even get the president out of the chevy today. watch. >> [revving engine] >> watch out. >> the head of my secret service detail i'm driving home. >> he says he is driving home. >> yeah. >> jesse: joe, joe, you are supposed to be selling electric cars. get out of the corvette and hop into an electric car. and at least acted like you love it. >> how does it compare to the corvette?
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>> it's a beautiful car but i like the corvette. >> we got move. >> let's go. >> jesse: biden is like a child. yeah. we all love the corvette, joe. that's why no one is buying electric cars. you don't even own an electric car, do you? >> you guys are pushing electric vehicles today. this is the president who always talks about the power of our example. does he own an electric vehicle? >> the presidents of the united states don't do a lot of driving. >> he posted videos where he is revving the engine of his corvette in wilmington. >> driven a electric car to model. >> does he own one. >> the president's record is clear on this peter. >> it's clear he doesn't own one. had here's the problem with all of this. biden is not giving you a choice. this is like the vax mandate. in a couple years there are not going to be selling regular cars. evs just aren't built the same. everybody knows that joe knows that. [starting engine]
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>> sounds good. [tires squealing] [laughter] >> try your brakes. >> they're good. [laughter] >> jesse: joe gets a choice. and the only plug in biden is getting is for his hair. biden doesn't care about emissions either. delaware for an hour and back on air force one last night? they said biden had to go vote. delaware has mail-in and early voting. that trip burned more fuel than 50 corvettes combined. none of them believe anything they are selling. you think paul pelosi is going to trade in his banged up porsche for a plug-in. maybe, he is smart. maybe he would do it for the tax credit. but don't think he is in it to save the environment. people in california have to take short showers because paul pelosi's vineyard uses a gazillion gallons of water a day. since be we are spending like $8 billion on charging stations
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for cars that no one drives, can someone at least tell us how these things work? >> you can go ahead and plug in. >> okay. >> that's it. >> there we are. >> that's it. >> and there is no sound or fume. >> there is nothing. and that's all. >> all of us who are used to filling our tank, you usually can smell it and you can hear it, you can hear the guzzling sound. >> right. >> none of that. >> none of that. how do i know it's actually working? >> it is. [laughter] >> jesse: so joe doesn't like electric cars and kamala doesn't know how they work. how exactly are we saying the environment here again? let's ask general motors. >> so what is charging the batteries right now? what is the source. >> well, here, it's coming from the building. >> is did -- what's our mix of power? >> oh, lansing feeds power to the building so i don't know i bet you there is a bit of coal.
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natural gas, aren't they. >> right now the car is charging off your grid. >> right. it would be charging off our grid, which is about 95% coal. >> jesse: coal. oh. follow the money. they ever just taking your tax dollars and give it to billion dollars car company to build cars that you don't want that are made in china and produced with coal. this makes solyndra look like pocket change and instead of promising jobs, biden's electric car deal is actually killing them. ford just took your money and said it is firing 3,000 workers because they are going to be making electric cars in mexico now. it's like the keystone pipeline all over again. where do the guys go who just lost their jobs? let's ask joe. >> if you left out, left behind in an economy, an industry that's rapidly changing, you wonder where is my place going to be in that economy? i understand. i really do.
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one of the reasons why my dad moved from scranton when coal died, everything died. had to find new ways to do -- learn new skills, new work. >> jesse: because that's what everybody wants to do during a recession lose their job and learn to code. but at least we are going to save the environment, right? wrong. we're going to be strip mining third world countries for rare earth minerals, they call them rare for a reason and we will be using child labor and slave labor and producing these batteries with fossil fuels and relying on china like the europeans rye lied on russia. how did that work out again? even if the entire world goes to electric cars, you ready? it only lowers the temperature of the earth by 0.0002 degrees. you can't even trace that they know. this but they are still trying to sell you a giant lie. duong is the host of unfiltered and he joins me now.
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dan, i don't even know anybody with an electric car. only people i saw with an electric car worth $25 million and it's their fourth car. do you know anything like that. >> no, i don't have one. but, you know, they could be helpful like down here in florida if there is a hurricane there tends to be lines at the gas station my wife wanted to take the kids to school and you have a spare $100,000 it's like a big glorified golf cart. you have that little graphic on the screen there about the con. this is all a con. you got john kerry the climate czar ziming around the world in a private jet. basically pissing out carbon dioxide all over the united states and all over the place. but something happened in that video i bet you didn't know. you see that jay leno clip with joe biden? do you want to see how much of a con this is? i will let you in on a secret. i watch the show as i'm doing it. i'm a guest but i'm still checking it out because i like your show. i go to bed at like 8:00. sometimes the last thing i see.
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that joe biden jay leno clip was at the secret service training center. go look at the background. that's the secret service. i was transportation section instructor, that's the driving pad. that whole thing is a schtick, too. look, thank you producers. that's the james j. raulie training center. those are the secret service training vehicles in the background. i used to train people on myself. the whole thing is a scam. now, a couple more points on this scam though, too, to put some meat on the bone. there is a lambburg poet about this green car scam. did you read this? so good. >> jesse: love him. >> there is enough battery power in the world right now to power the world for guess how long? take a stab at it? here's the answer. 75 seconds. liberals are slow watching the show. transition to a green future that doesn't exist. go to the bullpen for the righty. there is no right in the
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bullpen, if i were to say to you listen, your girlfriend or wife god foregid is on life support. going to turn out the power to the hospital. don't worry we have enough battery power for 75 seconds. you would be like you are going to kill her. that is exactly the biden energy plan right now. going to a backup plan that doesn't exist. >> jesse: plan is probably going to take five centuries because if it took a year for them to spend .01% of the trillion dollars that we gave them on four projects, heated sidewalks in new hampshire, is that what we were clamoring for in the infrastructure? they put a chick-fil-a at logan airport in terminal e? they fixed the dock and built a bridge, dan? when are we giving to the real stuff? >> i'm a big fan of chick fay lay. the other ones you are good with. the heat the sidewalk in new hampshire, hard pass. but here's the thing no, you are right. even the plan they have for the
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future. because you may say the liberals watching your show foaming at the mouth and wetting their diapers right now bank is crazy so what we have 75 second of barrett power for the world we have plan for the future. this that same op-ed he says their plan says by 2030 i just read it before i came on the air by 2030, don't worry, jesse in 8 years we will have enough water power for 11 minutes. then we are really good. yes, is right. we are also set, brother. it will be is 1 minutes of glory. you will get a few trailers on netflix before the whole power system goes out and all in the dark dying. i mean, it's just -- you can't talk sense into these people. they are asking you to go get the righty out of the bullpen and there is nobody in the freakin' bullpen, duty. there is nobody there. >> jesse: they are making it up as they go along they haven't thought this through. it's pretty clear. dan bongino, i know it's getting
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to your bedtime so i'm going to say goodbye. >> it is. >> jesse: check them out on the weekends 9:00 saturday night. ♪ lindsey graham is up next. and he has some explaining to do. ♪ heyyy! (steins breaking) your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers)
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. gentlemen jess last nights joe nancy and chuck through a party to celebrate the economy while the dow collapsed and americans got poorer. full on fiesta, hype man and music and gibberish from the music, listen ♪ i have seen fire and i've seen rain >> is new york in the house? [cheers] >> are there any californians in the house? [cheers]
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[laughter] >> think about what you think about at the time. think about how you would feel. >> jesse: i don't know what that all was. what were the republicans doing? on the day inflation record back and the market crashed i thought i would see republican senators holding press conferences in front of groceries stores and gas stations you know promising to bring prices down if you put them back in charge. that's not what happened. instead, lindsey graham called a press conference to propose a nationwide abortion ban. >> we should have a law at the federal level that would say after 15 weeks no abortion on demand except in cases of rape and incest to save the life of another. >> jesse: senator lindsey graham joins me now. republicans are very angry at you. you are getting a lot coming for this. why did you do it on that day. not great timing. don't you see that? >> i'm proudly pro-life and i have no apology for being pro-life. and there's no bad time to
4:20 pm
defend the unborn if you expect my sit on the sidelines and watch the democratic party pass the most radical abortion law in the country you are pointing to the wrong guy. schumer and pelosi have proposed a law for the entire nation that would allow abortion on demand until the point of birth there are seven nations on the planet have that extreme view, china and north korea. >> jesse: i got it we all agree on that though. >> wait a minute. listen. i'm not going to sit on the sidelines and let america become that kind of nation. >> jesse: no one is saying you need to sit on the sidelines but yesterday wasn't the day to do it. yesterday was the day they lost all momentum when this inflation thing punched them right in the face and you gave them an out. a lot of people don't like that. you could have done it on any other day just like you could have delayed the whole press conference like joe should have delayed that stupid party. >> so, i take issue. i don't think there is a bad day to stand up for the unborn.
4:21 pm
what am i trying to say that america needs to have a policy that makes us a civilized nation. it would bother me that if a baby is aborted at 38 weeks in california, new york, what am i proposing for our country that at 15 weeks, when the baby can feel pain, you provide anesthesia to save its life if you operate on it. it should be protected from being dismembered by an abortionist. that puts us in line with france, germany, great britain, they all have abortion bans below 15 weeks. >> jesse: i understand and the people are with you on that. >> i'm not going to apologize ever apologize about standing up for the unborn. >> jesse: i gotcha. it's not. >> the offensive here. >> jesse: it's not what's in your heart. americans agree with that they are against abortion. >> good. >> jesse: against after abortion first trimester. talk tactics, teenager timing and tactics could have shoved it down on the throat with the days the democrats got hammered with
4:22 pm
market number and now all the media are talking about democrats are talking about federal abortion ban. you know that's not smarted politics, right? >> they're lying. here's what i would say, i know, everybody knows inflation is out of control. this is the most extreme agenda for the american people on the border when it comes to crime and let me just say this it is now time for the pro-life community to lend their voice to the most extreme measures being pushed by the democratic party. we should have done it yesterday. we should have done it the day before. but from this day forward, i promise you to prosecute the case against the border policies, against their economic policies, against their foreign policy, but i will not make any apology to you or anybody else for standing up against the most radical agenda china. >> jesse: you are getting a lot of heat for the timing of that. >> i can stand the heat. >> jesse: i know but the wedge issue is partial birth abortion.
4:23 pm
the wedge issue is partial birth. >> the issue is most americans would be disgusted with a policy that allows the dismemberment of a baby at 15 weeks jess gels i agree. >> the people are with me. if i'm not willing to you can that up now, if not now, when if not me, who? i agree with you on the economic policies but my friend, the pro-life community needs to speak up and we will and we will win this issue because we are right. >> jesse: i respect your opinion. >> thank you. >> jesse: like i said, timing was off and timing was everything, senator, thank you so much. >> tell that to the baby. >> jesse: i hear you. i know, i'm talking raw politics. brass tactics. we have been reporting on corrupt congress members from both parties using their position ofs to make lots of cash. "primetime" unusual shout out to them only ones calling these people out. today the "new york times" caught up. they found nearly a quarter of congress has been making thousands of suspicious trades. you shouldn't be shocked.
4:24 pm
they learned from the best nancy pelosi. the queen of napa. they get better returns than warren buffet. let that sink. in pelosi performs better in the market than warren buffet. none of these people should be allowed to you make any trades. they can't be trusted there is a bill ban them from trading. do you think that will pass? she was asked about that today. >> i'm not big on the "new york times" and their investigations but if that's what you are -- premise is. just because somebody introduces a bill doesn't mean it becomes the law of the land. we have been going back and forth and they were refining things and talking to members about what they think will work. and we believe we have a product that we can bring to the floor this month. >> jesse: let me translate. by the end of the month we will see some stripped down, watered down version of the bill that lets pelosi and crooked congress members keep making perfectly timed trades and we will keep
4:25 pm
you updated. hunter biden made millions using his father as a cash register, so why can't he pay child support?
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. we just learned two planes full of illegal migrants just landed on martha's vineyard. apparently they were sent there by florida governor ron desantis. fox news digital got this video showing the migrants landing on the ritzy island where president obama has a summer home and clintons hold ritzy fundraisers there and where bill gates takes his vacation. i wonder how they will greet their new neighbors. joe biden's immigration crisis has turned our border into a third world country but don't take our word for it. texas representative tony gonzales said last month it's a scene that you would see in a third world country.
4:31 pm
not in the streets of el paso. the congressman is right. border towns like el paso are starting to look more like san francisco or portland. homeless migrants sleeping on the streets without access to toilets. local reports say the smell of human waste is overwhelming and locals afraid for their safety. claiming migrants have killed people's guard dogs in order to steal. they are also leaving a highway full of gabbatha garbage in their wake. this is video from eagle pass, texas. look at all the trash. this is someone's private property, by the way. not very environmentally friendly. and locals talk to fox news digital and said they have had enough. >> they are leaving a lot of trash. they there are a lot of migrants are dying in the river. all those things are affecting the city. >> we used to close our business at 9:00. we now close at 7:00. >> as it is right now, it's not safe. especially for a lot of the ranchers. >> the situation it's not under
4:32 pm
control. >> jesse: they say they want joe biden to come down to the border and see the wreckage for himself. but i don't think they should be holding their breath. fox news national correspondent bill melugin is here with the latest. bill? >> jesse, good evening to you, as usual, it is nonstop out here. the del rio sector where we are, border patrol says had more than 3300 illegal crossings just over the weekend. and that is continued today. take a look at this video we shot just after sunrise this morning. once again another single massive group crossing over illegally almost all of them single adults. just since october, there have now been more than 450,000 illegal crossings in this sector. that is double the number the same time last year. then, take a look at this remarkable video. look at all of this trash and discard clothing left over by the migrants here in eagle pass in these high crossing areas. there are several locations like this where the migrants like to cross over and it is just an
4:33 pm
absolutely monumental amount of clothing and trash left all over the place. some areas it is shin deep when you walk through it. tagged along with a volunteer group who tries to clean some of this stuff up. it happens every day and constantly replenished with this trash week in and week out. take it out to west texas take a look at this video we shot city of el paso crossings are shooting through the roof. what you are going to see are several hundred migrants starting to gather and camp out under a bridge near the downtown el paso area. that is because border patrol facilities and local ngos are all over crowded. over capacity right now. there is nowhere for these migrants to go. border patrol says they are starting street releases of those migrants. just dropping them off within the city of el paso at bus stations and at shelters. and here's what el paso is doing in response to that. take a look at this video. el paso, a democrat run city is now busing their own migrants to new york city. this is video of one of those
4:34 pm
buses arriving in the big apple. they say they are potentially going to have to send four buses a day to new york city because they are getting so many migrants crossing in the el paso area. and jesse, back out here, keep in mind el paso is run by democrats. they are now doing the exact same thing that texas governor greg abbott is doing; however, they are not facing any criticism from new york city whatsoever so far. we will send it back to you. >> jesse: great report. thanks so much, bill. while joe refuses to visit the border, it turns out ignoring problems runs in the family because hunter biden hasn't exactly been father of the year when it comes to his 4-year-old love child. on top of never even meeting his own daughter, whom he fathered with a stripper during a drug fueled bender, hunter is now looking to take food right out of her mouth. according to the daily mail, hunter has demanded a court lower his child support payments saying that he has had a substantial material change to his income and basically he is too poor to pay up.
4:35 pm
too poor? this is the same guy who has been shacking up in $20,000 a month mansion in malibu. and what happened to all the money from ukraine? did he smoke it? what about the diamond that the chinese bribed him with? he can't pawn that? and what about his paintings? weren't anonymous buyers snapping them up for half a mill a pop? well, i guess inflation is really starting to hit home for the biden family. it's just a shame hunter doesn't treat his daughters as well as he treats his hookers. a reporter for the daily mail joins me now. how did you find out about. this jesse, we found the documents. he filed them on monday in arkansas where the 4-year-old daughter lives with her mother lunden roberts. he has had no relationship with her. and in the documents he claimed that he has had substantial financial issues. now, the interesting part about that, obviously, as you said, is that he hasn't been living as someone who has financial struggles.
4:36 pm
he lived in a malibu beach home that was $20,000 a month. before that he was living on the venice canal in los angeles, which was $25,000 a month rental. >> jesse: he owns a porsche, doesn't he? >> he does own a porsche. this also isn't the first time that he has claimed to have financial trouble. back in 2019, during the custody battle, he said that he hadn't been making income for months and that he was also struggling with his divorce. >> yeah. maybe he was giving it to the big guy. we don't know. >> jesse: he is also living a very lavish lifestyle from. what i remember didn't some sugar daddy give him $2 million to get whole with uncle sam, the irs? >> well,. >> jesse: he can't borrow some more money for his 4-year-old daughter? he just borrowed 2 million bucks. >> well, there has been a lot of issues probing into his taxes. loan lunden roberts his baby momma actually testified in
4:37 pm
front of a grand jury earlier this year into that probe. he does have financial troubles. also he just moved out of that malibu home and we are not sure where he went. >> jesse: oh, where is hunter? >> maybe that is showing that he has. >> jesse: there is marital troubles. would he believe the new wife unhappy thought she was marrying a kennedy and found out she is married to a biden. move to pay the love child a little less. >> it could be. of course we are not exactly sure what his motives are. but paying less for any monthly bill when you are having financial issues i think would be appealing. >> jesse: this inflation is really taking a bite out of the biden family in more ways than one. kayla, great reporting, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jesse: joe biden has invited straight up radicals to infiltrate the pentagon. wait until you look at this woman. girls trip. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms.
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♪ >> jesse: lately, it seems like everything in society reinvolves around three little words, diversity, equity and inclusion. we see it being pushed in the
4:43 pm
media, inside major corporations and, yes, even in the military. in fact, in the last two years, the military has been totally embracing crt, equity and pronouns. which is why there are people like can a lisa we think working for the department of defense and who is can a lisa? is she a professional singer? ♪ imagine all the people living life as free. ♪ that you will join us and the world will live as one. >> jesse: so she is not a singer, that's clear. turns out kelisa is joe biden's chief equity officer for the dod. she works in the education wing with kids where it sounds like she is imagining a world without white people, quote: i'm so exhausted at these white folks and these professional
4:44 pm
development sessions. this lady actually had the kaudisty black people could be racist too. i had to stop give. if another karen tells me about her feelings, i might lose it. if you try to look up any of these posts, you can't. because after we asked her for comment she blacked out her twitter profile. maybe she is not proud of that can he lisa wing knut is in the book business. racism and white privilege. quote, white privilege hurts a lot of people. if you are white, you might not feel bad about hurting others or you might feel afraid to lose this privilege. privilege is like extra money in your pocket that you didn't earn. do you think we should be paying this woman's salary? do you think this woman should be working at the pentagon? do you think she should be in charge of anything in the government? at first i thought biden isn't really vetting these people and then i realized yes, he is. they are choosing people like that to represent america.
4:45 pm
like pompeo is the former secretary of state, former cia director and a fox news contributor. so why is she being chosen to be in the defense department secretary which needs cohesion more than anything? >> >> jesse, thanks for having me on tonight. i agree with you. this is very intentional. they put her in this place because this is another institution that they have every intention of tearing down. i was a soldier. it's been a couple decades, jesse. we were about being warriors. we are about team building. we are about excellence. they want to make the military about green energy, racism, they want to tear it down. programs they put at the top of the list. she is just a symptom we see throughout a more woke military and it would be tiresome, jesse, if it weren't so darn dangerous. >> jesse: could you imagine if you had, i don't know, like a seal team and very diverse seal team and you have white people looking over their shoulder at the black guys and the black
4:46 pm
guys thinking about the white privilege and hispanic guys thinking like i'm not getting the respect? like that's not going to be good for business if they are trying to kill the bad guys and protect our national security. >> if there is any place, jesse, that merit has to be awarded and we have to take only the finest and most excellent it's our united states military. when i was a young commander, platoon i didn't choose based on his race. i wanted just e was going to throw 135 down range and break something. that's what we have to make sure continues when they begin to talk about m 1 tanks being carbon neutral and our workforce looking like america. we want it to look like the warriors that can deter the bad guys from doing the kinds of things that they want to do against us. when you put people like this woman in charge and our leaders don't walk away from crt and wokeness. we put our military at risk. this is an institution that has served us well for a couple
4:47 pm
hundred years and i think the biden administration doesn't give a rip about that. >> jesse: beautifully said. i couldn't have said it before. i want to hit you something john if you have seen the video but desantis has sent migrants on a plane to martha's vineyard. this is where the obamas have a home. oprah, beyonce, even james taylor who is going to be singing fire, rain and migrants. rosie o'donnell. everybody basically that you know in the left has a home there. do you think they are going to be embracing their new neighbors? >> you know, these are all sanctuary cities until they are in their sanctuary. i doubt they will embrace them. i don't know that i have ever been to martha's vineyard. i have been to places where we have seen these migrants come across. this is not good for america. every town is a border town and we need to make sure we get our southern border secured exactly like we did for four years, jesse. >> jesse: all right. mike pompeo, thanks so much for joining us on "primetime." >> great to be with you. >> jesse: so what do you do when
4:48 pm
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>> jesse: it's wednesday. time for "watters' cooler," time for the most bizarre stories of the week. we've got a lot. the cohost of "gutfeld." crimes are so bad in california, bears are committing strong-armed robby at 7-elevens. take a look. >> let's go. you'll kill me? that's it. i'm locking the doors. you're a thief, man. outta here, dude.
4:54 pm
>> jesse: we did hear from our sources that this guy walked out, he's back on the streets. >> it's a great joke. >> jesse: i wrote that myself. >> umm, okay. i can't believe how calm this guy is about the massive bear in his store. you'll have to go or kill me, dude. like i had four or five meltdowns today just 'cause that's how i live. there was no bear. my life wasn't ever in danger. >> jesse: are you supposed to act tall, run the opposite direction, or run toward the bear? >> i have idea. i think you call the bear dude. >> jesse: "dude, take whatever you want." >> he left. chill vibes, which means i'm dead. >> jesse: up next, a beach in brazil has been invaded by thousands of crocodiles. it's almost like they're
4:55 pm
migrating there, which begs the question why. is there a volcanic or earthquake coming? did joe biden invite them with his lax border policies? what don't they know? something about to happy to mother nature? >> i'm certain there's something, but what mothers me bothers me more,they all know s. you don't know. you don't know. they all do. look how many of them are there. it's not four or five. >> jesse: we'll find out what they know in about 24 hours. >> that's what i'm concerned about. >> jesse: get out of brazil. >> i've had bad vibes today. >> jesse: all throughout the day. i'll make the vibes improve. you ready for this one? >> all right. >> jesse: when you wear glasses, do they make you feel smarter or more attractive? sorry. a new study shows that people think that glasses make you look
4:56 pm
dumber and uglier. >> yeah, it's not true. >> jesse: it's not true? >> i'm evidence of that, because glasses have given me a career. >> jesse: you wouldn't have a career? >> i absolutely know that. is on fox once, with no career, and nobody called me. i wore glasses for seven years with no prescription, though, because i put them on, i looked, and i was, like, you are beautiful, you look so hot, also look smart. i wore them on "fox and friends" maybe eight years ago. email on my way home. >> jesse: how old where you back then? 17? >> no. i was -- thank you. i was 24. ew, look. then look. oh, baby. let's go. >> jesse: let me try them on. >> they're a little dirty. >> jesse: that's okay. i don't judge. >> yeah, only the right eye. >> jesse: am i 10 now? i feel i went to a 6.
4:57 pm
>> they may not work for everybody. i'm so embarrassed. now look at her. >> jesse: you know what, i think you're right. if you ever show up on "primetime" without your glasses, we're not letting you on set. >> who is this ugly girl? >> jesse: just act chill. 78 better day. >> thanks. the vibes are off today. i think it's going to get better. >> jesse: i hope so. have a great night. "watters' window." i've been thinking about this all day long, all day long, and haven't been this excited to share with you a window in a long time. i had a tooth procedure done this morning at about 8:30. it took several hours. i have teeth sensitivity now. and so i have tooth pain, not only that, but they said i can't eat certain foods for 24 a 48
4:58 pm
hours because it's going to destroy my teeth. so that's what i'm dealing with today. the vibes are off. so pity me, people. that's the window. let's do text messages. john nutley, new jersey. i'll buy an electric car when i see john kerry in an electric airplane. if you see kerry in an electric airplane, you'll never see him again. lindsay, republicans should be singing on every street corner about the inflation numbers. kyler from cape cod. martha's vineyard? a couple recommendations for migrants. try the lobster roll at the seafood shanty. and there's a nude beach on the
4:59 pm
southwest side. it's an old indian reservation. they'll let you go there. if you want fun in the sun, check it out. you actually might see a rock there. the jerry from cape coral florida, when do we get our heated sidewalks in florida? we'll send a producer to the heated sidewalk capital of new hampshire and have a report later on that. scott from cambridge, massachusetts, i'm graduating from hazard harvard in the spri. i'd like to work for you. who should i contact? johnny obviously. got to get through johnny before you get to me. harvard? extreme investigating. dan, keep it funky. keep it funky, too, jesse.
5:00 pm
judy from argue. considers, liberals, independents, should all watch jesse watters on fox news. tells the facts, and has great hair. who picked the texts today? a maryland one. jesse, i went back and forth a while, but bill has better hair than you. i'm sorry. i think the southern heat improves the volume. my excuse. tucker is next. i'm watters. this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." so much is going on, that it's often easy to lose track of the things that matter, the things that define history in the lives of our children and grandchildren. but joe biden's now famous blood red speech of september 1st certainly qualifies as one of the big things. in that speech, biden announced that not only is his program the best for t


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