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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 14, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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let's go to laura early. laura ingraham an extra 20 seconds. >> laura: this the best night ever. what little things do you have on your tie? what are those little figurines on your tie? do you even know what your wearing? >> that would be called the american flag. >> laura: i'm taken my 20 seconds back. that doesn't look like it. at the chinese made flag. [laughs] [laughs] the 20 seconds is gone i'm kidding. >> i just want to say good night. there you go. >> laura: lookout tom jones this is "the ingraham angle" kevin mccarthy is good for me right here on set explain the republicans new commitment to
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america. first reading, writing, and radicalism that is the focus of tonight's angle. ♪ ♪ all right let me just say this is a mother, it is a minefield for parents out there and too often the people who to trust te teacher sons and daughters are the ones you can trust the lease. like this lovely teacher. a woman named amber parker who just fired from franklin high school in el paso, texas, come on. her message the students recently was don't be mean to. >> when i call them that. don't judge people. >> laura: if you wonder why your kids come home questioning families values and beliefs it's because of so-called educators like ms. parker. and when that push to normalize deviancy she is doing her part to advance the larger goal.
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which is the persecute anyone with traditional views on sexuality. now the unions in the left is who fund them while conservative parents driven underground or out of public life altogether. the bottom line is you are a devout christian, muslim, or, they think you're hateful and they want them to hate you. in new jersey, second graders are now being forced to learn about gender identity starting this semester. new guidelines include discussing the range of ways that people express their gender and how gender roles stereotype may limit behavior. course when parents object to that is most normal parents should they were attacked by unions as dangerous extremists. >> one extrema start attacking our schools to drive a wedge between us. we take it personally. abel who only want to fight and argue to score political points should take that somewhere else. >> laura: take it somewhere else? okay, translation you people who pay the bills should sit down
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and shut up or move out of state. so much for diversity, equity, and inclusion all these people stand for its exclusion. republicans in new jersey are jumping on the states new education standards which push this identity issue into the classroom. despite the parents objections democrat phil murphy green let this new sexualize education standard and alumina right now. so new jersey seven district interests of having their tom king junior a republican, is trying to unseat incumbent democrat tom malinowski. hitting is both inflationary record and radicalization of the school regulation. >> gender identity eidetic identity. exposure to as close as second grade. parents rightfully were angry and set up across new jersey. republic is a democrat alike to make sure that their kids had the education core curriculum education that they deserve.
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>> laura: virginia governor just on me last week he remembered last november in large part due to this issue. our republicans across america need to remember a crucial parent power is at the polls. and that means in states like wisconsin. for the start sexualizing their kids in school very early. recommended reading for a gender expansive preschool curriculum include jacob's new address, my princess boy, and julian is a mermaid. yay. in michigan one education official is pushing the notion that a child can question his or her gender was still potty training. >> between 3-5 so about the time that kids have language they can start to share with us whether there are a boy or girl. usually there are the only things that they will identify as because they're all the options we given them.
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>> laura: and in idaho, idaho mothers and fathers were shocked this week to discover the department of health and where fare is and a sex ed curriculum endorsed by planned parenthood in the training materials for this comes from a left-wing group with innocuous name called education training and research or etr. that promotes what they call the clearing of education and the. check out one of the instructional videos for teaching literacy. >> critical teaching skills is the longest largest component is the ability for young people to analyze and ask questions but the media that they are viewing. >> laura: oh, my god. and it gets worse. the advocate cartoon. >> wow a come that is so big. i never knew it could be so huge. hey jane what are you looking
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at? >> laura: and then there's the handy tips the students about how to hide their viewing habits from parents. aas a part of the normal experience too? >> i found out when i started normalizing it students are a lot more engaged in the conversation they are also trusted me it's okay if they have watched it, and it's okay if they thought about it. just make sure to say so and being curious about does not make them a bad person makes them human. >> laura: a special thanks for the american public needs videos and exposing was happening in the idaho schools. so over the years rent under parents noses these deviant organizations burrowed into our culture and into our schools. they vacuum up multimillion dollar contracts to flutter schools with the values that are directly at odds with what most parents are teaching their parents at home. this is applauded by the
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teachers union and approved by liberal school board members democrat legislators and governors. goal of america america's education standard is not to prepare your children to be productive citizens, is to propagandize to them to be left-wing activists. you'll norms god, family, and country, they haven't just been kicked to the schoolhouse curb. they have been labeled as extremist and even fascists by democrats and allies. parents especially moms there to tell you tonight but i'm with you in this fight all the way. we need to be warriors to protect the innocence of our children, that means demanding that the schools that we fund with our tax dollars teach what we know our children need to know. math, science and reading and writing. not whatever trend is in fashion at the moment. not abortion, not climate change activism, not racial grievance. this election in november it's not just a referendum among
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crime that's currently important, but also on the democrats domination of our schools. it's up to us to stop these menaces from damaging our children. enough is enough. and that is the angle. jenna me now is someone who's worked tirelessly to uncover things like this manhattan institute senior fellow chris to come out and stick about this you brought us at michigan education official. seems like they had forgotten that this point is still going on in swing states. should this be a bigger issue to politicians frankly independence? it depends of all parties this is common sense. >> this is right but what we saw last year was really just an awakening from parents are critical race theory and parents are going to were protesting among school board meetings with the problems that all of the bureaucrats were pushing crt last year our back and they're pushing medical gender theory not just in blue states, but also in red states. in the documents the videos from
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michigan are quite shocking the state to primitive education in michigan is not training teachers to facilitate transitions and telling them that they should keep those transitions a secret from them even when their kids are suicidal. i'm to be very clear to these bureaucrats, their ideology is more important to not only their education, but more important in your kids' lives. >> laura: their goal is to really plead to parents from the children. separate the two. so your values and the vice of the kids are learning at school or at odds. and ultimately lead to the rebellion from the child against the parent. that is on the goal all along i think now parents are like while i think i should focus on whose acts he provided his materials to the school. >> what i've seen in my last three months is particularly white girls are most susceptible to these kind of ideologies that can't be radicalized along a
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race, but they can be radicalized along the lines of, and gender identity and so this assuming that i'm seeing everywhere. i talked to a lot of teachers are saying they be a third of my classroom, 40% my classroom especially the white girls who identify as nonbinary or pansexual or gender fluid. whatever these new sexual identities and a being that is being accepted a text encouraged and facilitated by schools not just in sampson score new york city, but districts all over the country, parents have to be on guard, they have to be aware, they have to start pushing back. >> this is happening in idaho and is a law on the books idaho the traditional teaching must be adhered to and they are just completely subverting the law as its pass for the state legislator. so this all has to be notified and been funded. the seeds of these lesson plans are that they are blooming now in corporate america the ceo of the senses go base company
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announced layoffs today delivering this message we are committed to becoming an anti-race oppression company layoffs like this ever more pronounced pronounced impact and marginalize committees so we are particularly focus on ensuring our labs were carried through antiracist and anti-oppression lens. so the ceo is admitting that people will get fired based on the color the skin right? that's what happening. >> were seen this a lot and tech firms are not even try to hide anymore. they are deliberately penalizing whites, asians, and men, all of whom who are categorized as and critical race theory these are the first people try to be like oh, or they have the first people to get booted out of those employment lines. this is not just in schools is not just left-wing congressional offices, this ideology and critical race theory eat through their hr departments, it has to result in lawsuits because this
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is an open and shut case i even need to tell you is the kind of textbook racial determination has to be stopped. >> laura: this could be a class action lawsuit these companies have to pay punitive damages, this has to be an ugly payout on their part for them with the doing this country chris, your invaluable reporting thank you. it's issues like this that we just discussed the think are invigorating for republicans to the midterms and i needed brand-new poll presenting someone signs the g.o.p. some say is 56% of voters the republicans haven't been a strong enough case for support for november midterms among a dependence is 57%. jenna me now is the man will likely be the speaker the house for republicans if they win this november house minority leader kevin mccarthy. he is unveiling the g.o.p.'s four-part commitment to america in september 23rd? people want to hear more of the countries going on the two. what are they getting your and keep in mind will just talk
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about. >> people want to know what you're for we note the democrats have done to us with the crime going into our schools. government that is not held accountable is not secure. or we do on the 23rd and how we got here for the last year and a half of our members have been in task forces to build the policies. the first morgan to his word and make economy that is strong. the means going after inflation. stopping inflation. >> laura: that's a nice headline but how are you gonna do it chris march to go to first get to do for stop the constant. >> laura: stomach >> working to defund the irs agents. organ make energy independent. >> laura: go back to the policies that were two and half years ago? >> exactly we want to restore america where they are strong. we want to bring everyone together again. many of them are in a new is one committee that safe. we are not to defund the place where you have 20,000 new police officers. these prosecutors.
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where can take a page out of reagan organa raise the age of 21 we put supply billions of dollars in top grants come over to put a score to every prosecutor in the nation. give a transparency of what they're upholding or not and they have to reach a score if they want to have the cops. i think the policies were change just as were able. it >> laura: isn't it time to defund a push to defund large parts of the federal government that are actually working against the interest of the american people? the epa, the doj, if it's turning parents who care about that curriculum that you just listen to, curriculum all across the country. education apartment ice to work there during reagan. i'm really getting myself. the education apartment must be defunded in large part. reagan want to get rid of it what habit of that? we shouldn't even have an education permit at this point. >> you're exactly right. you want to build a future based upon freedom. the one thing we learned in virginia, so we have a parent's bill of rights. what we are finding is that someone has to do research and get lucky to find out what is
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happening in these kid schools. that's not the case. every parent should be sent whatever is being taught in a kids school. there have through the website to see it, they should be able to have it be sent to them and they know. were also to do is hold government accountable. why did the deal jake left her parents when they started going to school board meetings. critical race theory. the unions will not have it. we are can oversee the doj why this even start? >> laura: we'll go back to the mexico policy? >> securing the border in mexico, no more catch and release. what is happening at the border and went to a story that happened in my hometown just last week. a 13-year-old girl, had a hundred and 50 pills and fatten all the skies is coming out. this was in junior high accounts or finds it as a police officer going to have to call a paramedic because the counselor didn't take a pill, but started to o.d. because it was observing. 300 kids a day being poisoned.
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>> laura: china is launching a drug war on the united states. through mexico which by china to kill a hundred thousand americans a year. >> this is like an airplane full of commercial crashing every day. why would this be a crisis for plane crash every day in america they would do summing. >> laura: china decoupling i would sing it for 20 years. >> were bringing the supply chain back limited summing else. i'm in create a china committee -- >> laura: just bring the supply chains home. it's a go with a look at every single industry that they've appointed. they control 90% of all the critical items, but he also controlled 95% for critical processing. why are we being so beholden to china? when we bring that back to america. >> laura: should they be able to buy to buy farmland in the united states? no one in her committee my head goes off, but again we are saying. i know, i know. the details are important.
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all right nancy pelosi discuss democrats prospect today congressman going to watch what she said. >> how many times have i told you of the past year and a half that the democrats will hold. despite some of the so-called conventional, so-called when system in washington, d.c., it was believe we will win so we always prepare for it. >> laura: she had those bills ready to go and she was ready when she took. >> you know she said last cycle? all the posters so that we lose 15 it was the first time since 1994 not one republican. we look at the most for republicans of any time in history. we are gonna win the majority, but is not for the secular hoping a party is for restoring america. have a plan new direction. >> laura: we saw what worked, we had real median income rising under donald trump. >> don't you miss the days when the market was high and inflation gas prices were low?
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is the opposite, it's exactly what they've done. they've open a border, they brought inflation with runaway spending. watch for they've done to our schools. there is no one being held accountable. you have looking to opec to solve our problems and a student of america. being energy in a panic right here. >> laura: is a good be a tour around the country? >> work and ask everyone to join with us or can a commitment across the country. all the way through between now and election. we want everybody in america to make want to go? what are the democrats of done, clear path for our plan to change direction. >> laura: no state left behind? >> no district left behind. we are gonna win and rhode island who would work in a win in oregon, working win in arizona. we are gonna win in texas and the most hispanic parts of the country. >> laura: were taken all of your stay back. >> working win in california. >> laura: congressman is good
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to see you. now the entire real system is at risk to commit to a stop due to a major labor dispute and the american people are supposed to just what look to mayor pete for relief? senator tom cotton is here on that plus there's a lot of mysteries for a link about joe biden's unplanned trip back to delaware last night. miranda devine has some theories stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: look around you it's not easy to look you can't help but see american decline. we have a president who thinks half the country either will release -- as american cedar savings just disappear. now a strike is looming with amtrak holding services. just how crippling the blow can this be in a country still dealing with supply chain issues the joe biden team has been able to solve those not even another one. it could severely disrupt everything from the nations food and fertilizer supply. deliveries of new cars and trucks. so given all of that sheer adversaries sitting very deliberate singles of the same time. the first trip out of mainland china since covid began president xi's scheduled to meet with m putin.
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the topic? the war in ukraine. and to show an alternative to the western world. arkansas senator tom cotton member of the house judiciary committee joins us now. is it wrong to suggest that joe biden's failures have driven these two into the arms of each other? >> no laura does not want it all it's a very dangerous it's been a cardinal principle of the american foreign policy for the beginning that we don't want to nation or coalition of nations like dictatorships like china tonight with the ability to command the resources and territories of people to strike us here in the new world. joe biden's weakness through all of 2021 towards russia itself and on display last year in afghanistan. entice fatima boudin to evade ukraine answer created the conditions of the countries potentially grow closer tog together. m putin is turning to china for assistance not only in
7:26 pm
technology and weapons, but also to buy the oil and gas that he needs to keep the economy afloat. which leads into the second joe biden failure which is joe biden's war on american energy. on oil, gas and coal. rather than europe facing a dark cold winter, we could be supplying them with natural gas to help power their homes empower their fact juries. yet we are waging war here in america on her own domestic production of the same time we are making herself beholden and dependent to chinese energy. because china has most the world's so-called green energy technology market cornered. both of these key failures upgrade the conditions for russia and china to grow closer together which is gravely dangerous for america's freedom, safety and prosperity. >> laura: are you confident that old mayor pete senator is can it be able to handle this rail strike? last time i check using it for someone a plug in his ev or hop
7:27 pm
on his bike and bike to work or something. that's cute but is it really solve the energy problems. or the real problems. >> lets a member first off that whether to so-called electric vehicle or electric scooter that secretary pete buttigieg is buying up work this week somebody electric powered vehicles coal powered vehicles. gas powered vehicles because electricity comes from somewhere. i don't have confidence that here joe biden what could be a very serious strike of railway workers. some estimates were talking $2 million of economic loss every single day that they go on strike just barely 24 hours for my now. the president under federal union or labor laws appointed what's an emergency board, and made recommendations the railways have accepted them, mostly unions have accepted them rubble considers today proposed that we should accept those recommendations the democrats
7:28 pm
blocked us, joe biden refuses to take the step of the own handpicked emergency board because he doesn't want to offend union supporters just two months before an election. of railway workers on strike and especially if the projected strike americans are to be paying even more for food at the grocery store. so much moves on rail rates across america. let me know don't have confidence? i'm just kidding. he has no business being my work at the department of transportation are really doing a resume tonight. i worked her speechwriter many years ago. it's a complicated department. it is very complicated. he doesn't know what he's doing. center to thank you for megan is very clear tonight for us. very, very bad. we'll last night joe biden risotto eyebrows when made surprise and they went back to the white house and over the
7:29 pm
course of a few hours which is checking his mail there? so while we waste all that text for money for security for the flight while you keep it secret for the press? >> can you please tell us why the present whence it yesterday? we could've voted early voting was her last weekend? >> i know there has been a lot of interest in this so every american as you know has a constitutional right to vote, the president exercise that right alongside other delaware aryans. >> do you think it would be better than to make it more of a public event for him sort of touted a little bit more it's rough as a prize until he landed there? >> he was gonna miss an opportunity to vote yesterday and he did that is unusual for him beats on that for many decades. >> laura: wears a video? i should have video weird is in
7:30 pm
a question mark the reporter was unassuming because of some is so important to show your support why how to fill the public to me now is fox's contributor says goodbye. aranda out of the sides up at all. zero. >> it really is an eight applicable why joe biden was back home in wilmington just last weekend as he is most weekends. could've easily voted is been early voting there from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. since august 31st. he had ample opportunity to view a prevote and he had ample opportunity to cast a mailing ballot because delaware is no excuses in mail-in ballots. just bizarre that he would spend some in like $2,000 easily
7:31 pm
taxpayers money it's remarkably cavalier attitude of air force one these detour and of course there's two motorcades in the local police. maybe it was for another reason that is not being disclosed because we do know that in this unscheduled detour there was also an unscheduled stop for 8 minutes. at the home of joe biden and their mansion in delaware. in one set for 8 minutes and they came out. so maybe they had to pick up an item of clothing left behind her medications? favorite scarf? maybe they were meeting someone who knows was quick and out so stephanie picking up something that maybe the president needed because he had a very hectic day-to-day it was up early catfight of michigan given of the speech you are about how
7:32 pm
extreme republicans are donated to "60 minutes" interview. maybe he had to be sharp so we discussed favorite pfaff keene. >> laura: he needed some to get going. it could just be his favorite cereal a lot of sugar in it. did you just pray summing in your post what was it? >> yup is just up online right now it's an occlusive story from whistle-blowers who have now merged from the department of justice to talk about how facebook is colluding with the fbi to spy on the private messages of american users from facebook and deflect them if they are doing something like questioning the 2020 election are making you know antiauthority for antigovernment statements i'm nothing illegal nothing criminal. it is quite frightening and is very brave and patriotic people
7:33 pm
have come forward and they tell me that it's really just beginning. there is vast disquiet across the rank-and-file of the fbi in some sections of the doj. about the turn, the sort of weaponization and politicize asian of law enforcement. >> laura: , tweet out your article and commercial break so everyone should read it. thank you for that. now joe biden he crashes now that you saw any of it. he's too busy distracting you the grand pageant. raymond arroyo has it on seen n. ♪ ♪
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>> laura: return a fox news contributor raymond arroyo joe biden was literally a joyriding around the country as it sinks into recession today. >> he was at the detroit auto
7:39 pm
show on the 5 billion government spending electric vehicle charging stations. beyond that you need a map to decipher where the president was heading, you decide. >> president biden: what does it say the most advanced nation in the world can't -- you show up and you betrayed your all set. you work like the devil to get there. i made a deal i shouldn't say i made i suggested. on employment rate is 3.7%. 50 year low. >> once again laura that is happen over and over in the last few days when it was time to leave the president couldn't find the exit. they really need to start writing exit left into a teleprompter. >> laura: do you think he knows left from right? you've a lot of confidence in joe biden. need a big flashing arrow like a
7:40 pm
neon sign with the arrow that way. >> laura, when you check a child for a day out what you do? you let them sit behind the wheel rose in a cars and pretend to drive, will the president drove electric cadillac across the floor of the car show and they sat in a corvette which he claims that he loves know i did some digging today he did practically commercial for all these cars and realize there all gm vehicles. it turns out gm is hired jeffrey chatty. he is the brother of a white house counsel or for $340,000 he owes her lobbyists and they have a heck of an endorsement for the president today. >> laura: there was a lot of product placement in this event i won after the other half of other. >> you can buy the corvette. i was gonna say it it's embarrassing. he was walking hand-in-hand with
7:41 pm
governor whitmer, this is what you do little children and arrest him client. it is embarrassing to treat the president of the united states like this, our head of state. and if our media can't be bothered to show you any of this and they didn't. they sure have cleared the schedule to cover every moment of the queen's funeral. now a major event should be covered and fox's doing appropriately but will we have midterms in the u.s. i'm sorry. some of this is just gilded and meaningless distraction. >> the queen left behind of royal pack that included two corgis. how are the dogs doing without the queen do you think? >> let's see what they were doing from this weekend the significance in their mind of the mall coming out together from windsor and mean the pu public. >> ebony told her they all have dinner together that's quite unifying movement when you see all of it.
7:42 pm
>> had colonial servants they will and service of this empire. >> we were just shy of the mark according to the live tracker. perhaps lots of people have never met people here before there to spend a lot of time 30 hours on two things you could be in line? >> royal filler laura. and by the way they pulled away. msnbc and senate in the cut away from joe biden's speech just minutes into it, but they are wall-to-wall people standing in line waiting to see the queen's coffin. god bless her, but this is a british story. >> what are they gonna talk about rim and a .3% inflation? the looming rail strike or the fact that grandpa had to go back to wilmington for 8 minutes spent $200,000 on a plane to do it and got energized somehow do all these events. is that were the guns about? , the schools and with the doing of the school's archetype at any of that. there to talk about the queen and how the corgis need counselors. [laughs]
7:43 pm
[laughs] they are cute. >> are giving poor king charles of the difficulty penalties this weekend he couldn't get rid of and inkwell crowding of him at his desk in ireland he fought a leaky fountain. >> it happens every stinking time you note to remind me of laura? this is prince philip son indeed. prince philip was known for kind of lashing out and snapping at people. you see little touch of that and king charles i, like it although this is someone who also brings his pajama and shoe laces each day. thanks bill probably is quiet. >> laura: i love them either i thought was perfect.
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♪ ♪ >> are vaccines are working exceptionally is present that might prevent transmission. that's a whole reason for the vaccine mandate so why is there still a vaccine mandate for armed forces? now thousands of already been booted because this refusal on the part of our government to make the obvious in the military a lot of them don't want vaccine. and as a new warning we can lose nearly a hundred thousand more just the army alone when it's all said and done. this comes at a time of the army is only hitting about half of its recruitment goals we talked about that before to the field married to a military leadership in the book priorities. purnell's councilman thomas massie he is to many defense secretary lloyd austin in her letter also with ms. ohio congressman jim jordan reagan house judiciary.
7:50 pm
first with you. it's true that the inspector general told secretary austin was likely violent and religious freedom restoration act with mark >> absolutely and three months ago june 2nd these documents just came out inspector general for the dod said by the way not only do we believe are probably violating the law that your reviewers are taking 12 minutes per religious freedom application to review and deny them. if there were ten hours a day take a break. it virtually impossible it's a fraud is what it is. they are not reviewing these applications. you should even have to have an application you to sow the the cdc director saint the whole premise for the vaccine mandate went away when we found out that they can't stop the spread of vaccines. we'll take the house waiting to do? or collect all kinds of things specifically on the history committee the political of the just apartment.
7:51 pm
unspecific. that we run out if the oversight committee. >> laura: doesn't the committee have an oversight role to bring the relevant parties and then say when you get this justification for doing this? sung in violation of the law and the constitution and most importantly for not getting the shot that they knew when they told us it would stop from getting the virus they knew that wasn't true as some is two months ago or more than two month ago june 23rd is a doctor burks when the told us of the vaccine can get the virus with a line or were they guessing? response was like to hope that they thought. it's a problem so doomed to look at this. >> laura: and now this we are destroying you're doing that intensely. that's been done on purpose
7:52 pm
you're right person were to stay with you for just a second according to whistle-blower information that you receive the fbi's labeling as domestic terrorists even after are deemed not to be a threat they were poorly did this because he appears to be a rallying individuals to take action and speaks about his distaste for the government's handling current situations? so the fbi rifled through his life before concluding the group desires to assist americans and preparing themselves for catastrophic events and not to overthrow government. congressman criminalizing. >> we're going to investigate this guy because i guess you give vista get them now but the fbi if you display the flag you own a gun, and you voted for trump somehow you are now in a category they are investigate they invest given second time. something like that. this is what's happening at the
7:53 pm
fbi. they are being pressured to label and categorize every single case we have now over 14 whistle-blowers level every single case domestic violence extremism case. she's bad guys the scanning. >> laura: i'm a go to because now joe biden spilling a tear sheet for mail days, he is suggesting the us army members gone food stamps to fighting inflation is difficult in the army's wish to consider food military. >> this is despicable it's absolutely torrent as a way to treat our military the military is not giving them their families enough to eat. if take so many out laura maybe this will be more food for the ones that are left you know? [laughs] >> laura: president trump's in
7:54 pm
enormous grief like things january 6 defendants should be pardon if you became president he would pardon them when you think? >> it's broad and so the up to president that's what he wants to do when he wins he can do that. an effort to make this an issue at iowa i think there are lots of americans. think about in five days' time just last month joe biden rate of the home of the former president and the sitting member of congress and called half the country fascist. he did that a five days that doesn't scare americans on know what. >> laura: thanks so much for joining us tonight. if you thought chick-fil-a was great already wait to see the video that we can assure you next. it is tasty. ♪ ♪
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8:00 pm
if they already want the best fast food chain already they are now i love chick-fil-a. i'm hungry. i have to eat something. greg gutfeld takes all from h here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday everybody. so i see why am i come of that short for in case you missed it. does that help? [laughs] [laughs] note screw everybody


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