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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  September 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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south carolina, north carolina, tyrus lied to, get your tickets. i hate dates. be sure you show up to these ones because i bought the venues. >> greg: cat tim, tyrus, our studio audience! i'm greg got felled, i you, america ! ♪ ♪ >> hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm rich edson in washington. drinking tonight, president biden caught between union allies and what could be a major disruption to american supply chains all while trying to energize voters on his green agenda. we will break down brand-new fox news polling showing what's motivating midterm voters.
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florida governor rhonda sent is making good on his promise to send migrants to sanctuary states and now top city immigration officials say plans are underway to send migrants bust from texas to destinations like florida. brandon will join us l live. if doing bare minimum and the in theworkplace. playing in later, this hour into the nights lightning round. we begin with the president's insistence americans are enjoying the fruits of a robust economy even as many struggle with higher prices. white house correspondent kevin couric has the story tonight >> good evening, president wants americans to fully embrace the electric car future which sounds good in theories until you consider most of the cars and price are far out of reach for most americans to say nothing of
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the lack of infrastructure, china's grip on the materials you need to make the batteries to run them. undeterred, the president is now all in and in fact showed it at today's detroit auto show. >> we know i'm a car guy, i am here because the vehicles give me so many reasons to be optimistic about the future and i mean it. looking at them and driving give you a sense of optimism. >> for all the optimism, americans are increasingly pessimistic. according to the latest fox news survey which finds among those who took part in the survey 59% said they are worried about inflation and higher prices, the future of democracy 50%. abortion policy 55%. higher crime rates, 43%. we asked about whether or not they experienced financial hardships over the last six months in thanks to inflation. look at the number 78% saying
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yes. they were asked about the president's performance. what about the biden administration's competence when it comes to managing the government? right now, 38% say, yeah, he's doing an effective job. this is all happening as criticism continues to roll in following the president's $177,000 go home person trip to delaware yesterday. >> only thoughts i got is who paid for it? i paid for it and i think everybody else does. $177,000. that's not a very good example for anybody. >> i remember the absentee voting and it seems to me republicans will be critical of biden administration no matter what he does. the criticisms are in bad faith and they have every right to vote in person.
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>> rich: the opposition party criticizes the other party's president when they're in the white house. while the white house continues to trumpet the climate activism, according to those weighing in on the fox news survey we told you about, climate did not even crack the top ten that american voters are concerned with, inflation, high prices for gas and fluid coming in at the top leading the way. >> rich: kevin in washington. growing concern tonight about a possible nationwide rail strike, already canceling all long distance trips effective thursday two the larger worry is the freeze on freight trains could hit already stretched supply chain issues. correspondent matt finn taking a closer look at this one. >> tonight tens of thousands of freight rail workers are on the verge of striking and as a result, some passenger train
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companies have already started reducing services and an official strike could have devastating impacts on supply chain increasing historic inflation and costly economy and the estimated $2 billion per day. about a dozen unions are in a dispute with six of the largest freight rail carriers. back in july, biden administration established an emergency board to help mediate. the board recommended 24% wage raise from 2020 through 2024 which includes the immediate 14% wage increase in the first three years. most of the unions agreed to, two major unions are holding out, they also want working conditions improved pointing to staffing cuts in recent years. now 8:30 day cooling off period ends on friday which means a strike could begin later this week. >> shutdown would have a tremendous impact on our supply chains as you know, it will have a ripple effect into our overall
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economy. a shutdown is not acceptable. >> shutdown might be on the way. amtrak says outside of the northeast corridor, it operates almost all 21,000 passenger rail services on tracks operated by different companies. as a result, amtrak suspended lines that run from chicago to the west coast, and the new orleans starlight and texas eagle lines. some passenger say they'll be outraged if their ticket is suddenly canceled. >> if you're planning something you've been planning for months on end and suddenly it's taken away from io, that's more than frustrating. it's maddening. >> railroads have already started to cut back on shipments of hazardous materials and announced plans to stop hauling refrigerated products. this biden administration is scrambling to create a plan using trucks, ships, plates to keep crucial chemicals moving. rich.
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>> rich: thank you very much. americans are worried about the economy, less than two months before the midterms, in fact new fox news polling shows one-third of registered voters surveyed mentioned an economic issue whether inflation, jobs and the economy, when asked what will motivate their votes. let's talk about what's driving the discussion with the midterms with fox newto rich and guy. i think you for joining us tonight. i want to start with headline numbers here, what we are looking at as far as the general ballot. this is when they asked generally speaking you want to vote for the democrat republican. the democratic candidate at 44%, the republican category at 31%. it was tied last month. these numbers have improved from democrats, you've got inflation, you've got the unpopular president, what's happening here and why isn't this translating over to the generic ballot pulls when it comes to the midterms?
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>> those are registered voters and the likelier the person is devoted when polled, the more advantageous it is to the republicans. i think overall when you look through recent history and recent decades, a tied generic ballot which this is, statistically tied is good news for the republican party. down by more than three points and the generic ballot last cycle, and ended up winning 14 seats in the house. in fact the pulling showed it's going to be a worse than that and the republicans over perform. fundamentally, it remains unchanged and the economy is rough, we've got bad news on inflation this week in the white house had the absurd celebration on the south lawn over inflation reduction. quite a split screen and republicans would like to be in a slightly better position right now, but overall they stand to make gains in win back the house. >> rich: you've got the polling statistically tied and then on top of that, republicans
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really only need to pick up several seats to gain control of the house. where do republicans and democrats stand a couple months away from the big day? >> anybody making predictions at this point doesn't understand american voters are making up their mind and guy is right. they are talking about registered voters and those likely to vote. i had an opportunity to talk to stacy abrams and weather campaigns doing and other democratic campaigns are doing is this. they're expanding the electorate and ducking to voters likely not to show up. new registered voters, folks who aren't likely to vote. what's happening here is with democratic candidates, republican candidates are doing this expanding the electorate and in doing that, you look at the polls as a bellwether where you figure out what's going to happen and what will turn out. anybody making predictions now isn't really factoring in the fact that this election and the current election is dynamic. the voters are making their mind
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up and if you don't believe me look at what happened in the alaskan race. nobody thought democrats could pick up the congressional seat in alaska. they won the seat by 13,000 votes. >> rich: you know, guy, a number of analysts said that the dog's decision, the one that did away with roe vs. wade and abortion and democrats have been hounding the issue really change the momentum here. how much has that played into what we have been seeing in the polling and what we are going to see going into the midterm season? is it inflation or is it a mix? >> it played some role, no question about it. gas prices coming down will help the democrats a little bit and republicans dominating inexperienced candidates and that sort of thing. i believe the fundamentals of the election, unpopular president, deep underwater all of it inflation and the economy, these things favor the opposition party when historically the opposition party is already in good shape.
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the average in the midterm election and new presidency. i think abortion with margins in certain places will help democrats and there's a lot of conservatives who are motivated by the issue as well. it quickly to richard's point in alaska, i'm not sure it's a bellwether of anything because i believe six in ten voters pick the republicans in the race and they have a ranked choice scheme that eventually allowed the democrat to win. i'm not sure it makes the case if there is a blue wave coming. and be willing to take that bet if you want to make it. >> rich: i mean, i don't know if it's illegal if i can take the bet, but what we are looking at hypothetically speaking. guy mentioned the celebration the white house yesterday and the inflation reduction act when we got this really rough cpi report. does the white house and democrats -- do they risk being disconnected? or appearing disconnected from these inflation reports and the
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inflationary problems in the economy? >> a look knowledge, the split screen wasn't helpful for the white house and democrats on the campaign. that's very obvious. but that alaska is one example and the new york special congressional is another example. i'm not betting on any waves. what i will say is the american electorate is still trying to make their minds up and as they make their minds up it's really hard to make predictions. unlike any other race, what a lot of political pollsters and lands are doing are trying to make historical prediction based on previous election, but the elections unlike any other election we have ever seen in my lifetime. what you have here, give a new president but you also have the former republican president still sort of in the race. he's potentially going to re-announce and so there so many dynamics in the race that make the race almost a new type of race that you cannot make any bold predictions. because of that scum of the polling might be inaccurate and
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i also think old historical predictions might be inaccurate which is why you have to look at the race is something new. i don't think anyway will happen, but i don't see any blue or red wave and i don't think there's a chance that democrats just by sheer fact could have both chambers but it's possible the republicans can win both chambers. it's too unpredictable and we have to read the chapters and read the book page by page instead of chapter by chapter which what they seem to be doing. to be one place your bets , gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> if you ignore whether they've been infected, you are ignoring a vaccine basically and you are a variable. you -- people decry vaccine hesitancy, it's coming from the gobbledygook you're giving us. >> i have never denied fundamental immunology. >> rich: the latest
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installment of the senator rand paul anthony fauci show over a lack of federal vaccination guidelines for those who had previous infections. hearing on monkeypox, playing a video from 2004, where he said the best protection is actually to get yourself infected. taking a page out of greg abbott's book, florida governor rhonda santos is following through on his promise to transport migrants to the north. it is sending to martha's vineyard tuesday. ashley is tracking the latest developments, good evening. >> florida governor ron desantis made good on the promise to send the illegal immigrants to liberal led states and cities. video give it to fox news shows two planes full of migrants at the airport. the op-ed said florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants arrived in martha's vineyard today were a part of the state's program.
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transporting them to sanctuary destinations. there are some republicans who call themselves christians have been plotting for sometimes to use them as political pawns. it's evil and inhumane, representative mendez also claiming the migrants were told they were going to be given housing and jobs. the islanders were not given any notice of them coming, martha's vineyard is an elite vacation destination hot spot frequented by people like the obama's who own a home. while the migrants are put up in short-term shelters, the top immigration official says plans are already in the works to send migrants bust from texas to the big apple to florida. emmanuel castro saying they didn't want to go to new york in the first place. listen. >> places like florida, the largest community of venezuelans
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live. we are helping them get to the final destination, it's unfortunate what governor abbott is doing. >> texas governor greg abbott started sending migrants to new york city and early august. the system has become overwhelmed according to the officials, so much so they had to contract out hotels to my hoe the migrants. castro says right now come about 7300 remain. new york city law provides the city provide housing to anybody who asks for it. according to a recent poll, 22% of texan support him to sing out of texas. >> rich: back on the border, fox cameras capture exclusive video of more than 1,000 migrants dressed in camouflage entering the united states illegally using a rope to scale the border wall before escaping into arizona adding to the more
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than half a million so-called got a ways this year. let's bring in the national border patrol, discussing the state of the crisis on the southern border. i want to get to the video, is that something that border patrol agents run into very much and how easy is it to get over the border wall to get down on the other side? >> we do, we see it all the time and unfortunately the footage, it's great footage. that's showing that we just do not have the people, we don't have agents in the film to go after and apprehend the individuals. it's why they were able to evade apprehension and further their entry into the united states. if we didn't have our agents in the film, they would have been easily apprehended. it's very difficult to get over and you saw takes a couple minutes for them to scale and go up and back down. if there is no wall, you have hundreds of people crossing the border right there and they
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would have done it in a matter of moments. it's a very effective but only if you have the agents in the film to apprehend the individuals. but because the administration continues to pander to open border activists, our agents are doing administrative duties, hospital watch, transport, all things we shouldn't be doing and out on the border with those individuals would have been apprehended. >> rich: is that because the systems overwhelmed because it's an overwhelming number of people coming across? or has the department of homeland security changed your mission explicitly? >> no, simply because we are being overwhelmed. you look at this time, historically, right now we should be apprehending between 30-40000 people every month. that's a very small number compared to what we are apprehending. we are at 200,000 and we are overwhelmed once we hit 50,000, but at 200,000. that's what's pulling all the resources out.
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you go any given time 90% of the resources are doing administrative duties. 100% of the resources are doing administrative duties which means there is nobody on the border to cover a 240-mile stretch. we are completely conceding the border to cartels and certain stretches of that at any given time. that's crazy and why so many of the citizens are dying because of fentanyl and narcotics. >> rich: what's going on for a couple months, you've got the governors in arizona and texas, florida, sending migrants north in buses. border patrol agents watching this and what do you guys think of what the governors are doing? >> we are watching and we are absolutely ecstatic we are doing this because what it does it shines a spotlight on the issue. mayor adams has been the best advocate for border security because he constantly opens his mouth. when he says something, the
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mainstream media has to pick it up and they gravitate over to fox news to find out what's really going on. that's what we want, we want an honest conversation. if we can have an honest conversation, the american people will push back on what's going on in the border. we cannot get the honest conversation because you've got people like the press secretary who is constantly lying to the american people and the mainstream media covering for it. they are not fet fact-checking. nobody's fact-checking including the vice president and that's the problem. >> rich: we heard from senator joe mansion on a book oo "special report." here's what he had to say. >> she is dead wrong on that but for anybody, anybody sing our borders are secure, that's not accurate. i've been there, it's wrong. >> rich: is there any traction in congress that may be over the next few months in the last
9:21 pm
congress, congress will focus on the issue? >> i think it's strictly depends on what happens in the midterms. if midterms go the republican way, yes, they will have to address the issue. it's one of the issues that the american people want to see solved. when you look at public safety, the border is right there with public safety. you've got the economy and the public safety. those are the two issues the american people face and they want fixed. if it goes to republicans, yes, i believe the democrats are going to step up to the plate and fix the problem. if it doesn't, there'll be vindicated in and going to say that the took the calculated risk and wasn't going to harm them and pander to the open border nationalists. >> rich: brandon, thank you for joining us. >> pleasure to be with you. >> rich: still to come, how much do you love the queen? maybe not as much as these guys. a chick-fil-a employee goes all out for a customer in the days
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best viral videos are coming up next. he's all musical
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duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> rich: for a stop in tonight's viral videos, the phrase long live the queen takes on new meanings as royal fans are getting a late monarch's face tattooed on their bodies. one man has queen elizabeth's solo wait tattooed on his arm. another man's calf, the trip you took six hours to complete according to the u.s.-based tattoo artist who did it. raging floodwaters in clark county, nevada, resulted in the me metro police departmet rescued from their vehicle.
9:28 pm
police say the air unit arrived when the water was chest level. the couple was safely hoisted out of their vehicle. law enforcement officials in florida are appraising a chick-fil-a employee after he bravely intervened during an attempted carjacking in the fast food restaurants parking lot. you can see the young man taking down the suspect who is now been charged with carjacking with a weapon and battery after he grabbed car keys from the woman with her baby well wielding a stick. if you wondered how a 400-pound alligator might be removed from an unwanted location, this is how officers and trappers did it when one was caught wandering around the neighborhood. apparently you lifted onto the pickup using a tow truck. the gator was 10 feet, 6 inches long and safely brought to a nearby sanctuary. the latest look into the
9:29 pm
terrifying robot future, the robot ignores police tape to make the delivery. the crime scene turned out to be a school shooting, but many onlookers expressed concern. one man asking what if there is a bomb the robot. good question. happy update to a bummer of a viral video we played for you guys last week showing a man intercepting a ball heading toward a young girl. her mom tweeted the big deal and asked her team to send her daughter a signed ball to make up for the incident. the player did. no word on the guy who caught the original ball, he is wearing the alternate cherry blossom nationals jersey of a player who was traded last month. if you've got any viral videos to share, hit us up. it's time to bring kevin corke back in and with football season kicking off, people really want
9:30 pm
to know who is really america's team. who's really america's team? >> i'm going to say this way. if you know american sports, you know what team likes to call themselves america's team. dallas cowboys. if you're a fan like me, you say i don't think so. but if you are cowboys, i get it, it makes sense when you think about it back to the days when they had irvine, emmett, prime time, but let's be honest, less time they won a super bowl, talking 26 years ago and they still remain america's most search team on google according to the company's analytics, dallas cowboys number one followed by the patriots, packers, steelers, eagles, wait, there's more, the chiefs, the 49ers, the bears, the cleveland browns. so, yes, the most popular team not only in the great state of texas, the park cowboys are more popular than any other team in seven states. that by comparison, there is no
9:31 pm
other team in the national football league more popular than any other team in three states. it goes to show the old saying winning isn't everything, it's the only thing may not be true. my best buddies a cowboy fan and i know he's long-suffering, so two part question, who's your favorite football team i think i know the answer, and does it surprise you? >> the new york football giants and i don't know, momentum is one heck of a thing. talking about 26 years and they were some good teams. they were really good teams back then. then the '70s but it's incredible. football season starts in d.c. and you see more cowboy stars then you see washington -- the commanders. , dansk a the commodores >> i like that.
9:32 pm
i'm a bronco fan, unabashed, they are very popular in the west. especially when they are very good and if you grew up in the west like i did it wasn't just the state of colorado, it's all over the intermountain west sorry cardinal fans, wyoming, idaho, montana, but when the team is up and down, it tends to waver a little bit. the cowboys will be america's team. i will leave you with this. david tyree, mario manning him which was the better catch? >> the catch on the helmet, incredible, but people underestimate the catch because eli manning put it where it could have only been. >> i watch the game on my birthday in new york. >> rich: i'm glad they did it for my birthday. thank you. see you. coming up, the queen's coffin made its journey from westminster hall or to westminster hall where thousands are queuing up for more than 2 miles to pay their respects. we've got a live report next, but a quick look at thursday's forecast courtesy of fox
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weather. >> i'm meteorologist and here's your fox whether thursday forecast as we continue to see some wet weather as we head into tomorrow. certainly going to be wiped as you get into the western part of the united states. potentially some flooding showing up across the four corners region as though folks continue to see a lot of moisture move in and out of the south. download the fox whether avenue or stream fox whether from your favorite connected tv device and i will see you there. ♪ ♪ wheauto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield... and installed new wipers. that's service on her time. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now.
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>> rich: mourners from across great britain and the world are bidding a fond farewell to queen elizabeth the second. her caskets now and westminster hall where dignitaries and members of the public can pay their respects over the next four days. correspondent alex hogan
9:39 pm
reporting live. good morning. >> good morning, rich. this was an emotionally tolling day for the royal family that made their way from buckingham palace to westminster abbey for the queens body and people throughout london were able to watch this royal procession that made its way through the city as people were able to give their final goodbye on the pageantry and the official morning process. two princes solemnly walking behind caskets, brother william and harry were united behind the casket of the queen. 25 years ago they made a similar walk launching behind the hearse of their mother princess diana. queen elizabeth's bodies now resting in parliament for four days until the combination of the commonwealth morning period in the funeral itself it westminster abbey on sunday. mourners making their way,
9:40 pm
through ours, the less chance to see the historic moment through others it's in the sincere thank you. if protecting the casket tonight fainting and falling off the podium as police quickly rushed to his side. outside parliament, the line continues to stretch and i've got a group of three girls with me who are telling me this is just remarkable moment, why even wait for five hours and what does it mean for you? >> the queen has been around, like our whole lives. like to pay our respects. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime event here to speak out there so many people waiting for hours, what's it like being with so many people being out here to see the queen? >> it's so cool, we got to kind of just got to talking with strangers.
9:41 pm
>> thank you very much, i know people are waiting in the line for hours, the line stretches about 2 miles in the queen will be resting in westminster hall. until the morning of her funeral on monday. >> rich: alex hogan live in london, thank you. >> first up into nights where in the world, a burst of fighting on the border has the u.s. state department concerned. both the u.s. and nearby russia are urging calm. the border region has seen clashes in the past and this is the worst of it since 2020 and reportedly killed about 150 soldiers. a new u.n. report estimates of 2021, about 50 million people worldwide are modern-day including 27 million people in forced labor and 22 million enforced marriages mentioned in the report concerns over cut
9:42 pm
construction and china's internment camps holding other minority groups in the region. a baby pulled from the rubble enjoyed and after a residential building collapsed in state media reports at least six people were killed, nine hertz, others still missing. it's unclear why the building collapsed. striking aerial footage of fire lines cutting through the green forests of a southwestern region in france where forest fires have torn through more than 1,000 hectares of land amid record-breaking heat for september. ukraine, stories of civilians recently liberated from russian occupation are now emerging following ukraine swift counter. devastated towns, fields pockmarked with craters, abandoned gear, reports of killings and torture. the pope holding mass in the capital of kazakhstan on the second day of his apostolic trip
9:43 pm
to the country. he appealed for peace in ukraine during, and across the caspian sea in azerbaijan and armenia. coming up, my next guest in what he thinks in his brand-new book and he'll explain. that's coming up. ♪ ♪og b but we don't always love their hair. which is why we made bounce pet hair and lint guard with three times the pet hair fighting ingredients. just one sheet helps remove pet hair from your clothes! looking good starts in the dryer with bounce pet.
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♪ ♪ >> rich: first up into nights real news roundup, r. kelly convicted on several child pornography charges. the star was found guilty on three counts but acquitted of conspiracy to obstruct justice. the ruling comes after a federal judge sentenced the singer to 30 years in prison. the trial including racketeering and sex trafficking charges. melissa milano will start in the upcoming abortion themed movie. this is the film that's already in postproduction, the only two months following the supreme court's overturning of roe v. wade. airline industry union sounding the alarm as a lingering shortage of pilots, flight attendants, gate agents threatened to slow the upcoming fall and winter travel seasons. spokesman for the pilots association air furloughs and recruitment failures have hampered airlines.
9:49 pm
if a new survey finds less than half of the americans can name all three branches of government. come on, guys. according to the public policy center's annual constitution day pacific survey, only 47% could name the executive, legislative, and judicial branches down from 56% last year. an opinion piece in "the new york times" argues tonight against the trend of quiet quitting or doing the bare minimum at work. the author offering the suggestion to some that engagements the way to go. to discuss the notion, the path back to excellence and let's bring in the author of the new guest. let me read a piece of what we are talking about and this is from "the wall street journal" about quiet quitting nearly one-third of workers described
9:50 pm
themselves as engaged, enthused about work and just under 20% described themselves as actively disengaged according to the survey of 15,091 u.s. workers. the rest aren't engaged and people who do the minimum required and psychologically detached from their jobs, the results in the about phase of 2021 u.s. worker engagement hit the highest level ever at 40% to. people under 35 report of the sharpest drop in engagement. what's going on here? >> the part of this is a project of government policy. you create incentives for people to stay home, people to get paid not to work. what happens is when you switch the incentives, human beings aren't automatons, they develop habits and once they grow accustomed to not working, coming back to work stops being a source of satisfaction and a meaning. one of the arguments i make in the book and elsewhere is that
9:51 pm
victimhood itself is a product of incumbency. we have done so well as a country economically for so long it created the incumbency to sit home instead they were not able to change the habits immediately enough. it takes more time to explain and part of why i wrote a book about it at the end of the day we will have to fix it or it's going to be a problem for the economy and the culture. >> rich: how is the government to fix this? >> i'm not sure it's a government issued to solve. the government may have created the problem and they should get out of the way by stopping practices that continue to create disincentives to work but it's table stakes. the answer starts with culture and we need to revive the shared pursuit of excellence in our culture. it starts in the private sector, nobody's reminding employees that work can be a source of identity and purpose and meaning. by the way economic fulfillment as well, i'm much more optimistic about seeing leaders in the private sector in the
9:52 pm
companies, the culture, and the educational system and the universities taking this on than i am our political leaders. that's i think where we have to turn it around first. >> rich: the wealthiest leader is elon musk trying to buy twitter, and it approve the sale, doesn't want twitter anymore. take a look at this bit of testimony from kettle hill yesterday from the whistle-blower inside twitter >> it's misleading the public, lawmakers, the board of directors. the enormously influential company was over one decade behind industry security standards. the company's cybersecurity failures make it vulnerable to exploitation. causing real harm to real pe people. >> elon musk on top of it says twitter underestimated the number of box, can he get out of this sale with what we saw on
9:53 pm
capitol hill yesterday and the number and generally what's going on with twitter? >> look at them a brief summary of facts, elon musk wanted to buy twitter and it was to fisk x the problem. of course the unspoken part of the middle of the market tanked in the meantime and the price he agreed to was against positive market conditions. whether he ends up buying twitter and i think it will be difficult for the court to to come to the conclusion he has an out, we will leave it to the courts. i think he opened up a new path to driving change in corporate america. that's the use of shareholder power appeared silicon valley is a tough place to drive change because if you complete the acquisition, the thing about twitter is that there is 15,000 employees who don't want to do what the new shareholders want
9:54 pm
them to do. there's other industries in the company where the employees and the management teams want to run in a different direction. it take the u.s. energy industry and manufacturing industries where they do not want the work mixed up with one-sided political agendas. they want to focus on excellence in making great products and services for profit and not apologize for it. it's wine a lot of my professional work why i'm focused on actually bringing their shareholder voice to the table in sectors where hopefully the type of new voices can make a difference because employees and ceos wanted unlike the management team and the kind of employee base you have at a company like twitter and silicon valley. >> rich: thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> rich: how about some good news before we say good night? 12-year-old brandon jackson wants to play for the kansas city area youth football league but he's a big kid. 6'2", 320 pounds needs a larger helmet than the double
9:55 pm
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thermostat so you can enjoy the perfect temperature with your morning moccia. your thermostat learns your favorite temp and creates a schedule for your home. i love saving money before breakfast. tom brady. >> you can never bet against him. when does age ultimately catch up to him? i feel like the saints are loaded. they've had tom brady's number and they could be a realxt surprise to the nfl sunday on fox. g. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson said, man,." things are moving fastso muc. so much is going on , as we tra often say that it's very easy to lose track ofe the big lives things, the things that matter, the things that will define history in the livesan ofbiden' our children and grandchildren. >> but joe biden's now famoust blood red speech of september 1st certainly qualifies as one of. the big in that speech, biden announced that not only is his programrogm the best


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