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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. if they already want the best fast-food chain already, they are now. i love chick-fil-a. i'm hungry. i got to go. to make it something. greg gutfeld takes it all from you. ♪ ♪ they want to fox news alert. another swift blow to the economy in the making echo amtrak canceling all long distance trains starting today. as a massive national rail workers strike looms. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning carley shimkus paper >> todd: and i'm not biopic of our country's trade and industry will effectively shut down. 60,000 workers go on strike tomorrow because this move will reportedly cost an estimated $2 billion per day and you know drive inflation even higher. >> carley: ke kevin corke is lie
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from washington because the color to tell you, this is something that will have a devastating impact on the nation's economy echo amtrak, the nation's cross-country railway system, is canceling all of its long distance trains ahead of a plant workers strike that really threatens to do damage on a scale that we have not seen in quite some time back of that announcement effectively cancels all planned trips except for those along the northeast corridor between boston and washington, d.c. the companies as our changes are all trains can reach the destination before the strike, which could begin as early as friday, and in case you're wondering, yes, we are talking about major cost because tthe strike could cost up to $2 billion per day per, we are talking about 60,000 workers plotting a walkout for better conditions. >> there's still time to get this resort, but there's only a few days left or they have a construct that is available that frankly needs to be adopted, but if this goes south and we see a
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strike, it could be devastating for manufacturers, it could be devastating for consumers, and we just need to see this thing get done. >> got to get the thing done, so says jay timmons back of the president was all too eager to change the subject from the looming strike to electric cars. visiting the detroit auto show on wednesday. >> president biden: give you a ride to washington. it's an uber. i like it. >> he may like it, but a growing number of americans don't like the job his administration is doing with 52%, according to our latest survey, now saying the biden administration hasn't been so competent. look at that number. by the way, even with mr. biden in michigan, a pair of house democrats who are facing very tough re-elections in the upcoming midterms, they didn't even travel to their home state to be with him despite the fact that he was going to be in
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detroit on wednesday. we're talking about representatives of dan kildee and elissa slotkin packages that they did back in d.c. to take part in official duties. congress was in session because that's the story and they're sticking to it. >> todd: they're not even trying to make real excuses anymore. that has been like we didn't want to be seen with the president. kevin corke, thank you so. is always the guy think evan brings up a crucial point. these individuals have a president visiting the state. typically, that's something that you hang your hat on, that's something that you bring to the table and you tell the voter a look, i president came to visit me. i'm going to run with that because they avoided him like the plague of one of the main reason that this president, this white house ignores the crucial problem stopping the galway. when have you seen the president at the border? never. and have you seen the president addressing the strike you might never be a day when he could have addressed the strike, could have addressed the nation, what is he doing?
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is taking test drive >> carley: it's drew on that image of him in this really expensive orange electric vehicle on the same week that we got the inflation up and it wil once again that americans are really struggling. it's sort of -- people are calling it a split screen of what the biden administration is trying to convey and the reality of the situation at hand. on this rail strike, though, apparently, people within the cabinet are really concerned about this in the u.s. chamber of commerce, they wrote an urgent letter to congressional leadership on monday, and here's what they're saying because they say it will lead to perishable food that is gary, fruits, vegetables and spoiling at the point of origin. for approximately 12.2 million riders in 46 states, would disrupt materials and goods being delivered to factories and ports, would inhibit the transport of heating, fuel, and other important fuels and chemicals because there are only a few examples of the damage
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of -- these are only a few examples of the damage of a wear what shut down. i didn't even realize how much the percentage of things that travel by rail across the country that affect the supply chain. last year, we saw the images of the gods in los angeles that were backlogged on how much that impacts the daily life in the supply chain of americans and also prices as well. this could very much exacerbate the issue. the red light, by the way, as friday. >> todd: with that, let us let us bring in former texas railroad commissioner, ryan sitton. ryan, thanks for being a pack of how much of this is due to joe biden is coddling of the unions you pack down mcdonough? >> that's hard to say. this is such rampant such massive impact across the country, but clearly, when you get into a situation where you have such small groups, you have two unions in this case that control so much of the nation's supply chain, that's a very
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precarious position to be in a new car to have leadership at both the national and state levels that can make sure that we aren't held hostage by large organizations like this. >> carley: what is the likelihood that this strike happens, and if so, how does that impact people at home? >> it's hard to say with these types of situations we are in these days with current supply shortages and inflation, you have workers, where workers, who are struggling just like everybody else is and they're feeling the pinch of the economy and this administration's impact on this economy. they're feeling a desperation to go i would say these days, unfortunately, these kind of things become more likely. we've talked about the impact of your talk before i came on about some of the products that are so important to rail. one of them is called. 70% of the nation's coal is moved by rail and 20% of the nation's power is dependent on coal. we are talking about a major
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portion of u.s. power coming from sources that are tied to real. it could have a very profound impact. to do what jumped out in my mind when you say that, all the great new deals are pushing electric cars, like the president in detroit, michigan, yesterday. where do you get the electricity to power the electric cars? you guessed it. a lot of it is from "politico" that that's the reason why all these things are interconnected and we can't distance ourselves completely from fossil fuels and coal. want to get your thoughts on this. congress does have the power to force rail workers back on the job. do you think that they end up using that power? >> if we get into a position where electricity prices continue to climb because they've already climb to 20% over the last couple of years with natural gas prices going up, with the ukraine-russia crisis, with oil and gas shortages because of lack of investment because people are afraid of what the administration is going to do, if you look at a situation where electricity is going to climb another ten, 20% because of these coal shortages, it
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wouldn't surprise me if congress steps in and says i'm sorry, you cannot shut down the country because of this strike. >> carley: let us bring in awi federgruen, who is also joining us right now to talk about this issue. is a production and supply chain management expert. right now, we are talking about 60,000 union workers that are prepared to go on strike, including engineers and conductors, and you can't move a train forward without those two groups of people. what are t? that's something i'm not really seeing in the article than reading about this. >> i believe that demands are particularly focused on salary increases and that quite understandable. we are living in a time of escalating inflation and we are not saying that in many industries, this industry included, but this is a very
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vital one for the entire economy, people are getting very afraid and are fearing that not only are they not advancing in their incomes, but that they're going backwards in terms of the purchasing power in very significant ways. as a consequence, people are demanding increases that aren't commensurate to the inflation that we are experiencing. >> todd: thank you for her opinion on this because this is a situation that i'm sure a lot of people, quite rightly, worth paying attention to a week ago. now they need to pay attention because even if you think what do i care about our freight system, it impacts you because some good if not most goods we are using have been transported by that got to pay attention because it's a big one. thank you. >> carley: think about. president biden is set to speak at the white house united we stand submitted a pick of the
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administration that the summit will counter the corrosive effects of hate fueled violence on our democracy and public safety, highlight the responses of the administration and communities nationwide to these dangers and put forward a shared vision for a more united america. a recent video shows biden is doing more dividing though than uniting. watch this. >> president biden: donald trump and the maga republicans represent and extremism. the extremes that has chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division. they don't just read in our personal rights and economic security. they're a threat to our very democracy. >> he was talking to majority of the country who agree that we have to protect our democracy. >> carley: vice president, harris is also slated to speak on behalf of condemning violence across the country. i just don't know if it's politically smart for democrats to constantly be beating the unity drum because that just
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begging republicans to point out all of their bad behavior too, supporting the riots in 2020, calling concerned parents extremists, all republicans a threat to democracy, and unfortunately, what is happening is that the democratic party is becoming the party of intolerance before you go on any college tempest are dangers you say you support ron desantis or donald trump and see what liberal professors say to you and then come talk to me about unity and respectable >> todd: where does it start? it starts at the topic of unity for who? for democrats are united against the republican party or actual unity which involves the whole nation? i think it's clear depending on this trip. he and right now, he's attacked have the country. per copy cat with an now turn around and say nothing happened, we need to be unified because this is so simple. you know is going to brag about the summit, but he is the arsonist that starts the fire and then wants credit for putting it out. with that, the white house's
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push for unity doesn't seem that go even heard from her in a while. hawaii senator mazie hirono being criticized for these shocking comments after senator lindsey graham's call for a nationwide abortion ban. because this is an all right attack on women in this country because that is how i see a pick of this is how more and more women and those that support our right to make decisions about our own body -- this is a literally, call to arms. >> todd: you know what it means when you see literally a call to arms. in the wake of violence against pro-life organizations, republicans are slamming senator hinono, one director tweeting "what exactly does crazy mazie hirono mean when she says this is a call to arms in our country? sure sounds like she is calling for violence." lindsey graham's response to critics of his bill. >> i'm proudly pro-life, and i
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have no apology for being pro-life, and there is no bad time to defend the on-board, so if you expect me to sit on the sidelines and watch the democratic party try to pass the most radical abortion law in the history of the country, you're talking to the wrong guy. humor and pelosi have proposed a law for the entire nation that would allow abortion on demand until the point of birth. there is a seven nations on the planet that have that extreme view. china and north korea. you know what the issue is? most americans would be disgusted with a policy that allows the dismemberment of abb at 15 weeks. people are with me. if i'm not willing to talk up now, if not, when, if not me, who? i agree with the economic policies, but my friend, the pro-life community needs to speak up and we will and we will win this issue because we are right. they want democrats are wasting no time using an abortion as the rallying cry to voters ahead of
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the midterms. >> supreme court has overturned roe vs. wade and don baltic and anti-trust republicans say we should rejoice at the ruling denying women access to abortion. >> ca>> carley: new hampshire democratic senator maggie hassan putting out that at hours after the state republican senate primary was called for retired army general john baldock. the ad claimed he would support a nationwide abortion had, but he denied. he defeated state senate president jack morris by just a couple thousand votes. it was a tight. >> todd: china xi jinping and russia's vladimir putin meet today for the very first time since the start of the war in your credit record is a discussing an alternative to the western world at islamic exam at. this meeting comes as china is buying up large amounts of u.s. land, but that does not seem to concern this white house. they won the president is not concerned about the chinese buying farmland, for example in the middle of the heartland of
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the united states. >> of course it's a matter of concern for quite as don't have a policy decision >> todd: today. >> todd: the u.s. is reportedly considering sanctions against the communist nation to deter a possible invasion of taiwan. >> carley: queen elizabeth gasquet will continue to lie in state today at westminster hall after her royal procession from buckingham palace yesterday. king charles, prince william, and prince harry coming together for that summer walk in front of massive crowds of mourners. harry overcome with emotion during the service at westminster. 750,000 people are expected to travel to london to see the queen. less than half of those people are projected to be able to pair the respect with which type to see the queen projected to be as long as 35 hours. president biden held his first call with king charles to offer his condolences for the queen's passing ahead of his trip to the queen's funeral next week. >> todd: 35 hours, won!
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did you hear about this? from florida governor ron desantis making good on his promise to send migrants to liberal areas and fox news has exclusive video of planes touching down in martha's vineyard. tell you how leaders there are responding. >> carley: don't tell the judge because apparently hunter biden can't afford his child support payments. just wait until you hear this excuse coming up. ♪ ♪ [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: some frightening new reporting reveals facebook has been spying on your messages back a that not all. whistle-blowers in the social media giant is on high alert for any anti-government messages. sake of good money, guys. bombshell reporting from "the new york post" revealed facebook is spying on users messages and data. what is even more unnerving, data sources are telling the poster that facebook alerts the fbi when americans express anti-government sentiment because that includes statements doubting the 2020 election results back of a whistle-blower telling the post "it was a waste of our time. they were gun toting,
1:22 am
red-blooded americans who were angry after the election. there was nothing criminal and nothing about violence aromatic ring and assassinating anyone to go" here's what miranda devine on here what you learn to cook because there is vast disquiet across the rank and file of the fbi and in some sections of the doj about the turn of weaponization and politicizatioe federal law enforcement. >> the fbi telling the post it has relationships with social media companies to exchange information on potential threats. facebook is a slamming the allegations, calling them "plainly inaccurate." some don't buy it after ceo mark zuckerberg's confession that facebook but with the fbi to squash the hunter biden laptop story. >> the fbi basically came to us because some folks on our team were like hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. we thought that there was a lot of russian propaganda on the
1:23 am
2016 election. we have a notice that basically, there is about to be some kind of dump of -- similar to that, so just be vigilant. >> distrust for the justice department has come to a head as former president dropped home was raided by the fbi after being approved by attorney general merrick garland. >> carley: thank you for that. tucker carlson is calling on the democrats for their hypocrisy on doubting the voting process. >> remind us that anyone who has questions about the outcome of the last election is in a disgruntled voter, the person is a criminal. that person has embraced the big lie for years after the 2000 election. democrats claim that george w bush was not the legitimate president. some still say it because they may believe it. than in 2016, the entire democratic party rejected the outcome of the presidential election to echo a foreign power got donald trump elected. democrats said that and they
1:24 am
continue to say it every single day of donald trump is to pick because they impeached him over it because they hamstrung the executive branch of the u.s. government with an investigation into russian influence that indian turned up nothing to do what would you call that? you would call the election denial. you would call that the big lie. but no one was punished for it. >> todd: texas congressman chip roy exploding on his democrat colleagues at a house hearing demanding access to the full affidavit used to green light the fbi raid on president trump. >> we should be bound together here, wanting to demand information and be able to get it. that is the power of your federal bureau of investigation under the democrat attorney general of the united states! and your running cover for them! to do a argues that even if they aren't unredacted document is it safe to release publicly, lawmakers should at least get to read it. hunter biden reportedly struggling to pay child support according to court documents obtained by the daily mail. president's son is seeking to
1:25 am
lower the payments for his four year old son that he's never met. they claim that hunter has experience as a "substantial change to his income." others say his lifestyle says otherwise. >> he hasn't been living as someone who has financial struggles. he lived in a malibu beach home that was a $20,000 a month. before that, he was living in los angeles, a $25,000 a month rental. >> todd: has exchanged through the code for ten months to get him to pay while he claimed he was too poor to pay despite living in a $12,000 per month hollywood mantle and driving a porsche. when we say chasing to the court, presumably meaning figuratively, if i may correct if it does mean literally, we should public at that video. >> carley: i thought he was selling paintings? what happened to all the paintings? >> todd: i guess art is not selling.
1:26 am
>> carley: stores are bad for total, by the way. belong to. >> todd: i didn't know we were pivoting to total like that, but well done carley shimkus. a chick-fil-a employee being called a hero for saving a mom and her baby from a carjacker take a look at the video of the takedown is unbelievable and the story is even better because we want us or higher is now allowing teachers to arm themselves inside the classroom because we are talking to one of the experts tasked with educating educators to find out if this is the best way to keep the schools safe. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: watch this. a heroic chick-fil-a employee stops a carjacker with a takedown fit for the octagon. the video had -- the victim had been getting her baby out of the car when the suspect snatched her keys before jumping into her car. she screamed, which is why the employee rushed in and grabbed him from the car because the video then shows him rustling a
1:32 am
suspect and being patched in the face, but the chick-fil-a worker was thankfully not seriously injured and thanks to him, that suspect was taken into custody and faces carjacking and battery charges. can you believe that? >> todd: it's like all of america is one big octagon now. that's a great story to come in time, ohio teachers now packing heat. this week, the new buckeye state house bill has opened the door for the right school employees to carry firearms in the classroom to keep kids safe. faster saves lives because that's the name of the program. created by concerned parents and law enforcement that is during school officials in violence response. physics of the program director in ohio and to join me in. thanks for being here. how comprehensive business? >> the faster saves lives program starts off with a three day training, but actually in totality is a three-year program that we offer to schools who continue to come back and one more training to make schools as safe as possible.
1:33 am
>> down xp to work through the training, what are the teachers learn to make sure that this entire experience is safe because a lot of critics are going to sit here and say we don't want guns in the classroom. how do you rebut those criticisms? >> but the faster saves lives program does is allow schools to add one more layer of safety and security to the plans they already have in place. most schools now have a single point of entry, they have signed in, sign out, they have trained the staff to look for changes in behavior and personality. schools are looking and seeing what happens if the threat comes from outside the school or what happens if everything else we put in place falls apart? that's what our program provides to schools is that one additional layer refers to stop the killing as soon as possible and in second started dying as soon as possible by having a medical tools and training right in the school to start immediately saving lives. >> todd: it should go without saying, but often times, seems
1:34 am
like it's ignored by people who opposes, 82nd saves lives in this instance, and if you can slow a shooter tom, limit the amount of time he or she has to shoot, you're going to save countless lives. isn't that right? >> that's right back up all the past events have shown us that every minute you allow the violence to continue, you're going to say on average five? seven edition of dead or injured or it's a simple second grade math problem. how long are you willing to wait for outside help to get that tells you how many dead or injured people in your school you're saying is acceptable. schools are saying that that number has to be as low as possible. >> todd: what's been the reaction from parents? >> we've seen overwhelming support every time one of the schools publicly announces they are adopting a program like this. there are always a few outliers, but every feedback that we have gotten with the exception of two schools said the support has been upwards of 80-90% from the
1:35 am
parents that their scene in the community's. parents understand safety and security and they want the kids to come home to them at the evening every single night. >> todd: i would want every single measure to be taken to protect my kids. i think that's what this does. joe eaton, thank you so people keep doing what you're doing to commenter, house republicans are standing up for the second amendment, demanding answers from credit card companies that will separate gun purchases from other general merchandise. republican writing a letter to visa, mastercard, american express saying the move will violate gun owners write and put a burden on businesses because they also claim the move is an attempt to skirt federal law by effectively creating a gun registry. even a devastating story out of texas because this liberal a liberal d.a. sentencing and admitted drunk driver to only ten days in jail. for a crash that left one person dead. we are taking a closer look at this case. >> todd: and again, this is the wildest story of the day. to my great plains touching down
1:36 am
in very, very ritzy martha's vineyard courtesy of the florida governor, ron desantis paper will tell you how that sanctuary city is responding this morning. ♪ ♪ an a mahindra tractor. except a bigger mahindra tractor. pound for pound, this one's still tougher... tough. tougher. tough. tougher. mahindra - the official tractor of tough and stewart-haas racing. i've got a race this weekend. i'll see you later.
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state of florida governor ron desantis following in texas' footsteps as exclusive video shows to planes filled with migrants sent to martha's vineyard after taking off from the sunshine state. >> carley: ashley strohmier joins us more with all the details. speak of law to govern florida governor ron desantis made good on his promise to send illegal immigrants to liberal led states and cities big of idea given fox news shows two planes full of migrants deplaning at the airport in martha's vineyard or that a celebrity hot spot were former president obama on than $11 million per governor desantis' office said states like them will better facilitate the care of these individuals that they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as a sanctuary st state. and support for the biden administration's open border policy is. state rep dylan fernandes reacting to the migrants are rival saying republicans who call themselves christians have been plotting for some time to
1:42 am
use human lives, men, women, and children, as political pawns. it is evil and inhuman because the democratic governor of illinois dynamic is to apply the bag deploying 75 national guardsmen to help deal with migrants because he also stood next to mayor lori lightfoot and demanded federal funds allotted to texas be diverted to chicago and other blue cities after receiving the small amount of migrants. >> what the governor of texas is doing is a stunt. >> it is a manufactured crisis by amber >> it's unacceptable. it shouldn't be like this, but it speaks volumes about who governor abbott is. >> new york city mayor eric adams says the city is at its wit and saying this new and unforeseen reality where we expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward, the city system is nearing its breaking point back of a little more than 10,000 migrants have been busted to new york, d.c., in chicago, yet
1:43 am
cbp report sits on top at nearly 2 million illegal migrants at the southern border of this fiscal year. >> carley: thank you so much. a travis county d.a. backed by george soros charged a man accused with killing a person in a dui crash with a misdemeanor and he was only sentenced to ten days in jail. the austin police association tweeting "this is another example of travis county prosecutors going easy on violent criminals back of victims lives are marginalized. where is the justice for the families and loved ones of the victim?" 37 as the president of the retired officers association and joins been. could morning to you. ten days for a dui that killed a passenger in the vehicle. does that sound like an appropriate sentence to you? >> no. it actually when i first saw it, i thought it was a mess but because i thought it was ten years and then i realized it was ten days because that is unfathomable. he killed somebody driving
1:44 am
drunk, he was originally charged with intoxication manslaughter, this was splattered onto a misdemeanor. he was given ten days in jail, and in all likelihood, he was out of jail before the trial was over. when the trial was over, he was out because he had probably given credit for time served. >> carley: by the leniency for the sky? >> this is what this d.a. does. he truly believes that people should get the minimum amount of time in jail for any crimes they commit as long as he thinks it's keeping austin and travis county safe, which the statistics are showing that is not happening. >> carley: thankfully, this guy is getting deported, but you just have to wonder how the victim's family feels because she was 19 years old, she had her whole life ahead of. her name is teresa gonzalez. how do you think her family feels about a ten day sentence? >> i can tell you that one of the world think you can ever do as a police officer is give a family it death notification, so
1:45 am
i can't imagine how this family feels having now been victimized twice. they were told initially when she passed away, they were given that information, and then to find out that the person who did this basically got no punishment whatsoever. even though he is being deported, that doesn't mean he's not going to be right back in the state of texas within days after being deported. >> carley: that such a great point. there is a travis county d.a., his name is jose garza, he ran on a criminal justice reform platform to connect with that, his campaign was backed by george soros. what what are some other examples of him being lenient on criminal? >> low bail. low or no bill at all for even some of the most horrible crimes that you can imagine. murderer, rape, he's played out a first-degree murder case to 15 years in jail for first-degree murder. it's on and on. we've got cases where officers
1:46 am
are making arrests, booking people into jail, and there is an assistant district attorney looking at the affidavit and deciding we are not going to prosecute these people, releasing them while the officers are still writing the report because this d.a. doesn't believe in prosecuting drug crimes. what we've got in austin now is we've got a problem where our homicide rate for the third year in a row is going to be at record levels because the one i was just going to ask about crime is like under his leadership pac or you just answered that very question. we've been talking about these soft-on-crime policies for so long and how it's unfair to the victims and it leads to more crime. yet, people like this d.a. still feel like they're doing the right thing. what you think that is? >> because their true believers because they truly believe what they're doing is right, whether or not statistics show it's not, that's just what they believe. what people don't realize about this particular d.a. is he never prosecuted a crime prior to
1:47 am
becoming the district attorney. the people in travis county elected a guy with no experience as a prosecutor to be a lead prosecutor for a felony. subsequently, we've lost most of our veteran prosecutors that were in his office, so now you've got very, very little experience prosecuting these cases, and that's why they are printing a lot of these things are. >> carley: it's not just a travis county. it's a trend that we are seeing across the country. dennis farris, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very wel welcome. >> todd: fox was a wild fire alert nappy accruals in california fighting what has become the state's largest wildfire of the year. it already burned more than 63,000 acres since it began last week the correspondence sharing this video showing them fleeing fast spreading flames, leaving their equipment behind. as of yesterday, that fire, 20% contained, which is down from the guild's reported 25%
1:48 am
containment, you can follow this story and all the latest weather developments by downloading the fox weather app to any connected device. california governor gavin newsom taking a victory lap somehow after claiming his estate avoided rolling blackouts after a tough week of it. he went on to condemn his and tight green critics after he was slammed for not being able to keep the power on in his state vehicle is in. because we had almost 52,000 megawatts at peak, which is unprecedented in our state history before we got to jump ahead of mother nature. we didn't have any blackouts in california. i know you wish they'd happen. trust me. many of them did because they wanted to kill our green energy transition because they want to double down. >> todd: also doubling down on his and i gasped our policy is to go as you know, by 2035, californians won't be able to purchase one as the golden state gradually shift towards a car marketed exclusively sells the wees. one los angeles school district getting them for posting a video
1:49 am
online clipping if you call junk food bad for you, you are a racist. you've got to hear it to believe it. >> i got a stone at! because those are so bad for your purpose because you're judging my food standards based on us for the standard of food again, aren't you? >> false hierarchies of food everywhere. instead of focusing on good and bad choices, try to have neutrality in mind. >> carley: stop at! no! >> to the next way too many took to social media to call out the now deleted video. one user tweeting "woke-is seeping into food nutrition." i know i often come out against it but i actually like this one. when you and you, matty, make fun of me for all the junk food i eat, i'm not going to call your bassist and yet there's nothing you can say in response.
1:50 am
>> carley: cholesterol levels everywhere are shaking in their boots. >> todd: who cares! at least i'm woke! >> carley: this whopping 78% of americans say inflation has made life harder over the last six months. some battleground states are actually being hit the hardest. >> todd: we will ask our panel of swing state voters if this is the issue that will tip the scale for republicans come november. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: lee zeldin tough on crime approach seems to be resonating with voters, he vows to unseat democratic governor kathy hochul. >> new york leads in population loss, we are seeing illinois and other places about whether or not to have cashless bail and
1:56 am
get more da's who refuse to enforce the law. in new york, we are seeing the consequences of it and be tough on crime to get back in charge of the streets. >> carley: new polls show kathy hochul's lead is down to single digits, despite early polling giving the governor 24-point lead in the empire state. in pennsylvania race, john fetterman agreed to televised debate against republican challenger mehmet oz. that will happen next month. three acommendations, first is must start with explanation that fetterman is used closed caption to describe a delay between questions and answers. second, questions asked of fetterman in practice session
1:57 am
resemble no practice questions. and three extend debate time from 60 to 90 minutes due to fetterman's closed caption system. >> carley: americans nationwide are feeling the crunch and it is hitting major senate battlegrounds hard. miami-fort lauderdale area. cory, how is inflation impacting you and how will it impact your vote? >> gas prices are through the roof. i mean, dealing with -- weekly
1:58 am
we pay anywhere from 18 to 22,000 a week in diesel and that has gone up to over 50,000 per week. fuel alone has been outrageous and cost of steel and buying trash cans, has more than doubled. when they say 13%, you feel more than that. >> how is inflation impacting you and how will it influence your vote? >> being from the south, i, along with other georgia citizens are used to lower cost of living. as a realtor, the gas prices, i'm able to accommodate as a single man, i think about families who have to make decisions in the grocery store or prioritize items they have to decide to leave behind. in relation to inflation, in
1:59 am
georgia, i see purchasing power diminishing and consumer confidence dropping and i definitely believe we will see that reflected in the polls in november. >> todd: alex, how is inflation hurting you what do you think it means in the race between marco rubio and his opponent? >> it is impacting me in the grocery store, i'm a father of twin boys. it is affecting my job. i sell equipment, the price has risen because of inflation itself. as concerns the senate race, the general idea, i don't trust the people in power to make the right decisions to help stop this problem. they have spent trillions that i believe created the issue, along with things like inflation
2:00 am
reduction act, canceling student debt. i don't think they have the right solution to solve the problem, the idea for voting for a member of their party to continue the same trend of decision doesn't sit well with me. >> todd: i think you hit the nail on the head. next hour of "fox and friends first" now. >> thank you. >> todd: we begin with a fox news alert, another swift blow to the economy in the making. amtrak canceling all long-distance training beginning today as a massive national rail worker strike looms. this is a huge story, america. you're watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. our country's freight train industry will effectively shut down if 60's,000 workers go on strike tomorrow. the move would cost estimated $2


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