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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2022 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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reduction act, canceling student debt. i don't think they have the right solution to solve the problem, the idea for voting for a member of their party to continue the same trend of decision doesn't sit well with me. >> todd: i think you hit the nail on the head. next hour of "fox and friends first" now. >> thank you. >> todd: we begin with a fox news alert, another swift blow to the economy in the making. amtrak canceling all long-distance training beginning today as a massive national rail worker strike looms. this is a huge story, america. you're watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. our country's freight train industry will effectively shut down if 60's,000 workers go on strike tomorrow. the move would cost estimated $2
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billion per day and drive inflation even higher. >> todd: kevin cork e has the lost. >> kevin: on the virge of striking across america as result some freight and passenger train companies have already begun reducing services. from the international association of machinists and workers, the tentative agreement has been rejected and strike authorization was approved by members and extension has been agreed to until september 29th to allow us to negotiate changes with the nccc, in hopes of an agreement. what that means is most unions involved -- well, unfortunately, most have agreed, but two major
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unions are holding out. so a 30-day cooling off period, we've been talking about for weeks, ends on friday. that means a strike could begin later this week and that would be devastating. in all, talking about a dozen unions in dispute with six of the largest freight rail carriers in the country and a strike could be economically devastating with 60's,000 workers holding out for better working conditions. amtrak, the nation's railway system, is canceling virtually all of the planned trips, except for those along the northeast corridor, we call the asilla corridor between boston and washington, d.c. all others are affected. >> two unions control so much of the nation's supply chain, that is a very precarious position to
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be in and you have to have leadership that can make sure we aren't held hostage. >> this is a real bad deal. if this rail dispute is not resolved before friday and the nationwide strike does begin, fema, and department of defense among the agencies the white house will be looking at to bring into duty to move food, energy and health supply by planes, trucks and waterways, if necessary, according to sources at the white house. a lot looming between now and friday. buckle up, if this does happen, it could get ugly quickly. >> carley: absolutely, this is last thing america needs right now, deadline tomorrow. thank you, we appreciate it. happening today china's xi and
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russian president vladamir putin will have a summit in uzbekistan. the meeting comes as china is buying up large amounts of u.s. land, but that doesn't seem to concern the white house. >> the white house is not concerned about the chinese buying farmland in the middle of the heartland of the united states? >> of course it is a matter of concern, i don't have a policy to speak of today, martha. >> carley: u.s. is considering sanctions to deter a possible invasion of taiwan. senator tom cotton says the biden administration is giving china the upper hand. >> rather than europe facing a dark, cold winter, we could be supplying them with natural gas to power their homes and factories issue yet we're waging war here in america on our own domestic energy production while
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we're making ourselves beholden and dependent to chinese energy, china has the market cornered. both of these key failures have helped create conditions for russia and china to grow closer together, which is dangerous for prosperity. >> todd: president biden set to speak at united we stand summit. the summit will counter corrosive effects of hate-failed violence on public safety, and communities nationwide to dangers and put together a shared vision for more united america. this comes on the he'lls of joe biden's attacks on millions of americans. >> president biden: donald trump and maga republicans represent extremism, chosen to go backward full of hate and division.
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maga republicans threaten personal rights and economic security, they're a threat to our democracy. >> he was talking to majority of the country, who agree we have to protect our democracy. >> todd: vice president kamala harris also slated to speak at a separate united against hate summit later this morning. to review, not one issue but two summits to counter effect of joe biden's red dawn speech. >> carley: when i think of unity, i think of that red speech, haunts my dreams. >> todd: facebook accused of spying on american users stemming back to the 2020 election. >> carley: plus, don't tell the judge, apparently hunter biden can't afford to pay child support. get ready for jimmy failla, his reaction coming up.
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>> todd: burning fuel in the process to promote her administration's green agenda.
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listen to this. >> vice president harris: president biden and i are clear, our work to address the climate crisis must be justice and equity. >> carley: jimmy failla, joins us now. she is not flying coach. >> jimmy: she's going near the border, good news. probably the wrong one. they don't take this seriously, when it comes to climate change, a character called tony clifton, his stick was to upset his comedy audience. i want to remind you, it is a no smoking show, and he would light a cigarette. he was in delaware last saturday, could have voted in the primary issue but waited until wednesday or tuesday, whenever the james taylor concert got done and flew off
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air force one like he's running errands. trying to get steps on your fit bit and miles on your plane, you are doing it wrong. >> todd: carley doing the jokes now. >> jimmy: she's at the improv this weekend, check her out. >> todd: hunter biden struggling to pay child support and reportedly selling paintings up to half million, now seeking to lower the payments for his four-year-old son, who he's never met. here is the story. >> he hasn't been living as someone who has financial struggles, he lived in malibu beach home that was $20,000 a month, before that living in los angeles, $25,000 a month rental. >> todd: father of the year hunter biden.
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>> jimmy: i heard half a million for a painting, if you think that is high, meet the painter. i got to go. >> todd: three-drink minnium. >> jimmy: if he wants to make an effort to support, this kid was conceived in the champagne room. >> carley: not the kid's fault. >> jimmy: that is what i said, i'm not shaming the kid, i'm in on the kid. do you know what i come from? my parents are circus clowns, look at me. >> carley: when you hear awful stories about how truly a bad person he is, whether he did the book tour and went on late night shows and was getting applause, does this guy deserve a standing ovation? he's trying not to pay child support when he's worth millions of dollars and his rent is like
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$20,000 a month? >> jimmy: yes, once you convert currency from ukrainian, you are not as -- i applaud the ones who can. >> todd: carley knows what the champagne room is. >> carley: i actually don't. >> todd: we will explain on commercial, not appropriate. there is a term called junk food racist, watch. >> i got us donuts. >> those are bad for you.
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>> todd: when my wife accuses me of eating bad, i will call it racist. >> jimmy: it doesn't work for me, dieting is not oppression, abeesity is number one cause of death from the pandemic. i go the other way, supposed to bring bag bullying, fat shaming helped me. i was fat as a kid and i did something about it. at school, you slob, how much can you eat today? mom, i'll see you at three, that sort of thing. >> carley: you are taking cholesterol is not racist stance? >> jimmy: no way, it is controversial, get banned from the medical community. >> todd: one entertainer who draws attention to this is lizo.
2:16 am
>> jimmy: think back to the data, incentivizing the vaccine by giving you a donut. >> carley: i appreciated that, though. i won't turn down a donut. >> jimmy: it is not good. >> carley: border towns are under siege by hundred says of thousands of migrantss pouring through joe biden's open border. >> todd: not getting better for people who live and work in arizona and yuma, texas. we'll get reaction from them next. but what if you could begin to see the signs of hope all around you? what if you could let in the lyte? discover caplyta. caplyta is a once-daily pill, proven to deliver significant relief from bipolar depression.
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>> carley: deal to avoid a massive strike that would have crippled our supply chain. tentative agreement is a win for
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our economy and the american people, a win for tens of thousands of rail workers who work tirelessly through the pandemic to ensure american families and communities got deliveries of what has kept us going during these difficult times. so big news there, crisis avoided, that rail strike would have cost $2 billion a day. todd. >> todd: now to a fox weather wildfire alert. crews in california fighting the state's largest wildfire of the year. the fire burned 63,00 0 acres since last week. >> carley: responders shares this video, the fire is 20% contained. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. going in the wrong direction
2:22 am
there. >> janice: it is a different beast, they are so erratic and out of control. we've had an incredible year already 1.9 million acres burned, of course watching one fire across california, but the northwest is on fire, look at all these incredible flames burning across the northwest in toward the rockies. air quality very poor in some regions, if you have problems breathing, this is not good news, that smoke will continue to move north and east, along the jet stream, the winds are helping to push toward the northern plains and that pattern has set up and will bring heavy rainfall to parts of the midwest and great lakes areas that don't need to see it, rather see this rain moving toward the wildfire danger, the midwest in line for several inches of rain today through friday. we'll keep you up to date and looking at rain in the forecast
2:23 am
for the sunshine state for much of the region, could see three to five inches in the next three days. this is fiona, that just happened, i aware, this is a tropical storm moving west, 50 mile per hour winds and this could curve toward the florida area this weekend. something we'll monitor, fiona is here. keep you up to date. >> carley: thank you so much. turning to this, border residents in yuma, el paso and eagle pass, texas feel threatened by countless migrants crossing over to their homes. a yuma county supervisor and small business owner is at the border right now and a deputy
2:24 am
constable in maverick, county, it texas and a former u.s. marshal and deputy police chief join us. jonathan, yuma, arizona, is population of 100,000 people and over 250,000 migrant encounters in yuma have took place since october and this is causing problems for your community? >> absolutely, i'm live at the border right now and we have no fewer than 300 people lining up since midnight to come across. they are coming from all over the world, at least 30 countries are represented standed behind me right now >> carley: hal, you are in eagle pass, texas and residents say they don't feel safe because of
2:25 am
this, watch this. >> several weapons i need to have here, i don't feel safe. i taught them to use the weapons and they are 14 and 15 years old. >> my sister was asleep and her room is toward the front of the house and someone knocked on her window. >> they are killing animals to eat or stealing your things. >> carley: how do you feel about that? >> first of all, good morning, we've been getting lots of reports from residents in the community telling us they don't feel safe, many downtown businesses are closing early, many very many of the store owners have reported shoplifting, many of the undocumented persons going into stores and taking items. getting reports of people breaking into residences looking
2:26 am
for food. calls for assistance are going through the roof for local law enforcement and causing a strain on us. the community is in fear for themselves because the great influx of people, 1000 to 3000 people coming in per day. 1500 people come into eagle pass and by end of the day, seeing about 3000. in community of 40 to 45,000 people, this is a large number and creates lots of problems. >> carley: absolutely, not just safety issue, it is affecting people financially. robert president biden has yet to visit the border, if he went to el paso right now, what would he see? >> if he went to el paso right now, what you would see is the
2:27 am
el paso community doing their best to put up with situation and make migrants as comfortable as possible. however, all of the centers that take in migrants are overwhelmed and you are seeing people sleeping on the street. the city of el paso is doing their best to provide the basic needs, portable bathrooms, trash cans. i spoke with the police chief yesterday regarding that and he said so far they are not feeling an impact. the concern, of course, would be desperation, desperation sits in, people will resort to committing crime to meet basic needs of survival and that is getting food. it is really sad situation, these people come from all over the world, it is a sad situation. >> carley: i wish i had more time with all of you. jonathan, one quick question to you, one thing that -- reasons
2:28 am
why yuma is facing this crisis is because there are massive holes in the border wall and only people that can fix that are the federal government and that is something not happening, is that right? >> yes, it is, except governor doocy involved conex boxes last week. this area is a funnel, where i stand right now and provide control and security to border patrol, but we have massive amounts of people coming across, straining community resources and again, many residents have expressed feeling of uncertainty and not feeling safe. >> carley: we see all the people behind you at 3:28 in the morning. jonathan, hal, robert, thank you for providing perspective to this ongoing crisis, we appreciate it. president biden wouldn't let anything stop him from voting in other than approximate, even if
2:29 am
that meant paying thousands on jets and motor kayeds. >> todd: he wanted his i voted sticker. joe concha is next.
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a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. vyepti is designed to start working fast, and to last with a 30-minute iv infusion, 4 times a year delivering 100% of the medication directly into your bloodstream. the power of a vyepti infusion can help to reduce monthly migraine days. some had fewer migraine days with the very first treatment. don't take if allergic to vyepti. common side effects are allergic reactions, stuffy nose, and scratchy throat. allergic reactions include rash, swelling, trouble breathing, hives, and redness of the face. choose to infuse with migraine prevention delivered differently. talk to a neurologist or migraine specialist about vyepti. learn how you could save. >> carley: some frightening new reporting reveals facebook has been spying on your messages. >> todd: social media is on
2:33 am
alert for any messages. brooke singman has that report. >> brooke: facebook is spying on user messages and data. doj sources tell the post facebook alerts the fbi when americans express anti-government sentiments, including stapts doubting the 2020 election results. there was nothing criminal, nothing about violence or massacring or assassinating anyone. here is miranda devine on what she's learned. >> this is vast across the rank and file of the fbi and the doj about the turn the weaponization and politicization of law enforcement. >> carley: the fbi has relationships with social media
2:34 am
companies to exchange information on potential threats and facebook calls the allegations plainly inaccurate. some don't buy it after mark zuckerberg's confession that facebook worked with the fbi to squash the hunter biden laptop story. >> the fbi came to us, folks on our team and were like, just so you know, you should be on high alert, we thought there was a loss of russian propaganda in the 2016 election and we have it on notice there is about to be some kind of dump of -- similar to that, be vigilant. >> brooke: distrust for the justice department has come to a head after former president trump's home was invaded. >> todd: court filings reveal the source of the steele dossier, later accused of lying to the fbi was on the fbi payroll as confidential
2:35 am
informant. >> carley: joe concha joins us now, what should our takeaway from this revelation be? >> joe: it is not clear what information the fbi was paying danchenko for. the steele dossier, go read the headlines when the story broke from buzz feed when they printed the whole thing without verification and cnn ran with it, led to entire fbi investigation into donald trump and russia collusion and it was more gossip than gospel. it seemed like something out of a bond film. this is why if republicans take back the house in november and they should, you're going to see hearings into hunter biden, who you just discussed and into the origins of the steele dossier and how it led to this entire mess that consumed a presidency
2:36 am
for three years when donald trump was in office and based on a lie. the fbi has to answer for what they were paying danchenko exactly for. more questions than answers from this revelation. >> todd: this could be a big deal, people need to pay attention. president biden using a taxpayer jet to vote in person, taking $177,000 trip to delaware, he took the trip that cost $177,000. coming off the james taylor concert the day everyone lost their 401(k)'s is there no one who looks at this and says not a good idea to do the concert or have joe take $177,000 flight to get an "i voted" sticker. the >> joe: the song choice, "fire
2:37 am
and rain," find something more uplifting, "i've got a friend," this is during the inflation reduction act celebration. average cost for travel for u.s. president is $2600 per minute. just to cast a vote you spend nearly $200,000. look, the u.s. government is spending more money than any other time in u.s. history. it is simple. cast absentee ballot and get to work. last month the president was on vacation know 70% of the time. he has a briefing today at 8:30 and then goes to one event at 3:30 p.m. and that is it, all he does today. you see that time and again. >> carley: inflation reduction
2:38 am
act is a climate bill and he hops off a jet. >> todd: not confident in our absentee voting system. breaking just minutes ago, tentative deal with rail workers to avoid massive strike that would have crippled our supply chain. >> carley: cheryl casone has the details coming up.
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>> carley: just moments ago a tentative deal reached between the labor department and workers to avoid a rail strike. >> todd: cheryl casone is here with the breaking details. >> cheryl: we are following this breaking news, good morning to both of you. they worked through the night for this tentative agreement we just learned about moments ago. this deal comes after amtrak announced they would cancel a long-distance route starting today. we have not gotten a statement from amtrak yet, hope to hear from them this morning. here is the white house statement. the tentative agreement is a win for the economy and american people, a win for rail workers who work tirelessly through the pandemic to ensure that america's families and communities got deliveries of
2:43 am
what kept us going during these difficult years. experts estimate the freight shutdown could have cost the u.s. economy $2 billion per day, think about it, everything on the railways, autoparts, crude oil, coal, ethanol, etcetera. >> carley: thank god for that, good news, crisis seemingly averted. >> cheryl: we're trying to get more details. we have a new fox news poll that show majority of americans see biden administration as incompetent. the top issue on their minds as they head to the polls this november. >> weekly we pay anywhere from $18 to $22,000 a week in diesel and that has gone up to over $50,000 per week. just fuel alone has been
2:44 am
outrageous. >> here in georgia, i see purchasing power diminishing and consumer confidence dropping and i definitely believe we'll see a lot of that reflected in the polls in november. >> cheryl: president biden had that ill-timed party at the white house to celebrate the inflation reduction act and focused on fancy and expensive electric vehicles. >> president biden: give you a ride to washington, come on, we're ready. it is uber. i like it. >> cheryl: the period vowing to spend $900 million more on electric vehicle charging stations. reminder, all that stimulus and spending has been pushing inflation higher, prepare for more of that. >> todd: student loan forgiveness debt didn't help either. bring in tudor dixon, great to have you, you saw the president in your state of michigan, what
2:45 am
did you make of the spectacle i'm referring to, well publicized test drive? >> how shocking to have the president here holding hands with governor gretchen whitmer touting vehicles when michigan just lost another 2000 auto jobs after losing 3000, total of 5000 auto jobs because electric vehicles are taking the automotive industry out of the state of michigan. it is shocking and he made several attacks against me, they are concerned her policies, driving jobs out of the state are not helping here in michigan. >> carley: there is also what all americans are being about, inflation. the biden administration past two days filled with fun activities, first it was james taylor party and now the images of the president revving the engine of the electric vehicles at the auto show.
2:46 am
what is with this disconnect here? >> it is terrible. i have to tell you, we were at a restaurant yesterday and the server told us they have so few people they are not making enough tips to make a living wage. she said, i don't know if the restaurant can survive, there is increase in cost to bring food into the restaurant. these are everyday issues, what people are living every single day, people worried about be jos because businesses they work for can't afford supplies to bring in, that is how bad it is in the state of michigan and it is what they are not talking about, they go out to celebrate and taking test drive and new coveret and talking about how great it is, people can't afford to put food on their tables. >> todd: if they put a ball pit at the border harris and biden would go down, they like to have fun with things that are deadly
2:47 am
serious. new poll found 78% of voters, felt financial hardship in the last six months thanks to sky rocketing inflation, 21% said otherwise. tudor dixon, will the president's visit help in the polls or should gretchen whitmer have avoided the president this cycle? >> if you had your body language expert on looking at her face yesterday when he grabbed her hand, i would think she was probably thinking this may not be helping me, and i don't think it will help her. people are fed up policies and fed up with not being able to buy gas. they don't want somebody to tell them to go buy an electric vehicle when they can't afford to put groceries on the table. i don't think it helps her, i hope it helps me so people know we have a better option in the state of michigan. >> carley: crime is on the mind of americans and you unveiled a
2:48 am
police funding plan for michigan, tell us about it? >> billion dollar new plan, building safer state plan in the state of michigan. we have rising crime, nationwide crime rose 4%, in michigan, it is twice that. just two years of gretchen whitmer, we have stats from 2018 and 2020, michigan was 14th for violent crime rate and now ninth, that is how significant the increase has been. police are being apbushed and delivery drivers are being shot at people's homes. we had a young man shot in and i willed in lans two days ago. this trend is going in the wrong direction. people are having cars sen, the are concerned about leaving their cars in parking lots.
2:49 am
gretchen whitmer supports the spirit of defund the police. police officers have told me as long as the chief executive officer support people against police, you embolden the criminals and put the police in a dangerous situation. we want to put billion to our police to make sure they have training they need and equipments and technology they need. we take law enforcement seriously, article one, section one of the constitution, we will keep people safe and we take that seriously and want to make sure michigan is place people want to live, play and work. >> carley: tudor dixon, thank you. two migrant planes touching down in martha's vineyard, courtesy of ron desantis, we'll tell you how the sanctuary city is responding when we tom to brian holman coming up. brian kilmeade will tell us what is coming up. >> brian: big show coming up,
2:50 am
cardy b, i start everyday wondering what she is doing, she is reaching out to fans and asking voters how are you making ends meet? her family has her, she knows how bad inflation is hurting others. live in london as people wait up to 36 hours to pay their final respects to queen elizabeth. what we're learning about monday's funeral, congressman donald will be with us live and lara trump will bring us inside what is happening with the republican party and pete hegseth will weigh in in his morning suit. have you seen this video? an army veteran walking after suffering a spinal cord injury while serving in iraq? he joins us to share his miraculous story, he's back on two feet. don't miss a not m, gradually get dressed, especially if you're going to school. , graduat
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♪ ♪ florida governor ron desantis
2:55 am
is following in texas' footsteps as exclusive video shows two planes filled with migrants landed on martha's vineyard from florida. >> todd: ashley strohmier joins us with more. >> florida governor ron desantis made good on his promise to send illegal immigrants to liberal led states and cities. video given to fox news shows two planes full of migrants deplaning at the international airport martha's vineyard at the celebrity hot spot where former president obama owns an $11 million home. governor desantis' office said states like massachusetts new york and california will better facilitate the care of these individuals. they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as sanctuary states and supports the biden border policies. racketing to the migrants arrival saying republicans who
2:56 am
call themselves christians have been plotting for some time to use human lives, men, women and children as political pawns, it is evil and inhumane. meanwhile the democratic governor of illinois announced he is deploying 75 national guardsmen to help deal with the migrants. he also stood next to mayor lori lightfoot and demand federal funds texas be diverted to chicago and blue cities after receiving the small amount of migrants. listen to this. >> what the governor of texas is doing is a stunt. >> it is a manufactured crisis by ambush. it's unacceptable. it shouldn't be like this. but it speaks volumes about who governor abbott is. >> and in new york city, mayor eric adams says the city is at its whit's end in this new and unforeseen reality where we expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward. the city system is nearing its breaking point. a little more than 10,000 migrants have been bused to new
2:57 am
york, d.c., and chicago. let cdc reports it's encountered nearly 2 million illegal migrants at the southern border just this fiscal year guys, back to you. >> carley: thank you so much. let's bring in tom homan retired acting ice director and visiting fellow. desantis is sending migrants to martha's vineyard, what do you think about that. >> i think it's fantastic. he must be watching fox news i said add massachusetts to that list along with philadelphia, portland and seattle. i want to make one comment about what we just heard they said it's inhumane, it's cruel, they are invoking religion. look, do you know what is inhumane, what's cruel is this open borders and sanctuary cities incentivize illegal immigration. what is inhumane got over 100 migrants have died on u.s. soil since joe biden became president. over 100,000 americans have died from fentanyl overdoses because of the open border.
2:58 am
we have # 1% of women making that journey with the criminal cartels get sexually assaulted. we got children drowns in the river. that's inhumane and that's cruel. these sanctuary cities are part of the problem. they incentivize people to come to this country illegally to get to their city to be protected from ice and other law enforcement. >> todd: i think this move by desantis specifically to martha's figures we are not even talking seven figures, 8 figures. we need sanctuary cities it needs to happen. whether it comes to their backyard let's see if they change their tune. as for chicago and new york. how do the mayors of theist cities have the gull to continue to hold themselves out as sanctuary cities when, in fact, by their own admission, they can't handle a tiny, tiny influx of individuals. >> exactly. it just a fraction of the problem. again, a problem they help incentivize. because they have sanctuary city status. and so the fox viewers understand what's a sanctuary jurisdiction.
2:59 am
these are jurisdictions that do not cooperate with ice. that means if somebody is in the united states illegally, and they commit a serious crime against u.s. citizen. and they chose to lock that person in a jail cell, because either a public safety threat or public flight risk, they do not contact ice. they do not work with ice. they don't allow ice into a taxpayer funded jail to talk to the public safety threat who is here in violation of federal law. sanctuary policies are sanctuary for criminals only. it's not a sanctuary for the tax paying citizen. >> carley: other thing, tom, is that we're now learning that this border crisis has cost taxpayers $20 billion so far. and that figure came out on the same day that apparently the defense department is telling soldiers who can't afford things now because of inflation that food stamps might be the best course of action for them. we only have about 20 seconds left. please, your response to that. >> look, illegal immigration causes stress on our social
3:00 am
service system. it overcrowds our schools. it overcrowds trauma centers. trauma centers are starting to shut down. bottom line is people need to understand that these jurisdictions incentivize the worst of the worst. criminal cartels don't care about these people. they are dying. put a stop to it. >> todd: you are paying to facilitate it if you are a u.s. taxpayers. tom homan thank you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't stop from falling down ♪ ♪ >> brian: kind of weird this strong upbeat and makes you want to dance. lyrics can't stop the tears from falling makes you want to cry. i have mixed emotions as we start this 3 hour broadcast. >> steve: if it's a song that maybe joe biden should have played that at


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