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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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see if they can tough it out. citadel could not do it, they went to florida. boeing left the city, so a lot of people are turning tail and running. >> sandra: and mcdonald's is having a hard time with staff in the restaurants. that does it for us. a jam-packed two hours. great to be with us. sandra smith. >> john: good to be with you, too. i'm john roberts. see you on friday. "the >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum live in london. greg abbott well continuing his fellow governors to join him in transporting my grants in to america's sanctuary cities where they said they would be welcomed. governor ron desantis has flown planes to martha's vineyard as abbott sends bus loads to the
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home of haven't kamala harris. here's how harris sees the surge now. >> two million people crossed the border for the first time ever. you're confident this border is secure. >> we have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation including ours and our administration. >> martha: we'll dig into that with florida congressman michael waltz. first, bill melugin live at the border in eagle pass, texas where he's talked about this story in detail for months. bill? >> martha, good afternoon to you. texas governor greg abbott says those comments from v.p. harris that the border is secure is part of the reason why he sent the migrants to her residence in washington d.c. his troopers are having to deal with this crisis day in and day
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out. take a look at there video as we were embedded with troopers in uvalde. a man was flying through red lights, pulls off the side of the road and everybody bails out of the vehicle including the illegals. they go running into the brush, some running over a barbed wire fence. they arrested a smuggler and then the illegals hiding in the brush. again, we were with texas dps late at night in uvalde. this was in private ranches where they found 11 honduran men that snuck through the ranches and hiding in the bushes. some wearing camouflage. texas dps arresting and jailing them for criminal trespassing. they had made more than 5,000 of these trespassing arrests. let's go to west texas. we shot this video in el paso
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which sin updated with illegal crossings. you can see several hundred were camping out under a bridge near the downtown el paso area after they crossed. border patrol facilities over capacity and so are ngos and shelters. there's no where for them to go so border patrol has started street releases, dropping them off near shelters and bus stops. the locals say the situation is now out of control. take a listen. >> the democrats really cared about the hispanic population in the united states, they would actually control the border and bring border security. it should be a priority. >> martha, border patrol in the tucson, arizona sector announced that they arrested a convicted child rapist that crossed illegally. a mexican national with approve use conviction in washington. the tucson sector where this happened has the most got-aways
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with 160,000 so far this year. now back to you. >> martha: anything but secure. thanks, bell. now, moments ago, the white house repeatedly saying it's time for congress to fix the broken system. with that we bring in republican congressman michael waltz. great to have you with us today. i want to start with this from moments ago in the white house briefing room, this is the press secretary, karine jean-pierre. watch this. >> the migrants are being used as political pawns. it's reckless. just plain wrong. these are people fleeing communism, fleeing hardship. >> martha: congressman, welcome. good to have you with us
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tonight. what is your reaction from the white house? this is about an hour ago. >> thanks, martha. i would say, you know what is shameful? what is wrong? for the vice president of the united states, kamala harris to say the border is secure. it's a lie. anybody with common sense can see and then to say we're going after the root causes asking for billions of dollarses to go to central america where the cartels take 20 to 30% and the corrupt governments take 20 to 30%. you're feeding the problem in to a negative spiral that is making it worse. on the governors, look, this is an issue of fairness, martha. why is it fair for all of these border cities, the uvaldes, the san antonios, el pasos to have to absorb this crisis, whether
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it's hospitals, schools, roads and bridges, but all of these cities in chicago, martha's vineyard, boston, new york, shouldn't have to deal with it. this is a basic issue of fairness. they're feeling just a fraction of the pain that all of our border cities and border states have been feeling. >> martha: i'm so struck by the hypocrisy of this whole thing. because these individuals from the border, they've been be being sent across the country for a long time. we spoke in april to a representative in new york. when he was upset about what was going on with planes landing in the middle of the night, none of these same governors said anything. they were not upset. watch this in april. >> secret flights were coming from texas to westchester airport in the dead of night. i was asking questions. i have a letter that i sent
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february 1 to the president wanting to know who is coming in, where they're being placed, if there's kids and some of them are and what schools. what is paying for this? we are, the taxpayers. >> martha: so i don't remember representatives from martha's vineyard or d.c. or manhattan, any of them being upset when he was talking about it, congressman. >> yeah. those are biden administration tax-payer funded contracts with a number of ngos flying these people in the dead of night to all of these same locations. then it's fine. if you have governor desantis or abbott or doocy doing it in the middle of the day where everybody can see it, then we're up in arms, we're having a collective political meltdown. the only difference is this is for all of the taxpayers to see rather than sneaking them in. either way, all of the services that american citizens and
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illegal immigrants deserve are now being taxed by millions and millions of people that we just can't afford to feed and house and clothe the entire world. >> martha: you hear about the sex trafficking and the drugs coming across the border that bill melugin reports on every day. i don't see it on other networks. but what is the vice president doing about those root causes? i mean, it's okay to move people around the country to share the burden. the bottom line is you hundreds of thousands of got-aways and drugs that nobody is doing anything about in washington. >> you want the root causes, take on the cartels. this should be the top of the agenda with china who produces fentanyl. by the way, we should reinstitute to remain in mexico policy while these people wait for their asylum papers. toes are root causes. instead, we have a massive
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incentivization system for people to make this dangerous journey. 30 to 40% of the girls that make it are sold in to human trafficking or sexually assaulted. that is wrong. >> martha: it is one of the most tragically undercovered stories in this whole thing. we have covered it and we want people to continue to shed light on it. i know you have, too. it's atrocious that it's happening in this country. congressman, thank you. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> martha: so president biden according to some new polls now failing with voters on the most pressing mid-term issue, and that is getting rampant price increases under some kind of control. david asman joins me next. >> the democrats inflationary spiral is causing the american household $467 every month just to buy the same things that they bout last year. president biden and his government have imposed a silent
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. >> martha: just over 50 days from the mid-terms that could change the country's political landscape, a third of voters say the inflation, economy and jobs is what is motivating them the most to get to the polls. that is typically the number 1 issue when people vote. david asman stands by when we dig deeper into these numbers that we just got out. first, we go to edward lawrence with the back story. hi, edward. >> you touched on it, martha. the fox news polling shows
12:15 pm
inflation will be an indicator of how the mid-terms will go. if you look at that fox news polling, the polling asked registered voters if the biden administration has been competent and effective in managing the government. 52% now say no. only 38% say yes. so let's dig deeper into that number. look at the economy. our poll numbers when the president is handling inflation abysmal 29% approved. 65% disapprove. the economy, 38% approve. more than half of registered voters disapprove of the president's job performance on energy and climate change. this poll was taken before that celebration over the inflation reduction act. on the same day the new inflation numbers show a 40-year high and core inflation increasing for the first time in five months. republicans say this white house and democrats are out of touch. >> he's tone deaf. he must live in a fantasy land. the day that -- cpi came out
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8.3%. food prices are way up. even just in the month of august, he has a celebration on inflation? what he's doing is causing more inflation. it's hurting family as cross my state. >> from the president's perspective, things are going well. he made that case as he celebrated a negotiated agreement with the rail unions. here's the president today from the rose garden. >> this agreement allows us to continue to rebuild a better america with an economy that works for working people and their families. today is a win for america. >> the president in a few minutes will hold an event talking about what he calls a threat to our democracy and later on this afternoon he will hold the congressional hispanic caucus gala at the white house reaching out to those voters. martha? >> okay. yeah, we've seen slippage with hispanics in this recent polling. edward, thank you. let's bring in david asman who joins me now. great to have you with us.
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obviously they've been working hard this week to celebrate at the white house on these inflation reduction act. you see the numbers, 59% are extremely concerned about inflation what is your take when you look at this polling. what does it tell you? >> first of all what are you celebrating? come on. the stock market wasn't celebrating. if you have a 401(k), you're not celebrating. if you're buying groceries and costing you 13% more to buy them now than a year ago, you're not celebrating. it's like -- this is the mirror administration. everything is in reverse when you look at it from their perspective. when you look at it from our perspective of average consumers, everything is getting worse. biden putting it all on the past administration, let's be clear, in january, 2021, when he came into office, we had a 6% growth rated and 1.4% inflation. this year we have had two negative quarters, back-to-back,
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that used to be the short hand definition of a recession, even if it wasn't, two back to back negative quarters. we had 6% when he came in and inflation at over 6%. things are not better. they're worse. it's because of the same economic policies. you know, i don't mean to kick a fox news poll but they split up inflation and the economy in jobs. they're the same thing. they're the same package. what is causing inflation is also causing the stagnation of the economy that led to two negative quarters. it's spending money you don't have. a lot of which is keeping people at home and subsidizing rather than creating growth, organic economic growth. the government can't create growth. only the private sector can do that. he's killing the private sector. >> martha: so david, you can feel that republicans eight
12:19 pm
weeks ahead of the mid-terms are nervous. the numbers are creeping up, this is an norc poll that we'll put on the screen now. in july, his approval rating was 36. now it's 45. what do you think is factoring in to that, david? >> the media is factoring it in. the media is doing everything that they can to make sure that democrats don't lose the house or the senate. they're repeating over and over and over again all the information coming out from the biden administration that as i said before, it just plain is wrong. some of that seeps in. we have two months before the election. i really think americans as they go out and shop, as they have to deal with rising prices and as they face a winter in which we'll have natural gas and other heating energy go sky high, which could lead to people not only not being able to afford enough food but not being able to keep their houses warm. i think those things are going to be kicking in in about a month or so.
12:20 pm
i think they have already kicked in in the polls as you can see. so i don't think that they're going to have much success in maintaining their majorities in both houses. they may lose the senate. i don't think -- the republicans may lose the senate. i don't think they're -- there's anyway at this point that democrats can hold on to the house. that changes a lot of things. that really puts a break on the spending and the bad economic policies that we've seen. >> martha: yeah. okay. thank you. one more thing in there. student debt cancellation is popular. 54% approve of that program. that may be one factor in the rising approval numbers for then't. >> that's a subsidy and subsidies feed inflation. that makes inflation worse. >> martha: yep. absolutely true. david, thanks very much. >> good to see you. >> martha: our democracy 2022 coverage continues with joe
12:21 pm
concha and josh joining us. and president xi ventures out of china and has a big meeting with vladimir putin and talk of a new era by these two countries when we come back. ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of? buick is dreaming of them every day. migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours without worrying if it's too late or where you are
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city looking for three men suspected of holding up a queen's smoke shop in broad daylight. look at this brazen attack. one of them was wearing a scream halloween mask and had an assault rifle. the new york police department says it happened around 6:00 p.m. you can see it's bright outside. thieves got away with cell phones and $3,000 in cash in this really terrifying hold-up. you can see the body language. it's absolutely terrifying. no injuries reported thank goodness and we hope they catch these guys. so in our fox poll, voters say that republicans are better equipped to handle crime, but on the issue of education, the reverse is actually true by a slim three point margin. virginia's governor glenn youngkin in nevada to campaign with gop gubernatorial candidatejoe lombardo on this issue that helped him in to
12:26 pm
office. >> governor youngkin for virginia will be here today. he's got the title of education governor. i want to take it away from him. >> martha: joe concha and i don't remember kraushaar here. first, mark meredith on the trail in nevada. hi, mark. >> nevada republicans are trying to make education one of three top issues for their race this november. you've got the republican gubernatorial candidate joe lombardo trying to make education a big part of his campaign. as you mentioned today, he brought out the verge governor glenn youngkin to convince voters he's ready. you hit the nail on the head. this is an issue that youngkin campaigned on a year ago. now youngkin says that lombardo is passionate on this issue, whether it be addressing the teacher shortage that we've been talking about or the shortfalls that have all come back from remote learning. we had a chance to speak with lombardo. he says youngkin is a national leader on this important issue.
12:27 pm
>> from the very beginning, his campaign is based on education. that's what mine has been based on. it's never been a priority. it's been -- it has been somewhat of a priority for every previous governor but not a real priority. >> a recent poll shows that democratic governor leads in the race by a slight margin. nevada democrats also tell us that they too are planning to campaign heavily on education. they're not going to see the issue this cycle. >> i think that we see more a parent-teacher cooperation as far as the school system goes. in fact, we encourage it. we want parents to participate. we want them to be a part of their child's education. >> now, governor youngkin is going to be making one more stop in nevada. in two hours, he will be in reno to hold an event with lombardo. it will be interesting if this is something that plays to a larger plan maybe in 2024 if
12:28 pm
governor youngkin would consider a presidential run. martha? >> martha: thanks very much, mark. good to see you. joining me now, joe concha, columnist for the hill and a fox news contributor. josh kraushaar from axios. great to have you with us. josh, let's start with you. surprising that democrats still poll ahead of republicans on this education issue. i'm still that doesn't make the republican candidates happy to see this after all of the work and focus that they have put on this issue. what do you think is going on there? >> it is important to look at those education polling numbers in context. democrats used to have 20 plus point leads on the issue of education. the fox poll, which is consistent with a lot of national polls, has it down to three points. so republicans have been making major inroads and it's large by because of what happened over the last couple years with covid, shutting down schools and
12:29 pm
forcing remote learning in a lot of states. really creating a lot of learning loss. that's not just an issue that republicans care about but it's an issue as governor youngkin learned in virginia that independents care about, suburban voters care about and angry parents out there supporting governor youngkin's candidacy. so especially these governor's races. nevada is a swing mpaigning in states like oregon, new mexico. he figures this issue of education is one that is very appealing not just to republicans but can help republicans win elections in much more tougher territory. >> martha: yeah. glenn youngkin turned around that race against terry mcauliffe in virginia during that debate when terry mcauliffe said, you know, you can't tell the teacher what's to teach. here's glenn youngkin today really kind of digging in to that issue trying to help lombardo in nevada.
12:30 pm
watch this. >> virginia parents are tired of seeing school boards put up with crimes in schools that put our children at risk. does that sound familiar to you? [applause] so we had a chance last year to make a statement. now it's your turn. it's your turn to make that statement. >> martha: so joe, obviously this is something that a lot of candidates want to keep front and center. kids are back in school now. i wonder if -- i think it's a huge issue for the country, the learning loss. but what we're seeing in the polling is inflation, economy, jobs, abortion, border. it's a little further down the list. >> absolutely. the gallop poll shows that, inflation and the economy and abortion. education is underrated. look back at the great campaigns
12:31 pm
of the past 20 years, glenn youngkin's in virginia has to be near the top of the list. not only did he make education a central issue, he portrayed himself as being a champion for parents rights. that really resonated with suburban moms, those that left the gop in 2020 came back because it many no longer was partisanship. but what is best for my kid. so glenn youngkin unlike the president and joe biden, many republican candidates are going to want to be seen with him. his approval rating in virginia -- remember, virginia was trending to being blue -- it's 55%. ron desantis in florida, same deal. a relatively popular governor there. he will be campaigning for republicans as well. to mark meredith's point, i would go to vegas and bet on glenn youngkin running for president in 2024 especially if donald trump does not run. right now he can't be portrayed as so many democrats try to do with republican candidates as some extreme maga candidate.
12:32 pm
terry claude tried it. he lost. now glenn youngkin could be considered a frontrunner in the 45th president says i'm not going to run this time. >> martha: we're getting into the heat of this mid-term season. so joe and josh, thanks very much. see you soon. thanks for coming in this afternoon. all right. so coming up, dear comrad xi jinping, that was the greeting from vladimir putin who also called the leader a dear friend as russia suffers big setbacks in ukraine and the two come together to seek an alternative to an american-lead world order. nigel farage joins me live from london when "the story" comes back.
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12:37 pm
acknowledged his faltering war on ukraine had put a strain on the relationship with beijing. listen to this. >> we highly value the balanced position of our chinese friends when it comes to the ukraine crisis. we understand your questions and concerns about this. >> martha: president xi avoiding any mention of ukraine in his statements suggesting putin's war may not have beijing's fullbacking. with that we bring in nigel farage, former european parliament member. great to have you with us. so much going on here. i want to ask you about this very interesting back and forth. we watched the debilitating losses that have happened over the past week or so. how do you read putin's posture in this meeting with xi in. >> he's under pressure, real pressure. the one hand, of course, he has
12:38 pm
new markets. the chinese are now buying more gas and oil than before the war. india, too. buying more of his products. europe is being squeezed partly through their own stupidity and europe is being squeezed hard. china, i can't stand the chinese regime. let's be honest. they're the biggest peace broker in the world right now. putin needs china economically desperately. china has never fully backed his war in ukraine. putin under pressure, the real worry is would he use limited tactical battlefield nuclear weapons. i sense looking at the chinese premier that the best guarantee against that could be china. >> that's been their role with north korea as well. xi doesn't need to back anything in terms of the ukraine war.
12:39 pm
he doesn't need to come out with a full-throated endorsement. he's getting cheap oil and he likes that arrangement. >> he's buying gas and oil below global prices. china needs the energy. so he's in a very powerful position. when you look at it, almost everything happening in the world leads to china becoming more powerful. so in the short term, he could be a force for good over putin and ukraine, but longer term, the power of china is going to be the biggest problem we face over the next decade. >> martha: listen to this. we've been hearing about this since the olympics, since february 24 when we heard about the two countries having this no limits friend ship that they wanted to announce to the world before the ukraine-russia invasion. here's president xi today. watch. >> china is willing to work with russia to demonstrate the responsibility of a major country playing a leading role and inject stability into a
12:40 pm
turbulent world. >> martha: so this is where we're going to look for stability in a turbulent world? the relationship between russia and china? >> yeah, i wish it wasn't the way that it is. as i repeat the point, right new putin under pressure, losing thousands of men, lost 2,000 square miles of territory over the last couple weeks, my fear was would he turn to those nuclear weapons. albeit limited text call battlefield weapons. i sense with china there that he won't do it. >> martha: so that is a real question, especially with ukraine putting pressure on crimea as well. so you have a new prime minister here. xi has been very strong as has been wallace, the defense minister, on being -- basically making sure that russia does not win in ukraine. >> yeah, look, it's american weapons and british weapons that are turning the tide of this war for the moment. it's all too easy in war to say
12:41 pm
because the last couple weeks have gone ukraine's way, that's how it's going to end. it's far from over. putin has take a beating. he looks anxious. is i thyroid, parkinsons? you're beginning to see in russia the more nationalistic rushes turning against putin because they can't bear the defeats. he may be in more trouble than we realize. >> how does this play in to china when they look at this situation? they see the united states and the united kingdom making this big military commitment to ukraine. they think on their own about making a move in taiwan. >> well, they have seen a level of commitment from the west in ukraine. it's been weapons. it's not been men and women. it's not naval vessels or not been tanks. let's face it, if china launched an assault on taiwan, what would
12:42 pm
america do? nothing. that's the truth of it. that is the truth of it. think what the cost would be. think what the cost would be. think what iwo jima cost america 75 years ago. it would be iwo jima times five, times ten. china needs to keep their markets, a fine balancing act. >> martha: a fine balancing act on a lot of things that could shift in a dangerous situation. >> and sometimes by accidents. >> martha: thanks, nigel. great to be with you. coming up, our live coverage continues as mourners pay their respects to queen elizabeth ii with karen pearce joining me tonight as mourners file through west minister hall across the thames when we come back. >> we're here at the bridge. this is the final turn as you can see where people are coming in to the home stretch to pay
12:43 pm
their respects to queen elizabeth in westminster hall. we spoke to them about what the experience has been like. we'll show you after the break.
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>> martha: queen elizabeth is lying in state behind us. we know her final resting place will be beside prince philip. that line snakes for more than four miles through the london street. i spents time down there myself today. there's friends being made on these lines everyone is in a
12:48 pm
good mood. many moved to tears when they have the moment that they finally get inside. they're overwhelmed by it. take a listen. >> we've had lovely people in the cue. >> twice i was about to quit. now i'm here for the long run. about six hours. >> i thought it was -- it's going to be a good memory to remember until hopefully my kids when i'm older. >> it was very emotional. a bit teary. >> martha: like a foundation through the whole lives with the queen. we've never none any other monarch. >> martha: it's
12:49 pm
>> relations have gone down for 6 1/2 hours to file past the coffin lying in state. i also think that it almost -- almost every moment of national grief in the u.k., the queen has always been there for everybody. and now, of course, she's not there. this is about her and everybody is there for her. i think that's something rather beautiful about that. >> martha: yeah, indeed there is. obviously you're doing your duty as ambassador in the united states. i wondered on a personal level
12:50 pm
that we should be switching places. does it feel odd to you not to be here right now? >> it feels a little bit odd, to be honest, martha. there's people in the embassy watching it on television and saying oh, my goodness. i wish i could be back in london. my job is obviously here. at least being here i've been able to receive the president and vice president and secretary of state and defense have come to sign the condolence book. they kindly brought flowers. we have had an amazing number of americans as well as some of the britts here. mainly americans come to the embassy, cue to sign the book, leave us flowers and so many american institutions and businesses have sent formal messages and flowers. i'm very pleased to have seen that and to talk a little bit to people about the queen. >> martha: we're just looking at some video of you with the
12:51 pm
president and his wife, the first lady, jill biden. they'll be heading here soon. i wonder when you expect there there be a visit from the new prime minister, liz truss, to the united states. there's a lot of shakeup here in the united kingdom in terms of leadership based on this and king charles. how important is it to renew those relationship with the new leaders from the united kingdom and when do you think it will happen? >> king charles and the new prime minister, liz truss, are great friends of america and the american people and have been here over the years very many times. i know that both of them look forward to a time when they can visit again. for the prime minister, she will go to the u.n. general assembly next week as will the president. she won't come to d.c. on that occasion. we have an emergency budget in the house mainly dealing with energy prices and helping
12:52 pm
households on energy. i hope she and the king will be able to visit before too long. >> martha: that will be exciting for both sides to witness. i have this image of queen elizabeth and i think it's one that stays in people's minds of her alone in st. george's chapel and now, of course, she will join her husband, the duke of edinbrough. talk to me a little bit about the significance of where they will be buried. >> i completely agree with you on the queen lying next to prince philip. there's a very beautiful photograph of a recent wedding anniversary where they're looking at each other and she's wearing the same jewelry that she wore on her honeymoon. that is a beautiful photograph.
12:53 pm
i think the time that she spent in the church exemplifies her devotion to duty. she followed the rules on protocol and did the right thing. that's a very good mark of respect and people remember that. in terms of westminster abbey, you're right, martha. i think i'm right in saying edward i is interred westminster abbey, which means it goes back to monarchs and kings from the 14th century. some of the traditions that you're seeing with the
12:54 pm
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>> martha: the duke and duchess of sussex appearing with the other family members. they have gotten a lot of attention. the couple stepped away dramatically from their duties as season royals in 2020 and faced intense pressure over the years to have their titles revoked. chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins me in london. he's one of our local experts and he has the accent to prove
12:59 pm
it. there's a petition in sussex that says -- it's been around awhile -- that says because they're not serving the people of sussex -- they live in montecito, california, they want new representation. >> this has been around for a long time, ever since they decided to move to california. is essentially step away from the royal family. now there's a renewed focus on this because we're seeing them again. and the people are frankly angry. a lot of people are angry. they have orders, obviously. it will be interesting to see what harry does about this book that will be published in november. if he goes ahead with that, the petitions will get more signatures. >> i'm reading confusion on his face the last few days. this has all been a lot. he may be considering that. we'll see. thanks, jonathan. great working with you this
1:00 pm
week. we have a podcast with jonathan hunt that you should check out. it dropped today on the untold story. really interesting background on his thoughts on the monarchy. that is "the story" for today. thursday, september 15. the story goes on. look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3:00. thanks for joining us. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: crisis averted, or is it? the white house and union striking a deal to avoid a streak with a pay-out to union workers that sign on. now the big question is, will they? we're all over it with edward lawrence at the white house where the deal was struck. jeff flock in philadelphia on if the rank and file will follow up. labor secretary marty walsh, the man that helped get it done in the first place. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. so much going on. that could have been a disaster for the u.s. economy. that doesn't mean it's a done


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