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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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country. and they should be punished for it. you should never forget that. >> well that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. here is sean hannity seven minutes early. seconds. >> sean: seven seconds. i'll take the seven seconds. tucker thank you. and good point on denmark and the vaccines. welcome to hannity, we begin tonight in martha's vineyard which is descending tonight into chaos. for years the ultra liberal wealthy enclave featured signs like this all over the town reading we stand with immigrants and refugees. all are welcome here. so yesterday florida governor ron desantis sent 50 illegal immigrants on charter planes to massachusetts so they could take advantage of the inclusive environment that they claim is martha's vineyard and what they have to offer. but as it turns out, well, the elite residents there are not
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actually all that inclusive. they are not all that welcoming. and they don't really stand with the immigrants and refugees and now they want them gone. take a look. >> the difficult challenges are, we have, at some point in time they have to move somewhere else. sfliet we cannot -- we don't have the services to take care of 50 immigrants, and we certainly don't have housing. we're in a housing crisis as we are on the island. so we don't -- we can't house everyone here that lives here and works here. we don't have housing for 50 more people. >> sean: for years i've always said liberals are generous with other people's money. in this particular case, they're all, let's see, pro immigrant in sanctuary cities but not their city. they have to move from here to somewhere else. they can't be here. only 50 people. remember, arizona, texas, they're dealing with mis. they don't have space for 50 migrants, not in any of the
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beautiful homes in edgar town, not in any of the palatial beach front estates doting the island, not even where obama has a seven bedroom eight bathroom 7000 square feet 30-acre vacation home probably sitting empty as we speak. what, no guests allowed? no illegal -- why don't we build on 12 of the acres a tent city for illegal immigrants? they have 30 acres. that's a lot of acreage. keep in mind nearly 80% of the island's residents are hardcore democrats who voted for obama and biden they support open borders and sanctuary cities and states. and yet, just 50 migrants later and the entire island has now entered into a full-blown state of panic, racism, according to their definition, and xenophobia and of course they're blaming republicans and ron desantis for their inner rage. they can't handle that they were exposed. take a look.
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>> to ship families here, children here, on a lie, and use them as political pawns is a truly inhumane thing to do. >> we woke up to the news this morning that governor ron desantis of florida sent two plane loads of migrants to martha's vineyard off the coast of massachusetts, kids and what not. and i'm not saying, this is not a one for one, this is not a parallel here in any way, but it does address some of the same themes that are part of this documentary. >> it's the and strack shun of human life. >> i get they're trying to make a point but these are people you're playing with. these are real, live people with children and older people and, you know, we can work it out but if you're going to be a bone head, who wants to play with you. >> sean: joe biden has been flying illegal immigrants in the dark of night to every state in the country. one local state rep tweeted quote republicans have called themselves christians have been plotting for some time to yoohoo man lives as political pawns.
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it is evil, it is inhumane. who knew martha's vineyard was such an inhumane place to be. meanwhile, california governor gavin newsome is calling for the doj now to arrest governor ron desantis for kidnapping. governor, i know you're not particularly bright but if you want to go down this road we'll play and your sanctuary state is not abiding by federal law. joe biden and his sanctuary policies by the u.s. is not abiding by the law of the land. you're both aiding and abetting law breaking and are involved in human trafficking so merrick garland did not weaponize the doj both of you would probably be arrested appear by the way with good cause. keep in mind for more than a year the biden administration has been flying thousands and thousands of migrants all over the country, you know, those secret 2:00 a.m. flights, regional airports in the dark of night, dozens of states. this includes 70 late-night flights from the border to florida. oh. so that inhumane treatment
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happened to ron desantis in his state. the administration is now clearly attempting to quietly resettle the roughly three million, i repeat, three million illegal immigrants who have poured across our southern border since joe biden's inauguration. in july alone nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants entered texas, arizona, california illegally. and, remember, these are the people who are apprehended by border patrol. so we have no idea how many more may have entered the country undetected. by the way we're also getting people on terror watch lists that are being caught and some are getting by. that is not good for the country's security. what we do know that while the spoiled liberal virtue signaling residents of martha's vineyard are freaking out over 50 illegal immigrants, border towns and states are in an actual state of crisis. they have had to deal with millions of illegal immigrants, not 50. and tonight the city of el paso is totally and completely overwhelmed with around a thousand illegal immigrants now
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sleeping on the streets, no access to toilets, showers, clean clothes. the city's congressman called it a pock leadership particular according to the left. what you'll see here is totally fine but sending 50 migrants to martha's vineyard is evil and inhumane and we can't take a few of the 30 acres of barack obama has and turn it into a tent city? now tonight bill ma lieu engine is reporting in el paso just approved a $2 million contract to bus these migrants out of towns for the next 16 months including to new york city, another sanctuary city. let's be clear. when the democrats of el paso or governor greg abbott or the governor of arizona or the governor of florida bus migrants torques let's say, oh, that's right, kamala harris's dc mansion or the white house or new york or chicago or martha's vineyard, they're trying to draw attention to what they have had to deal with, and that is joe biden's policy of not enforcing
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the law of the land, aiding and abetting law breaking, and actually giving preferential treatment to illegal immigrants. it's a dire crisis. some people are dying because they are coming here. and by the way, it's made worse by the democrats far away from the border, more than happy ignore and lecture the rest of the country. in fact not only is the white house refusing to address biden's border crisis, they're not even willing to admit there's a problem. take a look. >> does the white house stand by those comments that the border is secure? >> what we stand by is that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we follow the process that's been put forth. that's why we have historic funding to do just that, to make sure that, you know, to, to make sure that -- to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border be removed or
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expelled. >> sean: well, karin jeanne-pierre is really bad at her job, but that is what it is. she knows what's happening at the border and she knows it looks really bad. she also knows that her boss, joe biden's not going to do anything about it except lie to the american people because both joe biden and kamala harris don't care about suffering on either side of the border and just last week kamala said our border is secure an outright lie. they don't care about the human smuggling, the drug smuggling, the fentanyl or opioid crisis and according to them securing the border and finishing the wall is racist. so here we are with a crisis spiraling out of control and they're full and complete denial and aiding and abetting in the law break. here with a full advice i have report from alex lee moyer sara carter is with us. sarah, i hear it's a mess down there. >> oh, it sure is, sean. you know, as the sun's setting here in el paso, we're at a bus terminal that's kind of nestled
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in between all the tall buildings here. you can see behind me hundreds of people that have been dropped off here by border patrol daily. so it's a rotating factor. every single day more and more people, illegal immigrants, are brought here, dropped off and released. they have nowhere to go. i spent the day talking to them. they have no place to go, no shelter. they don't know what to do. many of them who have family here are trying to collect dollars to buy bus tickets to go see their family in miami or go to new york city. i hear a lot of people that want to go to new york. a lot of people that want to go to chicago. some people are going to utah. some are going to indiana. and what's worse, sean, is when you hear the stories, many of the young women, there's actually some children in here right now, there weren't any children earlier in the day, now there's more little children under ten years old, but many of the women that i spoke to talked about these harrowing trips, you know, through panama through the
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very dangerous gap where they said many people would lose their lives either from dehydration, either being killed, children starving to death. some people took four months to get here, others took maybe more than a month. and just to put this into perspective, sean, how bad the situation is here, the el paso police department, which has been incredible, i've been talking to officers throughout the day, they've increased their presence here to protect the people, to protect the migrants, to protect the citizens. and while we were here interviewing migrants, the police, on an undercover operation, plain clothes police officers gave chase. it was a massive foot chase here, right here at this bus terminal. there was apparently a suspect with narcotics, which is what we were told. they were running with the narcotics and they were yelling at the migrants get that guy to stop, get him to stop. and sure enough the venezuelans mostly venezuelans mostly here
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with us tonight were able to stop this man with narcotics who was running from the police. they tricked him into the street, they held him down and pinned him down. imagine the chaos for the people that live here right? and now imagine what happens tonight in the darkness of night when all of these people are left to sleep on the streets and wonder where are they going to get a meal from next. you know, are they going to find a place to sleep. they've been granted temporary protective status by the biden administration. so i can tell you this. everybody i talked to said that the border is wide open. it didn't matter if they were from cuba, sean, venezuela, if they were coming from el salvador or honduras, if they were coming from china. the people i spoke to here said people from all over the world made this journey with them. it wasn't just central america pit wasn't just south america. it was people from the middle east, people from china, people from the african continent.
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so this is a very serious situation. it's a dire situation. and for many of the people here, it was a tragic situation on their journey to america. sean? >> sean: all right, investigative reporter sara carter thank you for that report >> now perhaps no one in the senate has played a bigger role in perpetuating the border crisis than nevada senator katherine cortez masto. she voted in favor of stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, voted to fund all sanctuary cities, voted to end title 42 which allowed the federal government to quickly deport illegal immigrants during covid and now senator cortez masto could be the deciding vote to confirm now biden's radical fcc nominee who once called fox news, quote, dangerous to our democracy. and also supports the insane defund the police movement. here with more on that is her republican opponent, who is making great strides, has shown up with a slight lead in the
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polls recently, adam laxalt is with us. this is a winnable race, it would be a pickup for republicans. you are now in the lead but it's still very close. let's talk about first the boarders, which nevada has to deal with on a pretty high level. >> yeah, look, my opponent has said that this is misinformation and the border is not open. this is what we are dealing with in these huge senate races where these democrats have unlimited money and they get to absolutely distort their record to our voters, and they just do it nonstop. if she would stand up to joe biden, then we could actually get a secure border. she has that much power in this swing state. but instead she continues to stand with him and to see the left lose their mind over the martha's vineyard planes. i went to the border, and the people are dying on the border now. that's the humanitarian crisis of the trip. and for them to act like they're
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going to try to go after human trafficking charges for governor desantis when human trafficking, by these cartels, is an all-time high? people like katherine cortez masto are not standing up for women that are being human trafficked instead they're lying on commercials, sean. we certainly need help in my race, at adam i can tell you that but we feel strongly about the race that people will see through these lies and they understand that this race will decide who has control over the senate. >> sean: i think you have a critical race and it's a pickup as i said for republicans. let's talk about cortez masto and her support for this fcc nominee who has shown nothing but disdain and hostility towards conservatives and their opinions. maybe even more importantly, somebody that's been very anti-police, radical in her opinions, and you have put out a statement that she must oppose
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biden's anti-police fcc nominee. have we gotten any response yet? >> well, of course not. and the media still hasn't asked her the question. but here's the key. she is hanging on by a thread, this nominee. if katherine cortez masto actually did what she claims to voters and stood against her president and said this nominee is too extreme for this appointment, she could actually get this nominee knocked out. the paternal order of police have said this is the most anti-police nominee in the biden era, and masto pre tends like she supports cops. of course the paternal order of police are standing with me and law enforcement in my state because they know i'll be with them when they actually need me she'll be there with rhetoric. it is important this appointy, nominee with the massive inflation reduction act with the border, she is the deciding vote that could have gone against
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biden and actually started saving our country. >> sean: well, we're going to follow your race, this would be an important pickup for republicans. only 54 days. adam laxalt thank you for being with us we'll follow closely. here with reaction is house minority leader kevin mccarthy. first reaction, honestly between governor greg abbott and governor desantis other governors, this is the perfect jew gentlemen sue move. 1.1 million illegal immigrants sent 50 to martha's vineyard, oh, we can't accept 50 people. look what happened in washington, dc. they asked for $50 million to declare a state of emergency dm call until the national guard for a few bus loads of illegal immigrants. interesting when it happens to them they can't handle what texas and other border states have been going through. >> they can't. but what's happening along this border is now making every city in america a border city and the
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hypocrisy of the democrats, the vice-president to declare that the border is secure. you've got the speaker of the house nancy pelosi, who says they should applaud the inflation they created. you've got a president that's continuing to divide america. but we're going to unite america with a plan. we have a plan to restore america to where we need to be. it is the commitment to america, where we will secure our border, lower our gas price, make us energy independent, bring back the supply chain from china to america to create american jobs: we'll let parents have a parents bill of rights so they have a say in their kids education and then we're going to hold these government accountable. the doj that goes after parents? >> sean: in the next week or two, you are going to, for the first time in 28 years, basically put out a contract with america. you're calling it commitments to the american people. and every republican that is running for the house of representatives, you expect is going to sign this document,
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this pledge, this promise to the american people. you're describing the contents of it. now, what i like about it is, we're going to hold you accountable and everybody else accountable to your promise. and i love the idea that you put it in writing. and when do you think you'll be announcing? >> we're going to announce next friday. we'll be in pittsburgh. it's not that we own washington because the democrats own washington and look what they have done. but what we're going to do is we're going to make an economy that is strong, a nation that's safe. we won't defund police, we will fund 200,000 new police officers. we'll secure the border, end fentanyl from coming into our nation from china to those cartels. it is killing 300 americans every day. that's the equivalent of one commercial airline crashing every single day, and this president does nothing about it. this vice-president says the border is secure. we will bring jobs back from china. >> sean: let's go through it
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really quick. secure the board, bring america back to energy independence. >> stop run a ways, choice in education. we'll stop run away spending that created inflation. even steve rattner, a democrat advisor to obama, calls the original sin of inflation was that american rescue plan that only democrats voted for. we'll bring accountability back to washington but we'll hold these agencies accountable. don't you want to know the origins of covid? don't you want to know what really happened in afghanistan. who made the decisions that created more gold star families? don't you want to know why the doj went after parents who wanted to go to school board meetings and call them terrorists? these things have got to stop. so we have a plan to put us on track. the really bad part here is the democrats created these problems with no plan to fix it. so we need everybody to go to take the, join with us. >> sean: all right. kevin mccarthy, 54 days until the midterm elections. i look forward to the release of
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that document >> coming up, john solomon joins us, major breaking news about the mar-a-lago raid and we have an investigative report tonight. peter schweitzer has done a deep dive into how agencies within our government, like the irs and the nih, are spending billions of dollars on weapons? are we weaponizing the entire government? straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: and this is a fox news alert, breaking tonight long time new york judge raymond dariar has been named as a special master to review documents of mar-a-lago the order has to complete it by november 30th and denies biden's doj access to any documents seized at mar-a-lago and they don't go along with the order that any is classified. here along with the latest is the editor and chief and founder of just the john solomon investigative reporter. this is a huge win for the trump team tonight. >> it is, and it's also a rebuke of the justice department. the justice department has been making the argument we have an honor system you can trust us and the judge said i'm not willing to accept your representations.
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when you think of that statement, you any of the last six years of the history of the fbi, the honor system they violated with the fisa warrant, when they failed to protect the young women on the olympian team where the sexual abuse, the honor system when they over-collected evidence at mar-a-lago. that judge's statement is a very strong statement that the judiciary no longer trust the fbi to follow its honor system. >> sean: you know, it's really interesting here. greg jarrett has been arguing on this program, by refusing to grant garland's request for a stay, the judge adopted the same points he had been making right on this program when he was on with you the other night and meaning that garland's case is predicated on the assumption, remember, you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but it's based on the assumption that these documents are classified, and other documents are not protected by executive privilege. cannon literally said the court does not find it appropriate to accept the government's
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conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party. i mean, meaning, we're not going to trust you. >> yeah. listen, that is the legacy of the last six years of the fbi that started with james comey and andrew mccabe and continued under christopher wray they no longer trust the fbi to have an honor system. i have a story several prominent voices including devin nunes jim jordan also saying it's time to have another church committee. i don't know if you remember that. >> sean: i do i remember that. >> the j edgar hoover committee, fbi committed so many abuses there was a committee that laid them bear and created new guardrails. there is momentum building in washington with prominent people to actually bring back that sort of concept starting next year. >> sean: and that goes back to this story earlier this week that you broke on this program, and that has to do with the
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danchenko trial and we never knew he was the main source for christopher steel's dirty dossier that hillary paid for, the dirty russian dossier that they needed to acquire the fees as they had. it was never verifiable, they swore under oath it was verified, jim comey did three of them, then he went on the payroll after he had earlier debunked everything in the dossier in january of 2017. is that correct? >> yeah, it is. listen, they thought he worked for russian intelligence and they knew he had lied and still they hired him and put him on the payroll with your and my tax dollars for three years. it's a remarkable -- it's why so many people distrust the fbi now. >> sean: all right. so the fbi's politicized and the doj is weaponized. is that where we are? >> that's what many tens of millions of americans now fear and that's why the momentum is building for some independent
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committee to come out and take this apart, find out the truth and get us a better fbi in the future. >> sean: all right, john solomon, great reporting as always. thank you >> also developing tonight, judge reinhart unsealed the additional portions of that trump mar-a-lago affidavit but still major unanswered questions remain like, why did the judge sign off on a search that was so broad? why did that happen? fbi agents took everything. remember, they took donald trump's medical records, his private records, attorney/client privilege records estimated to be over 500 pages, tax records that they had no right to take, passports they had no right to take. they pretty much took everything. they riffled through barron trump's room and melania trump's closet. the warrant was so broad they could and did take anything that they wanted but the fbi's abuse of power didn't stop there because now these explosive filings with john durham, we were just talking about with john solomon, revealed that yes, your fbi in fact did pay for russian disinformation and they
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paid the number one sub source of that dirty russian dossier that hillary clinton paid for, disseminated it to a compliant media to smear donald trump before the election, and then was used to spy on him as a candidate and as a president. they knew directly from that source that the dossier was completely false, bar talk, never meant to be taken seriously. people like jim comey continued to sign off using that dossier to get fisa warrants anyway. and this is now without question the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in american history that the media will ignore. and while the biden doj continues to target donald trump and his allies, the fbi is being exposed, sadly, as weaponizing disinformation to illegally spy on donald trump. where's merrick garland here? where's the raids of these people's homes? here with reaction is trump attorney alina habba along with fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. greg we'll get to you in a
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minute you were dead on accurate i just quoted you. alina let me get to you and get your reaction being part of president trump's legal team. >> outrage. complete outrage. not surprised but outrage. this is now the third person that we found out has been indicted and was on the payroll of the fbi. that is -- you know, it's unbelievable. i'm the domestic terrorist because i'm a maga republican but the fbi can pay informants that we now know were serving disinformation to the clinton campaign and to serve the dnc and all of them. but we're the domestic terrorists. explain that to me. plus, one thing we didn't mention, october 2020 was when mr. danchenko. do you know when that was sean? i know you do but people watching, october 2020 was when durham was appointed special counsel. that's when the fbi said, oh, we better get you off payroll now
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because this might not look so good that we've been paying you for three years and you're a paid informant. unbelievable. there's no words. >> sean: greg, the other night, i mean, i just quoted you, the doj's case completely predicated on that assumption that the documents are classified and not protected by privilege, and the judge couldn't be anymore stern saying i'm not buying that assumption of yours. >> yeah, the all mighty imperfectius merrick garland seems to think he's judge and jury still wearing a black robe elevated by everybody else and the judge in diplomatic terms spanked him and said, look, you're arguing assumptions. and you haven't given the other individual here, donald trump, an opportunity to mack a counter argument. you're assuming that there's no, sir executive privilege. you're assuming the alleged classified documents are indeed classified when trump says they
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were declassified. and so the judge said it's not up to you. these are issues of law and fact that are to be litigated and we're first going to have an independent neutral individual go through all of these documents and then we'll litigate things like classified and executive privilege. and the judge, you know, also, once again, in her order this evening, sort of spanked merrick garland saying, you're your own worst enemy. instead of seizing documents you claim you want, you took everything under the roof. you took things with no evidentiary value that are not only covered by attorney/client privilege, you took personal possessions, tax and accounting and medical records, and clothing, newspaper articles, photographs, and you won't give them back. and so, you know, i think this judge really smells something
6:35 pm
fishy going on with merrick garland and the doj because his arguments make no sense. you know, he claims we have no time for a special master. everything's urgent here. well, then why are you appealing to the 11th circuit which will only prolong the process? why are you so vigorously opposed to a special master, somebody who's neutral and independent that would reassure americans that the process is fair and objective. and so the judge, i think, made the right decision and called out merrick garland. >> sean: alina, are the medical records, the tax records, attorney/client privilege records, i know the passports have been returned. have they been returned, number one, number two, the fbi did ask that mar-a-lago turn off the security cameras. you did not turn them off. will you be releasing those videos? >> we will always cooperate, sean. we always have, we always will. every investigation as you
6:36 pm
stated. >> sean: no i mean to somebody like me. i'll take them. i'd love to have them. hello, guy working in the press here. >> you know -- [laughter]. >> sean you'll have me on and we'll talk about them i don't know if we'll release them. unlike these federal agencies we don't leak. we follow the rules and i'm actually proud of the trump team today, it was a major win, we won on all counts and i think it's important, it relays faith and at the end of the day they delayed it until november 30th so their plans of messing around with the election yet again with midterms got a little screwed up today. sorry about that guys. but you shouldn't have been so far reaching. >> sean: is there anything that prohibits you from releasing those videotapes? >> you know why we wouldn't, honestly, sean? because the president cares too much about the agents and the enforcement that were just doing their job. >> sean: you could pixel out their faces ffrjts y.
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>> yeah, well, maybe then. this wasn't my case if it was i would be right there with you. >> sean: he's having a bad hair day we'll pixel it out. same with me. thank you both, alina and gregg jarrett we appreciate it >> another major investigation tonight, peter schweitzer at it again into what he is calling the mill tersation of our government. there are now more federal bureaucrats armed and armed heavily than there are members of the entire united states marine corps. now that includes thousands and thousands of armed bureaucrats in agencies like the irs, for example. this year alone, the irs spent $700,000 on ammunition. why do they need ammunition? they're not a military branch of the government? they're not a police force in the government. and from 2015 through 2019, the health and human services department spent $14 million on guns, ammo, military equipment,
6:38 pm
the veterans, the va spent over $11 million, the irs nearly nine million. nasa spent over $350,000 and, according to schweitzer's findings, civilian agencies in the federal government spent a whooping 1.5 billion on guns, ammo, military equipment between 2006 and 14. and these are the same nebul want to take away your second amendment rights. here to plain more here's the president of the government accountability institute and investigative reporter peter schweitzer. can you explain why agencies within our government that have no police authority, military authority, why they would need to spend one dime on weapons? >> it's a great question, sean. i don't know the answer to it. but it's happening. and it's happening with all these government agencies that you wouldn't think would need it. and what's happening here, sean, is, we see on the one hand this sort of defund the police
6:39 pm
movement, but at the same time we see the arming of bureaucrats. and the numbers are quite clear. an organization called open the books ran the data, looked at the numbers and the numbers you just cited come from the federal government itself. so what you're seeing is an expanding role for these government agencies as it relates to, not only their ability to use firearms, but they are also being given arrest capabilities. and i think that's a dangerous trend, especially when you look at an agency like the irs or the epa, where all kinds of things can and do go wrong when these confrontations do take place. >> sean: let me go through them all. we're talking about a large number of agencies here, not only the irs, i mentioned the va, department of veteran affairs, executive office of the president, the eop, health and human services, social security administration, environmental protection agency, nasa, animal and plant health inspection
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services. now, i could understand if there are instances where maybe they need security. we have people for that that are paid to be in that role. they would be required to have those weapons, not other people in the agencies. that makes no sense to me at all whatsoever. >> you're right, sean. and the other thing that's happening is increasingly, these agencies are using force or showing power, that is showing guns to ordinary americans, there was an incident a few years ago in a town in alaska, a town called chicken nebraska, there are 17 full-time residents there, there was a dispute about whether somebody was vie lating the clean water act. the epa showed up with eight agents with flat jackets heavily armed. you know, what should be happening in these circumstances, the epa should be showing up and local law enforcement will be happy to be there with them, local law
6:41 pm
enforcement often knows who these people are, they know the situation and you also, with local law enforcement, you have an independent arbitrator who, if somebodying, you know, bad happens you now have an independent party explaining what happened. if the federal government shows up basically with the specialist and with the armed agents, you're relying on one government agency to tell you the truth and unfortunately that's not happening as much in america anymore. so this is not just about waste and, you know, misuse of government funds. this is about civil liberties and of how disputes and conflicts with the government are going to be handled. and this is certainly not the way to do it. >> sean: the washington examiner in june of 2021 reported on epa armed agents, 12 armed agents that had little epa badges on and everything, did a raid -- doing raids on car shops. why would the epa armed be going into a car shop with their guns
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sdmraun what, there's too many emissions coming out of the facility or what? >> you're very close, sean. the claim was that certain auto shops were violating the clean air act. rather than, you know, a couple of bureaucrats showing up to run tests, maybe have the sheriff there if you think the guy's going to be hostile, they showed up at one shop with 12 armed agents and, of course, guess what? no violations of the clean air act were found. so this is the problem. and, sean, when we see all these polls that show people distrust the government, what washington wants to say and convince us is, we distrust the government because there's all this anti government rhetoric. no, the reason people distrust the government is precisely because of things like this. the epa should not have armed agents, the irs should not have armed agents and, by the way, there are government audits that show these agencies are not good at training these agents,
6:43 pm
because that's not what they're designed to do. so let's leave it for law enforcement and let's not keep arming federal bureaucrats. it's a dangerous route for us to go. >> sean: great reporting. i cannot believe this is happening in these government agencies, americans need to wake up to it and be aware of it. peter schweitzer great job as usual, we appreciate it >> when we come back, all right, gavin newsome not the brightest guy in the world is now asking the department of justice, which, in fact, has been weaponized to consider kidnapping charges against governor ron desantis and governor greg abbott for moving migrants out of hi states. if he does that he has to include himself and joe biden in the warrant because they're just as guilty. we'll check in with leo 2.0 terrell and larry elder. they're next as we continue. ♪ (vo) it's time to come back. back to adventurous. being curious. spontaneous.
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♪ >> laura: now failing and not so bright california governor gavin newsome is asking for ron desantis the free state of florida to be arrested for kidnapping for sending 50 migrants to martha's vineyard. in his latest attempt to grab attention and really his far left supporters. so ask yourself, why aren't these liberal encleaves in sanctuary states like
6:50 pm
california, cities like new york and massachusetts and dc, why aren't they more welcoming of these migrants that they say they're so welcoming of. they're just getting just a tiny glimpse of what border states and communities are suffering from day after day because of joe biden's open borders plan, his unwillingness to enforce the law of the land. here with reaction, host of the larry elder show for the epoch times along with leo 2.0 terrell. i think it's the greatest jujitsu move ever. whoa, wait a minute. check this out. leo 2.0. do you see what i'm saying? do you see what i see there? now, the reason larry's 1.0 is larry has been on the right side of the issues all these years we've been together. the reason you're 2.0. >> sean, it took me 25 years to convert leo. finally 25 years i've been
6:51 pm
working on leo's brain. i've been talking about taxes and the porous borders and finally leo has come to the bright side. >> larry, larry, it took joe biden, it took joe biden and defunding the police, along with sean and larry. but joe biden thank you very much, i'm glad to be on your side. >> come on leo. sean and i softened you up. >> joe biden, joe biden. >> larry and sean --. >> sean: larry never ripped off his ear piece, larry never ripped off his microphone and walked off my show. >> sean, sean, let's not go back to the past. let's not go back to the past. sean, you two softened me up but joe biden, joe biden is responsible and i'm very happy being leo 2.0. >> sean: you're 2.0 because you used to be a leftist. larry? >> i have no comment that. >> let's talk a little bit about
6:52 pm
gavin newsome. this hasn't gone far enough. we need a couple of bus loads of illegal aliens to go to napa valley right near gavin newsome's neck of the woods. i hear the french laundry is hiring. you know, ronald reagan used to say if they won't see the light you have to make them feel the heat. bravo to governor greg abbott and governor desantis for bringing this problem to their doorstep. all the fentanyl coming to the boarders you've been talking about all day, all the cost, the expense, the drugs, the pressure on the boarders, the educational expenses, the medical expenses, if illegal aliens turn residents, turn citizens would vote republican we wouldn't be having this conversation, the border would be shouldn't tighter than a clan's bee hind. it's all for vote and outrages. until endents and sane democrats realize the level of the problem we're going to keep having this problem. so it's finally going to come to their doorstep and maybe then something will happen. >> sean: leo. >> you know, sean, let me be very clear, this trip to martha's vineyard got the left
6:53 pm
wing media enraged because ron desantis took the illegal aliens, the people who they love, took them to their backyard, to their play grand, to their recreational park and that's why the left wing media covered this ad nauseam. they're upset because what they claim that people, what's good for america, they don't want. they showed their true by ass and hatred. they don't want illegal aliens in their backyard they want it in everyone else's backyard. >> sean: if gavin wants the doj to investigate this, they have to investigate joe biden because joe biden's been flying illegal immigrants in the dark of night all over the country. so same application of the law should apply to him. >> first of all, let me be clear. the kidnapping charge is ridiculous. it's insulting. there is no kidnapping charges here. gavin newsome's not a lawyer, doesn't know what he's talking about. there's no confinement or detention. these people went on these planes on their own. they got air conditioned
6:54 pm
airplanes, they got food and water. where's the kidnapping? it is nothing more than grandstanding and he's running for president. >> real quick if you're an illegal alien would you rather go to new york city or martha's vineyard? they're going voluntarily. this is ridiculous. i'm surprised he hasn't charged him with insurrection that will be next. >> sean: barack obama has 30 acres, we could take half of that and turn them into tent cities and he can adopt a lot of people that are in the country illegally. great idea. >> keep sending planes to martha's vineyard. >> sean: i have to buy these hats and sell them on my web site and give the money to charity. >> keep sending planes to martha's vineyard. >> sean: larry 1.0 check mate, leo 2.0. thank you both. >>. more hannity next straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right unfortunately
7:00 pm
that is all the time we have left this evening. as always we thank you for joining us. thank you for making this show possible. we hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity, not hard to do. don't forget for news anytime,,, and in the meantime let not your heart be troubled, stay tuned, laura ingraham and the ingraham angle start right now and she's ready to kill it tonight. >> laura: is that a dark navy tie tonight or is it royal blue? you were supposed to match my dress. is that black? are you wearing black on blue. >> sean: it's purple. >> laura: you cannot do that. purple? >> sean: yeah. >> laura: that's a messed up screen i have. >> sean: my favorite part of the day is ripping this thing off. >> laura: we're doing tom jones every night, or elvis. let's hope it's not an elvis ending for you. >> sean: you could send a text say i think you should wear a blue tie tonight. >> laura: i'm doing that tomorrow, we're ending this, this joke got old five days ago but i'm citying going with it.