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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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without filing a lawsuit or ever going to court for your free legal consultation. for your free legal consultation, call 1-800- nine four zero twenty two twenty one . >> that's 1-800- nine four zero twenty two twenty one . realtor .com is guaranty. let us search for a home for realtor. .com is so fun. i play this game where i set my minimum price at $1 million. check it out to infinity pools . >> infinity fine. and i want to .com or download the app today. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. >> tonight, finally, a happy story for once. outbursts of irrepressible joyve erupted throughout the exclusive island community of martha's vineyard, massachusetts. >>munity o yard mas last night. for hundreds of years, martha's whityard has suffered from a soul crushing effects of its own whiteness. island residents understoot they was only one cure. they badly needed diversity. in fact, they often said so.yeai
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but despite their very best efforts over many years, diversity neverr came to martha's vineyard. it was tragic. imagine an 18th century british frigate adrift on the high seas with no lyme's sailors slowly going mad , convulsing, dying,u excruciating deaths from scurvy. >> that was martha's vineyard, except it wasn't lime juiceonic they lacked.wi >> they had plenty of thatth because you can't make a ginou and tonic without what martha'st vineyard lacked was diversity, which is to say strengthhi. yesa martha's vineyard was a very weak place as of yesterday. morning.white. that island was 89% white monochrome and utterly homogenous. nearly everybody there was ev a rich democrat. 80% voted for joe biden. the median home price was over a million dollars. and then in a single blessed moment, everything changed. ived relief arrived from an unlikelyl source, governor rhonda santurceysource of florida, havg made his own state of paradise, decided to help otherr states desperate in need. so yesterday, desanto sent 50 illegal aliens, most of them from venezuela. veneheto the martha's vineyard
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airport. they traveled from san antonio to the panhandle and finally toe their new home on martha's vineyard. yardcbs boston reports that aftr landing, the group wandered about three an d half miles from the airport into town , thereby instantly improving. imagin >> youe can imaginemartha's the unrestrained jubilationnigh on martha's vineyard tonight. long suffering islanderslo finally rescue d frd from their own oppressive whiteness. >> in fact, let's go there now to check in on the celebrations . let's not expect expected thatously has been a mistake for our producers are telling us there are no technical problems that is iproblen fact, a live shot from martha's vineyard, massachusetts, right now. wh but where were the weeping, joyful crowds? where was the champagne?e wathe ticker tape we expect inse times square and v-j day, what
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we got was a cemetery at midnight. we that? >> but maybe it's not sos they s confusing. maybe things aren't as they seem. our firseem.t clue as barack ob. . bara timeama is a part resident of martha's vineyard. obama is also, of course, as you know, the country's greatest proponent ofs obam diversity. for years, obamaa u earnestlysd us that immigrants were bettermr than americans. they were holy. they make our countrtry strong.a >> america is and always hasbeea been a nation of immigrants throughout our history. immigrants have come to our shores and wave after wave from every corner of the globe. every one of us , unless we'rehe native american, has an else. ancestor who was born somewhere else. at's what makes america special. that's what makes america special. that's what makes us strong. >> the basic idea of welcominglo immigrants to our shores >> tentral to our way of life. >> it is in our dna so thatei is basically the whole presidency right there. >> for eight years, obamat ye hectoring us about diversity.t but he didn't just talk about it. he spent his two years in
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office making certain that places like des moines, iowa, been.ortland, maine, becamiowa,n much less white than they previously had been because as he so often told, whiteness is bad. >> it's a disease. so we were called beingt a little confused when we read that barack obama had spent 12 million dollars t $12 y an eight bathroom oceanfront property on martha's vineyard, whicd e widesth is one of the whitest places on earth, really, martha's vineyard went toy, ind baltimore or gary, indiana. is there really no reaial estat left in detroit for the obama family compound? >> there's got tlyo be what's going on here. >> we didn't know.19 m and then in 2019, michelle obama explained it to us . >> listen to this. we grew up in the period of called white flight. that is families like ours,s upstanding families like ours, you know, who were doing everything we were supposed to do and better as we moved in, uh, white folks moved out because they were afraid of what our families represented. t
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and i always o stop there when i talk about this out, out in the world, because, you know, i want to remind white folks that y'all were running from yoe us and you still running because we're no different thani the immigrant familiesgr that ae moving in, the families and telson, the the families that are comin g from other places to try to do better. and so, yeah, i felt i feel a sense of injustice. re so there she was reminding white folks who badly need reminding that the the obamas an thote, no different from the immigrant families moving in because white people hateng i them, too.e obama' >> they're still running, as she just said. so that explained it to us . the obamas were, in fact, despised immigrants. so when they moved to a 12 million dollar seaside compound on martha's vineyard, the point is notepposed t to live in luxuy with other rich people. >> no, obviously, the pointe a l is to diversify martha'sow vineyard, to strike a blow for s justice. that made sense to us and ween felt better. but then lashappenedt night hap' and we started to rethink our assumptions about the obamas, about a lot of diings thing, because a planelof
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highly diverse immigrants arrive ad on martha's vineyard o join the obamas. >> but the obamas didn'ta word welcome them. there was not a word from barack or michelle obama. barack wasn't waiting at the airport to greetgive t the diversifier with flowershe. he didn't issue a statement of l congratulations. he didn't invite a single e venezuelan to his home. how come could it be thatn't re barack obama isn't reallaly actually in real life in favor of diversity at all? could it be that barack obama strongly prefers blond soul cycle moms and lululemon to sweaty third world campesinos in dirty work pants? co be ?t we can't say, but we can tell peu that if you want to find out what people really think,t go ahead and ignore whatsa they say and watch how they live. eyand by that measure, the one that matters, barack and michelle obama are everyle bit as bigoted as any board clu member in any restricted country club in the deepin soute . assuming those still exist,ey'rg those people, they're not dating my n tell y my daughter.. i could tell you that. in other words, we learned this
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week that barack obama really is a racist and not in the way you've always assumed. obam a hate white people.nds to l >> he certainly seems to, but he also demands to live aroundtm them and only them. >> but the obamas, to be fair, are not alone in this.ew his friends at the newsel e networks in washington, new york and losxacte way angell exactly the same way because they're exactly the same sort of people. cnn, for example, spent the dayt interviewing people connected in some way to martha'eds vineyard. turns out that precisely nonet h of them were excited aboute pl the planeload. e venezuelan's one of them.ed the state rep for the island dien blamed this show for the sudden blessed surge in diversity. and republican ronda santurce and republicans mighplay pt want to playat is political games with people's lives. i believe that's incrediblibly y inhumane to be using women and children and families as a political pawn. they're going to not talk about on tucker carlson and pretendran to be tough on immigration. >> wow.. so see if you can follows less the argument here. illese of tess illegal alien
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show up inhe brownsville, texas, one of the poorest cities in the united states , they are noble strivers. they're looking for a betterhi life in this country and we applaud them. good luck in brownsville, newly arriveville.d immigrants. eople >> but when these very same people jump the moato someget a free flight to martha's vineyard, it's something else entirely. it is , as a state rep just told you, quote, playing political games with people's liveiths because it's dangeroush these immigrants could wander cw into a clambake by accident or worse, much worse.. earlier today cn earlier today, cnn anchormornin john berman just got fired, by the way, this morning.g,s mon >> this morning, john berman a l interviewed noted filmmaker ken burns. burns is famous but sad exactly the kind of middle aged prestige hound who spends an awful lot of time looming around martha's vineyard looking for other famousout th people. burns says a new film out thatas blames the united states of all countries on earth for the holocaust. now that the world war. veteration has passed, ken burns can do that. there's no chance angrybeat h veteransim will show up at hisgh
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house and beat him with their canes for besmirching theio died. >> their closest friends soo died in their early 20s fighting the . wants ken burns can say whatever he wants. many will believe him. so thi so this g hes morning, burns ple the role of holocaust expertpert on cnn. and you know what? you s has discovered? ken burns has discovered thathes rhonda santurc de sending illegl aliens to martha's vineyard is pretty much exactly what hitler did. prettyt much exactly. of your >> watch this. all of your documentaries are about history, but all of themee also make you think about where we are now. and we woke up to the news this morning that governor rhonda santurce of florida sent two plane loads of migrants to martha's vineyard off the coast of massachusetts mas and kids and whatnot. and i'm not saying this is not a one for one . this is not a parallel here in any way, but it does address some of the same themes. comint >> this is the coming straightrn out of the authoritarian playbookis is wh. this is what's so disturbingncht about de santos is to use humanl beings to weaponizes human beings for a political purpose. >> you hear that, ladies
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and gentlemen, it's literally little early, just like the holocaust. edgartown is dacko oak bluffs, blinco, the horrors. this is and maybe but of. course, everything is relative. martha's vineyard may be ad mi c modern a death camp, but compared to where illegalusuall aliens usually go , it doesn't look that bad. blet's compare this for fun on your screen. >> you will see images recentlyw shot in america's border towns which are now completely compr joe biden's immigration policy. you will notice if you looks, vo carefully, chaos, violencele,ila and filth. ke okay, now we will take you to martha's vineyard. it's, perhaps, but in a very different way. families families eating together on balconies overlooking the water, women doing quair shopping in a quaintn doin little town on bicycles, couples strolling along the boardwalk. sailboat'se doesn't look thatd. bad, but that's exactly martha' the problem the media told us today. martha's vineyard may seem lik likee onepl one ofanet, the richest placese on the planet, but somehowho,soo somehow there aren't enough social services there. it's bereft of social services
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. >> unlike brownsville, as cbs news put it, quote, martha's vineyard is not an urban rob metropolitan area with a robust social servicets infrastructurer . there's no justice department immigration court where the migrantsdo the can attend am hearings. there's no ice field office for migrants can check in now, but you see, martha's vineyard is in, quote, an urban area with a quote, robust social services infrastructure that other people get to deal with.ih and honestly, that's true. and it's kind the whole idea. >> that's why dissent is sent the illegal aliens to martha's vineyard. >> people who make and advocate thr certain policies should at some point have to live with those policies. >> but until now, they haven't had to bill gates goes to oprah martha's vineyard. so does oprah. james taylor, spik, se, amyall t schumer and many more and all of them. er perso betteruch person than you are becauseiveri they support diversity. and notyand now for the first t,
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they're going to have some diversity. but it's just the beginnint g. martha's vineyard will need many, many more illegal aliens, tenss work t of thousands more l the island is no longer majority white. >> only then then ca can it be a good place. yet at the same time the, the people who currently go toan martha's vineyard are going to have to keep going there. they can't run away toelse somewhere else.e as m thatic would be immoral. it would be , as michelle obama has told us , white flight now, massive demographic changeat i will obviously make martha's vineyard a very different sort ch okay., but that's change is good. anyone who fears change is racist. we know that for've told sure be they told us that for years. so where you may ask, will allec these new people live on such basmall island, simple. first, they can occupy barack ro obama's compound. there is no reasonn needs them s that much space . >> nobody needs that much a space . you can probably fit dozen a don immigrant families in barack obama's pool house and anotherdc five or six in the pantry.
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keep going.e lawn build a soccer fieldld on the lawn and outdoor goat barbecue by the back door. and bingo, you've go housingt affordable housing, but it won't be enough. >> the vineyard is going to need to construct chanty towns for all these new people, but we can't call them chanty towns. obviously, shan that's demeaning. towne're going to call them townships after obama's favorite country and they're going to give them dignified names. that suggests some kind ofifieda victor of victory overy over ad. mandela, cesar chavez ville come. a populous now eats at eachs one . we'll put a plaque with thatyo famous emma lazarus poem just so that everybodne knoy knows tt these are not ordinary favelas. these are moral victories. as the signs say in martha'sal,o vineyard. to this day, no humaven i is illegal. love is love. that's just science. but speaking of science, whatta will the environmental impact off al all this new development be ? >> that'r mas a massive concern on martha's vineyard and for good reason. abut in this case, it's notip a concern. none of these new townships will have running water or electricity. so by definition, they will
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be carbon neutral. it'll be part ofg the green revolution. be local law enforcement services won't be strained eitherno because they won't be neededne.. none of these new arrivals be? will be bound by local laws. why would they be? they ignored federal law to get here. there's no reason thatvineyard they should have to observe the vineyards ordinances inainst, say, drunk driving or in public.ill >>vi and just inne case there ae still vineyards who think they have the right to protect what they own, think again. people. of the fa >> we refer you to the case of the fascist mcclosky family in st. louitries who once tried th, tried to defend what there's and they got indicted for it. that's not allowed.meone >> but wise can't really trust-r you. somebody's going to have t to me go doorsonr to door to make sure that not one person on martha's vineyard keeps a gun hom at home because self-defense can be tempting even for democra democratic voters. there's a lot of change for the vineyard and they're going to start work soon. the summer season begins on memorial day. he bet >> steo when amy schumer shows p to her place in june, she better be ready to find an illegal alien family using her bath towels.
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>> yes, shalie e will . >> and let's hope she doesn't complain about it, because as joe biden often reminds us , illegal immigration is a gift. >> guess what? through the reason why the legal as well w as undocumented are the reason why our society is functioning ,the reason why our economy. is growing, we don't talk about that. we stand up and act like it's a burden. it is not a burden. it's a gift. >> here that here that illegal immigration is not a burden. >> it's a gift.>> t dumbo.uc so martha's received an enormous gift last night. think of it like a perpetualat christmas, but noisier. and you can't beat the timing. >> karine jean-pierre just reminded us today at the white house it's hispanic heritage. >> perfect. so roll with it. martha's vineyard. >> things are about to change a lot for you. but that's okay.e change >> radical destructive change is the essence of anti-racism. and as you've told us so many
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times, you support anti-racismtm less.. we need to remind you. things w and then in case petition, you'll have no memory of the way things were before. martha's vineyard will feelt li and look just like el paso. >> and that will all seemas normal to you. what's el paso like? wonder?laty you wonder? haven't been there lately. okay, well, here's some recentpr pictures. >> i want to show you an exact v beok of what we're seeing out here. we're right next t teloling the greyhound bus station where, as we've been telling you for days now, migrants,lans mostly a large group ofit has venezuelans, have been usinge. this area as a temporary camp l and a home. stop take a lookatvi adeot thiso from earlier this morning and overnight where you can see migrants have set up sleepingheo arrangements on cardboard and mattresses in the same spot nure outsideut the bus station. dagostino and other city pe leaders said their number one priority is to avoid people on the streets. tho nince cbp has been s overwhelmed with the large numbers coming in, they have been forced tod more p release us , such as more or more people have beenne on the streets in recent days. sanitation and cleanliness havse
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become a concern out here. we're not seeing any porta potties or temporary toilets, showersyo, or sinks. >> and as you can imagine, the smell is beginning to add up. . oh, wow. pas look, elo pasiso is venezuelan too, and that's why tonight it's redolent of diversity. brimt's brima with the gift of l immigration. >> that'll be edgartown, massachusetts. if aut we can't stop there. >> why would we if we're really going to make martha's vineyard look like the world, the peoplen who vacation on martha's vineyard for the have created fe the rest of us , we're going to need to import graffiti artists ,armed robbers and subwayay - and the drug addicted homeless community, many, many of those and their tents. >> why should they be livingbe 1 outside your house when they can be camped on barack obama's twelve dollars million lawn? >> that seems fair.r? why isn't it fair?fortunat well, unfortunately, you would expect obama to see it the same appahe is a racist as we've established. and so apparently are hisar fellow liberals. they are outraged by the ideae r oflegal al illegal aliens near their island vacation homes. before long, they'll be tweetinomes.g in solidarity with the vineyards.y. >> white community hashtag.
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i stand with martha's vineyard ' little island emojis in their bios. hilarious. hilat could actually happen, by the way, because in the end,h liberals really do stand with martha's vineyard against everyone else. >> and honestly, on some we on , we can kind of understand why, if we're being honest, we don't want to see martha's vineyardas trashed. we're americanhed.s and martha' vineyard is a beautiful it's a sin tgso destroy beautifl things. always, unfortunately. and this really is the point. >> martha's vineyard is one of a dwindling number of beautiful placesaces lef left in our coun. ofrtha's vineyard is what most of america once was, not all that long ago. small, socially cohesivea , orderly, safe with traditional human centered architecturionali and big stretches of naturend unspoiled by industrial wind farms and dollar stores. >> the people who live inid bui martha's vineyard now didn't build any of that. the people who did buildld are long gone, along with the attitudes and values that madet it possiblposse. ia and
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the people who live ther ae now just came for the nostalgia and all that's lefy t really are the buildings and the beaches. but still, you'd hate to see the them wrecked. on the other hand , at this point, we may have no choice, no sane country would allowonalt millions of foreign nationals to walok across its borders illegally and then immediately give them government benefits in exchange for mocking our rule of law. no one would eve it isr do thath it is suicide. over time, it will destroyatter the united states . >> everyone can see that noy sa matter what they say, but the people will vacation on martha's vineyard, don't care. yo making ththey are making thi. they support it. they vote for it. they fund it, and they can do all of that because they are sof insulated from the effects ofonf joe biden's lunatic immigration policies that none of it i t matters to them. the country collapses. big deal . they live on an island. but to the rest of us , it is a big deal .s ou this is our we were born here. we plan to die here.o and we we have nowhere else to go .
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and we don't want to live in a slum. >> maybe martha's vineyard.nd we'll finally understand. a bombshell new report from rand divines shows thatspied space facebook spied on americans who dared to questiononmericans the legitimas the last election, which in many ways was obviously illegitimate thanks to their founder, who spent nearly bill tobillion dollars affect the outcome. hav we've got to tell straight ahead. s stplus, a new yorktain fire department captain is fighting back against fie vax mandate. i >> that story, we'll be right back . i can wear the uniform, go to a burning building here. h thank [ble's wrong with you? people trust the science that you guys are jus>>t wired. there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are. this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body.
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boys can be girls and girls can be boys. i went down the same path, so i'm being hijacked. my brain. criticism of the transgender movement. we'll get you canceled, kicked off social media. why in the world is going on the schools of actually recommended the kids to activist resources, initiation recruitment glovebox . people are uncomfortable. it preys on and creates broken families. i've had my son completely taken away from me. it is everywhere. the culture is out to get your child. tucker carlson, originals transgressive streaming that one fox nation sign up at fox .com. >> i will bless those who bless you here in israel and across the former soviet union, there are thousands of destitute are thousands of destitute elderly who are alone and in
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need of basic food. they desperately need your help with ramzi is holocaust survivor. >> could she keep saying my refrigerator is empty of. she's embarrassed to ask for help, even if it worked. >> there need, as you can see, is extreme urgent right now. you can give a gift of life of twenty five dollars. twenty five dollars. the international fellowship christians and will bring yo and thousands of others. ra i have hadmzia such a hard lifeg and to see the smile save a life just like ramsey. save a life just like ramsey. >> i'm partnering with the international fellowship of . world. this trusted ministry is giving christians like me a way to
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tangibly bless jewish people who are in need around the world. a life saving twenty five dollar gift helped send a volunteer on urgentlythed needed survival food. what's your response? their pain and suffering their pain and suffering will continue for less than one dollar a day. you ca ifn sae today i will bld and comfort the jewish people. >> i will save a life todayed te wherever h in the world the jewish people of the greatest need our spiritual mandate is to feed the hungry and to care for the widows and orphans. >> orphan to die. please call or go online now and say i will bless his people. >> israel living murderers off the hook into victims reach sentencing l
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qualifies or call 1-800- nine eight three sixty two hundred coventry direct. >> redefining insurance. no one's talking about vaccine mandates anymore, but they still exist and they're still destroying people's livesh with less justification than ever. the vaccine doesn't reallyansn'k and it hurts people. and yet still new york city this year has fired more thanemy thurteen hundred city employeees ,refused teyo take the government, shot the city, pressured many more employees to resign. now, one of the workers t the city targeted was a formerha fdny fire captain called brendan fogarty, who spoke out inhe r new york city.
10:26 pm
councilman, you may have seen his remarks. here's part of it.rks. i served for 20 years and i went fro fm being essential to being disposable from the mandates. ptio >> and my religious exemptionn a was denied. and i received those threats,mii a terminatioonn and i retired. i would love to go back toy be my job. ears i gave my best t yearso to this city. twenty years from twenty one toh forty one , and then they take it away ate the peak of cap my earning career, i made itta o captain. i went through that process. you should be ashamed ofto wor yourselves. inwas allowed to work k in this city, but i wasn't allowed to eat in a restaurant in the city. thank you very much.but it w i was allowed to work through the pandemic, but i wasn't allowea red in a restaurant that i could wear the uniform, go to a burning building, eat here.ouo thank what's wrong with you? people trust science. >> thank you guys. a thank you. thank >> s yo of course, the whole point of the vacs mandate was tot to protect anyon
10:27 pm
e. >> it was to get rid of people like that. people who think for themselvees ,who have honor and dignity, who have high testosterone levels. they're all gone now, not just from fdny, but nypd.on the from the paramedic corps, fromts the navy seals. >> they're all gone. that the whole point of md >> that man you just saw,the brendan fogarty, is suincig the city of new york and goodcor for him. >> his lawyer, barryhis black,a represents thousands ofhe religious objections to the vax mandates, joins us tonight. mr. black, thank you ver my muc. for coming on . >> so now, knowing what we know so much without getting the vaccine, but i mean, countries across across the world are not requiring it. in fact, they're saying don'tbe give people the vaccinthe belowt the age of fifty four , foo r te example, because there's no reason to. and it could hurhat them. ibly f so knowing what we know now, how can new york possiblyhis li defend crushing that guy, wrecking his life over a vaccine mandate? tucker, it's indefensible and it's entirely unconstitutional because every single new york city employee
10:28 pm
we're talking, we're representing firefighters, police officers, sanitation workers, teachers, parks, department workers, even private sector employees, allrkt of whom ary e subject to a new york city vaccine. >> mandate. >> so if you are terminated because you object on religious grounds, you're out of luck. you cannot get a job, a legal job in new york city if you have been terminated for being a religious objector, which means unless, tucker, unless get this, unless you are one of those, you fall into one of those categories that to new york city has discretion narrowly chosen to exempt, which includes w artists, athletes, entertainers, and , yes,rs, that includes adult entertainers. so you have strippers gettin hag complete scot free, exemptvaccin vaccine mandates, but priests and pastors and rabbis,
10:29 pm
they have to get vaccinated. it turnedfirst amendment upside down on its head, tucker, but it's very it' straightforward. >>s very politics. e what they're really saying is people who are pretty certain to vote for us get a pass and people who might not vote for us like i don't. irish catholic firemen get fired. >> i mean, it's so obvious what's happening. it is , tucker. and in fact, mayor adams nottat too long ago publiclhey stated e said, yeah, we care about health. there is a health concern, but we also care about economics. so what does that tell us ? u so they're firing these peoplerg in mid career who have doneve nothing wrong. this is a guy who's risked his life to save new yorkers. and he's being this is part ofhr their contractiocen of the forc to save money. >>hi and sono they fire them ovr a vax mandate. really quick, what are your chances of winning this? hi. well, we really feel very, very confident that even
10:30 pm
if this has to end up before the supreme court, that webecaus will win because there is just no rational for what'sit is happening. it is absolutely crazytely cra. and , tucker, i should mentiongb that we're talking about verouy very real people. i got an email from a young lady, an orthodox jewish young lady who was in the airport on it, getting on to ansaying airplane, to israel, saying, t i have lost my career, i'vel to lost my apartment, i've lost my life. o liand i'm going to go live with family in israel. there are people jusg t losing. there are people committinger suicide. there are people going throughei marital disruptions. >> it's horrible, of h course. i mean, being fired is not a small thing in the life ofn tl the average person. that's for sure. firsthand,you mike , i appreciate comingthank on for what you're doing.yoou s thank you.o mu thank you so much for having. h so think about picture in your mind's eye. the last thing you would everatu
10:31 pm
want to hearld in your life from now until you die. and of course, that would be hillary clinton talking about the female pudenda. buhit hillary clinton likes tond talk about that. we're not going to speculate d as to why. and so she does.oently and she did recently in her brand new tv show called gutsy is an amazing cliche, fast. cli >>ch and of course, she immediately zeroed in on the one thing you really don't want to hear too much about, which is someut rap quees singing about her. but here's hillary clinton. que compliment the rap queen foritvr singing about her. it's one of the creepiestch things ever, ever recorded. >> watch this.helsea chelsea follows rap music. she has ever since she was a little girl. but i kind o f came to awareness of you with the khateeb. the men. ent in they seem so t confident and wht they're saying and they don't have no problem with talking about their thing and how they don't have with you. on i was like, well, i and it's going to sound f fire coming frm a woman. it's great t>> it's gro see womo fierce. >> yeah, it's great. the concern here, of course, is that hillary and chelsea
10:32 pm
clinton are complimenting that woman for talking in public about her . t there's a very short hop fromlac that to hillary clintolin and chelsea clinton talking about their sexuality in america. frankly, can't can'tan't handle that. >> we're not strong enough right now. so let's hope it never happens. california is not the onlyin the place in this country that hasta endemis c homelessness and druga ev fact, those problems are everywhere, includinerywhere ign red states, including ina repo arizona. unfortunately, we'll get a report from their nextrt from what the world needs now is more than a vacation.. we need to come back to feeling our best selves again,us back to inviting back to loving ,back to life, back to the to ra little bit of jamaica that's inside all of us come back to being lively again. back to lead back back to romantic. come back to the vibe that
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10:37 pm
it's not safe for any of us . i don't know why you don't just make a fresh start. >> there's no fresh start for us . the cleaning lady season premiere monday after 911 on fox, tom brady. >> you can never bet against them. when does age ultimately catch up to him? i feel like the saints are loaded. they've had tom brady's number and they could be a real surprise to the nfl sunday on fox, you hear a lot about and we talk a lot about the problems that our biggest statate, california. but the truth is those problemsa are metastasizing acrossll the country as california depopulate actualized people coming in to californipulatea fm foreign countries. but americans are leaving cadifornia and they're headebutr all over the country,ta particularly to the mountain west and to w >> and wites wantem, they are bringing all the things that made them want to leave california in the first place, like homelessness and open drug addiction. diction.
10:38 pm
these are now common featureskil of life in many american cities. charlie kirkiv lives in arizona, recently went to downtown phoenix, where he discovered a tent city and took video of it. >> here's part of what he saw.e. all right. we we're here in downtown phoenix ,arizona, justki taking a looklu at kind ofnt what a first world country has become. and this is a first worl d country that increasingly looks like a third world country. country. substance abuse is a major issue out here. like fentanyl, would you say?n ? absolutely. so we know it comes from across. the border. really easy. let's clos e the border. we have people dying out here trying to get high. eo w charlie cook did that video. he's the founder of turning point usa. he joins us tonight.utrage disglie, thankous so much for
10:39 pm
coming on . that's so outrageous. so disgusting.n an >> so beneath what we shouldy see in anyam american city, why does phoenix put up with it?t? >> self? >> i live here in arizona and there's been a lot of talk a and chatter about how there's a tent city in downtown phoenixt . and i said w, we don't have santamonica here. what are you talking about? when you go down there?n it's so sad what the leaders in arizona are allowing to happen in what is or used to be ach she red state. us arounr outreach pasto showed us around cleo lewis. you saw him here in that clip.ha and i asked him, i said, has this grown? he said itn by is grown by at least 30% in the last couple ofiz months. and when you go down there, youd realize that all of the ignoredr political issues by our elites, they gather right ther thee, fentanyl borders, drugs, crime, war and police. and it manifests in the saddest way possible. and i'ym not here to try to attack homeless people at all. i think that's the wrong way to go about it. abthey're the victims here of bf political decisions, of elites that have turnedthey'v their bas
10:40 pm
on our fellow countrymen. you heard it iclosn thate clip. if d we close the border, itpoor would have a direct impact on the livelihood of these poor people there. and yet our political leaders are too focused on wars or dreams abroad, not actually serving the interests of our fellow countrymen. >>en public drug use and vagrany is very much like crime. it's super simple to solve. you get as much preciselyith. as much as you put up. >> yes. and i don't understand why the leaders of phoenix or thisstate of arizona would put up with this. that's exactly right. and there is a way to solve it.d and it takes political will. and the political will will begn that what we're going to tolerate is if you want a job,ei you want servicef yos. if you want to go into a shelter, fine. but we're not going to u put upa with open ailkr drug use. tucker, when i was walking through there, we saw a womantw shooting up. wome there two two women justn t fighting right in the middle ofs the street. and then we even pproached by went sop th far into it where we weree othe approached by some people and we just walked the otherr cr way because they didn't wantat us to be there anymore. it shouldn't be tolerated.leade
10:41 pm
the question of the politicatakl will . i wish our leaders would takrioa this more seriously. and we here in arizona, we'r wee t going to normalize open air vagrancy and homelessness. >> yeah, i wonder what the mayor has to say about this. people should be named by name for allowing this stuff.lie i appreciate your coming on , charlie kirk. thank you. thank. >> so the bush administration has declared hisration political opponents are enemies of the state. they did it again today, buttoda now there'y.dence ths evidence s counterterrorism division is reading the personal communiques actions of anyone who criticizes joe biden on social media because he's germany now. it ♪ ♪etails straight ahead.ow,e knew delenda oletta. explore, discover an endless variety of hot and cold creative recipes thanks to
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10:46 pm
>> and that's the biggest thing you have to realize. your wife did we noticen ther something interesting recently? try to pay attention. there aregnifice a number oantf significant republican candidates around the country that would include blake masters in arizona, donald y like bolduc in new hampshire, for example, who seem to have been defunded by the republican party in washington. oh, why is that?gton. something's going on here that ryan might know what is going
10:47 pm
on here. >> he's the cee iso of american majority. >> he joins us tonight. thanks so much o for coming on . so maybe i'm just being paranoid, though i'm not sure you can be too paranoid at this point. seemke abut it seems like a lotf the candidates who are challenging the most basic orthodox oy of washington, views that are not shared by the majority of americans, people mn futually want to make this a representative. government are getting shafted by the fundersnders in d in d.cs happening? >> it's absolutely happening. >> ii mean, mitch mcconnell, sed leadership fund, just pulled eight million dollars worts outf ads out of arizona. and to remind people that that the emersojun poll that just cae out recently shows blake downts by two points against mark kelly , who's only at 47%.y it's and it's it's a winnablerae race. >> and i would and i think t onf the reasons they are doing this talk, if we're being honest,estl the gop establishment establishment is not putting america first. they don't want america first.t. it's washington first and america maybe eventually. sociyou look at this this behavior, it's it's by sociopathu can ons.
10:48 pm
you can only look at this. mitch mcconnell would much rather lose races than have america first senators in the senate because petty, he's been addicted and he despises the bas e and that's the only explanation. i think it's the real as to explanatio wn as to why he's pulling funding for funding for blake masters and others. he be in would prefer to be insn the minority. he's playing games. tucker, let's be clearg games, let's. he's playing games with thebecas future of this country becausee he is teddy and vindictive. >> well, it's also true, at. least according to news accounts, that mitch mcconnell's family has benefited greatly from its ties to china. thinunisits m chint china. so maybe it wouldn't be a good thing to have other members of the senate who were openly anti china who might say something like that out loud because you're not allowed to say thy t. out loud.s >>a well,prob i mean, it's a problem. you don't want america firsteric senators inside a republican caucus, then it becomes unruly. you migh be t not be able to control it. i've said this plenty of times, tucker. i'll say it again.agaiis a smamitch mcconnell is a small enough individual that when push comes to shove, all helica
10:49 pm
heally cares about is being the leader of the republican i caucus, even if he's inhe doe the minority. that's all that mitch mcconnell cares't cart being early in t he doesn't care about beinghe d really being in the majority. he doesn't care aboutt the country. thehe wants to be the leader of the republican caucus inside of the senate. and if he has america firstit bc senators inside of the caucus, it becomes problematic forom him . therefore, i will pull fundingol eight million worth from blake masters and other funding frombe other america first typecause se because i'd much rathentr they lose than win and cause problems for me. in washington, dc, even if it means i'm in the majority and it hope patriotic americans can make up that deficit and getma blake masterke u s, the united neates senate, where he can help clean house. i really, really hope same her o that. brian , thank you so much for that analysis. thanks, tucker. so joe biden has said again and again and again almost every day that his political opponents are notlly opponents, really. they are terrorists or enemiess of the state. that's why he's rounding uoundi pountry republicans all over the country. >> they went after the pillowafe guy,r thhe the fbi raided the pw guy in a fast food drive thru. so now we have new reporting acr
10:50 pm
for the new york post.di and we know a lot more aboute the fbi is doing. ount ove according to the post account,et over the last 19 months,fa facebookcebook has spied on ames private communications and forwarded those to the fbi's domestic counterterrorism unit. if the messages express and we're quoting anti-government or anti authority sentimentite gove and quote, you don't want to be against the government or anti authority, you musty must e be obedient little drone, a happy little east german or else we're going to tell the feds, according to the post, all of this was doneon and we're quoting outside the legal process and without probable cause.ainst inyo other words, it was a crimb against you. will anyone be punished? we're not sure one ils he j. >> but for details, miranda devine joins us tonight. she's the one who brokey. yourstory. >> miranda, thank you once again for your reporting. so i will make sure you facebook, if someone complainedi about the biden administration forwarded that to the fbi,s qu exactly. it's quite chilling.e ch withwe know this because there
10:51 pm
are some brave individuals who work within the doj and theg fbi and their consciences were troubling them. they felt that this was completely wrong and illegal. and basically, if somebody expressed a private opinion inre a private message, an american citizen on facebook, then somehow their algorithmsomehow d that, you know, they weree indulging in wrong, think they were questioning the 2020 election. they were expressing they wer red f anti-government or anti authority views that was red flagged by facebook sent and then sent unprompted tuno the fbi, which then farmed out these so-called leads to various fbi field offices around the country. cwhich then would raiseterial a subpoena to get that material officially, but they'd alreadyt seen it. so they knew whahe whaoot to lo. and i think that within the fbig and the doj, there is a
10:52 pm
groundswell of disquiet that'smo been going on for severalthis, months because of thisth this fi sort of attempt by the fbi to create a case load to match this extreme rhetoric from the biden administration talking about domestic terroristsemies and enemies ofta the state and basically their political opponents as semi fascists. and because those people don't really exist in america, the fbi is having to drum them up. and there are, i consider, rule number of people within the fbi and the doj who are unhappy about that. they're starting to comek out forward and speak out. >> and i think there will be a real groundswell in the coming weeks. weeks well, they're doing their best to create those kinds of people. if you want to make people my so mcal,people and dangerous, ts is exactly how you treat them. >> so mark zuckerberg, the founder, part owner ofof doa facebook, paid hundreds of millions of dollars to take ele over the mechanics of votinge during the last election to get democrats electend nowd.
10:53 pm
nod now his company is flagging. anyone who notes thaat it's t and sending it to the fbi, am i ? i mean, this seems like a pretty believable. well, it is . and it's terrifying. it's this collusion between big tech and the fbi in service tov one side politics. and i mean, that'ss author authoritarian. we're in east germann we are iy territory. this is the stasi spying on citizens and , you know,and inciting other citizens to spygg on their neighbors. it's very frightening and very divisive. and it's sort of ironic that joe biden continually talks about the the other side ofcreai politics, his opponents creating hatngvision te and divs >> that's all he's done since he became president . >> tucker: he's making people dangerously i radical. i'm scared, bu'mt i really appreciate your reporting, as always. miranda devine of the new york post. thank you. thu., tucker . >> we'll be right back . you be the judge.
10:54 pm
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financial compensation called camp lejeune victims to discuss your case now leaking underground tanks contaminated the drinking water with benzene and other highly carcinogen chemicals up to two hundred eighty times acceptable levels in some instances. there have been numerous reported cases of exposed personnel developing cancer and other serious health conditions. it is critical to take action and call camp lejeune victims. now, if you wish someone you know spent time at camp lejeune before eighty , 1988, and you developed any of these cancers or injuries to determine your eligibility for financial compensation. now, if you don't win, you pay nothing called 840 zero nine three three one. >> that's eight hundred four zero nine three three one five destined for the thrown race by the illinois stockhorse test. with protecting the monarchy. but who is the man behind the crown going every moment and scandal from the past seven decades? as we enter a question, who is king charles ? >> the third? r in
10:59 pm
so we did a segment earlier ince the show on vaccine mandates. no one's talking aboutou the vaccine anymore, partly because pretty much the wholvaes country got it. wants so nobody wants to hear about it. but because the old country got it, it's worth knowing what ith was. it was. ill not exactly sure you'll remember that it wasn't that long ago that the bush administration demanded that all worker demand s, including l private sector workers, take the kovalchuk or else thats al turned out to be insane. the and now countries all over sam the world, same countries, areci acknowledging it. they have no choice because the data have comece and they are crystal clear . denmark's health authority announced it is ending covid not vaccinations, not mandates, butb vaccinations for pretty muchut everybody under the age of 50 . >> what? why? the countries already stoppedopu vaccinating people under the age of 18 ? well, they're doing thisnd becaus e they concluded that for most people, getting covid is less risky. than taking the vaccine. okay, now it's too late foror most people in the country. t >> we're not trying toha rubt, t in or anything like that.politii buans dit politicians did this h
11:00 pm
and they did this to us toun hundreds of millions of people in this country, and they should be punished for it. it nu should never forget that.c 8:ll, that's it for us . we'll be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. the show. that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. here is seanorn enemosity, hann >> seven minutes early seconds, seven seconds. all right. ses. i'll take the seven seconds. o all right, tucker, thank you. and good point on denmark and the vaccines. welcome to "hannity". we begin begin tonight in martho vineyard, which is descending tonight into chaos. for years, this ultra wealthy liberal enclave featured signs like this al l over the town. the tow look closely. it reads, quote, wn e standall r with immigrants and refugees. all are welcome here. omso yesterday, floridaegal mavernor rhonda santos sent 50 illegal immigrants on chartered planes to massachusetts. en theuld take they could take f the inclusive environment that they claim is martha's vineyard and what they have to offer. but as it turn


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