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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 16, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left thishis evening. sh as always, we thank you for joining us . thank you for making this show possible. u we hope you all set your dvr f you never miss an episode of hannit hy. not hard to do.e, foxnt forget for news any time. fox news, hannity, .com. >> and in the meantime, let's nobet your heart be troubled. stay tuned. laura ingraham and ingram angle start right now and she's ready to kill it tonight. >>to is that a dark navy tie is tonight or is it royal blue and you were supposed to matchu wear my dress. what is that blacking blac one . blue . you cannot do that purple. sean: >> m that's a messed up screen. i have a date is ripping thispi thing off. okayng ts thin, this is how we'. tom jones. or every night we're just throwing the . en it's not an elvis ending foar you. yeah. yoding forouu could send a textn i think you should wear thatk .g hti'm doing it tomorrow.ow, we'r i'm just we're not we're ending this all this just joke got alli about five days ago, butty i
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i'm still going with it. awl right. handed the awesome show.overagrt greaha's vt coverage of martha's vineyard. all right. aham aura ingram . this is ingram angle from washington. ng we stonight. we start with a fox news alertod that's going to send the bidena doj in left into a frenzy.. us district court judge leon cannon ruled tonight that the special master in that galaga raimasterd case will revw all documents seized from the former president .nuously remember, the doj had strenuously argued foreir a limited review so as not tos slow down the investigation. well, this rulinruutg tonight pc the brakes, at leastt of temporarily, on this aspect of the ongoing harassment of donald trump. more on this breaking story infc a few moments. also, huge newias from the financial world as the ceo of fedex is predicting wor a worldwide recessioldn after the company is reporting that it will miss its revenuereve expectationsnue . well, wall street wanted bidenan and now wall street has biden. unfortunately, so did the rest of us . more reaction from the panel on that coming up.ut but first, hate united .
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>> that's the focus ofw tonight's angle. now, we've been waiting for it, and now the white houseer is closingms. o sh argument for the midtermsfocu is coming into sharper focuss.. today, president bidension presented his updated vision of america, a beautiful and golliwogs. >> it is inspiring. there's a through line of hate for massacres of indigenous orople to the original sin of slavery. >>iginal sin the terror of the o my immigrant and immigration, violence against the irish, italians, chinese, mexicans, so many of those laced throughstor. our history. st rel >> there's a through line of violence against religious gr, anti-semitic, anti catholic, anti mormon, anti-muslim, anti hindu, anti-hi anti sikh. >> oh, i think you forgot anti-american, which was the through line of the bile we've been hearing for years. from his party and his and puppeteer's. now, this was a summit, ironically, called united we
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stand. bidens presented the moste most negative, depressing take on the united states . ner heard fromd a sitting president . well, not counting the vindictive speech at independence hall a few weekso t ago that is now the event tried to brand itself as bipartisanece because it featured folks like i this. folks likee welcome our mce for the day. >> ana navarro recently, like so many of you, i felt shaken, but not by what i'm seeing inrae our country. we've beens rocked by increasig rates of hatnce.e fueled violenn >> we have to look right at the heart of our civic lifes in and address the toxic divisions in our society that allow hate and extremism to fester and become mainstream. >> very uplifting. a perfect message from someone who never fails to treat herat r political foes with respect. no hate festerin politicg with r only sunshine and light. >> america grows again. ladies, thank maga. overr >> highly overrated. just ajustn ol ad windbag loser
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tweeting out whatever , youhe know, stream of consciousness. he has. he's like a colicky baby withy y a perfect solution.n complex an complexo and paranoia. there what's festering now there and noatw. at a time when americans are struggling to pay for essentials, the democrats essentiall crats sentially, they have nothg de offer except more division and demonization. they can't defend eight point three percent inflation, so they peddl infe only smearsyze. and lies. so some of the most hatefuso soe peopleful around now, they wank be the gatekeepers of whatee c constitutes protected political speech. >> look, folks, and that's through line of hate never fully goes away. it only hides if you are given any oxygen. it comes oute from underany the rockoxs the last few years. >> give it much too much oxygen in our politics and our media
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and the internet. >> there you have it ther.e yo the big setup for political censorship via anheir s. al media proxies i mean, if you can't beat them, censor them, and to justify the coming censorship via social media giants, radical professorsiants profes speak ine generalities. and remember, hate only goes one way. >> record breaking numbers ofki hate groups emerged afterk the election of the first black us president and those groups quickly exploited social media and new online channels tog share hate and propaganda, helping extremism seep intnto the mainstream. >> now, when she says extremism, she meanstracti conservative populism, which is attracting, by the way,ng more minority support than ever before. but it doesn't matte. but r. matte >>r. the illiberal left wants to shut it all down. opportunist politicians, foreign governments and media personalities have als o employed these tactics, further in wrizing us and helpiny haveg create conditions in which hate
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and violence could thrive. it happens c in mainstream socio media and online spaces and onnl cable news and radio shows.. >> now, democrats run everyey dm social media company. they dominate the universitiesii . they run almosn t every majoramh media outlet in america exceptis an one . and yet that's still not enoughy for them. so anyective effective voice thd exposes the truth about the far left and globalist power grab,ho that's called anyone who questions election n security measures or supports os voter id is racist. anyone who opposes rippinging dn statues is an extremist.s, theyparents, they get upse theyt school board meetings. >> well, they're fueling violent hate. it's also pathetic and predictable. bu t let's be fair here. >> at least our homeland security secretary has a plan for the border borde. ship >> we are all in partnership with one another. in ouin our fight against hate. today, we in the department of homeland security are announcing twenty million
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dollars in grand funds to fight against targeted violence in all of our grant programs. >>in all o including this progrt we are announcing today. we are seeking to achieve equity. what is he talking about? was t hiat first i was thinking of talking about equity for illegals. i believe anything il at this the point coming from these people. but remember, democrats don't te consider migrants or the cartels to be the threats they considethr the american people who demand border security to be the threats for b some of that was supposed tote be all about hate fueledmuch of violence in america. it didn't discuss much of thisl. type of violence, not a lot either about the attacksri on crisis pregnancy centersis, o photos of the capitol hill pregnancy center show red paintm thrown on the front door. someone spraeoy painted graffiti all over the building.. and on the sign out front, the messages included threats,rt
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but there was no time for thatgd . >> not t one . biden had all this new ground to break charlottesvillewhen tho changed everything when those folks came out of those thatd field carrying torches, i thought to myself,t to my god. this is the united states of america. >> how could it happen? okay, he's like a lame old? lounge act. yo alwu know, at this point, he always falls back on a poorlyn performed version of his old greatest hits , dervaes bulgy, v the vein bulging on their skinei as they were screaming their. veins bulging, clearly comin g out of his carrying torches. >> wasswa to those folks coming out of that field down is n virginia carrying swastikas the pad torches, coming out of toe fields with torcherts is not a quote. >> biden. look, in all seriousness, folks, this is all they have . rmative they obviously cannot make the affirmative case for their record because under hisnt leadership, americans are getting poorer.
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our streets are gettin anggerous more dangerous bor and the bords wide open. good luck defending that. so all they're left with is january six and charlottesville that if you don't elect democrats, ultra maga will showa la with torchegas on your front lawn. come on wn., man. americans just aren't that stupid. >> and that's the angle.angle. all right. joining me now on said florida congressman byron donald and mollie hemingway, fox news contributotterr and editor in cf of the federalist, molly and noo one really covered this today. i think it's got swamped by ampd lot of horrific economic newsd l that's come out and alleyar the martha's vineyard hilarity. but thisrity is a wild mid-term strategy. america's racist, misogynist and violen mt. ic and >> it's just horrific. and we remember that we were promised when the media ran joe biden's 2020 campaign that he would be a uniter, that he o would be moderate, that he would be competent. he is none of those things,an aw clearly. but this is really taking things to an all new level. thaand it's clear that what w really going on is that the right is very politically n
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active and they're poised to have huge gains in november. ovd thght isand the new rightth is multiracial. it's more diverse than ever than the republicarean partyalls been in a really long time. and that threatens thatd so threatens democrats and their hold on power. and so they're this as a desperate attempt. now, congressman, a professorarn of university of maryland wasbmt at this summit at the white house that's cost money to put together. right. his focu his was on one thing, approximately 90% of hate crime perpetrators are motivated by biases consistent with white supremacy. by male supremacy or both xenophobia, conspiracy foeories , aimed at perceived immigrants and foreigners are driving hatefilled violence as well. remisogynistic ideas are beingrl incorporated into other violent ideologiesent , creating a toxic mix. >> i mean, this is a racistnitis dystopia with no opportunities for anyone other than, i guess r guys who look like professor branom. >> listen, i'm not really paying attention>> intion to ans they're talking about because it's foolishness. it doesn't get to the heart of the issues facing the american
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people, namely, one the late bill for every american is up. >> you know, disaster people pay the light bill when it's doubled, when it's rising. that's becaused orisingf joe b. and democrat senators. you want to talk about foodta prices, what causes more striflr in any cit sy or any societye is the rising cost of food. that's happening underer scy joe biden. you want to talk aboutth e safe streets, talk about the fentanyl crisis killing more americans. the one cau of eighteen t oo forty five in the united states of america. thatsed by j is caused by joe ba and the democrats. this is the only place the theyo go because everybody knows now they don't want to reversecor course and their agenda. republicans have the answer fora what cures america: . and we learned today from the fedex ceo that they areionsm making their expectations. molly, i mean, this is aolis is, disaster projection. united he's one o sf the most importans ceos in the united states . and he sain'd this isn't lookinr good. >> watch this. we're seeing the volume decline in every segment aroundd we the world and the weeklynt
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numbers are no t looking sons a good. we just assume at this pointretb thate the economic conditions are not going to be good. we go into a worldwide i t recession. i think so. hink we'rei think i think so. think >> they can't defend this. >> it's a really bad situation. i think people understand that when people go to vote ,d they're thinking about whatout i it's like to spend money at the grocery store. they're thinking about filling up their gas tan democrak. o be and so democrats are kind ofmetn desperately trying to change buo be about sob tg something else. but this is very sobering and it does one gets the sense,t that there are no adults inhakig washington, dc that are thinking about our energy supply, our economy and how to m tackle some of these >> well, congressman, it seems t that this is onehe big set up fr what they've already been doing, which is monitoring socialal media. molly, you've written a lot about this and then workingwe s with their partnerhos, we shouli call them allies here, my allies against hate to really limit and i think chill speech in the united states before the election. and these people worry aboutampi
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election tamperingng. listen, it is crystal clear now the white house has actually been working with social media companies to silence dissent on covidsilence, to silence dissenty, on the economy, to silence dissent on what's happening at the border. they love talking about how they're herethey lho to save america and to save democracy. no, it is republicans that are here to save the democracy and faire want open debate. debate on th we want an actual discussion and debate on the idea s. ooks l joe biden lookiks like a bad history teacher. that's what he looks like righ tk to ? it's disgusting forhe f the country. of w, d to get back toac the facts of what's happening in america, because that's what people are living with every whete day, whether they'ree go independents, democrats or republicans. it doesn't matter. we'vto back toe got to get backs the basics of america and how it works and how it functions. >> i liksense.e that because its common sense. it's really not right leftt even. this is just common sense. what they do's common what the,. yed what was done just two and a half years ago worked really well across the board. th now, molly, related to whatn the congressman just said, here's more from that a.u.laye
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professor that i played inon the the angle. >> some of these angle cases ar unregulated by design, while others have moderators who struggle to keep up with the volume of hateful and harmful contencot. t even with the vast resources at their disposal, the tech sector has not sufficiently responded to the high levels of online hate. somali. they're actually threatening social media companies, even though they're allies.o , we but the threatening saying you don't dogoing to this, we're goo take away your your immunity from i from liability here.ry t >>im and why wouldn't they wine every time they've threatened these social media companiesy have responded by doing their bidding. every single majorsingle socialt company came out with its plans for how it would censor speech n ahead of this of the coming midterms, just like they did ink 2020, which had such an effect on the election when they massively did platform effective conservative voices, when they censored this very vo story about biden family corruption as discovered on the hunter biden laptop . e biden
12:15 am
this is a huge threat to. the republic. we have freedom of speech. we hav speech e freedom of the we have freedom of assembly. and these are direct attacksthat on these freedoms. g notheywot even hidin that they want to do this and they're more powerful thandr most governments and they're really harming what makes america great. harmwhich is our ability to figt debate, have free have freere thinking about. what we want to question is whether republicans are going to have the you know, what tt toe socio go after theso media companies, because we gotl a lot of people, a lot of ties.s the social media companies in congress, not congressman, because i want to this point.n - i want to play one more moment from biden today. sounds a little bit like abraham kennedm y. lik >> watch. silence is complicity. ilence >> we can't remain silent for in silence, wounds deepen. kids, get off my lawn. yo he really now is saying, if you don't affirmatively state your allegiance to these t a far left ideals, then you arreet also essentiallyia domestic terrorist. that's where that is going.ot gi t goinsileg to stayn
12:16 am
silent. ac the fact of the matter is , joe biden actually presents himself likeli an autocrat, like a fascist, and then he tries to label his opponents that way. the acti but these arvie the activities f a fascist autocrat. republicans are the onesblicans who are fighting for the soul of america. wefighti the are fighting forr e the democracy because we want people to speak their mindmoif and be comfortable in thatca ability. if you can't do that, wet can'n even get to the economy, ls the border and all that ailseri us . americans need to pao y attentin right now because he does notot tolerate debate. he yells in the microphone any time somebody challenges him, he won't stand for debate. we neehed to have real honest gt conversations in the united states if we're going toack k. get back on track. >> and molly , that is why a lot of these democrat candidates are ducking debates. and we're going to get intoe ord that in a moment. but that's why they can'tef debate. they can't they can't defend this. and it's happening all overthppn the country from arizona to pennsylvania. yonn m arizowant to haveing er a defense. so you're just a hater in'f you. don't support them. a great conversation and we hit this topic. no one else did congressman molly, thanks soneth much.el now, governor rhonda santoessu y and greg abbott have beate mucn the left at their own game. beate how are we so sure?
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because the shrieking reaction from democrats and nimby's alike tell us all that we need to know. texas lieutenantll us all goven patrick has reaction to that moment. >> so stay there. j.p. morgan ceo warns an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers says the worst crash in our lifetime is coming since the start of the year. the s&p is down 22%, nasdaq down 32%. bitcoin down 58%. and now the housing market has hit a wall. are we on the verge of a historic recession? find out. paul lear capital for your wealth protection survival guide. and precious metals ira rollover to see how easy it is to hold physical gold and silver in your ira, don't
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>> this is not a parallel here in any way, but it does address some of the same themes thatumea are part of this documentary. and this is thryis ie coming st out of the authoritarian playbook. so when you looklot the stor aty that we're telling of the u.s. and the holocaust, you understand that the time to save a democracy is before it's lost. >> s: soo i guess that makes martha's vineyard what auschwitz this overblown reaction to a very tiny, tiny number of migrants have crossedn our border. being dumped into liberal locality's tells you everything you needtsngd to know. now, those who've ignored or even worse encouraged open borderencourags for years.nall they're finally having to dea deal with what open borders means. drre, it can seem petty, right, to drop busloadsop of illegalse into the backyards of theseites protected elites. bu butpst perhaps that's what it criss to get them to give a damn about the borderan crisis that they created t and they supported. and judging fromhe the confusede response from the white house,l the migrant relocation
12:23 am
project seems to be working just fine. > the children, chi governor abbotldt abandoned inna martha's vineyard, the children that the thartvineyardt that governor desantis is abandoned as well. esantiyou know, deserve better they deserve better than being left on the streets of d.c. or y being left in martha's vineyard. >> the streetsthe streets of ofs martha's vineyard or i don't so i what was they obama's house, 15 million dollars. so is a vineyard now mogadishu to me?mogadi what is shshe talking about? i'm speaking to the vineyard. trully the limousine liberal citizens of that impoverished island nation will accepth migrants with open arms. >> i assume at some point in time i have to move somewhere else, right? we canno cannot we don't have the services to take care of 5 the immigrants and we certainly don't have housing. we're in a housing crisis as we are on this island. and so we don't we can't
12:24 am
everyone here that lives heree o and works here, we don't have housing for fifty more people. >> now, wait fro a's about fifty yards from here,n there's tent city in front ofi e union station. i mean, it's okay.ankay hereto hear a veterans are livig in tents here, but we can'tob have that. accom what? 5 obama's compound, they can't accommodat? e fifty people. ctiv what kind of sanctuary is that? i heard some perspective from a truly inhumane lefte the border town of del rio, texas. we years ag did reports there year has a population of just under e thirty six thousand people. and in the month of july, nearly fifty thousand crossed the border into their town. joining me now, texas lieutenant governor dandan, patrick . dan , our texas and floridren'ts doing a favor for the residents of these communities because they've declared themselves, their communities to be sanctuary localities. it? but did they really mean it?mean they meant it until the bused arrived. that's when they stopped meeting it. you know, there this is the the epitome of elitism and justd
12:25 am
a bunch of rich hypocrites up there on the island. oh, wo had ae is me. we had a couple of planeloads of people come intohouses our neighborhood o.f ten million dollar houses. we have a housing shortage already. yo u cry me a river up theree same on the island and the same thing for chicago and new york and washington. you mentionerid laura not just e the last couple of months, but00 since biden became president . c we've had four hundred thousanoe people come into that sector of a city of thirty seven thousand that would be like sendingity, eighty million people toei new york city.r population. ten times their population. >>nd give us eno enougugh time, and we'll send enough buses. n here'smayork how secretary mayorkas, the dhs secretary,as responded when he was asked about gov. abbott. >> it is very, very importantse that these efforts to addressra, the needs of migrants, the claims of migrants, as well as the needs and claims of
12:26 am
others, that we work in a coordinated fashion, that we work in partnershik inp. se the governor has chosen not toto coordinate his efforts with usy . and that's a lost opportunity. and it's creating a disruption>u in in different parts of this w country. >>ait well, dan , wait a secon has the federal government really coordinated its open borders policy with all the mayors of ale l the texatexs towns? >> we're having to deal with this mess. where where's that coordinatione ? timenoneive ca whatsoever.ll i receive calls from mayors all the time saying, dan , we just found out that they're going to dump five thousand immigrants in our city of fifteen hundred and we don't know what to do. every one of these citiesm on the border is overwhelmed and many of them are runn re by democrats. rep they they arube feeling the pai, just as any republican would. and in terms of this of this border, invasion of america, a it's time for allll thoseybe,
12:27 am
blue cities to feel the pain.lar maybe.a, finally, laura . and we're going to continue to send buses. secu, we approved four point two billion dollars inmone our budget for border security. to have plentyr lots of money fr lots of buses. and they're going to be coming to more and more cities until finally maybe those blue mayorsa will call the president, say pel the border is not secured, mr.nh president , but there are only three people in america on the planet, maybe laura , the who don't know the border secure. that's the president, the vicepv president and the secretary of homeland security. everyone else on the planet knowev planen becauss it's openi coming here every day saying it's open, come to americaca.ahy they know. they know now.>>w ther they know right now.e right now. buses there are more buses coming from texas to d.c. and theree mi most of the migrants are dropped off pretty close todrse the studio her to the. w when do you know when they'll arrive, arrive, what the time is thate they're going tois arrive here and where the drop is going to be ? if i didn't, i'm just going toit follow the , you know,you the administration's playbook.
12:28 am
you'll know when they get there. you know, they didn't tellt tenh the folks on long island when2:0 the planes arrived at 2:00 in the morning trying to hide it. the white plains airport. i was there that summee r whent they were startingwe. e no >> so and the idea that we're not coordinating with them, as you said,coem, we've never i we've never heard from this white house bidens never beenbor to the border. kamala harris was a joke. she wentka tmala ho ela paso.ja you know, she was on the ground for a few minutes and left. they haven't seen the problem s where they're seeingeeob the problelem.m and we're not gg to stop. look, texas and florida areto so the last line of defense forxast this country. texas is thet america thaalt ad america used to be . and we're going to stand up and fight for our sovereignty. we're goinorg toni fight forty s country. countrtoing to fight to protec americans from the drug. that's the number one killer o f young people. and our figh t to keep criminalsnd t out. and we're staying inhe r the fif and the rest of the country, all these blue states areg whether they want to join us o n or not, they're going to be ina' it. >> dan , just remember thas t ii martha's vineyard, when i havena to confess tonight, i spent a week in martha's vineyard at the end of august, okay? i had a greabut timet in.
12:29 am
but in every storefront there's like a liberal insignia, prettyo much everyone. and there's that hate has no h home here. loves we lovey migrants. we lovy e this and that.rsity it's all very diversity focusedl . buy t inl reality, it's reallyl a lie because we have a chanceko to be really diverse todayuteopl and they're freaking out froe.m fifty people. so all those trackers they alle have should come down from the fancy storesbluffs and edgartown and oak bluffs. they should all come dow tnust and we should just say what thik what they really think. no one belongs hernee except the rich people. so that'hey shs it's the elitisu leftist. they don'tsay. care.: dan gr >> all right, dan , great to tit see you tonight. i know you have yoe u don't have a tight race, but you havehoulde a race there in texas, no.d one , and you get out and support dan and abbott. all right.. nbc news isn't just acting now as a propaganda outlet for fetterman in pennsylvania. penno censortrying t i any criticism of fetterman. we're going to explain this. and speaking of fetterman, hey finally agreed to a debate. buo t wait until you hear his d demands. >> barbra streisand wouldemands >> barbra streisand wouldemands be proudstreisan of those.
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for one seven seventy three . trust you got to relaxium same♪ . are>> lau workingma overtime to protectd no pennsylvania's john fetterman. and now we have absolute proof . yesterday, nbc news s accused gp digital strategist greg pricedor of doctoring fetterman videos.i tow, when they say doctoring, it was basically just clipping together a few things at fetterman actually said. , th it's such the most important race for the senate here for twenty two , we have to replacee pat toomey. oh, no, senator toomey was not very nice to me. he pat toomey is a miracle.
12:36 am
he had a chance. he had a chance. to match me up again. m abortion is on the ballot now. in november. >> oh, in addition to nbc's tok claim, they ran immediately to f tiktok and twitter to flag this and other videos for them. so the mangr targeteegd, greg price, joins us now.l he's a senior digital strategist at strategies. c sa now, greg, here's what nbc said about your videos. the videos videos. include slig such as cutting out the sound of the audience to make it appear as if he had abruptly stopped speaking. other edits cut fetterman offo a midsentence to create the perception that what he was sayingteimpressi is nonsensical sounds like what they've done to me, like all the time whenthh they edit my stuff. no, thoughts not so. makin anyone who follows mer cuts on twitter knows that i'm really big into making super cuts, whic ast theseh aret these these small little clips that are part of a larger videoh to make poe a broader point. n a
12:37 am
>> and the point in this caseloa is that john fetterman had a strokegoch i not too long ago, which is sad. >> we pray that his healthabout recovers, but he has serious seo issues speaking about it oreakig serious issue speaking. and when and when you're.en your running for the united states senate, that'stima a legitimate criticism, as even "the washington postte" editoril board said. d and so i've madeon't about like three or four really viral supercuts of john fetterman, ofl clips of him at his rallies fet where he's barely ableterm tohrh get through them. >> and obviously, obviously, t his handlers don't let himhendle speak for veryrs d long periodsy a time. and so after my latest one , l i get this d.m. from this nbcr i news reporter, and he basically is asking me aboutng the edits that i made and why i did them, about the supercute he did me another video that i'd alsothatt reposted from a different account that cut out the audience out clapping in it, and basically to claim that that was that was doctored and made a speech issues lookhin worse than they were. and so ig n my head, i was thinking myself, okay, abo he's probably writing some stupid article about how republicans are being mean repu john fetterman. n pu >> and then he publishes it and he accuses me of doctoring the video, not selectively editing, not taking out ofy edin
12:38 am
context, but doctoring them d as if i had somehow deep faked these videos to make it look like john fetterman had worse speech issues then thak n than actually does. >> and like the way i thought wa journalism was supposed to work is journalism is supposed to challenge powerful people and challenge powerfulnd power n institutions in america. >> but in this case, this nbc m news reporter is accusing me of doctoring videos and then going to big tech companie s, asking them to censor me.e th >> they're the unholy alliancely between media and big tech. and instead of like asking why john letterman's handlers are not letting him speak for, liker , only short times, they'res an accusing me of doctoringor the videos and trying to censor me: greg. in the last hour on msnbc, fetterman was actually asked about this. there are virairall videos, mass of your , i think, cognitive or vocal errors, things thatwhat d they think suggest cognitive decliny toe. what do you say to pennsylvaniar voters who see some of thiss fr stuff on the internet? omwho hear the ads from dr. oz'f
12:39 am
camp and are worried aboutffice. your fitness for office? >> absolutely fit to serve. fit i just confront just took a test. just think it was yesterday.k hathat confirmed thattionin i'm actually fully functioning in the rangersg ' as well to tha the one side. try >> it wants to try to lie aboutt that i >> my response to that is just prove it. get debate dr. oz about conditions. we're going to get to that in a moment. debate, dr. oz, at a time sooner than two weeks before the election, aloner thal right, we reached out to fettermanca and his campaign. they didn't respond to us onmpan this particulandr issue, but paey did tell nbc it's pretty sad and frankly, desperate that dr. oz's mega allies are deceptively editing videos of john speaking in order to mock him while he recovers fromg to a stroke. >> quickly, your response? well, i think it's pretty sadthr that they're trying to pullania the wool over the eyes ofact li pennsylvania voters and are trying to act like this man is a lot healthier than it is , which, again,
12:40 am
"the washington post" editorial board called the them out for and forget just his health issues. this guy has really bad ideasd d thateas that wouhe would be bao pennsylvania in the country. and they're trying to pullat d the same playbook. they didid wite biden by with jn by essentially just keeping him in the basement and trying to convince pennsylvania voters what's the worst this guy could do. but this guy wantsis guyo rele o one third of prisoners from prison like he's he has a lot of terrible idea s. d he's and if he gets elected, he's going to enact them. and they're basically just pak voters into greg doing it. >> greg,th greatyour to see you tonight. thank you for your work. thank you so etterman, man, his john fetterman has finally chreed to debate his gop latelenger in my next guest, dr. mehmet oz. jus it's going to happen late next month, just two weeks before the election. so there's a few caveats, h though, from uncle fester whenle he wants to use live real timecd closed captioning monitors and according to the osc team,o fetterman wants to have to practice sessions in studiojoinn ahead of time. joining me now is the other participant in that debate, europeanize unauthentite dc candidate,
12:41 am
republican pennsylvania. dr. oz, we spoke te oican the fetterman campaignspoke any denied the practice sessions claim, saying both campaigns will be doing predebate walk through. e stanis a very standard.a every political debate that'prsb not a practice debate orat whatever the hell the team is spinning this as your responses.esponse?. al not , i know is john fetterman. he's been dodging all questionsd ,not just debate questions, but those from the press i d from voters, which is frankly insulting inng a democracy. i think he's doing it to avoid this radical left ideology thato he has.t want t and he does want to defend it. but under a lot of pressure, he has agreed to the short debate. as you point out, he does wantld closed captioning. and we were told that hented wad a few rehearsals, which i get py i'm a physician. i kn is tohearow hard it deal with a stroke and with heart failure. i'm fine with him takingfailure. rehearsalsg . i would like to have extra time in the debates. we can ask more questions, t hae as many, including "the washington post", have said. you have to have multipl s ultiple debates. please have them early so that s
12:42 am
voters who are getting absentee. ballots next week don't have to wait a month and a half times. are you going tot ar start goino agree? >> are you going tg too agree te these terms with the closed captioning situation thatting he's asked for? >> i'm nothat. really getting t, but are you agreeing to that?tht >> i'm going to agree toaptionin allowing him to have closedr captioning and other conditions that he may desire to make it to easier for him debate. i do believe he owesst pennsylvanians an honest assessment o f his health, nottw double secret probation test that we find out aboutut a on television, but really give voters access to what's tha going on so that we can have all voters transparency into the process., i'm skeptical of going to happen if he' i'm skeptical of what's goingw p to happen. it will show up in this debatede that's scheduled two weeksction, before the election. he's offered a no show. he doesn't show up for he' his u lieutenant governor's job.overn' but you've brought up something that's really important. s has the liberal press habes beenthii hiding this issue of his health. they've been of hi hiding his rl positions. this man cares more about
12:43 am
thiss than the innocent. you know, not only is he hired two murderers, convicted murderers, serving life sentences that he had but released o on his campaign. but he's back the massive middle class tax hike but did not pay his own taxes. sixty seven times. so if this bothers you, pleasego go to dr. oz .com and support me because money is pouring into his campaign to facilitate getting this election into the democratic hands. they are literally manufacturing a candidatto thee ca's not out on the campaign trail talking to people,nd answering questions. ng folks don't know what he stands' for. you cat n only find ouknts by watching his commercials.d ou wave been out there every single day doing multiple interviewsi have. out i know. ry day and then they're trying todoingn censor individuals who actuallyp are taking his clipseoou and getting them out in a short form way. sopostinclip you can post them l media and actually get people seeing him so they're nol them allowing that either.e it's this is like getting ccp like, but i want to talk about the voters that you mention because fox spoke to a few vote.
12:44 am
pennsylvania voters this week.y >> thihas is what they had to say. they feel that f democrats have. let us down, look around, watch the news.i >> it's awful.can't do it i can't do it anymore. >> r i hope that the republicans take back the house and senate because we need to have a little more stabilization. are you surprised that the polls still show him g, given what'sus happening? the global recession is upon us . according to the fed e accordx ceox ce today, his lead is shrinkinge by the day. i know thad i'llt i'll support e and i'll address a shortage of police officers. that's why the fraternal order of police have endorsed the union famously. when that happens, people are worried about crime. vote for me. younanimthat's wryu they don't t legalizing drugs. i think it open borders. will fentanyl poison to our state? we're number three for fentanyl overdoses and creates hugey kens areas of our cities like kensington and philadelphia that are uninhabitableelphiaarod with zombies walking on needles sticking out of their necks.k they don't want that. soth fetterman loses those vote.
12:45 am
peopelieves he's above the people and above the law wil and it's catching up to him. >> we will win in pennsylvania.k dr., i think you should comed mb into the debate with your own hoodie and maybe a stethoscope and then take it off and thene have your regular suit on . jus this is the whole hoodie thing is just like it's all a costume. it'sa all wardrobe.reciate and we appreciate you. thank you so much for coming on . on all right.y greasy used car salesman gavin gaviom has found a way to insert himself into the migranth story. we're going to explain.e migran plus, we've shown you a lot ofi bizarre moments from joe biden, but we just got our hands we on some video from tonight that might top them all. >> you don't wano t tofr misomso so stasey there. >> i will bless those who bless you here in israel and across the former soviet union, there are thousands of destitute elderly who are alone and in need of basic food. they desperately need your help
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three to five four nine nine one . again, that's eight hundred three two five four nine ninehoe one . okay, miss, the whole liberal freak out over the migrants being shippe d all acrossepublica the country by republican governors are the pleas froms 2020 four wannabes for the biden doj to take action. nm california governor gavin newsom sent a letter to age merrick garland calling on him to open an investigation into the state's transport of migrants. he calls it kidnapping, and he i argues that interstate travet l provides a basis for federal jurisdiction. federa federall jurisdiction.o n that's interesting for newsomte to enter that intoer the conversation because it'satt just so happenrys that illegally entering the country in
12:51 am
the first place also p falls under federal jurisdiction, which then they're just normalizing. joining us now, harmee joint dillaneublica ,chairwoman of the republican national lawyers association. good to sesociatioe you in perst harmeet , as always. now, whahit about this ?s i mean, newsom is really talking about a hail mary . i mean, this is just desperatel at this >> oh, anything to change the topic, laura , from whate fe is really on the minds of american citizens.vernme and so what the federal government, of course,ntdoing is is doingtaking is itself the exact same thing. they're taking these migrants from where they're landing and busing them to states all l over the country. and so suddenly when somebodydy else does it, that's not okay.c >>is the hypocrisy is stunning. so n send them to whitee nigh plains, new york , in the middle of the night, or nebraska, oklahoma, south dakota, but no one else can do it. >>ios, by the way,o harmeet is reporting tonight that cabinet heads and white house officials will meet tomorrowficl morning to discuss a range os fr pressingan immigration issues, including litigation options toa respontiond to the governors. so finally, they're takingt only the issue seriously. but only to litigate againstly
12:52 am
our own governors. i think that thid ideas is a rey bad idea for the white house ton do well on this issug e as well as we're suffering from economic uncertainty in this country. and real trauma charities reallyd real tra reminding amert we have this flood at the border that's that's upr state resources. and so i think it' s just dumb issue for them to harp on . you and i have talked fod r yea about how the republicans don't create news events.t th they kind of talk at the voters . but thiso is brilliant because you have to cover it.nd tth there's no way to avoid covering this. t, and then it brings the issue to the fore. then people like weight loss why and people, arwhy are they comil to the country? ab it was brilliant, both of santurce and obof i've got to t, get to this night. judge cannon eilene cannon denied the dodges request for a partial stay of her decision to appoint that special master . now, the doj is going to proceed with its appeals to the 11th circuit court ofe appeals. and we have the namefi orst fas the first special master biden, who has been appointed judge raymond deery, i guess he wastet proposed by the trump lawyers.
12:53 am
but interestingly, he's also signedin car the carter page wam before the fbi misconduct waiss discovered. harmeet, your reaction to al acc this tonight, big news? well, judge, jury was acceptedt by the doj as well afterfo the trump folks objected to their judges. and so i think it's a good appointment and it's a really, p really brilliant by judge cannon to pick this speciaececay master, because one ofthis l the objections of the doj waspel how could you possibly let this like rand special master look at these super classified documents? of course, a recent fisa judge has all the clearances necessary to look at all those documents. and so she's checkmated the government on that issue. and thhe'se order also rejects g government arguments that there is somehow some compellingovth e for doj prosecutors.ent and she also calls out the government for the leaks. t and otherwise, it's anth going excellent balanced order. and i don't think the 11th circuit is going to take issuens with now heartmate. this means that the investigat e can at least temporarily slows . wn does. that's right. out that's right. so the court pointed out a large volume of documents.
12:54 am
the court has set a very aggressive schedule for the court, but that aggressive schedule itself only requireess conclusion by november 30th, which is after the midterm elections. but it requires regular reports to the court of the court reserves a final decision as toe whether accept, rejectct ormastr otherwise pursue the recommendations of the special master. this is a standard. is speciall master type order and it's excellent. and you have the experience expe veritasn yo litigation that you've doneu' and and you've done such a good job with the center for american i liberty. harmeet, it's great to see you in person. i know you havg e a big event tomorrow at hillsdale event here in washington. hillsdale is such a great college. s a good luck on that. thank you.f all right. we have that video obif biden from tonight that we promised earlier. >> it's next. and come on , it's going to be hilarious. go on with it. there's growing movement designed to confuse children about who they this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. boys can be girls and girls can
12:55 am
be boys. i went down the same path, so i'm being hijacked. my brain criticism of the transgender movement will get you canceled, kicked off social media. what in the world is going on ? the schools of actually recommended the kids to activist resources
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: this video of biden needs no introduction. roll the tape. >> we have a tradition in the biden family. we sing happy birthday. let's go. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪
1:00 am
♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday... happy birthday to you ♪ god love you, kiddo. >> laura: [laughs] i can't do this! that's it for us tonight. our commander in chief >> todd: fox news alert, the biden administration ready to take legal action against republican governors for sending illegal immigrants to states. governor abbott and ron desantis are not backing down, vowing to send migrants to kamala harris's door step. i'm todd piro. >> carley: sanctuary city leaders at martha's vineyard declaring


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