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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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desantis has done amazing for florida. there are droves of officers moving from different states to florida to be a law enforcement officer. great things are happening here in florida. >> carley: we can take a good example of florida and hopefully repeat it across the board and other cities. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> carley: the next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. "fox and friends first"ed, biden administration ready to take legal action against republican governors for sending illegal immigrants to democratic cities. governor abbott and ron desantis are not backing down, supporting their move to send immigrants to martha's vineyard and right to vice president kamala harris's door step. >> todd: making a --
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>> carley: top democrat caught sharing concerns for midterm including big warning for house speaker nancy pelosi as the click ticks closer to november. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this busy friday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. those stories in just a moment. we start with ashley strohmier for more on the democrat warning. >> ashley: despite nancy pelosi's optimism about keeping the majority, chuck schumer is singing different song. chuck schumered there is 60% chance they would hold the senate and 40% chance they would hold the house, adding nancy pelosi could be in trouble. he believes trump will run in 2024. people say president biden
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struggled to unite the nation. >> he's more of a puppet than a leader. >> i think he's trying to be a unifier, it is really rough right now. >> everything he's doing is totally the wrong thing. >> ashley: the gop is seeing increase in voters. there is a disconnect that latino voters feel with modern democratic party. >> i think it is happening because the democratic party has to radicalize and fail to deliver on issues hispanics care about. we have highest inflation in 40 years and many of us like people from venezuela insurance hyper inflation and we don't want to see that here. >> ashley: americans believe the biden administration is
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incompetent and not effective and they are not having faith in the administration. inflation fears with 78% of americans. in a separate poll, party preference pretty close, 44% saying they would votes for a democrat and 41% republican, back to you. >> todd: thank you. president biden demanding end to special immunity for social media companies that he said allow spread of hate. >> president biden: white supremacist will not have the last word and this venom and violence cannot be the story of our time. polls, social media platforms accountable. >> todd: united we stand summit, after it was revealed tech companies are spying and reporting to the fbi, telling the post, it was a waste of our time, they were gun-toting
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red-blooded americans angry after the election, there was nothing about massacring or assassinating anyone. jesse watters says there are no real solutions for the country's problems. watch. >> we've watched unifying president slash our country in half with a knife. biden told us we are -- people are listening to this stuff and believing in it. members of the house, senate and media are lining up to fight the war on maga terrorism and attacks come from securing the border, the pro-life issue, parents standing up to radical school borders. all that after domestic -- this is intentional and justifys whatever they do next. what will they do next? whatever they want, whatever they can get away with.
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>> carley: president biden sending more money to ukraine. the latest package will include rocket systems, night vision glasses and artillery. yesterday vladamir putin sat down with xi. the two nations planning to counter balance. >> carley: you are looking live at mourners paying respects to queen elizabeth, king charles iii heads to wales today where he will greet the crowd and head to cardif after he served as longest reigning prince of wales. ahead of queen elizabeth funeral on monday -- because of the
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capacity. he will be joined by other former presidents, including obama, bush and clinton and during the funeral meghan markle will follow in a car, while the rest of the royal family will walk on foot behind the coffin from westminster hal to westminster abbey. debate over military vaccine mandate. >> todd: members of u.s. air force earning the right to not get the jab, we'll talk to them next.
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>> carley: a scathing medical report is blaming government leaders for failing the people during the covid-19 response. the report published by lancet says too many americans are not -- too many people influenced by misinformation have protested against basic public health caution and calling americans untrust worthy and urged leaders to find the source of the virus after eshg
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valuations failed to produce results. >> todd: service members fight in a clas action lawsuit, judge granting protection from punish, if they choose not to get the jab. chris, how big a win is this for service members? >> the class action was a big win and that came out in july. the bigger win was last friday when the government took an american appeal and lost in the sixth circuit court of appeals? a three-judge panel that insinuated he was right that there is systemic religious discrimination in the military, particularly in processing the vaccine mandates. we had individuals reaching out that was facing imminent separation, loss of long-term careers issue loss of liberty in
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some cases. for them, these folks put their lives on the line for our country and the government was treating them badly and we halted things coming down the pike and keeping these people in the service. >> todd: one popular in this suit, how big of a win is this for your religious freedom? >> well, good morning, thank you for having me on, i appreciate that. it is a big one, not just for me, it is big picture, for the entire air force and entire military community. appreciate you. >> todd: i don't want to get wonky with the law, there is m muteness. let's face it, covid is endimmic and people say this is done.
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how can the government maintain this case for a vaccine mandate when we're see far down the line this pandemic is now endemic. >> cdc finding in august find there is no difference between those who have had the vaccine and those who are vaccinated. we've begun the discovery process and intend to put a number of generals under oath and make them answer questions and we don't think they will have good answers to the questions. >> todd: tom, can this ruling be used in other branches of the military to basically say, look, they are not required to get this in the air force anymore, i shouldn't be required to get it
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either? >> yes, good question and the answer is obviously yes, the government's arguments don't change. they are making same arguments in cases all over the country. the same reasons why we deserve a win and we've obtained a win so far, same reasons apply in every other service branch. >> todd: joe, something i've asked multiple times and i cannot get past it. if people like you, joe, volunteer to fight and die for my country, why are we putting people like you through these kind of hoops. do you have any sense as to why? >> first and foremost, i'm a patriot and i serve my country, i want to wear the uniform. we don't do this for the money, we do this because we're a
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patriot. we put this tight package together to fight this because of the vaccine is made with or tested with fetal cells, which is against our christian beliefs and the air force has granted religious exemptions and won't honor our freedom religion exemption is frustrateing and we had to get the blessing from our base chapchaplain, he gave us h blessing that we had conviction and the fact the air force would not honor that is frustrating. next day after we submitted our package, the base commander and his team rubberstamped and denied every single one of them. what we put together for the exemption, this is a fight i
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don't need to serve in the air force, i want to and there are many other airmen just like me. the vaccine are tested with fetal cells, this is ia cross i'm willing to die on, i'm grateful for the judge ruling in our favor and we'll continue fighting on. >> todd: thank you for your service. thank you for being here this morning. it is one of the biggest shake 2k4r9 ups we've seen at cnn so far. >> this is not someone moving me and by the way, this is not someone saying you must move to the right, don lemon, i was not demoted. >> carley: what is next for don lemon? we'll tell you when joe concha joins us next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis
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>> janice: we are watching the tropics, here is fion a, moving toward puerto rican, bahamas over the next couple days. we need to monitor it because after it moves south of puerto rico, we will watch it. there is official forecast. over two to three days, we have pretty good idea what happens. going further out in time, watch it because that is when the uncertainty gets even bigger. tropical storm watches and warnings, concerned for heavy rain for puerto rico, we could get anywhere from five to eight inches of rain. system south of this region, we
2:22 am
are hoping they don't get the worst of the rainfall. florida, tropical moisture moving into the state. could see potential for flash flooding and cold front across the upper midwest and plain states, could see severe storms. watching fiona and florida for heavy rainfall., for the latest details and happy friday. >> todd: cnn's dom lemon getting squeezed, escaping the purge of the woke, losing his prime-time gig for the new morning shows, that is not the way he sees it. >> this is not someone moving me and by the way, this is not someone saying you must move to the right, don lemon and must not give your perspective, that has not happened, that is for twitter, it is not real. i was not demoted.
2:23 am
>> carley: joe concha joins us, it sounds like he is trying to convince himself, what is going on here? >> joe: not sure anyone could look more -- can you imagine what the planning conversations were like at cnn before they decided to make this move? here is the cnn new president, who is lowest rated host in prime time? well, sir, don lemon by are fa. wow, i think we have our man. what conclusion can you come to to make don lemon go from giving him two hour, which are lowest rated to three hours. great move. i think kayleigh collins -- that
2:24 am
doesn't make her a morning host, by the way. i don't know steve and ainsley and brian have anything to worry about, not sure putting one of the most partisan people in don lemon, who used to beg to go viral on twitter, before he said it wasn't real, will bring them to the center of what new management wants. rearranging at deck chairs on the titan ache, you have to be competitor to be a rival. >> todd: i beg to differ, the morning shift is most desired in all of television and where they put people like carley and me, hello issue bosses, i love the morning shift. post editorial board calling on new york governor kathy hochul to stop playing chicken and
2:25 am
agree on dates to debate lee zeldin. here is a quote from the article, i believe written by lee zeldin to almost everything she said she is open to debating without committing to anything remotely -- written by the post editorial board. joe, great point. what is she afraid of? >> joe: that is the question. editorial board of the "new york post" is 110% correct. kathy hochul is a coward. she is sitting governor of new york and she is terrified to state her case and they deserve to hear her position and perspective and absolutely must debate lee zeldin not once, at least twice. where is "new york times" and new york daily news and other major publications in new york calling for the same thing, that
2:26 am
is right, they serve the democratic party and would happy with kathy hochul hideing from lee zeldin in this election coming up in less than eight weeks. if someone offered two hours in prime time, i'm sure you would say no thanks, rather get up at 2:30 in the morning. i appreciate you defending us. >> carley: when do you get up? >> todd: earlier than that, i love feeling exhausted. i get up the night before. >> carley: trying to give you credit. he's a company man. >> todd: let's see if the viewers love don lemon and see if the voters -- >> carley: that is memorable, though. >> joe: it is, i love carley's hair today, keep doing that, the whole parting the other way, viewers trust it. >> carley: thank you, we did talk about it, he said he liked my part the other way. >> todd: and sending migrants to
2:27 am
blue cities. el paso approved a plan to bus migrants out of their city, what isn't the president talking about that? >> carley: and michael burgess is here next. l? then add the whoa! of listerine to your routine. new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. listerine. feel the whoa!
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>> carley: sanctuary city leaders in martha's vineyard declaring humanitarian crisis over 50 migrants that arrived on
2:31 am
wednesday. >> todd: bus loads will be sent to vice president kamala harris's door step. griff jenkins joins us from washington. >> griff: good morning, governors abbott and desantis got attention, cabinet heads will meet today to discuss range of responses including the transports which gavin newsom says is kidnapping, writing letter to merrick garland, i urge the department of justice to investigate whether the alleged fraudulent inducement could be kidnapping under relevant state law. 50 migrants landed on martha's vineyard and in front of vice president kamala harris's home. >> any comment on the migrants
2:32 am
dropped off? >> talk to thand. >> president biden: we're committed to fixing the immigration problem. republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props, what they're doing is wrong, unamerican, reckless. >> griff: on the tiny island paradise, it is causing a crisis. >> some point in time, they have to move somewhere else, we cannot -- we don't have the services to take care of 50 immigrants and certainly don't have housing, we're in a housing crisis. >> griff: the population of del rio, is under 35,000, they had nearly 50,000 encounters in july. martha vineyard population 17,000 and 50 migrants. governor desantis had this to
2:33 am
say. >> the minute, even a small fraction of what the border towns deal with everyday is brought to their front door, they are upset. it shows virtue signalling is a fraud. >> griff: governor abbott says buses will keep rolling to bring relief to his overrun border towns. >> carley: thank you. bring in texas congressman michael burgess. what is your reaction to the reporting the white house will consider litigating the republican governors, what does that mean? >> who knows what the white house means when it talks about this stuff. god bless greg abbott and governor desantis. had they not taken the action they have taken, it is national press will not be talking about this. you have been talking about it,
2:34 am
griff jenkins and bill melugin have been. it is important to push this story to the front pages, i ensure you it is on the front page of every small texas town and county where they are dealing with this on an ongoing basis. it has gotten worse month over month. going back to 2015, we had the honduras cries during the obama administration, this is worse than anyone has seen. >> carley: biden administration was flying immigrants to new york. then we have chicago mayor lori lightfoot sending higrantss to the suburbs, why are republicans being held to a different standard? >> you can't make this stuff up.
2:35 am
i tried to ask the secretary in a budget hearing earlier this year, i've tried to ask secretary mayorkas, are you at least letting people know what is coming their way and here i'm talking about the small texas towns, north central texas towns that may be receiving many, many, many individuals they have to take into school system, affects law enforcement and certainly going to affect what city governments provide. no, we don't have plans to do that. thank goodness governor abbott had foresight to push this story to the national stage, that is where this discussion needs to occur. >> carley: we have florida governor ron desantis sending a plane of 50 migrantss to martha's vineyard and they declared a humanitarian crisis over it.
2:36 am
think how many migrants are coming to the small texas towns and they have been dealing with this for years now, that is the important here, isn't it? >> it is the point. look, when the biden administration declared open border, that's a accident plan, we will make a tony of money on this. and they are, the cartels are doing well with the system the united states now has such as it is. look, the -- had they just planned a little bit better and from the department of health and human services, how can we push kids through faster, we are getting people out to people who are not their parents, but to secondary sources and that is not the way it is supposed to be. they changed at the agency,
2:37 am
secretary mayorkas changed it individually, in houston, they simply lost 60 kids. who knows what happened there. do you worry about trafficking? i do. and that is why really the administration needs to get a much better handle on this and it starts with border security. you cannot deal with the numbers texas, new mexico, california are asked to be dealing with, you can't deal with the numbers in a humane fashion. >> carley: the country just narrowly avoided a catastrophic railway crisis. listen. >> president biden: this agreement is a win for america, for rail workers and for dignity and the dignity of their work, recognition of that. this is great for both sides. >> carley: now we're learning that this will give workers an
2:38 am
$11,000 bonus and 25% wage increase and that is what the deal was to avert this strike. does that mean things will become more expensive for people? do you think it was a good deal? >> you might do the math and come to that conclusion. i've got a lot of great deal of sympathy for the working folks, inflation is hurting them, that is on joe biden, he caused that back in february of lasts year with the american rescue plan, which was unnecessary throwing that amount of money into an economy that was already beginning to hum. surprise, surprise, you end up with significant inflation. workers are having trouble like everyone is, having trouble paying bills at the end of the month and they need help, they
2:39 am
have received help, good for them, that action can be inflationary and other unions, i'm sure, are looking at this and taking cues from that, as well. we have problems in the airline industry, we have problems in the trucking industry. there are going to be downstream effects. >> carley: congressman, michael burgess, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> carley: we'll continue this conversation with florida attorney general ashley moody. don't go anywhere.
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>> todd: you just heard carley speak with texas congressman michael burgess. now florida attorney general ashley moody joins us now. how badly did your governor ron desantis expose it is hypocrisy of the left on this? >> ashley: their preferred way to address this is to sit on high, deny there is a crisis, deny americans are dying at
2:44 am
record rates because the border is open and there is fentanyl. we can tell you there is a crisis, i've offered sworn testimony from the border chief that said this crisis is unprecedented, it is endangering american lives and lives of migrants. they will deceive people, so what else are we supposed to do but take the border to them since they won't come to the border. biden won't go, kamala harris won't go, they should see what is going on so they have to address their willful ignorance or calculated evil. what we should have done for af affect, the towns, the law enforcement, we should have put fentanyl on there, too and see how martha's vineyard would have dealt with fentanyl coming into their city and how law enforcement would have been able
2:45 am
to handle that. >> todd: more from your governor in a 15-second sound bite summarizes the problem. >> the minute a small fraction of what the border towns deal with everyday is brought to their front door, they are so upset, it just shows their virtue signalling is a fraud. >> todd: ag moody, potential opponent gavin newsom urging the doj to investigate whether alleged fraudulent inducement would result in charges of kidnapping under relevant state law. by that reasoning, wouldn't the doj have to investigate the biden administration for doing the exact same thing when it came to migrant flights that the biden administration sent to westchester county in new york? >> ashley: exactly. the hypocrisy, i've been saying
2:46 am
and i've been in court fighting and proving that they are breaking the law everyday when they have opened border, when they let people flood in and release hundreds of thousands into the interior, they are breaking the law, they have become part of the cartel conspiracy, helping them move it across the country by moving people around the united states. pot/kettle? >> todd: there you go. you mentioned fentanyl, i want extrapolate. you are urging joe biden to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction, what would that do? >> ashley: it's a great question. 18 of my attorney general colleagues around the nation are saying enough is enough, this is such a potent drug and because of destruction of security on our border, it is flooding our
2:47 am
nation, our state, it started killing our citizens in mass casualty events, we have to do something different. i've seen studies that show ability to kill large amounts of people just as someone would do if they turn this into a weapon. bad actor working against american interest, it is time for the white house to take notice. i know you don't want to admit you have failed at your border, we are at greater risk than we have been in decades. it is time you step up and be the presidency we need you to be and declare this a weapon of mass destruction, so the department of defense, office that, works against can target the chemicals before they get into our country. >> todd: it is like a plane crash everyday. to your point, you have bypass
2:48 am
support for this, time for the president to act. ashley moody, have a great weekend. a special master has been named to review documents. >> carley: lara trump will be here. check in with steve doocy, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> steve: hello, carley and ted -- >> steve: taking on ted. thank you ted piro. >> todd: no problem, phil. >> steve: coming up on "fox and friends," foes join forces as vladamir putin and xi jinping meet face-to-face to inject stability into the world. that will work. army combat will join us live,
2:49 am
her response to the adversary no-limit friendship and texas attorney general paxton asking the federal government to consider kidnapping charges. and the doctor is in, dr. janette nesheiwat joins us live and golf legend john daly and sean payton. don't miss a minute of this all-star friday show starting at top of the hour. ted and carley will return in a moment, you are watching "fox and friends first" on the fox news channel. was holding me bac. but asthma has taken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms.
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♪ ♪ a federal judge officially appointing that special master to review documents seized at former president trump's mar-a-lago home. >> brook sigmund joins us with the very latest. brook?
2:54 am
>> retired judge raymond dearie tapped a special master to review the documents seized by the fbi from former president trump's mar-a-lago home. judge eastern district of new york serving on the new york district court from '96 to 2011 later served on the foreign intel surveillance court. comes as aileen cannon refused to let the justice department continue its review of classified documents. her ruling stating in part the court does not find it appropriate to accept the government's conclusions on port and disputed issues without further review by a neutral review party expedited and orderly fashion. some say the appointment of a special master underscores the public's lack of trust in the doj. listen. >> the justice department has been making the argument we have an honor system, your honor where can you trust us. the judge i'm not willing to accept your representations and that judge's statement is a very
2:55 am
strong statement that the judiciary no longer trusts the fbi to follow its honor system. >> meanwhile a fox news poll reveals 65% of voters feel it was inappropriate for the former president to take the sensitive documents in the first place. the fbi says it recovered more than # 1,000 documents from mar-a-lago during a search, including roughly 100 with classified markings. deerydeer dearie will be tapped. complete his review no later than november 30th. carley, todd? >> carley: thank you so much. let's bring in lara trump fox news tributer for her reaction to this. lara, the doj is essentially saying trust us. we're the government. we don't need oversight and the judge said not so fast. >> yeah. that's exactly right, carley. usually in matters like this, this is very standard to have a special master appointed
2:56 am
whenever there is any dispute over documents like this. yet, for some reason, the department of justice pushed back pretty hard against the idea of having this objective neutral third party individual put into the mix to clear the air, to bring transparency and trust back to an institution that obviously a lot of americans distrust at this point which is really sad. at every turn it seems like the department of justice and the fbi have gone the opposite way in making people feel less trustworthy of our institutions. and in order to operate in america, we need to have trust in these organizations and institutions. so, obviously, we feel at least from our perspective and my father-in-law's team, this is a step in the right direction. but, again, unfortunately, it just feels like such push back from the doj, it makes people wonder what are they trying to hide something nefarious
2:57 am
happened? why wouldn't they want the appointment of a special master? >> todd: meantime the competition was intense there were a lot of strong contenders, but, lara, i think we finally have our winner for gaslighter of the year. let's cue up ka karine jean-piee blaming president trump for the biden border crisis. >> what we have been doing is doing the work that wasn't done by the last administration. we are fixing a broken system. if these governors truly care about border security, they should ask texas governor ted cruz and florida senators marco rubio and rick scott why they voted against the president's request for record, recording funding for the department of homeland security. >> todd: look, i understand kjp's job is spin that's the job of every white house press secretary. that's a bold faced lie. how does she or anyone in the
2:58 am
administration have the gull to blame what we have seen over the last two years at the southern border on any republican, much less donald j. trump who wanted to build a wall and wanted our border secure? >> >> answered did build a wall, 400 miles of a wall was built under the trump administration. remember, he had to fight tooth and nail against the democrats to get the funding for that wall. it is absolutely outrageous to have a suggestion on any front that the border was not more secure under the trump administration. illegal crossings under my father-in-law fell by 87%. this -- obviously reknow the truist, americans know the truth. the fact that you have a press secretary able to get up there lie after lie after lie to the american people about any and everything, not just the border, is absolutely insane and it should -- it should never happen.
2:59 am
americans have to be able to at least trust some of the information we are being given there. we all know why people are coming to this country illegally is because they know what we all know. our border is wide open. joe biden and kamala harris are derelict in their duties to secure our southern border. to keep americans safe. it taxes every system we have in america when we allow people to come here illegally and that we know of 3 million have come here illegally so far. if they only applied the laws we have on the books, we would not be in this situation we have right now. these towns in texas and places in florida are now overrun. they cannot sustain the number of people that are coming over our southern border at such a rapid rate. don't forget about the drug cartels. don't forget about the human traffickers. don't forget about all of the nefarious characters that we have seen come over the southern border. you can't do it. >> ainsley: there should be
3:00 am
bipartisan concern for those exact issues the human sex and drug trafficking. we are not hearing anything from the biden administration now. it's infuriating. we have to let you go. we appreciate it. >> todd: busy week. >> carley: finally done. let's do the weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the border closed? >> it's open. >> biden administration ready to take legal action against republican gorchesz for sending illegal immigrants. >> better to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction who will help facilitate them. >> outside of harris' home. >> it's open because we enter. >> inflation remains high but that's not stopping the white house from giving itself another pat on the back. high costs arereally, um, reallg families which is why we have done the work we have done. >> thousands continue to line up to see the queen


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