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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  September 16, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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help everybody. another factor, the national guard and reservists who have been carrying so much of the load in our recent battles, their suicide rate i believe reservists are taking their life at a 40% higher rate than active duty. >> bill: it is really important stuff. check it out this weekend on fox reports at 6:00 eastern time. we'll run it throughout the week as well. great to see you. jon scott. we have to run. smitty, great to be with you at 1:00. here is dagen in today for harris. bye-bye. >> this fox news alert. the situation at our southern border spinning out of control. blue states are finally feeling the heat. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris. massachusetts now moving illegal migrants sent there to a shelter set up on joint base cape cod. they are expected to arrive
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later this hour after republican governor sent a clear message all week. texas governor greg abbott dropping off bus loads of migrant right at kamala harris's doorstep after she said the border was secure. desantis sent migrants to martha's vineyard. they are loud and proud sanctuary en klaifshs. democrats now blasting the governors. the president and white house doubling down on border security. >> we agree the border is secure but there is still more work to be done. i've been very clear. it is a political stunt. that's what we're seeing from governors, republican governors in particular. republicans -- their colleagues should be calling out the cruel way that they are playing and what they are doing with their cruel political games.
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and again, these are families that are including children, all right? >> republicans are playing politics with human beings using them as props. what they're doing is simply wrong, unamerican, reckless. >> any comments on the migrants dropped off? >> the border czar refusing to respond to desantis's shot across the bow. governor abbott with this just a moment ago. >> we have small communities of about 25,000 people who have thousands of illegal immigrants dumped into their community and so they were begging for relief. plus we have a president who has refused to go see the chaos he has created on the border and a border czar who has refused to see what's going ong at the border. if they won't go to the border we're taking the border to them. >> bill melugin is live at the border in eagle pass, texas. bill. >> good morning to you. i can tell you there are folks
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here in texas who are rolling their eyes at the idea of martha's vineyard being overwhelmed by the arrival of just 50 migrants. i can tell you we have already seen well over 500 illegal crossings this morning in just a couple of hours so far. the day is still young here in eagle pass. we'll show you some of what we've seen. take a look. this is the brand-new fox news nighttime flying drone with thermal imaging capabilities. we're debuting it today for the first time. we were flying it in the middle of the night last night as we saw a large group of well over 100 migrants crossing illegally. some in the water, some coming up the riverbank and a large group crosses illegally to a private orchard in eagle pass. it is the number one spot along the border for these large groups. they get more of them than anywhere else along our southern border. sometimes the del rio sector gets upwards of 2,000 illegal crossings in a single day. this was only one of three huge
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groups we have already seen so far this morning. it is not even noon yet out here. look at the second group we saw. another group of about 200 who crossed illegally and started walking along a local highway out here. this is how it is in eagle pass. you can be driving down the road and you will see large groups of several hundred migrants walking down the highway waiting to be apprehended by border patrol. highway 277 and we see migrants on it almost every day out here predominantly single adults from venezuela out here in the sector. while that was going on we had a third group crossing at the same time. look at this video from our drone team on the other side of town in eagle pass. another group of 200 to 300 migrants who also crossed illegally at the same time. this sector has had more than 450,000 illegal crossings so far this year. that's double the number it was at this same time last year. the records keep getting broken. the del rio sector, it's
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sucking up border patrol resources. last weekend alone they had more than 700 known gotaways just in this sector alone. bringing it to arizona, imagine or fentanyl bust. look at the photos here. cbp agents seizing 276,000 fentanyl pills which were being smuggled in a vehicle's spare trier trying to get into the u.s. 146,000 of those pills were the new rainbow colored fentanyl pills designed to look like candy which has the d.e.a. concerned. it could be more attractive to young people. back here live border patrol in arizona reported their own fentanyl bust. they arrested a 15-year-old u.s. citizen who had five pounds of fentanyl strapped to his body on a shuttle bus trying to get through a border patrol checkpoint. a 15-year-old had that on him and was arrested which border patrol.
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>> when was fox news first at the border covering it daily? last march, not this year but the last year? >> it would be february or march of 2021. we've been out here non-stop well over a year and a half now. >> how fast other members of the media wound up on martha's vineyard because that's the tragedy and scandal. thank you for what you and the crew do every single day. border officials facing some 6,000 encounters per day and as bill melugin mentioned, that's not including those gotaways that slip past agents. del rio, texas saw more encounters in july than its own population. democrats absolutely outraged, however, that governor desantis sent 50 migrants to martha's vineyard. new york and washington so far getting what agents at the border see over several hours.
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but massachusetts democrats already calling their situation a humanitarian crisis. ron desantis calling out that hypocrisy. >> biden would fly people in the middle of the night, dump them all across this country. there was no warning on any of this. they are doing it and farming people out all around. the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk and so upset this is happening. it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud. >> republican congresswoman, a member of the house homeland security committee is here. what do you make of this hypocrisy? the migrant flights coming in in the middle of the night into new york state and westchester county, no one would have known about those instead of the
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reporting of the "new york post." >> the height of hypocrisy. you think about the 78 flights alone that came into jacksonville, florida in the dead of the night that took a freedom of information request by members of congress to get that from the biden administration. yet 50 illegals get flown into the playground of the rich and famous, home of barack obama, all of sudden they're outraged. obama was the author of the kids in cages. now they're on their front doorstep and oh my goodness, we have to get the military involved. i have a nod to governor desantis for his shrewd acumen and the courage to take the fight to those on the left and those that choose to ignore and virtue signal but also to you and the entire fox team you guys are the only network covering this epic crisis that we have been facing.
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no other network has touched it. they don't want to acknowledge the $2 million that el paso has allocated and the 25 charter buses they are sending to sanctuary cities. it is only when governor abbott and desaptis that it -- same on the biden administration for ignoring the public health, humanitarian and national security crisis that he has created at our southwest border. >> the "new york post" has a couple of op-eds with headlines like this. with martha's vineyard meltdown maybe dems will finally understand illegal immigration problems and also this. dems are upset that desantis has made them look in the mirror on migration. and the fact that just to use one example of many, the press secretary calls moving migrants to other places in the united
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states cruel. what's cruel is laying a foundation where human traffickers and drug traffickers profit from human misery and suffering and even death, whether it's the hundreds, as the united states and governor greg abbott mentioned this. the united nations said our southern border is the most deadly in the world. hundred of migrants have died. 51 who died trapped in a tractor trailer. then also the thousands upon thousands, tens of thousands of americans who die from fentanyl poisoning. where is the outrage from the left? >> they live in an alternate reality. they don't see the cruelty at the southwest border because they refuse to go there. they want to live in the alternate reality where their open border policy is somehow humane. it is inhumane. i can tell you firsthand having
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been there five times that is what's inhumane are the cartels that viciously gang rape young girls as young as 9 years old. i have seen it myself. the human trafficking, the over 100,000 families that have lost loved ones because of the fentanyl that has been peddled and trafficked across the border. the only thing that is inhumane and cruel is the biden administration's open border policies and that's what is going to change. americans will never forget the open border poll seals that have simultaneously created a public health crisis, humanitarian crisis and national security crisis allowing members of the international terrorist watch list to come across this border and gang members, drugs have destroyed our national security in that respect. we will not let them forget it. >> before we go, california governor gavin newsom is also calling out ron desantis and governor abbott calling on the department of justice to
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consider kidnapping charges. he tweeted this. i'm formally requesting the d.o.j. begin an immediate investigation into these inhumane efforts to use kids as political pawns. it seems like that gavin newsom tends to wake up to these issues when he can use it as a political weapon. but not before. >> it's kind of concerning, the obsession that california governor newsom has with florida governor ron desantis. i think there is maybe a hint of jealousy in the fact we are oef the freest state in the nation and our education is top in the nation and they are falling at the bottom of every bad list, california is. it's a very strange dynamic. he should even talk to his own in laws who fled to the free state of florida. i think governor newsom would be best focusing on the issues in his backyard, homelessness, drug crisis, people fleeing so much so he has to run ads in
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other states telling people to come home. he has to focus on his own issues before he comes at my governor ron desantis. >> i'll also point out at least one county, i believe it's santa clara county in northern california, is distributing narcan in all the high schools because of the fear and danger related to fentanyl overdoses in our high schools among teenagers. >> absolutely heartbreaking. as a parent i can't even imagine having my high schooler come home and say i got narcan today. heartbreaking. >> florida congresswoman, thank you for being here. top democrat senator with a dire warning for his own party. chuck schumer reportedly overheard making grim predictions for the mid-terms and his house counterpart nancy pelosi. marc thiessen in "focus" next. critics say biden the uniter is pulling the country apart. playing politics as americans
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8:20 am
the crowd at the white house loudly booed. that gathering to celebrate the so-called inflation reduction act the same day we learned inflation barely budged and picked up steam if you look at core inflation excluding food and energy. voters with these thoughts on the president. >> he is not uniting the country at all. >> he doesn't love this country the way he should. >> the country was already divided. biden didn't really help and he made it worse. >> marc thiessen. now it's antipathy for the vast majority of americans suffering because of this runaway inflation. >> 100%. in the speech at independence hall he said i'm not talking about the majority of
8:21 am
republicans. just about the election deniers and people who disrespect the rule of law. then he says everyone who is pro-life is a mega republican. every republican has had that. maga republicans, if you support tax cuts like every public since ronald reagan you're a maga republican and the attack on rick scott using the plan that the "washington post" fact checker gave him three pinocchios for using the plan to tar the rest of the party because there is no support for this plan. saying they want to take away your social security. in 2012 they ran the ad with paul ryan pushing a lady over the cliff while mitt romney sang america the beautiful.
8:22 am
it's lies and it is the same tactic the democrats have been doing every time they've been desperate. >> 48% of registered voters call biden's rhetoric heated and healthy. 42% call it overheated and dangerous. polling from fox also ranks voters' top issues inflation is number one at 89%. future of democracy second at 85%. political divisions and crime tying at 79%. but again the inflation issue, he is not only ignoring it, dismissing it, but their policies are making it worse. the greater the burden on the federal reserve to fight it t greater the downturn. this country is headed toward a very deep long-lasting recession next year. >> 100%. the idea that first of all he
8:23 am
just celebrated this inflation reduction act which doesn't reduce -- even on paper didn't reduce inflation. p penn wharton said it was neutral on inflation and moody's, doesn't improve inflation. the claim that it's neutral on inflation was because it reduced the deficit by $275 million. a couple days later he introduces this plan to forgive $600 billion to a trillion dollars in student debt. that's completely unpaid for. it wiped out all the deficit reduction. if you wipe out the deficit reduction by two or three times the inflation reduction act with cause inflation. he pours gasoline on the fire of inflation. that's not just me. it's obama economists. it's irresponsible to pour gasoline on the fire of inflation and stupid to do it a few weeks before an election. >> mortgage rates are the highest they've been since the
8:24 am
crisis in 2008 topping 6% for the first time since then. i could go on. i'm a nerd. that's what i love. stay up late at night reading information about the federal reserve. what about this manure picnic that biden threw at the white house to celebrate inflation? no one told him it was a bad idea? >> if you want a window into the incompetence of the biden administration, there it is. they set celebration of the inflation reduction when we get a report when inflation hit 8.3%. gas prices are 26% higher than they were a year ago. home heating oil, people are buying home heating oil up 69%. people in the country are choosing between gas and food and they're celebrating inflation reduction. 78% of americans in the fox poll said inflation has hurt them and they look at that saying these people are out of touch. >> if you take out energy and
8:25 am
household durables, inflation increases month over month. virtually every category tracked in the consumer price indepth was up month over month. so to say it's easing or leveling out is manure. mark, before we go, even the press secretary yesterday was talking about medicare and social security being on the chopping block. if they cared the medicare hospital trust fund runs out of money in 2028 and only then they would be able to pay 90 cents on the dollar benefits. why not take the money spent on rich students to try to fix that? >> exactly. what they're doing is taking from working class americans up to a trillion dollars according to the penn wharton model to pay the business school loans of medical loans of doctors. the higher education graduate school loans and letting social security go bankrupt.
8:26 am
so rather than attacking republicans who have called for some sort of entitlement reform to save social security they will get it go bankrupt and spend money on everything else and climate change and take air force one to vote for a few hours in delaware. good for them. >> the abortion issue front and center on the ballot in the mid-terms. some new legislation floated by senator graham this week heating up the debate further. california governor newsom is putting up billboards in red states telling women to come to california for abortions. alexandria hoff is live at the white house. >> good afternoon. there is some concern even among republicans that any new abortion legislation on the federal level serves to distract from issues like crime and inflation and gives democrats the opportunity to try to mobilize their voters using talking points like this.
8:27 am
>> this is dystopian, handmade'stale. >> the voters don't want that. >> senator graham introduced a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks with exceptions. a limit in line with most european nations. came less than two months out from the mid-term elections. 56% of democrat voters consider abortion their top concern. 27% for republicans. >> i'm proudly pro-life and i have no apology for being pro-life. there is no bad time to defend the unborn. >> republican senator told "politico" i don't think there is an appetite for a national platform. my state today is working on this. i'm not sure what he have is thinking here. mitch mcconnell voiced a similar sentiment >> i think most of the members of my conference prefer that this be dealt with at the state
8:28 am
level. >> senator marco rubio sponsored graham's bill noting republicans have laid out their limits while democrats have not. >> your position is you support abortion on demand for any reason at any time up to the moment of birth and paid for my taxpayers. >> it can be a tricky issue for democrats to address. the majority of americans don't support abortions considered late term. >> thank you so much. president biden breaking a long interview drought this weekend. >> president biden: they went on strike to supply chains would come to a screeching halt we would have seen a real economic crisis. >> the president's appearance on 60 minutes comes nearly 100 days after his last sit-down interview. the white house insists he speaks to the press all the time. hispanic voters are abandoning the democrat party if droves.
8:29 am
the huge impact this could have on the mid-terms.
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>> a new report says the top senate democrat is expressing some concerns about the party's chances of keeping the house despite many democrats feeling they've turned the tide on a red wave. according to punch bowl news senate majority leader chuck schumer privately told a group of democratic senators monday night that speaker pelosi is in trouble and democrats will lose the house. he said if the election were held today there was a 60% chance they would hold the senate. 40% chance they would hold the house. power panel, matt gorman former communications director for the republican campaign arm and disray tim congressional candidate and president and ceo
8:35 am
of innovation ohio. that's not very nice, desirae, chuck schumer is saying that his colleague nancy pelosi. >> typically the party who holds the white house loses in the mid-term elections. he is saying republicans have fumbled the ball with abortion, for example the national ban introduced by senator lindsey graham is a no-go for voters across the country. democrats have a chance to hold the senate. because of the republican party's fumbles they have an opportunity to hold the house, which is why speaker pelosi is so confident. but this happens every mid-term election. it happens to republicans and democrats. if democrats come out on top it is because the republicans failed to win this go round. >> matt, it is not a ban, it is a 15-week restriction on abortions in the senator graham
8:36 am
bill. that being said, chuck schumer lambasting nancy pelosi, how sexist. >> you know, there is a lot of bluster from the democrats as a whole. the fundamentals don't lie. joe biden is stuck between 42 and 43%. it's the approval rating of the president. if you are a member of his party you stay within that number as well unless your last name is manchin or collins you aren't outrunning a president by 7 or 8 points. you have seen a renewed sense of optimism among some of the senate races in georgia in particular, her shell has a small lead there. the next state you'll see is nevada as well. >> i want to move on. lots of pressure on the border czar, vice president kamala harris when she said the border was secure. the vice president walked away
8:37 am
from a question. watch this. >> our leader in this country who rather than focusing on what's good for the public within their own states, they're using people as pawns for political stunts. i think it is shameful. >> i look forward for our day together. thank you. >> what was your reaction to buses arriving at your house? >> what do you make from the reaction of the second gentleman and no reaction from the border czar. >> the first gentleman is right. what we're seeing from republican governors busing people, human beings across the country is a political stunt and human trafficking and not right. that's not going to help us reach a bipartisan consensus to
8:38 am
reform immigration and to figure out how to control our borders. we know these are human beings fleeing from political war and seeking asylum. this political stunt is also not going to go over well with voters. meanwhile democrats are legislating and issuing bipartisan infrastructure. making sure we bring jobs back. democrats are leading. republicans are playing political games. >> inflation is the number one issue, matt. it's not being fought out of the white house and not out of the democrats in the house and senate regardless of what they want to call that act. i digress. if the democrats want to call this human trafficking and that seems to be a word maybe starting with senator bob menendez. a word that keeps coming up over and over again as part of the -- their talking points. but if it's human trafficking, then joe biden was human trafficking because the administration was flying under
8:39 am
the cover of night migrants. again the hypocrisy of this, into westchester, new york state, virginia, you name it. but what do you make of the response from kamala harris and her husband or lack of response from vice president harris? >> let's be clear. this gives northeast liberals including the vice president and her husband a chance to show hypocritical and selfish they are. what do they think is happening at the border and the capacities of the gop governors. their infrastructure is stressed. they can see what is happening at the border. governors called for a meeting and called for help over a year ago and were rebuffed. it gives them a chance to show not only what's happening at the border but if they claim to be so compassionate in the sanctuaries cities here you go, see for yourself. >> it's not going to bring
8:40 am
democrats and republicans together. it's not how we get bipartisan reform for our borders. it is not going to happen. ron desantis using taxpayer dollars to fly human beings from another state in texas to martha's vineyard isn't the answer. >> they were flying into new york state because of president biden. and 50 immigrants on martha's vineyard elicited if you were on the right and as upset on some of these people as martha's vineyard you would be called xenophobe i can and racist. 10 times the number have crossed this morning through eagle pass, texas, 500 versus 50. that makes them upset inseed of the people dying crossing the border. hundreds and thousands of people who died from fentanyl poisoning. thank you for being here.
8:41 am
>> people are dying crossing the border and we have to offer help and reach a bipartisan solution. this isn't going to solve the problems. >> until the border is secure there won't be any bipartisanship. fetterman's health getting more attention in the senate race. >> he seems healthy. zbliem owe not as concerned about his health as his policies and history. he is soft on crime. >> i'm more concerned with his opponent, dr. oz. >> the democrat finally agreeing to debate his republican opponent dr. oz, but with a bunch of conditions. liberal media outlets slamming florida governor ron desantis over the migrant flights to martha's vineyard and other blue cities. the same outlets that have completely ignored the border crisis for years. joe concha weighs in next.
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>> pennsylvania's senate race could be the one that decides the balance of power in the upper chamber. democrat candidate john fetterman not very transparent
8:47 am
when it comes to the stroke he suffered in may. and he just finally agreed to a debate, but not until a couple of weeks before election day. the war of words between him and his republican challenger dr. oz a little on the savage side. >> he has been dodging all questions, not just debate questions, but those from the press and from voters, which is insulting in a democracy. i think he is doing it to avoid this radical left ideology that he has. >> right now dr. oz is making a very, very big fit making fun of or mocking somebody with a health challenge. >> rich edson has the latest on this race from washington >> good morning. voters in pennsylvania will start receiving absentee ballots as early as monday. they will wait five weeks after that to see the only scheduled debate between john fetterman
8:48 am
and mehmet oz. fetterman is recovering from a stroke in may. >> the actual lingering issue of auditory processing. sometimes i may not be able to hear things or might miss a word and now i just want to make sure i'm able to know exactly the question being put to me. >> i understand how hard it is to deal with a stroke and heart failure. i am fine with him taking rehearsals. i would like more time in the debate. you have to have multiple debates according to the "washington post". >> he shared cognitive test scores showing he is functioning in the normal range for his age. the times reports fetterman's campaign did not make his doctors available for interviews. oz says fetterman can speak in front of thousands of supporters he should be ready to debate now. one analyst says fetterman may be trying to take advantage of early voting ahead of the late october debate. >> it seems like he is trying
8:49 am
to run out the clock as early as possible when some of the early votes have already cast their ballots and won't be able to change their mind after watching the debate. >> campaign told us voters will still have two weeks after the debate to make up their minds and two years ago the vast majority of ballots in pennsylvania were cast in the final two weeks. dagen. >> thank you so much for that. after ignoring the border crisis for years, liberal media outlets are slamming florida governor ron desantis for sending two planes of migrants to martha's vineyard. msnbc host chris hayes tweeted deeply sick and dehumanizing to fling human beings vin diktively. another one saying desantis heartlessness and cynicism is hard to exaggerate. keith oel berman call it human
8:50 am
trafficking. reading talking points. human trafficking, so based on facts, then joe biden is a human trafficker as well because they have done the same thing flying migrants under the cover of night to places like new york state. >> that's right. westchester in the middle of the night or florida. this has been going on for 18 months under this administration and suddenly these folks care. if they cared so much about the well-being of illegal migrants, dagen, they really should pay attention to this report that just came out from dhs. at least 750 migrants have died trying to cross into the u.s. you compare that to the year before when the number was only 200, right? many of that was from heat exposure and people drowning now. women and children. 19,000 search and rescues by border patrol agents alone. they are risking their lives as well. ron desantis if he is playing chess democrats are playing checkers and the hypocrisy is in the opening and they're actually covering the story.
8:51 am
>> other networks are at martha's vineyard. until recently you couldn't find another television reporter from a cable network down at the southern border. that's been the story. that is the story, not martha's vineyard. but they are doing -- the media and democrats are doing exactly what governor abbott in particular expected them to do. you have to put illegal migrants at their doorstep for them to start being upset about what is a runaway crisis. it is a financial hardship for anybody and everybody across the southern border, texas, arizona, new mexico. >> more than 4 million people will have crossed into this country in the first two years of this presidency alone. we're talking about nearly six times the population of boston, massachusetts. not too far from martha's
8:52 am
vineyard. the story moved off martha's vineyard. they've been moved to cape cod to a military base. martha's vineyard couldn't deal with them. >> with the hypocrisy always comes hyperbole. new day on cnn. >> all of your documentaries are about history. but all of them also make you think about where we are now and we woke up to the news this morning that governor ron desantis of florida sent two plane loads of migrants to martha's vineyard with kids and what not. this is not a parallel here in any way but it does address some of the same themes that are part of this documentary. >> what? the holocaust? >> john berman should know better and why he is being demoted. whenever they talk about the holocaust probably haven't read
8:53 am
about it. how jews weren't just exterminated right away, they worked until they couldn't physically do it anymore and there was no value to the nazis and then they were exterminated. you are comparing this to that? i don't get angry very often but screw you, john berman, the worst analogy you could use and insult to every single person that lost a family member in that horrible holocaust. >> you could call up my best friends whose dad was in a work camp highly the rest of his family were exterminated. martha's vineyard such a hardship. the people wanted the migrants gone as quickly as possible. they can't possibly stay here said a woman. the great biden interview drought, joe concha, came to an end. 60 minutes tweeted it will air at sit-down interview sunday to
8:54 am
kick off the season. by sunday biden will have gone 219 days without a sit-down interview. the white house press secretary defended the president when asked about it last wiek. only interviewed 22 times between taking office and may of this year. at the same point in his term president trump sat down for 90 interviews with the media and i know that president obama sat down for even more than that. 187, i think. >> there is a reason why he is going on 60 minutes. a taped interview. things can be edited out. 60 minutes twitter feed. president joe biden tells 60 minutes went into the deal that stopped the nationwide railroad strike. amazing timing. joe biden sat down with him at the very day the crisis no one heard about this week was averted. it will be a fixed fight. not the 60 minutes we grew up with. we saw it with lesley stahl and
8:55 am
president trump insisted to investigate the hunter biden story and said there isn't there there. we know what to expect. >> president biden lied to george stephanopolous last year during the horrific sit-down. thank you so much. great to see you. that does it for us. "outnumbered" after the break. inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday.
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