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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 16, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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crease these risks in young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. these aren't all the serious side effects. in the darkness of bipolar i and ii depression, caplyta can help you let in the lyte. ask your doctor about caplyta, from intra-cellular therapies. >> sandra: here we go, new at 2:00, midterms weeks away, with control of congress at stake, here comes hillary. >> this midterm election is going to have a lot of energy from women and men who don't want the government, don't want politicians like abbott or someone else coming into their lives. enough with the nonsense of sending these poor venezuelans to martha's vineyard or excusing a former president who has
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stolen classified information. >> sandra: welcome back. as "america reports" rolls into hour two, i'm sandra smith in new york, i've got larry kudlow on set next to me. >> john: i can hear him in the background. hillary clinton, she's back. joining the chorus, but with the battle for congress so tight, could she be a gift to republicans. >> sandra: we'll hear more from clinton in a bit, but we begin with the economy. the president says it is under control, even celebrating it last week as critics say that is just not the case. here is a fox news alert. new today, warnings on a global scale from both economists and the folks who make sure you get what you need. >> john: the head of fedex expects the economy to enter a worldwide recession. listen here. >> we are seeing that the volume decline in every segment around the world and the weekly numbers are not looking so good.
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so we just assume at this point that the economic conditions are not very good. >> john: the dow did not like that a whole lot. warnings from the business community coming as the white house continues to celebrate. >> on tuesday he joined thousands of americans to celebrate the historic passage of the inflation reduction act. which lowers costs for families and takes aggressive action to tackle the climate crisis and today we got some more good economic news, today state by state job numbers showed that unemployment rates in many states remained at historically low levels. >> sandra: ok, we'll dig into that. at the same time, the white house has been celebrating, americans are pointing out they are not in the mood. >> like every time i check the receipt for our grocery bill, i punch my wallet. >> we are trying to cut back on our groceries to make room for
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other things in our life. cutting back on travel, cutting back on shopping, little things here and there. >> sandra: changing behaviors. larry kudlow says the comments from the white house are a slap in the face to working families. >> john: fox team coverage now, madison alworth how the economy is forcing americans to change their plans now. >> sandra: i should say the white house comments, not the couple, they were lovely. thank you for the report at the top of the hour, we just heard from the white house the press briefing was going on, the economists say we are nowhere out of the woods here. >> no, exactly, and i just ducked out of the press briefing. and she was talking about the states, mostly republican states, the list said the unemployment rate that is low. the head of the world bank believes a global recession is more likely because of inflation, and on inflation, when you talk about core inflation, that's without food
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and energy prices the first time in five months. the that says inflation might be more entrenched in the economy. but the labor secretary telling fox business they have been working on it. >> we have been very clear in this administration we are doing everything we can to bring down inflationary pressures, i would have liked to have seen the prices lower, and make sure people get into good opportunities for good jobs. >> white house is not doing everything they can on inflation. one quick fix, american petroleum institute would be allowing more u.s. oil and natural gas. >> none of their policies have pursued issues we can continue to produce here in the united states. continually, we see more restrictions, more regulations on this industry, which is actually hindering american production rather than encouraging at a time we need price stability in the
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marketplace. >> still the white house saying the inflation reduction act will save us. >> and you look at that plan, it's going to lower healthcare prices, it's going to lower medicare costs for our seniors, which is important, which is a fight that members of congress and the president included had been fighting decades and decades against big pharma. >> tracker of growth in the united states, .5%, that has been coming down, we saw the first quarter negative growth, second quarter negative growth, technically a recession there. not headed the right direction there. >> sandra: and larry kudlow saying that is very important. thank you, edward. john. >> john: team coverage continues now, madison live in new jersey, and madison, 100 days to christmas, some people are changing their holiday plans already? >> they are, john, because
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inflation is hitting america so hard. so, supply chain last year was a mess. the good news is, it's looking a little better heading into the holiday season because retailers sent their items in early. so normally this time of year, 100 days out from christmas, you would be getting holiday gifts and items off the ships behind me. instead they shipped items earlier this summer to avoid the problems we saw last year. >> a lot of the goods this year were preloaded in the early summer for the holiday. so right now, even though there are 20 ships waiting to berth in the newark port, i would say overall a better system. the only concerns were the labor concerns and the railroads, would have been catastrophic again. >> freight strength also depends on china, the supply chain is more healthy than in recent
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months. the problem is demand is now falling. so fedex, they show the demand for shipping is drying up, the company missing on earnings. they are closing stores, freezing hiring and grounding planes as inflation hammers america. so, inflation, that's going to be top of mind as people start to shop and they are shopping early. to deal with rising costs, 41% of shoppers are seeking discounts and 27% are already shopping now to spread out their spend even with the deals, though, americans are expecting to take on debt in order to put gifts under the tree this year because of those higher costs. now, with excessive inventory we saw over the summer as inflation started to hit, we should expect to see more deals, it's already happening at retailers like walmart to get the inventory out. so, we have some good news ahead of holidays, right. supply chain looking a lot better than last year. the problem this year, how much are americans going to be able to spend and how many gifts can they afford. john. >> john: obviously something we
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will keep watching in the weeks ahead. madison al worth, thank you. >> sandra: larry kudlow, you've been waiting for him, a lot to get to with you here, but i think we all saw that stark contrast, celebration at the white house last week about the inflation reduction act while all we are seeing is inflation go higher. they did this on the same day that the inflation report came out, 8.3% year over year. this is real economic pain on the american people and wages just cannot keep up with that growth. >> larry: that was my read because they have a tin ear and it was a slap in the face of wage earners and working folks, celebrating with james taylor and so forth, the reality, the inflation report was worse than expected, and even for the month, instead of falling, it rose. edward lawrence made an important point. you could be staring your third straight gdp decline in the
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third quarter. atlanta fed gdp tracker, it changes on the most up to date information so we now have most of the numbers for august and it's only 0.5. a month ago, it was 2.5%. you have also the inflation tracker from the cleveland federal reserve, very useful, median cpi, nearly 7%. 6.7%. the fed's target is two. and we still have big spending bills out of washington. >> sandra: and big warnings from big corporations. >> larry: it's the luck of the draw. but fred smith, founder of fedex and the executive chairman, his coe is saying we are looking at a global recession. worst of all worlds. inflation election and it will be a recession election, we are looking at continued monetary tightening, probably slipping into some higher unemployment.
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it's very difficult and i want to say this, sandra, when joe biden said the other day in that white house thing that he inherited a crisis and developed a resurgence, i beg to differ. with all respect to the president, you know, it's not personal with me, but the reality is, he inherited a boom and turned it into a bust. he inherited near 0 inflation, and turned it into a deeply embedded price and wage spiral. and for example, the railroad union workers got a raise, the wage hike, i don't blame them. they are responding to high prices. real wages for typical families have fallen 3.5%. 3.5% pay cut adjusted for inflation. >> sandra: it's brutal. >> larry: for ordinary typical working folks. this is an inflation recession and a recession inflation election and recession election.
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>> sandra: possibility a third straight quarter of economic contraction in the country, i wonder if they will admit we are in recession at that point. while prices are going up, wages are stagnant in some cases going down, real wage growth is falling, larry sommers is highlighting mortgages. over 6% and climbing in this country, they were just over 2% when biden took office. here is larry sommers warning on the housing market. >> you know, i think we certainly have seen a very substantial part of the increases that are going to come but it wouldn't surprise me if we see some further increases in more -- in mortgage rates but i don't think we are at the peak right now but i don't think we are going to see massive increases from here. >> sandra: and as we continue to
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point out, his warnings have been out there, formerly of a democratic administration. >> larry: he's done a good job. >> sandra: housing market. >> housing starts have collapsed, sales, new and existing home sales have collapsed, prices will be next. 30-year fixed mortgages are well over 6% and one problem here, the federal reserve has been put in a position where they are going to have to tighten their money more aggressively because of inflation. the fed's target is 2. i'm saying the cleveland fed median cpi is nearly 7, 6.7%, so three times. >> sandra: art laffer your buddy was on last hour and says they have to rip the band aid off. >> larry: we are. you have to get your real rates above inflation rate and nowhere near there. i'm not happy about that, i don't want the fed to have to drive us into recession, but
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another point. fiscal policy, spending policy from the federal government is easy and monetary policy from the federal reserve is tight. in an argument, there's a conflict, that's going to make the story worse and summers has predicted, the unemployment rate -- we will get through this, we will get through this. this didn't have to happen. these policies are going to be changed, i believe as an optimist, the calvary is coming, the congress is going to change hands, i know people may disagree, i appreciate the disagreement, but these -- here is why, you know where the policies are going to change, because they have to change. ok, and americans have good common sense. >> sandra: 4:00 we'll be watching. fred smith on, fedex news. pete hegseth is going to join you. >> larry: and the ukrainians are
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winning, very cool. >> sandra: and i'll see you next week for a fox nation special. >> john: hundreds of schools turning to, listen to this, four-day weeks. but with grades already falling, is keeping kids at home the right way to go? brian kilmeade has some thoughts about that. >> sandra: we look forward to him joining us. plus democrats ripping into republican governors for sending migrants to democrat-led cities. but republicans say they should send their complaints to the white house. shannon bream up next.
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>> what about the crossing number? you are reading off expulsions and things like that because all these people are coming over. >> yes, and they are also being encountered, individuals encountered are also being removed or expelled and this year we'll remove more this year than any previous year. >> why would the president turn down a dhs plan to move migrants to the northern border to relieve some of the crowding at the southern border. >> i was just asked about this question, that's been asked and
11:18 am
answered. i literally have just answered that question. >> i did not understand what your answer was. >> when this is over you can look at the transcript and take a look. >> you won't clarify? >> literally, jacqui, just answered that question. >> do you think the system you have in place is working? >> what we are asking for, we are asking for congress to act, again, on the president's first day in the administration put together a comprehensive migration reform and instead of using individuals, families with as political pawns they should work with us and they are not. and there is an immigration legislation, comprehensive immigration legislation we put forth on day one and again, republicans have voted many of them have voted against the funding, record funding for dhs. so, we are willing to figure out
11:19 am
how to fix this problem. we are. we put worth ways to do this, put forth policies to do this and ways to make sure that we were dealing with a broken system. >> is that an acknowledgment -- >> i just answered your question, we are moving on. >> two quick questions for you. >> john: karine jean-pierre curt response from jacqui heinrich on immigration, what's been going on this week with migrants being sent by bus to places like chicago and new york city and elsewhere and then flown into martha's vineyard. more on that with shannon bream in a moment. >> sandra: molly line is live at joint base cape cod, where the migrants from martha's vineyard have been relocated. what are you hearing from people there? >> well, right now the 50 migrants, they have made it here after arriving late wednesday unexpectedly on martha's vineyard. they have now been transferred
11:20 am
and arrived at joint base cape cod. they left the church where they had been housed there on the island travelling today via bus and ferry here to the base where the massachusetts emergency management agency is coordinating all the efforts to give them food, shelter, healthcare, legal services as well. democrat lawmakers, state lawmakers have been very harshly critical of florida governor ron desantis and the lack of warning the migrants received, including children and the community received before they arrived here in the state of massachusetts. >> you know, when they got off the planes they were really confused, they were lied to about where they were going, what was going to greet them when they were here. and we were not alerted to it, right. so, no one was there to greet them. >> i think that the fact that governor desantis has spoken about literally using human beings, including children as
11:21 am
pawns is the worst kind of political antics. >> desantis claimed the burden of migrant arrival should not just be on red states. florida has a program to relocate them to sanctuary locations. and charlie baker as activated up to 125 members of the national guard to help out with the effort. >> sandra: keep us posted from there, molly. thank you. >> john: shannon bream, host of "fox news sunday" to discuss this at greater length. democrats lining up to condemn people like governor ron desantis of florida and greg abbott of texas. listen to hillary clinton and joe biden. >> some politicians would rather not only have an issue but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking. >> republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props.
11:22 am
what they are doing is simply wrong, it's un-american, it's wreckless. >> and ron desantis firing back. >> the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they go berserk and so upset this is happening and just shows you, you know, their virtue signalling is a fraud. >> john: first of all, welcome back hillary clinton to the fray, and rising as an election year issue. does either side have the high ground here, everybody is playing politics. >> shannon: they are playing politics. when you hear human traffic, people talk about trafficking, what about the people being trafficked at the border. those numbers are outrageous, and there are people that risk their lives. we cover this, our fantastic teams at the border cover this all day every day about people who are losing children, men, women, drowning on their way in, being stolen by cartels, forced into slavery. so many bad things are happening at the border.
11:23 am
yes, definitely feel for the 50 people seem they are caught in the middle of the political fight, what about the thousands and thousands and thousands facing the trouble at the border. we should care about them, too. >> john: we heard hillary clinton liken it to human trafficking. listen to what karine jean-pierre said. >> they use them as political pawns, treated them like chattel in a political stunt, these are the tactics we see from smugglers in places like mexico and guatemala, and for what. a photo op? because these governors care about creating political theater. >> john: not sure who wrote that out for her, but similar language to what hillary clinton was using here. >> shannon: very similar. and who controls the white house, the house and the senate, democrats. if they wanted to get something done, they have the numbers to strong arm something and i think there would be some republicans in the senate who would go along with them on sensible immigration reforms.
11:24 am
republicans have been in charge. i don't know there's a political will, but what i can say the president right now is upside down on thshgs our new fox polling said 32% approve of his performance, 62% disapprove. not something the white house will highlight, it's not a good topic. >> john: desantis said the -- or that greg abbott said he sent busses to the vice president's home at the naval observatory, because she was gas lighting, his characterization. the nation on it by saying the border was secure. this is something that even west virginia senator joe manchin does not agree with listen to what kamala harris said. >> border is secure. >> the vice president said the southern border is secure. >> she's dead wrong on that. >> john: is the white house gas lighting the american public? >> data that comes from non-partisan government
11:25 am
agencies, hard numbers not from the left or the right and record levels of people showing up illegally on the border, we have the amount of get-away sz, the numbers have increased. we are at a crisis point. if you talk to republicans and democrats there in these communities down in texas and arizona, they are begging the white house for help, saying it's not a partisan issue, something has to be done. >> john: just the fact that more than 2 million people have crosseded border this fiscal year, indication the border is not secure. what do you have coming up on fox news sunday? >> shannon: we have a legal panel, something new on fox news sunday because i love the legal issues with my legal background. >> john: find somebody who knows as much as you do? >> shannon: know much more than i do. governor newsom asking the doj to investigate possibly kidnapping and trafficking charges against the governors, and lindsey graham on us. after republicans had fought for abortion to go back to the
11:26 am
states he's talking about introducing a 15 week federal ban, raising a lot of eyebrows. why, and the timing. >> john: and the timing, that was important too. see you then. thank you. lindsey graham, the point that he is making is that ok, look, if you are not for 15 week ban on abortion, what are you for? he points out a lot of the states have no restrictions. there are some that have a 24-week restriction and what exactly are you willing to take here when it comes to abortion. >> sandra: grabbed a lot of headlines and division in his own party. 53 days out from the midterm election. so it's a big interview, fox news sunday, we'll be watching shannon on that. >> john: looking forward to that. >> sandra: hundreds of school districts cutting down on days. parents are not happy about this. brian kilmeade is going to weigh in. he's on set. people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create.
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>> john: hundreds of school districts nationwide moving to a four-day work week. they blame an ongoing teacher shortage for that, but parents, particularly those who both work, say this does not work for them. brian kilmeade is fired up on all things schools. first, gerri willis, why four days of school? >> teacher shortages. good afternoon to you. school districts cannot find teachers and think shortening the week will attract more at that talent. it's gaining steam nationwide. number of districts instituting a four-day school week has skyrocketed. hit the hardest, more rural areas, primarily in the south and the midwest. critics fear the ramifications. 2021 report found districts with four-day weeks pre-pandemic experienced slower gains in math
11:33 am
and reading scores on state exams, compared to schools with five-day weeks. likely due to the loss of school instructional hours. despite lengthening, they will lose 50 hours of construction over the course of a year. they may not have a choice. towns are trying to fill the gaps from retention bonuses to allowing substitute teachers to become full-time staff. interestingly, the move does very little to help school districts save money to spend on more teacher pay. on average, removing a day only saves 1 to 2% of the annual budget. john. >> john: thank you, sandra. >> sandra: brian kilmeade, i'll ask you what's coming up in a moment. brian, bottom line, the lost
11:34 am
learning was seen the most in those schools that stayed shut the longest. >> brian: no question about it. and what happened is, too, a lot of the teachers were burnt out, i was a few teachers in my family and friends, and had to work harder to put together the program with zoom. and when the kids click on, the parents to the teachers' conference, made the job four times harder. they burnt out. some are walking out, not the ones i know, are walking out of their contracts, they just say i don't want to do it. teacher pay has something to do with it, politics getting into it. i mentioned burnout. the other thing is, people just don't want to do it. i saw in hillsboro in particular, beautiful area, down 600 teachers, they started working with them, trying to figure out different things they needed, they got it down to 300. still need to fill a gap between special ed, math and science, they can't get it. do you have to go to an outside learning center and contract
11:35 am
them. just like anything else, if you want to attract talent, we are seeing this in fast food, in restaurants, everything, what do you do? if i can give you a four-day work week and summers off, would you come. idaho, they said the first time ever they have an unprecedented teacher shortage. they don't know where it started, they used to get an influx in the summer, that's not happening. to they are starting to lessen the criteria to hire teachers and putting together apprenticeship programs, so they work with the teacher, take people with lesser degrees from different backgrounds to get them up to speed. that's happening across the board. >> sandra: i think everybody in their own lives knows because of their own son or daughter or somebody in their family, they went back to school this year and some of those teachers, beloved teachers are gone because they just got burnt out during this entire covid cycle. it was just absolutely brutal to teach and leave through that time. some said they had it, went home.
11:36 am
do you think four-day school week, could that solve the problem and can kids learn in that amount of time? >> brian: what happens with the four-day work week, you length en the four days. you want to get home at 5, 6:00 at night, perfect job for the mom or dad who wants to be at home at 3:00 and coach the kids, keep the kid to 5:00 and also the ones not involved in education to come fridays, where is the 9-year-old going? you are going to stay at home and play with the blocks? not sure kids play with blocks. >> sandra: people are over the wokeness in the schools, connecticut parents are enraged over the woke worksheet, under serving the times when the students need reading, writing and arithmetic. 9-year-olds, it's a critical time for kids to be learning. reading down five points, largest drop since 1990, math down seven points, first drop since scores were recorded.
11:37 am
according to the national center for education statistics. children are our future and we have neglected to teach them during this time. >> brian: a couple things on that. to add to that, hard getting cafeteria workers and bus drivers, hall monitors and thing like that. the support staff is not there. what happens is if you are in a situation you need mechanics or anything, you have to go outside. maybe take some budget and go and get some help, find tutors, give families a certificate to use that for a tutor in the neighborhood. find a way to get the kids educated. >> sandra: we can thank a teacher, thank a great teacher in your life, you have teachers in your life, so do i, we all have some in our lives in some capacity. say thank you. >> brian: the same thing with the cops and firefighters, they also don't want to do the job, they feel underappreciated,
11:38 am
undervalued. >> sandra: hopefully we get things going, brian, thank you. have a fantastic weekend. i joined brian on his radio show earlier today, it was way too much fun. >> john: so enjoyable, i love doing it. >> sandra: and it warms me up, i did news with hemmer this morning. >> brian: any time i'm compared to hemmer i feel good about myself. >> saturday one nation. >> john: speaking to a guy who has no idea what a four-day work week is. >> sandra: hardest working man in tv. you and john. >> john: the man accused of murdering a memphis mother could have been off the streets last year if it were not for a delay in dna. >> sandra: russia and china sending an invitation to iran. wait until you hear this one.
11:39 am
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>> john: democrats looking to make abortion the main issue in the midterms, that as analysts say they might have gotten a lift from lindsey graham and his proposed federal ban on abortion. now republicans are trying to put the attention back on
11:44 am
democrats. alexandria hoff live at the white house. republicans are questioning what democrats do support, if not a 15-week ban. >> yeah, that's kind of the root of this here, if lindsey graham has put out the 15-week ban, where do democrats fall on the issue, are there any restrictions they believe in or are willing to talk to voters about. for right now there are some republicans concerned this legislation could distract from other issues the biden administration has had a hard time with, like inflation and crime, and also concern it will help energize the messaging for democrats, including talking points like this. >> this is dystopian, the handmaid's tale at large. >> voters overwhelmingly do not want that. >> lindsey graham introduced a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks, exceptions for rape, incest and save the life of a
11:45 am
mother, in line with most european nations but comes out two months before the elections, and 50% consider abortion the top concern. 27% for republics. >> i'm proudly pro life, no bad time to defend the unborn. >> a west virginia senator said there is no appetite for a national platform. my state is working on this, iep not sure what he's thinking here, and mitch mcconnell voiced a similar sentiment. >> i think most of the members of my conference prefer this be dealt with at the state level. >> it's interesting, senator marco rubio co-sponsored noting republicans have laid out the limit, democrats have not. >> we don't support restriction, then your position is at any
11:46 am
moment up to the time of birth and paid for by taxpayers. >> it's tough for democrats to answer, too. a majority of american voters do not support what is commonly referred to as a late term abortion. so i don't know if we are going to hear a lot on the campaign trail, republicans would like that to be so. >> john: and graham's message, are you comfortable with some states not having any abortion restrictions or 22 weeks or 34 weeks or whatever, we'll hear more from him on fox news sunday. shannon bream's guest. >> sandra: a man accused of murdering a memphis mother out for a jog could have been off the streets last year and the mom might still be alive today, all because of a different case and his dna. laura has more on this. walk us through what exactly happened here. >> unfortunately the story we have talked about for a long time and the story of the nation's backlog of untested rape kits is a long one.
11:47 am
national institute of justice estimates there are hundreds of thousands of kits in america that are waiting to be processed right now, and in the eliza fletcher case, it could turn out her abduction and murder might have been prevented. 38-year-old cleotha henderson, talking about him, was back in a memphis courtroom facing aggravated rape and kidnapping charges in a case from september of 2021. dna samples were not tested until august 29th of this year. devastating twist, he was identified the same day eliza's body was found. >> that story is not uncommon for the city of memphis. it just so glaringly obvious there was a fundamental breakdown in the sex crimes unit. >> the photos of the rape kit backlog in memphis illustrate just how many cases are untested in police departments and crime storage facilities around the
11:48 am
country. average turned around in tennessee is roughly 30 to 40 weeks. and an attorney filed a lawsuit against the city eight years ago, citing what he called rec reckless distress. >> allowing rape kits to be stockpiled, lost, destroyed in some cases, that was the ultimate insult to, you know, what is more or less the ultimate injury. >> the final hearing on this lawsuit against the city is expected to be held next month, sandra. >> sandra: what do city and state leaders, what are they saying about this? >> right now the city has not gotten back to us and the police tell me they cannot comment on ongoing cases. however, they say it's a continuing problem and extremely
11:49 am
troubling, adding the state is working to approve the tennessee bureau of investigation request for more hires for forensic positions and hopes the wait periods will decrease dramatically once the positions are filled and also the issue of unsubmitted rape kits, another complaint from victims seeking justice who are told their kit has not even been turned over to a lab for processing. we have heard that as well. >> sandra: that's a huge problem. thank you for joining us on that important story. john. >> john: thank you. we told you yesterday about vladimir putin looking to put together an axis of autocrats as he met with xi jinping. and now russia is sending an invite to iran to join a security organization headed up by russia and china. keith kellogg, former national security adviser to mike pence, and fox news contributor.
11:50 am
shanghai, it en -- encompasses china, russia, and iran is looking to get around european and u.s. sanctions. >> look, i am frustrated because we constantly react to the events that are happening right now. and instead of proactive, at least in the trump administration we tried to be proactive. the reason it's important is when you react to these things you treat them as one-offs. now we have this organization with two nuclear powers, russians and the chinese, and, with the iranians joining on as well and are probably going to bleed off nuclear technology. i would if i were them, from the russians to the chinese and that will destabilize the middle east because i'm absolutely convinced iranians are headed toward a nuclear breakout. and the second part of that, they have the largest missile fleet in the middle east and that's what the russians need. they have over 20 different
11:51 am
variants and i'm sure they will ship those to the russians because of the problem the russians are having with the ukrainians and the chinese are saying this is fun to watch, they are the preeminent partner in this whole organization. >> john: you mentioned ukraine, i want to put up this graphic from the institute for the study of war because this shows now that in the kharkiv area ukrainian forces in the counter attack have pushed russia back to their borders. i mean this is pretty significant. could they get russia out of the donbas region? >> i think what they have done, they really have thinned the lines in kharkiv and izyum area, they wanted to move the forces they had down to the south. they saw like you and i talked about a month and a half ago that the real threat to them is the southern axis on the battle for kherson. and they can get towards crimea. they want to get crimea back. president zelenskyy said the war started in 2014.
11:52 am
the war started in crimea, he intends to get it back. >> john: what do we expect from vladimir putin, i wrote down some ideas, does he respond, dough he sue for peace, redouble the ground war, commit more forces or escalate to potentially the nuclear option you and i so worriedly talked about what it started. >> unless he builds up more forces and open up the ability to do that in russia, he'll have a major man power problem. his forces are tired and stretched out there. with you we are not pushing the envelope. even today, we have not decided to make an extensive use, giving them more good weapons like the high mars, we don't want to be a party to expanding the conflict. that's crazy. we are providing 75% of the economic, humanitarian and military aid, we are already a party to the conflict. >> john: which option do you think he might take or none of those? >> probably have to go in and
11:53 am
start building up his man power by bringing out, conscript more and more forces. i will tell you, ukrainians, it's like mongoose and the cobra, the mongoose is agile and i think the ukrainians will react as fast as they can. >> sandra: thank you, john. thank you, general. the midterms may be a few weeks away, but some of the ballots are already going out. own a ho, and need cash? you need to know about the va cash out loan from newday usa. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash! take out an average of $60,000 to pay down your high-rate credit card debt, consolidate your second mortgage, personal loans, and car loans,
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i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> while the midterms may be a few weeks away but ballots are going out in states like pennsylvania where folks will be getting them long before the candidates they are actually debate each other. senior national correspondent rich ensign is here for more. how are you doing today. >> good, john, how are you. you know about five weeks from now, that's willacy where public lieutenant governor john veteran for refusing to debate until
11:59 am
october 25th. federman had a stroke in may and says he will use closed captioning in next month's debate to ensure that he can get all of the questions. >> the actual is the lingering issue of auditory processing. sometimes i may not be able to hear things, or i might miss a word. and, now i just want to be able to assure that i know exactly the question that is being put to me. >> as he put it out, editorial boards from the pittsburgh gazette to "the washington post" are calling on federman to debate, the post even says that they are one debate is not enough. says that if federman can campaign with thousands of supporters he should be healthy enough, now, to debate. >> he has been dodging all questions, not just debate questions, but those from the press and from voters which is frankly insulting in a demo democracy. >> federman's campaign still tells us that voters still have two weeks after that of debate to admit cast their ballot, the
12:00 pm
vast majority came within the final two weeks. john. >> john: it is unusual that they are not going to debate. >> you are seeing this across the country as you mention. >> richard it's good to see you. >> what an incredibly busy week. >> high rich as well. thank you so much for everyone for joining us. i am sandra smith. >> i am john roberts, i will see you again tonight's from the special reports. meantime, i will see a want monday and the "the story with martha maccallum" starts right now. >> martha: high there john and sandra, get a renaming everyone i am the martha maccallum outside westminster abbey where they are getting ready for the big funeral on monday, this evening in london. but look at this, we are an hour away from the closing bell down on wall street in new york and the market is getting hit pretty hard after a week that sought the worst day in two years following that hotter than inspected inflation report that we got her earlier this week. president biden senior advisor jean is with us to answer question o


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