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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> praised by the staff tasked with protecting the monarchy. but who is the man behind the crown going to every moment and scandal from the past seven decades? as we to the question, who is king charles ? >> the third? k ha >> oh, we have so much more to say, but the clock has run out.b we'll see you monday.t week i have the best weekend with the ones you love. can.younplug if you we're going to see that. repub and welcome to rac and breaking tonight, momentumes for republicans in key races all across the country. ls're going to break down the latest polls that'straig. sa that's coming up straight ahead. also, pennsylvania senate candidate doctore ca. russela will be here with a special message forcal si the radical socialist trustn fund brad in a hoodie. john fetterman, that is not fit for office, never ha bd a job ia his life. but first, wga ie begin once agr in beautiful martha's vineyard, where after a full
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twenty four hours of intense emergency virtue, signaling, well, the island's uber wealthy uber residents, they booted alls of their newly arrived guests y out of town . they're gone.8 o'cl as of 8:00 a.moc. this morning, the 50 illegal immigrants who flew in from florida or rounded up loaded onto buses ba. and shipped to a us military base. how loving, though, thoughtfulao and accommodating of the left. >> now, accordinrdg to localjust democrats, there just wasn't enough room on the fifty five thousand acre island forra, the 50 illegal immigrant ns. yo nohat our problem. they were saying you have the liberal, racist,millio xenophobic, let's saynaes millionaires, billionaires who, who live on the island. they just say they don't havedae enough resources to accommodate them. i'm not buying that. a and over at my dnc, we haves inu chuck todd saying thatma the situation was inhumane. ckbecause of the lack of infrastructure. what about texases? never mi one point one million illegals
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this year alone never mind the nearly two million last year. now, it's not clear if chuck is worried about the illegal immigrants or the long suffering resident s, forcee the wealthy people in martha'sdu vineyard who were forced to endurere whole a whole whopping twenty four hours of uninvited guests g now. either way, it is clear tonightu that america's virtuous liberals are no longer able to ignore the two year crisis. by the way, the crisis they caused at our southern border and they know just who to blame. take a look. ma it's a stunt using human beings to score political points. a god what's that?o us the word inhumane was a good, good one .pa to use in this particular case.e some people don't know where they're going. the people that are there don't know you're coming. tow >> some politicians wouldomin rather not only have an issug.s but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking , and it's all due to treating people as political ,leaving some migrantsin who might have been misled toed believe they were going
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elsewhere, as reported by npr on a literal island that doesn't have any infrastructuree designed to help them at all. in a word, it's inhumane. epuble instead of working with us wit on solutions, republicans are playing politics with human oings. susing them as prop what they're doing is simplye wrong. it's un-american, it's recklessa and we have a process in placenh to manage migrants at the border. joz>> put t cagesemic put in the middle of a pandemic. really? les talk abouten trafficking, because joe has been doing it the entire time. k ofthe dark of night, putting illegal immigrants on planes a.m. and landing at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. is he a humann trafficker? cker?is he aiding and abettingbe lawbreaking? by the way? he'd wit als also gets worse oun california. you got the not so bright governor gavin newsom. he wants ron desantis arrestedr . r kidnap happy now? gavin newsom is so stupid his and so strung out on his own insane brokenness that t he's somehow unable to see
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the real crime committed right in front of them. now, president biden sworee an o oath to uphold the laws of this land and our constitutio n. and yet so far , joe has o refused to enforce the laws of the land. and that would mean securingrn e our southern border. this is a dereliction of duty. three plus million illegal immigrants has simply walked across the border, unsecure in the last two years, less than two yearw s. now, the biden administration has transported up tndore seven hundred thousand of them on late night plane rides or in other words, he's been involved in human trafficking and aidingi and abetting lawbreaking. he's also sent others on buss a trips, all across the countryd and he gives preferential treatment. no covid test for illegal immigrants, no vaccine ma, many without even a background check to see if asa they have radical associate nations. you got it. preferential treatment and they get a freeph joe biden phone.knw
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now, meanwhile, a recordthis sixty six known terrorists have been caught just trying to cross this year. i year. we have no idea how manytr terrorists may have already snuck into this country undetected. that is an unmitigated security disaster. now, biden did detain n thousanf of children and he put them in the cages that we showed you that he didn't want us to show for a good while. right in the right, atn ne the height of the pandemicws, gavin newsom doesn't care because gavin newsom is too stupid to realizo realize what'n going on . now, today, florida governor ronda santos had these nice words about little old gavin and his threat to go to the doj. >> take a look.rd the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors. and all i can saay is i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function. all right. that's the line of the week for sure.
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it sums up prettwey perfectl're what's going on here. we're going to have a lot more on california's happy governor straight ahead tonight. but first, let's get back to bao the olso. compassionate residents, the millionaires, the billionaires milliona, including the obamas. >> they have 30 acres in acresn martha's vineyarmad. why not take 15 of those acres and you could build facilities for the homeless people anyway?n by the way, those people in martha's vineyard could not ne bothered to accommodate even 50 new guests that were thrown out at 8:00 a.m. this morning. and apparently the good folksrta of martha's vineyard are not vth familiar with a little town in texas named eagle pass. well, like martha's vineyard,a i eagle pass is the home to less than thirty thousand permanent residents. but unlike martha's vineyard eagles, pass is forced to deal with hundreds of illegal immigrants every single day of the year at any point in there are thousands of illegalas immigrants in and around.
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eagles pass. now, nearl y every town and every city close to the borderaa has experienced the exacmet same humanitarian crisis for nearly two long years. that includes el paso, where, as we speak, there is a humanitarian crisis, hundreds of illegaln, immigrant men , women and children that are nowo sleeping in the street, they have no shelter, nono bathrooms, no shower, no food. is this more humane for chuck todd and awoke left? prefe is this is where you prefer the migrants to be ?living look a it the conditions they'ro living in. del rio?t get aboutut arfoe you looking at el paso? and don't forget, recently, sixty miles west of eagle pass, thousands of haitians lived in a squalor under that bridge fore weeks and makeshift insh a makeshift chanty town . none of these areas have any infrastructure to housens o joe biden's tens of thousandf s and millions of illegal immigrants. they don't have dozens of
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millionairesires , a billionaires either with unlimited resources and massive homes. s and lots of acres likeo one wh the obamas. almost no one who liveo lis here is well-connected or powerful. and yet these communities ink it south texas and arizona, what they're just expected to up, deal with it and get lectured by the elites in martha's vineyard that they can enjoy their manicured groundsnd and luxurious accommodations and not be bothered with the fifty people that were sent by rhonda santos without any migrants staring to ruint migr their rest and relaxation, anthe ocean oceanfront views. and here's the kicker. these are the veryrye el same ee americans who open the borders, blld migrants who come in droves the same peopleoc w who blocked the borderalay wall ended donald trump's successful stay in mexico policy brought back catch and release on steroids. now it's process and release. they caused the crisis and the
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people of martha's vineyard, they should be ashamed of themselves. >> democrats should be ashamed of themselves. none of them have any shame. they they literally have supported all of this, except not my backyard. they don't care about the the people of south texas, the people in arizona, the people in nevada in fifty three days, you can vote all of these people out and we can restore order on america's southern border. that's step one .nator joining us nowte with morel is texas senator ted cruz. warnin all over this issue. >> senator , you you have been warning the country and you'veoy been showing the country youne a were the one that got us the video of biden's kids in cages. they wouldn't let the media inside those cages. yeahho, how how rich is this? within 20 less than twenty four hours, 50 migrants in beautiful martha's vineyard are kicked out of the island ofl millionaires and billionaires and liberals. and meanwhile, already, 1. your state of texas this year
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was at one point one million illegal immigrants have crossed into texas. y ha yeah, i got to say today, has really illustrated what screaming hypocrites the democrats are, the entiret corrupt corporate media. they don't believe a word they said. yoery word out of their mouth is a complete and utter lie. you know, the democrats did not think it was a humanitarian crisis when we pulled over 50 bodies and body bags out of a truck in texas of illegalsmugl immigrants who died because the smugglers leert them die of heat exposure. and yet suddenly 50 illegalha's immigrants show up in lily white martha's vineyard, where rich liberals and billionaires sip chardonnay. and it is it is world war three . they lose their stuff all over the place and it just shows what utter nonsense it was. you know, sean, i'm reminded, o as you know, a year ago i introduced legislation
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calling for illegal immigrants to be sent to wealthy liberal l enclaves like martha's vineyard, like nantucket, like palo alto, like rehoboth, beacha ,delaware, where joe biden vacationating.s. and it was fascinating, you know, the response, the leadershipmartha's on marths vineyard said they would love it. in fact, i want to read the response because it's too r perfect not not to revisit dukes county commissioner keith chaton oveoner keir said the fo: i would love martha's vineyardpe to become a haven for has new immigrants in this country. t senator cruz has no ideaa bord what he's talking aboutsi regarding a border crisis that''s what he said last d that he would love martha's vineyard to become a haven. l now, with justos 50 , they've lost it. and what didt they do? within twenty four hours, these leftist hypocrites load them on buses and deported them out
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of their , you know, senator , this is the rank hypocrisy, and you can't even make this up. joe biden has been flying illegal immigrants in the dark of night to all of theseample, i obscure airports. for example, in new york ,e they're not landing atno a laguardia, they're not landingt at kennedy, they're not landing at newark. theye landing in whiteon plains, landing in long island at two, three , four a.m. int ge the morning. so they so they don't caughtt get caught doing what they're doing. and all these towns have to pick up food, shelter, health care costs, clothing, education . and they're dumping itn prettyth on pretty much every state in the country. so if there's any lawbreakingtul going on , that would be joe biden's actual policy. isn't. >>y yeah, that's exactly right. and to put it in perspective,it martha's vineyard is a town its7 population is about seventeene s thousand. the median home price is ove ovr
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a million dollars. let's compare it to del rio dela rio is a wonderful town innd texas. it's down on the rio grande valley. it has a populatioey. n of between 30 and thirty five thousand in one single day at del rio,ther there were fifteen thousand, illegal immigrants, mostly haitians, crossing illegally in one day. as you know, i went down to the bridge and i videoed overs ten thousand illegal immigrants under that bridge. martha's vineyard lost their mind with fift iy and aan little town of del rio and towns all up and downan the rio grande valley are dealing with hundreds, are dealing with thousands. let me say, sharni sands., commend for greg abbott for sending the immigrants to these blue cities. i commend rhonda santos for doing so. and they need to do more tomorrow. re. martha's vineyard needs one hundred . the next day they need two hundred. the next day they need cri a thousand. dc says it'ssis to a crisis to get 6000. they need ten thousand. they need one hundred thousandhd . they need five hundred thousand.
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because joe biden has allowed fo becauser point two million pt come in illegally. and hei know these rich billionaires say, well, gosh, you people just let them eatg th cake. well, how about having the obamas host fifty people in there? twelve million dollar compound. . ey alreadydo compo no, no, no. none of them. they got 30 acres literally set up exactly what you can build. maria shriver sent a tweettw complaining about this and saying that that that avenue santas were heartless and my response was great. the kennedys are offering tomy t host theseho 50 illegal immigrants at their compound in hyannis port. what utter and complete hypocrisy and it shows thatpolii they simply don't's t >> this is all politics. you knowalk about th, let's talt the law. you're a lawyer, senator .ator. you've argued beforereme the supreme court successfully. and from a legal standpoint,s let's say i wentsa downt a bi the border and i brought a big i truck with me and i picked upa u a bunch of illegal immigrants
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and i started transporting them across the country. trcross thwould i or would i noy be arrested for human trafficking? and would it be illegal toille o that for me if i did that foro e you, a citizen, you could easily be arrested, although to be honest, joe biden'sbiden' jus department wouldn't arrest you. n ordinary conservative ,i disagree that arrest they arrest i was a liberal. >> i get away with through. yeah, yeah. but back to the law. the law is clear. clear it is clear. c and right now, the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet is joseph robinette biden jr. he has transporteds of hundreds of thousands, millionsm of illegal aliens, populatinang them now, putting many of themdt ines red states. he's happy to put them in red states where it's not the rich people's concerns, it's the little people's
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concerns. all of the folks on martha'smara vineyard happily voted for's joe biden. conseq poll, they canue live with the consequences of the lawless policiesliw th that right now the people of mccallan, the people of laredo, the people o peoplf eagle pass,c the people of texas are feeling the price for this. instead and biden still won't change. instead,why do what does he do? he lies to the american people. he sends corrine's on pier out's to claim nobod cy is crossing the border illegally. it's a flat out lie. and all of the docile little the sheep in the press room, and they buy like sheep and they ignore the fact that she's lying to the american people. the media needs to covere me her lies. and this this outrage needs to e stop because, you know, what?at these these blue governorscrisis and mayors are right? it is a crisis, . ose ar but it's not just a crisis when it's the millionaires who are . convenienced >> no, it's over three million people. senator , we havr s.e to secure our borders. it's simple. follow the law, follow
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the constitution and respect the laws. and and borders and security of our country. simple. senator ted cruz, thank you for being with us. all right. here with more reaction, we have the texas attorney generalr ,ken paxton,ida and floridaat attorney general ashleigh moody . ken, let's start with you. get your take on this to me between governor abbott and governor santos. the best political jujitsu move ever in history. >> and look at the impact and look at the rank hypocrisy. th>>n. no, it's just it's amazing.g jo. they've done an amazing job. they've had to deal with this crisis over the last two years. and i lovehighli that they're highlighting the hypocrisy that senator cruz just talked about. t they were dealing with a few hundred, maybe a thousand. you said f martha'ews vineyard h we deal with five thousand a day. and we've been dealingor with this for almost two years. and as senator cruz talked about, del rio, a town of thirty six thousand, had 50% more people show up at
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their door and we had to deal with it. there was noing by t complainine liberal elite. there was no complaining by gavin newsom. we had to deal with it and we had no help. you know, actually ,ng a i'm looking governor to santos there. he pointed out there was 70 flights to jacksonville alone of illegal immigrantilles dropped off in florida in the dark of night. sped off now, as the governor pd out, florida is not a sanctuary state. jacksonville is not a sanctuary city. and they don't supportanctuaryl lawbreaking. so he saidse, okay these, we'lla these illegal immigrants to places that claim to be having sanctuary status. to me, that seemed lik se. toe fair thing to do, considering he doesn't have the authority to deport them. we'll keep this in mind. >> the biden administration has been breaking the law as it relates to federal immigrationmo policy since their firstnth mo in office.fln and republican states like texas and florida have beenfi fightinggh he them every inch of. the way.
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we've been telling them americans live bus are at risk. those coming over are in harm's way. we've bewe've been begging themt attention. just come to the border. bide the n hasn't been there.'t. they don't come.have they won't witness it. we've even had folks that areloa transported to florida by air biden murder b someone. you know, this is a necessary exercise. i know folks are are thinking, you know, they deserve this. this is a hypocrisy and itl tr is all true. thist. but this is a necessary exercise. at some point they are int' us liberal, ignorant bubble . they don't know what's going g on . they are wete have o to put ito on their doorstep to forcese thm to see what it takes tocord deal with this record . breaking surge of folks flooding into our country. ountryyou know, at the moment, s like they're muppet's offering commentary and opining on what everybody should do that's having to deal with this on aal daily basis and deal with their policies.dangerous policies.
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in fact, i think that anybodyy that passes one of these policies that breaksreak the law should have to go live in it. you i agree, dor you believe governor de santos will keep this up? t >>he i hope he does. ask t and then i'll ask him the sameo. question. >> well, i know that he's asked for the funding to do so. and in order to start getting gt some action out of washingtonhio rather than utter lies, we've got to start forcing them to see what we on the front lines, law enforcement are dealingg with . that's the only way that i they're going to start taking action. and if the american people see g it, maybe they'll start holding this president accountable. >> and kanwal, will gov. abbot t continue?s we i believe he should continuell as well.. >> yeah, this was his idea. it yeah, this was his idea. it was genius because itwe'r highlightse the hypocrisy that we're talking about and we're talking about, again, a few thousand drop in the bucket compared to what we've dealt with . there's no doubt our governor is going to continuemed thro tod people to these liberal
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sanctuary cities. all right. ashley kahn, thank you both. thhope they continue. when wise come back , ronda santos took a major shot at gavin newsom today. it was a shot right acrossno the bow after the california governor suggested that he kidnp be brought up on kidnapping charges and the doj investigater governor abbott and governor santos. we've go t the tape and we'llo..a tell you allrt about gavin's hypocrisy straight ahead. >> oh, had enough. >> oh, had enough. no arthritis here. i suffered from arthritis. full prescription strength reduces inflammation. thank god . >> don't thank them too soon. kic pain in the for cream diamonds. the jewelry exchange has thousands of diamonds at the same prices. one carat white as high quality diamonds are just twenty nine ninety plus the latest custom and designer mounts set while you watch by factory direct and save the jewelry exchange direct. >> when it comes to real estate agents, experience matters. the best agents know how to
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nine nine one . again, that's eight hundred three two five four nine nine one . welcome to fox news live in martially strohmeyer new york . the justice department is asking a federal appeals court to lift a judge's order which blocks investigators from accessing accessing documents taken from mar-a-lago. last month, an fbi search found more than one hundred classified documents at former president trump's florida home. prosecutors say the government is facing irreparable harm if
11:26 pm
the documents are kept off limits to investigators. first hearing with a special master tasked with reviewing the documents will be held on tuesday. >> and now to this president biden meeting with family members of two americans held in russia. the president spoke to the wife of wnba star brittney griner as well. as the sister of former us marine paul whalen, the white house press secretary addressed the meeting, saying, quote, we're going to continue to do everything that we can, working tirelessly every day to make sure that we get them home. >> i'm actually strohmeyer back to "hannity" right now. far left. california governor gavin newsom is more desperate than ever to fire up his left wing base. bizarrely, suggesting that governors rhonda santos, governor greg abbott, that they are guilty of kidnapping for sending migrants to liberal cities like martha's vineyard. and by the way, he's now calling for a full investigation by the doj earlier today as we pointed out
11:27 pm
earlier, governor desantis fired back in a big way. take a look. the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors. and all i can say is i think his hair gel was interfering with his brain function. every time newsom battles a santo's, he loses anyway.fa newsom far left lunacy doesn't stop there as the governor is aim atw rentg to take red statesin now renting out billboards in texas and other. red states touting access to. abortion in california. sot, calif what? california is now going to be the sanctuary state for late term abortion, what some might call infanticide, people that i want abortion up to the moment of birth. >> but of course, it is newsom himself who has been embroiled in a never ending controversy ed during the heigh it the pandemic ,remember, was him dining at the ritzy french laundry
11:28 pm
restaurant while telling everybody else they got a stay at home. have a maskg to. on either. his kids were going to inate sc personho private school whiler private school children suffered underremote remote leac policies of his homelessnessrioe crimnee has worsened under hissa watch and most recently, california's failingil energy policy was struggling to even keep the lights on . please don't charge your electric vehicle. >> how bad it got here with reaction. the co-host of the hit show, the five, judge jeanine pirro, along with fox news contributor and the guy that should have his own media show, joe concha joe conc . judge, let's start froha.m a lel standpoint as a judge, okay? is joe biden enforcing the laws of the land? and when he puts these illegal immigrants on these flightsants and drops down in these obscure airports at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 3 a.m. in the morning, is he transporting i illegal immigrants? >> is that human trafficking? well, you know, there is there is certainly a train of thoughth
11:29 pm
where people would say that that's the case. but the truth is thae bit t joe biden, by allowing illegals s country,to thi is violating the federall st statutes that say they have toa wait in line likthe everyone. probrom the get go , we've got a problem. and the attack on on governor just santurce is absurd. it is what the lefrdt does. they want to weaponizesnt the department of justice, o ove the fbi. d we've seen them doover it over and over again. look, these people are being processed there. they go through the ngosugh th and then they have an opportunity to be flown around the nation. now, if ronda' s santurcepping th is guilty of kidnapping, then so is joe biden. joe biden has already donein the something like nine hundred flights in the last year. t yethessending these people alr the country. i don't know if they signedwave waivers come into my county,f westchester, in the dead oft knw night. if ani don't know if anyone's n notified, but all of a sudden it's illegal foris republican doesn't. and this is the problem in thisi country. s the y.
11:30 pm
the democrats are emboldened.k anything they think they do,thec they get the power of the ofrce the law enforcement and they enforce the law according to t what their ideology is . and that's a bad thing.hi you know, joe , from a media standpoint, the judge rightlstyn points out, yoowu know, this has been going on with joe biden transporting illegal immigrants and giving them preferential treatmen treatmet for 19 monthso all of a sudden, rhondda santa 5 mands 50 people 50 to martha's vineyard. that'srt vineyard, they say theh inclusive. they say they welcome immigrants. they're are sanctuary island. ip but yet they flip out the mediag flips out with wha and i'm like, have you just notv beener paying attention to whatc joe biden's been doing all overu the country? >> yes. and they're takingut the sanctuary out of sanctuary city or sanctuarctuaryy vineyary in this case, they kicked him this outrage that we're seeing. yeah, yeah, exactly. cod ate in cape cordova outra over at a military base. but but this outrage that we'rge seeing from democrats and theiro
11:31 pm
allies in the media, it's soavin patently phony. i mean, if gavin newsom or msnbc, cnn, "new york times" new cared about the health and well-being of these migrants crossing into this country, illegally, then why don't we hear about the seven h hundred and fifty people who have died this yearer crossing the u.s. southern border? that's?'s more than more than ta according to dhs.rt the department of homeland security. and these people are coming in such huge numbers because joe biden invited them here g as a candidate and now governor newsom is giving them free health care.'s i mean, who wouldn't want to come here and listen this year alone? ththere's been nineteen thousand search and rescue missions carried out by border officialse who are risking their lives. and while they're doing that,s i that bill is coming intothis tha country from china through mexico at an alarming rate, killing ann alarmi average of three hundred americans per day. but we don't hear much talk about that now. d i americans r we?r and it's obvious that governor de santos, governor abbott, they're playing chess here while hisnt p opponents are playing checkers by busing migrants to new york , washington, d.c.,
11:32 pm
chicago. you know, vinyard, they succeeded in putting this issue front and center in the news cycle and all the hypocrisy from the left around i leftt, because when the biden administration said janine's point was trafficking illegal migrants to places likea westchester, jacksonville, florida, you didn't hear one peep about kidnapping from y ssue i anyone on the left and certainly by nobody in the media. mao havejosugoe is goingin t a major impact during the midterm showing that i can guarantee you. ly spi i want tcio ask you, judge, abo really specifically about the what is gavin newsom now?e, what these billboards is heforna making california a late term abortion sanctuary? state where you can have an abortion up to, what, an hour before youbi give birth? >> oh.n oh, no. i mean, yogiu can the mother can give birth and then decide makeb the baby comfortable and decidle that the emperor and the governor with an up and downnt a north and like virginia, they can decide, well, you know, i don't think i want toat have this baby . look, if he wants to be that state, let him be that state.evr you'rey ti right. r ron de santi
11:33 pm
every time gavin newsom goes after ronda santurce, he loses s ou he wants to be the far left progressive state where crime is out of control. t ontrol, wherwhere they taughtf the country about smash and grab, carjack thingse truth and everything else, let him do it. the truth is , americans do not want what gavin newsom wants.d and i got to say one more thing. i'm tired of the democrats calling the republicans un-american, saying that they're involved in what is like human trafficking. hillary clinton sending poorndia venezuelanrts to martha's vineyard. hillary, you go to martha's vineyard all the time. t, why is sending poor venezuelans there a problem? you like it? g to why can't they go there? nobody and you know what? i'm going to say what nobodysay. else is saying. when mayor lori lightfoot says it's racist for abbott to send these people to chicago, maybeet it's racism that is at the coree of this. she kicked thed themm out. she put them on buses, sheapped kidnaped thethm and kicked them out to use their own language,
11:34 pm
racist and xenophobic. anright. >> she's redistricting. that's what they're doing. yoeally cau really can't make af this up. i mean, it is hypocrisy. rank hypocrisy. it's pretty unbelievable.dge, go all right. thank you both. see e, good to see you, joe . thank you. all right. straight ahead tonight, dr. oz rising big time in the polls as questions about john veterans health continue. you're not going to believe the latest on his campaign pulled . >> dr. oz will react as we continue this friday night. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's sleep helps support a healthy immune system, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular system. thankfully, relaxium sleeps formula is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.
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one of my favorite supplements is qnol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation sport. unlike regular turmeric supplements can superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. >> the brand i trust is qnol. >> the game began last wednesday brings the wonder with the mask singer, dna test artist and lego masters. africa. the season premieres of the masks. the legal masters wednesday, september 21st on fox. when you can watch, listen, get the latest news business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening. nnsylvan >> and breaking news tonightn out of pennsylvania, where dr. mehmet is on the rise in the race for the u.s. senate. a new poll from trafalgar, that's robert hailie finds that dr. oz is now closing the gap dramatically. he's now surging. he is nown br tww down by undero points, one point seven points against struggling
11:39 pm
john fetterman, the lieutenant governor . that's nowhere to be found e . gned no that is only campaign less than an campa the entire campaign and has never answered a question from the press. this comes as he has now agreedh fetterman has to one debate, obr but it's in late october. wil and by the way, he says he will need the assistance of closed captioning and thatg raises a whole host of other questions about letterman's fitness for office. i now, when you debate somebodyn h this late in the race, well,peny that's not fair to the people of pennsylvania, because early voting starts in pennsylvania on monday. he's talking about october gettm twenty fifth. so fetterman clearly is tryingln to run out the clock amid his endless struggles on the campaign trail. and amid more and more scrutiny of his far left extreme positions. let's see, like wanting to release a third of pennsylvania prisoners from jail, wanting to eliminate all fracking.
11:40 pm
are you kidding me? that's an eighty one billion dollar industry.. he wants abortion on and pennsylvania, he wants abortion on demand with no restrict at all whatsoever. i he is a new greenestroy deal socialist. he wants to destroy pennsylvania's energy sectoregaz completely. he wants to legalize or decriminalize even hard drugs like heroin. he wants these legalized drug sf dens or safe shooting zones, he calls them. and we're also learning lastthat year that he cas ct the loneg vote to free a man convicted of murdering a woman with scissorwiths. why did he do that?nobody nobody's asked the question. nobody's asked any question. add to that fetterman speaking struggles following his stroke back in may. now, fetterman was asked about his recent stumbles intterman' one softball pretaped interview. i was i understand, on my dnc. >> take a look a lot has beenant made of your health, especially by republicans. their virahel videos, mash ups f
11:41 pm
your , i think, cognitive vocal errors, things that they think suggest cognitive decline. what do you say to pennsylvania voters who see some of this stuff on the internet? arwho hawho hear the ads from ds camp and are worried about your fitness for office? say an, what do you say to skeptics who think i don't know about this guy's thi? >> is it is he operating at the ? well, all of all of my doctors i on the team, i believes that i'm absolutely fit to serve. i just i just took a test just i think it was yesterday thatn h that confirmed that dom actually fully functioning in the ranges as well, too. >> how about an independent doctor ? make that observation and make that conclusion. his campaignt co now is saying e passed a cognitive test, but for whatever reason, they won't release any results. msg, dnc doesn't count as any vetting at all.hat they're kehey questions that he needs to answer.hy d likeid, fo hr example, why did e pull a gun out on an innocent
11:42 pm
african-american jogger back in 2013 even he admitted hed he probably broke the law. why does he want ty o legalize the use of hard drugs like heroin and others? heroinwhy does he have such a d criminal agenda to release alla these even violent criminals? you know, when are they going to vet his phony spoiledspoiled, thcialist trust fund brad status? the guy's never has ned a jovero he tries toso look tough in his hoodie with his tattoos. he's never had a real job. he's been living off his parents for decades till he's fifty, all while he liesds peoppretends that he's some sort of self-made man oft the people. well, we now foundhe out that he owns a properties in the town where he was mayor. bu st barely showed up for city council meetings and in braddock. how di how did the trust fund bd who never had a job in a hoodie pay for all of this? and why didn't he disclose it as a law? require? doesn' dew, sadlyt , fetterman isn't the only democrat that does
11:43 pm
want thing wito debate. sh same thing with new yorkdoesn' governor kathy hochul. she does want a debate, leee zeldin, and we need debates now ,not a week before the election, after maybe, what, 50 , 60% of the voters votes have already been cast here with reaction. pennsylvania senate candidate dr. mehmet oz. i do your reaction. i'll tell you my reaction tond w debate you and wait. votin >> monday starts voting inennsya pennsylvania. so we may have 50% of the vote get in by the time he ever getset asked a single question and he gets closed captioning and hed doesn't want to add any time to the debate. even that, though, that will obviouslyil slow down the debate. >> you've goyot tou be kidding. we've been dodging questions. c the entire campaign was sort ofg shocking. but what we're seeing more and w more is the average voter saying what's going on'b and they're rejecting, john , vitamines, big government policies that are yokes around our neck dragging us down, especially these hardworking to en
11:44 pm
folks who are just trying to make ends meet with the biden economy. economy. i got to say, you know, ite is shocking to see what's thppening to the pennsylvaniania economy like it is all over int the they're driving it intoe groug while makinge reas neighborhoods less safe . and i got to say, the reasonh th that we've compressed the polls so much is because the viewers because folks go to dr. oz, whah they support us financially. we're able tn o tell the storyif what john fetterman is really about. and remember the real dynamic here. and this is not just my race, but i'm seeing it with other senate races as well, is tons of money pouring in from california and new york tryingsn to buy the senate seat . but when voters pennsylvania in my case, actually see who he really is , thathe he does wants to release one third of criminals, saying that it won't make us any less safe . he's a pro murderer candidate.,e he's always seeming to support the criminal as opposed to the innocent. and that's why wheinnocentn o the fraternal order of police endorsed me, it was unanimous. sean, you know how hard it unano is to get hundreds of police officers to agree, but they're still unified in their dislike of john fetterman for undermining them continually.
11:45 pm
that it got them all to come my way. plus, i speak their language. i understand how challenging it is to be able to bring law and order to a dangerous city. i'll tell you right now, the people of pennsylvania deserve a debate before voting starts. voting starts monday can't. hide you can have it the week before the election. he doesn't get to hides in his basement bunker like joe biden, frankly, like joe biden on steroids. and human growth hormone inn ant terms of hiding. i've never seehi n anything like joh it. dr. oz, thank you.n abus we come back , john solomon breaking bombshell report on fbi abuse of poweryo.b >> you don't want to miss it.trt straight ahead this fridayh night, new zealand postulator re conflux a super thin, flexibleve bat with maximum motoki strength light again, the contours to the body tsalono relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention it really, really sticks. >> salon boss. it's good medicine. meet each year americans over pay on car insurance by over twenty one billion. so i went to
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you pay for the pain. i call baunach all new tuesday on fox or watch any time on hulu. brian kilmeade, dan bongino, lawrence jones. lawrence jones. br
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. and our country. shape the future. >> change all by big. reportin breaking news from john solomon tonight, reporting that gop lawmakers and fbi experts arecos now calling for a church like commission to investigate fbi.
11:50 pm
how it's been politicized, biased, the abuse of power. now, remember, the church committee was a us senate select committee led by frank church. this happened in the mid 1970s and they found abuses by the cia and the fbi and the intelligence community thathts. undermined americans constitutional rights. so developnow, also developing , even more evidence of l intelligence failures in the days leading up to january the 6th. fod many whistleblowers keep coming forward here with reaction. reaction ie reporter and thehn editor in chief of justn the, founder inco solomon, along with fox news contributor jason chaffetz. et's sta john , let's start with the news. >> what have you found? >> f, firs t, congressman rodney c davis, ranking republican on the house administration committee. ovthe committee overseeshow capitol security after we broke the story on your show tuesday,d night that there was ae a whistleblower named eric holder saying that they had all the intelligencinge warning that there was going to
11:51 pm
be a riot on january 6th, didn't prepare forepar. he now has confirmed that there are multiple capitol police officers that have come forward and sought whistleblower protection and allege the exact same thing, that intelligence was ignored. , more this event could have been prevented with more resources, more planning, more equipment and maybe even accepting the national guard thatrump hat president had offered through the pentagon. we hear as many as 10 whistle blowers is what i'm hearing tonight. >> wow. that's a big story.. g let me let me go to you,owitz, jason chaffetz. i know you know michael horowitz. i know you stay in touch. you've been hearing about the 20 plus fbi whistleblowers talking about how the bureau has been politicized, how there is an abuse of power. many, like myself, are worried the doj has been weaponized on top of all of that. do you think a church liken bemmittee is necessary based on what the whistleblowers are now beginning to say? and look at this stand, chanko i chial that's going on .
11:52 pm
here's a guy that washe's g christopher steele source and then he's getting paid by the fbi for the better part of 2017 to 2020. why are they paying a russiann informant that lied in that dossier? that dossier was based on everything he sai he saideah yeah. count me as a big supporter oft. this type of thing. like the director of the fbi, ray was brought in to be anthoua agent of change.nd he's not been there ar pe noagew thousands of pages from the inspector general withsighting the political bia within the organization, the infestation of politics, ati the rank partizanship that's goinngg on there.l you you're not going tcho clean this place up until you actually change outtype the leadership, but it's going to take something like a churcho type mission to go in there.inso you don't need justou the whistleblowers. yo canu can look at the inspectr general. re atirit the people who are retiring from the fbith telling us these same types ofha things. there has toa wholesal be a whoe
11:53 pm
change. i think, of the wholpaertment department o o 110f justice. one hundred and ten le tt mehe f specifically at thi ,do you believe the fbi is politicized now? and do you absoluteleve the dey a department of justice has been weaponized and that we havee two tiered justice syste one for liberal democrats and one foanr donald trump and conservatives. it's the unequal application of justice that is well documented through the years is not just ad against donald trump, it'sdown. against conservatives up and down. er anythey do not go after anyby on the democratic side of the aisle and lady justicef your is supposed to be blindfold. but if you're a biden, if you're a clinton, if you're inh. the democratic side of the aisle, they're not what' goo do anything. and that's what's so frustrating. whathat is ts of thi is the stas church like committee that they're talking about? causead a hugbecause that had at in the 70s. m john solomon, i wrote about it one of my books. his th and i think i think the time has come. we've ofe in calling this the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in history. in histk and it took us three .
11:54 pm
you were a part of our ensemble castve, a very small group of us , and we unpeeled every layer of the onion. we've been vindicated on everything we reported. it seems like something has to happen because it's gotten worse, it seems, under biden. >> yeah, absolutely.jason first off,ju everything jason chaffetz just said is what i'm hearing from peoples inside the fbi, outsid.e the fbn and in congress that he reallyit hit it on the head. jim jordan had a great conversation with him. he's the likely chairman ofth the house judiciary committee. e quar. he could be the quarterback fora this. the first question is t fewi a select committee or is it a commission? doer you bring a few outsiders with powerful members of to have congress? clearly has to be bipartisan toc have the impact likeh a church committee did. but a lot of people are talking about there's different constructs. devin nunes likes the idea of maybe a couple outsiders, but you're going to see a lot ofdecb discussion about this in the december, january timeframe after the election. >> i thougf weh, have a problem, though, john , and that
11:55 pm
is merrick garland reminded everybody recently that ifif yoc work for the doj or the fbi, you're not allowed to talk to members of congress orare that the senate. >> yeah, i don't's think that's going to hold. believe me, there are over twenty five people that i know deom the fbi, justice department have made contactgarl with the congress despite merricand'uzzlk garland's effor. muzzle them. people are coming out ofle whot the woodwork about here's another thing. t recentlyco left, they don't have to follow that construct. , jason.last word, jason . overed to be the chairman of the oversight committee. ething if t you're at the department of justice, you got something to say. you go talsay, you go tubik to u go talk to jim jordan. that's the way to do it the right way. to do it. i thought we had whistle blower laws in this country. we do praise only hearsay, that. one . so. all h thank you, john after. thank you. jason moore. hannity coming up right after this. sir, you won't face me. unlike zyrtec, allegra won't
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11:58 pm
we're inry a race against time o reach every holocaust survivor in israel and the former soviet union. many poor and hungry. and they have nowhere to turn personal opinion globalizing. >> oh, niraj has had such a hard life from the day that a hard life from the day that she was born into the holocaust diabolo again. >> we were so hungry that we and find leaves and grass and we would pick them up and eat. now? still, today with no one there to hel5 p her dare we turn our back on her now for twenty five dollars, you can rush a food box to a holocaust survivor or an elderly. the international fellowship of christians and brings ancalled urgently needed food u and comfort in their final years. >> let's do what we know god has called us to do. call the number on your screen
11:59 pm
now and help save jewish lives. no organizedas much helps holot survivors and the elderly. survivors and the elderly. jewish peopl do beg you. >> listen, valaria think that if she didn't receive love her whole life, you seem so full ofv love. >>ivor. just twenty five dollars helps to russia food box to a holocaust survivor. i hope you'll join me at international fellowship of christians and . we can do something to relieve their suffering. please do something now. destined for the throne. praised by the test with protecting the monarchy. but who is the man behind the crown doing so every moment and scandal from the past seven decades. as we enter the question, who is king charles ? >> the third? a
12:00 am
all right.k you fo unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this friday evening. as always,with you fo thank you for being with us. thank you for making the show possible. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode ofin e hannity. in the meantime, mea get news ay time at fox news, .com hannityht .com and lety your heartd, l be troubled. laura ingraham. fa hope you and youmir family have a great weekend. i'm laura ingraham. >> this is ingram angle fromr jn washington. thanks for joiningg us thi thisn night. biden's string pullers, they're workingn feverishly to remake america. they're doing their part foro the great global resetindepend and their efforts to destroy our energy independence along with our national sovereignty. cultour culture identity have ce at great cost. to thebut not to the elites, of course, because just as happened during covid, the rules never apply to the rule makers. the elites like