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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 17, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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let go of a suspect and the suspect stabbed him in the neck and he still refused to let go. so they arrested the guy luckily treated for injuries and is okay. but congratulations to gesture and a long career. >> i love it and i love prosecutors who prosecute animal cruelty crimes. >> katie: amen. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. see you back here on monday, have a great ♪ o say can you see ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪
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♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ ♪ the bombs burting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
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rachel: good morning, america. 6:00 eastern time. we are so happy to be with all of you this morning and just loving that. look like that could be my dog in wisconsin. did you guys see double-digit remind me, did you see the little baby holding the flag underwater. an amazing photo. i'm proud of those parents redoing the baby swimming thing. i always wanted to do it but was afraid. will: your first child must swim at the age of 18 months and you let the fear out eventually. look at that, there is. no i didn't but i should have. much earlier swimming lessons. that is a great shot. rachel: an amazing picture. whoever took this to get an award.
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will: that's going in the picture book, send photos to we have exclusive new video you will only see on fox showing hundreds of migrants, illegal immigrants illegally crossing into the united states in the dead of night, look at those images on your screen right now. rachel: this comes as gop leaders send efforts -- from them to the -- >> ashley stroh buyer has details. >> erie new video from the border, exclusive thermal drone figures showing 500 illegal immigrants crossing into texas in a 2 hour time span, 3 large groups waiting across the rio grande, a community dealing with the migrant crisis day in and day out. the center for immigration
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studies estimates 2 million migrants enter the us under president biden within a matter of 18 months, 2500 miles away the 50 migrants flown to martha's vineyard in a plane have been shipped by bus and ferry to the military base on cape cod. massachusetts activated 125 numbers of the national guard to deal with what it is labeling a humanitarian crisis. for several years many businesses and homes in martha's vineyard have displayed this sign which includes a message welcoming migrants. governor desantis said these flights will continue so long as the biden white house continues to push the idea the borderers secure, democratic officials voice their opposition to this. >> some politicians would rather not only have an issue but exacerbate it to the extent of human trafficking. >> this is an issue that is
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inhumane, that is important and we should not be using people, migrants who are fleeing communism as a political punch. >> migrants did not stay long and the wealthy liberal enclave but showed appreciation for the florida governor. [speaking spanish] >> one lime longtime martha's vineyard resident, poses the idea of housing migrants, they called on former president obama to open his $12 million mansion as a temporary shelter. rachel: the obamas only want illegal immigrants if they are coming to cut the hedges are clean the house. that's the only reason they want them in their home but we all know martha's vineyard is more capable of feeding only 50
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of them than someone getting 5000 today. >> and called in the massachusetts national guard, 25 troops landed on the island to deport them. this is the community that put up signs that no person can be illegal, everyone is welcome. they freaked out and said as you heard hillary clinton say the real human traffickers are run desantis. this is a reflection, one of the signs, one of the many, all are welcome here yet they couldn't keep them for 48 hours and it is off-peak, there's 20 of people whose houses are not occupied. this is how they really deal with it. rachel: it is all too much. the company line today, these are company lines, these are political spins issued from a central location being parroted all the way down through social media is martha's vineyard welcomed them amidst the inhumane treatment with open arms, they rejected the illegal
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immigrants and are patting themselves on the back for giving them a bowl of soup on the way out. they are calling ron desantis document trafficker for doing what the biden administration has been doing for more than 12 months which is fly illegal immigrants around this country mostly in the past in the middle of the night to be dropped off, you would be forgiven if you didn't know this but most fox news viewers do, others do not, to be dropped off in new york or wherever else the biden administration decided, was a human trafficking when done by president biden? >> was checking whether they were told where they were going, do you think every location they were dropped off in those legals were told this is where you are going? print out a map, tell them you're going to martha's vineyard and it is an amazing way to be critical of this from the beginning, unsure if it would be effective. it has proved to be what needs to happen.
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>> i will apologize to governor abbott. i called a stunt, i was wrong, this is effective, this is the only effective way of bringing -- are border is the deadliest border crossing zone in the world, it is the deadliest in the world, this is an embarrassment, they don't want to come to the border, this is a good way of saying we are going to show you the border, what it looks like for everyone in texas and arizona. >> the point of the entire stunt is to highlight the problem, to show the problem is much greater on the southern border than 50 illegal immigrants in martha's vineyard. in my estimation the democratic party has played right into that by using the exact language many are calling for when it comes to the southern border, for example here is vice president kamala harris, accusing gop governors of dereliction of duty. do you know what is happening in venezuela right now?
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people being put on a bus or plane who didn't know where they were going or where they were being sent, human beings, real people who fled harm who came to the united states seeking refuge, asylum. i think the height of a response ability, much less dereliction of duty but the point is -- to the deck of dereliction of duty, that is the point of abbott and desantis, you are ignoring the duty on the southern border. >> is what is interesting, kamala harris isn't the only one, they are fleeing communism, look at the horrors of venezuela which the biden administration -- moreover, last summer let's not forget because it is so easy in this fast-moving news cycle to forget, last summer those fighting communism in cuba begged this administration for internet, give us some satellite feed so we can show
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the world the atrocities, and guess what happened, the leaders of those anti-communist protests, havana, cuba, all over the island are disappeared in gulags so spare me all the compassion for those fleeing communism and in venezuela the cheerleader of that socialist revolution with impoverished so many people, cheerleader by bernie sanders himself and i wants to bring those policies over with his comrade aoc so this has gotten to the point it makes my blood flow. >> if 8,000 today at a minimum crossing the border illegally doesn't make your blood boil then you don't believe in sovereign nation states. we've got governors on the conservative side of the spectrum leading the way, one is ron desantis and another governor in california is more or less obsessed with the
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coverage ron desantis gets because he wishes he had a state that function but instead he has in-laws that move to idaho instead on montana. and donated to desantis so here is governor ron desantis talking about gavin newsom. >> the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors and all i can say is i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function. will: prosecute the governors of texas and florida for kidnapping charges for something the biden administration has been doing for your. here's how newsom responded, clearly you are struggling, distracted and busy playing politics with people's lives since you have only one overriding need and that his attention. let's take this up and debate. i will bring my hair gel, you bring your hairspray. name the time before election day. it was tucker carlson who
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pointed out it is fascinating all the focus is on ron santos, not the governor of texas, greg abbott, wonder why that is and what it reveals what this is about. rachel: there is a shadow campaign going on and this is what ron desantis's rapid response, a feisty one, i love her tweets but here's what she had to say. what i don't understand is why gavin newsom is so obsessed with florida and debating governor ron desantis. governor desantis is focused on governing our state, governor newsom should focus on governing his state instead of campaigning against president biden in a shadow primary. interesting what the politics are behind this. for the party that claims to be all about compassion and care for the immigrants, all of this for gavin newsom, how can i use this and benefit this to position myself as the defector
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leader of the democrat party, because everyone is saying president biden is not going to run. will: doesn't want to look at the living conditions in san francisco or los angeles. if you cared about governing and cared about people that is where you would look first at if you are a sanctuary city in this moment, we want to make a clash with ron desantis. if that was your principal you would say send them all to me, we will show you what an example we are of how we are sanctuary city, we welcome them. instead he comments on what is happening. it is all at desantis because of the potential -- will: rachel: martha's vineyard residents didn't take advantage of the opportunity as well. turning to a few additional headlines, a moment of chaos at westminster hall, police arrested a man who rushed queen
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elizabeth the second's coffin and shoved a 7-year-old girl out of his way. >> some person decided they were going to push her out of the way, go up to the coffin. >> this is on lakers are waiting hours to have a look at the queen as she lies and state. even david beckham related 13 hours despite being given a chance to jump the line. martha maccallum also waiting in line, she ended up spending 7 hours to pay her respects. prince harry and megan markel won't joined the royal family at buckingham palace tomorrow despite getting an invite. officials say the event is for working royals only. rachel: group of good samaritans rescue a female police officer was attractive a traffic stop and it was all caught on camera. watch this. >> put your hands on the table
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now. >> what the -- rachel: the 64-year-old suspect is set to face a judge next week. the texas longhorns paid a pretty penny to get eli manning's nephew to play for them. according to the athletic, texas shelled out upwards of $280,000 to recruit arch manning. let me see. most of the cash reportedly going to food and hotel expenses including a 10 grand to a weekend outing at top golf. will: it was a lot of money but not all for arch.
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todd: we will correct that in the next hour. we have an update on the "fox and friends" fantasy league, powering into week 2 of the season, the 12 participants, 14 person league, you have to pick low, didn't know who you were picking if you wanted to. do we have the standings? no? maybe? just have pictures. here's what you need to know, will is in last. rachel: started the league, and you are a great community organizer, you made sure everybody, the night before -- you were doing that. but you got over it. rachel: you were barack obama and you were billionaires in that situation. will: no one has ever said you are good community organizer to me. i'm happy to take that mantle. roof breaks.
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>> get your looks in now. did you win in the first place? she doesn't even know. i won. i will check. we will find out. while he's checking the temperatures cooling down outside that is not stopping rising energy prices. how much more will it cost to heat your homes this winter thanks to inflation? rachel: bill maher is taking on woke attempts to rewrite history. >> you can get creative with a novel, tv show or movie but history books, that is not supposed to be fanfiction. rachel: his lesson against judging historical events from today's perspective. will: you lost. rachel: great. ♪ i will admit i am just the same as i was ♪ why don't you understand
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will: a beautiful shot as the sun comes up over new bedford, massachusetts. pete: maybe that's where the illegals were on martha's vineyard. it appears to be near water. at least on the eastern side of massachusetts lodz if anyone is from new bedford. the national guard recently. rachel: i suspect the next drop-off will be in brooklyn or the whole foods above aoc's dc apartment, that's my guess to. pete: nantucket, aspen, the upper east side, there's a good list of places that might draw some attention. rachel: where we going to do it? pete: is the sun coming up. here's another example of someone increasingly seeing the
3:23 am
light, bill maher friday night talked about the current trend of projecting your virtue on dead people from the past. watch this. >> you can get creative with a novel, tv show or movie, but history books, that's not supposed to be fanfiction. how we teach our kids history has become a big controversy these days with liberals accusing conservatives of wanting to whitewash the past and sometimes that is true, sometimes they do but plenty of liberals also want to abuse history to control the present and last month a scholar named james sweet caught however calling them out for doing that. he criticized the phenomena known as presentism, judging everyone in the past by the standards of the present. it is the belief that people who lived 100, 500, or 1000 years ago really should have known better which is so stupid. it is like getting mad at your self or not knowing what you know now when you were 10 bidding today's world where truth conflict with narrative
3:24 am
it is truth that has to apologize, being woke is like a magic moral time machine where you judge everybody against what you imagine you would have done in 1066. pete: a magic moral time machine. rachel: so many of our heroes knocked down. i am sure tons of scholarly journals, where you judge them and it is unfair. it means if you believe slavery is wrong in 2022 you are better than george washington because he was a man of his time. so as he said it is a way to see how great i am, i am greater than george washington. pete: not only in accurate assessment of historical figures and their morality but
3:25 am
an accurate assessment of themselves. i had douglas murray on this week, he said everyone presumes they would go back in time into be anti-slavery or if they were born in germany in the 1930s they would have been anti-nazi. would you? are you so sure you wouldn't have been like everybody else in that time? such an easy hypothetical but in reality you are already exhibiting the characteristic that you would have been like everybody else. rachel: people who presume they would be outspoken during nazi times, back in the time of slavery are the same sheep who followed every rule during covid so give me a break. >> they don't factor in the sheer terror and intimidation that comes with the population there. i love the idea that there's a word behind this, a phenomenon goes on and john a how to describe it and presentism, we should use that word and just
3:26 am
like the left takes labels and says you are racist or misogynist or all the things you are not in that case just say what you are doing is presentism, doesn't roll off the tongue that, got soap think this through but the find what it is you are doing, standing on your moral pedestal, your moral time machine trying to tell and as a result getting rid of all the good things those people did. i also like to think about what are the things now the 200 years from now they will look at us and say what in the world were they thinking? the transgenderism and b relation of young kids and that is the kind of thing they will look back on and what? >> the covid hysteria. >> they are going to say -- how did you not see these people as human beings? >> the moral issue of our time. pete: california governor gavin newsom, gop leaders charged with kidnapping as more
3:27 am
migrants arrive but what about all the secret migrant flights sent across the country by the biden administration? next guest exposed those secret flights and sounds off after the break. find your beat your moment of calm find your potential then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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we got her the farmer's dog sent in the mail. it was all fresh. i want my dog to have a healthy and long life. the farmer's dog helps that out. see the benefits of fresh food at >> massachusetts calling in the national guard to deal with a humanitarian crisis after 50 migrants arrived in martha's vineyard. when you governor gavin newsom, governor desantis florida and texas governor greg abbott to be charged with kidnapping for relocating migrants to liberal cities what charges should the federal government face for secretly transporting illegal immigrants across the country? that has been going on for the past year. our next guest exposed the secret migrant flights to his state. westchester county new york executive rob astorinoh joins
3:32 am
us now. the word that is being thrown around, governor newsom issued it, kidnapping. are those to be applied universally? >> federal kidnapping charges, definitely human trafficking by the biden administration, we go on and on and on, we would probably run out of crimes to charge them with but i want to go back to what you were talking about before, this is presentism by the progressives because a year ago when i was talking about this showed the video what was happening they were dead silence, they did was call me a racist and hater and all this other nonsense and it was happening right into our own neighborhood in westchester county and went to stewart international airport which is new york state controlled port authority so governor hochul was in on it.
3:33 am
migrants coming into our schools, they are getting into housing, all these benefits they have been getting for a year so now that they go to martha's vineyard, and great job, governor desantis, the progressives can't take it so they are going ballistic which proves 2 things, one, they admit there's a problem and 2 they are inadequate, they are enough to handle this problem. pete: explain the difference in reaction from a year ago to today, is instantly that now the other political parties doing it? >> no question. i had a press conference august 13, 2021, i had video, at nighttime is flights coming in but in broad daylight, we followed the buses, where they were being transported all over the place, getting into cars, the buses would stop at thruway
3:34 am
rest stop and all these waiting cars for them to get into and off they would go and we got no answers whatsoever and when i said this and demand answers i was call the hater, a racist, all the typical racist stuff they said. but i pursued, i wrote a letter to president biden february 1st of this year, still nothing, no answers whatsoever. i asked the governor of new york to trigger a law, the ability to demand that any person here illegally, any foreign national that comes in here must register with the state as an alien and new york law, must register with new york state within one day, that would stop it in new york but she's not doing it because new york is a sanctuary state and city and the same with mayor adams in new york city. they've been coming in through catholic charities and other nongovernment organizations for the last year and not appear but now they have to deal with what everyone else on the southern border has to deal with and it is a massive burden we are not prepared to do nor should we.
3:35 am
rachel: less than 30 seconds, how does it play politically? on the left they say this has backfired on run desantis, they see a victory in this or at least pretend to see a victory in this fight. >> not at all, you have normal people of all political stripes saying what is going on here? i can tell you in my kids high school in their classrooms they've got 5 or so each, 20 new kids in the classroom the don't speaking. getting services, parent of all stripes are saying enough is enough. rachel: thank you for reminding us what is taking place for the past 12 months. will: coming up, inflation still the top issue for voters which is 52 days until the midterms and with colder weather on the way energy prices could be worse. that is next. plus all aboard, setting sail with rick reichmuth, free to first responders. >> reporter: if you've ever
3:36 am
been to a margaritaville restaurant or hotel they have launched this summary say online, cruise line and just this week opened it up to first responders, military members, educators for free. we will talk about it all morning long, you don't want to miss it, stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online.
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busted illegals sent from texas to the nation's capital is arriving at the vice president's residence at the naval observatory in washington dc. let's go live to alexandria half. >> reporter: the bus just arrived here, 50 migrants are on this bus sent from texas after coming over the texas border, governor abbott sending them to the naval observatory which is also the location of the vice president's residence. there were 100 migrants that came in and the difference was there were not as many a groups on hand. the aid groups the age groups are here, several families going down the street, we are told the idea is to send them to a secure location where they would get food and water and from there it is unclear where everyone is going to be going. there are children on board and
3:41 am
it is an interesting scene, people taking off down the street so we are trying to figure out exactly where everybody is heading at this point. the other part of this is the vice president herself was asked twice about this yesterday with migrants being dropped off, no response to that but her husband did call this shameful. you see the charter bus here that came from texas but it is early in the morning so they want to make sure at least families are given something stable. we are not sure where everybody is going now but we are going down massachusetts avenue waiting for the vice president's residence and the dc mayor muriel bowser, this is century city, made a statement yesterday that unlike border communities a place like washington dc does not have any
3:42 am
infrastructure to deal with an influx of migrants as compared to places like texas and arizona. under that designation we don't know what that means if there is no infrastructure ready. the individuals here saying move move move. looks like they are taking off but the same workers we had seen earlier this morning. it is hurry down massachusetts avenue. will: not sure where everyone is moving, they are moving in one direction presumably away from the cameras and the coverage which was the reason they didn't like this. thank you for that report, we will check in with you later. rachel: the midterm elections are 52 days away and a fox news poll reveals the top issue concerning voters is inflation. with 55% of voters saying they
3:43 am
believe inflation is not under control. he was tips to cope with higher prices is personal finance expert and author of launching financial grown ups, thank you for joining us this morning, interesting stuff, 90% of americans say they are worried about inflation and it is causing financial hardship. that's almost the whole population. >> it will be huge issue at the elections but now focus on things we can control in our own lives, so many are cutting back. what we have to do is focus on protecting our income and increase your income, make sure we have jobs that maximize our earning power and be careful with this trend of quiet quitting. if there are layoffs at your company you know what will happen. rachel: klain what quiet quitting is.
3:44 am
>> i call it phoning it in. doing the minimum for your job. it is important when talking about inflation, protect the income you do have because you are already cutting costs. rachel: if you are not angering value to the company will be first on the chopping block. it is a trend among young people, very troubling. you say you can cut back on expenses. a lot of people getting second jobs. we've done we done this with retirees who had to get a second job. >> that can be exhausting which focus on a primary job of getting a raise so you don't have to but also ways to bring in income where you are not as active. you might get a roommate, you might airbnb, live with relatives temporarily, and i want to remember if you are in a corporate job check in on the benefits of the job, a lot of companies have tweaked their benefits to your benefits so if they are trying to get you to
3:45 am
come to work they might pay for a dog walker, things like that so instead of worrying about cutting the cost, get your company to pay for it. if they have you come in make sure if they will pay for it you take advantage of that. rachel: energy prices are a big deal. millions of americans are already behind on their utility bills from air conditioning used during the summer, go into the winter a lot of elderly on fixed incomes, what can people do to save on energy costs? >> home heating costs could be up 17%, i want everyone to go around and point out any plugs, anything you are not using, shut down your computers at night and make sure you've got everything on a timer so you are not heating rooms when you are not in them. it is pulling energy when you are not using it. you will see a difference.
3:46 am
rachel: i have a chore for the kids, unplug. thank you, your book is -- >> launching financial grown ups. rachel: thanks for joining us. still had a student stands up to woketeachers tried to make her sign a check to promote critical race theory but we have her refusal live. giving power to the people, 19 states making the case to take back power from the federal government. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:51 am
west palm and you have all these guys back here and we are making sure we are doing this right. what are they working on? it seems more challenging to drive the boat in. >> it is challenging. always pushing, the captain and the pilot on the inside. good morning, everyone. i am alex. we are excited about what we are doing here. to have this kind of special cruise and recognition to attend respect to. >> reporter: you are giving cruises to military members and first responders. i don't have enough time to take a week's vacation, a 2 day cruise and you go from here to the bahamas and you're doing this all the time. >> this is what we are doing between west palm beach and freeport, just to please the
3:52 am
passengers with food and activities on board so we are happy to see that. >> reporter: we are on the bridge where they have a view they are going to come into the channel to get inside and that is where we are going to talk eventually if these guys can get this ship through the channel. i think they can. will: we will be watching right into the channel. pete: today is constitution day. for getting fed up with the federal government's excessive reach you are not alone but the convention of states movement is making its case to give power back to the american people and the states. of two thirds or 34 states agree, they can pass constitutional amendments on things like limiting the budget and term limits. the president of convention upstate's action, thanks for
3:53 am
being here. we won't get into the nuts and bolts of how this happened but founders gave the people recourse and the federal government got too big, to call and amending convention. what is the goal of this movement? >> to plead put, to change where decisions were made. they decided decisions would be made close to home with people in the state and in the localities. today that powers amassed by the federal government, we see 80,000 new fbi agents and what is going on with the doj being weapon iced against the american people, the goal is take power from dc, give it back to the people. pete: get more pass pacific, what amendments would you like to see proposed? >> amendments the american people broadly want like term limits for members of congress which is supported by 85% of the american people, term limits for bureaucrats which we call the deep state, heads of these agencies that now favor
3:54 am
the federal government over the american people, balanced budget amendment to force the federal government to live within its means, tax caps, spending caps, amendments that would take power from the federal government for example they can't deal with education or energy or the environment or healthcare. these are things intended for the people in the states and we have the power to take that power away from the federal government. pete: 19 states have already passed article 5 in their state legislatures, you need to get to 34. i noticed a lot of criticism recently, the new york times, the left is coming after you guys. >> they are. former senator from wisconsin, very liberal guy, russ feingold wrote a book attacking us, widely covered, msnbc, new york times, what they are worried about is they say it is a serious movement as we will take power from dc and give it back to the states, got the administrative state and worried about that because they amend the constitution all the
3:55 am
time by things like executive fiat by the president signing executive orders or letting courts do it for them. they don't like the idea that people are about to take power away from dc. pete: i am a huge fan of what you are doing. if a viewer wanted to get involved in this movement what does that look like? >> go to, sign the petition, click the take action tab and volunteer. i know you are a fan. i have been doing it for a long time but we need your viewers to get involved. pete: you can be part of a movement vote reince in the out-of-control federal government, knowing this organization it is a worthy cause, we need it today more than ever. thank you so much. president biden breaking his interview drought this hard-hitting question. >> you have just averted a
3:56 am
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