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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 17, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> new video from earlier this morning, showing more migrants being dropped off by the bus load near vice-president kamala harris' residence in washington d.c. and port authority in new york city, this as g.o.p. leaders set up the efforts to shine the light on a crisis that border communities have been struggling with for years. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins. >> i'm jackqui heinrich.
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and let's start with lucas tomlinson at the white house for us. >> good afternoon. the bus trips are a message to the president, democrats and even vice-president who claim the border is secure. >> the border is not secure and you need to help us stop this. i don't care what crying, let them cry in their beer all day long, and the people of martha vineyard's what a bunch of elitist hypocrites they are. >> and buses were dropping off in washington, and massachusetts avenue for the second time, and today, which happens to be constitution day, more migrants are sent as well. the white house is reeling from florida governor ron desantis sending a plane of migrants to martha's vineyard.
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>> they were misled where they were headed told they would be headed to boston, misled what they would be provided when they arrived, promised shelter, refuge, benefits and more. these are the kinds of tactics that we see from smugglers in places like mexico and guatemala. >> of course, you're in the room when kjp said that and desantis responded to the criticism. >> the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors and all i can say is, i think his hair gel was interfering with her brain function. >> and newsom fired back about the hair gel comment on twitter, hey, governor ron desantis, you're struggling, busy playing politics with people's rights. and you have an overriding need for attention. i'll bring my hair gel, you
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bring your hair spray, name the time before election day. >> and the president will of course be attending the queen's funeral on monday. >> lucas tomlinson. griff: people from across the country are flocking to our nation's capitol to march in unity and calling attention to the fentanyl crisis that devastated thousands of american families and andrea aalexandria hoff from washington. >> it's entitled the forgotten voices of fentanyl. it's symbolic. and they say the voice of those who passed away because of fentanyl poisoning have not been heard by the government and on the march to the white house. fentanyl is a deadly drug and disguised within it, and the
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family members who lost their children, say this is not overdose, it's a poisoning and america at large has to pay attention to this. and almost 108,000 died of fentanyl deaths and 66% due to fentanyl poisoning. and fentanyl is super potent and comes from china, enters through the u.s. southern border so a lot of talk of that open border here at the rally today. i spoke with one parent, april babcock, and she lost her son due a fentanyl poisoning and every family in the country needs to understand the scale of this crisis. but we shouldn't be the boots on the ground. this has to come from the white house down. we're going to march to the white house and we're going to beg and plead for them to hear our cries and for them to do something about fentanyl that's poisoning hundreds of thousands of americans. it's not normal. >> now, april told me, she wants the fentanyl crisis
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treated like covid-19 and they want not only china held accountable and cartels held accountable and the drug dealers held accountable, too. griff: our hearts go out to that mother and the families with the crisis down on the mall. >> california governor gavin newsom accusing of governor desantis as potentially kidnapping the migrants over the border crisis. and joining us, congressman, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate your time. >> thank you. thank you for having me this morning. so one thing that stood out to me was washington d.c. mayor muriel bowser this week said we can't handle the influx of migrants, we're not a border town. we're not texas. your response to that?
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>> i think mayor bowser should talk to president biden and vice-president harris, they've messaged from the beginning of the campaign to when they were sworn into office that people were welcome here without going through the normal channels. you know, the bottom line we're a nation of immigrants and we all want people to come through the right way, but when the vice-president and the president put out the welcome mat and incouraged migrant encounters, they've got to go somewhere and you think about the numbers. going back to october of last year, there have been 1.9 million migrants ent encounters at the border and going back to the beginning of the biden presidency, 3.2 million migrant encounters, so, border security is national security, and if the president and the vice-president are going to tell these people that they can come in without going through
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the lawful channels, these migrants have to go somewhere. so, if governor desantis and governor abbott send them to washington d.c. and martha's vineyard, they've got to go somewhere. if the administration is going to allow them to come through in the way they've allowed them to come through. >> i think that's the point that these republican governors are making, you know, the town of eagle pass or el paso can't handle the influx either. >> they can't. i've been to the border under president trump and under president biden, and the problem has gotten a lot worse with these migrant encounters, whether they are caught and then released or whether they sneak past authorities. they've gotten a lot worse under biden, again, it's the message that biden has sent out. and just a practical perspective, you know, we talked a lot about border wall during trump, we talked a lot
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about the border wall during biden. one of my visits under president biden when i was in the border in new mexico, along the new mexico-mexico border, you could literally walk along the wall and the wall ends and that's true in a lot of places on the border shall what was so unique was, is that there were these steel beams that are the wall that go about 20 feet in the air, they were not in the ground, they were stacked on the ground. and what i was told was, is that the order to stop construction on the wall, it ended on january 20th, 2021 when biden put his hand on the bible. the administration said stop building the wall. there are a lot of really simple practical ways to curb this problem and the administration, they've got to lead and so when you've got vice-president harris in the last couple of days, in the last week, saying that the
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border is secure, that's not a sincere answer. that's not an honest answer. >> right. >> she need to go and look for herself. >> i think that a lot of people would say that hearing language like that feels at best like she doesn't know what's going on or at worst like it's not true. but i want to turn to inflation because that's the other issue that's really been sort of a thorn in this president's side, has not been able to get that number down to a comfortable level and yet, this week, the white house held a celebration for the inflation reduction act on the same day that a new inflation reading came in hotter than expected. you know, people said that that is just tone deaf, it's out of touch. what are your thoughts? >> well, look, inflation is real and it's been real for a long time and it was self-inflicted.
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i mean, we've been under one party rule, biden, schumer, pelosi going back to january of 2021 and these big bills that biden has championed, like the american rescue plan, 1.9 trillion dollars in new spending, the what he called the inflation reduction act, i think it's the inflation enhancement act that i voted against last month, almost $745 billion. this is new money that the government is printing and flushing into the economy and it can't do anything, but have an inflationary effect. and when it came out 8.3%, higher than expected, it's real. and it translates here on the ground because in my congressional district, when the main thing that people want to talk about are the high prices of gas, and energy and groceries and refrigerators and new cars and used cars, it's
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real, and that's what people are feeling at the level here. so the day that that number comes out, the 8.3 inflationary number and biden is having a celebration at the white house where he's talking about that he's taming inflation, he's tone deaf and their administration's out of it, completely out of it. >> not only does this bill, experts roundly agree won't bring down inflation in the near term and also the long-term they've spent the deficit from this bill on student loan cancellation, a lot to say there. congressman, thank you for joining us on this saturday. appreciate your time and hope to have you back again soon. >> thank you. >> griff. griff: for the other side of the oil, joining us now is democratic congressman from massachusetts and member of the house transportation infrastructure committee, jake auchincloss, and also on the house financial services committee and a good friend to come on this show and so much
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to unpack here, jake. let me start where your colleague left off and that is of course, a lot of criticism on the administration for that celebration tuesday, 8.3% number came out, the markets tanked and then one of massachusetts's own famous residents, james taylor was playing at the white house. was that an inappropriate bad look for them? should they have reconsidered that? >> the economy has been strong under this president for the first time in my lifetime, this economy has grown faster than china's over the last two years. prices are still too high, but we're seeing progress. we're seeing progress three straight months of declining gas prices with the president's leadership in ukraine, export of wheat and bring down food prices here and abroad and seeing progress on health care costs which are a huge part of wallets for working families. democrats in congress just
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earlier this month passed legislation to cap out of pocket costs for insulin at $35 a month. would have done it for all americans, could only do it for medicare beneficiaries because republicans tore out that element of the legislation at the last minute. so my question to my republican colleagues is why do you think people should be paying more for insulin at a time when costs are already too high across health care. griff: well, and i just want to quickly show our latest fox news poll, jake, it shows that inflation is the top concern and that in the last six months 78% of americans have been impacted. you see here, as a financial hardship by inflation. are democrats going to make the case if you vote for them this november and in less than under 50 days, that you, as a party, will have the answer to this? >> prices remain too high, yes, democrats are going to make that case in the midterms, i
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think successfully. let me tell yu, because we're making progress. there are some elements of higher costs right now that are geopolitical, global in nature, energy and food being the two most prominent. the president through international leadership has been making progress on that with declining gas prices and the relief for the wheat embargo. in the areas where we do have control like health care costs we've taken bold action and i'll add, with semiconductor manufacturing, the biggest driver of higher costs over the last year was used cars, because of the semiconductor shortage, with the chips and science act, this president and congress have signed into law a bill to strengthen domestic manufacturing for semiconductor manufacturing. griff: we'll see. as we get closer to that election. let me shift gears now. you obviously, massachusetts, specifically martha's vineyard, a big story as we were just talking about, these 50 migrants being sent by florida governor ron desantis. your reaction?
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>> it's performative cruelty, he's using that for infrastructure, helping kids to get back to school. for his aspirations. it's inappropriate and unacceptable. massachusetts as we have for years, help them build a life in the commonwealth. americans deserve a border that is secure and accessible. and that's the immigration system that this nation deserves and president biden and democrats in congress have been putting more resources, crashing down on drug trafficking and human trafficking at the border. we're working to offer pathway to citizen for dreamers and i haven't heard a policy answer from republicans. griff: jake. >> all we've seen is stunts like this. griff: jake, governors desantis and abbott say the reason for sending planes and buses is because of comments in part made by vice-president harris
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who is tapped to be the border czar last sunday when she spoke about the border and said it was secure. take a listen. >> the border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system and in particular over the last four years before we came in and it needs to be fixed. griff: do you agree with her that the border is secure? >> we know that the biden-harris administration has put significant resources kind cracking down on human and drug trafficking and we know that that trafficking still exists. it's still a challenge wan we need to put more investment behind work in the triangle countries in central america to stem the tide and physical infrastructure at the border itself. comprehensive immigration reform is going to require both a pathway to citizenship for those here and enhanced measures at the borders, and the republicans have not worked
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with that and the last time was with george w. bush and republicans in congress undermined it. democrats are ready to work in a bipartisan practice and all we're seeing are stunts on the other side of the aisle. griff: and you're seeing some on your side of the aisle, henry cuellar saying that vice-president and others are not being honest about whether the border is closed. and i talk with someone who came on the bus, and he says that the border is open and that's why he's coming. does the administration need to be more honest, the border, they have not want today talk about, to open the door for republicans to come in and try and work with them? >> after four years of nonstop lies, this president, i'm proud to say, has brought back integrity to the white house. nobody thinks that our immigration system in the united states is working well. we understand that we have a
9:18 am
tangle of problems that have accumulated over the last 20 years, but democrats have put money and resources behind enforcement actions at the border. we're not going to use cruelty as an enforcement mechanism unlike the previous president. this president has a humane policy for individual coming here to build a better life and those individuals need to be treated with due process and those who have a pathway to citizenship here in the united states need to be allowed to build better lives and contribute to the economy in their communities. right now, we have one american looking for every two open jobs in this country. we need more people who want to work hard and immigrants are committed to building better lives here. griff: but they should come legally, the legal way. jake, always good insight and we look forward to having you back, particularly as we get closer to the midterms. thank you, sir. tomorrow on fox news sunday
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shannon bream has an interview with jared bernstein, check the local listings for time and channel. and on media buzz, howie kurtz will break down the mainstream media's take on republican governors sending migrant to democratic strong holds. that's tomorrow, 11 a.m. eastern. stay tuned. . >> tropical storm fiona is gaining strength in the caribbean. we're going live to puerto rico where residents are preparing for the worst. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪)
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. jacqui: forecasters placing puerto rico and dominican republic under hurricane watch as fiona picks up and the threat the mudslides and flash flooding escalate. will, what are you seeing there? it looks sunny behind you still. >> it is and you hate to see the landscape behind me change. in a matter of hours it will look different. with millions in the strengthening path of fifiona. in guadalupe, a man was killed
9:24 am
when his home was washed away in flood waters. one death attributed to the storm. and with the hurricane warnings on mobile devices and along the car radio, people are taking action. a moment ago we saw a hotel boarding up protecting windows ap doors from likely 65 to 75 mile per hour wind, i should say and we're looking at inundation of rain, eight to 10 inches of rain at least possible here in the mountainous region and that's going to cause mudslides likely, especially here on the south end of the island where i'm standing right now, and as you are familiar, five years ago, really, this week, maria striking here, damaging very badly the electrical system here, we have a very vulnerable electric grid. so a lot of people are preparing, once again, for numerous power outages that can likely last into days when you talk about the wind speeds that we are expecting here. so, guys, a lot to unfield with the strengthening storm and we could be looking at a category 2 storm later on mid week, america's weather team on the ground tracking the
9:25 am
developments for you anytime in your free fox weather app. jacqui: stay safe out there, as you're tracking the storm. thanks, will. for more coverage of tropical storm fiona, follow the latest updates on the fox weather app. go to fox and go to track the latest weather developments in your area. griff: now for a look at some of our headlines, a woman has been found dead after going missing in the mudslide that destroyed 30 homes in southern california on monday. rescuers found her body buried under several feet of mud. and in el dorado county, california, some residents are headed back home as first responders seem to have made progress battling back the state's largest wildfire of the year. it began earlier this month and burned through over 70,000 acres and alaska's western coast bracing for a storm that some experts say will be one of
9:26 am
the worst the states has faced in recent history and some may see hurricane forced winds and water levels to reach 18 feet. jacqui: president biden is headed to england for queen elizabeth's funeral on monday. her grandchildren including william and harry will be standing in westminster hall later today. and we're live from london with more pictures of what you're seeing next. t® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc. at america's best, you can get two pairs of glasses
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♪ >> you're looking at live pictures from westminster hall, thousands of mourners have stood in line for hours getting a chance to say their final goodbye to queen elizabeth ii. prince william and prince harry are expected to stand vigil at the queen's coffin after a security scare yesterday that left mourners shocked. amy kellogg has the latest,
9:31 am
hey, amy. >> hey, griff, you know, people have been celebrating the dignified nature of the queues as they call them over here. people have been so respectful of one another and generally reverend. what happened last night is when the man rushed the coffin in westminster hall and in so doing, pushed aside a seven-year-old girl and he was quickly tackled to the ground. it's not clear at this point or it's not been released, i should say, by the police who the man was and why he did this, but it certainly was a very scary moment for people in that room and very rattling, of course, as well. now, a more pleasant surprise today was when king charles and prince william showed up to greet all of those people who were waiting in the 14, 19, whatever they are at this point hour lines to go in and pay their last respects to the queen. they thanked the public and adding as the royal family has
9:32 am
been doing this week, that the public outpouring of love and support is helping them get through their sadness at losing queen elizabeth ii. the accident by the coffin came a few hours after the queen's children performed what is called the vigil of the princes where one stands at each corner symbolically guarding their mother. andrew was allowed to don his military uniform for this particular occasion and he, of course, was a navy pilot who served in the faulklands war and stripped of his duties and as such wearing his military uniform over the jeffrey epstein affair. another surprise to many, david beckham's appearance in the line. the international soccer star actually waited his 12 hours for the chance to say farewell. and then king charles and also, again, prince william went to express their gratitude to the emergency workers and the mayor of london. this, griff, is the biggest policing operation the city has
9:33 am
ever known and medics have had to deal with with hundreds of people in the cold night to have become sick or dizzy or had problems standing in those long lines. the police are out in force and there are hundreds of foreign dignitaries coming in for the funeral on monday. it is the equivalent to having 100 state visits all in one go, which is daunting, as you can imagine. president biden is one of those who will be arriving this evening, griff. griff: it's going to be quite a collection of v.i.p. guests. amy, i want to ask you quickly, i think what many viewers are looking forward to seeing, when the princes, william and harry stand vigil today, we are hearing that there's a chance that they're both to go to be in their military uniform. have you heard anything on that? >> yes, yes, well, there was a lot of speculation about prince harry having complained that he wasn't allowed to wear his military uniform. of course, he served two tours of duty in afghanistan and spent a decade in the military,
9:34 am
stripped of his, well, gave up his front line royal duties and as such was stripped of his right would wear the military uniform and it seems that prince charles asked him to wear the uniform and a lot of people are calling it a goodwill gesture, and just tonight at the vigil of the grandchildren and eight of them will stand around the coffin symbolically guarding their grandmother and that will be another beautiful image coming out of this week of incredible pageantry, griff. griff: and one you can catch here live on fox news channel. amy kellogg in london, great coverage. thank you, amy. jacqui. jacqui: griff, for more on what we can expect leading up to and including the funeral of queen elizabeth, we're joined now by fox news royal contributor and former royal editor of the sun, dunca duncan larcombe. >> we were just speaking with
9:35 am
amy, i hope you heard, about the significant of the military uniforms that the princes are going to be wearing and how this was apparently charles' wish. how unusual is that? and why should it-- for people in the u.s. who don't understand these things or don't follow them as much as do in the u.k., what should we take away from that? >> right, okay, i suppose i ought to explain a little bit because it seems that we're making a big deal whether harry will or won't wear a uniform. the royal family is absolutely tied to the military, most of the queen's children and grandchildren, apart from harry now, have their own regiments, they're colonel and chief and so on. if you're a soldier and serviceman and go to war, you fight for queen and country. you sign an oath of allegiance. prince harry leaving the royal family and not being a full-time working royal technically wouldn't be allowed to wear a uniform.
9:36 am
he wouldn't removed for the title of chief of a couple of regiments. this is a gesture from the king. it builds on the first olive branch to his son face it, has been in the dog house for at least two years now. amongst the mourning and historic moments, there's a kind of substory where we're seeing, luckily, prince harry being able to come back into the fold, not completely, but, wow, this is a guy who meghan claimed only a few weeks ago in a podcast he'd lost his father, we think. and it looks like he is he got back his father. >> and how are people taking this, are they accepting harry and meghan back into the fold? >> that's quite hard to say because it's early days and i mean, i have to say, so far, give them their due. harry and meghan have behaved i am peckbly.
9:37 am
the only possible moment where maybe they've proved critics right, meghan's decision to go to balmoral before the queen died and that reversed and we're seeing harry in grief and also meghan in the background, she won't be -- none of the spouses will there this afternoon for this, this vigil that the princes are doing and i think they deserve a bit of credit. is it too much to late? and what about harry's memoir and meghan's podcast? it's too early to say, but i think the ball is in their court when they go home to california, the olive branch is there. it's up to them to see what they do with it ultimately. >> and the focus should be on the queen. a number of heads of state coming in to attend her funeral, talk to us a bit about who is going to be there and her relationships with those people over the years. >> sure, i mean, we saw justin trudeau, of course, the canadian prime minister going through.
9:38 am
i don't think he queued for that many hours, there's a v.i.p. entrance and i saw them being led in by a member of staff from parliament and they're there as political leaders shown through the back route, david beckham obviously never found that door as amy said. we're expecting lots of world leaders and in fact, frankly, it's probably quicker to say who won't be here. there won't be vladimir putin and nor will there be a delegation from belarus, russia's ally in europe. there is some debate, but seem like one of the senior members of the chinese government is already here and come from the funeral. soft diplomacy from the queen and soft power. i don't think the queen traveled the world to tell people what to do and i think she traveled and gained a lot of respect for this country and i think that britain is absolutely honored and humbled, for all of the world leaders coming to our little island, i guess.
9:39 am
jacqui: it's been nice to hear, you know, the different stories of the queen's humor and you know, the personality that maybe you didn't get to-- didn't get enough attention when she was alive, but now, when remembering her legacy and her life. i'm struck by what a sense of humor she had. >> yes, she used to, behind closed doors, particularly at christmas time, entertain the other royals by mimicking accents and regional accents around britain and i don't know if she did any american accents, probably ever the diplomate, she was far too sensible for that. but, yeah, she's got a great sense of humor, if you speak to people in the queue which i've done the last two days, what strikes me is that yes, they're all there, but for a woman that barely any of them have ever met, but they've all got a personal link to her majesty, the time their grandmother met the queen. the 77 jubilee when i was very young, for example, but everyone's got their own personal memory and i think
9:40 am
that probably makes this such a unique occasion, i can't really think of what would compare to it. possibly the death of pope john paul ii in 2005, but other than that, i don't think we've seen this before, to be honest, jacqui. jacqui: we're seeing an incredible outpouring of support to be continued with their funeral tomorrow and of course, we'll continue to have live coverage of all of the queen's funeral proceedings as they go on. duncan larcombe thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. griff: shifting gears to an important story, september is suicide prevention month, and on fox report tonight, anchor jon scott will do a deep dive into the alarming number of veterans taking their own lives. 17 a day and some say that number higher. jon will share personal stories from real american families who have lost a loved one and that's tonight here at 6 p.m. eastern and only here on the
9:41 am
fox news channel. in a very tough week for millions of investors wrapped up on wall street as prices for necessities like food remain stubbornly high. that's next. ♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick?
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>> everyday americans are feeling rampant inflation on food to electricity that rose sharply over the past year.
9:46 am
founding partner of this llc, mitch, let me show you screen, 8.3% inflation across august of this year to last year how booed bad things are. gas up, airline fares, food. the last time i checked we all have to eat, 16%, are we closer to the inflation sting easing? >> no, the problem, griff, with inflation is it tend to be very sticky and it lingers. part of that is because when it first reared its ugly head. the administration, whether it be the treasury secretary or the fed to come agree with claiming it was transitory and they weren't going to address it. it snuck up on us. and the consumer price index, they often strip out food and energy and look at the core
9:47 am
number. the problem is, this is an energy-cost led inflation spiral. even though gas prices have come down, home heating oil, you know, prices may not have come down as much, natural gas, i'm sure you looked at your electric bill for the month of august, or september, and you saw, wow, that was radically higher than a year ago and in some places of the country, 50% higher. so it's part of everything in the service economy and that's why it takes a really, really long time for it to go away. griff: and mitch, when that number dropped on tuesday, wall street freaked out and began to plummet and i think the term they use these days among youngsters, read the room. the white house is celebrating the passage of the inflation reduction act and even had james taylor strumming along on the south lawn there and it was a really bad look. is this -- was it just a bad photo op, bad planning on white
9:48 am
house staffers? or are they out of touch with what's happening across america. >> i'll go with the thing you said last, griff. they're completely out of touch. so much out of touch, he sang "fire and rain", and so many other songs. a song will depression and not good to sing in front of the white house. and they were banking that since gasoline prices had come down that the overall inflation picture would improve dramatically and it goes back to what i said earlier, it's embedded in the service economy and takes a while to go away. and the inflation reduction act, fiscal policy to reduce inflation, by all accounts at a minimum it's going to keep inflation where it is. and at a maximum could bring on more inflation because it's so steeped in regulations which binds up the supply side of the economy. griff: we don't want more inflation.
9:49 am
we do expect the fed to raise rates and mortgage rates are really high. what do you say to those suggesting we could be headed for a housing crisis? >> yeah, i've been pretty outspoken here on the network and on the business channel that i don't see us heading to a housing crisis. you know, everything in economics boils down to supply and demand, and if you look at when we had the financial crisis and the mortgage crisis of over a decade ago, we had about 14 months supply of houses on the market and now we have less than four months supply of houses on the market. so unless we completely lose all demand for homes, i do think that there's a floor and housing prices aren't going to fall through the floor. people need a place to live and the other thing i'll note quickly is, rents are really on the rise, too. so for some people buying a house even at a 6% mortgage rate may be cheaper than paying exorbitant rent prices. griff: and mitch rochelle who
9:50 am
some call the millennial, have a great weekend. >> you bet, griff. thank you. jacqui: troubled times for the big easy as new orleans replaces st. louis as america's murder capital. details on that next. (steinsg ) ) your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers)
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>> new orleans now has the highest murder rate of any city in the u.s., but the city's police force is busy trying to retain its officers from under mayor latoya cantrell who is facing the earlier stages of a recall campaign. charles watson has the story for us. >> good afternoon, jacqui. latoya cantrell are facing a recall as critics say she's too busy jetsetting on international trips across the globe as crime in the city of new orleans explodes. listen. >> i do travel business class, absolutely. i need to be protected and be safe as i do business on behalf of the city of new orleans. >> so that was the mayor's defense after public records show cantrell spent $45,000 in taxpayer dollars on trips to
9:55 am
france, and switzerland this summer, including nearly $18,000 on a first class air fare. it's contributed to an effort called no latoya to recall the mayor during a spike in crime in new orleans, take a look at the latest crime stats. the crimes up 141% since 2019. shootings up 100%. armed robberies 25% and carjackings seeing the largest increase up 210% since 2019. this all coming at a time of struggle for the new orleans police department. it's got less than a thousand officers on the street. about 10% are retiring each year and the department is struggling to find new recruits and the critics of the mayor say that it doesn't help when she shows up to court for support a 14-year-old on multiple carjackings. >> that's not picking a side. that's supporting a young
9:56 am
person that's made decisions that puts him on a better pathway. that's what i did. >> yeah, and the mayor could be in trouble. new polling from edgewater research at university of new orleans shows that as many as 55% of new orleans residents support this recall effort. jacqui: charles watson on the story for us, griff. griff: another busload of migrants arrived in front of vice-president harris' residence in d.c. this morning. the latest on the red and blue clash over president biden's border crisis next. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪)
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jacqui: brand-new video of migrants being unloaded by the bus load at major bus depo in the heart of manhattan and outside of vice president's kamala harris' residence in our nation's capitol as republicans ramp up efforts to keep the bored crisis under the national spotlight. welcome to fox news live, i'm jacqui heinrich. griff: let's start with lucas tomlinson at the white house with fresh reaction from the biden administration, hey,


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