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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  September 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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at more modern issues, and making the monarchy more relevant to the people, particularly young people. >> he cared about the future of the planet and he cares about the people. brian: it must be saturday night. i'm brian kilmeade. and this is "one nation." bill broader is it true vladimir putin is in trouble? said rosenberg has a new book. and judge jeanine. the judge will yell at me about something, and she is going to
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do the "news duel." a little reflection. for 25 years as an anchor at fox i have been accustoms to debating issues. but since the president hired his posse to take over washington, the biden administration is gas lighting america. they want to make us believe what we are seeing and experiencing is not happening at all. >> 700 migrants gathering under a bridge after crossing there. border patrol has started releasing migrants on city streets. >> it's open for you to come illegally, right? >> illegally.
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that's true. brian: this is reality and the border biden style. >> we have a secure border. brian: it's just not true. his reality show has texas governor abbott desperate busing immigrants into new york and chicago to show you the crisis they are facing is real, even though they don't want to talk about it. you say our road to freedom and energy is green energy and green technology. >> folks, the great american road trip will be fully electrified. the charging station will be up and as easy to find as gas stations are. brian: china has the battery components. you say the economy is great.
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>> the american rescue plan, we have an economic resurgence. brian: you say americans are living better. is that true? >> people's lives are better off. all people. brian: you know that's not, even if you yell it. when you took office inflation was 1%, it's now 8.3%. you keep telling us you are a unifier. but what you are doing and saying is nothing of the sort. >> this is not your father's republican party. the maga republicans don't just threaten us personally. they represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. brian: he's willing to say anything to stem the red wave. maybe perhaps he's a seinfeld fan. >> jerry, just remember, it's
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not a lie if you believe it. brian: or you might remember the heyday of snl. >> my name is tommy and i'm a member of pathological liars anonymous. in fact i'm the president of that organization. brian: joe, do yourself a favor and the nation, tell is like it is, not the way you want it to be. americans don't need a script to understand their reality, they are living it. joining us, josh kraushauer. >> the republicans as you noted in the monologue have a good issue to run on. the economy, inflation, is the top issue for most voters, and
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they are not feeling that the economy is headed in the right direction. i think the white house risks being tone death to the inflation reduction act. it occurred on the same day government data showed inflation is not getting any better and the goods for everyday americans are going up in price. that's the biggest challenge democrats face. even at this late stage republicans are favored to win back the house and a senate majority. brian: people understand he was saying to a group of democrats at a restaurant, overheard, saying we are going to lose -- there is only a 40% chance of keeping the house and 60% chance
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of keeping the senate. the issue is immigration, did ron desantis and governor abbott put that as a top issue? did they force the americans to pay a lot of attention this week? >> it definitely got a lot of headlines. they may have exposed some hypocrisy from democratic officials. but immigration is more of an issue that gets republicans to the polls. the anger over the lack of border security is more or less a base issue for the republican party. but i think it's also, governor desantis has a lot of venezuelan voters. he has to be careful not to
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sound anti-immigrant even as he's talking about border security. brian: in the bigger picture will democrats benefit from the fact that a lot of these candidates are so-called maga candidates? they spent millions of dollars to put john bohdoc and blake masters in office. and maybe dr. oz. >> certainly the abortion issue and the overturning of roe versus wade has energized voters in a way i haven't seen since trump left office. republicans have an thus am advantage -- an enthusiasm. and voters are more likely to
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show up at the polls. a lot of the trajectory of the house and senate will come down to whether republican candidate can communicate to moderate voters, swing voters on abortion in a way that doesn't sound extreme. they had some challenges. brian: i will look forward to reading "axios" sunday. governor whitmer versus tudor dixon in michigan. how much is too much when it comes to our dog's allowance. "news duel" with judge jeanine pirro later in the show. set your dvr if you have to run out on saturday night.rgen and make sure you watch it the samed ba day.
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. brian: gretchen whitmer in a race for the governor's mansion in michigan. the republican canadian tudor dixon has a plan to back a $1 billion investment to stop crime. but will that be enough. joining us right now is the woman who wants to close that gap. tudor dixon. what is your message to close that gap? >> we can't let michigan go through another four years of this. are you better off than you were four years ago?
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absolutely not. we have lost 100,000 jobs, crime is through the roof. you are education system is going in the toilet. we have to bring it back and people in the state believe in that message. as you convert to electric cars, thousands of you a though to workers will be out of a job. >> how shock be is it to see joe biden literally holding hands with gretchen whitmer in the auto show in detroit after we just lost 5,000 automotive jobs in the state. and ford is moving into the south. you see gm moving into the south. the new factories are not being built in the state of michigan. it's like they are dancing on the auto industry's grave in the
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state of michigan. brian: the president said there is an extreme set of republicans who run the party, and that includes gretchen's opponent, they are full of anger and division. you don't seem angry. >> that's not my message. they are great at gas lighting. i think it's great to see the president and gretchen whitmer being nervous about me. we are talking about bringing back education and partnering with our job creators. something they haven't seen in four years and they are dying to have a partner who will reduce inflation in the united states. brian: let's talk about what's happening with schools,
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christopher rufo was able to find out you have a degree in radical history. i just said our reading scores are down. this training came out with our teachers saying they are teaching this radical gender theory to our teachers. when they get in school they are to talk to the children about what their preferred pronounces are and keep it from their parents. these are videos in the state of michigan so we know this is happening. the michigan's education system was fifth in the nation before covid. this is where our education system is? gender theory? we want our kids to learn to read, write, and math.
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brian: october 1 the president will be there to rally for you. then you have big debates on the 13th, the battle is yet to be fought. tudor dixon thank you so much. the war in ukraine is still going on. but vladimir putin doesn't seem able to win. america might run on duncan but one town is lost without it. >> i have been traveling farther away to go to dunkin donuts. >> how far do you have to travel? >> about a mile and a half.
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jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm oncot. dignitaries around the world quinn assembling in grade britain for what some are billing as the funeral of the century.
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the queen's funeral is set for monday. an estimated 2,000 heads of state and dignitaries will be in i 10 dance. the justice department is asking an appellate court to allow it to resume reviewing documents it seized from the mar-a-lago estate last month. the special master wants lawyers for the doj and trump to meet for a conference this tuesday. i'm jon scott. now back to "one nation." brian: if i told you back in march ukraine could reverse the momentum and win the war against russia, you would probably say that's crazy. but could crimea be in their
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cross-hairs? now we learn that opposition to vladimir putin is growing inside that country. my next guest has done more than anyone else to put vladimir putin on his heels and out of pour. phil browder. how would you characterize this battle. >> everyone got it wrong when they said ukraine would lose in three days. russia has lost more than 50,000 soldiers. almost the whole of their money overseas is tied up. gas revenues are plunging. and most importantly because of all these military losses ukraine has retaken strategic territory in northeast ukraine that russia had taken over.
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and it's starting to make putin look weak. putin has basically launched this war to look like a strong man to create a foreign enemy to shore up domestic support. if this war boomerangs back and shows him to be weak, he could potentially lose power. that's the ultimate good outcome for us. the ukrainians push russia back and putin is no longer aloud to stay as leader of his people. brian: who knows what they could do with poland if they were successful here. general kellogg said they look like belgium with nuclear weapons. this emerged from their summit with china. vladimir putin actually said, he
5:24 pm
acknowledged that beijing has questions and concerns about this war. what does that actually mean? look, china on one hand is an enemy of the united states and the western world, and so would like to see all of us scrirmi s. the cost of gas and heat has gone through the roof because of what putin is doing. this is not a gift to china. china is in as much trouble as putin from all this activity. when they have a private meeting, they are saying this is not good stuff, tone it down.
5:25 pm
he's making trouble wherever he can. when you say three days it's going to fall. u.s. intelligence said that. they are the same ones who told us the afghanistan government would withstand early on and they lasted a couple weeks. what indications do we look for to see vladimir putin is in trouble of losing power and a grip on the country. >> this is early days for him to lose power. he had a big setback in northeast ukraine. he had to go and recruit from prisons to get new soldiers. so he's weak. but this guy has a ton of resources. he has a huge amount of money. there is still a lot of weapons, and if necessary they can draft up a million, two million people
5:26 pm
and send them as cannon fodder. he's on the ropes. but i wouldn't overplay it. we want to feel like ukraine is wing and they are. but amount of territory that was taken back is less than 10%. 90% of ukrainian territory is still in russian hands. brian: but they don't have equipment -- i want you to meet me november 12 and 15 in brandon, mississippi, and the 12th in tulsa. and new york, new jersey december 2. straight ahead on this show we
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used to be a nation of underdogs, now we have become a country victims. are republicans close to flipping new york? sid rosenberg who is the king of new york city with the inside story on his brand-new book.
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brian: it seems that hard work and grit are missing in today's society. some are switching hardship with victimhood. >> it's going to be difficult with their messaging. their messaging is woke and poor me and victimhood. author of "nation of victims." vivek ramaswamy joins us now. we thought that would be apropos being that it was in the news so much. >> one of the cases i make in this book is victimhood is a proved incumbency. you start as a nation of insurgents. it's once you become and i insurgent, then incumbentsy
5:32 pm
breeds victimhood. and that leads to national decline. brian: you believe we are in a negative slope at this point. >> i go back to roman history. we tell ourselves there was a rise and fall of rome. but there were many rices and many falls. i still think we have shot at turning this hour. the british generation become the greatest because they had to be. 1812 they were called to fight. you set the stage here. like romans we americans print lots of money to pay for the fixation or arguing how to split the pie go hand in hand with
5:33 pm
victimhood. it's a powerful way to claim that you deserve government largess more than they do. so doing it makes the pie smaller, setting the stage for where we are at. >> that's the problem. in the name of helping the people you point out as victims, you make them into actual victims. the more you describe someone as a victim, the more they think of themselves as victims. at the end of the day the pie is smaller in the end. rome learned this lesson. it's erie how much hyper -- it's eerie how too much spending on the bread and circuses. identity politics is today's circus. the federal reserve printing
5:34 pm
money. skilling on artificial snow. it doesn't work. that's why i wrote this book. the more we wake up to it the better chance we have of turning it around. brian: you talk about in the past negative circumstances can breed success. you bring up two famous people, the guy named michael jordan and i think you pronounce it tom brady. in his mind at 45 he's still in his mind getting motivated because he's 6th round craft pick. >> i think they understand they underestimated my competitiveness and how much i enjoyed playing football. when you love to play the game, that says a lot. and that says you will do just about anything to get where you
5:35 pm
want to go. >> leroy smith was a guy when i got cut he made the team. he started the whole process for me. when he made the team and i didn't, i wanted to prove to leroy smith and to myself so i made sure the coach who picked leroy over me understood he made a mistake. >> hardship is not the same thing as victimmedhood. hardship can teach you who you are and you can you can achieve. i talk about serena williams in the book. it wasn't that she was a woman of color. but she was a champion, came out of compton and became one of the best in u.s. history.
5:36 pm
at the end of the day we being able to talk about this in the open. a lot of this is a generational change from the kind of athlete, the kind of successful people whether in business or music that used to see the 1990s. they were unapologetic for their success. this is to revive the unapologetic:pursuit to win. >> when you get back in power you mentor other people. you tell people to get a house that big and car that nice, you put your work into it. your dad wanted to be impervious to being fired. let me go to law school. you used to go with your dad to law school and put his hand up
5:37 pm
to answer questions. he had an obligation to support a family. >> he didn't:blame jack welch. four years he drove 40 minutes to night school while keeping a full-time job. i went to law school in 6th grade. i'm grateful for those opportunities. brian: it's an opportunity to turn it around when things get down. we'll continue to watch your success. there he is, the monster. aaron judge with the home run record. sasid rosenberg knows everythin. take a seat.
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vote no on 27.
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brian: republicans in new york are in a battle to take control. they just added a number of republican house members, too. you have lee zeldin and mike wallace in tight races. zelle is up on kathy hochul. they are really competitive this year. what is it about? the republicans in new york, are they cable to kick off the rest prior? sid rosenberg is here, and his new book "citizens united" is
5:43 pm
out. >> i love the king of new york. i'm going to steal that. first off, new york ready to flip people on the outside. but new york has always been so liberal. >> zeldin has a shot. people are sick and tired of the crime which is skyrocketing are every day. 21% aggravated assaults are up. they are sick of seeing the homeless on the streets. the filth, the taxes. both republicans and democrats want safety and clean streets. i think zeldin will make it a close race. kathy hochul won't debate.
5:44 pm
brian: she won't commit. if she waits, it's hard to see her numbers growing. what's happened now is local politics equal national politics. the same things we are talking about on a national level, the border, crime, safety, taxes, that's what we talk about locally. that gives mike wall a shot. right now he's beating maloney by 2 points in the latest poll. brian: mayor adams at first was very angry. i think now he's on his heels a bit. he said we are writing checks in new york city to set up an illegal immigrant center. here is mayor adams talking thursday about the illegal
5:45 pm
immigration policy of the administration. >> anyone who states that this administration does not have a handle on this crisis must have been sleeping under a rock. the republican party, they created a blueprint that's inhumane, for the governor to send immigrants to martha's vineyard without any coordination, which is creating real crises. brian: are they wearing masks to stop from laughing? what does that mean? >> i covered adams. and at this point he's starting to make bill deblasio look like einstein. he can't explain himself very
5:46 pm
well. an illegal migrant, not such a horrible thing. it could be a lot worse. governor abbott and governor desantis are two american heroes. in my book they are what this country is all about, not eric adams. brian: he took migrants in florida and sent them to martha's vineyard and abbott sent them to the vice president's house. >> all these elastic pants governors are pulling their own stunts. ron desantis is that guy you went to high school with who wanted to be prom king but instead he pulled the fire alarm
5:47 pm
and ruined it for everybody. >> 8,000 migrants are coming through a day. >> jimmy kimmel should be worried about his own show. all they are doing is spouting out, regurgitating democrat policy. texas gets 8,000 a day. we get 80. they have got to stop. they are giving mees these people dinners and tickets and fancy hotel rooms. i should be treated that well. brian: how important is aaron judge's run for the single season home run record? he's in the high 50s already. what's your take on what this means? >> he's going to break that record sometime next week.
5:48 pm
brian: i think he has pittsburgh after that. >> he does. he's a good guy with no steroid controversies. you know, brian, a rod, every home run hitter had that steroid around them. not aaron judge. brian: 30 home runs, he has a shot at the triple crown. you talk about sports and you have anecdotes. >> when i was a little kid i won a contest in new york city to be the mascot of the week for the jets. it would allow me to sit on a bench with joe namath. and the jets decided that little
5:49 pm
sydney rosenberg from brooklyn would be a distraction. instead they called my father and sent me a signed football. and i became the big jest giants fan ever. brian: congratulations on the book. it's a great story. >> thank you very much. brian: i need you to stand up and greet judge jeanine pirro. your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers) girls trip. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms. including nasal congestion. with powerful claritin-d. so you can breathe better.
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brian: it's time for the "news duel." judge jeanine pirro said i have never done this. >> i have never done it. brian: we begin with this topic. we go to a small massachusetts town. residents of fdow, massachusetts are furious their loan local branch has closed, there is no more dunkin donuts in so. in in stow.
5:55 pm
>> how far do you have to travel now? >> about a mile and a half. >> they used have two. and they shut it down. judge jeanine: they can't keep us safe, we are all miserable. i go to dunkin donuts every morning. why is that buzzing? judge jeanine: i think it's not right. i will come to stow and help you get a new one. you have got how many dogs? apollo, rocky and willow. they say the average price a person pays to keep a dog is $300. i pay $1,000. your dogs have -- you must spend $5,000 on those dogs.
5:56 pm
>> one has had operations and the other has ear problems. judge jeanine: my dogs are prettier than yours are. brian: what is the budget? >> multiply by 3. we go to taiwan. they have an interesting way of handling seniors. seniors for strippers. they got strippers to come over and entertain them. you see in the video of this performance. it shows anker an erotic dance. is there anything wrong with it? >> these are retired army personnel. they have been locked down for covid. they loved it.
5:57 pm
the next year they were so embarrassed, they are going to do bingo. brian: you were happy for them? >> i am happy. they are old people. give them a few laughs. we all want advancements and self-driving cars. you see they are color blind. he's going right through the crime scene while everybody is being pushed away. he's like yeah, who cares. brian: how great is that to have a robot do that. judge jeanine: your food would be cold, and then i have to go to the dunkin donuts, than is no
5:58 pm
dunkin donuts. >> sitting all day could cause some health problems. they did a study and found out many people that exercise for a half-hour and sat for 12 hours were not as healthy. judge jeanine: they are talking about you. because you sit on a couch for four hours. >> three hours. >> you have sit in a car to get here. you are an active couch potato and i got myself out of that. brian: the best show ever is the brady bunch. i'm sorry they get get paid a lot. they were at the emmy's. but nobody watched. judge jeanine: i never saw the
5:59 pm
brady bunch. i was studying. and none of them look good. i can't see that far. yeah, they are gorgeous. brian: i think this is the most iconic show ever. i'm glad to see them together. judge jeanine: i'm glad you saw it because i never say the. and i never saw seinfeld. >> they want to show you this pic. we'll enjoy our time together. there is no prize. they got the judge on news dual. can i just tease with you here? dan bongino is up next. on the radio show from 9 to noon, steve scalise and michael
6:00 pm
goodwin. follow us on social media, you can follow me and instagram and rumble. judge jeanine: i'm on instagram, too, and i'm on "the five," and i'm on cameo if you want a picture. [♪♪] dan: listen, i have been saying it for years. the left wants the united states to be a police state. sadly it's here. how could our once proud institutions like the fbi and the doj are rotting from the inside out. a busful of migrants spent just over a day in martha's vineyard. some welcomed the migrants and others


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