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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 18, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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goodwin. follow us on social media, you can follow me and instagram and rumble. judge jeanine: i'm on instagram, too, and i'm on "the five," and i'm on cameo if you want a picture. ♪. ♪ playing of "the star-spangled banner"] ♪
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♪. will: welcome to the "fox & friends." that is the united states air force brass quintet performing live on fox square because it is the 75 anniversary of the united states air force. we were sitting here on the couch trying to do math. figuring out exactly when that
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date, the united states air force, which isness 1947. how is that? think of air force playing a big role in world war ii. but in fact it was. pete: u.s. army air corps. the army had planes they decided it should be its own service. correct me if i'm wrong. that was in the moment. rachel, you should know. rachel: i should know as a air force brat but i don't. maybe we ask chief master sgt. miguel campos, my dad coming on to the show at the end of the show. at least he has time to google. four hours. will: happy birthday to the united states air force. we're celebrating it all morning long. send your photos to friends at we do that at the morning edition of the american national anthem. pete: best one in the business. rachel: we have another tradition on the show, that we compete a lot.
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yesterday was national dance day. we didn't have a combtics. i called the producers after the show and i said, by far, will cain won the dance contest yesterday. will: because you yelled at me several times in the show you're terrible. rachel: no, i said move your hips and you did. you did. and you even took a sparkly coat off of a salsa dancer. pete: i want to play that on a loop. the man is a human leprechaun. will: that is what it looks like. pete: it really does. that means you're doing it right. i guess so the symbol of the irish? will: irish step dance. pete: look the like a leprechaun. will: we traveled far not from ireland, traveled south to spain and did salsa dancing. >> that is the caribbean, spanish flaminco dancing.
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this is the caribbean, south american. they do love the leprechauns. look at the outfits those girls are wearing. i was impressed with will and pete in this segment. those girls were so sexy. this might be one of my favorite "fox & friends" moments. pete: it was great. rachel: you were good, will. in retrospect there you are [laughter]. pete: all in the hands. will: at least for the step dance. pete: they train seven days a week. rachel: did you see they were trying to get him to shake it? [laughter] will: quite a sight. quite a sight. pete: nicely done. you went right in. will: quite a sight. as was the sight, nice transition here as we do in the news business to 50 illegal immigrants arriving at martha's vineyard this past week. as that story has unfolded last
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couple days you begun hear from the residents, those who are, at least according to local accounts in line for the nobel peace prize. local residents who welcomed these illegal immigrants with hot cup of coffee, some hugs, chants of taimo, reports on themselves. watch this. >> you think people on the island could have found housing for the migrants? >> i think if it came down to it, they probably would have tried but there is a housing shortage here to begin with. >> i worry people say, sent these people to martha's vineyard and got rid of them? >> no, we didn't get rid of them. we took care of them. getting rid of them a little harsh. >> isn't martha's vineyard better than a border town? >> you know, not like the best place for them to start fresh because, there is no place to live here. housing is bad. >> more vacation homes here than anywhere in america, 55% are
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vacation homes. >> i didn't know that. will: 55% of the homes unoccupied seven months of the year. pete: you could see it. a straining attempt to explain away, why the really rich island couldn't handle 50 people. rachel: you don't want to live here. there is not a whole lot of housing here. this is bizarre. this is one of the most desired pieces of real estate in the nation. i think they missed an opportunity. i don't say this to be sarcastic. there is lots of reason to be sarcastic on this, what if barack obama really showcased to america how immigrants should be welcomed? what if he actually gathered the town together, you know what, ron desantis that jerk, he is sending these people here, we'll show you how it is done and roll out the red carpet for just 50 people, all of those people in martha's island could join in, really show america what
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compassion looked like. will: that is the story, that is the story painted in other news sources. they are painting this story exactly what you just described. rachel: really? will: that jerk ron desantis thought he would use the people as political pawn, martha's vineyard opened them. that is the story believed by half this country. they're resting that on the idea for 44 hours they were provided coats and soup. i am not joking. we can run video of them chanting taimo, as on the bus out of town. loading the illegal immigrants on to a bus out of town, chanting taimo. pete: what does that mean? rachel: when you said that i thought you were joking. will: i am not joking. they chased the bus like they were rock stars. rachel: i love you. pete: i took a lot of years of spanish. rachel: that is unbelievable. pete: i've seen some coverage,
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there is glowing sense we did this right on the left. it is unbelievable. will: they're claiming victory. pete: if they actually embraced them, rachel, as you suggested, you know what that means, more come, then more. they're precious island changes. rachel: right. pete: which you can't have. instead you put on a parade for public consumption, will, that you're talking about, how loving you are, as you slowly scoot them, push them out the door, not here, not here. this is somewhere else. taimo, now that i know the word. rachel: get out. pete: actually embracing them as other border towns and other towns have to do. they would never tolerate that. this is our island we love everybody, but stay off it. rachel: some genius on martha's vineyard set up a gofundme page to help with the migrants. they had to shut it down. they reached, $43,000 but it turns out none of the money
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actually goes to the migrants. it is just a fund in case anymore come and they can set up some sort of community services. will: none, zero. rachel: zero money went to the migrants. will: zero dollars went to the migrants. they're breaking their arms patting themselves on the back. literally on the lists of nobel peace prize winning acts last 48 hours raised funds. they gave none to the illegal immigrants. pete: they raised only 43 grand. rachel: that a lot of money. barack obama i think needs to step up in this situation. they know that there is enough money to take care of these people. they couldn't get rid of them quick enough. so i guess maybe they reached the quota of how many people brown and black they could handle once the obamas moved in and everyone wells had to leave. will: ron desantis is being patiented as as a villain in
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this story, these buses headed north are coming from all sorts of originations, city of el paso, texas, democrat-run, democrat mayor of el paso sent the following. 51 bus to new york city. 300 individuals. el paso by the way is right now one of the inflection points in the illegal immigration crisis where illegal immigrants flooding across that border crossing. pete: you could make the accusation, everyone else does, what ron desantis and others are doing is political stunt. of course what they're saying. we understand why it has deeper meaning. we talked to the lieutenant governor of texas, whether they will do more. we may talk about that more. for the town of el paso, it is now a stunt. you couldn't accuse them of that. a democrat didn't want to send illegals away but had to because you talk about resources being
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strained. el paso has tens of thousands of illegals coming into their city every month who have no job, no food, nowhere to go. he is saying, why don't you head out to a sanctuary city? that is a lot of buses, and a lot of people. it will continue. they're doing it truly underwater unlike poor citizens in martha's vineyard. rachel: talk about the cost for el paso, donald trump was in ohio for a rally for candidates he is supporting in midterm elections. we talked about the border how much more cost effective to finish the border, than the cost of having to deal with the migrants, illegal immigrants once they come into the united states. the flights, schools, health care, schools, all of that, the trump wall was cheaper. take a listen. >> the southern border has been completely erased. we no longer have a border. think of it, two years ago we
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had the strongest border in the history of our country. we no longer have a border. we have the weakest border in history and i think it's probably the weakest border of any country. no third world country, i don't care how bad they are, how poor they are, no third world country would allow to happen to their border what is happening now to ours. will: rachel, you brought it up. let's put some numbers on it this is the cost of providing benefits and services for the illegal immigrants already crossed into the united states. 24.4 billion. what was the cost of the proposed completion of the border wall under the trump administration? 16.4 billion. more expensive to neglect to stop them than to stop them from coming in. rachel: i remember nancy pelosi saying we can't afford this wall. it is too expensive but as you can see we're paying billions of dollars more by bringing them here. trump was right.
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the, it was a 40 year of illegal immigrants under his watch. without having completed the wall. pete: not only greeted with a wall but a remain in mexico policy said hey, if you want to come in, wait for your process to be adjudicated you can then come in illegally which prevents people attempting illegally in the first place. 20 billion number is just the start and beginning of the compare sown. rachel: of course. pete: we talked about lieutenant governor of texas. we talked to him yesterday. today we'll talk with florida lieutenant governor jeanette nunez. did i get it right? rachel: you did. pete: working on it. 8:00 p.m. on our show. rachel: thousands of mourners continue to line up in london to pay respect to the queen of england. will: world leaders and the royal family saying good-bye to the queen ahead of her funeral tomorrow. pete: amy kellogg is live out
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westminster hall. reporter: good morning, will, pete, and rachel. there was a particularly poignant ritual performed last night by all eight of the queen's grandchildren, an exception of float protocol, was made, allow prince harry the duke of sussex to wear his uniform. his brother william placed in this event as equal, with uniforms, medals from past jubilee's. they kept guard on their grandmother's could have fin. prerecorded tribute to the queen have already been released. >> she has this wonderful blue eyes. when she smiles you know, they light up her whole face. i will alwayser remember that smile. that smile is unforgettable. reporter: president bide and the first lady among 500 foreign
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dignitaries in town to pay their last respects to queen elizabeth ii. king of saudi arabia is another. crown prince will not attend the funeral but pay last respects to queen charles. it will be the first visit to london since jamal kashoggi was murdered in 2008. mir ran march afghanistan, venezuela are not being to the funeral. china is. finally camilla gives her remarks to the nation there will be a minute of silence in remembrance of the queen. will, pete, rachel, back to you. will: amy, thank you so much. we have special coverage with ainsley earhardt, martha maccallum and piers morgan starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. answerly and martha will be on "fox & friends" today 9:30 eastern time. pete: there we go. take a look at this. will: mcdonald's customers
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terrified as a man with an axe goes wild. the chaos caught on camera. rachel: as the fight for fairness in sports ramps "the atlantic" is asking why don't boy and girl athletes play together? the argument against separating sports by gender. yep that is the argument they want to make. pete: logical extent of their thinking. first here is the u.s. air force band's ceremonial brass quintet, playing quote men of ohio". ♪. ♪.
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will: we're back with some headlines, starting with this. wild video out of new york city, shows a man terrorizing an mcdonald's restaurant with an axe. sell phone video shows him grabbing the weapon smashing into tables, breaking a wind he do. thankfully no one was reported injured in friday's incident. police arrested the subject. he faces multiple charges in connection with the bizarre crime. to a fox weather alert, major flooding from the bearing straight causing damage to
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coastal towns in alaska yesterday. residents have been urged to take shelter, move to higher ground as floodwaters overtake entire towns. national weather service says flooding only. mike dunn levy issued a disaster declaration because of damage. no injuries were reported. now to college football georgia blowing out south carolina 48-7. during the game coach beamer was visably upset as 275 athletes were slow to get off the field after a ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of title ix. pete: i didn't know. will: elsewhere appalachian state mountaineers won a wild game at home thanks toe hail mary. >> rolling out. time to heave it deep. tote goal line. that is caught.
3:22 am
that is touchdown! mountaineers win it. will: big story of the college football season. upset texas a&m last week. number 25 oregon cruising 41-25 win over 12th egg ranked byu. penn state running all over your burn 21-12 win on the road. you can check out fox's coverage nfl. headlined by the tampa bay buccaneers, new orleans saints show down at 1:00 p.m. that those are your headlines. pete: that south carolina coach will catch a lot of grief. 250 women celebrating title ix. he is get off, not doing that because he doesn't like women or title ix he is doing that because of heat of game. they are combing after him. disrespectful. will: he has a job to do. he doesn't get fired whether he
3:23 am
does it well. a lot of eyes whether or not they win. they didn't. rachel: that is no excuse. pete: for being disrespectful. will: do your job, shane beamer. good job. virginia governor glenn youngkin is reversing woke school policies including the following. that of using bathrooms that match your birth certificate instead of your choosing. and teachers can't be forced to use alternative pronounce and, this is rolling back some of the woke trans policies we saw from the previous administration. pete: glenn youngkin ran on putting parents in control and applying common sense. through the department of education, here is what they said how far they explained this, describe it t makes sense. 2021 model policies, this is what the youngkin education department is saying promoting a specific viewpoint aimed achieving social and cultural
3:24 am
transformation in schools. the 2021 model policies also disregard the rights of parents and ignored other legal and constitutional principles that significantly impact how schools are enable students -- rachel: educate. pete: educate students including trans gender students. they're simply saying, go into the bathroom of your biological sex and a teacher is not going to be punished if they use the wrong gender pronoun. it's a small victory interesting but, at least it is demonstration that you can run on something, say you will do it, apply it, restore just a little bit of sanity. the unions will fight. he is up against it. his own education department doesn't agree with him. at least at the top they have made that change. rachel: that is interesting. i can still remember back when i lived in wausau, barack obama was the president. this was the beginning of the federal government was tying their funds to you know having these transgender bathrooms. at the time everyone was still really confused. why is this problem. we don't have a transgender
3:25 am
problem in wausau, wisconsin. we don't have the demand. what is happening here? it is cultural imperialism. liberals, liberals waging war against the values of the middle class and the working class. pete: that is exactly right. achieving cultural and social transformation in schools. i love how the youngkin folks -- rachel: want to use your tax dollars, your state and federal tax dollars to do that, at exactly precisely the same time our schools are putting out some of the worst test -- listen, you know this, for a long time, we have been in an embarrassingly, number one first world country in the middle of the pack. countries like lithuania beat us all the time in math and science scores. they are focused on this. this is project they want this is a great win for youngkin. this needs to be followed through across the country. will: pete, you brought up the beginning of this segment shane beamer and south carolina. he will be attacked seeming
3:26 am
insult to title ix and women's sports. meanwhile women's sports are under full on assault. pete: yeah. will: like doing away with women's sports, for example, this from "the atlantic." separating sports by sex doesn't make sense. that is -- pete: who wrote that? maggie -- will: martins. rachel: great to see women fighting for women. will: decades of research sex is far more complex we may think. sex differences in sports show advantages today's researchers don't know how much is attrittable to biological difference or lack of support for athletes to reach their highest potential. couple things going on. she is using the term sex. they are on a project of separating sex from gender. pete: correct. will: this is also a tool been used, there are individuals in the world who are born, very rare but intersection, you know,
3:27 am
their sex organs, that is separate issue, right? that is a separate issue of that biological a mom low of where they come -- anomaly where they compete. they made the case gender is wholly distinct from that. thee is mixing the two, saying absurdly no scientific evidence that men have a biological advantage. instead it is just about support? therefore, you want to do that, fine, everybody -- rachel: support, they're saying. will: financial, promotional. rachel: women don't have enough money or funds towards women's sports. that is what is really making it hard for them to wrestle men? pete: yes. lack of support to women athletes to reach their highest potential. will: yes. pete: i would love any viewer to reach out to let us know if they observed a lack of support for women in sports. will: if it were true, even about it were true, your solution is to destroy women's sports. pete: correct. by saying everyone competes
3:28 am
together. >> yeah. pete: then you would have a high school basketball team, high school football team, high school football team with 98% men. will: or men identifying as women. rachel: these are the same people that -- pete: why not? rachel: these are the same people that want us to take their word scientifically on when life begins and also on fetal development. spare me the science crowd. will: weather. pete: decades of research. >> follow the science. pete: all right. still ahead another hunter headache. newly uncovered text messages appear to reveal joe biden's son beg ad drug dealer to send him crack. rachel: plus as texas ships migrants up north, is there more that should be done legally to stop the surge at the border? former acting dhs deputy secretary ken cuccinelli joins
3:29 am
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serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you. learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. ♪. will: tex meet pete texas trying to ease the surge at the southern border by busing illegals to democrat-run sanctuary cities but what if the loan star state could stop the surge itself with a flue law surpassing the federal government, they coen force the border deport illegal immigrants directly? is that possible? we asked lieutenant governor dan patrick on our show yesterday. will: the bill you're crafting does that empower texas dps or texas rangers to deport illegal immigrants? >> that is three months away but let me assure you this, we will
3:34 am
write strong legislation, makes sure, that there is no question we have a right to protect our citizens. pete: to include deportation? to include deportation? >> guys, let me write a bill first. let me not write it here on the air on saturday morning. pete: here to break down what legally can be done former acting dhs secretary ken cuccinelli. thanks for being here. we pressed the lieutenant governor. that is more pow otherful in state of texas, some would say more than the governor. he wouldn't want to answer it. he is writing a bill that will take up to write when the legislature is back in session. what should the build look like? do they already have that authority? a lot of questions here. >> so the authority to remove, deport is an immigration word but texas has the conetutional authority under the very last part of article i, article i, section 10, paragraph 3, when it
3:35 am
is actually invaded it can exercise war powers. nobody is talking about tanks and planes. we're literally talking about a state version of title 42. that is what it looks like operationally. but it is based on texas's constitutional power to defend itself. they do not need to pass a bill. the governor has this authority to declare the invasion and to deploy texas resources, national guard, their dps, so forth to do that. that includes the key power is the ability to remove people without being in the immigration system. so they can take them back to the border and put them straight across the border. and while that's politically challenging the authority exists in the constitution. states didn't give it up, the ability to protect themselves when they created the federal government. here we have a federal government not protecting our states, especially the border states from invasion. over in arizona you hear kerry
3:36 am
lake, she will do this. pete: yes. >> it does not require legislation. pete: you're saying it does not require legislation. you don't have to wait the three months. the other question, why have they waited thus far then? is it just what you kind of mentioned, the politics are really tough. i mean is that it? they're screaming from the rooftop they're saying the word invasion. in fact lieutenant governor said it multiple times on other program yesterday. >> yes fight fight why. pete: why not make that declaration. why have they waited? >> i think they wanted to see if operation lonestar would do the job. it hasn't. they have gotten more drug seizures. with the sheer size of drug seizures at the border, ask your local cops what is the street price of fentanyl happened to it last few years, heroin? every hard drug comes over the southern border. the prices have plummeted. the supply, cartels are getting them in here as easy as they
3:37 am
would like. and so lonestar is not working. the numbers of people crossing the texas border, we'll just zero in on texas, that is what we're talking about, has gone up, not down. so if the ultimate america sure is stopping the invasion, it hasn't done it. here they are a year-and-a-half later but they are, what, a month, month 1/2 from an election. it would probably look rather political to do it now, frankly. but that doesn't mean they shouldn't do it. on the other hand you have kerry lake, who is being very open in arizona saying look, if you elect me, this is part of what you get. i appreciate that forthrightness. and it is an option that governors have if they want to write legislation on something, they might do a public health order, like the federal title 42 order and attempt to go that route but that's a little more complicated frankly. and, you know, they already have
3:38 am
as you noted the power to take care of this problem themselves and, by the way, other governors, desantis, ricketts in nebraska, other governors, noem, we'll send people, that is war ron zevon, we'll send lawyers, guns and money. they will send people to be deputized into the texas chain of command to give them the manpower to pull this off. pete: there is a limit how much you can say we're being invaded and talk about the crisis but then as you're saying not use a tool at your disposal to actually make it happen. ken cuccinelli. >> that's right. pete: thanks for breaking -- >> while saying we're doing everything we can. pete: saying you're doing everything but you're not. the reasons why the questions were asked yesterday and dodged at least in part. ken cuccinelli, thank you very much. appreciate it. puerto rico is bracing for the impact of tropical storm fiona today after the storm brought heavy rain across the caribbean.
3:39 am
what is next for fiona? china's latest threat. china is opening police stations in america to help citizens living abroad. is this what they're really used for? that story next. your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house...
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3:43 am
the ccp has opened up more than four dozen informal police decisions often run from chinese restaurants and convenience stores across europe and here in the united states. laura is a campaign director for the group behind the investigation and she joins us now. laura, great to have you on the program. this is, this is eye-opening. so chinese restaurants, quote, unquote, quasi-police stations opened up by the ccp? for what purpose? >> good morning, will, thanks for having me. indeed as you have said it what we've seen is that china obviously, we know the prc has been pursuing this kind of transnational policing activities for quite a while. we just reported on them in january of this year the way they're using a illegal incident
3:44 am
to have targets return from across the world. these are massive operations. what weigh come across following a statement in august 2022 from the ministry of public security itself stating that they had successfully persuaded to return 230,000 targets between april 2021 and july of this year alone under a single campaign. those numbers were so staggering. so we went to delve into it a little deeper. what we found they are using these kind of overseas moment associations, community cooperation centers for chinese overseas. on one hand often do have a legitimate purpose in assisting the chinese overseas communities but what we found is that something they're obviously not reporting to local anothers in the countries they're operating is that they're actively using these kind of associations, people working there, to help in these illegal persuade to return
3:45 am
methods which work through threats, harrassment of family members back in china. which may work through direct threats and harrassment delivered by the people working for these associations to the target in the country where they find themself. so it is quite staggering, i think we have only begun to the see the tip of the iceberg what is going own. will: right. >> what is very clear over the past months, the past years, the ccp is increasingly pursuing these kind of illegal tactics around the world making people feel unsafe, making sure dissidents stay silent this is a blatant violation of the territorial sovereignty of other nations. will: quasi-police stations set up, for example, here in the united states, using those locations to take chinese nationals who speak out in some quote, unquote, inappropriate way, persuade or force them to return back to china for punishment. quite the story. thank you so much for highlighting it, laura, on
3:46 am
"fox & friends." all right. pete, over to you. pete: sounds like something we should dough something about. we begin with this, a new report says hunter biden allegedly begged a maryland drug dealer to send him crack cocaine in the mail. the son reporting a text exchange between hunter and his dealer was allegedly found on his infamous laptop. while joe biden's son doesn't explicitly ask for crack, the man he texted was wanted for armed robbery. he promised to give him $800 toe cover his legal fees. and if you had a bud light lime arit a you might be able to get your money back? anheuser-busch class-action lawsuit by the fans believing the fan drink cone takenned tequila. the settlement means anyone can apply to be compensated for bud
3:47 am
light's deception without proof of purchase. all you need to do, fill out a form with compensation ranging from 10 to $21. will: got to say i drank a caseload of that stuff. pete: lime-a-rita. you were not given the amazing opportunity to drink tequila. rachel: there is way too much tape of your tequila snobbery. everyone knows you did not have -- will: way too much red tape. i have to fill out a form. deal over. pete: amazing. a fox weather alert, puerto rico is bracing for tropical storm fiona as it threatens to battle the island with almost two feet of rain. national hurricane center issued advisory. the storm making its way towards puerto rico after hammering st. john's and st. kits. rick reichmuth tracking it here in studio.
3:48 am
rick: gawd guadalupe. hurricane warnings eastern end of the dominican republic, the storm to the south of puerto rico, already getting some rain. moving very slowly it will likely head through the passage, making landfall in puerto rico, or landfall around the dominican republic. it will not have enough time over land with negative interaction to weaken the storm. there was concern that the eastern seaboard could deal with direct impact of the storm. i don't think that is the case. all of our model guidance keeps us out to shore. very rough surf across the eastern seaboard. a major hurricane around the bermuda area around friday. we will watch that closely. on eastern seaboard, be careful at the beaches. fortunately not direct impact. puerto rico, guys, could have a rough go, maybe 25 inches of rain. guys. pete: where is rick reichmuth? he is right here with us.
3:49 am
good to see you. still ahead nearly 50 days to the midterms, pennsylvania senate hopeful john fetterman or fetter woman as he likes to say it trolling dr. oz, but will his online jabs sway the voters? first a warning for "baron's." experts urging against oversharing photos ando protect. ♪ a pool floatie is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." sharing, the latest word for parents sharing photos and videos of their kids on social media. it is causing real concerns as big tech companies and predators use these posts to collect children's data, and put their privacy at risk. here with how you can protect your little ones on-line kurt the cyberguy. before you give a list of tips how parents protect their kids, explain to me, so these people, look at my photos of my kids that i posted at birthday party, the soccer game, whatever, how can that be used to in any way
3:54 am
harm my child? >> so what's the big deal you're asking? rachel, good morning and a great question. share hanting been coined. big tech taught us constantly take photos, up load them, therapy moments of our kids, whole families lives. some parents take it to the extreme. most everybody sort of caught up in this thing, not realizing what that danger is, the danger has to do with this. on other end advertisers are using software. building profiles of every human being they can get their hands on, how can we get rachel, rachel's kids to respond to what we want to sell as an advertiser? so they're building that database. that is like, okay, fine, we get it. technology advances that is part of life. rachel: sure. >> you again you have the fact that a.i. software on the black
3:55 am
market, deep web, dark web, people on the bad side of this are using that to build profiles of people and they don't care how old they are. they get to the point where they're building more and more -- oh, that photo identifies this. the software gets crazy specific about having the ability to build out, okay they live here. little johnny goes to softball practice at x school at 3:30 p.m. every wednesday. they build these things up. rachel: he walks home alone from school. they figure out all the stuff through your phones? >> a lot of stuff. what do they do with that? that goes to criminal elements online. lot of people have no idea this is going on only because we're hitting the tip of the iceberg. what you can do about it right now, kids, grandkids, avoid sharing kids information, photos, videos, and what they're doing in every moment of their life online. number two, check the privacy settings on all the social media networks that you use, that's
3:56 am
where it is happening. because social media networks want us to go in there. tip number three, tell caregivers, teachers, other parents spend time with your kids, stop sharing those photos. tip four, use great and at this virus protection. it is on line at rachel: thank you, kurt, appreciate it. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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