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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 18, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> that is the united states air force's ceremonial brass quinntet playing god bless america as we honor the air force's 75th birthday this morning on "fox & friends." good morning, welcome to the program, will cain, pete hegseth, rachel campos duffy on this fourth hour of "fox & friends." >> not three, four. rachel: number four. >> and the best it's the fourth. rachel: it's always the best. >> we get so much practice. rachel: it's a lot of pressure, pete. >> watch the 6:00 a.m. hour, what are we talking about. rachel: the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. at this point we're fully caffeinated. >> we're fueled. we have frishe's big boy, cheeseburgers,. >nationalcheeseburger day. >> you don't have a napkin. that's a real big risk. rachel: that's never been a problem for pete. by the way, again, happy birthday to the air force, coming up at the end of the hour we're going to celebrate the air
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force again and -- look at all the -- >> don't worry about it. rachel: we need a dog on the show to eat the scraps. my daddies here, 32 -- my dadis dadhere, 32 yea year veteran ofe air force. >> master sergeant. i have a long fear. rachel: we'll see if he strikes the fear of god in you. >> for all the air force vets out there, thanks for your service, preceded by the army air corps. enjoy a cheeseburger while joining us on this sunday morning. rachel: we have big stories today. we have to talk about martha's vineyard. it's been at the center of the news, definitely on fox, maybe has a different angle on other networks. but it's been very interesting because governor de santis sent migrants from his state to martha's vineyard to which the residents of martha's vineyard
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said within 42 hours -- >> 44 hours. rachel: 44 hours they lasted before they were booted off the island. other my grants come -- migrants coming from el paso, texas, since august 23rd to new york city, 51 busses from el paso to new york city 2,365 individuals, chicago, three busses, only 145 individuals given -- that's not a very big number, and 50 by the way to martha's vineyard. >> that's from the city of el paso sent to chicago. here's why that's important. we talked about this yesterday. the attention focused on governor ron de santis reveals the actual motivations behind this outrage. because it was reserved for ron de santis. it wasn't focused on for example the governor of texas, greg abbott. why would that be. >> it's because ron de santis outside of donald trump would be the leading candidate for
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president for the republican party. so therefore, the outrage as you can learn is less about the policy or the humanitarian crisis and more about politics. this is about taking down in this instance ron de santis. if it were university -- universally applied you would have heard the same language when talking to about joe biden. >> facilitated in the middle of the night to big cities and rural areas as well. so this has been ongoing. it's simply now happening in front of cameras where we have two more busses that arrived this morning in new york city in texas. he'll pa he sew part, -- el paso part, this is a democrat city. it's not getting any press because the democrats are doing it because they feel they have to, services are overwhelmed in the town and the double standard that is martha's vineyard calling the national guard to deport 50 illegals from there and the coverage that gets
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vis-a-vis no coverage of the fact that a democrat run city sent 50 busseses to new york city at this point, out of sheer necessity because there is an invasion happening at our southern border. that's been a big part of the conversation on the couch today with the lieutenant governor of florida, yesterday with the lieutenant governor of texas. if you say rhetorically is an invasion and we see that's what it is, people know the border is open and they're taking advantage of it, then aren't there things you could further do to empower states. >> there's a reason we have this conversation. as americans we want a solution to the problem. this is a useful tool, what's taking place with governor greg abbott and ron de santis. rachel: it's been a very ebbiny effective -- some call it a tactic. it's been revealing of they the eliteism of martha's vineyard.
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>> it leaves open the question of how do we solve the issue. what's a solution to stemming the tide of illegal immigration. ken cken cucinelli has been at e forefront. the states have the power to declare an a invasion which res moves it from an immigration crisis and puts it into the war powers of the state to say what is happening is a threat to our state sovereignty and security and therefore illegal immigrants can be removed from the country, not to martha's vineyard but the country of origin. he was on the program a little earlier. >> texas has the constitutional authority under t the last partf article 1 that when it's actually invaded, it can exercise war powers and nobody's talking about tanks and planes. we're literally talking about a state version of title 42. that's what it looks like
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operation nailly. but it's -- operationally. but it's based on texas' constitutional power to protect itself. they don't need to the pass a bill. the governor has the authority to deploy texas resource, national guard, dps and so forth to do that and that includes a key power, the ability to remove people without being in the immigration system. so they can take them back to the border and put them straight across the border. rachel: it's interesting, because we now know that there are terrorists who come across the border. we know that the chinese are working with the cartels to poison our children. there are national security interests definitely. it's dangerous to have this border open of and so the question becomes why wouldn't a governor like governor abbott or even governor doocy or whoever, as you mentioned, it doesn't even have to be a border state. it could be governor de santis. why hasn't a governor taken this
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step yet at this point. why hasn't that happened. >> it's a great question. rachel: is it not politically feasible. >> it could be for fear of the blowback. the blowback would be immense. it would be state of texas declares war on illegal immigrants and you think this martha's vineyard story is big, put it on times ten. have you to be prepared for the blowback. there's probably conversations behind the scenes with the current head of the dhs and other members of the administration warning these states if you do this, here's how we're going to come after you and come after your law enforcement agencies who attempt to arrest people coming illegally and send them back to their home country. now you've got a clash between state and federal authority. i'm not making an argument against it. i think it's worth doing and being bold and standing up for your citizen whose are under siege from illegality but to say -- i mean, it could be a political occurring thing. da-- courage thing. you have to be prepared to take
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the heat. you can't say i'm not going to reveal on morning shows and -- yeah, it's an invasion but not take the steps at your disposal to actually protect people. rachel: there is one governor -- one candidate for governor, carrie lake in arizona who said she promises her -- citizens in arizona that she will do this if she is elected. we'll see. she could beat everybody to the punch here. >> to be clear and to be fair, to your point of why this hasn't been done and the debate that would have to be had internally, you're right. there would be a massive political backlash. you put it into the right words. the state of arizona declares war on illegal immigrants. second, there's a potential as you started to lay out there literal physical confrontation between federal law enforcement, border patrol agencies and state and local. you could create a situation where border patrol under the guidance of joe biden is in a stare-down with texas dps about who has custody of an illegal
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immigrant. then have you the constitutional showdown of whether or not you have this power and everyone is going to have that point at some point inside the court system 6789 not to say the hurdles shouldn't be addressed but they are hurdles that every governor who is considering this option has to consider. >> the alternative, well, still open. do something about it. rachel: what's interesting is the onus is on, in this scenario, the onus is on the republicans. i think it's unfair to not look at this from the other side. for the democrats, looking at where republicans are and frankly i think the republicans are representing the views of the vast majority of americans across party lines, why wouldn't they just secure the border so we don't have to get to this point. they're the ones dividing perk m. i know we've had joey on many times. i love joey to death. he says it's the politicians dividing us. i fundamentally disaagree. it's the democrats dividing us. take this issue. they're doing something by opening our border that the majority of americans don't
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want. not even the people on martha's vineyard want it. they want it in el paso and brownsville and eagle pass or under a bridge in del-rio. they don't want it in their cities. but it is happening. we are all becoming border states. >> you're precisely right. rache.rachel: joe biden is flyg them everywhere. >> it's so repetitive. the democrats created the wide open border. rachel: we had the most secure border in 40 years. >> that's a fact given. rachel: under trump. it's important to note, in 40 years we had less people coming across our border illegals under trump and they stopped the wall, they stopped everything. >> to put a ribbon on this and tie it back to martha's vineyard. i saw a tweet, old of, let them eat cake, new, let them go to el paso. in virginia, the governor is rolling back some of the policies implemented by the previous department of education, where these new
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policies will now say use, for example, the bathroom of your birth. of your birth certificate. you're not required to use the pronouns of your choice. >> so he has taken over the helm. he ran on empowering parents and common sense in school and 2340w he's doing it. here's a portion of what glenn youngkin's department of education, heres' their commentary on the previous policies and why they're reversing them. glenn youngkin's department of education saying this, the 2021 model policies promoted a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools. the 2021 model, the old one, policies also disregarded the rights of parents and ignored other legal and constitutional principles that significantly impact how students educate -- how schools educate students including transgender students. so this will be of course derided by the left as somehow
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discriminating. the reality is, you use the bathroom you're supposed to use and you don't have to use up a made up jen semiconductor pronoun -- gender pronoun that maybe the parent isn't told about, it's empowering parents. the teachers unions will fight it. this is an -- good for him. he's doing something about it. rachel: what happened in the transgender push, the gender ideology push in our school and so many other things they've been pushing and in that statement alone we see that it is a concerted coordinated effort to use our schools to indoctrinate children. this is the ultimate form of cultural imperialism. this is imposing the beliefs of a vera very small elite set of y white people on the working class, on christians and using our tax dollars, using our schools which should be for reading, writing, science, educating, preparing children
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for the future, using that to impose your religion on these people. it's a dangerous thing. glad to see youngkin fighting back. more states need to take control of school boards and governorships and show this kind of leadership. >> this minority viewpoint threatens the existence for example of women's sports. here's a headline from the atlantic, separating sports by sex doesn't make sense, the atlantic writes decades of research shows sex is more complex than we think and the differences in sports show advantages for men. research today doesn't know how much is attributed to biological differences versus the lack of support provided to women athletes to reach their highest potential. it's not testosterone. rachel: it's money. money. >> thanks, maggie. maggie must have had a disappointing sports experience in her life, couldn't cut it with the boys. that's the point. we are different. god created us different. we've known that for thousands of years. and thankfully in this country we made sure that women have
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every single access to sports to include the professional level than anyone's ever had yet she is complaining there's not equity you might say between the screen deers and -- genders and maybe we haven't studied it enough or we could look at the self-evident nature of human nature. rachel: we do a lot of competition on this show. if we had to throw a ball, the three of us, this premise would say if i had enough support, i could throw a ball as far as you and you. >> on the other hand -- rachel: if i got enough support. >> we are living out the dream. you're forced to compete against the boys. there's not a women's category. rachel: i'm taking this to hr. >> if your characterization of maggie is correct, the answer is to burn the whole thing down. i didn't perform so burn it down and have one category of sports. girls sports, no boys sports, just one category. >> you know what that means,
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the all school basketball and football and baseball deem will be 98% male. >> and track. >> which means there are no sports for women. unless do you half and half, say have you to have half and half, then you have half the boys that would have made the team no longer on the team. >> then the boys just say they're girls, you have transgender, nonbinary, it's going to end up in the same place. no matter what you call it, it ends up in the same place. rachel: place that it ends up is we are allowing the destruction of women's sports, something women fought very hard to get to and it's unbelievable that it's the younger generation of women that are allowing this to happen. >> we have a few additional headlines. starting with this. video out of new york city shows a man terrorizing a mcdonald's with an axe. the cell phone video shows him grabing the weapon before smashing it into tables and breaking a window.
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police arrested the suspect and he faces multiple charges in connection with the bizarre outburst. now to a fox weather alert, major flooding from the bearing strait causing damage to koas l tall towns in alaska -- coastal towns in say has cay. residents have been urged to take shelter. the national weather service says flooding will only get worse throughout today. alaska's governor issued a disaster declaration because of the damage. so far, no injuries have been reported. time for a fox digital whiz quiz. known as will's dominance moment. >> rachel won yesterday. rachel: salsa dancing. >> they did a quiz yesterday. rachel: i won that. >> the first quiz is on breakfast foods. eggo waffles were introduced in what year.
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1953, 1970 of, 1965 or 1974. rachel: i say 1970. >> i say 65. >> i say 53. >> what are you going to do? next question, true or false, the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich originated from british street vendors who made it for factory workers before long shift. i'm going to go true. >> i'm going to go false, invented in america. >> the earl of sandwich. rachel: i agree. >> it wasn't the first sandwich. rachel: he always bets on america. >> you're betting on me. rachel: i'm betting on will. >> look, it's true. good bet. last question. hash browns originated in the late 19th century in which of these cities. was it new york, philadelphia, chicago or washington dc. i'm going to go philly because they shred their beef there. >> i'm going chicago. rachel: i'm going new york city. >> okay. and it was new york. rachel, we tied, though, 2-2
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today. rachel: you know why i thought it. >> donut. >> did you get a donut. i got none of them right. >> is that we we have breakfast food? >> we have eggo waffles, breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. >> you know where we're going. breakfast sandwich right there. >> mixing it up. this is how the kids eat it at home. >> no plate under him. rachel: my kids like those. my kids like it frozen. where is the dog? oh, gross. mainline it. rachel: it's the breakfast of champions. >> we do need a show dog. rachel: i told you we should get a chihuahua, the "fox & friends" chihuahua. we're going to move on while these boys chew. a billionaire economist with a -- >> america's dog, the chihuahua. rachel: a billionaire economist
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with a dire warning, why he says the fed's potential rate hike could tank the stock market and take the economy down with it. maria bartiromo breaks down his predictions live and we're celebrating the air force's 75th birthday right here on fox square and you won't want to miss it. stay with us. ♪ discover is accepted at 99% of places in the u.s. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> people say they wept to martha's vineyard and martha's vineyard got rid of them. >> we didn't get rid of them. we took care of them. >> it's not the best place for them to start fresh because there's no place to live here, housing is bad. >>s there's more vacation homes than anywhere in america. >> i didn't no know that. rachel: .rachel: wow, residentn martha's vineyard having immigrants moved to a military base on the cape cod mainland.
6:25 am
$43,000 raised through the marthas' vineyard fund raising group was reportedly given to a wealthy local nonprofit instead of the migrants. newsweeks' deputy opinion editor is here to react. batya, this footage is incredible. there's footage of rich white ladies as migrants get on the bus, they're singing and clapping and singing spanish words and songs to them and i'm fascinated by this. meanwhile, the most famous residents, barack and michelle obama have said nothing about rich white people booting the hispanics off the island. does this tell you something about whether this is about racism, what's this really about, is it about classism? >> thank you for having me, rachel. i think you nailed it. you nailed it earlier in the year when you said this is not about politics, this is not about race, this is about class. it's about ri rich elites demang
6:26 am
a different standard for themselves and others. this is the progressive template. they love policieses that make them feel holier than thou and better than everybody else as long as they benefit economically and the working class pays for it. it's the logic that worked for covid lockdowns and student loan forgiveness and environmental policies. every time someone tells you to buy an electric car, it's that white woman weeping saying i love you as she sends the migrants out of her home. that's the progressive testimony. rachel: absolutely. the other lady in the clip, she said it's not that great on the island, there's no housing and she's' like there's other nice places and that's exactly the point. they want all these people to go to brownsville, he eagle pass, del-rio. you talked often about the cruelty of these policies so we
6:27 am
know that the open border policy has a resulted in sex trafficking of women and children. we saw 50 migrants who were cooked alive on the bus. we know the fentanyl problem is killing our youth. we know terrorists are coming across the border as well. talk to me about the cruelty of these policies and how the liberals just -- you know, they wrap this in compassion and yet seem to completely ignore the actual effects on the humans that they claim to represent and care about. >> 100%. 100%. what they're doing here is they are polishing their halos, stoking their own sense of their own virtue while actually imposing incredibly cruel policies both on the migrants themselves but also on their neighbors, working class americans whose wages get undercut when you import 2 million people who are noncitizens who can work for less than minimum wage. there is so much cruelty here
6:28 am
and incentivizing people to allow the cartels to traffic them and it is so funny to he me that they're sitting here saying that ron de santis is a human trafficker when they couldn't care less that the cartels, trafficking humans control our borders. rachel: or the president is the final leg of the cartels trafficking by providing federally funded planes and busses that have taken people in the middle of the night. i think our viewers ought to know, you're a democrat and yet you've been really honest about these kinds of policies, the cruelty and how they hurt the working class. i thank you for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you for having me. rachel: don't forget to catch my podcast from the kitchen table this week. i have a great interview with pete and will. it might just be my favorite podcast that sean and i have ever done. we interview them and talk so much about just what it's like behind the scenes here on "fox & friends." so be sure to catch that,
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download it at still ahead, thousands wait for a final chance to the 3 pay respects for queen elizabeth tomorrow. we have a preview of our amazing coverage live from london, next.
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she's full of all kinds of little helpful hints i love it. they're a game changer for me. i feel like i can take on anything. it feels great to be in control of my hearing. better hearing has never been this easy. try lively risk-free for 100 days. visit rachel: a live look at westminster hall where hundreds of thousands of mourners have joined world leaders to say their final good-byes to queen elizabeth the second ahead of tomorrow's funeral services. >> martha mcallum and amy earhart join us now. thank you for joining us. i know we have you, martha. i can toll your audio is working. >> i'm hearing will right now. your audio is in and out for both of us. bear with us. i can hear, you, will.
6:34 am
>> great. what can we expect? the funeral is tomorrow. walk us through the day's events. >> the funeral is tomorrow. it's been a 10-day mourning process and tomorrow morning it will begin with the queen's coffin being moved from westminster hall, it will be about a 20 minute journey from westminster hall over to westminster abby which is the church where queen elizabeth watched her father, was her own ccoronation, it's a beautiful book end for her life. she was married there as well. so that will be where the service, about an hour long and after the service there will be a procession from there to buckingham palace. >> martha is the expert, as we know. she's been following the royal family for so long. i'm delighted to be here, working with you, providing color and maybe some stories.
6:35 am
we'll go to you for expert advice. tonight there will be -- the king is hosting leaders at buckingham palace, the lancaster house. do they pronounce it lancaster. >> we say lancaster, like pennsylvania. >> officials will be able to sign the official condolence book and will be able to leave a three minute video message to the family to pay their respects and there will be a dinner tonight for the royals, anyone within the royal family that is still a working royal. that means meghan and harry will not be able to attend. it's interesting, all the flights have been canceled tomorrow during the state funeral, during the two minutes of silence for the queen and the commital service at windsor castle. british airways canceled 50 different flights. >> they don't want anything flying over the proceedings while it's going on. there have been so many people lined up, you guys, back in new york, and just it's been beautiful to see the outpouring
6:36 am
of devotion to the woman who led the country, reigned over the country over the last 70 years. those people are about to get the notification that the queue will be cut off because they don't want anyone to be disappointed. when the last person gets the wrist bracelet, they'll know they're the last one that will mit through before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> martha, you did this. you said everyone was so nice. when i pulled in a few hours ago, no one has chairs. it's continuously moving. >> it moves quickly. i would say. although you're on it for a very long time. it was an amazing experience. when you see the people at the top of the stairs, you've been in line for hours and hours and all of a sudden you make a turn and suddenly you're at the top of the stairs. it's an awe-struck kind of moment and total silence and reverance. >> the grandchildren were surrounding the coffin and the queue was still moving.
6:37 am
rachel: i want to ask a question. you mentioned meghan and harry were not invited to the dinner. it's making the case, they're not working royals. but also of, prince harry was not allowed to wear his grandmother's initials on his military uniform and that also making the news because apparently prince andrew was allowed to do that. what are you hearing about the reaction a among the british people of these very calculated decisions to maybe put harry and meghan in their place. >> well, the security team that's with us just to make sure we're safe and getting around to the right places, they told us the whole country is really put out with harry and with meghan. they said even if you're not a monarchist, you still pay respects, you still respect the queen and the royal family and the book, it's been announced, it's being reported, sources are telling some of the magazines
6:38 am
here that they're going to delay the book until next year. i don't know if that's to add more chapters or if that's to pay respect for the queen and they know maybe the timing is not right but if you want to sell books i would think this would be the time but they're really upset with him for doing that, just because it's not necessarily the most polished, classy thing to do and it could reveal secrets and make it a juicy book, a tell-all book, revealing what's happening behind closed doors. >> we'll be watching, both of you, your coverage previous has been fantastic. tomorrow's funeral coverage with both of you, martha and ainsley and piers morgan, beginning live on this channel a little early, 4:00 a.m., -- early here, not early there. we look forward to watching. thank you so much, on a windy day in london. >> thank you so much. rachel: thank you, guys. >> a billionaire economist with a dire warning, why he says the fed's potential rate hike could tank an already dropping stock market and take the economy down
6:39 am
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my brother steven, he ran through the tunnel to the towers. and that's why we started the tunnel to towers foundation. all these men and women have inspired us. we're so proud at the tunnel to towers. we're taking care of catastrophically injured service members. gold star families well, a fallen first responder anywhere in america, we're going to pay off your mortgage. and if you don't have a home, we're going to build you a home. join us in supporting our nation's heroes and their families. now, it only takes $11 a month to make a positive impact. go to now. >> as america struggles with rising inflation, one of the world's most successful investors has a dire prediction about the economy. >> billionaire hedge fund manager ray dalio warns the federal reserve's plan to raise interest rates will bring private sector credit growth down which will bring private
6:43 am
sector spending and hence the economy down with it. here to react, sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo. there's been a lot of talk about the future of our economy especially in light of inflation persisting. what's your take? maria: good morning, pete. thank you so much. ray dalio is not alone in this dire prediction. i'm hearing this from a lot of people that by the end of this year and into 2023 and throughout 2023 we are going to have a serious recession. and we are going to see unemployment levels rise. here's the problem. the federal reserve is trying to slam on the brakes in terms of growth. the economy was doing very well in 2020 of, 2019, before covid hit. then as growth continued to go higher, the federal reserve started seeing inflation. they said it was transitory. temporary. it wasn't at all. so today we're looking at 40-year high inflation and the federal reserve's efforts to stop all the growth, get their
6:44 am
arms around inflation while also slowing the economy down. the problem is, it's been very aggressive. it's raising interest rates by 75 basis points, some expect one full point of a raise when the fed meets this tuesday and wednesday. when we she those kind of interest rate hikes, it slams on growth and creates demand destruction. in housing, the housing market has completely slowed down. why? because mortgage rates hit 6.1%. just last week. that's almost double from where it was. it caused demand destruction, meaning people walked away, no more demand, i can't take that kind of mortgage, i'm out of the market, i have to rent. they get sticker shock when they rent. you're going to see that throughout industries. larry sommers has been warning about this. he says there's no way the fed gets to inflation target without seeing unemployment rate all the way up to 6, perhaps 6 and-a-half percent. the unemployment right now, the
6:45 am
unemployment rate is 3.6%. 6% is going to feel very different. here's my advice to our viewers. don't take on any more debt. make sure your private personal balance sheet is intact because we are going to see some real curve balls coming at us in the year ahead. you must be prepared. create cash in your portfolio. so that you're not indebted. that's very important of. we'll talk about that this morning. the bad democrat policies including the massive out-of-control spending is adding to that. we'll get into it with lee zeldin this morning. one issue is this administration doesn't have awareness of this. they keep spending money, just last week joe biden wanted to give a 14.1% raise to the rail workers. to appease the unions who are complaining because they want to go on strike. that on top of the almost $1 trillion student bail loan, bailout, we're talking about that with lee glen continue thi- lee zeldin this morning who is closing in on kathy hochul.
6:46 am
we'll get into this with ronnie jackson from texas. he is a physician of three former presidents. he's going to talk about the bizarre behavior of joe biden on display a once again last week and we've got to get to the two tiers of justice in the system, a lot of questions around the fbi, john ratcliffe will take that on and miranda divine. >> great stuff, march. maria: thank you so much. -- great stuff, maria. maria: thank you so much. >> vikings play on monday. it's a big day for nfl football on fox today. carissa thompson joins us tonight. ♪ tonight, tonight, we're dancing on the edge of theand hollywood sign. we're hittin' the trails between meetings. and putting the brakes on fried foods. jardiance is a once-daily pill that...not only lowers a1c, it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes
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>> countdown to kickoff week two, buccaneers will face off against the new orleans saints for one of the matchups in the nfl that you can catch right here on fox. here with the must see matchups is fox nfl kickoff host charissa thompson. welcome back. i'm not the only one. it's really exciting. >> i missed you. >> i missed you too. i had to fight off hegseth and the other hosts to retain this segment. but we're here again. >> we are. and i am going -- i'm glad it's you. i really am. i'm going to try to temper my
6:51 am
thoughts on your dallas cow boy. i apologize, i know it's not the way we wanted to start. we didn't want to see dax go down. >> i never have gone into mock drafts so early in an n if fl season. for everybody else, you've got big games, starting with the bucs and the saints, what do you see happening there with that game at 1:00 on fox. >> the bucs coming off the win against dallas. with dax in the game, da dallas didn't play that well. you've got a lot of injuries. mike evans, julio jones is banged up. donovan smith is a game time decision and doubtful. there's a ton of injuries. i still take the bucs over the saints even though the bucs, hit tri will tell you to go the other way with that, considering the fact they've lost six of seven ge against the saints.
6:52 am
the saints gave up over 200 yards on the ground to atlanta, took a 16 point fourth quarter comeback for them last week. i think they're riding high off that victory. i think they come down-to-earth and i think the bucs get the win in this game. >> you're going against the trend, against the stats with the way the saints played against the bucs. i have another stat you probably know. seahawks, 49ers, what happens there? that's the late game on fox. >> okay. so if you would have told me that the seahawks would be on top of the nfc west after week one i would have said excuse me, what. i'm from seattle. i can appreciate they were victorious over russell wilson. they gave up a ton of yards, over 340 yards in that game. san francisco reeling off their loss to the bears in the torrential downpour game. there's a 50% chance for rain in
6:53 am
this game in santa clara. i don't think that san francisco will fall again. i think san francisco -- the seahawks coming off the high of that game will fall on this one and i expect that trey lance to have a better game although he's still perhaps without george kittle and no elijah mitchell on the ground, he's on ir. i take the niners by 6 in this game. >> san francisco won two of the last 17 meetings against the seahawks. i love the ba bravery. >> i'm a consistent tray i contrarion.>> the bears, packe. the bears weren't very good last week. >> that's the night game. we don't know yet, we'll know closer to game time if they'll be back, do expect lazar to be in the lineup. they lost last week. i'm not worried about the
6:54 am
packers. it's a different team, no devonte adams. aaron rodgers has to he rely on the ground game and get the running backs involved. the bears have a ton of issues on the offensive line. i take the packers by 7 in this one. they are 9-0 coming off of a loss and remember, will, super six is back. download the free to play fox bet super 6 app and enter for your chance to win $100,000 of terries' money since the dallas cowboys are out, focus at least for now -- >> it's another way for me to make it interesting. >> exactly. >> what are you doing here? >> hi, carissa. >> i wanted to say hi. >> hi. >> go away. she said she was happy with pea. we'll see you next weekend. >> appreciate you guys. >> stick with us. we seem brat 75 years of -- celebrate 75 years of the united states air force with rachel's dad, chief master sergeant campos here on "fox & friends." ♪
6:55 am
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7:00 am
force. reflect on your service. >> it was rough, but enjoyable time. i really enjoyed the time. >> the honor of cutting thick cake for the air force 75th birthday. beautiful. right down the middle. just as you would expect. [laughter] happy birthday. go to church. have a great sunday. >> happy birthday, air force. ♪ maria: good sunday morning. take you for joining us. welcome to "sunday morning futures". i am maria bartiromo. no sanctuary after all. not if it is in their back yard. bulking as buses of illegal migrants look up for resources. flying them and said to cape cod
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