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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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lower. longer. leqvio. eric: fox news alert. immigration battle heating up. republican governors feud with the white house and democratic mayors in new york, washington and elsewhere over surge of migrants in the southern border and dispatching of them to their turf in the northeast. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live. i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. the immigration wars intensifying in recent days as republican governors step up their efforts to bring the border crisis right to democrats' doorstep, florida governor ron desantis flying 50
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migrants from texas to liberal martha's vineyard in massachusetts and texas governor greg abbott busing migrants to dc home of our border tsar vice president kamala harris this as border agents report record surge, drug cartels using border chaos to flood america with rainbow colored fentanyl pills aimed at hooking america's youth. eric: fox team coverage, bill melugin at the southern border in texas. cristnchristina coleman in los angeles. >> new york mayor eric adams was fired up this morning talking about republican governors sending migr my migrants to this city over 11,000 to date. >> there was no coordination with governor abbott and
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governor desantis wanted to use his ploy. >> sending migrants to wealthy island of martha's vineyard. localses rejected them saying they could not handle the 50 and put them on fore to cape cod and the national guard came in and the migrants staying on military base on the cape. reporting former president barack obama and high-profile democrats that own homes at martha's vineyard remain silent on whether they will open homes to provide comfort to immigrants sent by the republican governors. >> it is pathetic that these governors are taking advantage of these helpless people making promises to them and life is going to be fine and off they go to places removed from where they are supposed to be
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appearing. >> another headache for the fore inflation and and 55% say not at all. the president's top economic adviser appeared on fox news sunday with shannon bream. >> yes, prices remain uncomfortably high, that's why it's top priority and doing everything we can -- >> president biden is in london today where he will appear at queen elizabeth's funeral tomorrow morning, arthel. arthel: lucas tomlinson, thank you. eric. eric: migrant controversy becoming a bicoastal battle between california governor gavin nowsome and ron desantis. newsom is challenging desantis to a debate and it could be a preview of a bigger fight for the presidency, perhaps, in 2024. christina coleman live in los angeles with more on what newsom has in plan. haste, christina.
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christina: escalating tension between the two is leading to more speculation about political ambitions after ron desantis took credit to sending migrants to martha's vineyard and newsom sent letter to doj asking prosecutors to investigate whether this move was illegal. >> what ron desantis is doing is a disgrace and almost monstrous and i say that not heightly thoughtfully. he has kids and i have kids. you saw girls no older with his children, mine children and using it to fundraise. >> so the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors and all i can say, i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function. christina: newsome responding to that. hey, clearly you're struggling distracted playing politics with
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people's lives since you have one overriding need attention, let's take this up and debate. i will bring my hair gel and you bring your hair spray and tweets, bold actions both governors have taken over the past few years that have led to national debate. newsom touted that california was the first state to shut down during covid and in reaction to texas law that allow people to sue abortion providers newsom signed contrevers a new law that grants citizens ability to sell sellers of ghost guns and ban high-power weapons and newsom planned to ban the sale of new gasoline powered vehicle in 2025 making it the first state with such a ban and use campaign money for billboards. >> governor newsom is obviously plan to go run for president and he's continuing to court the most extreme elements of his
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progressive base. christina: meantime governor desantis did not shut down government during covid. only parents to determine whether their kids had to mask up in schools. he did not allow the school districts to force this upon them and signed a bill into law that forbid the instruction of gender identity and sexual orientation for kindergarten through the third grade. bold actions from both sides from both of these governors and now they are ramped up war of words leading to more speculation of their presidential ambitions, eric. eric: certainly seems like a possibly presidential preview, christina, thank you. arthel. arthel: meanwhile the border crisis continues and federal agents are warning of a new danger, customs and border patrol has discovered several stashes of rainbow colored fentanyl bills that look like candy and cartels use to entice
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kids. bill melugin live with the latest on this disturbing trend, bill. bill: arthel, good afternoon to you, much of the rainbow colored fentanyl that you mentioned is pouring through the border in the state of arizona, more so than anywhere else. we will get to that in a moment. first we will show you what we have been seeing here in eagle pass, take a look at the video we shot yesterday morning in eagle pass, another group of 150 crossing together and walking down a local highway than gathering right off the side of the road. we see this multiple times a week in eagle pass where the migrants will cross illegally and walk up and down highways searching for border patrol so they can be processed. eagle pass is number 1 out of anywhere across the southern border when it comes to large groups. eagle pass gets more large groups than anywhere in the border and as usual predominantly single adults moon 450,000 people have crossed illegally in the del rio sector alone and we get into the fentanyl. take a look at this image right
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here. border patrol tucson arizona sector. what you're looking at is 5 pounds of fentanyl in these brown bags which were found strapped to the body of a 15-year-old boy, a u.s. citizen who was riding a shuttle bus going through border patrol checkpoint and was found with this fentanyl strapped to his body, more than 20,000 bills in the brown bags. we go to rainbow fentanyl. take a look at photo. cpb in nogales, arizona reporting this week they seized 6,000 of those rainbow fentanyl pills, 20,000 traditional blue fentanyl pills and 71 pounds of meth in a single bust all hidden in a smuggler's gas tank as he was trying to get in the u.s. and that wasn't the only one. take a look at this last photo right here. again, same spot nogales port of entry, arizona another big bust by cbp agent, 276,000 fentanyl pills fired in spare tire of a smuggler's vehicle. 146,000 of those pills were
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those rainbow colored pills you were talking about off the top. those seized after a k9 hit. back out here live, port of entry in nogales, arizona has been incredibly busy. last weekend alone they reported seized 186,000 fentanyl pills in just since august. that spot in particularly, that port of entry has seized more than 4 and a half million fentanyl pills. smugglers constantly trying to get it in every single day. we will send it back to you. arthel: hey, bill before i let you go, if most of it is coming through arizona by way of mexico but is mexico the point of origin, do you know where these pills are coming from mainly bill: it is most of it is coming from the sinaloa cartel and that's why it's coming through the arizona border and san diego area. it's arizona who has been seeing more of the rainbow colored fentanyl. arthel: all right, bill melugin.
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eric: if i final preparations n real. this is the final day for the public to pay respects as her majesty lies in state at westminster hall. a few moments ago president biden and first lady jill biden they stopped and pay respects to her majesty and they will officially sign the condolence book later on today. they are among the 2,000 heads of state who will attend the funeral. amy kellogg live with more on the president's visit and what lies ahead. hey, amy. >> president biden and the first lady were in and out of westminster hall pretty quickly paying their respects, taking a moment of silence and reflection to say good-bye to queen
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elizabeth the second unlike the other people who have had to wait 19 sometimes to get in and view the coffin, biden and all, the other vip's who have flooded to town are getting fasttrack access. this cue as they call, eric, by the way, which will soon be shut down because the funeral will get underway tomorrow morning has taken on a layoff of its own. there are people in the cue by the thousands and thousands but also people coming to view the cue and all of the stories coming out of line lines of friendships and one romantic relationship being born as people stood for hours on end. president biden and, again, the first lady jill biden went in there to pay their respects to just a short while ago. last might there was a very moving ritual inside, it was carried out together by the queen's 8 grandchildren, a vigil around her coffin, through this
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an exception was made. an exception to protocol for prince harry. he was allowed to dawn his military uniform, of course, being no lorner a working royal he does not have that privilege generally. but last night both he and prince william wore the number 1 blues and royals uniform adorned with previous metals from previous jubilees. the queen consort camila will give statement tonight. bits have been released. >> she has wonderful blue eyes and when they smile they light up her whole face. i will always forget that smile. it's unforgettable. >> now the bidens got to town last night. they are the among the 500 foreign dignitaries here for the
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queen's funeral while most foreign vip's are being bussed to the abbey for tomorrow's funeral. the u.s. president has been allowed to use his own motorcade to travel what's in the beast and reportedly not special relationship of united states and the uk. it's security concern and the israeli president will be able to use his motorcade and a few other dignitaries. the saudi prince and the king is here too but won't appear in the funeral. a few countries are barred. russia, belarus, venezuela. eric: quite a day expected to be. we will have live coverage starting at 4:00 a.m. on the news channel. amy kellogg live.
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arthel. arthel: we will bring royal expert and correspondent kinsey. you have studied the royals and what are your personal feelings as we are less than 24 hours of her majesty's funeral services? >> we haven't seen a state service like this since winston churchill and that was in 1965 before i was born. i'm really looking forward to witnessing the a pagentry and choreography and there's nothing more beautiful than british tradition. i'm looking forward to see that. it's hard not to be a little excited to see to come with king charles reign. he's prepared for this for 70 years and i think that he is going to hit the ground running. we are watching the new king now
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there spontaneously visiting the thousands of people that were there in line waiting to get a glimpse of her majesty lying in state and as we watch hundreds of people, they will be snaking through again here to pay their respects and we heard amy kellogg report that there was even a romantic connection, the lines, the cue has taken on a life of its own but that's all publicly intriguing but i would like for you to take us inside the family. how must this be for them personally? >> i mean, they're devastating. this was their staple. this was their comfort. queen elizabeth really steered the ship as you know the families had numerous scandals including king charles, you know, king charles not even remotely compares to what has gone on with prince andrew as
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well as what we've dealt with harry and meghan lately and queen elizabeth was truly the rock and there is concern within the royal family because they lost their rock and they're looking to king charles now to be the leader and we are hearing back and forth are harry and megan going to get part-time royal institutes, you know, how would that affect the family going forward, how would prince william respond to something like that. a lot of questions in the air but ultimately heartbroken because queen elizabeth, she was -- she's our grandmother too because we have adopted but she was their grandmother and mother and i know she's greatly missed. arthel: yeah, beneath the admiration and respect for the queen. almost instant yearning for the past as there's immediate shift to new monarchy and whatever
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uncertainties that will bring. >> great question and i heard that a lot since i've landed in london, you know, some of my drivers were saying, when's a new era, i don't know. so you're absolutely right that there is uncertainty. there is concern. just to give you an idea king charles said in whales this week. he briefly was cost of living crisis with some of the government officials and immediately that triggered criticism because that is not something that queen elizabeth would have done. it tiptoes into being too political so we are seeing a bit of concern already over the king charles reign but i do think ultimately he's just going to -- i think he will navigate his way. he will find his way. like i said, he's been preparing for this for 70 years but certainly they are going to be a few hiccups along the way. arthel: and it seems that he's receiving royal welcome so far
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in that the public there at least in london are open to whatever modern changes he may bring to the monarchy. we will watch it. i know you will kinsey, thank you very much to see you. >> thank you. arthel: thank you, be sure to stay with us on fox news for a complete coverage, one-hour special queen elizabeth for love and country airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it's always available to stream any time on fox nation. then our coverage of her majesty's state begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. eastern. eric: promising to be quite some coverage. so ukraine living under terror of russians, invade your town, kill friends and neighbors when you are suddenly liberated by your countrymen, so what is that experience like? maria who was in ukraine with the charity group rasan for ukraine will tell us next. ♪ ♪
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. arthel: un watchdog says power was restored at ukraine's huge nuclear plant saturday. two weeks after shelling knocked it off the grid but inspectors warn the situation there is still precarious with the catastrophic meltdown still
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possible. this as the eu calls for war crime tribunals against russia after the discovery of mass graves in areas ukraine has retain. let's go live to kyiv now where jeff paul is standing by with more. jeff. jeff: yeah, arthel, investigators continue to work the scene of a mass grave in north eastern ukraine but they are also starting to unearth some new evidence that appears to show the horrors of those russian occupying forces in that region. now the mayor of one of those newly liberated towns in the kharkiv region says they just discovered a cellar appeared to be used for torture, rooms turned into make-shift prison cells to keep civilians who were captured from running. some believe this is just one of the locations where the innocent were relentlessly interrogated
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before being killed and likely dumped elsewhere as a way to hide the evidence. >> the people were firstly processed where they destroyed their will, then when the russians beat testimonies out of them, testimonies of russians needed the people were brought here to the cellar, they were kept without food and medical supervision. jeff: now war continues in new liberated city of iziam not to only try to restore living conditions for those who survived but those returning but bring dignity and justice to those who were killed, 440 bodies discovered in mass grave and investigators say this simple you will not be a one-week job just given how big and vast this crime scene is in the forest in iziam and the
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kremlin so far not responding to allegations levied by the ukrainian government in terms of what happened in the mass gray, arthel. arthel: horrible, jeff paul live in kyiv for us. thank you so much, jeff. eric: so what is it like to be liberated from the russians? we will likely hear more about that when president zelenskyy addresses the united nations general assembly this week. it will be a prerecorded address, the war, of course, a major topic at this year annually united nations of world leaders. our next guest cofounder of advocacy group hoping to raise money for ukrainians you can see there. the group rasan for ukraine is hosting action summit in dc keep pressure on vladimir putin as ukraine scores victories against russia recapturing 1,000 square miles around kharkiv and sending russian forces reeling and retreating. maria zoroko is the president
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and founder of rasan for ukraine. maria, wonderful to always have you here first. your charity to help people who have finally been treed from putin's terror, what is it like to be liberated after living under russian gun? >> the demonstration that we are seeing in a newly liberated territories tell us one thing. we have to hurry up and stop this evil. people have lived under unbelievable conditions for the past six months in those territories, they have no water, they barely have any food. you have seen the images of mass graves. these are all civilians. i'm proud to say that our partners in ukraine, we have over 100 partners are working really hard to deliver as much
9:27 am
food as possible as fast as possible to deliver emergency medicine to the hospital in those regions. that's what we are focusing on and we want to motorcycle sure e people understand that we care for them and have the resources to help them. eric: what is it like for people when they are liberated and they see their countrymen welcome them and hug them and the fact that russia is being pushed back and being attacked by ukrainian forces? >> it's hard to describe your feelings, hearing your people with ukrainian language and knowing that the ukrainian soldiers have done so much to come and save them.
9:28 am
a lot of the people psychologically have in a really terrible place and we need to focus on that. we need to help them restart their life again. they need to start trusting humans on this planet again and this is one of the asks that i have. if you are a professional and can help rasa for ukraine and any other organization that can work in supporting mental health, victims of these such terrible unbelievable crimes that are absolutely war crimes, we ask you please get in touch with them. there's a lot of work to do. i want to tell you why i am in ukraine. i'm accompanying a group of 11 physicians from new york state that are part of the american academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. these are absolutely
9:29 am
unbelievably brave americans that are here with me operating on victims of war crimes we were in the hospital yesterday with 40 patients. military personnel and civilians mostly women but were just sitting in their home, sleeping in their bed and they received an injury into their face. i spoke to one woman who is missing lips and teeth and she told me i'm lucky that i got hurt in march because i was evacuated before it was too late. my neighbors and my family that was under occupation for six months, they had it so much worse. eric: and finally, maria, how can americans -- how can our
9:30 am
viewers help ukraine, how can this country help ukraine to defeat vladimir putin? >> we are almost there, eric, you and i have spoken at least five times. we are winning this war. you can see it. we need the tools to win this war. the soldiers that are missing eyes are telling me i want to go back and fight again. fix me and i will go back and i will finish the job. they have clear conscious, they know what they're fighting for. we know the truth, we know that god is with us. there's a lot of suffering right now but that suffering is food for love. there is so much love in ukraine right now. people understand what is important. we can live without food, we can live without water, we can live
9:31 am
without electricity. we will not live under option. eric: that's the message from mariya right now. we will not live under occupation and the ukrainians brave continue to fight back to finally defeat the russians and vladimir putin. maria, thank you for joining us and we will be right back with more news.
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eric: in pennsylvania there's the heated race in u.s. senate involving john fetterman and questions about his health and how he will debate republican dr. mehmet oz. the two candidate have been at odds of the conditions of their one debate. it would be october 25th, two weeks before election day, well after early voting has already started. nate foy has more.
9:36 am
>> voters are watching fetterman closely to see how he's recovering from the stroke but at his campaign saturday he explained in plain words what voters can expect, take a listen. >> a stroke that could have taken my life, you know, the issues now that's left, the only issue is a lingering issue of auditory processing. sometimes i might miss a word or sometimes ai i will mush two wos together and put one that doesn't exist. >> but dr. oz wants 30 extra minutes of debate time because each answer will take longer with fetterman's condition and accommodations. so far that's something fetterman refuses to agree to but dr. oz says they should be debating right now so pennsylvania voters are informed. >> john fetterman is a danger in addition because he will bust
9:37 am
the filibuster, pack the supreme court. he's not the person that we want in the u.s. senate from pennsylvania. >> dr. oz is focusing on inflation in the economy and in the past couple of hours this morning he tweeted, quote, reckless spending by the democrat-controlled congress gave us record-high inflation and washington democrats still want to spend more of your hard-earned money. in the senate, i will oppose irresponsible spending bills. meanwhile fetterman is focusing on abortion. at his rally yesterday he called dr. oz a clown and said it's dangerous to give a crown a vote when that person believes life start at conception. now early voting in pennsylvania start tomorrow, fetterman has not renounced his next campaign event but we do know dr. oz will be in pennsylvania, philadelphia, pardon me tomorrow morning for a campaign event. eric: we are back that the lieutenant governor seems to be doing, okay. arthel: eric latino voters among the fastest-growing groups in the electorate accounting
9:38 am
16 million voters in 2020, that's more than 10% of the voter pool. latinos were once seen as solidly democratic block but are you know merging as a key swinging group. the latest fox polling showing democrats holding edge among hispanic voters on the generic house ballot by 51 to 32% margin but a former democratic california state senator says her party can no longer take latino voters for granted. >> more and more latinos such as myself are willing to say, yes, we are democrats but we are not bound to the party. we are americans first. we want border security, we believe in citizenship, we are a patriotic community. arthel: let's bring in lauren wright, princeton university political scientists. lauren, democrats still have a 51% vote of confidence but are they losing grip on the latino voting bloc and how can they avoid losing the majority of
9:39 am
them altogether? >> well, they are losing a grip on these voters and, you know, similarly to what you talked about in the intro, arthel, in some of the swing districts like california, texas, arizona, latino voters make up about 20% or more of the voting population so they can absolutely not be cast aside. i think what's happening is democrats for the last several years have assumed that latino voters are single-issue immigration voters, they are not and republicans by contrast have assumed that because donald trump saw this impressive 8 percentage point gain among latino voters just from 2016 to 2020 that means that they love trump and all of his policies. that's not true either. there's really mixed opinion on a variety of issues among these voters. arthel: you just heard gloria romero say latinos want border security and they believe in citizenship. so republicans are big on border
9:40 am
security but might they fail latino voters when it comes to citizenship? >> that's pretty much what the polling shows. latino voters are overwhelmingly opposed to illegally immigration but they are also oppose today increased deportation and also in favor of a path to citizenship for people who are already here. so by overgeneralizing both parties will have problems with these voters and they really need to start paying attention. arthel: yeah, i want to look at recent fox news poll on whether inflation has caused financial hardship among hispanic voters and if you take a look now you'll see that 90% said yes. so, you know, should the idea that latino voters are not solidly supporters of the democratic party be a wake-up call for democrats and republicans, lauren as this represents no voting bloc should be seen as monolithic or beholding to party labors. i mean, should politicians focus
9:41 am
more on serving the people and not their party? >> yes. absolutely. and so like most voters overall, when you poll latino voters about the most important issues to them, they say like most people that it's the economy, inflation and then crime comes next. abortion also is an issue that voters are paying to and that extends to latino voters too but i think some of the immigration policies surrounding the republicans, some of the busing to other states, some of these things are really politically risky strategies and i don't think frankly we know how that will affect the election yet. arthel: why do you say that's politically risky? >> well, on the one hand, if you look at polling in texas, for instance, 52% of texans support these kinds of policies, moving migrants to other states including 80% of republicans and 20% of democrats, however, as
9:42 am
these stories increasingly come out about the plight of the groups of people especially the children in the groups, it could be a situation where it might backfire on republicans. i mean, we can think back to some of the trump-immigration policies where the situation was entirely different but polling shifted against him especially in the case of the child separation policy, the majority of people were against him in the end even though it was a policy that republicans supported. arthel: give me 20 seconds, if you could because you mentioned that abortion is going to be a major issue in the election. do you think republicans realize that? >> i think they do and so that's why i think we've seen some awkward shifting among some of the senate candidates on their republican side who know they have to appeal to an entire state so they must sort of shift their primary positioning on abortion if they want to appeal
9:43 am
to moderate voters. arthel: you said -- >> are definitely included in that. arthel: i have to go. you said primary positions so that gives me the impression that says let me win the candidacy and then maybe i can change my tune after that. is that what you're saying or suggesting or thinking? >> i think that's true. i mean, with masters in arizona, you know, some of the abortion positions have been taken off his website or changed and -- >> arthel: i'm sorry, lauren. >> they all do that. arthel: i have a hard break. my bad, lauren, didn't mean to cut you out. eric. eric: there's been tragedy in louisiana, arthel, a college student shot dead inside a car. police on the manhunt. more on that story straight ahead.
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arthel: police in baton rouge says lsu student is dead after being shot inside her car.
9:48 am
the 21-year-old senior was waiting for a train to pass when several shots were fired at her. this just latest tragedy in a crime wave gripping louisiana's capital city as well as new orleans. charles watson has the very latest, charles. charles: yeah, hey, good afternoon, arthel. the cold-blooded murder happened near downtown baton rouge, miles of lsu's campus. 21-year-old allison, you can see her pictured in the middle of the two guys. lsu senior was found shot multiple times inside her bullet-riddled car near train crossing around 2:00 a.m. friday morning. police say rice had been out with friends that night and believed she was stopped at the railroad tracks likely waiting for a train to pass when she was shot and as you can imagine, arthel, those who knew and loved this young woman who was described as free-spirited are absolutely stunned including close family friend luke frostman -- forceman rather who
9:49 am
employed rice at bartender at local barbecue bar. >> she had such a bright future. she had an internship set up. she was so excited the last time she was here. to lose somebody like ali, not that any life is worth losing but to lose somebody like ali really hurts. charles: spokesperson for lsu released statement on the university's behalf reading, quote, the lsu community is sad and to hear of senior allison rice being killed overnight. her family and friends are in our thoughts. the shooting just 3 miles happened just 3 miles from campus, moved baton rouge mayor cheryl to call for send to senseless violence that has taken hold in the city and since start of the year, arthel, more than 80 murders have happened in baton rouge according to public
9:50 am
records. mayor is planning on meeting university president and figure out how they can make student safety more of a priority at this point. police are still looking for suspects, arthel. arthel: so senseless and so tragic, charles watson, thank you. eric. eric: legal fight over the records taken from president mar mar-a-lago's estate. more on fox news live. (steins breaking ) your cousin. ) ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers) no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks.
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eric: federal appeals court is giving former president trump's attorneys until tuesday afternoon to respond to a justice department request to keep reviewing those classified documents that were found at mar-a-lago. doj attorneys petition the court for a partial stay that would allow them to continue the use the documents that were taken legally from trump's florida estate last month. prosecutors are now currently blocked from now from using in their criminal investigation of the former president, possession of the classified material. former federal judge that's called the special master is reviewing all of the stuff. alexandria hoff has more on the
9:55 am
investigation. hi, alexandria. alex: the justice's department argument that appointing a special it would slow process and it has. she put a halt on doj reviewing of documents seized from mar-a-lago until the review the complete. the justice department filed appeal the next day and trump's team has until tuesday to respond to that and when both sides have to be in new york. they were called there for a preliminary conference with the new special master. former federal prosecutor raymond dearie will serve in that role. dearie agreed by both sides. last night in a rally former president trump aired out his feelings on the investigation as a whole. >> the people behind these
9:56 am
savage witchhunts have no respect for the citizens of the country. alex: argues that investigation into classified document is a matter of national security. judge cannon has given dearie until november 30th to complete his review of what was seized from the property. eric: yes, and it will continue. alexandria, thank you so much. we will be back at 4:00 eastern on fox news channel, arthel and i will and we have ambassador karen of britain to reflect at the upcoming united nations general assembly as well as her majesty the queen but it'll be quite an interesting week this coming. arthel: yeah, i'm especially interested to seeing what happens with russia's reception at the un. i know you'll be on top of that. eric: kick them out. we will see what artheles: exactly. we will be back at 4:00 eastern. please join us. recommen ded brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar.
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