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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 18, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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[ coughing/sneezing ] [ door knocking ] dude, you coming? alka-seltzer plus powermax gels cold & flu relief with more concentrated power. because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, winter warriors with alka-seltzer plus. >> you are looking at live images at our southern border at eagle pass, texas where thousands of migrants have past in the last month. republican governors abbott and desantis fights with the administration and president biden accusing them of playing politics with human beings. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. fox team coverage with bill melugin in eagle pass, texas. let's start with lucas.
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luke luck republican senator mike rounds defended the decision to send migrants to blue states sending millions have illegally crossed the southern border since president biden took office. rounds says that the border towns are simply overwhelmed. >> you are talking about 3.4 million people just since the start of this biden administration that have crossed the border and they are coming in to southern states. what is the governor supposed to do? they are trying to send a message to the rest of the country. >> florida governor ron desantis sending to martha's vineyard and challenged him to debate. on martha's vineyard locals rejected migrant sending all 50 in outbound ferries to cape cod. the national guard was also called in. the migrant are in military base on the cape. colleagues at report former president barack obama and several high-profile
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democrats who own homes in martha's vineyard have remained silent on whether they will provide comfort to illegal immigrants. vice president kamala harris claims border is secure. new york mayor eric adams doesn't agree and blame republican governors for sending 11,000 migrants to his city in the recent weeks. >> there was no coordination at all with governor abbott and governor desantis just wanted to use his political ploy instead of understanding these are people, these are families, these are human beings. >> president biden in london today signed condolence book and paid respect to queen elizabeth. coverage begins 4:00 a.m. eastern, mike. mike: live from the north lawn, lucas, many thanks. bill melugin is live in eagle pass, texas with the latest, hello, bill.
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bill: mike, good afternoon, to you. eagle pass remain it is epicenter of this border crisis encountering huge groups every single day, take a look at this video we shot. a single group of about 150 who crossed illegally and gathered off the side of a local highway. we have seen this multiple times this week where the migrants crossing the large groups, well, they then walk up and down local roads in search of border patrol waiting to be processed and as you can see almost all of them are single adults, it's not like last summer anymore where we were seeing those mass families. it is predominantly single adults from venezuela and cuba crossing in this area, this sector sometimes getting more than 2,000 illegal crossings in a single day. take a look at this photo. a fentanyl bus out of tucson arizona sector. the 5 browns of fentanyl, 5 pounds were strapped to the body of a 15-year-old boy, a u.s. citizen who was on a shuttle bus going through a border patrol checkpoint and got caught. more than 20,000 fentanyl pills in those brown bags and another
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fentanyl bust in arizona, take a look at this photo. this at the nogales port of entry where cbp seized 6,000 of rainbow pills and 20,000 traditional fentanyl pills as well as 71 pounds of meth all hidden in a smuggler's gas tank as he was trying to get into the u.s. and that's not all. take a look at this last photo, again, the nogales port of entry. bigger bust made by cbp agents, 276,000 fentanyl pills found in spare tire, including 146,000 blue traditional fentanyl bills. that was from a k9 hit. back out here live the same port of entry last weekend had more than 150,000 fentanyl pills seized and just since august the cbp port of entry in nogales has seized almost 5 million fentanyl pills, smugglers really hammering that area. we will send it back to you, mike. mike: bill, you spent months of
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your life down there, i wonder how much of the situation at the border has changed from your first trip to now? bill: it's only gotten significant worse. the numbers continue to exclude and they just keep breaking record after record. remember last year set the record at 1.7 million encounters. we are well over 2 million this year and we still have another month left in the fiscal year. so just continues to get worse, mike. mike: fox flight team showing migrants in eagle pass, texas, bill melugin in eagle pass doing a phenomenal job, thanks, bill. ♪ ♪ >> mike: the race for pennsylvania senate seat is heating up early voting start tomorrow around concerns about democratic nominee john fetterman's health are still nominating the race. nate foy live with the latest. nate: fetterman acknowledges she's recovering from a stroke
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and speech may be impacted because of that but dr. oz argue that is pennsylvania voters deserve to see the two candidates debate right now because early voting start tomorrow. >> as a doctor i try treatment and look at the results. john fetterman's treatments have have been catastrophic. >> dr. oz is going after fetterman's liberal climate policy. john fetterman would support the green new deal which would destroy pennsylvania energy jobs, i believe we must utilize our resources here in the u.s. which would provide good-paying american jobs much needed relief on gas and electric bills. as for fetterman he's focusing more on abortion with dr. as being pro-life candidate. at rally yesterday fetterman called dr. oz a clown and says the celebrity doctor is not relatable to the people of pennsylvania. >> if you own at least one of your mansions, valued at
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$48 million, $48 million, do you think he can relate to the life that you live here in scranton? do you think he would understand the struggles that you have? of course, not. >> mike, we know the two will debate on october 25th, two weeks before election day but the conditions for that debate are still being worked out. dr. oz is allowing fetterman to use closed captioning during the debate because of lingering auditory processing issues, of course, related to his stroke but fetterman refuses to extend debate time by 30 minutes. dr. oz argues the extra time is necessary because fetterman's medical accommodations will make each answer take longer and they'll get to less and less topics. dr. oz has campaign event scheduled for tomorrow morning in philadelphia. dr. oz appears to be gaining momentum and making competitive
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race. mike: nate, thank you very much. for more on this and the gop leaders sending migrants to democratic strongholds let's bring in today's political panel, jonathan cot, joe manchin communications director and llc partner robinson, gop strategist, vice president of government affairs, gentlemen, in the flesh, welcome. >> happy to be here. mike: we will get to pennsylvania in a moment. i want to go to the border. there was awkward moment today on abc when mayor eric adams was asked about the border a week after vice president kamala harris said the border was secure, let's play the clip. >> do you think our southern border is secure? >> i believe that we can continue to coordinate better to make sure that it is secure properly. >> john, should your fellow democrats be calling the white house to say, do something, help us? >> i think they are, but i think they are calling on congress to act and, look, knives the senate
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when we tried to pass the bipartisan immigration bill. it actually addressed border security and it address what had we do with the millions of people who are here but don't have the rights, don't -- aren't in the system which is what i think democrats want to address. we want to do this in a expensive way. biden administration put out a plan, put out legislation. i just think it's time that congress acts on it and we stop having the stunts where people go to the border, we are shipping people to islands. i think at the end of the day we have to remember these are human beings who are fleeing horrible situations. the last thing we should be doing is using them as prop. these people need our help. congress get off your act, this is the time that congress needs to sit down in a bipartisan way. i know dick durbin and john cornyn is doing it. we need to address this. we can't just keep one offing the situation and saying, oh, if we only did this, we only did this. we need to do it in a expensive way and there's a bill that got 67 votes in the senate which is
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unheard of. let's just bring the bill back up. >> has been busing the migrants been effective in terms of drawing more attention to the migrant issue but could it backfire? >> i think there's this effort to paint republicans as inhumane on this issue of immigration and the security of the border but the fact is what this -- what this tactic, what this thing that governor desantis did has done is bring to light this ongoing crisis that many democrat leaders have frankly been ignoring for the past couple of years and the biden administration does bear responsibility for lack of security on the border and while democrats are outraged over 50 -- 50 migrants on martha's vineyard the fact is there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of migrants who have illegally crossed the border for the past couple of years. they are experiencing the reality that texans and folks already know well and being force today do that. i think that's a good thing. mike: interesting numbers in the fox poll that i want to dig into
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and get you to react to. has the biden administration been effective in managing government? 38% said yes, 52% no. that's a 13-point drop from a year ago. jonathan, how troubling is that for democrats? >> i think it is troubling, one of the problems that democrats haven't faced is they have to get out there and sell to the american what they've been done. barack obama had the best line when somebody asked what we need to do in the midterms, we need to tell our story. the democratic party in congress and joe biden have had historic legislative accomplishments. we just passed one of the most impactful bills in my lifetime. they need to get out there and scscream about it like donald trump would if he were president right now and if they do that and tell voters that will impact their lives the numbers will go up. we need to get the numbers up before november. mike: what does it say to you if house members, senators are not calling the white house and say, hey, i want to do a presidential event to sell this bill? >> i think they are wrong if
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they are not doing it but i don't like to tell somebody how they should run in their district. i know when i was working for bosses, we didn't want anybody coming in and telling us what to do. mike: extremely concerned about issues, 59% inflation, 45% abortion policy, so quill, are these midterms likely going to be actbook issues? >> last year we saw celebration of inflation reduction act and the same day that the dow dropped 1200 points while this certainly is a political win for democrats and they are patting themselves on the back for passing major piece of legislation, the question remains whether this is a win ffor the american people. 71% of americans say that inflation over the last six months has seriously affected their financial situation. i think that's what's going to be on voters' minds when they go to the polls this fall. mike: if the inflation reduction act doesn't have huge impact on
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inflation, will that backfire on democrats? >> i think so. there's a lot in this bill that, you know, potentially may have some impacts on investment of clean energy in the future. there's a lot of details of the bill that they are struggling to communicate. they will have to answer that they sold as inflation reduction act and inflation continues to go up. mike: what about the inflation reduction act and is it possible that it doesn't live up to marketing and branding? >> i think it will be. i don't know it will in the next month and democrats need to explain what's exactly in this bill and how people will benefit from it and if they do that, i think voters will reward them with the effort that they put into it but, no, i don't think any legislation has an immediate impact but i do think they are selling it in the right way. i wish joe biden would have a signing ceremony once a week to tout everything that's been in this bill. mike: all right, now to the critical midterms. 50-50 senate to the critical pennsylvania senate race. republican dr. oz is unfavorable
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number is 52%, democrat john fetterman has favorability at 47% there. the numbers on the screen. john, how do you assess those numbers? >> i think fetterman is leading in these numbers because of two things, authenticity and issues. there's nobody who is more authentically pennsylvania, just look at the guy, right, the guy has tattoo on him, dr. oz, there are questions about where he lives and, look, if you live on a border state and -- dr. oz is mostly from new jersey, that's going to hurt him on the authenticity side. on the issues, i think john fetterman is talking about pocketbook issues and dr. oz is having a hard time relating to people who are struggling right now which is something i think a lot of republicans want to talk about pocketbook issues. it's hard for a multi, multimillionaire tv stars to talk about those issues and relate to people that are struggling just to get a
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sandwich at wawa. mike: you want to respond about dr. oz's relatability to average voters? >> as john said it does come to issues here. fetterman is somebody who have aligned himself with bernie sanders before, again, as we heard before. he's been a proponent of the green new deal and that's not a solution that many pennsylvanians support particularly in an energy intensive state. and so i think dr. oz does have an opportunity to take a more moderate stance on a lot of the issues and actually be more in line when it comes to the issues with pennsylvanians as opposed to fetterman who is somebody who is quite publicly aligned with the far left. mike: mail-in voting start tomorrow. they will not debate until another month. how troubling is as a republican? >> the fact that we are waiting on this debate is really something. i think that this is an advantage that dr. oz can potentially push, right, as fetterman is struggling to communicate. that's an issue that's been
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raised by voters before when it comes to president biden. they've had questions about his, you know, his ability to communicate and what he's working on but i think that dr. oz can push the advantage here and be out there messaging proactively and talking about how he's actually more in line with the issues than fetterman is. mike: if fetterman struggles in the debate getting over a stroke, could that be damaging or voters can be sympathetic? >> i think they will be sympathetic. understand that we have healthcare concerns, there are health problems. he's admitted those things. as i was saying before, i think the biggest advantage john fetterman has going doug mastriano at the top of the ticket and it's hard for dr. oz to run a race and push away from the guy at the top of the ticket running for governor in your party and still run a moderate race and i think that's where fetterman has the biggest advantage. mike: fascinating, gentlemen, thanks so much. great to see you, enjoy your sunday. the kharkiv region of ukraine now back under ukrainian control as president zelenskyy reports
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finding tortured chambers left behind by the russians. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: ukrainian officials say the bodies from mass burial site
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will continue another two weeks after defense ministry says they found 440 unmarked graves and some of the bodies found show signs of torture. jeff paul has the latest from kyiv, hello, jeff. jeff: mike, investigators continue to work that scene of the mass grave in north eastern ukraine but they are also beginning to unearth some new evidence that appears to show the brutality of this latest round of russian occupation. the mayor of one of those cities that was occupied that was just newly liberated by ukrainian forces say they believe they discovered a seller that was used by russian forces. they characterized it not only as a prison but as a tortured chamber and those who have seen it say conditions are absolutely awful and horrid, rooms turned into make-shift prison cells with freshly welded bars to keep civilians who were captured from running away. some believe that this is just one of the locations where the
10:22 am
innocent were relentlessly interrogated before being killed and likely dumped elsewhere as a way to hide the evidence. >> they kept our locals here in the cellar. the people processed psychiatry at the train station where they destroyed and when the russians beat testimonies out of them, the testimonies they needed, the people were brought here to this cellar. they were kept here without food, without medical supervision. jeff: war continues in newly liberated city in iziam not only trying to restore living conditions for those who survived and are returning but to bring dignity and justice for those who were killed, more than 440 bodies so far have been uneaterred from the mass grave site in the forest in iziam and officials who were out at the scene say that will not be a
10:23 am
one-week job. this is a huge crime scene. meanwhile the kremlin so far not responding to these allegations of what occurred in iziam. mike. mike: jeff paul live in cave kay, jeff, thanks very much. here with me on the set retired army lieutenant general and fox news contributor keith kellogg. general, welcome. >> great to be with you, mike. mike: this is the city where jeff was talking about report where ukrainian reportin report atrocities. >> let's give real credit for the ukrainians because what they've done is pushed here very, very hard and forced the russians back and the russians began a withdrawal and then it became a retro grade and it is becoming into a rally and the reason this city is so important that's a real rail hub and lovingist call area.
10:24 am
the reason it really happened they started thinning the lines here. they wanting to go to the south and if we go to the next map i will show you what we are talking about. the fight that's going to occur and i think the russians see that as well is the real fight is going to be here around kursan and that's the gateway to crimea and started pushing this way towards crimea because what zelenskyy is thinking really hard about is he said recently that war began, the war began in crimea and it's going to end crimea. he wants to cut crimea off and take crimea and that would be a major strategic defeat for the russian army. the russian army falls. if they are able to go and take crimea. there's a huge fight. they moved about 20 battalion attack troops, 15 to 20,000 troops because they thought this was okay up in the north.
10:25 am
it wasn't and now they are fighting down here. mike: we know putin wanted a land bridge from russia to the ports and so seeing these blue areas, what does that do to ukrainian troops who have been fighting for their homeland? >> this is really existential fight for them. they want to win this fight because they believe they win the fight they have defeated the russian army, they have if they are able to do that. that's why zelenskyy made the comment about crimea. putin made an interesting comment recently, he said, they are just fighting our professional army. he's thinking hard mobilization. if you defeat professional army of 300,000 they're probably killed and wounded 70 to 80,000, one-third of the invasion force. that means they are breaking the back of russian army. it's fascinating to watch this. it's been helped by american weapons has helped. i wish we would give them more. today report on new york times that we haven't given them everything that they've asked for. i don't know why we haven't. wwe are a party to this conflic.
10:26 am
we should give them what they really need. mike: so policymakers who may be watching, your advice to them is to give them everything that they're asking for because this is a critical stage in the country. >> they didn't start the fight, mike. the russians started the fight. democratic nation. existential fight for them and we should give them everything that they want. for example, we have an mrs brigade in europe, two battalions, we should give them that equipment and the aircraft they originally wanted. we have a vested interest and we are party to the conflict. i'm not saying anything about political side with putin. break the back of russian army and send them back to russia and i think for putin i think i would double up in food at a ta. mike: what about threat to leadership in russia? >> president biden made a comment about it. i wished he hasn't talked about it. the next question is what does
10:27 am
putin do and putin will have to mobilize more troops to win this fight and looks at it as a major fight as well. to he he's an existential fight and concept and concern about nuclear weapon wills always rise because they look at differently than we. do they call it nonstrategic nuclear weapons, tactical. they have about 2,000. small nuclear weapons, 1k1, blast range of 5 miles. it's not a city killer but they could use something like that. if they do that it changes everything -- the makeup of fighting nuclear war in the future because we have broken the nuclear threshold that hasn't been broken since 1945 but it's that their doctrine. part of doctrine is escalate to deescalate. if they want to use that, that could change. could they use it with a demonstration, that's a real term where you put it somewhere where it's not going to damage very much but psychologically it sends a signal. they do that, they plan for that, it's in their strategy. mike: very interesting,
10:28 am
lieutenant general keith kellogg. thrilled to have you. queen elizabeth's funeral is set for tomorrow, live report from london after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm karen. i lost 58 pounds on golo
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and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this is real. golo works. i still can't believe that i look like this. mike: live look at westminster hall as queen elizabeth the second lies in state for the final full day. dignitaries from around the globe are arriving in london to pay respects ahead of tomorrow. jonathan hunt on what appears to be a spectacular evening, hello, jonathan. >> hello, mike, it is, indeed, a beautiful evening here in london as the sun sets on the second elizabethan age. prime minister, princes and princesses around the world have been here to pay respects and
10:33 am
saying final good-bye to queen elizabeth the second. among them president biden who is at buckingham palace right now. you see pictures of him arriving there a short time ago. he's joining many other world leaders and dignitaries at a reception hosted by king charles the third and camila the queen consort. earlier president biden and the first lady paid their respects inside westminster hall standing silently looking over the coffin where the queen lies in state. president biden then went onto lancaster house nearby where he signed the book of condolences and he paid tribute to queen elizabeth the second. listen here. >> she was the same in person as her image, decent, honorable and all about service and our hearts go out to the royal family, king
10:34 am
charles and all the family. it's a loss that leaves a giant hole. >> now president biden is just one of hundreds of thousands who have actually paid their last respects to queen elizabeth over the last few days. the line at times stretched more than 10 miles snaking its way along the river times in london and eventually those people were able to get into westminster hall to say a last good-bye. we expect that cue which is still miles long right now to be closed fairly soon. officials here say. they haven't cut it off yet but at some point it will be and the last members of the public will be allowed to file into westminster hall around 6:30 a.m. tomorrow and then it will be closed and then this
10:35 am
nation and the common wealth and, indeed, the world will prepare for the state funeral service and that final good-bye to queen elizabeth the second. mike. mike: jonathan, as someone who is born and raised in britain, i wonder what this assignment you will take with you home and will last with you a long time. >> i think we will see a lot of those tomorrow, mike, who will ask for a lifetime but for me one of the most striking images and what really caught me out emotionally, i wasn't expecting to feel emotions was the first sight we got of queen elizabeth's coffin when it left the gates and that was the first time we had seen her coffin. that caught me unawares and the emotions and i'm not a monarchist as you right i will said i left the uk to become a
10:36 am
u.s. citizen but these are striking images that we have seen throughout the week, mike, and she was a woman who transcended the monarchy in so many ways. you didn't have to love the monarchy, you didn't have to love the common wealth to love queen elizabeth the second. mike: beautiful i will said. jonathan hunt i look forward seeing your coverage tomorrow and our other colleagues over there, thanks very much. for more on the life of queen elizabeth the second and everything that we can expect from her historic state funeral tomorrow joining me live royal expert and newsweek's chief royal correspondent jack royston, welcome. >> thank you. mike: in the hours ahead, jack, what are you anticipating, what do you think will be the lasting moments that we will see as we look ahead to the final farewell? >> so this evening right now as we speak we have leaders from all around the role at buckingham palace where there's a reception meeting members of the royal family and we've already had the bidens paying tribute obviously as your
10:37 am
segment has shown, also controversial figures in london at the moment, mohamed ben salman and will be interesting whether he turns out to the reception. tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. we get the final members to have public who are going to see the queen lying in state and after that point the next thing that happens is a procession that will carry the queen's coffin from westminster hall just down the road to westminster abbey, one of two processions and one of the things that will set everybody's hair standing up tomorrow is going to be the audio, the sound of these processions. we are going to have minute guns firing and we will have tolling, bells and guns at the same time and a drum beat and it's going to be incredibly moving and the somer sights of the members to have royal family. i think it will be difficult for
10:38 am
them to keep it together. >> any surprise so far in terms of the response of the british people and/or reaction from around the world? >> i don't think i would say surprised. there have been some protests in britain. initially quite the heavy handed response with the police with some people arrested and charged. that seemed to have died now, the most recent one was in whales where nobody was arrested. there have been people around the world who are not perhaps on the same page where britain in terms of being moment of mourning and that's not a complete surprise. the monarchy means different depending on which country you live in. i think the overwhelming -- the overwhelming emotion and morning that we are seeing in britain is something that has taken everybody's breath away, obviously the size of the cue people wanting to see the queen lying in state is particularly, particularly moving. mike: do you think as king
10:39 am
charles the third as he's been watching farewell to his mother, perhaps there's anxiety of replacing a monarchy legend? >> he must be feeling so many different emotions at the same time and 100% yes, i think that's definitely one of them. he will be heartened by the polls 30-point swing in his favor but also he's got to grapple with a number of countries in the caribbean that currently count him as state of head by holding independence referendums whether to remove the british monarchy as head of states in those countries so he does have a lot of ahead of him. we have a really delicate truce, fragile unity among members to have royal family where thereby tensions with prince harry and meghan and some moments, i think, that have been difficult for them over the last few days. right now the truce and the unity is holding but there may be crises down the line that prince charles has to deal with and you have the whole andrew situation but he has a lot that he's going to have to tackle
10:40 am
once the funeral is over and moves into the job of really reigning but for now he's got probably the biggest days of his life tomorrow at the moment going through the most profound loss and sorrow. so he will have every emotion that you can think of in brain tonight. mike: jack royston, thank you very much for your time and analysis today. >> thank you. >> don't miss fox nation special on queen elizabeth's life and legacy at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel and also we will begin live coverage of queen elizabeth state funeral early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. eastern with martha maccallum and pierce morgan. stay with us. attorneys for president trump and doj set to meet on tuesday with the special master reviewing the documents seized from mar-a-lago lea o. more on that coming up. ♪ ♪ en
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mike: appeals court giving former president trump east legal team until tuesday to respond to a request from the department of justice asking the court for a partial stay of june cannon's ruling which would allow the agency to continue working on their investigation into the classified document seized at mar-a-lago. alex and roy hoff live here in washington with the latest, hi, alex. alex: tuesday is when former president trump's legal team and the justice department have been called to new york for a preliminary conference with the case's special master, former federal probation reporter raymond dearie has been appointed to the role and will serve as independent investigators to review documents that were recovered by the fbi surge search of mar-a-lago. it's a win for former president trump whose attorneyed repossession cannon granting third-party review. criticism of the department of justice was once again vocalized at rally in youngstown, ohio, watch. >> the people behind savage
10:46 am
witchhunts have no respects for the citizens of our country. alex: while the department of justice agreed on raymond dearie as special master selection and has opposed the appointment of a watchdog saying it opposes national security risk by slowing down their investigation. the doj has filed an appeal to continue using classified documents seized from the former president's residence while dearie conducts review. trump's legal team has until tuesday to respond to that appeal. former president trump will be need to be paying for the special master's cost and judge master ordered they must complete review. mike: thanks very much. a new york city man is now facing a slew of charges after terrorizing customers with an axe inside a manhattan mcdonalds. video posted to social media
10:47 am
shows the suspect arguing with several other men. the altercation turning physical with the men appearing to smack and punch the suspect. the man then puts down his backpack and pulls out an axe which he uses to threaten attackers, smashing nearby tables and glass. according to nypd the man was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. house democrats continue ball -- >> inflation and the economy rank at top subjects which worry voters ahead of fall's midterms but crime rival issues. republicans want to remind voters of mantra to defund the police.
10:48 am
gop says democrats coddle criminals. >> americans are being robbed, carjacked assaulted and murdered. >> one of the most vulnerable democrats facing reelection. she's chastised liberals about defunding the police and wants more money defunding the police. >> i grew up in the law enforcement family and sacrifice and uncertainty that comes with those sorts of commitments to service is one that i'm always, always going to be grateful for. >> house democrats promised to pass bills to beef up support to the police and defang the defund police mantra but house majority whip jim clyburn says there's no urgency when it comes to passing the bills. republicans believe democratic in action is the issue which keeps giving. >> i think that representative cryburn misses the urgency here that i'm just shocked that our democrat colleagues don't seem
10:49 am
to want to see because it's obvious across america that we have crime rumping at ramp it rates. >> democrats take aim at the gop. >> it would be nice if the other side were cooperating more on that. unfortunately we are faced with a maga republican party that's calling on us to defund the fbi. we think that's crazy. >> debate on both sides is laced with election-year patrol ticks. >> beth sides are trying to the extremes to instill fear, to threaten voters, to make them fearful of the other side and bring back that to the advantage of them in november's vote. >> if the election is about abortion and threats to democracy, that helps democrats but an election about inflation and crime, boost republicans. on capitol hill chad pilgram, fox news. mike: our friend and colleague jennifer griffin honored for
10:50 am
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>> last night our chief national security correspondent jennifer griffin was awarded with the transatlantic leadership network gold metal for public service
10:54 am
for, quote, outstanding commitment to the standards of journalism and tireless effort supporting and advocating for american veterans. this is what jennifer said after receiving the award. >> we will keep telling the truth and it's a very, very dangerous time not only in this world but also in washington, d.c. and we will hold people to account and the best way to fight disinformation is with facts, facts and truth and the media, that is why the media is so very important. so i will treasure this award. mike: white house national security council spokesperson john kirby sent apologies and didn't know another reporter that tipfies honesty and skill, it's honor to work with colleagues like jennifer, congratulations on the award.
10:55 am
very well deserved. president biden has approved a federal emergency declaration for puerto rico as the island braces for category 1 hurricane fiona, meteorologist adam klotz has more in fox weather forecast. adam: big storm in puerto rico, hurricane warning in place for the island of puerto rico, tropical storm warnings in place for virgin islands further off to the east of where the storm is currently spinning. winds at 80 miles an hour. category 1 hurricane as it's making this kind of slow-dragging motion across the southern side of the island. the big story, yes, the winds are 80 miles an hour but this is a rain-making system. there's your center of circulation and you can just come see all the moisture being drug up in the island dumping on it and it's been such a slow-mover the way it's around the island. a lot of time and opportunity for more rain to pile up. this is a future forecast so i just took you through today into the overnight hours and you're
10:56 am
still seeing constant stream of moisture running across the island. more very heavy rain. mud slides are going to be an issue, flooding is going to be a major concern, now taking you into monday morning still raining and it's not really until later in the damon that the system start to drag far enough to the north that you're getting a little bit of a break here. so with this much time the system moving across here, obviously rain is going to be a big concern, mike, maybe another foot of additional rain across the southern portion of the island where it's been raining for 12 hours, so certainly something to track. mike: sounds potentially very damaging. adam klotz in the weather thanks very much. that's all for this hour of fox news live, f fox news sunday wih shannon bream is up next. i'm mike emanuel. thank you, have a great day. ein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. sore throat, joint and back pain may occur. avoid live vaccines. by helping control your asthma, tezspire™ can help you be you. no matter who you are, ask your asthma specialist about tezspire™ today. shannon: i'm shannon bream. policy fights ignite. the president boosts unions, and a republican senator puts his party on the spot over abortion. >> we are not afraid to talk about it. we are proud to be pro-life. shannon: senator lindsey graham's proposal putting the issue front and center. >> abortion rights are on the ballot. >> the real question not being asked is what restrictions


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