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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'm shannon bream, we'll see you next "fox news sunday." [laughter] happy birthday. go to church. have a great sunday. >> happy birthday, air ♪ ♪. maria: good sunday morning everyone thank you so much for joining us welcome to "sunday morning futures" i am maria bartiromo. today note century after all. not if it is in their backyard. mayors and leaders and blue deep blue cities of bulk as buses of illegal migrants show up looking for shelter and resources. the leaders of martha's vineyard quickly got them out. flying them and said to cape cod. >> 150 people, at this point we
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have a health crisis we are coming out of it.av we have an employment crisis we are managing >> deal with this.y no it wont open borders. who has any idea of how governments and countries work. no one wants inhumane terriblebo treatment of humandy beings either. >> is a national problem needs a nationalt solution. cities and states cannot be lefb to fend for ourselves. see it cominoug up near governor gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin with 50 days to the midterm elections for thisprom promise to restore law and order. then kamala harris gets her own surprised texas governor greg abbott sent several buses ofsend illegal migrants to her doorstep after the borders are misleads the american people again.mill too many people alreadyid apprehended at the wide open southern border this year. >> the border is secure. but we also have a broken
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immigration system. in particular over the last fouh years before we came in. and it needs to be fixed by. >> that two cheers and justice for the russia collision hunter biden's laptop cover up to a raid on president trump's home. questions swirling around the fbi in its political motiv motivations. indonna ratcliff on the neverto ending efforts to stop in silence donald trump from the same cabal of players over and overld t again. then, joe biden's bizarre behavior is the commander-in-chief tours the detroit auto show, holding hands with mission and governor gretchen whitmer. coming up texas a congressman ronny jackson on biden's mental capacity bed will the mainstream media ever call it out?he was she help break open hunter biden's influence peddling. and flights in the dead of nighe "new york post" columnist miranda devine on the washington corruption in plain sight. whether anything changes after
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the midterm elections. it's all right here right near on "sunday morning futures". ♪ we begin this morning with a closer look at the fbi up and after its latest attack on former president donald trump.ot on thursday longtime federal chief judge raymond deering was named special master to review the documents seized in the unprecedented raid on trump's home. erie is one of the federal judges who signed off on a fisa warrant against carter page during the crossfire hurricane investigation read pages under veilsurveillance for one year bt yet no charges were ever brought against him. during the russia collision lie. judge deary has ordered lawyers to both president trump and the d.o.j. tapo appear in a new york federal courthouse this tuesday. jodi is now former director ofjo national intelligence john ratcliffe. great to have it this morning thank you for beinraffe.g here. i want to get to a document you've declassified in a moment.
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but first, give us your sense on judge in your assessment of this case s o far. >> is a good choice to be the special master in your this hecase. as you point i signed one of the applications director read the fbi it later had to admit was illegal. the reason he signed as they fbi fabricated evidence. signed and submitted false evidence for which he pled guilty to a felony for doing that. also included false evidence for steele dossier. b the fbi knew was false becauseec the sub source for that had told them it was ald l made up. so i think judge dearie is aken good choice. taken advantage of by thntage f. in this instance he is not going to take the d.o.j. and fbido assertions at face
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we will look at these documents for the other thing that's important for folks to look at,o part of what ir ats going to lot is not just the issue ofsifi privilege. it's the issue of classification per the reports are the fbi took 11000 documents from donaldme trump's mar-a-lago home.10 reports are there 100 documentsm of classified markings. do not know if those documentsia include russia at gate or steel report documents for third dual was a question whether thereey marked top-secret. say that, it let met. explain a little bit, maria. n i saw hundreds if not thousands of documents one is director onf national intelligence related to christopher steel in the stillre reporting, things like the alpha bankpo connections that were in the steele dossier. michael cohen's trip to prague.e reall these things were make-believe but yet there marked top-secret. they were no more top-secret than your children's creative
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writing assignments for their homework. so there is an issue of classification of those documents.ed they like to look at documents were marketod top-secret to dece whether or not there really wasf any national securitory information in there of anyn value. tei can say from personalia gexperience many of those documents were not top-secret. although they were marked thatt- way. maria: iwas a great point to mae known to show one of them. this is one document you'v e declassified on your way out the door. go through what this says.ow i know it is redacted a fair amountt . gives us a sense of some of things this said which of course turned out to be total creative nonsense. ask that document relates to igor who was a russian national will next month will go o on trl brought up by us five counts of lying to the fbi. the primary sub source for the steele dossier of the fbi called the crown reporting. n
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heex is facing trial next month because he lied to the fbi repeatedly. in january 2017 he admitted to the fbi that much of what was in the still reporting was made up. conversation over beers with friends at a bar or word-of-mouth hearsay. w whether any of the information that was in the still reporting was accurate. and that was put together at the request of hillary clinton and her campaign. so fast forward to this document thi declassified, it's an annexo the intelligent community assessment the fbi director jim kelly deputy director insisted on including an reporting to the the american people, claiming all of this information theie steele dossier should be included in this report when they knew from conversations with igor that it was false.
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this is an example of manys documents that was initially marked as top-secret andth classified.s but was alall a bunch of garbag. >> is a great point to make t permission to point he was a paid informant. the fbi was paying him what, up until 2020 election? >> here's what is important to maria. not only were they paying him they interviewed him and generate 2017. he told them the steele dossierd was essentially all made up, all hearsay, could not verify any of it. o after that they put him on the payroll and kept him on the payroll until days before the 2020 election between president trump and then candidate joe biden. so at the time jon durham wither the department of justice isetti investigating igor on gettingto ready to bring charges againstr him for lying to the fbi, the fbi was paying him. maria: meanwhile the d.o.j.'s formally asking the 11th circuit tova
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intervene in the mar-a-lago case for their pushing, pushing, pushing to try to stop donald trump. i was to get your what happened to the fbi? will we ever seek accoun accountability? look at the op-ed from lastue week, robert mueller destroyed thlle fbi. it goes on b y thomas a baker to go through how robert mueller and then jim comey put political activists at the head of the fbi. they put important cases at the washingtonth headquarters rather than having the actual fbi agent and their districts deal with somedeal cases. with this all political?ical when did the fbi become an arm of the democrat party? >> you mentiony? thomas baker wo wrote that op-ed. thirty-three>> year veteran of e fbi print agent with the fbi who loves the fbi. as you know there's no more than a dozen other fbi agents have come forth as whistleblowers but all are contendinghist the fbi s
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political. so the fbi thanks the fbi has become politicized. backitic in 2000 before it robet mueller and jim comey, more than 80% of americans had trust in a the fbi. full after pulled the summer shows lesson half of americansha not republicans or democrats bua americans have faith and trust in the fbi. there are real problems and this does go back to robert mueller and to jim comey and the things we have seen. look, 2018 as you well have covered maria, republicans in charge of the house of representatives raised questions about whether the fbi was illegally surveilling the trump campaign. wrotsurvg the a memo that was mh scorn from the sci, from that media. s declassifiedy wa it was found out they were not any threats to national security in thr that. the reason the fbi did not want
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to go public it was embarrassinn and had criminal liability that showed the fbi was lagged to the fisa court. that is just one example. you can get into hunter biden's laptop. kim get into any number of things the american people have seen. what they have seen is the fbif has not applied justice evenly in their investigation down to the mar-a-lago raid that happen most recently.r example after example that's why americans have lost trust. think about that less than half of americans see the fbi's the good guy anymore.y that is a realan problem it's a crisis. spray that's absolute a crisis.v devoinn was on this one here loe the memo put our audience knows all about up or they were hereno and theyws understood it was a e as it was happening. but real quick you mentioned something a moment ago about thi fbi. was it the fbi did investigation of the 2020 election? is it the fbstigi that brought e most secure election history tot d.o.j. to bill barker said het
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did not see any irregularities? is that the fbi's job? >> it is. when it comes to domestic security for our elections but the fbi and the dhs are agencies that have the authority to investigate that. fbi had responsibility to look o into issues of election sec security. spirit road quintana got to your take on china. a very incredible story this weekend. a chinese spy got china's instead pray to your nist ratiod the is a string of indictments of the people who were surveilling american citizens on direction from the communist party of. china. your thoughts on the china threat and why we keep hearing from christopher wray about this being the number oneer adversar. are they doing anything about a question for joe biden cancel the china initiative we do not have the ability to investigate these surveillance issuessu anymore. they closed on the houston embassy on your watch.
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>> writes. you are exactly right. joe biden says one thing it does something else for that been as friendly to try that you can possibly be. the china threat is rising. president xi and president putin met this week was writing about that is not russian chinak. working together, they've done that before. a seth urging openly andnd notoriously. they're basically sending dinga message, president xi said brushed out my back with policy in taiwan. on the other way around we havei bareback in regards to ukraineso for the basically sending a message to the world saying when they talk about a new world order, what they are reflecting as we are in charge. we are the ones going to make the rules in the international marketplace. countries around the world aregt looking at that and looking at the fact that t you talk to have u.s. administration that says one thing, do somethininisg els. is essentially on auto pilot
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within an intermittently competent presidents and nothing to stop theside aggression ofirn russia, china, iran, north korea, all of those things that have happened in just two shordt years.d in maria: we are going to talk whether it's joe biden's compromise in the of millions of dollars. do you expect a thing from jon durham? is this the trees what is taking place here? >> i do expect jon durham will have this trial but he will have to issue a report of the special counsel. i just do not know what other charges he might bring for this one different talks about that. what is important is a story continued to be told of the american people can bringha veaccountability. democrats been in charge of congress for the last four years we have not had a meaningful investigation or hearing into the origins of covid what china has done.. it is time for different leadership. maria: we've got to jump. >> another speaker mccarthy and speaker mccarthy perplex the
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deceivers always thank you sir. quick break than joe biden's thi bizarre behavior continues this week. the bizarre got worse with him holding hands with michigan governor greg equipment willie toured a plant. white house under three e presidents texas a congressman ronnie jackson is here. than a fox a flight with infrared camera catching hundreds of migrants crossingan thtse rio grande in the middle i ddthe night for the very latestn the wide open border coming up. get two pairs of privé revaux plus a free exam for $89.95. book your exam online today. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water.
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good luck. td ameritrade, this is anna. hi anna, this position is all over the place, help! hey professor, subscriptions are down but that's only an estimated 15% of their valuation. do you think the market is overreacting? how'd you know that? the company profile tool, in thinkorswim®. yes, i love you!! please ignore that. td ameritrade. award-winning customer service that has your back. maria: welcome back. president biden toured they walk backward this would present biden toured.s when he was asked what car he favored most, he chose a gasoline powered corvette. [inaudible] >> is a beautiful car. [inaudible] maria: yes, the bizarro behavio continues to walk the floober f
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holding hands with michigan governor gretchen weber. try to me now former white house physician for president george w. bush, barack obama and donald trump right now texas congressman ronnie jackson. jackson is also the author ofe the book holding theli line, a lifetime of defending democracy and american values. congressman it's good to have g this morning for thingoos which are being here. >> thank youth maria. maria: how to assess the mental capacity present biden? >> moritz not gotten any better is continued to get worse into his candidate joe biden. mice are talking but this the american people continued our questions about a lot of bizarre behavior but holding handslo thg is one of them for the way he make s up stories and he repeatedly tells the storiesha that everyone has documented are not true. that happens pretty frequently for his emotional outbursts. he shuffles when he walks, he slurs his speech pretty always ask frail and fragile. i just think it's continued to get worse and i think now the democrats in the mainstream media starting say we cannotam m ignore this a lot lo.
12:20 pm
some point or another going tot have to address this bird went up explained to the american people what's going on. we have to ask multiple times to see his complete medical record seethe american people to it for them for him to do cognitive test like president trump at him to reassure the american people he can do this. we had had a bad path something's going to happen domestically this country with b something bad is going to happen overseas for national security standpoint weight lots of americans killed bird that is my people really want to dig in and see was going on wanted to make sure he can do his job and i honestly don't think he can. maria: that is why yous jo sentd letter to the white house in july. j ulhe called for the present to take that cognitive test for ite if you heard back for the white house request? >> i'm not a nut or single work in the white house i don't expect too. the third letter absent. spent it with your take on policy congressman.r let's take a break away come back death, drugs and tears buts apprehended the southern border but we continue texas
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>> a third teen year old brought 15 a 13-year-old brothefentr hundr0 fentanyl bills discuss another drug. when it was discovered the counselor there, luckily discovered it. when he picked the pills out, h. owed deed. not because he took the pills, b simply becauseec he touched the. that is how dangerous this is.dg this is happening at every single community in america. but our white house is doinge is nothing. maria: what da story.ria: kevin mccarthy last week on this program with me. with that terrible storym wi of fentanyl and the impact the drue trafficking the open border is having on young people across the so far this fiscal year overr, 10,000 pounds of fentanyl has
12:25 pm
been seized at the southern border. untold more slipping through each communities across the country.with i am back with texas congressman ronnie n,congressman, this is your stah they are coming from the rioo gr grande for just finished a conversation about joe biden's mental capacity. the impacted national security. that is a national security issue. this equally national security issue. how would you assess thingsul there in texas right now question or. >> or disaster getting worse by the debris we've been jumping up and down screaming at the top oi our lungs with the federal government to notice what ist going on to get biden kamala harris or whoever they want to come down there and see the problem and address the problem. but itamal is by design. they are letting this happen on purpose for they know exactly what's going on, the keep making the calm of the borders close which is absolutely ridiculous but it's one of thkie great thig about some of the buses that are going up to new york andving washington d.c. and martha's vineyard purred we are proving in front of the press that no, the board is not
12:26 pm
open for you are right. there's an entire generation in this country being exterminated. he said 10,000 pounds of come across, maria takes 2 milligrams they make upon the head of a pen can be a lethal dose to an ad adult. were they doing with this? it's coming from china. coming from the southern border. the drug cartel are facilitatin getting the stuff across thee bo border and distributed to our kids for the number one cause oe death of a people in this country adult males in this country between the ages of 185s and 45's overdose from drugs. d we know nothing about it's a huge public health crisis. i'm saying forever where's anthony found she for crying oui loud question rickets must be the chief medical advisor and as president trump's advisor i was on the border multiple times because of a potential outbreak of mumps but what we've gomutth going on down there this guys know were to be found for its
12:27 pm
complete >> it is unbelievable we are hearing from all of these mayorh and leaders the deep blue cities. they did not say a peep about h this and 100,000 americans died of fentanythl overdose. and not heard a about it when all the migrant died drowning in that river grant we have heard a peep about it 2 million people were apprehended but 50 migrants show up and martha's vineyard with data crisis on our hands. a hundred or so show up inin chicago, new york et cetera. now we have a crisis on our hands.hand i wonder if joe biden is tryingt to attack a maga republicans as a distraction so that we do noto focus on the thingn s that are actually happening for it here' joe biden in the infamous speeco a week and a half ago, watch. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic. maga republicans have made their
12:28 pm
they embrace anger. they thrive on chaos. >> and then of course it congressmarsn tim ryan who is running against jd vance in o ohio. they got right on board at that speech. d >> the democrats are notem right on everything i'm willing to sit down and have conversations about how weg can move out ofge this age of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and reform. how do we fix all these broken systems? some will come frox thm republi. it's not the extremists were done with every single day. maria: tim ryan was to kill him confront maga republicans, your thoughts?ic ana republican would have >> tht that would've been insane is aet total distraction for their trying their best to make thatol lecture donald j it's one of the greatest things
12:29 pm
that evemer happened in the country in my opinion. hope it comes a backward hope wo can reestablish it was good for the country, for all of us not just some of us. that's the way they work ever since he biden administration during the eight years of the biden ministration every singles thing that happens was about identity politics black versus white, straight versus gay, rich versus poor, man versus women for their dividers their splitters until they maintain their power. now they try to divide anybody that does not agree with them as a racist they can come after yon and take a lot of your personal freedoms away from you. d they can do things that are unconstitutional and get away with them if they're painting and telling the american peoplee it ills because you are a racist and a white supremacist.supr it is unbelievable they arein getting away witg h this. we have to stop isthis is most dangerous thing happening in our country now isg the way the federal governmentw. is being a weaponize against their political adversaries.s. >> this white house does not acknowledge it at all but they
12:30 pm
also do not acknowledge their massive spendinge it has spoke 0 are high inflation. you are a medica l physician.dica you see it in medical costs. when you look at the essentials whether it is food, fuel, rent, shelter, medical expenses, things have gotten out of control. we've got dire predictions about the economy in 2023. i should also point on federal reserve chairman federal powell was throwing simas at the economy is also looking at his term being expired. he was up for a reappointment. and i guess maybe politics got involved there as well. i'm never the end of the 2020 steven minasian then secretarypr of treasury canceled those programs but hnee knew we hadov passed theid emergency of covid. and at the next year the federae reserve is buying one or $20 billion of securities everym month. i will bone until they started raising interest rates. your thoughts on inflation beht the number one issue for o american voters with 50 days before the midterms?
12:31 pm
>> it is the issue people can't afford gas, they cannot affordrd groceries but that's not going to get better it's going t groo. worse as we get closer and closer to the election. like it said the economic policn in this country does not makey any sensdoe appeared is being driven by politics.cs it's not what's best for thes american people.ican one of things you can reliably count on is a biden lot administration will double downo on a lot olif stupid policies every insteastd of trying to make coue corrections a double down on the stupidity. spieth it appears that wavered texas congressman ronnie jackson thank you sir we appreciate you for it up next democrat policies on the ballot this november including cashless veil andan inflation. violent criminals back on the streets, mere hours after they are arrested the gubernatorialas candidate lee zeldin takes it on his joe biden celebrates this week while the stock market crashes. rehis wed hot inflation now pusg millions of americans to the brink of financial stress. joe biden clinched more spending this week.
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tezspire™ is not a rescue medication. don't take tezspire™ if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or an eye allergy can happen. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. sore throat, joint and back pain may occur. avoid live vaccines. by helping control your asthma, tezspire™ can help you be you. no matter who you are, ask your asthma specialist about tezspire™ today. maria: this no cash bail >> is no cash bail thing is nonsense. it is ridiculous. it is not working.t wo if we could let the criminals out to in those neighborhoods, of those of peoplet in who claim that no cash bail is racist, they would understand because of their homes will be broken intoo they are businesses that wouldth
12:36 pm
beei broken into. ultimately, they talked about defending the police. i demoralize our law enforcement. maria: yes that was virginia lieutenant governor on this program last month on the disastrous attack for crime policies have had on committees across the country. new yorke city alone once it dubbed america's safest big city under former mayor rudy giuliani, overall crime is up nearly 35% from a year ago. the backing of bail reform and cashless bail, by nick state democrats hass bs seen violentba offenders back on the streetsste mere hours after arrest. despite the sharp rise in crimse near governor kathy hochul has doubled down on keeping bail reform as is but she wants cashless bail but her leaves c elders looking to unseat her. put law and order back to the empire state regiment right now the man himself lee zeldin. good to see you, thank you for being here.ank
12:37 pm
i have your op-ed in the "new york post" in front of me. this is from last week. you say as new york resources are overwhelmed, kathy hochul must push biden to the border. >> you are hearing from mayor eric adams in new york city about how the shelter system is being more overwhelmed than evei before. we areding reading stories aboue some of these migrants are nowio getting put into hotels in times square. cost not just in the housing standpoint but the cost on the healthcare standpoint.du from the educationca standpoint the city is just trapped all across the entire country prettl starting to have more and morely people speak out.ev however,er every time you hear a from a mayor in new york city, or the governor of new york or the mayor in washington d.c. o r chicago, think of the border communities in the border
12:38 pm
states. this is their reality all day revery day. needs to finish our border wall catch and release and force the remaining mexico policy.d bo stop incentivizing as of the federal, state and local level. spate law, after 911 we just marked the 21 years the otherup day. we came up with something called the terrorist watch list after septembeafr 11 in america suffed its worst attack from terrorists.un but we understand about thisdewc terrorist data center president trumanp and president bush we hh three or four terrorists apprehended at the southeravn border. but under joe biden in this wide open border we have already hadd 66 people apprehended at the southerny border.
12:39 pm
we are watching 81 people whohe were apprehended in onnde way or another as a result of the southern border. what can you tell's but the crime spikes? is it partly related to the wide open border?e >> beyond just somebody coming into the countryju the illegall. that is the reality right now it's being somewhat reported. you talk about the cost is not just about individuals who come. the gang and they are engaged in some type of trafficking. the way these gangs are financing their operations areof often engage in other illegatel activities. the strain is also on the lawrs peenforcement perspective two. the solution is that our border. i feel bad for these states that feel like they need to operate
12:40 pm
if there us with the federal fed government deploying their own troops to their own border. g backed up by the. federal government pretty sparse ice goes, they went to work with state and local law enforcement in new yorforck for example they pass the new law called thehe green light wall. prevents the federal authorities to look into the dmv databases.m information sharing isat key. k law enforcement all levels oeyfo government shoulu d go to workwk together to make sure country is safe. maria: set what can you do about it? we are looking at the polls you are still behind kathy hochul. look at the mayor of new york city in the last election since a small selector to ever come still build the blah zero one. so how are you going to get a largely democrat population to come out
12:41 pm
and vote for you?ou and if they do what you going tl do change things? >> maria, democrats just like republicans and independents are fed up with not filling safe on our streets. i was just writing a new yorki city subway couple months ago withwa t the guy who is jewish.h talks about takes it off when he writes us that way because afraid of being attacked. his wife does not ride the subway at all. about a week ago i was speaking to a couple they still walk the streets of manhattan go 15 -- 20 blocks on a beautiful night. they're talking on your morning show, they can go to blocks there calling uber. this is a reality regardless. being afraid of being pushed in front of an oncoming subway carpet my first act to my first am sworn in offices till the manhattan district attorney, he is going to be fired.g he played the clip from the lieutenant governor talkingss about cashless bail but here in new york we have seen cashless
12:42 pm
bail out as a failure. it is because crime to increase. it needs to be repealed. judges need discretion. latest prod - criminal laws refusing to do their jobs. judges refusing to do theirs and some other cases. people less safe as a result. whether you're from a red county or bluy e county, all of us as w yorkers her taking control of our destiny to be able to saveo sathe state. to be able to take back our streets. to bacr k oustr men and women iw enforcement again. we will begin about fleeing wey can stay in new york not have t goow elsewhere. >> is also an economic story. seen a lot of big businessesxpec expecting job cuts from wall street's. goldman sach's, j.p. morgan, bank o cutf america. what does the budget look like?
12:43 pm
is it just about crime or other issues?. i know you want to debate kathyo hopeful. between you and kathy hochul for the near post she pretty much i chickening out. but she's earning nickname as scaredy-cat. she is not yet accepted any debate request but i haveip accepted multiple equipment out of the gate.le the contempt she has for this process, per voters, iser something that voters should certainly not be rewarding her ngr term.ll four-yea she wants to sit in the but if you don't agree with her she declared i was no longer a new yorker because i wasca challenging her. she demanded to get on bus to gs to florida. other issues are important for them to reverse the ban on the extraction of naturad.l gas toe. approve new pipelines. read to bring spending under control. we should devastate spending cap. over the course the pastor using
12:44 pm
tens of billions of dollars in new annual spending. i even if it's paper with a one-shot, the government in albany right now one party rule, they look at as a new baseline. to cut taxes across the board for the state tax in york should be eliminated. income tax across the boardat should go down aeds well.of people of all walks of life every impression of the state. maria: this i would joe biden is planning his planning increases in the next year. watching your efforts congressman, lee zeldin is joining us this morning.g. we will take a look at new york further. up next, to tears of justice from hunter biden's to hillary clinton dirty tricks. the fbi missing in action on all y of that. continues on the unprecedented rate of trump's home and it means fo r election 2024 with a near post- columnist miranda devine who has bee n following the story from day one. olloh us.
12:45 pm
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>> we do know doj in >> we do know d.o.j. and the fbi chose not to raid hillarycl clinton's home and get the server. they did not raid the homes of her staff. and get their devices. and westaf also know they chosea say hunter biden's laptop was a russia propaganda. state that was senator marsha blackburn last month on thisn program. n overuestions remai attorney general eric garland's deunprecedented decision to sign off on the fbi raid of a president trump's home. it was the first time in the countries 246 year history ofrm former presidents home waser searched by federal agents were jointly write out "new york post" columnist fox newsor contributor miranda devine part is great to see her this muc morning, thanks so much forr being here. >> thanks and maria great to be with you. >> you are continuing your workh
12:49 pm
reporting on the fbi via whistleblowers. what can tel you tell us about n the fbi became so politicized? what do you see as the story around this rate of president trump's home? >> look, selection of donald trump in 2016 that sent them ove over the edge. the fbi is now shameless about its partisanship that includes the raid on mar-a-lago. it includes the fact they have been soft pedaling on hunterbide biden despite the fact there is so much evidence. not juste is from the laptop but from the former business of partners of a wrong doing.rtne not just of hunter biden but implicating his father, the sitting president and his uncle joe biden's younger brother jim. it is so obviously a partisan
12:50 pm
situation in the d.o.j. or federal law enforcement has been a weapon nice tickets one side of politics. that is not just looking from the outside but that's whistleblowers coming forward at the moment in a from what they're telling me there is a flood. there is wide to spread disquiet fbi and the it was really brought to a head with the mar-a-lago raid. >> it's not stopping at all. they are pushing forward. they want to stop traut from potentially running and top silence him. if republicans win the majority in november they are planning tc launch investigations into hunter biden's business dea dealings. while in the senate grassley is called performer fbi assistant special agent timothy to testify on his maneuvers. and tell me what you are hearing from the whistleblowers. do you think there will be accountability should power republicans take the house?
12:51 pm
>> i think so if they are strategic and well organized. from the courageous whistleblowers inside the d.o.j. and fbi. they are blowing up their own careers and risking a lot by coming forward. they no longer can live their consciences. they are willing and able to tell what they know.he when you put the pieces together of what the whistleblowers so far have told us and will continue to tell us it is really damning. it is from my point of view it u know very well the hunter biden cover-up from the laptop they had an 2019 to the five and half hour interview they had with tony 11 days before the election. we have not seen any of that come to the fold. >> i want to talk about hera: about that but it would hear ial about the evidence that tows a joe biden that story when we come right back. stay with they support us. they protect us, and we have to protect them
12:52 pm
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for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
12:55 pm
feel welcome back. contributor miranda devine. miranda before winter break you talked about the evidence fbie has of hunter biden to pedaling from a five hour wae s hunter's a business partn. the laptop they had. they did not do anything with it. what ihs the evidence joe biden knew all about this? i've been saying this is a joe biden's to write not story.y, joe biden was what they werery pedaling. with that then the sitting vice president. >> yes, you're absolutely right. this is a joe biden storya otherwise it would not be interesting. basically i think there are three simple narratives here. first of all, joe biden knew what was going on. he lied to the american people when he said he did nothing
12:56 pm
about his son hunter's overseas business dealings paris wasy intimately involved in them. he introduced hunter to people who would pay millions of dollars to the family. and he met with at least more than a dozen of hunter's overseas business partners. he was a deathly involved and i knowledgeable pretties also cutg into 10% for the bigea guy. we know from one e-mail and fron tony's evidence. we also know hunter complained about having to pay hiabous fat. the second simple narrative is joe biden -- mike there is some evidence on the laptop he f benefited financiallroy from b hunter biden's business dealings. and thirdldealy is the big cover from the fbi, d.o.j., big techct and the democratic party and the rest of the media. maria: it's a great point. we understand the fbi called facebook and said sensor thisfo information.rm this is something we should all agree on. why would the media do that? why would the media sensor
12:57 pm
information like that? >> look, because obviously thero is some section of that media that is carrying water for joe biden in particular the democratic party. and also because they saw donal trump as an existential threat.y so they felt that wa ts doingwe somethinreg morally. maria: thank you, miranda devine. see you tomorrow with mornings on's b you maria. catch the program again today and they don't even have to be identical! one pair can be practical and sturdy, while the other pair is super stylish and wildly good-looking. ♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults
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