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tv   Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II  FOX News  September 19, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i'm shannon bream, we'll see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ >> jonathan: a send-off rightfully fit for a queen. this morning an international display of affection as the united kingdom bids farewell to its longest serving monarch. the state funeral of queen elizabeth ii includes iconic figurehead and the towpresence on the global stager seven decades. >> she was really quite a witty
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person and could deal with so many situations. >> that smile, it touch the world appearance because she is down to earth and very strong as a woman a figure. we need that. >> jonathan: good morning, i'm jonathan hunt coming to you live from london. it is 8:00 a.m. the british capital and in just a few hours from now, you and we will bear witness to a historic event, a royal ceremony as the funeral of this entry. a lavish ritual in line with the role of queen elizabeth assumed at the age of 25 commanding along the way the love and admiration of the world as she confronted regal challenges and personal tragedies. that adoration captured in hundreds of following her majesty's peaceful death at the
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age of 96. loyal subjects standing in line for hours, some for days to pay their respects. and the eight royal cousins led by prince william and his brother, harry, around the casket of their beloved grandmother. late this morning 17 heads of state and the hundreds of dignitaries among them president biden will gather in westminster abbey to get all energized the woman who ruled with devotion has monarch and matriarch. and now eyes focused on king charles add to the throne of the commonwealth, a roll spent a lifetime preparing for under the guidance of his mo mother. >> she set an example of selfless duty, which with god's help and your councils, i am resolved faithfully to follow
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periods we went over the next hour, we will preview a majestic pageantry never seen by most people living today. we will hear reaction from palace watches and re-examines the future of the british monarchy under the reign of king charles iii. we are told more than 2,000 heads of states and had dignitaries while converging in westminster abbey will do so in a couple of hours from now. as you might imagine, the gathering will require security on a scale not seen here since world war ii, perhaps never before seen. some 20,000 police and soldiers have been assigned to that monumental task. again, special live coverage of queen elizabeth state funeral with senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg outside westminster abbey, amy.
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>amy, do we have you there? >> amy: jonathan... >> jonathan: it looks like we have a problem. now we have got her. >> amy: i'm sorry, london is all but locked them right now as it gets ready for the final farewell queen elizabeth ii, westminster abbey just behind me has opened up for those 2,000 guests, mostly, jonathan, the shakes, sultans, kings, queens, princesses but also members of the public and charities have been invited. at the people involved in public good. now, we understand that sin before the service starts, bells will toll out once a minute for 96 minutes raining each year of the queen's life and the surface
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begins in exactly three hours. and it will be a grand ceremony. the queens cough, cough and will be taken from westminster hall, onto a state gun carriage of the royal navy which will be drawn by 142 sailors to the abbey. members of the royal family will be followed by the coffin with existing members of all three branches of the services on parliament square. the queens cough and will enter the west door of the abbey and will be placed upon the high altar. the service itself led by the dean of westminster, and there will be a sermon by the archbishop of canterbury that includes music that had been played both for the queens wedding and for her coronation and will include and conclude with the national anthem and played by her paper, digni dignitaries, of course, arrived
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in with status anxiety with seating placement and the use of buses to ferry around. here was president biden who won't be taking a bus paying tribute to the queen last night. >> to all the people of england, our hearts go out to you. we were fortunate to have had her for seven years, we all were. the world is better for it. >> amy: most of today's newspapers are graced with his newly released picture of queen elizabeth. it was done in may. reportedly a gift from her late father, her brooch and prince george will be at the funeral who is nine, second in line to the throne after william and princess charlotte who will reportedly follow their great-grandmothers coffin on the gun carriage as it makes its way to the abbey. jonathan, after the funeral service here, the coffin will be taken in procession through london over to hyde park corner
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and wellington arch before then being transferred to the new hearse and taken to windsor for the final surface of commitment. of course, the burial, jonathan. >> jonathan: amy, it will be an extraordinary day an extraordinary moving on. the oldest monarchy the united kingdom is, of course, no stranger to regal pageantry. but this nation has not witnessed a state funeral in almost 60 years. the last one took place in fact back in 1965 to honor britain's reveal, winston churchill the prime minister who led england and britain through world war ii. prior to that queen elizabeth father king george vi was eulogized in a state funeral in 1952. joining us now with further britain's past rituals and what we see today, fox news royal
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contributor duncan. duncan into the ranks of state funerals and there haven't been that many of them as we just mentioned, where do you think with historians to look back in two years' time? >> yes, this will be right up there what we say and what we will witness today and since her death we have seen ceremonies in strange old traditions and rituals. today that will all come together, police security and all of these world leaders, the nightmare, only a few days to arrange the seating and if you've ever done that, when i got married, next to north korea, south korea. do they sit together? does the ambassador of iran seat anywhere near the prime minister of israel? the disgraced king of spain does he sit near his son who is now running spain? so, i mean to have a few days to
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work all of that outcome although everything today has been put in place for 25 years, operation london bridge and the funeral. it is a challenge. i hope it goes smoothly. >> jonathan: of a challenge but watching all over the world, billions watching all over the world, it will be pretty spectacular too. we don't want anyone to miss a moment of this because no one does pageantry like the brits. >> of course there is also a sense, this may be the last time the world see something on this scale because we know king charles for many years has talked about scaling back the royal family. do we know what that means scaling down the thousands of soldiers and police and dignitaries? or will this be an aspect of the royal family that king charles will keep because it is quite clear from the last few days that the public and certainly britain but possibly even a wider world have a connection
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with the british royal family. how do you make an old family relevant? it clearly is. >> jonathan: talking about that my want to show the viewer some video of this morning. the lying in state for the queen ended 6:30 this morning and that was 1:30 eastern. nuc the last person in the line, hundreds of thousands, this was the last person to be allowed into westminster to pay her respects to the queen to say that last goodbye and she spoke briefly as she came out from the palace at westminster. listen here. >> it is an honor. to be able to do that on behalf of of the air force, to an amazing lady that will never be replaced. it was an honor. >> jonathan: really quite something, duncan, to be the
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last person in line. as you were sagging, an extraordinary display we saw over the past four days, so many people lining up in so many people i heard saint she gave us 70 years, what is 24 hours of my life to say goodbye? >> duncan: one of the things that came across a lot, i just didn't want to miss this personally. i don't think i could wait that long at all. i'm not the world's most patient man. but for those british people that were patient enough, i think they were rewarded and how wonderful for that lady to be the last one. not only that but don't forget there is a story for aging and the paper about a couple of strangers that met in the queue a couple of days ago a woman and a man, and they will meet up today and watch the funeral together. >> jonathan: those friendships have been made very special. >> duncan: that might be periods be with the queen was
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about bringing people together, unity. >> duncan: it is a good story. >> jonathan: duncan, we will come back to you throughout the hour. thank you for being here. people all over the world are turning their attention to london this morning for queen elizabeth's funeral. every country with diplomatic ties to the u.k. received an invitation to the queen's funeral, but there are some notable exceptions. who is in and who's out? next. >> she will be with him every step of the way, every minute, every moment. ♪ ♪
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don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> jonathan: as we mentioned earlier in our special broadcast, the state funeral of queen elizabeth ii has brought together more than 2,000 heads of states and dignitaries from around the globe. president biden and first lady dr. jill biden are among them. yesterday, the first couple visited westminster hall where the late monarch lying in state since last wednesday. the roster of vips attending this morning's funeral, we bring
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in fox news royal contributor. such a pleasure to help you with us here. and to sit alongside you for such a momentous occasion. i cannot think of anybody else in the world who could have brought together so many heads of state to princes and princesses is, what is it about the queen that just makes everybody want to be here today? >> it is respect. i think people really respected her. all the crowns interviewed today and all have that one symmetry that they loved her and they respected her and they felt that she had given up her personal happiness for duty, a rarity in this day and age completely. >> jonathan: while we are on the subject of duty, do you think king charles has the same
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sense of duty, one, and secondly the ability to pull it off like the queen did? >> yes, i think he has exactly the same sense of duty. he has made mistakes in his life, some very big mistakes, but he has that duty. that is what he does. even when his wife queen consult talks about him she said he is a workaholic and never stops. he has always said that he cares so much. i care too much. he cares about all of those and he cares about the world any cares about the climate. yes, one, and two, he does have the ability, he's got a huge energy and all those windsor pluralists they young when they were younger and never walked down corridors. and i think charles has that energy and that dedication. >> jonathan: he will be
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watched so closely and has to avoid any mistakes. one of the mistakes everybody was watching for this time was who will be in and who will be out on this invite list. obviously, we saw president biden he is here, justin trudeau from canada, the australian prime minister and also not invited vladimir putin of russia for obvious reasons, kim jong un of north korea, and syria. not fun to have to draw up that list whereas duncan was saying earlier a seating chart for all of this. >> luckily, the king doesn't have to do that. he's got good people. and so, the european royal families the late queen related to many of the royal families of europe. you have the king of sweden. we have the king of spain, the royal family of monaco, the
12:20 am
netherlands, the william of orange. and all related. and i think they play an important part as well. they are a little more recognizable than perhaps the heads of state in suits. i think a little more colorful. also, carlos, a disgraced father of -- sorry, king philip. he was invited to come up within the spanish government said, "no, no, no, you are too controversial and in trouble." he came anyway. >> jonathan: you talk about the royal families but anybody, whether in the philippines or in australia or in kenya, you say the queen, it was the queen. she was the only royal that everybody in the royal seem to know. >> for obvious reasons. everybody in the world even for the youngest of the youngest
12:21 am
children, they recognize the queen. >> jonathan: such a pleasure to have you here. we will come back to you frequently throughout this hour. really lovely to see you this morning. there are a lot of moving parts to make sure that her funeral goes off without a hitch, as you can imagine and the largest security operation ever. more on that and the difficulties coming up next. >> so we have an enormous operation building that has been many, many years in the public. in one day, over 10,000 officers deployed in the core of that, we have got help from everyone across the country and many of the officers visible also, especially behind the scenes supporting that. ♪ ♪
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>> jonathan: history in the making today as people wake up this morning here in london. just a few hours from now, the first state funeral in nearly 60 years will get underway. but first queen elizabeth's casket will be moved from westminster where she has been lying in state for four days to westminster abbey. at 10:35 a.m. in london, that is 5:35 a.m. eastern time, the queen's coffin will be moved. what is going to be placed on a gun carriage to move from westminster to westminster abbey. the gun carriage, by the way, is 123 years old. it w will be pulled by rope sysm by royal navy sailors. it is a tradition that dates back to the funeral of queen victoria. they will pull the ten carriage, the short distance here to westminster abbey. following the coffin will be
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king charles joined by his siblings, princess and the princess royal, and behind them the prince of wales, william an. the entire procession will take about 8 minutes and then they will all enter here, the west gate of westminster abbey. queen elizabeth's state funeral will be a lavish oil spectacle for all of the world to witness. the ritual that follows, however, will be a far more private affair. the queen's body will be taken to her immediate families to windsor castle where she will be entombed with her parents, her sister princess margaret, and her husband of 73 years prince philip who died in 2021. joining us from outside of windsor castle, fox linton correspondent alex hogan. alex, who do we know as we will
12:28 am
get thousands at westminster abbey? much more at windsor castle, who do we know who will be in attendance when the queen's body arrives at the final resting place? >> good morning, jonathan. as you mentioned, it will be a massive event taking place where you are in london and 2,000 people including foreign dignitaries to say their final goodbyes to her majesty, the queen and 1:00 p.m., she will leave london for the last time. we have an image we can show you of the route she will take traveling through west london all the way passed through the airport here to windsor castle. this service will be much more intimate. only 800 people in comparison. this will begin 4:00 p.m. the coffin will be brought inside the church and then 7:30, there will finally be a private moment for the royal family. we have seen the royal family throughout the week have to go through grief in the mourning
12:29 am
process very much in the public eye where they will have a final moment with the queen once again 7:30 tonight. and the coffin will be lowered into the vault. bagpipes and thin to the ceremony, there will be one singing of the new national anthem, "god save the king." but the service inside much more private. this will be mainly members of the windsor castle staff. family members, again, before eventually just the immediate family members themselves. people have been coming here. the city itself is almost entirely closed down where people only able to come in walking. there are big fields set up outside of windsor castle where people can have watch parties and watch all of this together as a group, even though they themselves will not be able to go inside, jonathan.
12:30 am
>> jonathan: alex, briefly, i am use to all of this pageantry, but i wonder with you living in london long and a very well-traveled woman, i wonder how all of this has struck you over the last few days, the pageantry and the emotions? >> i think the pageantry is something people around the world are watching because how much tradition there is and how much beauty and time has been spent into planning this massive event that has been planned for decades. but releasing all of this come to fruition. if anything it is more of the raw emotion. i talked to so many people waiting in line and it didn't matter how long it would take them as long as it took to honor this woman who gave them her entire life. what is really moving around the world is how much she was loved, not only here, but we've had people all over the world who were not even part of the
12:31 am
commonwealth but who appreciated her and wanted to come here to celebrate that. even for people who might not be royalists and people that might not support the monarchy, but they consider themselves just how incredible of a life she lived, but also how many lives she also touched, jonathan. >> jonathan: alex, thank you so much. great to get your perspective. with more than 2,000 and heads of and dignitaries attending the state funeral, security will be a top priority across london today. it appears the british capital is prepared. security measures not seen since world war ii and some very new ones in place this morning with some 20,000 police and soldiers now on duty. joining us with her insights how the u.k. prepared such massive undertaking from american entrepreneur and the viking, julie, great to have you here.
12:32 am
we have seen all of this extraordinary security. you have to deal with that this morning just getting to the set. >> absolutely did. i left my house 5:00 a.m. and already the security is so unbelievably tight around central london. we can hear the helicopters overhead. it is everywhere you go on the street corner, but they were proud to be a part of it. i had to ask a couple of questions because i was directed in different ways and averted which is the best way to get to without having to meet the crowds. they were unbelievably kind and i'm really excited and proud to be spending their day. >> jonathan: it is a different security set up and obviously london has had its share of terrorist attacks, but there is this odd, they want to keep everybody secure but you are right. everybody is so happy to celebrate the extraordinary life of the queen.
12:33 am
>> exactly right. i was walking around this morning, and the crowds of people as mentioned as well, but what i did notice is the amount and scores of people wearing their military uniforms, their military badges, some of them. all scores of people honoring the queen. but also young families. at 5:00 a.m., 5:30 a.m. when it opened, young families out here to pay their respects. people have just come in and as they say, up to a million people would be here young and old to pay their respects to her majesty, the queen. >> jonathan: it is a sad and solemn date obviously, but is also in some ways a beautiful day and a beautiful tribute. you were mentioning to me earlier a particular moment that you are looking forward -- i'm not sure if that is the right word but in essence as the funeral plays out today. >> many people when we heard
12:34 am
today, and it was confirmed that prince george and prince of will be walking into westminster abbey and between the prince and princess of wales and the duke and duchess of sussex. it shows you how important she was. they are old enough now, nine and seven, to remember her and have a relationship with her. for both of them wanting to honor her in this way is something they won't forget. it is different we know william and harry had to walk behind their mother's coffin. very different. the queen has lived 96 years. and as you said, a solemn moment, but it is also a celebration of her 70 years on the throne. i think prince george and princess charlotte wanted to be a part of that. >> jonathan: that will be a beautiful part of that. looking forward, the queen was an extraordinary queen of seven decades, loved by everybody. the mother of the nation of the
12:35 am
commonwealth. charles does not become king with that kind of power, emotional power. how do you think he will fare? >> there has been a lot of conversation about this, because you know over the past year because the queen has handed out a lot more duties for now king charles iii to do. what we saw in very interesting, when he looked back he was doing a lot of engagements with prince william in tow. i think many people think in order for king charles iii to have this strong monarchy and supported monarchy, he needs to be that extension of his mother to the older generation, but he definitely needs to look to the prince and princess of wales to lead the national conversation for the younger generation. i think we will see a lot more of prince william and princess catherine alongside king charles iii when they have these engagements. >> jonathan: great to have
12:36 am
you, julie. king charles has to be a link to the past but also many ways a bridge to the future for the monarchy. stay with us. special coverage as we lead up p to today's historic state funeral of queen elizabeth ii. ♪ ♪
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>> jonathan: hundreds of thousands of people have been taking part in the great british pastime of queuing over the past few days. many lined up all night trying to make sure they are in the best position to get a glimpse of the procession from westminster hall to westminster abbey for queen elizabeth's funeral today. many stood in line up to 24 hours to see her casket as she laid in state. i caught up with a few who drop everything to be a part of this historic event. >> at the queen was a great lady. she did amazing things for our country. i feel like we need to show up. >> a few hours standing in line is absolutely worth it. >> no problem, no problem. >> to be a part of history. we watched it on tv but we wanted to come down. we were not expecting it to be this long, to be honest. without about eight hours, but
12:41 am
she's tough. >> it is worth it to you? >> yeah, i think so. it is making memories. >> this is the last time we will pay our respect. it is lovely to do that. we don't know each other, but it is also the queen. >> jonathan: beautiful picture of the queen smiling at the end. today's panel with queen elizabeth expect to draw 1 million people to central london as you take a live look inside westminster abbey. we saw obviously an incredible display of love all this week for the woman who led the royal family for seven decades. joining us again fox news royal contributor duncan lane comb and the author of "prince harry: the inside story."
12:42 am
the live pictures, a lot of people are at the already gathering in westminster abbey. it really has been the beautiful thing to witness this week. the devotion to the queen who devoted herself to the people. >> yes, there is something very spontaneous about what is happened. people as we are seeing, when million people to honor her today just to be a part of the atmosphere. it is almost unprecedented. you have to go back to the beginning but that was a different era, a totally different era. this is the age of twitter. you have somebody who is 96 years old whose death means just so much to so many people. i am trying to think of a comparison, probably pope john paul ii. where 14 hours, but those cues are over now. what it is going to be is just
12:43 am
crowd upon a crowd upon a crowd of incredible turnout for this. it is 28 miles from where the funeral will actually take place to wear at the ferry to windsor. and they are expecting a figure of 1 million is simply we don't know behind the streets. >> jonathan: it is going to be incredible. the lining up or taking the seat westminster abbey as we see now. i think we are about one hour and 45 minutes away from the moment when the queen's coffin will be lifted from westminster hall and taken out on this gun carriage to westminster abbey. what do you expect? do you expect complete silence from all of those? or applause? what do you think the atmosphere will be at that moment? >> we have seen a combination of the two, haven't we? people throwing roses and we can expect to see that.
12:44 am
some people come out last night until midnight just walking down like you, just to get a feel for people. a lot of people armed with roses. we will have spontaneous applause and in particular 28 miles to windsor. we think probably the carriage goes past, 148 sailors. so no horses on that on the gun carriage. so that will be quiet, you know. >> jonathan: the guns, will they be muffled? it is really spectacular and moving. >> it is pomp and ceremony. as i said earlier to you in the show, the chances this may be the last time we see anything on this scale, in history. king charles to scale it down. spelunking charles and i'm glad you made that perfect segue. how do you think he will do? that man is under intense pressure to follow that.
12:45 am
>> well, it is. we can go back to the early '90s, when king charles marriage to diana started to collapse the horrifically end the death of princess diana. there was a time when prince charles and camilla public enemies for a period. the queen consort, so this journey that charles has been on has been carefully orchestrated really. you could argue really for all of his life, but certainly in the last ten, 15 years after he got married to camilla, something change for charles. i think now he's got all that good will toward his mother globally as we can see. he is stepping up to the mark. time will tell. time will tell. >> jonathan: my mother 84 years old sitting on the countryside said to me after the first address last friday, i feel safer.
12:46 am
i feel adrift at sea, he's made me feel safer. he's got a lot on his plate. duncan, great to have you here. today marks the end of an era. ahead, the final words on the legacy queen elizabeth leaves behind. more on what we might expect from king charles iii. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jonathan: when the eulogies have been delivered and the queen has been laid to rest, the people of the united kingdom and indeed the commonwealth will begin to focus on the future of the monarchy. moving ahead to the throne to maintain his mother's legacy, to give birth to a far different era of british royal dynasty. before we wrap up this hour, i want to welcome back fox royal contributor ingrid seward. what do you suppose people here want to see from charles? we've heard a lot of talk of continuity, stability. do they want more the same essentially? >> i feel people want a change
12:51 am
because they loved and respected the queen as we talked about. i think they want to see something slightly different. and there has always been a great saying in order for the monarchy to survive, it has to reinvent itself. that is where it was after diana's death. there was a negative feeling about the monarchy then. >> jonathan: sure. >> charles for ages is wanting to reinvent the monarchy slightly. >> jonathan: when you talk about reinvention... >> i don't really mean reinvention. >> jonathan: what can he do to modernize it? >> what he can do is we call it slimming down. there won't be so many visible members of the royal family. there won't be paid for, you know by the taxpayer. and they won't be so visible. for instance, i don't think we
12:52 am
will see very much more of the duke of york. and possibly his daughters, the princesses come i think they quite wanted to take a role, but i don't think they will. i think charles thinks let's keep it to the core, which is probably why we will see prince george and prin princess charlotte. >> jonathan: i am interested to see his role and he is obviously close to his father. i had the feeling before king charles down here on the embankment just doing random hello to a bunch of the people who stood in line for so long. it struck me, maybe william put his hand on his dad's back, "dad, let's show the common touch." do you agree with me maybe he's doing that and two, what kind of role do you think william will have? >> i totally agree with you. do you remember i think the
12:53 am
night before the wedding when william, he came out and sort of a sweater and spoke to the crowd. to think you are right, come on dad, we have to do this. and almost amenable at the time. okay, if that's what you think, let's go and do it. so i think we will have a big influence. they didn't always get along because they have their moments, but i think he will in this case be a great support to his father. >> jonathan: what about harry? we talk a lot about harry and the people in the audience are interested in meghan and harry living in southern california. maybe a slight pouring of the relationship this week? all is not well. >> all is deafly not well. we know harry is producing a book. we don't know what kind of book or when it will happen, but it
12:54 am
is going to happen. he needs the money. surprisingly. but i think because prince charles gave that address, i think the night after his mother died, he address the nation and he said how much he loved harry and meghan but in another country. >> jonathan: the titles, he referenced them. >> i don't think he will take their titles away. and i'm sure they are children, which is in line with protocol will be prince and princess. i don't think they will be royal sinuses, but that is interesting the royal family because of who they are here they are keen on titles. it means a lot, but it doesn't mean quite so much to the world these days. >> jonathan: let's talk about the queen to end this. this is all about her majesty, queen eli queen elizabeth ii, obviously, a s we watch people file into
12:55 am
westminster abbey. because nobody knows better than you, what you think her legacy is. >> her legacy is somebody that gave up their own personal happiness for her subjects. i don't think that exists in the modern world. because we have to strive and fight for ourselves. but the queen, she had two young children when she became queen. and she decided that she had to really concentrate on being queen. and the other things had to go by the the way. that is her legacy, she gave up everything to do her duty. >> jonathan: beautiful words, thank you so much it has been an honor and pleasure being here for the special coverage of this. the queens state funeral. it will be an extraordinary day, obviously, in london and around the commonwealth and of course come across the globe.
12:56 am
it will be worth watching every single minute. nobody does pageantry quite like they do it in the u.k. as you look at a live picture of westminster abbey awaiting the queen's. i'm jonathan hunt live and it continues with martha maccallum, piers morgan, and ainsley earhardt. they are coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> alexandria is now queen elizabeth ii. >> i declare for you will with my own life... >> the world remembers queen elizabeth ii. >> she was humble. >> she believed in stoicism. >> i can do


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