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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 19, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> harris: don't wear it all on your own shoulders, we need to do it, too, grace and decency and love, every moment we have. we are so glad you tuned into fox news channel for the coverage today. it will continue at 2:30 eastern with a private service for queen elizabeth ii, won't be able to show you everything but will be able to tell you what we see and what we know as we learn it. again, this has been a day that started -- nd energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g.
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>> you are looking live at windsor castle and they will stay there until they feel it's time to walk away. >> i've been taking notes the last ten days, might as well share some of them. you were just talking about former president trump for obvious reasons and i thought it was fascinating and did show how much he loved the queen, he wrote an op-ed that appeared in "the daily mail," and often do you see one from the former president and whole of civilization is in mourning, passing of queen elizabeth ii, reigned over 70 years, is a loss for billions around the world. and martha was talking about all the notes and the items that people left, flowers and all the little remembrances and one by a child, said thank you for inspiring us to work hard, you
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worked to the end. a beautiful message why she meant so much to so many. >> sandra: finally at rest, john, wanted to take a moment. you and myself and our team to say what beautiful coverage that was of the queen's funeral this morning as the world bids farewell to her and she now lies at rest, and the beautiful coverage from our fox news team on the ground there, piers, ainsley, martha, for the coverage of this, it's been beautiful and emotional and a true, a true show of support from the people on the ground there that we have seen throughout this. >> john: it was an extraordinary morning. i've been watching it since 6:00 this morning and don't tell the local con stab -- constabulary,
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even in my car, and the ceremony service at st. george's remarkable. what an incredible morning. >> sandra: moving top to bottom. and now to this fox news alert as we begin a brand-new hour. borrowing money is getting more and more expensive in this country. americans already dealing with record inflation are about to get hit with a major decision from the federal reserve on interest rates. >> john: president biden is downplaying the crisis and touting his administration's economic successes. vulnerable democrats fearing they might look out of touch are distancing themselves from the president. and inside from ro khanna ahead. >> sandra: looking forward to that, and this alert, 50 days to the midterms, republicans and democrats still building their platforms as both sides try to find what is most important to american voters.
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hello and welcome, great to start a new week with you. >> john: john roberts in washington. president biden returning home after spending the weekend abroad to attend the queen's funeral service. >> sandra: both parties spotlight what they believe is the defining message for the midterm elections. democrats attempting to brand their political opponents as extreme. >> john: thousands of migrants pour into the country. what will resonate with voters. >> sandra: big 2022 prediction, rich edson over lindsey graham federal ban on abortions, peter doocy is live on the north lawn, what's the fallout from the president's comments about covid? >> there's a lot of fallout,
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sandra. president biden said something on "60 minutes" flies in the face of some major initiatives his team has been working on. he said covid is basically a thing of the past. >> is the pandemic over? >> the pandemic is over, we still have a problem with covid, we still are doing a lot of work on it. but the pandemic is over. no one is wearing mask, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape and so i think it's changing and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> peter: problematic from a legal perspective. the pandemic is the reason this white house claims they have legal standing to cancel some student debt. remember this. >> is this legal? >> yeah, look, the heroes act, page 637 to be exact, provides, gives me the authority to provide a waiver to ensure that americans are not worse off after an emergency, a national emergency which the pandemic
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was. >> peter: and president biden continues to freeze the field of potential 2024 democratic primary challengers, giving this answer about his plans for next cycle. >> look, my intentions as i said to begin with, is i would run again. it's an intention. but is it a firm decision i run again, that remains to be seen. >> mr. president, you are the oldest president ever. >> pretty good shape, huh? >> peter: and president biden is aboard air force one, somewhere over the atlantic, we expect him to return from the queen's funeral this afternoon. >> sandra: we will check back in with you shortly, thank you, john. >> john: lindsey graham is defending his federal abortion bill amid criticism from democrats and many republicans as well. proposing a nationwide ban on abortion after 15 weeks, but members of his own party prefer the issue be handled by the states.
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rich edson is here with more. already playing in the midterms. >> for months, decades high inflation, migrants at the southern border and increase in crime. last week lindsey graham released a proposal to ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. graham rejected the idea that pro life is losing politics. >> to my republican colleagues, now is the time to stand up and be counted. pro life movement is counting on you. when you ask about abortion, the answer cannot be i would like to lower inflation. give a logical answer. >> many say states should decide their own abortion laws. a recent fox news poll found 45% of voters are extremely concerned about abortion. only inflation and the future of american democracy ranked
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higher. after the court ended federal abortion protections in june, democrats have been campaigning on the issue, only intensified after graham last week. >> it's a dangerous kind of law. >> in new hampshire of bolduc's victory, another said it's a nationwide ban on abortion. he says hassan is making it a distraction. senator graham says the bill will not pass soon but will fight for it because as of june, no longer constitutional prohibitions preventing congress from setting abortion policy. >> john: message to democrats is, if you are not for 15 weeks, what are you for, and message to republicans are you comfortable what some of the states want to do. >> exactly, and following what democrats put on the table, graham wants to get rid of
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abortions after 15 weeks, but some more restriction rules would stay in place. >> sandra: fox news contributor, byron york. great to see you here. your big 2022 midterm, your projection for the key winners in the upcoming election in a moment. first the top issues, you heard lindsey graham there, this is putting obviously with 50 plus days out abortion, front and center. you've got crime, immigration, and you've got inflation that report last week was a stunner. i mean, 8.3% inflation, you've got the average american paying 13.5% grocery inflation in the country, what do you see as the top issue for voters? >> yeah, i think that when this is all over we might see last
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week, last tuesday when the inflation numbers came out, as a turning point in this midterm race because there's no doubt democrats had been moving up doing much, much better on a few issues, the so-called generic ballot was getting closer, they pulled ahead, things were looking good for them and then the inflation numbers told everybody that inflation was a chronic, a persistent problem, not going to go away, not very much better. the latest fox news poll we see, if you combine the number of people who say they are most concerned, top issue about inflation with those who are most concerned about jobs and the economy, three really related topics, you get 35%. number most concerned about abortion is 16%, less than half that. so republicans are feeling more confident this week than a couple weeks ago, that inflation will indeed remain the top issue and that helps them in the race. >> sandra: the poll you mentioned we have on the screen
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there, inflation, 19%. they say that is the biggest issue motivating them as voters right now, but to your point if you combine that with jobs and the economy, they are not really separate issues, you're polling twice that of those who say abortion is the top issue, byron. what is your big 2022 forecast? >> well, i think the news is basically what it's always been, which is the house -- the republicans are in a very, very, very good position to take the house. i mean, just no doubt about it. historically, the issues, all of that. it looks very good for republicans. as far as the senate is concerned, it's been impossible to predict anything with the senate, although it is true that a couple races, especially pennsylvania, seem to be getting closer and that means republicans rising a bit. dr. oz rising toward eating into the john fetterman lead. so, it's not impossible at all
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that republicans could win back the senate. but as far as the house is concerned, looking really solid for them right now. >> sandra: darrell issa was here last week and making sure people who are making those type of projections know even if republicans pull off a victory in the house, for example, the margin which they pull off victory is going to be key because you could have some of those republicans that do eventually pull off victory not supporting the establishment. so if they are going to get anything done in the house, that's going to have to be a pretty hefty margin of victory. to that you say what, byron. >> no, you are absolutely right. a majority in the house is 218 seats. you are never going to get all those people to agree on every single thing, just not going to happen. to really effectively govern, a party needs a majority in which they can lose 5, 10, maybe even a dozen more members and still
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win. so, the idea -- you know, republicans win the house with 219, 220 seats, it's barely any majority at all. it's better than not winning the house, but it's a really tiny, tiny majority. they get 235, 240, something like that. it's a much more governable majority. >> sandra: interesting. great to have you on, byron, and great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> john: thank you, sandra. >> sandra: john, a lot more coming up on that. >> john: congressman ro khanna from california will be with us, talking up the economy and downplaying inflation and he's one of the democrats that wants to see him run in 2024? a little bit of a surprise over the weekend when biden said well, not sure i'm there yet. >> sandra: if i could add one thing to that, prepping to speak to him as well and other guests today, i pulled some of these, like a reality check on what americans are living through
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right now, still 60% say they are living paycheck to paycheck. more americans than ever, record high holding two full-time jobs in this country. the average american household spending $460 a month on inflation right now. just -- that's just the recent hike in prices that we are living through and mortgage rates are going up. now topping 6% for the 30-year fixed rate. this is a tough economic environment for most americans, john. >> john: no question about that, everybody at one point or another in their lives has lived paycheck to paycheck. i remember my first mortgage when i bought a house was 16%, and got a second mortgage at 21%. ouch. hey, coming up, an entire island's power grid knocked out again by a hurricane churning through the caribbean. crews in puerto rico say it could take days to get the lights back on. live with the latest. >> sandra: is anyone immune to the crime crisis in los angeles? even leading candidate for mayor says she doesn't feel safe.
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will she do anything to change her policing policies? leo terrell is here. >> i came home one evening to see my house in disarray and it was very traumatic. all around the city people are not feeling safe. for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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>> sandra: fox weather alert, hurricane fiona making landfall in the dominican republic this morning as it continues to pound puerto rico, causing widespread catastrophic flooding. the entire island was plunged into a blackout as there was severe damage to the power grid there. well over a million customers are still without electricity. fox weather is live there, puerto rico, will, or how are
10:20 am
the conditions at this point? >> yeah, sandra, tremendous emergency operation underway here and puerto rico's governor giving an update not long ago, saying he will not put an estimate when power will be restored here. meanwhile, hundreds of people are being rescued from their homes across the island. not a single portion of puerto rico has been unaffected by this. we are managing mudslides, multiple roads washed out, bridges, homes washed away. again, still trying to wrap their head around how large scale emergency operation they have to go through. there are shelters opening up across puerto rico as aid is trying to rush in, and the rain is still falling. rain estimates of 25, 30 inches of water, it has eaten out and carved up the terrain here as they are trying to navigate rescues. and meanwhile, only about 30% of the island has access to
10:21 am
drinking water, relying on the electricity to keep the water pumps rolling. so we have a lot to manage here, a lot of images still coming in. we have constant coverage for you right now on america's weather team on fox weather. back to you. >> sandra: keep us posted, will, thank you. john. >> john: sandra, california congresswoman karen bass running for mayor of los angeles says she does not feel safe in the city after someone broke into her home and stole two guns. the democrat now saying her safety was shattered after recently giving safety in the city a 10 out of 10. joining us now civil rights attorney leo terrell, and fox news contributor. what she said five months ago about safety in los angeles. >> do you feel safe walking in los angeles? >> i feel safe, i would say a ten. i understand a lot of people do not feel safe and i respect that. >> john: and now what she is
10:22 am
saying. >> angelinos all around the city are not feeling safe, and i did feel safe until my safety was shattered like so many angelinos. >> john: when i heard that, easy for politicians to impose their views on people, but it's quite a different thing when they walk a mile in those folks' shoes, leo. >> thank you, john, for having me, has karen bass' eyes been closed and ears shut for the last three years? she lives in los angeles. i mean, there is crime every day in los angeles. and it's for her to say now it's important to you because it affected me. and i'll tell you this, john, this is a congresswoman who supports defunding the police, who supports antifa, black lives matter, support george gascon, progressive, soft on crime criminal. for her to say that now 60 days before the midterm i don't buy
10:23 am
it, i don't believe it and i think it's an insult to those angelinos who have been victims for the last three years. if she doesn't know, there was a riot three years ago and now there's just smash and grab every day in the city. >> john: you called george gascon a soft on crime criminal, i think you meant to say district attorney. we'll get to that in just a second, her view of george gascon. she is pleading in the polls and if the polls hold true come election day she may be the next mayor of los angeles so you have to wonder, how will this come to jesus moment play out should she become the mayor. what she said about safety in the city if she becomes mayor. listen here. >> number one job of the mayor is to make sure that angelinos are safe, and people don't feel safe. they would like an increased presence of police officers. >> similar message to the one that eric adams gave when he was
10:24 am
running for mayor of new york, and when he was elected, he fell short and playing catch-up ever since. >> eric adams is way short. he has -- he does lot of talking and no action. so, he's a poor example. i'll tell you right now, john, here is the sad news. karen bass is probably going to win the city mayor's race. los angeles is a socially progressive city. so, her words have no meaning. i want to be clear, there is no history. she doesn't have any history of supporting law enforcement. she has no history of being tough on crime. you can't find video of that. so, this -- these are just talking points because the election is around the corner and again, angelinos don't buy it. the sad part about it, i live in los angeles and the sad news is she's going to win. >> john: now the issue of george gascon, he's in a recall fight as people try to get enough signatures to recall him as they
10:25 am
did chesa boudin in san francisco, don't know if it's going to be successful. but what she said about george and the efforts to oust him. >> if you recall somebody it should be because they have done some agregious ethics issue or violated the law. it's very important to have criminal justice reform, pressure them to change. there is an election that will happen in a few years and he is beginning to change somewhat. >> john: he is beginning to change somewhat. sounded like i don't want to say she was giving him the benefit of the doubt but saying recall is not the right thing to do. what do you say? >> simply say this, i'll say it. she's giving him the benefit of the doubt. she is a supporter of george gascon. karen bass is not going to stop crime, she believes in the progressive agenda, defund the police. karen bass is not a friend to law enforcement, she is a friend
10:26 am
to those who want to change the criminal justice system where criminals can walk 24 hours after they commit a crime. >> john: what's going to happen in los angeles unless something is done to get a handle on crime. >> thank you for that question. terror, continuation of crime. i'm honest. live here, my head is on a swivel when i walk out in the morning. i have to look left and right because of criminals walking the street. i mean, it is horrible here to live in los angeles because there is no support for law enforcement. if anyone say anything different, they are lying to the people who live in the city. it was a great city, and from the city of l.a. up to the state of sacramento, the california democratic party is soft on crime. >> john: and unfortunately the experience in los angeles when it comes to crime and your head on a swivel, that's repeated in cities and towns across america. >> and democratic cities. >> john: see you soon. you know, it is everywhere.
10:27 am
it's here in d.c., there in new york, it's in so many places across the country. >> sandra: it's up there as one of the top issues up there with inflation, up there with immigration, crime. because if you don't feel safe walking down the street as leo just said, he's got his head on a swivel when he walks out the door, that can motivate somebody's vote. >> john: and it's a horrible feeling. when you are on the streets you are never really safe. >> you are not arguing 8.3 is good news. >> no, not saying it was good news, but it was 8.2 or 8.4, you are acting like my god it went to 8.2%. >> highest inflation rate, mr. president in 40 years. >> i got that, but guess where we are, the last several months it has not spiked, it barely is basically even. >> sandra: lack of acknowledgment that it's a
10:28 am
problem. president biden downplaying the inflation crisis, claiming the month to month has hardly increased. his comments come as americans are dealing with soaring costs of living and another interest rate hike on the horizon, jackie deangelis and david asmun, he's pointing to the change month to month, 0.1% rise, big picture, inflation rate from significantly less to 8.3% in a very fast time. >> the main reason the overall figure came down, gas prices came down, lack of demand worldwide for oil and gas came down and that brought gas prices down. thank goodness, but you look at food prices. i mean, the president does not go out to the grocery store. up 11 -- >> sandra: 13.5. >> groceries. if you go to the grocery store, paying 13.5% more than last year.
10:29 am
savers, the market, by the way, is down about 10% over a year, but then you add an extra 8.5% of inflation, you are down 20%. if you have a 401(k) right now, say you have 100,000 in 401(k), you are out 20,000, lucky enough to have a million dollars, you are out $200,000. so, savers, consumers, this was an extraordinarily insensitive remark about something his policies are responsible for. shame on him for that. >> sandra: jackie. >> to sit back and say we are flat lining on inflation and that makes the situation better for people is horrible. david, you bring up a .401(k) are down, and they are now just spending on daily essentials. and the cost of gas has come down but could see the spike when e.u. has the embargo on russian oil and gas. and 8.3%, people are struggling
10:30 am
and this is 19 months this has been going on, that people have been suffering through this. they powered through through the summer, but now the kids are back in school, people are at home and looking at the budgets and having to tighten up and basically when you see the fed raising rates and head winds in the labor market as well and not spending as much, all of a sudden you hit a bad recession. >> sandra: bottom line, it's not just inflation because of some extraordinary circumstances, yes, there was -- the results of the pandemic coming out of the pandemic, but that needed to be managed. the president's making the point the 0.1% is not much, but this is a president that caused the inflation, the federal reserve the way they handled inflation and denied the fact it was happening. here are many of the biden administration members getting it wrong along the way. >> wrong, prices have been essentially flat in our country these last two months. >> you've had two months where it's been flat.
10:31 am
yes, headline inflation has come down, consumer price index down, but way too high. >> we have been clear in this administration that we are doing everything we can to bring down inflationary pressures. >> the president promise after promise with the infrastructure law, chips bill, supporting more manufacturing jobs in the juice. >> sandra: and remember the #putin price hike, blaming putin for the gas prices. it's not a political stance, it's an economic one. if you ignore inflation and that it is happening, it will only get worse. >> it is worse because not only are they ignoring it, they are doing the same thing that's causing it. they are spending more money. trillions more in dollars that we don't have. they are also increasing regulations, their solution to the inflation problem is subsidy. subsidizing consumers, subsidizing producers, that's merely taking money from peter
10:32 am
and giving it to paul and get all the things in -- you are putting all of these middle men in between the buyer and the seller, that means more bureaucracy in the middle, that means more inflation. so subsidies equal greater inflation, not less inflation. >> sandra: and it means higher interest rates. the only way the federal reserve is going to, and history shows they are going to be able to tame the inflation is by raising interest rates and that's directly affecting the american consumer. borrowing costs are getting un. more expensive to own a home. 30-year fixed rate mortgage going above 6%, credit card rates going up, used car loans going up, new car loans, more expensive to own just about any asset in your life. jackie, fast forward here, world will be watching, it will impact all of our lives. >> wednesday is decision day and expectation is three-quarters of a point. a sigment thinks he could put
10:33 am
his foot on the gas and hike by a point. and that's why you saw the market melt down last week, it's concerned about the slowing that could be coming as a result of that. the wish in july when the market started to rebound a bit was that inflation was coming down on its own and jerome powell would not have to be as aggressive, and interest rates right now, 30-year over 6%. >> sandra: there are some like art laffer who wishes the federal reserve would get more aggressive, rip the band aid off, he wishes they would raise the rates, get prices down. >> we have licked inflation before, we licked it with two things. cutting the amount of money that's printed and encouraging businesses by tax cuts and regulations. we are going in the opposite direction. >> sandra: the risk is if you rip the band aid off you could have significant job loss in a short period of time and it can be tough to recover. but still he supports that. great to have you both.
10:34 am
thank you very much, john. >> john: fox news alert out of ukraine, officials in the eastern city of izyum continue to unearth hundreds of bodies and now president zelenskyy says they have found new evidence of russian war crimes there. jeff paul is live in kyiv for us. jeff, what exactly are they finding in the city? >> as ukrainian forces continue to liberate the towns and villages, particularly in the northeast part of ukraine, officials say in the kharkiv region they are finding some somewhat hidden locations that were being used by russian forces. one official says one of these spots is a train station which they describe as a torture cell. they have also found similar scenes in a basement near a supermarket and a cellar of a home. but believe they were used for the same purposes, to imprison, torture, interrogate and eventually kill many innocent civilians. then likely dumped in similar
10:35 am
fashions to izhum, that's where work continues to recover hundreds of bodies that show signs of torture. president zelenskyy saying it's not slowing down the ongoing counter offensive. >> maybe now it seems to some of you after a series of victories we have a certain lull, but this is not a lull this. is preparation for the next series. to the next series very important words for us must be heard. ukraine must be free, all of it. >> much like we saw a few months ago, prosecutors are on scene in izyum to document what they say are evidence and scenes of war crimes, but the kremlin responding to these allegations from ukrainian officials about war crimes and torture as "lies." john. >> john: that's not a surprise to anybody. jeff paul in kyiv, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: president biden says the pandemic is over.
10:36 am
but you wouldn't be able to tell it from looking inside of a new york city classroom. the mayor now playing hard ball with educators over a vaccine mandate. a look at the growing pushback. >> john: and looking like a fight to the finish with the midterms getting closer. despite some recent legislative wins, more and more democrats are running away from president biden's policies. will that be an effective strategy? we'll ask ro khanna ahead. >> the democratic party is extreme on border, extreme on crime, extreme on inflation and to my republican colleagues, now's the time to stand up and be counted.
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10:41 am
we'll speak to teachers who have been laid off coming up, but first. some historical reenactments in new york are canceled over fear participants could be arrested for breaking the state's new gun laws. the governor signed new gun policies that ban people from carrying firearms at certain locations, including parks where many such events take place. the laws came in response to the u.s. supreme court ruling in june that new york's regulations on conceal carry permits were unconstitutionally restrictive. like the law of unintended consequences. >> sandra: and it's unfortunate that some of that won't be able to continue. >> john: think these things through first. >> sandra: indeed, she'll have to think a few things through after telling republicans to get out of new york, they are not welcome here. and then this. >> the pandemic is over, we still have a problem with covid, we still are doing a lot of work on it. no one is wearing masks,
10:42 am
everybody seems to be in pretty good shape, so i think it's changing. >> sandra: you just heard it from president biden. the pandemic is over and you no longer have to wear a mask. new york city just fired hundreds more teachers and school staff for refusing to get a covid shots. the states are dropping mandates. madison alworth is in new york, how much teachers and school staff were fired for not getting the shot? >> sandra, additional 850 teachers and school staff were let go because they did not get the covid vaccine. of course this happening at a time we are across the nation experiencing a teacher shortage. and some of these teachers had a wide array of experience, like kathy mcfadden, over 20 years in the classroom, now kicked out. >> i came out of retirement to help the city of new york, it's a great city. i'm a licensed math teacher.
10:43 am
they always had a shortage of math teachers. so who in their right mind would let go a math teacher. >> around 1,300 department of education employees were placed on unpaid leave last fall, and were told you have to show proof of covid vaccine by september 4th of this year, or be voluntarily resigned. only 450 did, so the remaining 850 are officially out of the school workforce. total number of teachers and school staff let go in new york city because of vaccine requirements, that's hit around 2,000. but the private sector seems to be getting a free pass, even though it is technically required for all workers in new york city to be vaccinated, the mayor has stopped random searches and no businesses fined during his tenure. teachers like kathy are
10:44 am
skrutnized and others aren't. >> the commander in chief, president biden said the pandemic is over. he's over the state and the city, they need to stop it and it's not working in the best interest for the great people of this great city. >> kathy is advocating for the vaccine requirements to be lifted. if they are, she would be happy to return to the classroom. for now, sandra, she's out of the new york city school system. >> sandra: madison, we'll keep watching it. thank you. john. >> john: wow. border patrol sounding the alarm over rainbow fentanyl as cartels are making the dangerous drug look like candy to try to get young kids hooked. joe adai says democrats are not doing enough to stop it. >> sandra: the democratic mayor of el paso, texas says he's bussing migrants out because the city is overrun. republican governors are slammed from the far left by doing exactly the same thing s. this
10:45 am
more hypocrisy from democrats? former acting ice director tom homan is here to sound off. >> they might get two buses a day in some of those cities, just from my hometown in laredo, sending out 21 to 26 busses a day. they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪)
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♪♪ >> sandra: or not. white castle introducing a new item, castle bites, like pizza rolls but instead of a pepperoni pizza, they are made with beef and onions. wrapped in a crispy golden crust and two flavors. hamburger and cheeseburger. you can find them in the freezer section at your grocery store. and so i guess maybe you dip them in ketchup and mustard, mayonnaise? would you try these, john? >> john: i'm willing to try anything from white castle, no question about that. >> sandra: delicious. >> john: not coming to el paso, they are coming to america and that's something that's really important. we put them on busses with food and get to their destination and that we continue to treat people like human beings. >> john: el paso's democratic
10:50 am
mayor justifying bussing migrants to new york city, he says they do not send them anywhere they don't want to go. and republican governors are under fire for doing the same thing. a glaring double standard here. sending people from his city to new york city, and nobody is saying boo about it. meantime, desantis, abbott, and ducey are getting ripped for the same thing. >> biden administration has moved 1.7 million aliens throughout this country by airplane or bus over the last two years, 1.7 million, and that's a fraction what the governor is doing. and i just, this weekend i read the vice president made a comment that the governors are -- she's accusing them of dereliction of duty. the border czar accusing somebody else of dereliction of duty. we are going to hit about 2.3
10:51 am
illegal entrance this year. add 1.7 last year, 4 million illegal encounters, almost 5 million and she's accusing somebody of dereliction of duty? she has not returned a phone call from a central american president, has not done a single thing to slow the flow. >> john: the 19th of the month, we usually get the previous numbers. don't know what august was. >> it will be over 200,000. another record. >> john: 209,000 last august. something similar? >> exactly. when the counters go down, the got-aways go up. up to 70% of agents off the line means more got-aways. >> back to the idea of people being bussed to cities. what the d.c may have said. >> we are not a border town, we don't have an infrastructure to handle this type of level of
10:52 am
immigration to our city. we don't have the ability. we are not texas. >> john: analyze what she said. texas does get money to handle some people coming across the border, but does texas from the infrastructure to handle the number of people across the border? >> no, i've been down there numerous times. the small towns in texas on the border are overrun. she needs to understand, they are going to d.c. anyway because it's a sanctuary city, like d.c. and chicago. they can get protected by ice, get a job and driver's license, now it's out in the open she wants to play politics and attack the republican governors that are doing it. republican governors are doing the right thing. they put the issue on the front page. most of the networks were not talking about the border crisis but now they have to. >> john: 9500 people have been sent to the district, a little bit more than what comes across the border every day.
10:53 am
>> and the south of texas, that's two days of traffic. >> john: dhs secretary under the obama administration, jay johnson said you have to take them and spread them because the border is inundated. >> i think it's something we should do. 8,000 a day into mcallen, henry's district in laredo or el paso i've been saying is not sustainable. we need to move people to the interior. >> john: he says it's something you have to do, but do it properly, and get ngos and charities involved, not just put people on a bus. >> i respect jay johnson very much, i worked for him, i disagree with him on this issue. we can put remain in mexico back in place and wait for the hearings like the trump administration did, and that will drive the numbers down, less vulnerable people put themselves in position to come
10:54 am
here. less migrants die. over 1300 deaths on u.s. soil, over 100,000 fentanyl overdose deaths, 30% of women get raped. we have another option. remain in mexico saves lives. let them wait for the hearing, if they lose they are gone. secure borders saves lives. >> john: a week ago kamala harris said on "meet the press" the border was secure. last tuesday joe manchin said that's not true, she's wrong. listen to what henry said yesterday. >> the border is not secure, with all due respect to the v.p., this, look, we get thousands of people along the border, from 6 to 8,000 people a day. they are releasing people and we can send you pictures and videos of what's happening in del rio and the valley, el paso and other places. people are coming in. l>> john: people are coming in, he says the vice president is wrong. this is kind of like having a
10:55 am
drinking problem. until the biden administration admits that there's a drinking problem, sorry, a border problem, immigration problem, will they be able to do anything about it? >> they don't want to do anything about it. and henry has been a representative in the border states for a long time. he knows the border, he lives at the border, he's speaking the truth. this administration don't want to fix it. they have not done one thing to slow the flow. everything is about releasing, processing quicker, releasing quicker and no follow-up. and 90% get the order to remove, ice is not even looking for them. >> john: people are finally starting to talk about the problem on a broader basis. tom, always good to see you. >> sandra: new at 2:00, virginia governor youngkin taking action on education after parents across the state elected him to get woke initiatives out of the classrooms. could the issue hurt democrats as another election approaches?
10:56 am
plus congressman ro khanna top of the hour on the inflation crisis. colorado senate candidate on what he would do to fight fentanyl if elected, and jonathan turley on the threats of legal action over transporting migrants. all of that as "america reports" rolls on. before we begin, i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> john: brand-new at 2:00, president biden refusing to say he will definitely run for re-election. now one democrat is wasting no time saying he'll gladly step in if biden bows out. and it's probably not one of the first people you would guess. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into the second hour. john roberts in washington. good to kick off the week with you. >> sandra: and great to be here with you, john. president biden walking back his commitment to run again during his interview with "60 minutes" just one of his responses raising abrows. leading some republicans to say the presiden


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