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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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was a huge part of my life and to see her gone really is -- it's sad, but you know there, is a new era ahead, and we'll see what the reign of king charles iii brings the u.k., commonwealth countries and the world. >> sandra: and night has fallen there. great to be with you as we begin a brand-new week. i'm sandra smith. >> john: see you again tomorrow. i'm john roberts. "the >> martha: thank you both so much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum coming to you this evening from london. this afternoon in the u.s. that's a live look outside windsor castle. tonight the world has said their final farewell to queen elizabeth. president biden joined many world leaders. in fact, most of the country's leaders were here in the united kingdom to attend the funeral. he's back on his why to the white house after having an interesting conversation after
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he left the door opening to not running in 2024. we'll play that for you and get reaction when bret baier joins us. jared bernstein joins us as the president remains under water on the number 1 issue for voters in america. also, maria salazar on calls for a criminal probe in to governor desantis for flying migrants to martha's vineyard. we begin with greg palkot as the world shows its gratitude, its thanks and says good-bye to queen elizabeth. hi, greg. >> hi, martha. we're here at windsor castle, a favorite home of the late queen elizabeth, ii. today's long good-bye started in westminster hall in london where hundreds of thousands have viewed the quie lying in state.
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she was accompanied by king charles iii, william and harry. president biden and jill biden joint hundreds of leaders. a total of 2,000, including regular folks were invited. in one of the moving tributes during the ceremony, the archbishop of canterbury said we will meet again. there was full military honors. tens of thousands of londoners were able to payer that own respects to the final stretch, down the long walk leading to windsor castle. the backdrop of so many royal events including weddings and funerals and to st. george's chapel on the grounds for one more smaller school and a moving service. martha, scheduled a half an hour ago a final private chapter of this day. the queen was set to be buried
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at the adjoining king george vi with her mother and father. back to you. >> martha: that whole family again together in king george's chapel which queen elizabeth commissioned to have her family buried in. thanks, greg. let's bring in duncan, the former royal editor of "the sun" and neil sean, a royal correspondent that covered the family for 20 years. great to have you with us. thanks for being here. you know, there were so many moving moments and we've talked about them a lot over the course of today. but i want to start with charles. watching the removal of the crown and scepter from the top of the coffin during the windsor
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ceremony. let's watch his reaction as this happened. neil, as we watch this, the crown, the scepter and the orb, the most important moment that you see here, lifted off of her body for the final time and put aside. then the coffin without it. we have this view as well. you can see, charles, he has his hand on the side of the pew as he watches this carried out. it was an emotional moment as he watched the crown removed from his mother's coffin for the very
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last time. neil? >> yeah, i mean, you know, as you rightly say, martha, a face says a thousand words. it all starts now. really i think we should congratulate, if that's the right word, all senior members of the british monarchy. they worked hard this week and keeping our spirits up by going through their own personal grief. prince charles and prince william came out to meet the crowds. it was a strange feeling. everybody was sad. there they have to be strong for us. >> you know, i'm now hoping that after this private ceremony, just about half an hour ago, windsor, they get their final opportunity for them to personally grieve. it must be incredibly tough. i think looking at that footage, it all starts now. that's exactly what king charles, iii was thinking in that moment. >> martha: duncan, we have video
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of them lowering the coffin, which i thought was breathtaking moment, i called it. because we had never seen anything like it. obviously the finality of it. we heard from the administers there, the announcement of her titles. and that god had taken her off of this earth. then turned directly to charles and gave him those titles to carry on. so there's absolutely no break in the period of monarchy. duncan? >> yes, martha. hi. thanks for having me back. i think you're absolutely right to particularly pull out this moment from what has been an incredible -- where are we now? on day 12 since the queen died. so it's an important moment because it will really a chance for the public, some of whom have keyed up for 18 hours or
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whatever, to see the coffin. suddenly it disappeared and left standing there was king charles iii. i felt then -- i believe, if i remember this part of it right, they went on and sung the national anthem. i thought you could see it in prince charles eyes, a moment when the penny dropped for everyone. the queen isn't coming back. everything now rests on king charles. that was for me the moment -- obviously it's not his coronation when they put that crown on his head. i thought that ended a really quite incredible work in the history of the british royal family. >> indeed. and you know, we see the brothers here. we think about princess diana and the wales and sussex brothers and the future. neil, there was the slightest of nods to diana. kate wore a necklace that was queen elizabeth but it was a
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necklace that diana had worn in a beautiful black dress. you know, i thought that was a slight nod to her. and her brother who lambasted the family during his eulogy for diana was also in attendance. what is the significance of that today, neil? >> that show is about unity and moving forward. you know, when you think about it, i remember -- i'm sure you do -- when charles spencer said that. it was a sharp take. her family was oh, no. but you know, families all fall out, have their moments. i thought it was nice that he was there and obviously they built a lot of bridges since that particular moment. i thought katherine, our princess of wales, elegant as ever. if you're worried about the
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monarchy, year looking at it. william and katherine, he's so statesman-like. she's become even more regal. that's exactly the sort of people that we want to lead the monarchy forward. i thought she looked -- i know this is probably the wrong phrase to say given the day, but absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. so incredibly sad at the same time. it was a very haunting look that she had today. very sad. >> martha: yeah, it absolutely was. word is that she and william will move in to the castle at windsor. we'll see if that bears out. they live on a cottage on the estate right now. that would put them in a position to be really sort of right there, right behind king charles and camilla as sort of the ready-to-go heirs to the two of them. duncan and neil, thanks so much. i want to thank you for being with us throughout the last 12
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days of coverage. you've been tremendous assets. we hope that there will be a coronation in the not too distant future and that we can -- we'll meet again as queen elizabeth says. good to see you both. >> pleasure. back out to you. >> well-done. >> martha: thank you both. so we're now turning the page and heading back to america because we have seven weeks to go until the mid-term elections now. get ready for that. early voting kicked off in a key battleground state. president biden with interesting comments leaving the door open to the possibility that he would consider not running in 2024. brett bear breaks that down for us coming up along with jared bernstein as high prices remain the number 1 concern to u.s. voters.
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good to see you tonight. hi there. we've heard him be more definitive in answering this question in the past. is this significant, this answer? >> first of all, fantastic job of london with all the coverage of the queen's funeral. i think it is significant, martha. i think there's been an evolution of this answer over time. more and more democrats are speaking out how they think the
12:17 pm
president should not run. and you have, for example, vice president harris on "meet the press" last weekend saying if president biden runs again, i'll proud will be on his ticket again. there's a lot more couching in the answer than the answer before. the white house has been clear to point out even when there was a story that he had officially entered to run again, that they push back against that. so i do think there's an evolution here and it remains open. >> martha: yeah, it's interesting language. he was also asked this question by scott pelley. watch this. >> how would you say your mental focus is? >> which focused? i have trouble even mentioning -- even saying to myself in my own head the number of years. i no more think of myself as old as i am than a fly. it's not just -- i haven't
12:18 pm
observed anything in terms of -- there's not things i don't do now than i did before, whether it's physical or mental or anything else. >> martha: so that's the president's response to that question. i think it's a question that he's going to be asked again and again. hadn't sat down for an interview for a long time and the question may be one of the reasons. he may not observe any change but other people around him appear to observe some change over the years, bret. how big an issue is this? >> even closest friends will privately tell you they've seen a change over time in his ability to answer questions. you're right. he's not done an one-on-one interview in 212 days is the number that was tracking. in this interview, there's a couple of things that had to be walked back. the white house walked back again the taiwan answer about whether u.s. troops would back up taiwan if china attacked. he said yes definitively and was
12:19 pm
pressed on that. the white house said the policy hasn't changed. he's said it four times now. he said that covid, the pandemic, is over. just two weeks ago, his administration used the emergency sense of covid because we're in a covid emergency to white out student loans. let alone other policies that are tied to emergency covid actions. so a couple of things had to be cleaned up in that one interview with "60 minutes" and we'll see where it goes from here. >> martha: it's tough to have an emergency covid funding program if covid isn't happening anymore. bret, thanks very much. going to be a busy 50 days as we head to the mid-term and look forward to seeing you soon. thanks, bret. early voting in pennsylvania in one of the contests that could decide the control of senate. the first debate with john fetter mile an hour and republican dr. mehmet oz is still more than a month away. people continue have the benefit of watching that debate before
12:20 pm
they make their decision if they vote early. they're battling to replace pat toomey, this is a red seat currently. it would be a pick-up for democrats, which of course is what everybody wants to do in these races. nate foy following this race for us from our new york newsroom today. hi, nate. >> good afternoon, martha for good evening to you in london, a new poll has dr. oz within two points of fetterman. the only debate is october 25, two weeks from election day. dr. oz wants to do it now so fetterman can prove that he's fit to serve in office. the lieutenant governor had a stroke four months ago and he said this saturday. listen here. >> the only issue is a lingering issue of auditory processing. sometimes i might miss a word or sometimes i'll mush two words together and create that one that doesn't exist.
12:21 pm
>> martha: because of that, dr. oz says fetter man can used closed captioning. fetterman refuses to extend the debate time from 60 to 90 minutes. oz is mostly focusing on the economy and inflation. this morning you can see here, he was in philadelphia this morning talking about crime. the city is coming off of its deadliest summer on record. in fact, more people have been shot in philadelphia than new york or los angeles. listen here. >> you don't have any wealth in the community, it's really hard to get past these problems. the past housing program is a job. best food program is a job. best educational program is a job. >> fetterman is focusing on abortion tweeting this this morning. hey, dr. oz, stop hiding. as a senator, you actually have to take votes. so now it's the time to tell the people of pennsylvania how you would vote on the national abortion ban bill.
12:22 pm
fetterman is back on the campaign trail in indiana county east of pittsburgh. dr. oz has not announced his campaign event yet. back to you, martha. >> martha: thanks, nate foy in new york. and a new poll shows that republicans hold an advantage with voters on the economy, crime and immigration. we'll dig to those three issues this hour with jared bernstein coming up. >> we're in a position for the last several months, it hasn't spiked. it's just barely -- basically even. ♪ the new 2023 gmc sierra at4x is equipped to conquer the great outdoors... ...or the great indoors. welcome to the peak of premium off-roading. the new 2023 gmc sierra at4x.
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12:26 pm
cost of living with the latest inflation numbers coming in higher than economists were predicting. jared bernstein is standing by. but first to edward lawrence at the white house. hi, edward. >> martha, not long from now, president joe biden will be back here at the white house. in an interview with "60 minutes", he said basically inflation is flat. that's a message that we've been hearing from economic advisers out of the white house including ones that you've spoken with. >> you've had two months where it's been flat. yes, headline inflation has come down. the ppi came down again. it is still way too high. that said, it does not mean that we don't also recognize historic positives that are happening legislatively for this country. >> what the president is highlighting is that from july to august, inflation went up .1% overall. he failed to acknowledge that core inflation without food and
12:27 pm
energy prices went up .6%. that's a big increase. that indicates that inflation could be more entrenched in the economy. you can see where the president took office and where russia invaded ukraine. there's no denying the u.s. has an inflation problem that started the month after president biden took office. republicans blame government spending and added regulations. >> i've been in the senate four years. the last two years, seems like every week schumer and pelosi and biden have some new spending program, which is fuelling more and more inflation. >> on wednesday, the federal reserve will likely raise interest rates 3/4 points. that would be the third meeting in a row. that has never happened under the modern frame work for this federal reserve. back to you, martha. >> martha: thanks, edward, at the white house. joining me now, white house economic adviser, jared bernstein. good to have you with us. thanks for being here.
12:28 pm
>> sure. >> you know, your hear senator rick scott talking about spending and blaming spending for the inflation that we're seeing. it raises this question. if we're seeing the interest rate hikes, which are the goal of them is to sort of choke off demand in the economy, so if that's the goal, then when you give people more money, even through the ways that are measured in the inflation reduction act, you put more money in people's pockets through student debt relief. aren't you working at cross purposes? >> there's a simple way to evaluate that. rick scott should know this, which is to just look at the net of the government spending, whether we're talking about 2021 or 2022. in both cases, the budget deficit came down very significantly. in 2021, $350 billion and in
12:29 pm
2022 -- these are fiscal year so ends at the end of this year -- historic definite reduction. something about 1.5 trillion. so i guess rick scott's arithmetic is different than others. that's why his plan to is to put social security on the chopping block and to raise taxes on the middle class. that's not our plan. >> isn't that reduction largely because there was 3.8 trillion flooded in to the market in different forms of covid relief and then that was pulled back? isn't that largely the reduction? i'm not sure that makes a difference for people who have lower wages and they have to pay more for things. doesn't seem like these two things actually add up. >> so you want to be careful not to conflate some issues here. one issue is the government stepping on the fiscal accelerator. is government fiscal policy
12:30 pm
contributing to inflation say this year. the answer based over a trillion dollars of definite situation reduction is no. that doesn't negate the point that inflation is too high. which it is. we're doing everything we can to help as you played in your introduction the last couple months have been a respite and gas prices have been a breathing room for american consumers. if you look at the government's fiscal role like you described the federal reserve, the fiscal impulses are a strong negative from the government sector this year. that is baked in the cake. oh, by the way, you said a lot of that is the spending falling off. that is part of it, martha. you're not wrong. but actually in percentage terms, the bigger increase is receipts coming in to the very surery. receipts coming in of about 25% in fy-2022. spending down about 18%. so the percentage increase in receipts is even larger that is a function of the strong biden
12:31 pm
recovery. >> martha: those tax dollars are coming in to the federal government, which is -- >> very much a strong economy story. >> martha: okay. the problem is that people's wages are not keeping pace with inflation. here's the president talking about what he's interpreting as an improvement, which is status quo, which you just mentioned. i'm not sure people are feeling in their real lives. watch this. >> you're not arguing that 8.3 is good news? >> no, i'm not saying it's good news. it was 8.2 before. you're making it sounds like all of a sudden, it went to 8.2%. >> it's the highest inflation rate, mr. president, in 40 years. >> i got that. but guess what we are? we're in a position for the last several months it hasn't spiked. it is just barely -- basically even. >> martha: so the white house argument is that people are supposed to feel good about the fact that it's even even though
12:32 pm
the core number went up .6, which as you know concerned a lot of economists when they dug into that number. they think they inflation will be around for a while. here's the number over the course of the presidency. from 1.4% inflation to 8.3. so the number has absolutely spiked over the 24 month period of the biden presidency. >> i don't think you'll hear any white house economist or policy analyst saying americans should feel good about inflation. in fact, we know inflation is a significant challenge to households. that's why we've done so much to try to help. now, you talked about everything spiking. in fact, gas prices have of course spiked in the other direction. they're down 1.30 -- >> martha: they're still $1.30 higher than when the president took office. >> i let you ask your question. let me give you my answer. >> martha: they're still higher. >> $1.34 down.
12:33 pm
that's a savings of $70 per month for the average driver. so that's some real breathing room. but we also have help to make sure that goods are getting through the ports, getting from ship to shelf, shelves are stocked the way they were before the pandemic and then there's the inflation reduction act. lowering the cost of prescription drugs, healthcare, energy. you know what the republicans top priority is? to repeal the inflation reduction act. that's the same thing as saying our top economic priority is to -- >> martha: they don't want to pour more money in to the economy. our top economic priority is to increase healthcare costs, increase insulin costs to seniors, increase energy costs and increase healthcare costs. that's not our top economic priority. we're pushing in the other direction. >> martha: well, a lot of those changes would take quite a while to actually kick in. i think their argument is the more stimulus you put in -- latrry somers makes the same
12:34 pm
act -- the longer inflation will drag out. >> get larry on and ask him what he thought of the inflation reduct action. why? it makes good union jobs in america and -- >> martha: i believe he said it wasn't going to make a difference for the first couple of years. >> well, some of it starts -- yes, happy to talk later. thanks. >> martha: all right. we'll pick it up next time, jared. >> you're welcome. >> martha: jared bernstein at the white house. so this is a picture of allison rice. 21-year-old louisiana state university student who was shot and killed while sitting in her car this weekend three miles from campus. her father, paul, is now making funeral arrangements for his only daughter and he joins "the story" exclusively next. research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time.
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>> martha: this is such a scary video. the man you see here is swinging an axe and smashing up a new york city mcdonald's three days ago. he's back on the streets today. michael palacios is charged with criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. the manhattan da's office is telling fox the charges are not bail eligible. he took that axe out of a bag after a verbal altercation turned physical. unbelievable. this horrible story to bring you tonight. 21-year-old allison rice had her entire life ahead of her.
12:40 pm
she's described as charismatic, bubbly. she was about to begin an internship in may. she was found friday morning a bullet riddled car in baton rouge killed. police are hunting for the suspect. her father says that instead of planning his own daughter's graduation, he's now going through photos for her funeral. he is -- we're so heart broken for him. we'll talk to him in just a moment. but first, the back story here with mike tobin. good afternoon, mike. >> good afternoon, martha. she was on the homecoming court of her high school at louisiana state. she was getting ready to graduate with a degree in marking. allison rice does not fit the profile of someone that would be the target of a drive-by shooting. police don't know why. it was around 2:00 a.m. she was out with friends. louisiana station wbrz obtained
12:41 pm
video that has an audio of tire squealing. a relative speculating that the train may have passed. there's evidence at the scene indicating that she tried to turn the car. the owner says the tragedy is enhanced because this 21-year-old was on the verge of a very bright future. >> had such a bright future. she had an internship set up. so excited to lose someone like allie. not that any life is worth losing. but to lose her hurts. >> new orleans is leading the nation for the murder rate. like most cities, the murder rate jumped in 2019. the murder rate increased 84% from 2019 to 2021. so far 2022 has seen a 10% decrease from the previous year.
12:42 pm
that means it's up 74% from 2019. the solved murder rate is 55%. almost half of the murders get away. in the case of allison rice what police know is they don't have any idea who killed her. martha? >> martha: terrible. thanks, mike. allie's father, paul rice, joins me now. thanks for being with us. our sympathies to you and your family. i'm sure you're just still absolutely in shock. this happened on friday. how did you get the news? how did you learn what had happened, paul? >> we received a ring on the door bell at 4:45 a.m. we woke up to our dogs barking and the door bell ringing. you know, cops have showed up in the middle of the night before for various reasons. things going on in the neighborhood and all. when they ask, are you allison's
12:43 pm
father? can we come in, please? you know, you knew at that point that it was going to be something terrible. i never could have imagined that the news would have been what it was. >> martha: paul, i'm so sorry. your daughter was absolutely lovely. i can't imagine what your family is going through right now. she has two brothers and other step siblings that are all heart broken. what is your gut tell you about what happened that night in her car? >> the only thing that i can really think at this point is it's a bad case of wrong place at the wrong time. you know, she's not anyone that had enemies. we don't think that she was being stalked or followed. you know, that particular area
12:44 pm
of baton rouge has a history of this type of activity. you know, unfortunately, she got herself caught in it. >> martha: what have the police told you, paul? just listening to mike's report, 55%. so almost half of the murders go unsolved, which i'm sure you don't want to be in that half. i'm sure you're searching for answers. so what are they telling you about this investigation? >> i mean, at this point, you know, i do have friends that work within the police department. within the east baton rouge sheriff's office. friends, credible sources are telling me that these guys are working around the clock right now on this. this is being taken very seriously. this is information that i wouldn't have received from
12:45 pm
these people had it not been true. but despite that, all indications right now are there are no leads. they really don't have an explanation at this point. they're trying to find some type of video footage, some kind of surveillance. they're going further back down the road to, you know, maybe check the cameras, see if someone was following her, see if they can see, you know, maybe people walking in the area or something that could have been involved in this. as of now, that particular stretch of town, they don't have the surveillance that is necessary. >> martha: so, you know, you wait and you wait for news and information to come from them. you say that now you're planning her funeral, right? >> yes. that's something that as a
12:46 pm
parent i should never have to plan a funeral for my child. my mother should not have to is be involved in a funeral for her grandchild. you know? this is just heartbreaking. >> martha: paul, thank you for being with us. i know there's a lot of families in all different circumstances across this country. too many that have found themselves in your shoes. there's a lot of reckless crime that is going on around the country. and for you, it's all about your daughter and your experience and your heart break. we really pray for you and your family that you'll get some kind of answers about what happened to her and you'll be supported in this tough time. thanks for talking with us, paul. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: take care. so coming up here, we will speak
12:47 pm
with maria salazar, florida congresswoman who is joining us as her state's governor, ron desantis, facing possible legal action for transporting illegal immigrants to places that said that they were open to taking them in. ♪ we just moved. so there's millions of - dahlias in bloom. over nine acres. when we started, we grew a quarter of an acre. now i'm taking on new projects on the regular. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at
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>> one of the biggest failures of the rule of law is happening right now at the southern border of the united states. and until last week, no one was
12:52 pm
talking much about it. now people are concerned about it. >> martha: florida governor ron desantis defending his decision to send dozens of migrants from texas to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. he says he's going to the source to keep migrants out of his state. the democrat running against desantis claims that the flights may be illegal and he says that the feds should investigate. >> justice needs to be served here. he's treating them like they're in a socialist regime. it's shocking to see what he's doing. and it's unjust how he's doing it. >> martha: so that we bring in congress woman maria salazar. welcome. good to have you here. we have a quote here from the lawyers for civil rights that are calling for this legal action against governor desantis. they say the conduct deprived their clients of liberty by
12:53 pm
deception, interfered with their ability to comply with federal immigration obligations like attendance at hearings and check-ins. it goes on as you can see here. bill melugin talks about how the program was working and that it was voluntary and that people were given clear information about where they were going. if they didn't want to go, they didn't have to go. >> listen, the biden administration is full of hypocrites. we are tired as latinos, browns, members of the largest minority in the country of hearing that -- this finger pointing. what we need to do is we need to solve the problem and have an immigration reform law. i'm the only member in congress that has presented the dignity act, which is a comprehensive immigration reform law to seal the border and to fix the asylum system. i'm going to tell you, i was a news reporter. in 2008, president barack obama said within the first 100 days
12:54 pm
of my presidency, we'll do an immigration reform law. lie. he invested his political capitol in obamacare. in 2020 when was sworn in, president biden promised immigration reform. a law. every social program that had a priority passed except immigration. now all the governors are desperate. not only in the blues and the red states, in the blue states, too as i'm sure you reported. every time a group of migrants come in, they have to declare an emergency. this is a major embarrassment and the only people that are to blame is the biden administration. they have not acknowledged that we have a major problem. my people are being used as pawns. like the whole democrat system has been using for the last 35 years. so it's time right now to pass an immigration reform law called the dignity act, which i introduced and nancy pelosi has
12:55 pm
not even looked at it. you know why? it's not convenient. now it's a problem. so let's see if we wake up as legislators and do something to do away with this crisis. i don't know what will happen. i do know that you have millions and millions of people suffering and crying be a us -- because they're being used as pawns. >> martha: congress woman, i can't figure out why when they went to a republican district in upstate new york by plane in the middle of the night and the members of congress there wanted to know what was going on and why no one had told them, no one cared at all. no one was upset about those drop-offs now martha's vineyard and cape cod, people are outraged. i have to leave it there. thanks for being here. we'll have more from "the story" after this. my name is joshua fl, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into,
12:56 pm
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>> martha: so that is "the story" over the course of 12 days of the passing of an extraordinairy woman that lived and extraordinairy life. it was our honor to cover this with our fantastic crew who happened it happened for all of us. see you back in new york. good evening, everybody. >> neil: the final good-bye for the queen. but today, the news of a royal shakeup coming from the king. what charles, iii, is planning that has some royals worried. all that and the billionaire who has a bone to pick wit


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