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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: i talk too much as usual. we don't have time to show you the sound bite of justin trudeau singing show tunes. there is an internet out there. treat yourself. it's worth it. see you tomorrow at 8. here's sean hannity. >> sean: so glad you ran out of time. not sure i want to see that. >> tucker: [laughing]. good point. >> sean: great. tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." tonight joe biden your president thinks there is no inflation and no border crisis and said he would send u.s. troops to defend taiwan against the chinese and his team corrected his record. joe said the proof of the pudding is in the eating. watch me. that's the problem.
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we have been watching. also virginia governor glenn youngkin will be here with his plan to restore parental rights in education. the woke left won't like it and a major announcement. it's big. and we begin with florida governor ron desantis who will join us in a moment. he sent all of the liberals into a fit of hysteria. desantis relocated homeless and hungry migrants and provide them with food and lodging and those who volunteered, they flew north to martha's vineyard. a community that claims to be welcoming and inclusive. last week we showed you the signs all over the island. it reads we stand with refugees.
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well, the wealthy democrats are not welcoming and based on their definition of racism, they are both on steroids. the 50 illegals were kicked out the next day. they called in the military and had every single one ever them removed from the island. all while patting themselves on the back for giving them one hot meal and letting them stay one night. they said they don't have the resources to care for these new guests despite scores of vacant hotel rooms. and the thousands of unused bedrooms in the empty vacation homes including obama's 7,000 square foot estate.
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why not offer 15 of the third acres to house the illegal immigrants? the media mob, the racist liberals on martha's vineyard are not the villains. neither is joe biden or kamala harris. either are the sanctuary cities and states. they do nothing to adomidate them. -- accommodate them. governor desantis is the villian. aoc accused desantis of crimes against humanity. and he called ron desantis morally reprehensible and newsom forgot about his own bussing
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program as mayor of san francisco when he shipped homeless people across the country. they are mad ron desantis located them to their plush community and mad that texas's governor is locating immigrants to outside of kamala harris's mansion in washington, d.c. in a tweet from nbc news one activist said: mayor eric adams said new york city is overwhelmed with 2,000
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migrants but el paso gets 2,000 a day. mayor laurie lightfoot is beg begging people to help with the immigrants. she is bussing the people out of the city and that means they will be safety. and washington, d.c. mayor bowser declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard and demands $50-million from joe biden and the federal government. take a look. >> we are not a border town. we don't have the infrastructure to handle this type of level of immigration to our city. we will create a new normal here in our infrastructure and have a humane welcome for people and
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efficient service. but we don't have the ability. we are not texas. >> sean: according to the great mayor budget of $20 billion they don't have the resources to handle a couple of thousands of migrants. el paso 2000 a day and eagle pass in texas, home to 30,000. they are expected to bear the burden of thousands of migrants a day? how is this compassionate liberalism and improve the safety of you the american people? last week governor desantis exposed the hypocrisy from the democrats but also highlighted the security crisis that presented by a wide open border. take a look. >> when our middle son brandon left to go to work, he was only 21 years old. the last words i said to him was
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i love you. an illegal ran into him and hit him so hard he caused brandon's car to flip and killed him. we met it governor desantis. he said i want to hear your son's story. to see the compassion in his eyes. i saw the concern. he wanted to make sure other lives were protected. as a governor he has been upholding the oath he took, to protect people in florida. >> sean: governor desantis will join us in a moment. first live from martha's vineyard fox reporter sara carter. did they welcome you? i don't know if you have a fox news mic flag? that might be trouble. they might throw you out. >> sarah: it's all okay. they welcomed me. i said i am with fox news. there was a variety of opinions. all is quiet on main street in
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martha's vineyard? >> we talked to people who had a difference ever opinion than the ones we see. these were two long time residents of martha's vineyard that are angry at the hypocrisy of neighbors and they support governor ron desantis. >> were you surprised when governor ron desantis decided okay, i will send 50 of the migrants who volunteered to come to boston, to come to martha's vineyard? were you surprised when they arrived? >> no, i wasn't. i really praise him for doing that. it wasn't a stunt. the media is saying it's a stunt. how do you get the attention of the administration and of harris of who is in charge of this. >> is she a good border czar? >> it's a joke and everyone knows it. >> i think what he did was great
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for the country to get the conversation out there. >> tell the truth? >> i don't believe anything that comes out of the administration anymore. >> how do you think the people in texas feel that are getting thousands of them coming in a day? we had a little taste with 50. >> sean, whether they agreed with governor ron desantis or disagreed with him, everybody that i spoke with here today said there was one thing that is certain: the border and immigration is a huge problem. it needs to be addressed. it needs to be resolved and nobody was happy with what the biden administration is doing. >> sean: thanks for that report from martha's vineyard. tonight one liberal county in texas is investigating ron desantis. they are accusing him of leaving
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migrants to fend for themselves in martha's vineyard. here to respond is florida governor ron desantis. the irony is if we use the left's definition of racism and xenophobia, they define it. what they're missing is joe biden has been flying and bussing illegal immigrants every day across the country in the dark of night just leaving them in the middle of the street. why are they only now paying attention to 50 people you sent? >> well, sean, it's frustrating. you have been covering this. millions of people since biden has been president illegally coming across the southern border. did they freak out? no. you had migrants die in the rio grande and 50 die in a trailer? they have victimized americans,
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killing some and raping some. any outrage? no. and fentanyl is coming over the open southern border. it's only when 50 are put in martha's vineyard -- they said they wanted this this. these are people who were destitute and put in a situation where they could have succeeds, not only did they not welcome them. they departed them the next day with the national guard -- give me a break! >> sean: this was voluntary. all migrants were put up in hotels and fed and showered and offered haircuts, correct? >> yes. not only that, they all signed consent forms to go. the vendor doing this for florida provided them with a packet with a map of martha's
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vineyard and the numbers for different services on martha's vineyard. it had numbers for the overall agencies in massachusetts that handle things involving immigration and refugees. it was voluntary. all of the other nonsense is not true. why wouldn't they want to go given where they were? they were in really, really bad shape. they got to be cleaned up and treated well and put in a situation -- there are jobs available in martha's vineyard. there is lodging available in martha's vineyard. they lived up to what they bill themselves as they could have absorbed those people without a problem. they said they didn't have housing. what does that mean for the poor towns in texas and across the country that see an influx and the small towns that biden dumped so many people in? we have shown that this border
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is a disaster. biden failed on this as much or more than any other policy. people are talking about t. we want solutions as americans. we want to make sure that trump's policies over remain in mexico can be reinstituteed to get control over what is going on down there. >> sean: it's hard to fathom. 19 months ago our borders were secured. we had stay in mexico. eliminated catch and release. now we give them a free phone. you don't get a covid vaccine mandate. this is madness. we had our borders controlled and 1.4% inflation and not 8.5%. we are playing double the amount for gasoline. we would haven't had a disaster in afghanistan. all of this happened in 19 months. who do you see as the answer 50
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days from now when americans go the voting booth and you are up for reelection? >> they accused of governors of arizona, texas and me of political stunts dealing with illegal immigration. the biggest stunt was biden coming in to office and reversing trump's policies. not because trump's policies were not working. he reversed them because he wanted to virtue signal to his base and show that donald trump was bad. he reversed it knowing what would happen. he has pulled the biggest political stunt. people need to press the case in the mid-terms. the economy will be a big issue. crime will be a huge issue. this immigration and border is now a front burner issue. this is one where republicans have the advantage without question. run on it and if we get
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majorities in the congress, do something with that power. >> sean: i think border, energy, law and taxes and law and order and parental rights and education. i hope the american people see what for what it is. i don't want to ask this yes because i don't think gavin newsom is bright. i will ask anyway. i would love to see him explain why he shut down california. they could not go out to eat. he went out to eat. let his kids have in school education. every other kid were forced to study remote. i would like him to explain 13.5% state income tax to your zero percent. i don't know what he meant by the kidnapping comment. i have no clue.
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>> are -- well, we had an influx of people from california. they are moving because they are dissatisfied there. any time you are there you have to worry about the different things with crime and homelessness. could they even keep the lights on? they have problems with that as well. we are happy with what we are doing in florida. at the end of the day, people can politically can say all of this stuff. look at people behave. people are looking for freedom. we are the first place they look. not just from new york and new jersey and not just from the midwest. even from the pacific coast of this it country going across north america to live in the state of florida. we are proud we have been that symbol for many people. >> sean: governor, for the firefight -- first time in
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california's history they had a decrease in population. how many new people move to florida on a daily basis? do you have an exact number? i don't have an impact number. we had over 222,000 the last 2 years -- and more wealth move into florida than any other state in american history. who is losing the most population and the most wealth? california, new york, and illinois. >> sean: very well said. you are out on the campaign trail. your race is pivotal for republicans and so is marco rubio's. you have been doing campaigning across the country. what are the arguments you would make? to me it's simple. the list we went over. are you better off than you were 19 months ago in terms of your
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energy prices and border security? are you better off with a state that closed down with covid. you had kids in school in august of 2020. what arguments should republicans be making? >> well, first here in florida, people are fired up. our voters want to come out. i think we vail record setting turnout among republicans. i am running. senate rubio and congressional races and school boards. this is important. i think we will do really well. you nailed it it across the country, prosecute the case against what biden has done. things were cheaper before he was president. gas was sharp. our -- cheaper. our country was safer. hit him on crime and our border was more secure and parents rights in education.
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the left has gone so radical. american people think school should be to educate kids. hold them accountable on critical race theory and gender identity. every single democrat will have to support that because that's what the far left of their base wants to see. >> sean: do you have any interest in debating gavin newsom on his record state income taxes? >> i don't know if they can keep the power on. you go up to have a debate. we are happy with what we are doing. my actions speak louder than my words. certain people will preen. we get things done in florida. >> sean: whatever you do, don't
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charge your electric vehicle during these hours. that was my favorite. coming up, biden gave a disastrous "60 minutes" interview. and governor glenn youngkin is fighting for parental rights in education in virginia. that big story and a really big announcement. stay with us. this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: joe biden sat down for his first on air interview in 7 months and filled with more mixed messages and failed policy and biden bunders. scott asked biden about those who questioned his fitness for office. >> some people ask whether you are fit for the job. when you hear that, i wonder what you think. >> watch me. honest to god, that's all i think. if you think i don't have the energy level or mental acquity. that's one thing. it's another thing watch me keep my schedule and do what i am doing.
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[inaudible]. >> sean: we are watching you, joe, that's the problem. you average less one public a day and take more vacations than any previous president. we have shown you on this program, we have been watching biden weak and fail and deteriorating cognitively. here is a sample joe, we are watching you the entire time. that's the problem. we see it. >> people hold these truth to be self-evident -- all men and women -- you know the thing. the former general. i keep calling him general. my -- the guy who runs that out fit. [inaudible]. i tell you what. >> ♪ ♪
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>> jobs -- [inaudible]. >> it's a joke. think about what you would think about. this is an extraordinary story being written today in america by this administration as i step all over my coat. good thing my mom is not around. to the united states of america, [inaudible]. this is who we are. you know how much i will do this year? >> sean: joe, we are watching. and biden said the pandemic is over and said the u.s. would defend taiwan. >> what should the chinese president xi know about your commitment to taiwan? >> we agreed with what we signed
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on to a long time ago. we are not encouraging them to be independent. >> would u.s. forces defend the island? >> yes. >> after our interview a white house official told us u.s. policy hasn't changed. mr. president first detroit auto show in 3 years. is the pandemic over? >> the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid. still doing a lot of work on it. >> sean: the white house forced to clarify saying u.s. policy to taiwan hasn't changed. in the pandemic is really over, that would likely mean his emergency student loan program would be unconstitutional because that you said it was for an emergency. they would need to pass legislation to do that.
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here with reaction "outnumbered" co-host kayleigh mcenany and clay travis and mike huckabee. how is sarah doing. she is doing well? >> she is. cancer free. they got everything in surgery. we appreciate the prayers and love of so many people. it's over and a recovery point from here. thanks for asking. a lot of people's prayers were answered. >> sean: i predict she will go down in arkansas history as the best governor ever in that state? >> i would be the happiest guy in america. sean, we will have a much better tenure as governor of arkansases that joe biden is having.
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that interview, all i can think of running through the white house saying clean up in aisle 4! joe has been on tv -- we have a mess to deal with. >> sean: kayleigh mcenany, inflation, he said it did not spike. inherited 1.4% from donald trump and now 8.35%. a 40 year high. claimed the pandemic is over. watch me. we have been watching him. not the first time but the second time he screwed up the taiwan answer. what is going on here? >> yes, it's terrifying. these gaffes especially made in the foreign policy context. it's one thing when the easter bunny hops over to stop him from talking. a smart move by someone in the
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white house press office. i would have done the same thing. but it's another thing when it's messing up the doctrine about taiwan which he did twice. a white house staffer has to correct it. it's another thing when he is giving his second ever press briefing and he makes this remark into a minor incursion being one thing and jen psaki has to put a statement immediately when he is done which means in real time she was drafting that statement in her office as the president of the united states was speaking. he suggesteded regime change in russia from vladimir putin. -- it's one thing when they are small gaffes but in a global context it's troubling. >> sean: i want to talk about, clay, he said inflation hasn't spiked.
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the average couple in america because of his income and energy policies, a couple is paying $6800 more than under donald trump. two-thirds of the country is living paycheck to paycheck. democrats were upset with bush had not been to a store in ages and didn't know the price of milk. this guy doesn't know the price ever his inflation policies? >> you are right. 13.5% grocery bill increase. 1.4% when he started and 8.3% now. not only that prices are up, but real wages are down. if you are working in this biden administration you got a major
6:34 pm
tax increase every month. what you are bringing is home is less than what the goods you purchase cost. the more you live paycheck to paycheck -- gas prices were going up. i pulled up to the gas pump and somebody right in front of me had pulled up and only bought one gallon of gas when the gas in tennessee was approaching $5.55. somebody trying to get their kid to school -- this is a brutal universe that joe biden created. i will say you look at that "60 minutes" interview, the first one in 7 months, democrats lose every time biden opens his mouth. they had the tuesday event to celebrate the inflation reduction act as the stock market dropped. biden is the worst sales men for a disastrous policy.
6:35 pm
i hope he keeps talking over the next 50 days. of time he talks they lose voters. >> sean: i agree. this maga republican attack is back firing too. governor huckabee, there are a lot of in politics running this year. what advice do you give them. donald trump and january 6th and then talk about abortion and republicans are racists. what do you advise any politician as a conservative republican how to win their race in 50 days? >> keep it simple. this is all about gasoline, groceries and god. remind them how much they are paying for gas since joe biden took office and in groceries and how hard it is to put the food on the table. remind them that joe biden, his god is government and the far
6:36 pm
left their god is the created rather than the creator. some of us believe that life is precious. don't apologize on the left issue. take it back to the democrats and say you may think that we protect life too much. tell us at what point is it okay to take the baby's life? keep it simple. gas, groceries and god. >> sean: and kayleigh mcenany, i would ad law and order and safety and secure to pursue happiness. and parental rights in education. glenn youngkin showed that was a major issue for parents in virginia. >> bingo. governor youngkin among those who considered critical race theory a big issue. 72% of them voted for governor youngkin. it was the republican youngkin winning on education which doesn't happen for a party but happening now. as a mom, i hear this all the
6:37 pm
time. whether i am in new york, florida, blue or red, people do not want their children being taught you may be another gender but hide it from mom until we find out a suicide in a bathroom. mamma bear is coming to vote. >> sean: thank you. governor our prayers for sarah and look forward to being on the show soon. virginia governor glenn youngkin is unveiling a new policy for transgender kids designed to protect students and parents under the new law. a school can only facilitate a t a transition if there is parental notification and
6:38 pm
permission. it requires students to use the bathroom and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex. here is virginia governor glenn youngkin. you have a list of principles you are running on. go through your list. >> this is not controversial. this is restoring power to parents. children do not belong to the state! they belong to families. when a child is wrestling with this kind of decision, a parent should be absolutely be the primary advisor and helper in wrestling with this decision. is that doesn't mean there not a role for a teacher or trusted counsellor. parents should be the primary advisor. to shut them out doesn't make
6:39 pm
sense. that's why we pressed forward with these model policies that put parents in the primary role and anybody who thinks that parents should be shutout, i can't understand where they think the decision should be made if families and parents are not the primary decision taker. >> sean: terry mcauliffe made a dumb comment about this and it helped you a lot. where does the idea come from that parents can circumvent the values that parents hold near and dear to their heart? they are doing that more and more. what will happen if somebody doesn't abide by these laws? >> first of all, these are model policies. the local school jurisdictions need to adopt and come up with their final policies consistent
6:40 pm
with these. at the core is parental notification and involvement. it's the law in virginia that these policies have to be the basis for the final policies. let's get back to the basic reality. in virginia, our code and in federal lawsuits that have decisions by courthouse, parents are the primary decision maker -- this is not controversial. we have to get back to this basic premise. we battled this when i signed my first executive order and empowered parents to make decisi decisi decisi decisions with regards to mask. this is all about parents rights. >> sean: some people say
6:41 pm
virginia is purple. i would argue it's more blue than purple. you won by a health margin. we had mid-term elections in 50 days. what is the message you recommend to candidates running as republicans and as conservatives? >> first of all. virginia used to be blue. virginia is pretty red right now. my advice to candidates is focus on these kitchen table issues. come with common sense solutions. battling inflation and getting costs down. safety in communities and empowering parents having high expectations for students if schools. people want a government that works for them and that doesn't tell them what to do. these are kitchen table issues that voters videos virginia last year when the red wave started.
6:42 pm
it's the groundswell beginning that is sweeping across the nation. i think we will see these issues be the primary ones the voters elect their next leaders on. >> sean: and i advise every candidate to listen what you said. only 50 days. you want to listen to the next guest. newt gingrich. the left's soft on crime agenda is on full display. surging crime across the country. newt gingrich will weigh in how it threatens society and a major announcement. it's really good straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: with only 50 days until the november mid-terms, democrats are trying to run away from their failed record on crime. look at what is happening in new york. a man with an ax wrecked a mcdonald's on friday. look at this insanity. >> oh! >> [shouting]. >> oh! >> [bleep].
6:49 pm
>> [shouting]. >> that's why i keep my knife on me all the time. >> sean: the suspect released without bail. told local news he didn't want to hurt anyone. he wanted to use the restroom and had a dispute with a patron. newt gingrich is warning about the long-term effects of rising crime. i asked everybody tonight: 50 days away from an election. kevin mccarthy will come out with commitments to america. law and order at the top of the list. parental rights and education has to be up there. and energy and borders have to there and the trump agenda. >> well, it's fair to say that every one of those affects people in their lives. you look at the price of
6:50 pm
groceries. cherios is $7 a box and the boxes are getting smaller. the price of gasoline going back up. i filled up by cup at $5.09 a gallon. in new hampshire heating oil will be purchased in september and october. that's part of the reason that their senator will get defeated. the issue of open borders with huge amounts of fentanyl and other drugs coming across. they are doing a podcast in the future with somebody from el paso estimating 1,900 new illegal immigrants today. folks on martha's vineyard found 50 immigrants to be terrifying.
6:51 pm
then you come to crime. my point is the one which senator wrote about in the early 1990s. he said look, if you get to a point where you tolerate something, then it becomes common. you tolerate the next thing down and the next thing down. you have district attorney's across the country, they are going to it measure the number of district attorneys that refuse to arrest people and they won't get federal grants. if you are not enforcing the law we won't give you resources. they will make sure that the people of that city or area understand their district attorney favors criminals over the innocent which is a major issue in pennsylvania where
6:52 pm
fetterman has 2 convicted criminals on his payroll. this whole question do you want a murderer in your neighborhood or prison. in your neighborhood vote for fetterman. in prison, vote for oz. there is a threat to our civilization. >> sean: fetterman doesn't want to debate until 8 days before the election. and lake her opponent doesn't want to debate her in arizona. the democrats taking a page from joe biden and hiding in the basement what is the best
6:53 pm
strategy? >> pick the big issues and repeat them every day. when you get bored saying the same thing you are reaching the voters. let's go back to murder. atlanta now has a higher percapital index of crime than chicago. what is the senator's answer for that? in arizona, mark kelly voted against hiring more border patrol and hired more irs agents. people will pick the big issues that are in people's lives itch agree with your earlier guest who said stick to the issues that are right there at the kitchen table. you will find parents right to know what is going on in their children's school. 84% issue. we have a program called
6:54 pm
america's new majority project. you look at it. it's clear where the country is. >> sean: 28 years from the contract and mccarthy will roll out his commitments. that's a great idea. when we come back, a major announcement straight ahead. st and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo and i kept it off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. before, i was over 300 pounds. now, i literally have the ability to take a shirt off
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and go out in the sun where i would have never done that before. try golo. it works. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we have a major pony ramming announcement on wednesday i will be sitting down with the exclusive interview with the 45th president donald trump at mar-a-lago we are to get reaction on the fbi raid, the failed joe biden presidency and look at to the midterms in 2024 you name it will be talk about it you don't
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miss it that is this wednesday. in the meantime that is all the time we have left this evening thank you for making the show possible, thank you for being with us emma please set your dvr to never, ever miss an episode and a member for news any time go to, and available at your fingertips in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. during the queen general and we send her best regards to the people of britain laura ingraham you have a great show. we see ds the last hour on with you, what example they set, what a stark contrast to the field governorships of gretchen whitmore and gavin newsom, and kathy hopeful et cetera. added on the line was a terrific interviews i'm so glad you have them coming. >> sean: how can you explain how i can go to a restaurant and you can't.