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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  September 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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speed of the art of time before thanks to steve doocy, tarrant k williams. tyrus. our studio audience because fox news at night. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ 31 hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm gillian turner in washington. breaking this evening, president biden declared a pandemic is over and inflation has not spiked. that's the message from his first sit down tv interview on monthly or the comments as well as his claims about taiwan now at the white house in greenock morton i took a republic a republican republicans again raging against vaccine mandates that are still in place for american service members back of
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tennessee congressman mark green to weigh in with us in just a moment where because of >> a dramatic spike in migrant encounters along the southern border in august paper cbp revealed over 2 million migrants cross from mexico into the u.s. without any vetting this fiscal year whatsoever. that's a record to quit comes as the biden administration continues to claim that the border is secure. plus and nuns i spent nearly 23 years and present back on a baltimore judge has released him back of his 1999 murder conviction ignited the nation thanks to the groundbreaking podcast called "serial." we got our legal eagles to bet on a new twist on the street street crime murder mystery because we begin tonight with another white house walked back kevin corke has an inside look at what's going on behind the scene is over at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. hi, given. >> let's be honest, we've seen this play before, haven't we? the president or the
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vice president goes out, does a sitdown interview and pretty much within the hour, the white house is in full on damage control mode book of this particular case, some of the president's proclamation not only ran afoul of his own administration positions, his remarks drew sharp criticism from both the right and the political left. >> is the pandemic over? >> president biden: the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid, we are still doing a lot of work on it. the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing a mask, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape, and so i think it's changing and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> on the one hand, you could say that is nuanced back of the pandemic is over. the comment drew, of course, the applause, frankly, millions of americans who had it up to here with mask mandates and covert testing and general covered covered hysteria, but not so fast there are many on the left who are accusing the president of simply being out of step with reality on the ground.
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democratic kentucky state rep article sky expressing outrage on twitter. "keep playing these games with our lives because you don't get to just declare a global pandemic over, mr. president "republicans were practically incandescent, noting that it was the same joe biden who used so-called covered covered emergency to push his student loan giveaway. that will cost down taxpayers billions of dollars to cover a clear trend of mixed messages from an administration that, on the one hand, claims the covered covered emergency for loan bailouts but then says there is no covered covered emergency along the border, so we don't need protections under title 42. meanwhile, ask about soaring food prices and other goods in the inflation prices, the president quipped, "it hasn't spiked." despite being at its highest point in some 40 years book on another wince inducing moments for some who work in the white house when the president was asked if u.s. forces would
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respond to aid taiwan against china in case they decided to invade, the president said if, in fact, there was an unprecedented attack, yes. as you can imagine, based on your experience, you know how this goes back a white house official walked back those comments about taiwan saying that the u.s. policy of strategic ambiguity for the island has not changed. >> gillian: it's also not the first time that the president has said that. it is either a gaffe or he is in disagreement with official white house policy. >> could be a little bit of both. >> gillian: thanks for clarification. thanks so much. >> president biden: if you notice, no one is wearing a mask, everybody seems to be a pretty good shape, so i think it's changing and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> gillian: that "60 minutes" interview is garnering a lot of pushback from republicans, let's get into it now. tennessee congressman and former surgeon mark green. sir, thanks so much with the
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tarmac for being with us tonight it was because thanks becca >> gillian: take a look at this from "the wall street journal" editorial board tonight or other making the case that the administration needs to do its business or get off the part of the space says if the pandemic is over, then so is the emergency. the administration continues to extend the public health emergency that was first declared in january 2020. the reason is almost certainly money. a march 2020 covered covered law allows the government to because long as the emergency is in effect." you heard what kevin just reported there, t to use the emergency started to enable them to implement a whole range of policies. your colleagues believed this is, at best, a -- you give it to a spec or it an illegal money over? what you think? >> i think they are just think whatever they need to say at any
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point to get what they want out of the situation, so they constantly contradict themselves. you can look at the military right now. if the pandemic is really over, let's pay the 60,000 plus national guardsmen who aren't getting paid because they refused the vaccine. how about a 850 teachers that just can't let go this weekend in new york city? they need to decide what it is. for you and i, for america, the pandemic phase of this is over. the cdc has said we are at herd immunity and the white house just needs to get with the program. get rid of the vaccine mandates and let's move forward becca >> gillian: you say that vaccine mandates for american service members are harming national security. what does that mean? >> far more than the covered covered virus that, if you look at the age group of the people who are in the military, the risk to covered and what that
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impact would be on the forces readiness, the worst thing for y readiness has been the vaccine mandate because so many guys aren't -- and gals aren't getting the vaccine and are basically kicking them out of the military. had a young guy which are to me yesterday. the army is demanding that he pay back his enlistment bonus because they kicked him out because he wouldn't take the vaccine. it's just absurd what they are doing, and therefore, army recruiting is at 52% of its goal this year. think about that. they came to us this year and said we want a smaller army next year. why? because they can't recruit to fill the units. these young people don't want a vaccine. for a virus that it does very little to the population. it's really quite absurd what the president and the department of defense is demanding and the impact on readiness, 60,000 national guardsmen all at once
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out of the force is insane. >> gillian: to your point about recruitment, a major public tobacco for the military. all four branches, some problems in the intelligence community, but over the last year, recruitment is why don't you guys to national security source at the white house last week was that this mirrors the economy. essentially making the argument recruitment is down because it always follows that recruitment goes down when the economy is hurting. does that make sense to you? >> no, doesn't. i understand if unemployment is down and there's lots of opportunity, rising wages, then that becomes a competitor to recruiting in the military, but that's not the case because what we've seen since biden's biden presidency is a decrease in wages back wages are actually falling in america, where they were rising in the previous administration. gdp growth, we've had 2 quarters
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of negative gdp growth, we are technically in a recession, yet in his "60 minutes" interview, the president actually said he was going to continue to grow the economy and that would fix inflation? he is not growing the economy. we've had two months of negative gdp growth because there is nothing that makes any sense coming out of this white house becca >> gillian: let's play that, actually. we got the president with scott pelley on inflation to college end. >> it's the highest in highest inflation rate in 40 years. >> president biden: i got that. but just what we are? we are in a position work for the last several months, it hasn't spiked. >> gillian: essentially, the broader argument is making in that interview is of course, the economy is in a weird course, there is inflation, we just came out of this global pandemic. >> yeah, even that the other day, i think when he was celebrating his inflation reduction act, which is anything but, it's actually the opposite, they were celebrating that and his prices are stable. i'm sorry, if there is an 8.3%
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increase from the previous august, that that a stable price because stable price would be zero inflation because they can't even figure out how to get down a calculated region, or the president doesn't get it or its disinformation back of 8.3% inflation over the last august, and that was august 21, august 21, it was 5% over augus. no, i'm sorry mr. president. prices aren't stable. the economy is not growing, and people's wages are falling. you can't have it both ways. >> gillian: inflation seems to be stable. maybe that's what he meant it was a big thanks so much for staying up late with a spear, because i think that's what he meant, but that's not accurate. is a one way to talking with you. thank you. california's governor, gavin newsom, is now facing scrutiny of a homeless bussing policy he instituted back when he was the mayor of san francisco opera, this is emerging as he's duking it out on twitter with florida's
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governor, ron desantis, over migrant transport vehicle achieve breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight to make a good evening. california governor gavin newsom thinks texas governor greg abbott and florida governor ron desantis are "morally reprehensible" for sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary community is interested because he is also accusing the sentence of kidnapping pack of what you can what ron desantis is doing is a disgrace because it is almost ponderous and i say that not likely because in the quite thoughtfully. >> except that thoughtful governor is the very same man who, when he was mayor of san francisco, came up with a plan to give homeless people one-way bus tickets out of his city. oddly, the program meant for people with no homes was called homeward bound. as for governor desantis, he says the migrants who went to martha's vineyard voluntarily, they want to voluntarily, and it was a place that he thought,
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allegedly, welcome those people. listen to him. >> they said they are a sanctuary city. they say that nobody, no human being is illegal. everyone is welcome because they hit the jackpot to be able to be in the wealthiest sanctuary jurisdiction in the world. they want open borders, they want you to deal with the open borders, but they want to be immune from the consequences of these policies. >> but it's not just focus on the vineyard were pushing back k to the back county, texas, share, which includes san antonio, has opened and investigation. a desantis spokesperson responded by reminding the sheriff that it was in his county last year to imagine where 53 migrants were found dead in the back of a bigwig decametre, governor abbott spent more -- sent more than 50 migrants to the d.c. home of vp kamala harris, and president biden calls the drop-off is "simply wrong."
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product at of lieutenant governor, the president simply hit up down a hypocritical to college and to speak of the lecture us, they elect republicans and red states and the collar is inhumane when they are in fact the ones that are demonstrating how inhumane they actually are. president biden was quick to fly illegals under the cloak of darkness into different areas. >> finally, new york city mayor eric adams says his city is now considering taking legal action against texas over sending busloads of migrants. since may, new york city has received some 11,000 migrants in the el paso, texas, area, they received about 2,000 migrants from just saturday to sunday. >> gillian: >> narrator: . thank you. >> [bleep].
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[bleep]. >> gillian: first up, in tonight's crime prices went up, "the new york post" is reporting the man seen here wielding an ax, menacing patrons at a new york mcdonald's friday is now free tonight. the 31 year old was released without bail following arraignment on charges of criminal mischief and a weapons charge back on either offense is eligible for bail under the state's criminal justice reform >> and this cell phone video capturing a violent brawl in a carnival cruise. that was earlier this month to go take a look back of the incident involved a group of people pointing and beating each other up by the pool to political one witness said it all started over someone stealing someone else's seat at a bar. still unclear if any arrests were made in this violent incident. >> who did i hate? who did i hate? because i didn't hate anybody.
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who did i hate? you can just want to take me down to the public -- because i'm a public official. you guys want to take me down because i am a public official. >> gillian: that las vegas police body cam footage of the march 20th to have domestic violence arrest of robert ellis. is also charged separately with killing a journalist blogger he allegedly chucked his wife because he is not art, additionally, with the murder of jeff german toy is currently detained in the clark county detention center. this as well, the california woman who faked her own kidnapping pack in 2016 and in light of the fbi about it and cashed in on victims assistance checks has just been sentenced to 18 months in prison. sherry perpignan, three years of supervised release following the present time because he claimed to have been kidnapped and held at gunpoint by two hispanic women when she re-emerged after her purported reduction. also in this, the man accused of abducting and then killing a
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mother of two was back in court monday. is facing a whole slew of additional charges in the wake of his arrest his vertical senior correspondent laura ingle has new breaking developments tonight. good evening. 's because the suspect accused of two horrific crimes in memphis was back in court to face additional charges and hear motions in both cases is one of his alleged victims survived ank speaks out. >> has been charged with the violent abduction and murder of kindergarten teacher and mother of two, eliza fletcher, appeared before two separate judges on monday. court records show he now faces an additional charge of unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon. on september 3rd, 2022. that's the day after fletcher was abducted. there has been no confirmation so far that a weapon was used in the crime to occur after anderson's arrest for fletcher's murder, police accused him of another kidnapping and a .
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they claim evidence only came to light after evidence was positive for the positive i.d. came in the same day eliza fletcher's body was wanted for the shelby county office said it had no comment on the additional charges in memphis police did not respond to fox news and current pick of the victim in the 2021k is now speaking out about her abduction and sexual assault, telling the institute for public service reporting and the daily memory y memphian, saying she gave information to investigators about the man, who she said she met on a dating website but the police failed to collect fingerprints from her phone, which she said he handled, or show her a recent photo for identification purposes because she's as after meeting him for a date, he held a gun to her neck and was blindfolded and assorted. in another twist, one henderson was arrested, it was just a few
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doors down. the victims as she brought police to show them where she was assaulted. memphis police have not commented. >> gillian: henderson is due back in court and his various charges because he remains held without bond. jillion. >> gillian: thank you. hurricane fiona now left puerto rico completely devastated to come out of the island tonight is still without power after even more rain fell monday. the storm took out a bridge and to a portugal national guard troops that reported rescuing hundreds of people stranded to recall the governor because thee catastrophic. he also warns it could take days, if not weeks, to get the lights back on. ♪ ♪ great britain and the entire world today paid homage to queen elizabeth the second in a state funeral, that was podcast and streamed live across most of the world pack of that service
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drew the royal family and vips from all across the globe plus tens of thousands of spectators along the procession would. madeleine rivera was the earlier tonight because she has a live look. >> queen elizabeth the second now at rest after a moving send-off in the u.k. a royal funeral filled with tradition, pageantry, and sorrow as the country says goodbye to a queen who defined a generation pack on top of the queen's casket, a handwritten note from her son, king charles the third. is the queen's funeral procession left westminster abbey, hundreds of thousands lined the route to pay their respects. >> it's all very sad. she's been with us a long time now. >> i feel really privileged that i saw it. i didn't think i'd feel this emotional. >> the procession ultimately made its way to windsor castle peak of the queen's preferred estate in her later years back
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of the resting place of more than a dozen royals because there was a personal touch is too from her beloved corgis and pony, which waited as the coffin approached, to the music, chosen for its significance to the queen. ♪ ♪ at a committal service inside st. george's chapel, the imperial state crown was removed, marking the end of her 70 year when. the lord chamberlain, the most senior official in the royal household broke his want of office, signaling the end of his service pack of placing it on the queen's gasket before it was lowered into the royal forts back of as a burial place for her father, king george vi. >> gillian: thanks, marilyn. up next, travelers on a transpacific flight to how i got a surprise you would not expect. look at. plus i'm sure this printer did not have an official invite to the queen's funeral. we got a today's best viral
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♪ ♪ >> gillian: time for some viral hotness back of a stop internet viral videos, this one might be a little too close for comfort to go take a look at this be. what it's doing is wiggling its stinger art from a beekeeper's finger, trying to avoid sudden death or the florida beekeeper says this has actually happened to her a whole lot of times because this just happens to be the first time she got it on her iphone camera. plus this long island families eight year old cat went missing for a week but has now been found. you can see him their pick of the best part was thankfully captured right here on video. he is right now what you are looking at is returning. he's meowing at the door bell, because the family's security
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system alerted there was someone at the door because they say when they realized who it was, they were ecstatic and emotional and hysterical. he's mighty cute. also this south-west airlines and instrument retailer guitar center teamed up to surprise a frightful of people traveling from long beach, california, to honolulu, hawaii with ukulele lessons back of it as it was given a metal soprano ukulele are wrong with a carrying case and started to play "hello, aloha, how are you?" i bet that might have helped that rather long flight go by quicker. it's one way to do it. it appears even this tiny little spider wanted to pay respect to queen elizabeth ii book on social media users spotted the eight and get better crawling on top of the province floral arrangement as it was carried into westminster abbey on monday. one twitter user called it "the most famous spider in the world right now." citing is believed to be a good
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omen. also people in germany are pulling out their lederhosen once again for oktoberfest because this comes at the annual celebration is returning after two years of a pandemic hiatus, so everybody is super excited to be back. rushing to the gates there to get seats at the various venues they've got no doubt on the hunt for sausages and beer. plus, this. first responders in sacramento, california, saved the life of a beloved family pet or take a look as firefighters here attempted to resuscitate a dog they found unconscious, while responding to a house fire back at the top was resuscitated and then reunited with his family. happy ending. if you've got any viral videos to share with us, hit me up ontwitter. everybody'sfavoritemoment tocollectbankkevin corkebutwedid n'tgetenoughofyouintheablogonyou rcreditreporting. who doesn't love a good gift
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gift card? it turns out you're digging up some stats that are showing us americans are holding onto gift cards, maybe even hoarding them rather than spending them because this is a total trend where hotel is what's going on. >> it is a total trend and i'm going to argue in just a bit because apparently, you're one of the ones at. you can actually like it. let's find it be a good luck finding spare change on your couch only on a much larger scale. there's a new survey out conducted by, and it found that americans have $21 billion in unused gift cards. that much money! store credit just lying around. of the survey found that the average amount of a news money is about $175 per person in the u.s. actually up a bit from 2021, and in case you are wondering who is the one of the group that's out there with the most, it's your millennials. and you gen zers.
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about 52% of the people born between 1981 and 1996 just aren't using the gift cards! they have on average about $226 just waiting to be spent. you can send them your to the office because i will use them for about 51% of gen z haven't spent their cards or vouchers either pay for the average for them about $149 just lying around. if your gen x or a boomer, you have far less big about 180, i mention i was going to argue because before the show, you send our executive producer a confession. >> gillian: i did. >> tell us what in the world is going on? >> gillian: reading about the story maybe remembered that i think it was last week -- it was sometime in the last week ago i lose track of time with the b baby. i found a gift certificate, like
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an easy gift certificate from my old make-up artist at fox news because he left the network two years ago because she got me this great gift voucher for christmas break up now, two and half years ago, closer to three, for a massage i never used, so now i'm going to use it. maybe it's expired. >> if it's for a massage, they'll let you use it. i'm guilty of the starbucks card. people give me one and a gift basket, you're like that's nice, you throw it in a draw. stay when you could put them all together and get a lunch or something. >> buy coffee for the team? $25 is nothing. >> gillian: that will get you like to cappuccino's. >> pretty much bigger >> gillian: thanks for digging into the data that for us because that's a lot of money we're talking about the people, get out there! send your gift cards! thanks, kevin. what to expect from the first hearing with the special master that's been appointed to review those documents recovered from mar-a-lago.
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we've got that coming up next to cover is required to take a very quick look at your tuesday forecast courtesy of nicosia, fox weather. >> i'm the meteorologist and here is a fox weather tuesday forecast are going to be hot, real hot in the nation's midsection epochal event and were getting up to 91 to casinos, 97 to go if you spot in kansas beating the triple digits. meanwhile, a little colder here along the west coast with someone for northern california. you can download the fox weather app or stream fox weather from your favorite connected tv device. i'll see you there.
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9:38 pm
with former senator david carlucci. and john yoo. the big news working tonight is, really, first response from president biden, at least the first sub-clinton kind of response he's had to >> let's take a listen. i'll get your reaction. >> president biden: how that could possibly happen. anyone could be that a responsible. i thought what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods. by that i mean names of people, et cetera. just totally responsible. >> gillian: what you make of that comment from the president? he stayed out of the particulars, but took a pretty firm stands for the first time. >> first thing we need to know and that's the job of the special master, judge here is to find out what these documents
9:39 pm
are. president biden may have the view that is irresponsible to have this kind of classified documents, but it's not clear which documents are classified, how many of them are classified, whether president trump declassified them in any way. i think the judge and i think the justice department should cooperate. the judge could get through that pretty quickly. then, he has to also make a much more important decision, which president biden didn't mention, which is does president trump have any kind of attorney-client or executive privilege at stake? and a past president claim executive privilege over some of these documents, even against the wishes of the incumbent president? i'm not your president trump's argument is a very stronger, but the supreme court has identified this as an issue it has yet to resolve. you can see this mar-a-lago search eventually giving rise to a case that gets all the way to the supreme court. >> gillian: david, the question that john just waste, which is really boils down to
9:40 pm
one of who holds the scepter when it comes to executive privilege, does it extend at all to a former president? kind of the core -- one of the core issues here, when the special master is looking to these 11,000 documents? >> that's right. executive privilege is qualified. it's not absolute. of the presidential records act clearly demonstrates that you have to go through a process. even if these records are executive privilege or unclassified, there is a process that former president trump had to go through in order to deem that necessary. that's clear, donald trump, but we've now learned, has been notified many times that he had these documents, they were not belonging to him, they belonged to the national archives, and was asked to return them. we see donald trump obfuscating
9:41 pm
the law, law enforcement, to his own benefit. why? we don't know. >> gillian: by the way, those documents, whether classified or unclassified, belong to the federal government because they are the property of the federal government. john, take a listen to jonathan turley on fox news sunday yesterday with shannon bream. he was talking about the latest maneuver from the doj. they're pushing back of the special master, but not the issue with large vehicles are trying to pull out pieces here. take a listen. >> the department of justice file a motion pending appeal. they didn't ask to stay the entire appointment of the special master, but instead asked only for access to about 100 classified documents. that's a spot move back of the word is a small, mr. small. this is your best bet on those 100 documents. >> gillian: what are the odds
9:42 pm
in getting those 100 documents back? now, while the special counsel -- >> they already have the document, the government already has the document, and that's part of what puzzles here because originally, i think the justice department was saying and they've been saying what we want is to get the documents back because they've got the documents back at this point, if they're pushing forward to reverse appointment of a special master, they're pushing forward to say okay, we want to use these classified documents for a criminal investigation, then they're going beyond the original claim that they just want to get back what's, as you pointed out, what belongs to the federal government because now they're trying to set the transfer some kind of federal indictment because they are considering, it seems to be, indicting president trump and maybe his lawyers and other people who work with president trump. that's a serious step. i personally don't think that's a wise use of the discussion record is not about whether the law requires the government richard, at whether a whether a good prosecutor, weighing the
9:43 pm
costs and benefits to society, thinking about incentives about future president, thinks it's a good idea to indict a president. i don't think it makes sense to indict president trump of president trump of a myth classified documents were, i agree when jim comey is that we should invite hillary clinton for clinton for mishandling classified documents back in 2015-16. >> gillian: david, you got 30 seconds back >> appeal to the 11th circuit court is to get access to those 100 classified documents that are not necessarily to file a criminal indictment against an autumn, but to do a risk assessment to make sure that is classified documents, remember these are top secret, some of the back of the most sensitive documents that could possibly be out there was a great risk to the american public and they have to do an assessment to see what actually happened here, what do they need to do to mitigate the potential risk that was caused by donald trump not following the laugh, not following the presidential records act. at first it was about getting
9:44 pm
the records back, but now it's a lot more than that because it has to deal with the public at risk because we just don't know how sensitive those documents are because they are classified for a reason to say when they are classified for a visitor, we also can say categorically, that they -- being released declassified, pose a threat to national security because that is part of what the special master will be looking at it to determine that because there is a top secret and then there is top secret gig of the range within the classification level is pretty vertical gentlemen, we got to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us tonight >> thanks. >> things because we were nearby pet. adnan syed, he's the guy who's got case and imprisonment was the subject of the groundbreaking program podcast and hbo documentary because he's walked out of a baltimore got us tonight after a judge overturned his 99 murder conviction. we got breaking details on that coming up next.
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> gillian: adnan syed is a free man to write back at 22 years ago, he was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, a seven. a baltimore circuit judge has vacated his murder conviction in the case that became the focus
9:50 pm
of the tremendously popular podcast, "serial" back in 2014. syed was released from prison monday, placed on home detention decor he's got a gps monitoring let's take a little deeper into the details on the case with independent women's forum senior fellow, may mailman, criminal defense attorney, david bruno. discussing what is on the docket tonight thanks so much for being with us. the state is taking pains here to point out that they are not declaring syed and innocent ban because they are not overturning his conviction. what they are saying, essentially, here, is that he just didn't get a fair trial. >> i'm not sure i totally buy that because they really do lay out the case for why a conviction would not be reasonable here, and at first, i was pretty surprised to see the city prosecutor try and vacate this conviction what you do have a jury conviction, you have an
9:51 pm
appeals court affirming the conviction can you even have the maryland supreme court saying that syed's provided effective counsel. if you realize who the maryland prosecutor is, this is one of the original soros back prosecutors who spends her days letting people out of jail. no innocent person deserves to be in jail and i really do hope that this action was based on the factor and not a desire to become a celebrity of the moment, because she is looking for a job back of the prosecutor was recently prior married and lost, and so she needs to get invited to some fancy dinner party's backup the one it sounds like me in saying there is a lot of politics in play here. what you think you make because i'm a former homicide prosecutor. i'm on the defensive side now, and i agree with this decision taker let's not forget this is a prosecutors motion, but there were brady violations, and what brady means is that a prosecutor
9:52 pm
is obligated to provide the defense attorneys with any exculpatory evidence that supports either innocence or the credibility attacks on any other witnesses spoke of what we've found is that the defense attorney did not get provided two suspects that previously threatened the victim, as well as one of the suspects forcefully raped an individual, another suspect, unprovoked, assaulted an individual. there was -- had misconduct, and also the cell phone records were unreliable. there are number of things that support this, and i support what the judge did because the defense attorney didn't get that brady information to a costly one wasn't also this issue with syed's original attorney lied to him? she was given a piece of evidence, a letter written by a woman who was his alibi on the night of the matter, the afternoon of the murder, not
9:53 pm
only did she not submit that, but she never followed up with the woman who wrote the letter, and night to syed, and told him that she did. >> syed has definitely had his bite of the apple to try and use that in and effective counsel claim, and that's the one that made it to the maryland supreme court, which decided not to give him a new trial on that information. i, like a lot of people in this country, listen to the "serial" podcast. i had a lot of questions about the prosecutor's case worker i also saw that there was a lot of evidence that you convicted too when i wasn't on the jury, i didn't see the witnesses, but those jurors were common in this country really need to give your decision is quite a bit of a truck or even interesting. what you say to that? >> the man was in jail for 20 years, and its surface now that the defense attorney did not have that brady information and
9:54 pm
i think he does deserve a new trial and we'll see how it all shakes up to the victim's vehicle was also found in one of those other suspects family members property, which is another factor that really cuts against that conviction, and i think it's the right thing to do the work of this man was let out of the courtroom, out of his handcuffs, and was able to live right then and there. really never seen that before. >> gillian: pretty astonishing footage that we got to see there. may and david, thanks so much for staying up late with us tonight. >> always a pleasure. >> thanks. you got it. even some good news for you before we say good night to michigan teen with severe hearing loss are adopted a deaf dog, and now the two -- look at them that -- are reportedly inseparable take a 14 year old walker and his family adopted dave, a six year old pit bull mix decor had been passed over many times because of his old age and his special needs back
9:55 pm
of the mom said the match worked out perfectly. walker hopes to show that older dogs and those with special conditions need love too because i am a mom of two 12 year old dog's vehicle i will tell you older dogs are the best pick of the does it for us from washington tonight. i'm gillian turner. thanks for staying up with us. ♪ ♪ been named the world's number one for both rivers and oceans by travel and leisure, as well as condé nast traveler. but it is now time for us to work even harder, proud to have been named the world's number one for both the world's number one for both rivers, oceans by travel and leisure, as well as condé nast traveler. they work even harder, searchin sg fr meaningful experiences and new adventures for you to embark upon. they say when you reachworld the top, there'sin only one way to go . we say that way is onwards. we say that way is onwards. viking exploring the world inis comfort. >> this is the gillette labs with exfoliating bar.
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