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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> laura: it was a fitting and dramatic goodbye to a once-in-a-lifetime monarch. yes, i cried. i got up at 4:30, startingto watching it all back or set your dvr so you always stay connected with us and "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ fox news alert, democrat texas sheriff launching a criminal investigation into two rights of migrants sensitive matters martha's vineyard by florida governor ron desantis and the migrants themselves are lawyering up and calling for additional state and federal probes. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning tuesday morning carley shimkus because b2 and i'm todd piro per, that legal battle plays out in the courts, the situation at our actual border is worse than ever to agents encountering more than 2.1 million migrants along our southern border over the past 11 months before that puts
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arrivals on track to a record shattering 2.3 million migrants this fiscal year. >> carley: jackie has more on the story purpose because san antonio area share opening a criminal investigation into florida governor ron desantis for flying migrants to martha's vineyard last week ago he accused the governor of doing so under false pretenses pergolas and. >> here we have 48 people that are already on hard times because they are here legally in our country at that point because they have every right to be where they are, and i believe that they were preyed upon because somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, load them with promises of a better life, which is what they were absolutely looking for. >> but as you can imagine, the governor is not taking the accusation rightly, calling out that sheriff for being more outraged over these 50 migrants going to martha's vineyard than 153 dead migrants were discovered in a tractor trailer back in june.
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>> millions of people, since biden has been president, illegally coming across the southern border to code it they freak out about? nokia, you had migrants die in the rio grande, yet 50 die in taxes in a trailer because they were being neglected. was that they forgot about? no, there wasn't a go at only 150 are put into martha's vineyard, but wasn't saying they didn't want this because they said they wanted us, but that was all virtue signaling. is becoming in, new york city mayor eric adams says he is leaving no stone unturned in finding legal challenges to the sending of migrants from the border to his city. >> our legal team is looking at what legal challenges we can do with taxes because we believe that some options we have because when you involuntarily placed someone on a bus, we believe that actually skates the law. >> but in a statement to fox news editor, texas governor greg abbott accuses adam is a flat-out lying about
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migrants willingness to make the trip to liberal cities back of riding "instead of spreading falsehoods and complaining about a couple thousand migrants being passed into his sanctuary city, mayor adams should:president biden to take immediate action to secure the border." back and forth, after 200,000 migrants were encountered at the southern border last month, bringing the total process in this fiscal year to more than 2.1 million, an all-time high. >> carley: partizan back on write a coherent greg gutfeld on the democrat hypocrisy on migrants and immigration. >> i got to hand it to desantis. he did more than any politician on furthering the conversation to go was the party was as we really need to further the conversation? it's always the democratic or their idea of conversation means that quietly while i scream at you pick up a vote in that if you're a sanctuary city, then be a security brother is your conversation, you hypocrites because the media flummoxed when
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their own phoniness is exposed through an incoherent and rebecca why is everybody so outraged? they think they're better than you, the exam, they have no mass at parties, but you wear the or you can have a gun but they got private equity because they live alternative energy, but that windmill better stay in your state. everything they pretend to rail against, they embody. >> todd: the house oversight committee will vote on a resolution that could force president biden to turn over documents detailing his son, hunter's foreign business dealing. >> carley: brooke is here. >> the committee would put my ranking member james comer would require biden to give up documents on his family's business schemes and influence peddling. 32 senate republican writing a letter to attorney general merrick garland. the letter asks him to give u.s. attorney david weiss' special counsel protection to investigate hunter biden perk of the letter reads in part "evidence seems to be mounting that hunter biden committed
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numerous federal crimes, including, but not limited to, tax fraud, money laundering, and for not bring down a club in violation of the lawmakers go on to say that given that the investigation and force the president's son, we believe it is important to provide u.s. attorney with special counsel authorities and protections to allow him to investigate an appropriate scope of potentially criminal conduct occurred earlier this month, house oversight committee ranking member james comer's request of the treasury department were similar document was denied because the treasury department is an "use of or disclosure of confidential information whether intentional or inadvertent can also undermine potential or ongoing investigation" and on "60 minutes" this week in, president biden claimed his son has not caused any conflicts for the u.s. listen. >> president biden: i love my son, number one, and no, there's not a single thing that i've observed at all that would affect me or the united states
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relative to my son, hunter. >> many criticize correspondence can't believe are not as in a follow-up question on hunter's dealings and was a president biden has ever been involved >> carley: thank you. let's bring in kentucky congressman james comer, ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee to congressmen, good morning to you pick what you think about what the president had to say they're about his son? >> what is it doesn't match up with the fact to we already have seen emails that show that joe biden was, in fact, communicating with hunter biden and his associates to go before the voice mail while the president was clearly keeping up with all the press reports on all the investigations pertaining to his son, and he told his son in the voice mail that he thinks it's going to be okay, just hang tight, we'll get through >> we've heard countless times when former associates of hunter biden have said that joe biden was, in fact, the big guy because the facts don't match what the president continues to
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say the covers of all, he had no knowledge of hunter biden's business dealings, and second, more importantly, that he was not involved directly in hunter biden's business dealings. >> is for these documents that you are taking, was a democrat in charge of the oversight committee allow you to get the hunter document or are they going to protect joe biden? >> we are going to find out later today. this is going to be a very difficult vote for the democrats and the hypocrisy category because just think about all the
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>> president biden or his immediate family has, that is a national security threat, and he maybe compromised. a lot of big statements and that court because the president enriching himself at the expense of u.s. interest could be a national-security threat of what do you mean by all of that? >> well, let's just look at some of the decisions that joe biden has made, which have been counter to the interest of the
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average working american back of his energy policy puts america at a disadvantage in u.s. china and the middle east and advantage because he is help russia develop their pipeline infrastructure at the same time, he is brought to the keystone pipeline in the united states before you go back and you look at some of hunter's shady business dealings with our adversaries and they were with ukrainian energy companies, with russian energy companies because he's had all sorts of shady business deals with chinese companies that were owned by the chinese communist party. we can cite specific instances where joe biden has had policy that makes no sense to the average american, but the new looked at his son, definitely profited. we've also had two of hunter's former associates on tape who have both said that joe biden was the big guy who was to receive a 10% cut because this is very serious because this is proof of this is in some
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steele dossier that was cooked up by the hillary clinton campaign, making false allegations about donald trump echo this is factual information by credible people who were in business with hunter biden. yet, the biden administration has a black republican investigation at every angle. now, today, the house democrats are going to have an opportunity to do the right thing, the same thing they try to do and to do with the trump administration. they're going to have an opportunity to help the republicans do that in the house oversight committee today with the biden administration to be two more than 30 senate republicans are calling on attorney general merrick garland to give the prosecutor in the hunter ks special counsel authority. isn't that the best way to prove to the american people that this entire hunter saga and investigation is above board? >> that's one way, and i know a lot of people are advocating that the com-jason chaffetz, who used to be in the position that i'm in on the house oversight committee advocates for that as well because i believe if we can just get the basic bank
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information that i requested from treasury, the suspicious activity report, over 150 bank violation by hunter biden, every member of congress used to have access to this, but this is another thing joe biden did to change the rules to help shield hunter biden from republican oversight because if we could just have information for that, i think the house oversight committee and a republican majority could do just as well as a special counsel, but i am for whatever we can do to get at the bottom of this because hunter biden is a national security risk paper joe biden has made decisions that are against the best interest of the average working american and i believe that the reason he's made these decisions is because he is compromised as a result of hunter biden's shady business dealings, which he may in fact have been a part of. >> carley: you heard it here from kentucky congressman james comer. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me that the >> carley: a big win against big tactic or a u.s. appeals court has upheld a texas
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law barring social media companies from censoring users based on view points back of the 2-1 ruling sets up a u.s. supreme court to rule on the law that regulates more than 50 million monthly users pick of those defending the law say it protects americans from being silenced from their beliefs because social media companies argue the law violates first amendment rights for platforms including google, facebook, twitter, and youtube to california governor gavin newsom reportedly has some big plans for 2024 pack of people close to him claim he will undeniably run for president if i didn't does seek another term pickup he has previously claimed no interest in running despite trying to get national attention because you see him walking around the white out there, taking off his jacket, making himself at home depot last week, a large billboard campaign in states like texas, ohio, south dakota attacking abortion restrictions because sources close to the governor claim he will not announce a potential run until he secured his second term as
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governor. >because >> todd: itried doing . is at get out, it's my office pick up "the wall street journal" editorial board warning americans of the real stakes if democrats keep the house and senate in the midterms because the article highlighting what will happen under a democrat majority including "increased taxes, permanent changes to voting processes and the abolishment of the senate and about >> interpreter: filibuster. goes on to the say that the strategy is a new version of the 2020 campaign bait and switch back of democrats won by making the election a referendum on mr. trump and covid-19, but once in office, they pivoted to advance a far left liberal agenda and enact the biggest expansion of government in modern history. john ratcliffe says biden and democrats are totally off base when it comes to the acute americans really care about the cosmic applicable focus on the selection, it's a kitchen table issues, not joe biden and his administration have made national security a kitchen table if you pick a week to 400%
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increase in illegal immigration, we've got a 4000% increase in fentanyl. it's naive to think that people watching the show aren't going to be tragically impacted to call their friends, the family, their neighbors, by one or more of those things in this country that have made the country less safe. >> carley: queen elizabeth ii is laid to rest at windsor castle after a day of ceremony commemorating her life and reign. elaborate procession escorted her body. king charles iii helping to give the final rites before her majesty was lowered beside her late husband, prince philip to the queen's father, king george iv, and her mother and sister are also buried there. the service was watched by more than 4 billion people around the world. elizabeth ii was britain's
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longest reigning monarch, ruling for 70 years. 4 billion people watched. amazing and definitely a ceremony fit for a 70 year re reign. an ax wielding man was absolutely berserk inside a mcdonald's over the weekend, this morning, he is already back out on the streets because released without bail. pack of "the new york post" got up with the suspect and wait until you hear what he is a peter that was not a happy meal. >> the highest inflation rate, mr. president, in 40 years. >> president biden: i got there, but guess what we are? were in a position where it hasn't spiked you can wasn't a spy? president biden tries explaining away inflation while rising cost cripple american families to go our next guest is a single mom who says she goes without basic necessities in order to make sure her kids are taken care of. will get her response to the president next vehicle ♪ ♪
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just $30 per line. there are millions of happy campers out there. and this is the perfect time to join them... with the best mobile price for two lines of unlimited. take the xfinity mobile savings challenge and see how much you can save. switch to xfinity mobile today. ♪ ♪ >> todd: warning signs are growing at the federal reserve decides tomorrow whether or not to raise interest rates because
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economists are expecting a three-quarter point spike for a third consecutive. last month, the fed reserve judge powell gave a blunt warning that inflation is not moderated becker >> many american families are still struggling to stay afloat under the weight of record high inflation, but president biden apparently didn't get the memo. to listen to this. >> mr. president, as you know last tuesday, the annual inflation rate came in at 8.3% because >> president biden: first of all, let's put this in perspective. inflation rate month to month was just an inch, hardly at all because you're not arguing that a point is good news? >> president biden: i'm not saying it's good news. >> at the highest inflation rate in 40 years. >> president biden: i got there, but just what we are? when a position where for the last several months, it hasn't buy, it is just barely -- it's been basically even. >> carley: a single mom of three and joined me now.
1:22 am
jamaica, could monitor your pick a president's message there, inflation went from 8.228.3, no big deal. what you think about? is inflation a big deal to you? >> at a very big deal to me pick a very big deal. >> carley: how is it impacting you and your family? >> we are struggling. we are struggling to meet our needs, basically. we pick and choose what is important for us at the moment and those are the things that we are buying. we don't have the extra two do the things that we want you, we don't have the extra two by the extra things that we would en enjoy. >> carley: , one of the big things that has gone up as the cost of food because milk and bread are up more than 60%, eggs up 39% because she is up 13%, and meet up nearly 17%. has that become a struggle for
1:23 am
you? >> absolutely, it has. i'm finding that the assistance that i would he was not even enough to cover those basic needs every month. maybe enough for two weeks? >> carley: and, you work part-time in construction. your son also helps out by working on a shrimp boat. how are your kids? are they noticing this? do they realize that times are a little bit tighter than they used to be, and how are they responding to that? >> they've actually been great about it because my youngest, is a trend, so it's quite an art with understanding it, but he is realizing that things are different, he gets told no quite more often than what he used to when we go to the store >> like you said, my oldest, he's 14 and he's had to basically go to work
1:24 am
himself when he's not even old enough to work paper to help out for the things that he is used to having. it is affecting, and my daughter, she is great, she has a better understanding about it, so she really doesn't ask for much. that's heartbreaking. >> carley: imagine your daughter and i know that as you said that she goes to one of the better public schools, but it's 20 minutes away, you bring up gas prices because you're in the car for 40 minutes a day to take her to school, bring her back. how does that factor into your expenses? >> that eats up a good bit of my cash that i make. i'm basically working part-time to make up the difference for the groceries and for gas and utilities. if it wasn't for my family, i'm thankful that i have family that -- we have a home that i don't have to pay rent because there is no way that we would
1:25 am
survive. the price of living went up here as well, so there's just no way we would survive. would be homeless. >> carley: we are so glad for your family so you don't have to face that situation because i think that's another reason why you say that you are one of the lucky ones, but the president has decided to tackle this issue by passing the inflation reduction act, which is really a climate change and health care bill. he's also recently canceled $10,000 worth of student loan debt for people who want a college. how do you feel about that? >> honestly, i am a college student -- i was. therefore i, i've had to resign. my mother and my stepfather, we've had to do the work in our home ourselves and come out of pocket for the expenses ourselves, so the student debt
1:26 am
cancelation, that's actually helped me because i do have $40,000 in student debt. i was not able to finish school, so that in itself for me is somewhat of a relief, but it's still not helping in any type of. >> carley: say that you would go without so your kids don't have to, and i think that's a sentiment that all good parents like you can understand jamaica, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. best of luck >> todd: all parents want in this life is to make the kid's lives better y for this white house is making that job so much more difficult than it has to be, and that's s. >> carley: , that's right. our hearts go out to wonder so many people like her because she mentioned her again i'd too and it will in the area that you lived on and on top of inflation, you bring in the natural disasters and it's become a big problem for people like her in louisiana. the democrats and their allies are blaming republican governors for the migrant crisis.
1:27 am
one criminal probe has already been lodged and others could soon follow. is there a legitimate case? our legal expert takes a closer look. >> todd: plus -- >> people who supported trump and to enable trim to have something to apologize for paper >> seems like you have such contempt for half the country record don't think that's going to get us where we need to go. >> todd: bill meyer taking on the lefty yet again. will show you more of that exchange right after this. ♪ ♪
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>> oblique. >> carley: shocking footage they are and where
1:33 am
governor kathy hochul is calling out dar when bragg were going soft on that ax wielding madman who destroyed a mcdonald's because the governor says she was dumbfounded after the suspect was released without bail. >> there is many players in the criminal justice system, starting with the arresting officers who determine what charge to bring, as well as the district attorney, who are actually asking what the thought process was and the decisions that were just made because we have a question about it, because they have the discretion to charge in a different way that would make them bail eligible pickup bigwig at the spec of the ax attack spoke out about the governor, telling "the new york post" "i'm not unhinged, i'm not psychopathic. everybody's talking about how i should be in jail, i 18 hours there, what more do you want?" i can think of a few things 35 whose murder case has gained national attention, has been released from prison after 22
1:34 am
years because syed was sentenced to life in prison back in the year 2,000 for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend. true crime podcast "serial" made his case the center of its first season, garnering support for the accused murderer nationwide while also raising questions about the handling of that investigation back of a judge says there were discrepancies with how evidence was handled. prosecutors will now have 30 days to drop the charges or retry the case because syed will remain under gps surveillance until the decision is made paper at a florida prosecutor, who was removed by governor ron desantis has been denied his request to be reinstated to andrew warren was suspended as suspended as hillsborough county's top prosecutor after refusing to enforce the state's abortion ban, or loss on transgender health cover miners. stood desantis. that case will now head to trial. >> todd: a democrat texas
1:35 am
chair of lodging a criminal investigation into florida governor ron desantis' migrant flight operation to martha's vineyard because big opening up a case with an investigation with regard to the suspected active activities involving the 48 migrants from venezuela because we understand, 48 migrants were lowered. i will use the word lowered, under false pretenses. we do it all comes as new york city mayor eric adams is continuing, considering taking legal action of his own against texas for its busses of migrants to the big apple. alex roy was an attorney and legal affairs reporter for "the washington times" reported on >> it's one thing to talk all tough and the media, like we are going to sue, we are going to raise a criminal investigation to quite another thing entirely to actually have the goods. how is there any criminal liability? >> it's a good question, and i do think the governors have several differences in their toolbox.
1:36 am
i think the first thing to layout is there seems to be five different claims that we see these democratic lawmakers making, and that can be kidnapping, coercion, human trafficking, smuggling, then of course, some of the immigration attorneys that have met these migrants up in matters when have said their civil rights were violated. looking at that array, the problem i see for these claims is that the governors signed releases acknowledging that they knew that they were traveling and where they were going, and saw that could be a defense that desantis and abbott used in these probes. also, in terms of civil rights, one of the arguments is that they were fraudulently taken to martha's vineyard, told that they were going there to be processed and able to work back of the immigration lawyers say now their civil rights have been violated because that was under false pretenses and th there are thousands of miles away from the
1:37 am
immigration court hearings are going to take place. again, desantis and abbott, they can say we have qualified immunity, we were acting on official capacity doing what was best for our state and our residents because i do think that there is some defenses to be used to, i experience as a legal affairs reporter says that if there is going to be a case brought, it will depend on the judge who is overseeing the case because oftentimes, we hear this idea of trump judges or obama judges, and in some things are politically charged, i do think that's true. be documented consent forms for coherence florida governor ron desantis getting more into that. take a listen to, because they all signed consent forms to go, and then the vendor that is doing this for florida provided them with a packet that had a map of martha's vineyard, it had the numbers for different services on martha's vineyard, and then it had numbers for the overall agencies in massachusetts that handle things involving immigration and refugee >> it was clearly voluntary and all of the other nonsense you're hearing is just
1:38 am
not true. >> i agree with governor desantis there on the consent form >> i agree with everything you said in terms of differences, but to me, the best defense is the white house did the exact same thing with the great migrant flight to adjust replica watch good for the goose is good for the gander. what say you? >> yeah, i do think it's also important to know that i believe it's the el paso mayor had been doing the same thing, of course, a democrat, so you haven't seen the same accusations being made against him, and those flights back off of course, it's politics at play, and the courts usually get involved at some point, so i wouldn't be surprised if you see someone trying to muscle in a case against one of these governors, but i'm not sure it will be successful. >> todd: before we let you go, former president of's attorneys are facing a deadline today to respond to the doj motion on te classified document at the end of the legal motions back and forth between the parties, but typically, when a court is reviewing something for
1:39 am
privilege, everything in the case with stops and the investigating party can't go forward to a wider 30 day think it's especially a? that it can continue to review the things even though the court is basically stated pending the review? >> you're right, just actually checked the docket, we have not seen a filing from the drop lawyers y yet to the doj, cours, is claiming that they need to continue reviewing this document or i think it's at least 100 that they are mentioning because this is a national security interests are at stake and that the public is at heart with the still a pick of course, subscribers are going to say a special master was appointed for a reason to go let's take our time, make sure that there is no privilege being violated, whether its executive privilege or attorney client privilege vehicle i believe it's november 30th that the special master has to review this document are the rewards of a? >> let's not forget, president protected by secret service at, logo, one of the most secure places in the world to thank you very much, we appreciate it took a late night
1:40 am
hbo, bill maher clashing with the liberal journalist for attacking americans who support former president donald trump your goal isn't listen >> i do think people who supported rump, and to enable drop to have something to apologize for, and do have a lot to repent for. >> seems like you have such contempt for half the country require don't think that's going to get it to where we need to go, it's a little more nuanced than that i understand why people who make the decision to vote, which most people do based on not what i like the best, but who i had the least. >> todd: when the idea that trump voters need to repent, fellow panelists trace adkins responded in asking forgiveness, adding it's not personal, its policy paper he read it in a much deeper voice pickup >> carley: cool to have him on the panel responding to that in real type replica virginia governor glenn youngkin says he is standing up for parental rights as he faces backlash over a new policy rolling back protections for transgender students and keeping parents informed about what's happening
1:41 am
in the classroom. >> this is about restoring power to parents because let's just be clear pick up children do not belong to the state vehicle they belong to families back when a child is wrestling with this kind of decision, a parent should absolutely be the primary counselor, advisor, and help in wrestling with this decision. >> carley: the policy says that schools shall defer to parents decisions on matters regarding the children, such as gender counseling or transition back the laws are set to go into effect in 30 days, but legal challenges are already expected pack of peter president biden dealing with major fallout from the media and members of his own administration over the head turning declaration. >> president biden: the pandemic is over, and we still have a problem with covert government and were still doing a lot of work on it the pandemic is over. >> here's a question, why are hundreds of teachers still being fired over the vaccine mandate?
1:42 am
will they get the job spec? were going to be talking to one of those teachers coming up next. ♪ ♪
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because president biden says u.s. forces would help defend taiwan if china launched an invasion. >> president biden: taiwan makes their own decisions about the independence. are not encouraging to be independent, that's their decision to speak about u.s. forces defend the island? >> president biden: yes, if, in fact, there was an unprecedented attack deck of peter joe biden's interview in 30 minutes at, the white house says it is maintaining its strategic ambiguity pick of the white house spokesperson said the president has said this before, including in tokyo earlier this year. he also made clear then that our taiwan policy hasn't changed a coherent kayleigh mcenany and the president's foreign policy gaffes. >> it's another thing when it's messing up the doctrine of strategic ambiguity in taiwan, which is done once, not once but twice, in a anonymous white house staffer has to go out and correct it because another thing when he is a -- in a press briefing, giving his second ever press briefing ever,
1:48 am
and he makes this remark about a minor incursion being one thing, and jen psaki has to put out a statement immediately when he has done, which means that in real time, she was probably drafting that statement in her office as the president of the united states was speaking, and any suggested regime change in russia from rmi put it back all of these things could cause major international conflicts, so it's one thing when there are the small things we laugh at, but when the made in the suit, global strategic context, it is very troubling that was because we'll get a response from congressman michael waltz 20 joins us live next hour pickup >> carley: the president has his own controversy right here at home after he declared the pandemic is over to his own administration has different ideas back >> todd: kevin corke joining us live from washington. >> morning to we seen this play before, haven't we? the present was, it is a sitdown interview, and within the hour, the white house is in full on damage control mode in this case, the president's proclamation is not only one of
1:49 am
all of his administration's own positions, his remarks about the end of the covid-19 pandemic in particular drew very sharp criticism from both the political right and left. >> president biden: the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covert, comment were still doing a lot of work with it, it is -- but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape to take a pandemic is over, says the president! okay, granted, it was a bit of a nuanced comment, but it was a comment that drew the applause of millions of americans, who had it up to here with massive mandate, covert testing, general covid his karaoke of not so fast there are many on the left, who are accusing the president of being out of step with the reality on the ground. >> some of this is where places that it's not over, and we don't want to say it is in this country. i think that the need for that
1:50 am
money still exist. >> do you agree the pandemic is over? >> need some more resources. >> they got their hands out. need more pandemic money. as for "the wall street journal," it says mr. biden seems to want it both ways because he wants to reassure americans tired of restrictions on their way of life that the pandemic is over and they can get on with their lives, but he wants to retain the official emergency so he can continue to expand the welfare state and force states to comply. covid cat be an emergency only when it's politically useful. g.o.p. lawmakers point out that the administration's willingness to declare covered emergency on one hand, save for the massive student loan giveaway, which will cost taxpayers billions, but then to watch them declare t over when it comes to enhancing border security measures. under title 42, they say it simply doesn't add up.
1:51 am
>> the president could invoke this authority under a national emergency. emergency is over, but what about those teachers in new york and what about those firefighters? what about all these people who have recently been fired? or the military people who have been let go because they don't believe there is a pandemic? i hope he at least get the word to local officials, to military officials and so on that the pandemic is over. >> a lot of lives around the country absolutely turned upside down by the man dates back in time, mr. biden is expected to come hat in hand to the big apple later on tonight as he attends a dnc reception in new york. we'll be right there with all the coverage, but for now, back to your pickup >> carley: kevin corke, life for us to thank you. even as president biden declares the pandemic is over, macon's teachers are still getting fired for not getting vaccinated against covid-19 pack of paper with the brooklyn elementary school teacher are 15 years, who
1:52 am
was recently fired for not getting the vaccine because she joins us now. you were fired earlier this month and you just heard the president say the pandemic is over to echo what is going to your head right now? >> so why aren't we back at w work? y is eric -- i don't call him my mayor because he's not governing the city as he should, so why is eric not doing his job? why is he not letting the city workers back to what you work? ureter is willing to go back to, by what fir firefighters, so may sydney water's. people are homeless black or white? why is he holding onto this? do you have a personal vendetta against us because what is the problem at this point? it seems personal. >> carley: over 10% during the pandemic is whatever you went into school every single day that you could and it seems like you were almost thanked by getting the pink slip. >> you probably heard people say
1:53 am
we went from hero's two >> you would think we were everybody's -- from our point of view, teachers have it so hard, i didn't know. everybody was a pathetic and we congratulated all of a sudden. you don't want to comply? okay, yeah. by. a department of education did not your religious exemption. i? why would they do that? >> you tell me. i don't know. i appealed about three times per once in -- originally in october, and then again in november, and in february, and finally i got told it was undue hardship. >> carley: hardship for you. do you think -- how is this impacted you and your family, trying to get your job back, then being told no? >> it's impacted my family a great deal psychologically,
1:54 am
emotionally. my career was taken away. i went to school for this because i studied for >> it wasn't just given to me. the the weight was taken from me, it was harsh, it was cruel. it was unjustified. why? my family -- i have two small children, like you said earlier. my husband, he had to take this burden on to basically work hard and try to maintain -- try to bring in to salaries, which is very impossible living in new york to try to maintain our household groceries is endless. it's bad, psychologically, mentally, emotionally purpose. especially with the cost of everything right now, than to be denied a job that you're so willingly worked during the pandemic when other people were trying to stay home and look at the things that you get because there is also a teacher shortage in new york city, so what will
1:55 am
it do to students to fire 2,000 teachers who said that they don't want to get vaccinated? >> i don't know. i don't think eric and the other people really had a plan in mind because how could you do that to student? you say you care about new york city students because i was a product of the system, and let me tell you something, it was harsh back then, and now you're telling me via a whole bunch of teachers. where is the teachers decided there was going to hire? i have colleagues who were stressed out, burnt out over >> >> carley: we thank you so much for coming in, and our hearts go out your pickup in that you are applying to jobs in long island to buy thing as a great idea and we know that you're going to get wanted to thank you so much of the best of luck to it absolutely >> todd: house republicans that were bigger today in a resolution aiming to uncover president biden's involvement in the sun city business that we have all the details and a huge sure i had anywhere. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: house oversight committee set to vote today on resolution forcing president biden to hand over documents about his family's foreign business dealings. you're watching "fox and friends first"s, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. a top republican joined us this morning to tell us what he wants to know about the president's involve mentz and his son's


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