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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 20, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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♪ >> carley: gavin newsom undeniablely run for president if biden does not. >> my intention i said to begin with said i would run again. an intention to run again that remains to be seen. >> a man with an ax wrecks mcdonald's. >> not unhinged. everybody is talking about how i should be in jail. did i my 18 hours, bro. >> the bail reform law was released without bail. >> three people are dead as hurricane fiona deficit states the caribbean. >> brian: millions in puerto rico are in the dark. the entire island is without power. >> that is making rescue and recovery operation -- >> texas sheriff launching an investigation into ron desantis. >> i believe they were preyed upon. >> not only did they not welcome them. they deported them with the
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national guard. >> i really praise him for doing that because it wasn't -- >> pressure, intercepted. matt murano pick six buffalo and it's all bills tonight. ♪ ♪ i want to put on my boogie shoes and boogie with you. >> brian: tennessee is off to a tough start, warsaw, virginia, you know why people live there, it's where the heart of virginia is. it is the heart of the northern neck. and if you love the northern neck, you are going to feel right at home. if everyone has been in the neck of the woods. if anyone has a neck, i think people realize the benefit. >> steve: so does virginia, if they have a neck, do they have shoulders? do they have legs? where is their torso. >> brian: fairfax. then alexandria is the legs. >> carley: bury that beautiful sunrise that came up over
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warsaw, virginia. i wonder if they got their name from poland. >> steve: right this very minute sunrise at 7:01 eastern time] heavenly music] >> brian: am i the only one that can hear that. >> carley: no, everybody can hear it, brian. >> brian: there is no houses. >> ainsley: have you ever been to virginia? >> carley: they can train down there. they are still running apparently. >> steve: it is beautiful. ainsley is traveling back from london. >> carley: she was on air for 700 hours yesterday. >> steve: that's about right. according to the producers who are in the control booth for the same amount of time. >> carley: exactly. and me sitting on couch the whole time in case the shot went down. >> brian: sat here from 4:00 until 9:00. >> carley: with todd. easy work. they did all the work. >> brian: a problem at all. >> carley: never a problem. it was as smooth as butter. >> steve: speaking of butter, in our new cookbook we got this new recipe, brian, i brought it in
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during the commercial. >> brian: i can't believe it's not butter. >> steve: something in the new cookbook that ainsley was talking about and now we are going to present to carley. >> carley: i see it over there. >> steve: in about 10 minutes. so many people asked me after seeing it on the show on saturday how do you make that? i'm going to show you exactly how to make it. it is simple. >> carley: all right. >> brian: fipresident biden facs backlash for declaring the pandemic over. i was happy to live it. >> steve: he was ad-libbing and they had to walk it back. >> brian: did they walk it back. >> steve: more covid relief 19 spending. >> carley: kevin corke joining us live from washington. >> joe biden want you to know that the days of fretting about covid are over. the pandemic is kaput, so says the president. gone the way of the amc pacer, poll esther suits and bell bottoms. >> the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid. we are still doing a lot of work
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on it. it's -- but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. >> okay. so it was a bit of a nuanced response to the question; however, hhs secretary xavier becerra agrees. he said i think the president is correct. i think the president was reflecting what so many americans are thinking and feeling. but not everyone inside the administration is sold, including dr. anthony fauci. >> we are not where we need to be if we're going to be able to, quote, live with the virus because we know we're not going to eradicate it. we only did that with one virus, which is small pox. >> it's not just the are doctor. democrats on the hill aren't quite ready to call it quits on the pandemic. nope. they want to keep the covid cash flowing. >> some of this is for places
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that that's not over and we don't want to see it reintroduced in this country. so i think that the need for that money still exists. >> do you agree the pandemic is over madam speaker. >> i believe we have-we need some more resources. >> we need some more resources. here is what richmond burr thinks about all of that. without a clear plan to wind down pandemic era policies, the deficit will continue to balloon and the effectiveness of public health measures will we wane ase american people confused by mixed messages and distrust of federal officials. meantime in an op-ed in the "wall street journal," the editorial board there accused the president of wanting to have it both ways. he wants to reassure americans tired of restrictions on their way of life, that the pandemic is over. and they can get on with their lives. but, he wants to retain the official emergency, so he can continue to expand the welfare
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state and force states to comply. covid can't be an emergency only when it's politically useful. now, tonight, as you know, the president makes his way over to the big apple for a dnc fundraiser ahead of a u.n. speech. of course we will have all the coverage. for now, back to you. >> brian: all right, kevin, thank you so much. let's think about this 22 million for emergency pandemic funding in the house. that's what nancy pelosi was walking away from. guess we don't need that he know all those people throne out of f thement because they couldn't get vaccinated. teachers, unbelievable out of teachers as a country. those teachers should pick up and go to hillsborough county because they are 300 short there because they didn't get vaccinated they should go. when anthony fauci comes out and says what he meant to say is we are at a stage where we are not losing 3,000 a day. can you imagine if he was that subtle and coy and supportive for president trump?
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he would have been on every network saying president trump had no right to say that we are not out by a long shot. so him doing that actually xavier becerra the health and human services secretary agrees with the president. so we are done. throw out the mask, it is over. >> steve: well, as kevin did details. they had to walk it back. >> brian: they didn't walk it back. steve: because that's how they are given the authority to forgive the $10,000. >> brian: he didn't walk it back the president didn't. they walked back the china statement. they didn't walk back the pandemic statement. >> steve: they walked back many statements because the president went off script for a little while. he was on "60 minutes" over the weekend. and he was asked hey, 2024, around the corner, what are you going to do? he says this you say it's much too early to make the decision. i take it the decision has not been made in your own head. >> look, my intention to begin with i would run again it's just
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an intention. is it a firm decision that i run again? that remains to be seen. >> steve: um-huh remains to be seen. >> carley: how do you read that? a lot of people's first read on that, oh, boy, that doesn't sound like the answer of a man that is running for re-election again. is he hedging there. could also be more complicated than that and it could be an admission that he knows his understanding within the democratic party. think about all of the people running for office in swing states that are running the exact opposite direction from him. so, if he doesn't give a clear answer on that, could it help their chances in the midterm election? but there are also other democrats who might look at him saying i may, may not run for 2024. that's a little unclear and say oh, this could be my opportunity to run for president. >> brian: you could say that. but i see midterms for him not running or running, i wouldn't think that would make that much of a difference, carley. i think what is interesting, he opens up the door for other people to legitimately raise some mope, if he had just said of course i'm running again as i
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told you many times i'm running, as the press secretary says many times he has made it clear he is running again. kamala harris said he is running again and i plan to be his running mate. to me, this on the heels of his -- the first lady saying last week she was on the fence about him running again. >> steve: they haven't talked about it. >> brian: this talk opens the door governor of illinois, governor of california. senator elizabeth warren, senator amy klobuchar, maybe the governor of colorado. this is huge, but, first and foremost, you know 9 guy who has been auditioning for this part, gavin newsom. you know that he wants to run. he has made it clear to others. >> carley: look at him with his jacket off at the white house making himself at home. hey, guys, this is my house. >> steve: sure, is he raising his profile. you know, if donald trump didn't run, you know, the presumptive frontrunner on the republican side would be ron desantis. that's why gavin newsom has challenged ron desantis to a debate over migration. meanwhile, behind the scenes, according to a california
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fundraiser, with ties to the governor, said this to the wrap publication. after this midterm election is over he, gavin newsom is absolutely going to announce that he is running for presidency once biden announces he is not running, no ifs, ands or buts, he will run if biden does not. so owe is -- you know, he is hedging it right there. if biden does not, then he is in. but we have heard that a lot about a bunch of people. >> ainsley: that makes so much sense because governor newsom, governor of california, why would he be so interested in florida governor ron desantis if he isn't going to run for president or has some possible intentions to. and thinks that governor desantis is the future of the republican party and oh, by the way, desantis just broke a gubernatorial fundraising record in florida, 177 point $4 million. that looks like enthusiasm. >> steve: unbelievable.
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>> brian: sense is after the midterm trump declares. big question will desantis do it anyway. i also think it's important to bring that up gavin newsom, the only negative thing he has on him is his performance and track record. the only thing he has been successful at is everyone wanting to leave to california that he has lorded over. the only thing worse in california as a whole is san francisco specifically where he was mayor. where the only thing he has led is grown the homeless population the way he shut down that city. the way he kept the kid out of school. the way he ate at the french laundry. the way he put his kids in private school. i have never seen -- i give you, he looks the part. but if you look at what he has done, it is amazing that he fields as though he would be legitimate contender on prosecutor performance. >> steve: well, if he ran against ron desantis, to your point, carley, $177 million in the bank running for governor. charlie crist, his opponent has raised $20 million. so, of the money that ron desantis has, he got 20 million
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from the republican governor's association, and 42 billionaires have donated to his campaign from 15 different states. the donor class is excited to help ron desantis. >> brian: if donald trump wasn't running he would absolutely be in again, i think youngkin is going to be in again. i think for sure that's going to happen. i would not be surprised if ted cruz jumped in. and they got to find a way to do it knowing that many of them, mike pompeo and nikki haley did it while working with donald trump. so how can you work for a guy and then go against that guy? you have to be critical of him. >> steve: let's see what happens after the midterms. it's all about the midterms. in the meantime all about the news. we are a news channel. take a look at the headlines start with it. the no, man terrorizing the local mcdonald's back on the street thanks to cashless bail. the suspect spoke out after his release telling the "new york post," quote: i'm not unhinged.
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i'm not psychotic. everybody is talking about how i should be in jail. did i my 18 hours, bro. what else do you want? meanwhile, fox news digital finishing the month of august as the top news brand. according to come score. it was our 18th consecutive month leading in multi-platform minutes with 2.9 billion watched. and we're at our third straight month at the top of the charts for views with 1.5 billion. fox news also remained the most engaged brand on social media with 34.5 million total interactions. thanking you, of course. speakings of fox news digital. it's time for the fox news digital wiz fall quiz. will. >> carley: uh-oh. >> steve: biologists refer to which animal's increased mobility as the fall shuffle as noted by fox weather, a squirrel, a coyote, a bear or a deer? which one do you think?
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>> carley: i will go fall shuffle, a bear is going to sleep in the fall. >> brian: you don't go sleep yet you got to eat in the fall. >> carley: i will go deer. >> steve: you talked me into the bear because they are going to hibernate in the winter. >> carley: slow down. >> brian: i'm going bear too. >> carley: stick with bear. >> steve: the answer is c a bear. >> carley: next question. >> brian: how many variations of apples exist around the world? 2,000, 7500? 725, or 100? >> carley: 725. >> brian: how much money is on the line for this? >> steve: i will buy you an apple. i will go with 100. >> brian: trying to think teacher. >> steve: there is the answer. >> carley: a lot of pies you can make. >> brian: tireless thinking. >> carley: there you go.
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>> steve: speaking of pie, made with pumpkin. >> the final question which state is the largest pumpkin producer, illinois, michigan, maine or new jersey? >> brian: wherever the most dunkin' donuts are. >> carley: i don't know this one either. i'm going to go with new jersey. >> brian: i'm going to go maine. >> steve: i'm going to go michigan. and the answer is illinois. >> carley: we all got it wrong. borders. >> carley: i grew up in new jersey there are a lot of pumpkins there, just saying. >> steve: speaking of fall, we have a recipe for a nice fall breakfast. take a look and then carley is going to try it. >> my wife's gave kathy's favorite breakfast sweet roll mine bacon. we have put them together to create maple bacon cream cheese cinnamon rolls in our simply happy cookbook. do you know what? it's simple to make. watch. first, lay strips of bacon on nonstick sheet pan place them in
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the oven 425. take them out and brush each one with a little syrup. now, back in the oven. bake until cooked but not crispy. then set aside. lay out a sheet of parchment paper and grab your cinnamon rolls. unroll each one. thin place the bacon like this. now, let's roll. place in a greased baking pan and put back in the oven at 325 degrees can. cook until deeply brown about like this. >> oh, baby. >> now it's time to make the frosting, add cream cheese, icing from the sin monthly roll can. milk, maple syrup stir until perfectly smooth. now, slather on and serve. how good does that look?
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>> >> steve: right? okay. >> carley: i can answer that question it looks really good. >> steve: go ahead and have a taste. >> carley: oh, yeah. >> steve: i was out the last couple of days and people said how easy is that to make? just take a can of grand cinnamon rolls, unroll and put cooked bacon in there. isn't that delicious? >> carley: coziest thing. this is going to be perfect for people's saturday morning breakfast. >> steve: we do when it's just kathy and me we make five of them and eat them over two days. >> brian: will you ever sell them? >> steve: not a bad idea. >> carley: amazing and easy. >> brian: with coffee? >> steve: so easy. it's simple. thanks to all of you simply happy cookbook is the number one cookbook in the world. if you would like more information where to get a autographed copy go simply happy >> carley: will you autograph my copy for free? >> steve: you already have one. >> carley: you haven't autographed it yet.
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>> steve: where is the book? >> ainsley: it's in my office. i will give it to you later. thank you for making it. >> steve: delicious. >> brian: walmart. >> steve: the walmart edition has a special holiday chapter. it's really good. >> brian: go get it. >> steve: 18 minutes now after the hour. still ahead. hurricane fiona a category 3 storm. tracking its latest path, that coming up. >> carley: plus, denying biden, the president claims inflation hasn't spiked despite prices hitting a 40-year high. stuart varney joins us live with the reality check for the commander-in-chief, he is next. he is coming in right now. >> brian: who is not high. ♪
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♪ >> inflation rate month-to-month is unjust an inch, hardly at all. >> you are not arguing that 8.3 is good news? >> no, i'm not saying it is good news. it was 8.2 or 8.2 before. i mean, you are making it sound like all of the sudden my god it went to 8.2%. we are in a position where for the last several months it hasn't spiked. it has just barely -- it's been basically even. >> brian: my answer is my god it's 8.2%. president biden denying the impacts of inflation as americans struggle to make ends meet. >> carley: here now with reaction is host of varney and company and american built on fox business. stuart varney. stuart, can you believe that answer? it's almost like he was trying to make it sound like a good thing. >> the president is out of touch and i think it's deliberate. he is delusionally ignoring the number one issue for voters in november. that is inflation. you can't fool people. they know they are paying what
4:24 am
is it 16% more they feel it. a president who says wait a minute, it's not that bad. i have inflation reduction acts in place that will cut inflation why didn't he say that he knows perfectly well it won't cut inflation. nat gas and electricity prices are going straight up. >> brian: people feeling the utilities. >> it's going to get worse. the moment the weather turns colder and do that pretty soon -- almost said it, didn't i pretty darn soon. well, the moment that happens, your home heating bill goes up. and your electricity bill goes up because na. >> it is in short supply it effects elected et cetera et cetera. >> steve: one figure last week. fuel oil which a lot of people depend on gone up 70%.
4:25 am
jaw-dropping. later today the feds are going to meet up and jack up interest tritsd try to slow this economy down. you will see all kinds of speculation today are they going to raise interest rates 57 bases points or 100 bases points. there is a cottage industry of fed watching, just speculation. the fact is interest rates are going up. mortgages are now above 6%. double from what they were two years ago. auto loans, the interest rate on them going up. credit card rates going up. and today -- tomorrow afternoon, the federal reserve will announce just by how much they are raising interest rates. be sure they are going up. it will slow the economy for sure. this is not a positive for the economy. it's a negative. >> brian: right. those numbers, we didn't have time to go over it. eggs up 40% for the most part. 16% across the board. people go shopping they feel it every single day along with gas. national guard, self-inflicted wound. we could frac our way right out
4:26 am
of this and choosing not to. and those people in pennsylvania, if you voted for senator hoodie, the senator fetterman make him the next senator, he does not want to frac at all. >> this goes back to the original mistake on the first days of the biden administration. he ended america's energy independence. doing that created all kinds of problems which we are now feeling. there is a shortage of national guard, and we are not allowed to pipeline it to the right places. so prices are going up. we are all going to get hurt. the bottom line is, our standard of living, for virtually all americans is going down. >> brian: yep waiting for the electric car to start working and live will be good again. >> can't wait. >> carley: can't plug them in even though you have to have one. >> brian: don't know how to make them fast 20 a year. we are out of chips. >> president who ignores this fundamental problem which every single one of us faces and tries to get around it and ignore. >> brian: people act outraged and say it's not enough just because you are a democrat or
4:27 am
republican. you should not vote for people trying to hurt our country, that and seems all these policies hurt our country and quality of life. >> i'm with you all the way. >> steve: stuart going to be talking about the fed starting 9:00 this morning over on fox business. also watch him on american built tonight on fox business prime. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. stuart. >> brian: he changes into jeans and goes outside. >> that's not true. >> carley: you have his wardrobe schedule down. >> steve: do you have a pair of jeans. >> i do. >> steve: you wear them out of the farm. >> brian: he wears them out of building. >> will you leave me alone? >> steve: brian, that is his disguise. >> stuart: what is that show ambush? >> brian: i think you look good in jeans. >> stuart: thank you. >> carley: alarming report alleges venezuela releasing prisoners and sending them to our southern border. ken c cuccinelli on that next.
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4:32 am
republic and millions in puerto rico are still in the dark as the entire long island remains without power. let's go to meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast for more on this story. adam, good morning. >> good morning, carley, yeah. this powerful storm only continuing to strengthen as it is running over warm waters, now lifting its way up into the bahamas. as you mentioned passing puerto rico, passing the dominican republic sitting just to the north there. still though enough moisture being drug behind us that flooding could still be in a bit of a problem there flood watches are in place across u.s. virgin islands, across puerto rico again today until this evening. where eventually this system lifts far enough to the north that it's really going to get a chance to dry off a little bit. this is our future forecast and track. you do see winds eventually climbing up to 140 miles per hour. bermuda is going to be in the bulls eye of this by the time you get into friday morning. running off to the north and east. you do notice we stay way off the coast. so it's not going to make landfall in the u.s. it's not going to impact the land in that way; however, this
4:33 am
is your forecasted wave heights. and we could see choppy coast lines up and down the coast in the week ahead. likely high rip current current. that's something we will be paying attention to. those are the weather headlines for now tossing it back inside jails in washington state reportedly refusing to take in felons as they struggle with staffing shortages. the potus millennial obtaining paperwork from bounty hunters who have delivered wanted felons only to have them denied by facility staff. one sheriff even warning the problem could get worse saying we have strict booking restrictions in place due to staffing shortages. we have 55 correction deputy positions open and may see more retirements and transfers by the end of the year. that is not good. also not good, a customer who left a $3,000 tip earlier this summer is now being sued by the
4:34 am
restaurant made famous by the office. alfredo's pizza cafe or pizza by alfredo? >> michael, there is a very big difference between two pizza places both in quality of ingredients and in overall taste which one did you order from? >> pizza by alfredo. >> no. >> well, alfredo's pizza cafe is suing the diner who now wants their $3,000 tip returned. the generous gratuity was given back in june as part of a social media trend called tips for jesus. oh, boy. steve, over to you. quite the controversy there. >> steve: no kidding. carley, thank you very much. meanwhile, there were more than 200,000 migrant encounters at our southern border in august alone topping 2 million this fiscal year. more than 50,000 of those crossing were migrants apparently from venezuela, cuba, or nicaragua. following reports of venezuelan
4:35 am
prisons sending violent criminals to the u.s. border. joining us right now to discuss is former acting dhs deputy secretary and center for renewing america senior fellow ken cuccinelli. ken, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> does this surprise you that it sounds as if venezuelan government is purposefully freeing inmates some convicted of murder and rape and saying you can go. how about north to america. >> yeah. this is their own variation of the boot lift from the 1980s where castro opened his jails and sent them to america if you mate america like maduro does, this is a double win for you. you save money in your prisons and you dump a strategic problem in every community in america. and it's almost surprising it took them this long to figure it out with the open borders policy. i mean, we always think of things from our perspective, steve. but, think if you are, say, a
4:36 am
terrorist who wanted to kill a former president and you needed team members, how would you get them? you would walk them over the wide open southern border. and it shouldn't surprise us that our strategic enemies take advantage of this same opening that joe biden has given them. >> steve: right. what about this? speaking of joe biden. when he was running, he said of donald trump's wall on our southern border, joe biden said not another foot of wall would be constructed if he was running and he wand here he is in augusf 2020. listen to real quick. >> trump campaigned on build that wall. are you willing to tear that wall down? >> no, there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration. >> steve: but, fast forward to today, and now we do know that apparently the department of homeland security is already working on contractors to go to
4:37 am
arizona to resume some of the wall construction. so, despite what he said right there, and despite what they will say from the podium of the white house who they are actually building more wall. >> yeah, they are going to do that certainly through november 9th when mark kelly's re-election campaign will be over in arizona. and that is why they are doing it. this is -- they are targeting a particular election in a particular state they know, frankly joe biden's immigration policies have been under water with ordinary americans who vote democrat since he implemented them. and so that doesn't help mark kelly in arizona where they are bearing the brunt of this. every state gets hit by this illegal wave. but, arizona is, of course, on the frontline. this is to help mark kelly in his re-election as frankly, masters closes in on him now within the bhar gin of error in
4:38 am
many polls, there is desperation in the white house to keep him. >> steve: interesting. all comes back to politics. >> it does. >> steve: ken, thank you very much for being with us today. >> good to be with you, steve. >> steve: 22 minutes before the the top of the hour. coming up on this tuesday, democrats are still trying to squeeze american taxpayers to fight covid despite president biden saying this about covid. >> the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain reacts and he will not be wearing a mask on the other side of this time-out ♪ i need the dollar, the dollar is what i need ♪ hey, hey ♪ i need, i need dollar, dollar that's what i need ♪ and if i share with you my share your dollar with me ♪
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4:43 am
covid. we are still doing a lot of work on it. it's -- but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks. everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. >> carley: president biden dealing with major fallout from the media and members of his own administration as he declares covid is over. media headlines melting down calling the remarks reckless, accusing him of being out-of-step with the reality on the ground. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain joins us now. will, good morning. >> good morning carley. >> will: so are can a car the president says the pandemic is over and the media is furious. is the reaction. >> will: this moment reveals the entire pandemic as the at least how it has been handled from a policy perspective. i don't think it gives to what happened to the american people the last two years. our lives have been toyed with. our lives have been manipulated for the acquisition and
4:44 am
retention of power. that is politics. here is what i mean and how i back it up, carley. as recently as two weeks ago. joe biden was wearing a mask outside. outdoors against all science, he was wearing a mask outside. and now two weeks later, the pandemic is over. he passed that student loan forgiveness bill or actually he pushed through that student loan forgiveness executive action, the plan to push it through with executive action because of covid. because of covid measures. he is using covid when he wants, when it's necessary to consolidate and retain power and now that the midterms elections are here. is he going to play politics once again and toy with our lives hopefully for his party to win power by declaring victory over covid. >> carley: yeah, you know, you bring up the student loan situation. also i spoke to a teacher, will, on "fox & friends first," who just lost her job because she refused to get vaccinated. her story is particularly sad because she went into school
4:45 am
every single day her school was open because she wanted to her there for her kids. this is the thanks she gets. now she is out of work. >> president just declared the pandemic is over. so shouldn't she get her job back. >> absolutely. military, teachers. >> carley: yeah, military, you too. >> will: private citizens all lost. that's only the most recent examples. over the past two years how many people have lost their job because of the vaccine, because of the requirement to be vaccinated? by the way can we define that? what does it mean to be vaccinated? i'm not 100 percent sure. does that mean you have the latest booster or now calling it the updated shot, i believe. is that what is required to fulfill the definition? really quick, carley, so this moment on "60 minutes," i think it's great symbol. so, you have got the president of the united states, i guess, by most accounts, making a blunder, i mean his administration didn't know, his staff didn't know he was going to say this. so he makes a blunder. he is ultimately powerless. the real power behind the throne is the main stay in the american
4:46 am
government that is the administrative state, they push back. and i'm not talking about like hhs political appointees, i'm talking about the ones that are there despite whatever political party is in power. right? i'm talking about the ones like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. the pandemic is not over. we need all these measures still in place. we started our conversation with the media. i would count them among that administrative state. always there, and they needed -- they needed covid like those mid level bureaucrats did because it gave them, well, quiet honestly, circulation. >> carley: absolutely. >> will: gave them attention. >> carley: and a moral high ground. you bring up a great point. sometimes in politics the greatest truths are found in political blunders. i think this is a perfect example of that will, thank you so much for joining us. >> will: thanks, carley. >> carley: see you soon. all right. coming up the november midterms now seven weeks away. will republicans be able to reclaim control of congress? tammy bruce, chris prudhome and sean duffy share their
4:47 am
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bolts show parties equally split. comments to abortion. republicans hold key advantage on border security, crime and the economy. i have a political panel ready here to talk about it. tammy bruce along with chris prudhome and sean duffy. tammy, start with you. >> yes, sir. >> brian: are we really in a dead heat right now? in june we were talking about a red wave. >> yeah, we were. i think that what we have got with polls and we always say, you know, we can't trust the polls, et cetera. this looks like a dead heat but that seems very strange, doesn't it? i would suggest something that is a suppression factor for republicans once again willing to speak with pollsters is when your rhetoric calls them semi fascist and when there is people being arrested. search warrants are being distributed. the january 6th committee and republicans are full fascist or semi fascist or supremacists.
4:52 am
how safe do you think people are going to feel answering questions. >> brian: phone rings. >> about where you stand it. doesn't mean you are afraid. there is a bit of withdrawal from the system. what they want to find out about you, the people's phones being confiscated higher level with specific people. all republicans feel under attack. i think that effects polls. >> brian: chris, what the republicans are going to run on is the economy. they are going to run on the border security. and run on crime. what democrats are going to run on is abortion and they are going to run on trump and mar-a-lago. who is going to be more successful. >> republicans. polls say right now the majority of americans, i think it's 58% would much rather have a member of congress that they select based on the economy. not on abortion. people are voting by their pocketbooks. people are tired. go in costco and a slap of ribs $17 more than what it was 3 and 5 years ago.
4:53 am
>> effects everyone. >> absolutely ridiculous. gas and everything else. 63% of americans who their income they are saying is not catching up with inflation. it's just too much right now. the rising costs of everything right now doesn't make sense. people are just tired of it. >> brian: did the president help himself in that interview on sunday? >> no. >> brian: supposed to talk about inflation. at least it's gone down from 9. >> what's interesting is on the numbers, brian, 46-46. that's the the then neighbor balloting. looks like even race. republicans can still win and pick up seats when they're down by 4, 5, 6% in the generic balloting. i would still tell you this is going to be a red wave. >> brian: you still think so. >> absolutely. republicans will win 25, 35 seats still in the house. still win the senate. democrats have done a great job on abortion. they are calling republicans extremists and republicans are not doing a good job pushing back going i'm an extremist? you want late term partial birth
4:54 am
abortion. you are spending like drunken sailors. you want to defund the police. republicans aren't pivoting back to the issues that matter. you need to muddy the water on abortion. i'm a lifetime conception guy. you could say both sides are extreme. leave abortion alone and worry about the issues that effect your family, your life and your pocketbook. if they do that win more seats. >> brian: tammy, the fact is more women registered since you saw what happened in kansas went to zero abortion 15 weeks. mitch mcconnell behind closed doors changed his tune and put money behind it. he says is he cautiously optimistic about taking the senate. giving money to blake masters. giving money over to herschel walker specifically. >> we noticed that i would like mitch mcconnell to be a different and optimistic in front of doors as opposed to behind the closed doors, because the american people, republicans, others this is supposed to be a leader here. but, right now he also sees trends. he wants to be a winner.
4:55 am
sees where things are going. the american people -- some people are saying the republican party oh, this is, you know, short-term successes. the fact of the matter is our lives can be destroyed in the short-term. we have seen what can happen in 18 months. my god, this is -- what short-term? there is no short-term. tomorrow matters. and especially with abortion or anything else, your lives are decided based on if you have the money to be able to have a child, if you feel confident about the future. and right now this is what has got to be fixed. >> comfortable walking on the street at 9:00 at night. >> great point. >> brian: where does crime rank. >> in polls 3. depends where you live new york city, philadelphia, big issue. even in new york if you are running for governor, if you can change 2%, 3% of the vote new york city you can win a state race. >> brian: chris, not people covered it but lee zeldin showed up in front of that mcdonald's where that ax-wielding angry guy who got 18 hours in prison who almost killed people was let
4:56 am
out. is that what republicans have to do? >> so i think it's things like that that is causing a major issue, right? crime is absolutely up across america i live in d.c. as you know, we have had break-ins. i live in a pretty nice place. things have changed dramatically. people are tired of it. economic standpoint people are tired. and number two, when you have these talks of minimize police departments. crazy. >> brian: unfortunately, we have to end it there. >> not just crime though. people see it on tv. your town might be better. nobody wants great american cities to be destroyed. >> hispanic voters are going to matter. [laughter] >> tammy: we are talking again. shut up. >> brian: 2 million people cross the border illegally. we will discuss that. that's all i can say because they kept and harris faulkner is here. how are you? >> fine. ♪
4:57 am
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>> launching an investigation. >> not only are they not local, but the border with the national guard. >> they praise them for doing that. >> a man with -- >> i'm not so product. everybody is talking how i should be in jail. >> released without bail. >> 32 senate republicans wrote


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