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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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from her rescuers. that is fantastic news and a special day. tomorrow on "special report," president biden addresses the u.n. general assembly we will bring you there, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: still unafraid. love it. >> bret: sometimes you have to say it. >> jesse: you do. thanks, bret. >> jesse: fox news alert. live on the ground waiting for a plane full of illegal immigrants nearby joe biden's million dollars beach house in delaware. the only way to get the president to racket to the open border because cbs spoke to him for "60 minutes" and it never came up is to send had migrants to his doorstep. he finally said something about the illegals being dropped off where he vacations today. >> addressing migrants to delaware. do you have any comment or response to that, sir? >> he should come visit.
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we have a beautiful shoreline. >> jesse: desantis isn't going to delaware. it's not a swing state. but every news camera in the country went. have you ever seen this many reporters at the southern border? no. the flight is too far and it's dusty. you don't win pulitzers at the border plus the humidity messes up your hair. trust me, i know. the only way you can get the media to cover the border is to bring the border to the northeast where it's a short drive from all their bureaus and the journalists, quote, unquote. can be back home that night for dinner. ron desantis called them out for it earlier today. >> i haven't heard a peep about all the people that have been told by biden you can just come in and they are going -- they are being abused by the cartels, they are drowning in the rio grande. you had 50 that died in some shed in texas. i heard no outrage about any of that. i haven't heard outrage about all the fentanyl that's come across the border that killing americans in record numbers.
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the only thing i hear them getting upset about is you have 50 that end up in martha's vineyard. then they get really upset. [laughter] >> jesse: if we learned anything from martha's vineyard it's that liberals don't want migrants anywhere near them. to them the border isn't a crisis. the crisis is when illegals come out of the shadows. only a matter of time before the illegals at biden's beach house get deported back down south where they belong. biden is lucky that desantis is sending him the polite migrants could be a lot worse. a new report shows that venezuela is emptying out its prisons, sends its most violent inmates, murderers and rapists straight into texas. good thing biden is building a half a million dollars wall across his property. for someone who never sees anything coming, boy did biden get lucky. the wall was supposed to keep hunter in now it has a dual use, it will keep migrants out. >>this is a national security risk. and exactly what fidel castro
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did to the united states back in the 1980s. >> for fidel castro, it was tantamount to an act of genocide with one fell swoop he rid cuba of thousands and thousands of undesirables. he emptied his prisons, he cleared the bumps off the streets of havana, murderers, thieves, perverts, prostitutes. rounded up and sent to harbor and put aboard boats headed for miami. >> jesse: when socialists sense weakness they pounce. first time in u.s. history, border patrol witnessed 2 million people breaking into our country. 78 of those were on the fbi's terror watch list shattering another record. and just think how many got away while the border patrol was changing diapers. it's not safe for us. and it's not safe for the migrants. it's a death march. illegals are raped, tortured and extorted by the cartels, many drowned in the rio grande. biden is in business with the cartels. they are in the same supply chain. human traffics is the only
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supply chain that biden hasn't broken. and the man won't take any responsibility. >> why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> because there are three countries that are never -- there are fewer -- there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and from mexico. it's a totally different circumstance. what's on my watch now is venezuela, cuba, and nicaragua. and the ability to send them back to those states is not rational. >> jesse: he always has an excuse, doesn't he? every record he breaks if it's on the border, inflation, gas prices, it's never his fault. there is nothing come passion compassionateabout this biden hf stone. he welcomed refugees until they came to their neighborhoods. and then the democrats turned into ice agents and started deporting. look at chicago. texas sent them a few bus loads and they shipped them to the suburbs. the mayor of d.c. declared a public emergency when the migrants showed up.
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she tried to call in the national guard but the big guy wouldn't let her. the national guard can only protect the capitol from trump supporters, remember? and in new york, mayor eric adams wants to strand the migrants out at sea. his plan? is to put migrants on cruise ships in international waters, you know, so thee can see the statue of liberty but they can't set foot on ellis island. isn't that much better than living on martha's vineyard? democrats are trafficking migrants into military bases, quarantine cruise ships, dumping them into homeless shelters. but somehow desantis is the one under criminal investigation for flying 50 migrants into an island paradise that obama calls home. >> what infuriates me the most about this case is that here we have 48 people that are already on hard times, right? they are here legally in our country at that point. they have every right to be where they are. and i believe that they were preyed upon. somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people to just
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be exploited and hood winked into making this trip to florida and then onward to martha's vineyard for what i believe to be nothing more than political posturing. >> jesse: have you ever seen a kidnapping victim look so happy? someone, please kidnap me and drop me off at the kennedy compound. a before desantis flew them out they were homeless and hungry. after a few hours the vineyard libs gave them all the boot. all of a sudden diversity was no longer our strength. the migrants aren't allowed to sleep in the mansions even if they are empty. they are not even allowed to clean the mansions. there is over 50 job postings in the local vineyard newspaper. a job for every illegal. but the vineyard liberals would rather go through a work shortage than have to live next to tacos as jill biden called them. back in texas sheriff salazar the guy who opened the criminal investigation into desantis says there is plenty of jobs in san antonio for the migrants. >> if you go to any restaurant
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in san antonio, texas right now. you are going to wait a long time to get your table even though there is empty tables because there is not enough wait staff to wait on you. wait a long time for your food. not enough people in the back. half the people aren't showing up to work. hire these folks. >> jesse: open the border, the sheriff is hungry. who cares how many terrorists come in. the quesadillas aren't going to cook themselves. desantis under criminal investigation because he flew the sheriff to waiters to the vineyard. who is the sheriff anyway? "primetime" did some digging. the guy fired a prison guard because she supported trump. campaigned for biden in texas even rode on joe's bus. not an electric bus. sorry, kamala. but since then joe has given salazar the cold shoulder. he ignored every letter the sheriff sent. maybe investigating desantis is his way to get the president's attention. you know how jealous girlfriends can be. 53 illegals found dead in the back of a hot tractor-trailer.
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do you guys remember that story? that happened this in this sheriff's county right under his nose. and the sheriff, who is supposed to be watching for that stuff, blamed governor abbott. guy obviously looking for a job in d.c. instead of cracking down on human trafficking in his own county sex slavery the guy would rather go in front of a camera and say look bad. can't tell what you law desantis broke. >> at this point i'm not able to definitively say here is the statute that they broke either federal state or local what i can tell you it's wrong from a human rights perspective what was done do these folks was wrong. >> jesse: democrats are investigating people not crimes. biden is the most prolific human trafficker in american history. secretly flying and busing migrants across the country for two years. he doesn't give anybody a heads up. half the time the migrants don't even know where they are going. no one moves bodies better than
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biden. the cartels have never had a better business partner. biden flies thousands into red states in the middle of the night. but if desantis flies 50 to a blue state in broad daylight, that's kidnapping? this is how the democrats stay in power. look what they are doing. they are trying to bring criminal charges against the two leading republican presidential candidates. donald trump and ron desantis. trump's house gets raided because a librarian got mad and desantis is under investigation for giving a few migrants a free vacation. comedian adam carolla is the author of "everything reminds me of something. " and he joins me now. i mean, this has gotten crazy. what do you think, adam? >> well, it's great publicity because finally people are talking about it because all they covered at the border is horseback, border guards whipping haitian people refugees. that's all they had. so finally we are getting some
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news coverage. by the way, that sheriff who goes i don't know if this is against the law, i don't know if it's any state or federal statute. but i know it's wrong. is that how the law works. i think balding guys who have ponytails are wrong but i don't want to incarcerate them. >> jesse: that's a federal code 32 u.s. c is that when a balding sheriff in texas county feels something is wrong, i mean, that's 3 to 5 years in federal prison. >> yes, it is the -- it's the opposite of law law enforcement. you either break the law or you don't. it's not you and your big butt feeling like something is wrong. but, also, good luck making the case, like you send somebody to guantanamo bay or devil's island in french guyana, that's one thing. you send them to martha's vineyard. can you imagine a judge -- by the way the people got sent to
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martha's vineyard walked here from honduras not lining they pulled them out of a four star hotel in dallas. >> jesse: being killed, drowning, they get to a place that has all you can eat new england clam chowder? lobster rolls for all the eye can see? that is cruel and unusual punishment, adam. >> well, first off, i hope it's a trend. i hope we keep going with it. i hope we get it down to like kamala harris is going to the opera tonight. good. let's get a whole bunch of illegals and send them down to the opera house. i think we should get more granular with that. forget about vacation homes. let's get into the actual locations, restaurants, broadway. hustle it up. all we have to do is get their
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calendar. >> joe biden is going to be in new york to speak at the u.n. tomorrow. abbott or desantis if you are watching, send them to laguardia and we can bus them right into the u.n. i understand there is going to be traffic. i think it's going to be worth the side show. that's the only way you are going to get these guys' attention. adam carolla, go check out his new book. thanks, as always, for joining "primetime." >> thank you. >> jesse: joe biden isn't running the country. new evidence that he is not in charge of his own party or his administration. also, was a teenager murdered because somebody thought he was an ultra maga republican? next. ♪ when cold symptoms keep you up, try vicks nyquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms,
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finding a politician that tells you the truth a lot easier said than done.
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even blue moon in washington let the truth slip out. over the weekend joe biden did just that. >> is the pandemic over? the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid. we are still doing a lot of work on it but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks. everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. so i think it's changing. >> oh, joe. it doesn't sound like you were supposed to say that and as soon as he did, the white house returned out to walk it back saying the president's comments do not mark a change in policy towards the administration's handling of the virus. biden's press team even had to work overtime to correct the record. watch. >> the president said -- and he was very clear in his "60 minutes" interview that covid remains a problem and we are fighting it. >> jesse: pretty sure he said it's over but, fine, he was so clear. it wasn't just the white house who tried to fix biden's mess, democrats all came out to say
4:19 pm
today what biden really meant to say is that cody is not actually over. >> do you agree the pandemic is over madam speaker. >> i believe we have -- sources to make sure it's over. >> the president's comment was that we have the ability to treat covid both in terms of testing and boosters so the panic of a pandemic is not present. >> i think what the president was trying to say is that the worst of the pandemic is over. >> jesse: even late night hosts besides gutfeld couldn't believe biden just told the truth. >> i wasn't expecting the end of a two and a half year nightmare announced on the floor of the detroit auto show. like 20 to all over again. whenever biden staffer read the car engine that's why we are going to war with. >> he said the pandemic is over. which is weirdly not reassuring at all.
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like saying freddy kruger is dead and never coming back. yeah. no one is wearing masks, right, audience? pepper who toopg it seriously dr. anthony fauci. as soon as rushed to the first camera he could find not so fast. covid isn't going anywhere. >> we are not where we need to be if we're going to be able to, quote, live with the virus because we know we're not going to eradicate it. >> dr. fauci is saying the president is just speaking in his personal capacity. don't mind him. so, what should would he be doing wearing double masks and letting the democrats just dominate you over a permanent pandemic? yep, pretty much. doesn't sound like biden is in charge here, does it the president says one thing the democrats and media and even
4:21 pm
fauci come out and say another. they did the same thing when biden said they were going to war with russia and china and now doing it when he said covid has been crushed. every time the guy talks they all say don't take the president seriously. no wonder they don't let him go out and talk. >> i'm not supposed toen answering all these questions. >> i'm going to get in trouble with my -- my staff. go ahead. pretend answer you. >> i will take your questions and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people i'm going to call on. >> afghanistan. oh the easter bunny. >> >> still consider a pariah. >> pandemic is not over until the easter bunny says it's over. almost like joe biden isn't the ones pulling the strings here are you surprised. all getting rich and powerful over the pandemic and not going to let the president of the united states stop that. >> rand paul is a kentucky
4:22 pm
senator who joins me now. so, why do they want to cling to this pandemic so thoroughly, dr. paul? >> well, you know, jesse, this may come as a surprise to you i'm not sure that joe biden is fully in charge of the government or fully in charge of his wits for that matter. the thing is that the response to this has always been about submission and control of the individual. these are the people who truly believe in the nanny state whether it's your business they want to be in charge of or your healthcare. and they can't give it up. i mean, look, if you have been to florida any time in the last two years the pandemic was over two years ago in florida. it's still going on in the minds of democrats, but it hasn't been on the ground for a long time and they finally have gotten to the point where they, you know, they are for ridiculous things. they would have your pets in masks if you could. if you went to the kersh they kentucky derbyderby, horses in .
4:23 pm
i hope we never do this again. the mask domestic violence not change the trajectory of the disease at all. the stickers on the floor. they only made the people who made the stickers richer. they didn't do anything to the disease. and, guess what? if you watch a virus fly around with a really fine microscope, they will go around plexiglass. who knew? who knew that the virus could fly around the plexiglass. so, no, these people i compare their science and dr. fauci's advice to 14th century the plague doctors that were trying to stop. you remember the ones that wore the really funny nose and put smelly resins inside the nose to try to scare away the virus. dr. fauci's science is not far removed from that. when i asked him about basic immunology and the fact that you get an immune response from having had the virus oh, yes, i wrote the chapter on immunology
4:24 pm
in 1942's edition of internal medicine. i said well, reread the chapter. you used to believe in immunology. we showed him the clip from 2004 where he responds and says if you have had the virus, the virus is as good as any vaccination or better. he used to believe that. and now he only wants us to submit. he wants to be in charge. if he can get one more hit on television, that's what he is looking for. >> jesse: real quick, you are running against the guy in kentucky, released against you. what he was the plan. >> if people want to see what i'm up against and a lot of people are up against go to rand paul got come. this is a guy who thinks we should defund the police and have reparations for slavery and i don't think that's going to be very popular in kentucky. >> jesse: i agree with that
4:25 pm
thank you for joining "jesse watters primetime." the man who had a ax and swung mcdonald's. out on bail and explaining himself. and the video that don lemon does not want you to see. i'm quite harmless, really. and when people ask, “but aren't you linked to dangerous flu complications, like pneumonia, heart attack, and hospitalizations?” i just say, “but, i'm just the flu.” it's him! who? i'm just the flu! fight the flu with sanofi flu vaccines, which help prevent flu in older adults. they've even been shown to provide better protection from flu-related complications compared to standard dose flu shots. don't get fluzone high-dose quadrivalent if you've had a severe allergic reaction to its components, including egg products,
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4:31 pm
mcflurry of blows inches from everyone's head. smashes up table. smashing glass. chases people around the store with an ax like jack nickelson in the shining. you are thinking this guy is disturbed and dangerous and needs to be behind bars. but, before we jump to conclusions. let's hear him out. >> i wanted to intimidate them. actually, i wanted to show that the ax was real. the hatchet is real. it's not a toy. >> you carry it for self-defense. >> i like camping. i enjoy camping. i'm just a regular guy, dude. no military training. i'm not unhinged i'm not psychotic. i just did what anybody would do when being pummeled. i mean, you know. what b would you do? take out your phone and call 911? >> yeah. i would probably do that smashing up the joint like geronimo? no, i think we would all feel safer if this guy spent some time behind bars. guess what in the d.a.'s office didn't think this was that bad.
4:32 pm
they hit him with a couple misdemeanors, sent him on his merry way, back out onto the streets. probably gave him his hatchet back as gutfeld said is he probably rooming with the guy that burned down the fox news christmas tree. this is terrifying. and the system is broken. remember this story the manhattan bodega worker charged with are murder and thrown in jail from defending himself from a dangerous customer in the same liberal d.a. who freed hatchet man within hours of the rampage sent the 61-year-old bodega clerk to liker rikers and waitee weeks before dropping the charges against him. how does that make sense? it doesn't. this is the democrats version of law and order. in new york can't ride the subway and walk the streets at night and not defend yourself. now you can't order a big mac without standing behind an ax murderer. crime in the city out of control. getting worse. we are being overrun. no one is doing anything about it. no one is even talking about it. you would think the press would
4:33 pm
be grilling the binder lady about crime and the biggest city in the country. we look through the transcripts. guess how many times in the last few weeks the french lady was asked about lawlessness in our country. guess. zero. but biden in the big apple, this week. i would bring it up. wouldn't you bring it up if you were a reporter? because americans care about this. someone has to. kellyankayleighmcenany was forms secretary and host of outnumbered. he has an ax. he was just going camping, kayleigh. >> he was just going camping. i have a new favorite quote. it comes from this deranged individual. he said i showed composure. people just see blankness but i was thinking -- i was processing and he asked if you have ever downloaded a program and seen that spinning apple rainbow
4:34 pm
wheel e said that was his brain in the process. the fact that this man analogized himself to software processing on a download on a phone or a computer, this man's out there. is he deranged and, yet, he is walking the streets. and the governor, kathy hochul was asked about this and she said oh, i disagree with the charges. he should have been charged with something greater. but she is the same person who will not call for the resignation or the toppling of alvin bragg. she can kick him out and boot him if he shoo she wants to. she won't do it nor call for the new york legislature to engage in bail reform. the apple processor man is just walking the streets. >> yeah. so the guy with the tomahawk said it was good that he had the tomahawk because if he had a gun the only option was to shoot people. now, kayleigh, i don't know but but when someone points a gun at me. i usually put my hands up and walk away. you don't have to shoot them. all you have to do if you have a gun is take the gun out and point it.
4:35 pm
that usually chills people out. the ax, not so much. >> the ax not so much. he acted as if this was a rational decision. i didn't bring a gun. i chose an ax. this is nuts. i love, jesse, that you brought up that karine jean-pierre, the french lady as you called her, should be asked about this. because i wasn't asked about crime. i would routinely bring it up from the podium. i would name the victims of crime like score i can't turner beautiful girl lost her life. john karl who is the head of the correspondents association wrote a piece in the "the washington post" how i was betrying the public trust and how dare i bring up crime when we had not announced a policy initiative. well, we did announce one called operation legend which put maniacs who committed homicide in jail and guess how many times john karl or other members of the press asked about that? precisely zero. they don't fit. they don't care. it doesn't fit the liberal agenda. so they won't ask about it. not me, not karine jean-pierre
4:36 pm
and the victims are the innocent people who like mcdonald's harassed. >> jesse: you would think the press would cover the story because of how sensational it is. hollywood industry see its this and make a story out of it. this is a scene out of a hollywood horror film. a guy wildly swinging a tomahawk barely hitting someone in the head. frifs are going everywhere. pickles are on the floor. women are getting assaulted. you have would think the media would just be interested just for the pure tabloid sensational crime aspect. but, no, they don't want to talk about it. they would rather talk about the real fascists. the real threat to law and order. which is someone who has a few questions about the 2020 election. >> that's exactly right. and then when the prop up guys like john fetterman who was the single vote on a parole board to allow a guy out of jail who murdered a woman with a pair of scissors. talk about a crime story. they want to let this guy take over the senate there in
4:37 pm
pennsylvania as they decry oz because, of course, the answer to an alvin bragg or to a chesa boudin who was recalled or george cass gascon in l.a. is n fetterman. look who they prop up. >> jesse: might have to send oz to d.c. just to fix up the wound victims in that city when he is walking into the capitol. >> jesse: there you go. >> jesse: thank you so much kayleigh mcenany. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: it's been a rough go for don lemon lately. he has been looking around the halls of cnn and noticed it is changing fast. when cnn axed his best buddy chris cuomo leaving him lonely and confused. then had to watch brian stelter leave with his belongings in a box. finally the time came for cnn last week when cnn said demoting him from "primetime" and putting him in the morning show. don says it was a promotion.
4:38 pm
just like anybody i don't believe what he says. nothing could prepare don lemon for what happened on his show last night. while covering the funeral for the queen he decided to royal family paying out reparations and here's how it went. >> then you have those who are asking for reparations for colonialism, some people want to be paid back and members of the public are wondering why are we suffering when you are, you know, you have all of this vast wealth? >> i think you are right about reparations in terms of people want it though what they need to do is you always need to go back to the beginning of the supply chain. where was the beginning of the supply chain? that was in africa and when across the entire world when the slavery was taking place which was the first nation in the world that abolished slavery? the first nation in the world to abolish it, it was founded by william was the british in great britain they abolished slavery. i don't know the descendents of those families where when they died in the high seas tried to stop the families those families should receive something, too i
4:39 pm
think, at the same time. >> it's an interesting discussion, hillary. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> jesse: that woman so eloquently schooled donnie boy had nothing to do with her accent. that was impressive. he looked stunned. i don't know if he has ever been told this information before in his life. i don't know where he went to school. i know he is not an avid reader of history. and she is right. every bit of it. if reparations are going to be paid out in this country, wouldn't you want it to come from those who actually trafficked the slaves from the source? cnn should demote don lemon for looking that dumb on his own "primetime" show but he would probably spin it as a promotion. next, was a teenager murdered because someone thought he was an ultra maga republican? and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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that's 1-800-217-3217. good luck. td ameritrade, this is anna. hi anna, this position is all over the place, help! hey professor, subscriptions are down but that's only an estimated 15% of their valuation. do you think the market is overreacting? how'd you know that? the company profile tool, in thinkorswim®. yes, i love you!! please ignore that. td ameritrade. award-winning customer service that has your back. ♪ >> jesse: joe biden says maga most dangerous threat. learning what appears to be a politically motivated murder in north dakota. it's not a semi-fascist republican who may have blood on his hands. this is 41-year-old shannon brant. is he charged with vehicular homicide after he chased down
4:45 pm
and ran over an 18-year-old with his suv early sunday morning. that teenager's name is taylor ellington and a go fund me page started to fund his family in this time of need. this is no ordinary hit and run. admits killing ellington over a political dispute that occurred during a local street dance. brandt told the dispatcher that he killed the teenager because he was, quote, part of a republican extremist group and he was afraid they were coming to get him court documents paint a different story there though. they say ellington called his mom twice while brandt was chasing him down. by the time his poor mother arrived at the scene to pick him up, it was too late. brandt appeared in court on monday where he was held on $50,000 bond but he objected saying he has a family to get to. >> i have a job and i have a
4:46 pm
life and a house and things that i don't exactly want to see, you know, go by the wayside. family that are very important to me. >> jesse: yeah, family is important to everyone. and kaylor was brutally taken from his over what? politics? some 40-year-old man feels threatened by a teenager because he thought he was an extremist republican? less than a month after joe biden smeared republicans as a threat to america? could you imagine if this happened the other way around if brandt killed a biden voter over a political dispute? it would be front page news all over the country. and there's an update on the democrat charged with stabbing a reporter to death. another story that's totally been blacked out. matt finn is live in our west coast newsroom with that jesse democratic administrator robert tell les is accused of lying in
4:47 pm
wait stabbing to death a nearly 70-year-old las vegas reporter who filed multiple stories exposing t telles. wearing shackles in a vegas court. he was assigned public defenders. the judge telling telles he is charged with a, quote. unlawful, senseless and heinous murder. telles did not enter a plea in court today and only spoke to acknowledge he understood his murder charge. telles faces the death penalty. prosecutors only added age enhancement. he dressed in disguise in orange reflect tia vest and large brimmed hat waiting for 69-year-old las vegas review reporter jeff gearman to come out of his home and that's when telles stabbed the 69-year-old journalist to death. the district attorney is seeking to remove telles from his elected position which heads the county office that handels the assets of people who die without a will.
4:48 pm
jesse? >> jesse: thanks so much, matt. >> sure. >> jesse: up next, a traffic vigilante joins me. ♪ ♪ she's so exciting ♪ so exciting to me. >> the midterm elections are here. >> and the future of america is in your hands. >> your values, your live loy hood. >> all
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>> jesse: close your eyes. you're driving home after a long day at work, but stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and there's no end in sight. some jerk whizzes through the
4:54 pm
shoulder, the breakdown lane, this is wrong, probably illegal. someone has to stop them. now one hero is. a brave citizen named frances ellis, known as the highway hero, is here to stop these jerks in their tracks and make them follow the flow of traffic. watch. >> stop-and-go traffic, people were using the breakdown lane to cut everybody. right? until i stopped them. i moved out into the breakdown lane, and i'm moving with the regular flow of traffic. these ladies right here, we gave each other the thumbs-up. right? i'm acting as a roadblock of justice. a big suv behind me, honking is horn. not going to lie, it's intimidating. but i'm not moving. you got to play by the friggin' rules. not all heroes wear capes. [horns honking] >> shut the [bleep] up.
4:55 pm
>> jesse: what if there's a women in labor in that suv? >> you'd have to ask why doesn't sheff a better birth plan? if that you're concerned about your pregnancy, take a helicopter, a better route. that's an unprepared woman, in my opinion. >> if her water breaks on the way to the store, you don't have sympathy for her? >> the shoulder is not meant as an extra lane to make it easier for you to get where you're going. it's a breakdown lane. that's how i know it. >> you've taken it upon yourself to enforce the rules of the road? no one asked you to do this? >> no one asked me to. a lot of times when you hear heroic stories, you hear, i did what anybody else would have done. i don't buy that. nobody else was doing. at some point you have to say enough is enough and stand up for what's right. that's what i did. >> jesse: when you hear stories about heroism in the valleys of
4:56 pm
afghanistan or the deserts of iraq, do you say to yourself, well, that's partly heroic, but what i do many people would consider to be even more heroic? >> a lot of people would say that the new jersey turnpike and the breakdown lane is afghanistan. don't get me wrong. i have nothing but respect for our military. i thought about joining, but i was an asmatic growing up. >> jesse: that would put us all at risk. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> jesse: has the white house called you, maybe even the secretary of transportation, petepete buttigieg? >> no. i've gotten a lot of death threats from people.
4:57 pm
they've said, you should try that in detroit. i'd pull you out of my car and shoot you dead. i said, well, there's a reason why i don't ever go to detroit. >> jesse: we love you, detroit. keep watching "jesse watters primetime." have you ever encountered physical violence while doing this? >> no. in fact, i've only done it once. the violent outlash i received caused me to sign up for taking classes in hopes that i'll know how to handle myself if someone comes at me with a knife. >> jesse: if someone came at you with a tomahawk, as we saw at that mcdonald's earlier, would you know how to defend yourself? >> i'm starting to get the idea. you got to go for neck control. >> jesse: basically goes without saying, in all physical fights. >> sure. >> jesse: thank you very much. i hope i never encounter you on the turnpike. >> oh, i hope we do. that would be a pleasure. >> jesse: "watters' window." an incredible book by james patterson.
4:58 pm
i'm going to plug it twice. i'm not getting royalties from james. over the weekend, blowback basically. i was titillated, i'll put it that way. incredible read, if you're into politics, the cia, subterfuge, get yourself a copy right now. let's do some text messages. mike from raleigh, north carolina. jesse, biden doesn't care if refugees come to delaware. he just had a wall built around his beach house. as i said, that's to keep hunter biden in. now it has a dual purpose. now, i thought if you were in a sanctuary state or city law enforcement was not allowed to ask about your immigration status. you know, they're just breaking all the rules right now. it doesn't even matter. does not even matter. debbie from california says, jesse, what about the thousands of migrants waiting for legal
4:59 pm
petitions to be granted? my son's petition that i filed in 2005 is still pending. this is all so wrong. yeah, when someone says petition i lose focus. i have no idea. dale says, i'm starting to think that joe biden is on the cartel's payroll. there just can't be any other reason. thanks for listening. it's my pleasure. i've also said that joe biden is the cartel's best employee. joe says, perhaps the biden administration should consider a new cabinet position, something like secretary of the walk-back. honestly, if i were president, anytime i came out and said anything, and minions of my junior employees walked back what i said, i'd resign, just basically out of pure humiliation. tony from new jersey, obviously from new jersey, i wish the axe man had smashed the ice cream machine at mcdonald's. maybe then it would actually work for once. i agree. you can't get a good swirl on
5:00 pm
that thing. joe, let the hatchet man try that in florida. yeah, the stand your ground thing, i don't think so. going to need a bigger tomahawk. that's all for tonight. dvr the show. why aren't you? tucker is up next. always remember, i'm watters, this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carl tonight." we can't get off this martha's vineyard story, because there's so much there. our venezuelan visitors to this country took what amounted to the shortest vacation ever recorded to martha's vineyard. they were on the island less than two full days


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