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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that in florida. yeah, the stand your ground thing, i don't think so. going to need a bigger tomahawk. that's all for tonight. dvr the show. why aren't you? tucker is up next. always remember, i'm watters, this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carl tonight." we can't get off this martha's vineyard story, because there's so much there. our venezuelan visitors to this country took what amounted to the shortest vacation ever recorded to martha's vineyard. they were on the island less than two full days, hardly
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enough time to pick up a cup of coffee or go kite-boarding. we've been literally talking about their trip longer than it lasted, it was that brief. on the other hand, so was the moon landing. so was the wright brothers' first flight at cu kittyhawk. those brief hours they spent on martha's vineyard changed history and left what they're calling an indelible mark on the people who live there. they enriched us, said one resident. we were happy to help them on their journey. unfortunately that journey ended abruptly at a military base at cape cod where our venezuelan brothers and sisters are held against their will, prisoners in a country they thought there was own. kite-boarding is out of the question. just a bitter dream at this point. the people of martha's vineyard knew this was going to happen. and yet, none of them thought to tell their venezuelan brothers and sisters before it happened.
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quote, i kept telling them it was like a dormitory, jackie stallings, who lives on the island, as soldiers arrived to deport her venezuelan siblings. i didn't want to say you're going to a military base. well, of course not. it's a dormitory, just like your dad sent your elderly dog to a farm because he'll be happier there. the venezuelans are not happy in military lockup. they loved martha's vineyard. they told msnbc they considered it a paradise. >> they left here a few minutes ago, moved to cape cod, to the joint base on cape cod with new clothes, new cellphones. haven't talked to lawyers for the first time in saying they were actually brought to paradise. they don't resent it for now. they know they're the lucky ones. >> tucker: finally one reporter over at msnbc news tells the truth about what's a sad story. our venezuelan brothers and sisters came to this country for a better life and unlike so many they actually found it. they arrived in one of the prettiest and affluent
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destinations on the planet, an idyllidyllic island with unlimid resources, unlimited beds, and a population that claimed to love them. "no person is illegal" read the lawn signs. 50 people is too many for martha's vineyard. they called in the army to have them removed. actually judging by the behavior, not the lawn signs, the people of martha's vineyard are not especially compassionate. in fact, they're small-minded and cheap and pretty nasty as any waiter or babysitter who works on the island can tell you. once again, the ones who claim to be the best people are actually the worst people. remember when jimmy swaggert got busted? it's highly embarrassing. on martha's vineyard they're not
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aembarrassed at all. jimmy apologized for his sins because he had shame, but the people of martha's vineyard have no shame. so they're not apologizing. in fact, against all evidence, they're now bragging about how wonderful they are. yesterday kerry pickett of the washington times caught up with ms. elizabeth warren of massachusetts. listen to elizabeth warren's version of the martha's vineyard story. >> do you think martha's vineyard is getting a bad rap right now? >> martha's vineyard? >> yeah. >> no. i think they -- the people of martha's vineyard opened their hearts and were helpful. >> uh-huh. >> to the migrants who were deceived and dropped there in a
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privately-chartered jet, and treated like a prop for a governor who's just trying to make news. >> tucker: well, if nothing else, it's interesting to see history, history that we've watched unfold, a story in which the facts, not at all in dispute, get rewritten in real time -- and you wonder how many other stories have been rewritten, but we can see this one being written -- rewritten. in elizabeth warren's telling, actually the people of martha's vineyard are the heroes and ron desantis is the villain because he deceived them. now, we just heard -- and again it's factually not in dispute -- that island residents deceived their venezuelan siblings, telling them they're going to a dorm, not locked up on a military base like terrorists. so actually the people of martha's vineyard, the residents there, are the ones who did the
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tricking. they tricked the venezuelans into going to a military base. that wasn't deception. no. according to elizabeth warren, it was an act of love. but at some point whatever the people of martha's vineyard got what they wanted. everything is back to normal there. the people who live there are relieved. they're not going to be 50 meeting minorities in their midst to spoil the usual festivities, and that would include the food and wine festival. ♪ ♪ >> each year for the past decade, more than 2500 food and wine enthusiasts converge on the island of martha's vineyard for a culinary and wine extravaganza. >> so have an oyster. then taste the wine. then have your other oyster and taste the wine again. that's the routine for each one. so two oysters per wine. see how it tastes on its own, how you like the flavor of the wine with the oysters. >> the martha's vineyard food and wine festival, four days and three nights of celebration.
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>> tucker: ha-ha-ha. just so you know, you taste the wine, and then eat the oyster. then taste the wine again. the way they mesh in your mouth, those flavors, the complexity of them, it's like an explosion on your palate. that's why thousands of people come to martha's vineyard every year for that festival. guess who doesn't come. venezuelans, unless they're serving the oysters and pouring the wine. really we could go on at great length about this, because it's such a great story and reveals so much. it's much bigger than the now established fact that martha's vineyard is populated by nasty liberals who don't tip and don't want colored people in their midst. that's true. we know that now. the bigger story, the one that affects the other 340 million that live here, what we saw on martha's vineyard is just a fact of what's absolutely the official policy of the democratic party. it is this.
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if your town votes the right way, then you get military protection. the military shows up immediately. 50 people. not hurting anybody. the army comes to remove them. can you imagine? talk about a 9-1-1 call. that's pretty great. all you need to do its vote 80% for joe biden and you can do that. throw some donations his way too. what about everybody else? everyone else is sol. that includes all of us. over the past 11 months, american authorities have encountered over 2 million illegals along the southern border, the highest number recorded by the u.s. government. at least another 1 million were allowed into the country, so-called economic migrants, because they want a better job. who doesn't want a better job? hundreds thousands more, we don't know the number, but clearly hundreds of thousands just sneaked in, according to official data. how many of those are headed to military bases for deportation? how many cases did the u.s. military arrive to solve what is
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so clearly a disaster? hmm. zero, because it wasn't martha's vineyard. we've been making a documentary on this. a documentary on the borders, called "battle for the borders." it's coming out later this year. in the course of reporting that out, we obtained this footage showingillegal aliens enter the country. these pictures were shot on jul. >> how you doing? state police. where you from? huh? >> pakistan. >> any weapons on? you got an id? [inaudible audio] >> no ids?
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>> tucker: so when people on martha's vineyard think of illegal immigration, they really think groundskeepers and waiters, people who work at the back end of the kitchen, people who clean up or prepare the food. that's what illegal immigration is to them. they're not really thinking, none of us are thinking that people might be showing up for pakistan. they didn't walk. by the way, isn't pakistan the place where they asked for jihadis to kill americans? why are they walking on a road in texas? both men admitted they were here illegally, each paid thousands of dollars to be smuggled into the united states. this is very common now. it's not the immigration you remember. who are these people? do they mean us harm? it's not simply a matter of competing for jobs with american citizens. it's potentially a grave threat. a lot of people are coming off
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the border right now. here's more. >> for the very first time, a brand-new fox news drone, equipped with thermal imaging, captures images of mass illegal crossings in the middle of the night in eagle pass, texas, this morning. migrants could be seen crossing the river, walking on to private property, where over 100 gathered and waited for border patrol processing. >> sometimes the del rio sector gets up yards of 2,000 illegal crossings in a single day. this was only one of three huge groups we've already seen so far this morning. it's not even noon yet out here. take a look at this second group we saw. this was another group of about 200 who crossed illegally, and started walking along a local highway out here. this is how utes in eagle pass. you can be driving down the road, and you'll see large groups of several hundred migrants walking down the highway waiting to be picked up and apprehended by border patrol. >> tucker: we're just getting word right now that the white house, many white house officials, are telling, quote,
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journalists, very annoyed by this reporting, calling it alarmist, unlike reporters of the "washington post" and "new york times," bill doesn't think he's working for joe biden, he's taking pictures of what's actually happening. and that's wrong. what's interesting, given what is happening, which is that we are being invaded by people who have no right to be here, for reasons we don't really understand, is that none of the people who are complaining about ron desantis sending 50 venezuelans to martha's vineyard have said a word about what else is happening on the border. a lot is happening. it's an ongoing humanitarian disaster, a tragedy for the people being trafficked, and they are being trafficked, but it's also an ongoing disaster for us who live here. it's our country. human traffickers are loading more than a dozen people into the backs of cars right now, which is a disaster. watch this. >> in uvalde, fox news was with
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troopers pulling over a human smuggler from michigan. hidden inside his trunk, two illegal immigrants from honduras, all arrested. texas troopers pulled over this man, and found 16 illegal immigrants being smuggled in the back. >> jesus christ. >> tucker: so it's a human waif. they're being rewarded by the biden administration in exchange for breaking our laws, for mocking our constitution. they're being rewarded with public benefits. so why wouldn't they come? but the volume of this is without precedent in american history. you have to ask yourself what does this mean for the country? it's obviously destabilizing, but what does it mean long term for the country? well, just to give you perspective on the numbers here,
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breitbart has reported in a given year, roughly three migrants are arriving for every four americans born in this country. three migrants for every four americans born. oh. remember the greatest replacement theory? it was a conspiracy theory. sounds more like a statistical fact. did we get to vote on this? do people want this? democracy, remember that? that's where people vote, decide what kind of government they get and what sort of policies that government enacts. no. nobody voted on this. nobody wants this. it's happening anyway against the will of the entire country. here's what biden said today. >> why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> because there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and from mexico. this is a total will you different circumstance. what's on my watch now is venezuela, cuba and n nicaragua,
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and the ability to send them back to those states is not rational. you could send them back, and we're working with mexico and other countries to stop the flow, but that's the difference. o. >> tucker: that's completely insane, of course, they're coming through mexico, and we control the mexican economy. we could turn it off in one minute if we wanted to, of course. we're by far their biggest trading partner. we have leverage. not one more crosses throughout our country into ours. that would be the end of it. no one takes the american law enforcement seriously because they know they'll direct you to a local office. what biden said that is true that as of this fiscal year, migrants in places other than the northern triangle countries of mexico, specifically cuba, nicaragua and -- that's a 175%
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from last year. what biden didn't say, of course, is that all his fault, solely responsible for this. hthe message is going out to the world. show up and you'll be fine. so let's say you wanted to harm the united states. what would you do? well, what did fidel castro did in 1980? he opened his prisons and mental hospitals and sent them to miami, therefore changing miami forever. dhs is warning border officials that the venezuelan government is purposely freeing inmates, including some convicted of murder, rape and extortion. it's unbelievable. again, we've seen this before. it's a catastrophe. again, during the carter
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administration, fidel castro's government, the cuban government, did the same thing. 125,000 people came to florida. a report from 1985 estimated that out of the 125,000 migrants who came at the time, 16,000 to 20,000 were criminals. the miami director for immigration it shouldn't have happened. any other team it would have been an act of war. bill clinton said the exact same thing. no one in the federal government will admit it's an invasion. law enforcement authorities rather than doing about the people invading our country, are talking about prosecuting ron desantis. >> as we understand it, 48 migrants were lured -- i will use the word "lured" -- under false pretenses into staying at-hotel for a couple of days.
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they were taken by airplane at a certain point they were shuttled to an airplane where they were flown to florida, and eventually flown to martha's vineyard, again, under false pretenses is the information that we have, that they were promised work, the solution to several of their problems. we have the names of suspects involved that we believe are persons of interest in this case at this point, but i won't be parting with those names. i think to be fair, i think everybody knows who they are already. i won't be naming any of them. >> tucker: that's appalling and shocking, for any law enforcement official, a guy who carries a gun, has a right to shoot you, to be parroting biden administration political talking points in front of a camera. that man should be ashamed. that's completely over-the-top he would say something like this. this is all crazy. we're being invaded and they're talking about prosecuting ron desantis bought he sent 50
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people to martha's vineyard and deported them so they wouldn't get in the way of the food and wine festival. the founder of america first legal joins us. steven miller, thank you so much for joining us. what i admire about martha's vineyard, they don't mess around. i wonder why the republicans don't do the same. out of here now, military base, you. >> well, of course, that's what needs to be done. it needs to be done in every republican state. in the meantime wherever it's necessary, we should be sending illegal aliens that can't be deported by the governors to the billionaires. something important you said in your monologue, illegal immigration is happening from countries you never imagined in your entire life. illegal immigration from pakistan, yemen, senegal, afghanistan, somalia, syria, all
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throughout asia, all throughout the world. this is 150 countries descending illegally on our borders, being allowed free entry by the biden administration. that includes a number that is never discussed and never reported, and not even counted in official release statistics, which is that the biden administration has helped human traffickers and smugglers relocate into the united states almost 300,000 unaccompanied minors. 300,0,000 minors. this is the largest human and child trafficking operation in world history. i dare anyone to find anywhere in the world that so many illegal immigrant children have been trafficked ever, and biden is doing it using government resources, government planes, government workers. >> tucker: it's beyond belief. you wonder how long -- i mean, by the way, if the law means nothing, then why are the rest
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of us following it? >> it's a war on the middle class, tucker. if it isn't reversed, there will not be a country left to save. >> tucker: i agree with that. steven miller, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: we told you last night about a teacher in canada who enlisted his entire class into his sexual fetish, flat out. you're now participating in my sexual fetish. the school district is defending him of course. we have an update on that story straight ahead
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>> tucker: we told you about a teacher in ontario, right across from niagara falls. that teacher started wearing enormous prosthetic breasts in the classroom in front of children as part of a sexual fetish. in case you doubt that it is, the costume is intended to replicate japanese pornography, known as milk porn. a canadian media outlet visited the school, and reported that
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the identity of the teacher is steven hannah. the school made no attempts . contrary to the multiple reports, which we cited, the teacher in question is not in fact called steven hannah. what is his name? the school board refused to tell us. the school said, quote, we cannot confirm the identity of the individual in the segment. why not? this is a teacher. this is an adult man, who's enlisting children in his sexual fantasies. you might want to know his name, because he's-dangerous creep. so today, once again, we reached out to the halton district school board to ask why are you hiding the identity of a man enlisting children in his sex fantasies? they refused to answer. the high school has a policy of
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protecting teachers who expose themselves in the classroom. the school's official policy says, quote, dress codes prevent students from exposing genitals and nipples. that's the policy, but it applies to students. so this guy is free to wag his prosthetic breasts in the faces of kids because he gets off on it. it's disposting. it's the abuse of children. it harms children, sexualizing children, harms them when adults do it. we know it's happening, because it's on camera. students have complained about it. the adults, the school board, and the media are protecting this guy. it's not just canada. this started in the united states. unless parents speak up and say we will not accept this, you may not sexualize our children, may not enlist them in your sexual fantasies or feddish life, keep that at home, it will continue. jamie mitchell has been one of the leading voices against this,
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founded the group gays against groomers, and they are groomers, exposing the sexualization of children in our country's schools, and the mutilations occurring in so-called gender clinics. grotesque. but that's not allowed. so gays against groomers, for trying to defend children against mutilation and the sexualization by adults, has been punished. two leading payment processors, in fact the two biggest ones, paypal and venmo, owned by paypal, has shut it down. jimmy, you're not allowed to conduct business in the united states, because you think it's wrong when adults enlist children in their sexual fantasies. what did venmo and paypal say to you? >> thanks for having me. last night at about 2:00 in the morning, i received an email from paypal and venmo a few minutes later saying they
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permanently banned our accounts. we'd never had a violation before. they said we violated their user agreements. there was no detailed message, just the notification we've been banned. yeah, we're just an organization that is comprised completely of gay people. we even have a few trans people within our organization, just trying to fight this evil that is happening in the name of the whole alphabet mafia now. we're trying to stand up against it. we're being punished for that. you know, we knew this would happen, but it's always a bit shocking. >> tucker: so your position, just leave the kids out. do your thing. don't sexualize children, don't mutilate children. that seems like a mainstream position. who at paypal and venmo, do you know, is in favor of sexualizing and mutilating children?
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do you have any sense? >> that's clearly their position, using children as sex objects. that's the position, the side, they want to stand with. so, you know, we're happy to have enemies like this, but it's just really sad. they say they took our account down for discriminatory behavior, but i think that's exactly what they did to us. i mean, no other lgbt organization would ever be banned from their platform if they fell in line with this agenda. we don't. we're not scared by this. we're not intimidated. we're not going to stop. it only makes us stronger. >> tucker: but it's -- i mean, we have a clear deal in this country, and everyone participates. do what you want, it's a tolerant country, but leave the children out of it. i'm grateful that you're fighting back. >> that's it. thank you so much. >> tucker: jamie mitchell, thank
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you. joe biden declared that covid is over, the pandemic is over. but, huh, a new destructive and horrifying creature from china seems to be here tite maybe. we'll tell you what that is straight ahead.
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hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo and i kept it off. golo's changed my life in so many ways. before, i was over 300 pounds. now, i literally have the ability to take a shirt off and go out in the sun where i would have never done that before.
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try golo. it works. >> don lamond had a royal commentator, who is british, on to his show, talking about the royal funeral and everything. he decided to go deeper, which is probably a mistake. he asked the question, why isn't the royal family paying, quote, reparations for colonialism? he put it, quote, some people want to be paid back. members of the public are wondering why we're suffering
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while you have vast wealth. those are legitimate concerns. ha-ha-ha. oh, yeah, reparations, sell the crown. send it to liberia. that's not actually what happened. here's what happened. >> you need to go back to the beginning of a supply chain. where was the beginning of the supply chain. that was in africa. when slavery was taking place, which was the first nation in the world that abolished sla slavery? it was the british. in great britain, they abolished slavery. 2,000 naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. why? because the african kings were rounding up their own people, had them in cages, waiting on beaches. no one was running in to get them. if reparations need to be paid, we need to go back to the middle
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of the supply chain, say who was winding up their own people, having them handcuffed in cages? maybe that's where they should start. maybe the descendents of those peoples, who died in the high seas, trying to stop the slavery, should receive something too at the same time. >> it's an interesting discussion, hillary. thank you very much. i appreciate it. we'll continue to discuss in the future. >> absolutely. >> tucker: ha-ha-ha. it's an interesting discussion, hillary. so a fact tsunami over him. he's trying to get out before he drowns. that's happening on cnn right now. joe biden declared covid is over. okay. that's behind us. there's a new horror from china arriving on our shores now, called the chinese lantern fly, apparently an invasion. we'll find out exactly what this portends for the rest of us, we go to an outdoor adventurer.
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forrest, thanks for coming on. what is a lantern fly and how will our lives be turned upside down by its arrival? >> we're doomed, tucker -- no. i'm kidding. it's ait's an absolute pest. it is attacking grapevines. since 2014, they've spread to over 14 different states. they are causing millions of dollars of harm to the agricultural industry. >> tucker: this is a sidebar, but why would pennsylvania be importing rocks from china? i've been there. quite a few rocks, i think, in pennsylvania. >> that's a good question. i'm not going to lie. i'm not an expert on rock importation. i have no idea. >> tucker: yeah. i'm not either. i'll read up on it, though. what kinds of crops does the lantern fly eat?
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>> well, it's interesting. when they first found the lantern fly, they thought it was only the trees of haven that were being attacked. then over time they found out that they're actually attacking grapes, particularly wine grapes. they've caused something like 50 million in damage in pennsylvania. and now there are statements saying that these flies are attacking all kinds of fruit, which the research seems a little bit mixed, but as far as how big of a problem this is, it's a problem as old as time, right? it's humans and pests. i don't think it's really that big of an issue on a global scale. > >> tucker: wait. they're attacking wine grapes. this is another group of immigrants that people at martha's vineyard don't want here. >> i don't think anybody wants them here. they are causing damage to vineyards, and all throughout the northeast. >> tucker: amazing.
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forrest, thank you so much for the update on the chinese lantern fly. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: that's the newest plague arriving from china. china is taking over brazil. we went to brazil to investigate how this is happening, what its effects might be. on thursday, a new episode of our documentary is out, called "the china takeover." i want to give you a quick preview of it right now. >> china-brazil relationships and china-latin america relationships keep moving forward. >> it's striking the amount of control that china already has. [speaking foreign language] >> they know what they want from brazil, how brazil can play a role in their rise. >> we're being leveraged, being encircled. we're going to wake up one day and be very, very surprised and upset. the people are going to ask, how did this happen? the answer is we let it happen.
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>> tucker: so you may be asking why i care if china buys critical infrastructure in brazil? well, you should care for a lot of reasons. this documentary will explain what they are. the china takeover thursday on fox nation. so you look at cost like apple and disney, thoroughly american companies, started by americans, run by americans, and they're now completely destroyed. why? well, something called esg is a big part of the reason. the question is, is there any way to fight back against it? no one has thought of a good way to fight back until our guest came up with an idea. he joins us next to explain what it is [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout]
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>> tucker: here's a fact they never told you. who's the most popular president in american history, as measured by votes? it was richard nixon. he won his 1972 re-election campaign in a historic
5:49 pm
landslide, carrying 49 states. biggest margin ever. then within a year he was disgraced, then gone, because of watergate, which no one can explain even to this day, it was clearly driven by government agencies, including the fbi. we decided to talk with martha crowley for a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today." it was a fascinating conversation. watch this. >> i read this book in two or three days. i only had one thought. sit down and write this author a letter about how this book educated you and inspired you. it occurred to me later that the author of the book was a former
5:50 pm
president of the united states. i just felt compelled to let the author know that he had moved me, educated me, and inspired me for my future career. i sat down at my ancient computer, wrote him a two-page single space letter, that del dt with the issues he raised in the book. he read it, took out stationary, wrote me a note. dear, ms. crowley, i was impressed by your thoughtful and comprehensive letter of july 19th. you know how the real world works. then he said contact my office after labor day and we'll arrange a mutually convenient final for you to come to my office in new jersey. that's how i got that job. >> tucker: the people who claim to be the best are afternoon
5:51 pm
in real life the worst. the people who do a pretty good job are evil. kari lake could win in arizona. she's not allowed on tv she's so bad. maybe the person is terrible. make look carefully and make up your own mind. that's an interesting interview with monica crowley. extreme it right now on fox nation. something called esg is basically determining where your money is going. it determines investment strategies. so woke corporate investors take your money, whether it's in a pension fund, or you hand it over, and then they invest in places with highest esg scores, not just with countries, but countries, places like sri lanka and the netherlands, followed esg guidelines and had huge trouble and massive political
5:52 pm
disruption. he's using his stakes at disney and apple to awaken the population to how terrible esg is. he's also an author, w. tell us what you're doing. >> the problem is simple. if you have an investment account, chances are a large investment manager is using your money to tell companies like apple, like chevron, to find systemic racism with the systemic quota system, or fighting climate change by drilling less and applying emission caps. if you want them to deliver that money with your money, that's fine, but if you don't, that's a problem. the solution i developed was to launch strive. we've launched two new funds. first one was a u.s. energy fund
5:53 pm
listed on the new york stock exchange that tells them to drill more, frac more. second fund was announced today on the new york stock exchange, and i sent a letter to the board of apple, the board of disney, telling them to get out of politics and focus on their products. to apple, telling them to focus on merit rather than race, sex or politics in their hiring practices as they're doing with their racial equity awed did it and telling disney to get out of politics altogether and focus on their business. for americans who want to deliver that message with their money, i felt they deserved an option, why we launched the two funds, and i hope this is a beginning of something new in capital markets. >> tucker: do you think they'll pay attention? >> i was launching my book in new york last week, but i took a break during the book tour where the ceo asked me to go to
5:54 pm
dinner. a lot of people behind closed doors may want to go in the direction we want to go. that's why we wanted to give them a choice. hopefully we drive change. we'll see. >> tucker: i think a lot of people don't want to go on. that's smart and true. thank you for doing joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: so why joe biden picked kamala harris? why did he pick her? because she's the smartest person ever and proves that daily. we'll end tonight's show with the latest example straight ahead.
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>> tucker: it's hard to break down complex concepts into colloquial english. that's why joe biden hired kamala harris, because it comes naturally to her.
6:00 pm
watch her explained to community students what a community bank is. >> we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of the community and the talent and capacity of the community. >> tucker: so community banks are all about community. here's sean. >> hannity: community banks are good for the community, and people in the community, because they're good for the community. welcome to "hannity," an explosive new report on the bidens corrupt deals, involving the communist party of china. trust from pratt in a hoodie not


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