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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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watch her explained to community students what a community bank is. >> we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of the community and the talent and capacity of the community. >> tucker: so community banks are all about community. here's sean. >> hannity: community banks are good for the community, and people in the community, because they're good for the community. welcome to "hannity," an explosive new report on the bidens corrupt deals, involving the communist party of china. trust from pratt in a hoodie not
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is going to join us with more on the states and zero laws that are now putting everybody in the state in danger i know you might not, there's a chance the republican me live. we'll begin with the new record for the biden administration. this year, i guess it's time to celebrate if you're pro-open borders we have now reported over 2 million illegal crossings at our southern border, breaking last year's record high of 1.7 million. in other words, after vowing to address the root causes of mass illegal immigration, the crisis has become even worse than you can believe. apparently, was only trip to the southern border which was an early were things were happening, quick trip to el paso last year was not enough, more
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illegal immigrants are not pouring across this border than at the time of this video. take a look at the video. remember the video? that shows thousands in the makeshift camps under a bridge in del rio, maybe martha's vineyard could set up some stations, they believe in sanctuary status and they're so open-minded and they have signs that say, we all come immi immigrants. biden has been doing this for a year and a half, 2:00 a.m., 3m, 4:00 a.m. in the morning, secret flights and secret bus rides, or early morning flights as jen psaki is to call them. refusing to admit that we have a problem with the same time. joe thinks he's some kind of mulliken because this latest wave of illegals are coming from venezuela not mexico. this is what joe said. >> why is the border more
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overwhelmed? >> because there are three countries, there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and mexico. these are totally different circumstances. >> hannity: venezuela is literally emptying their prison population and sending them to joe biden's wide open borders. bidens more than happy to provide excuses, but here's what they won't tell you. 78 individuals on the fbi's terrorist screening database were apprehended at our southern border, triple the previous record. record fennel seizures at the border continue to spike. sentinel is now the number one killer of young americans claiming a new victim every 5 minutes. record number of migrants crossing the border are also dying, drowning in the rio grande every single week,
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some good laughs in the desert and die from thurston heat exhaustion, others are killed by human traffickers. some of the cartels are also included, including of young children. local funeral home has been operating in triple their capacity, stacking bounties on top of bodies and freezers, housing others in the store storing facility that was once used for covid treatments. this facility typically performs 300 funerals a year but is not receiving up to 20 dead illegal immigrants every single week. this is now real humanitarian crisis. look at your screen. the situation is so bad that maverick county is now bearing many of these migrants in graves marked with pvc pipes. but none of america's virtuous and compassionate democrats really seem to care because it's not in their backyard. they only care about the people
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who went to martha's vineyard. they're furious that governor desantis had the audacity to fly these migrants to martha's vineyard, liberal safe haven it is, it would be great to send them to bidens beach house. every state could turn around and suit joe biden, kamala harris and his administration for number one, striding the constitution, not enforcing the laws of the land, aiding and abetting lawbreaking and by the way being involved in humans back again and he's done this for the last year and half. but nobody on the left is saying a single thing about the bodies that are stacking up at funeral homes in south tech is stomach texas. hundreds of migrants sleeping on the streets of el paso, no outrage they are or over the early morning flights dispersing illegal immigrants by the biden
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administration. 2 million border crossings and counting. kamala harris cannot even be bothered to talk about the crisis. another word salad today, this time about community banks and communities where communities have people and communities. take a look. >> we invested an additional $12 billion into community banks. because we know that community banks are in the community and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of comm community. >> hannity: i didn't know community banks were inside communities. the passage of time, we could play this all night, it's a speaking pattern she has developed, vice president harris is not up to this job. and i thought joe was bad. >> were expanding access to transportation. seems like maybe it's a small
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issue but it's a big issue. you need to be able to get where you need to go to do your work and get home. the significance is the passage of time, so anything about it, this great significant to the passage of time. more parents are seeing the value of educators when [laughs] and say were not paying them nearly enough. [laughs] it is time for us to do what we have been and that time is every day. every day as it is time for us to agree. when we talk about our children i know for this group that we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community. >> hannity: children of the community. you got to get to where you've got to go. passage of time. he community banks have banks in the community so community people can go.
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no one can secure the border in the white house, only one way to hold them accountable. this reminder: in 49 days, you have all the power to vote. during a snow for more, texas congressman troy nels, and congressman chip roy. look what happened in martha's vineyard and then look what happened in el paso, taking into thousand people a day right now? >> sean thanks for having me. texas is inundated. we have estimates of 10,000 immigrants coming through our southern border each and every day and they're going to complain in martha's vineyard in new york city. but as a former sheriff on concerned about venezuela, june 16th, 2015, donald trump walked on the escalator and announced his run for president, he said these individuals, these
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countries are going to send their best. they're sending, murderers. he was right. in a dishonest media called donald trump a racist. but he was right all along. sad state of affairs what is happening in this country. we need donald trump in 2024. >> hannity: chip roy, we not set a new record, you know as well as anybody with the state of texas more than any other state besides arizona, 3 million by the end of the year of illegal migrants? >> these are the bad actors coming in between ports of entry will border patrol is distracted. rich people in martha's vineyard, sorry to interrupt you between your sip of wine and the cheese plate, 53 people come up with her and like, oh, my gosh,
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we have migrants. what the migrants found in a tractor-trailer in san antonio who were dead. pvc plastic makeshift markets on graves? little girls beings sold into sex trafficking? dead americans like the four students who have died from functional poisonings are the 72,000 americans who've died from fennel poisoning in the last year. that's more than all of the american casualties in the vietnam war. that's what's going on. a war against the american people being carrying out by a cartels in this administration, they need to be held accou accountable. republicans should not provide one more penny to fund the dhs to $60 billion being used to facilitate cartels to attack american people. my friend troy, my colleague, former sheriff, he had to be the sheriff in burke county. we need a sheriff is not going
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to try to investigate governor desantis for daring to highlight and spotlight this issue. >> hannity: congressman chip roy, you honor blame merrick us, he should be held accountable, our laws are based on our constitution. when you don't abide by the light get in trouble. but this is a case where president is not enforcing the law. a president is aiding and abetting lawbreaking. if i went on to the border and put people b back to my car, transported to another states, wouldn't i get arrested for human trafficking because it's against the law? and how does the president get to pick and choose about laws? >> great question sean. you should be able to do that. the reason i'm focusing on my arcus, he was brought before the house committee where are your friend and mine is a member, jim jordan. my arcus lied and said they have
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operational control of the border. he smirked and laughed at it. he laughed at this what's happening at the markham people yes he's disregarding logs, purposely. he's doing it on behalf of the president of the united states, shoot who should also be held accountable. blood is on their hands. i met with those moms who had a try to resuscitate their own children their own homes and their carried out of their house in the body bag because they took a pill. dea says one pill can kill. they're doing it on purpose. they want to blame desantis and abbott, saying they're using these people's ponds. no, the democrats are using migrants as ponds and there indeed during the american people and migrants in the process. b1 it seems to me the joe biden and kamala harris at the border is secure, we don't have a crisis at the border, they are lying and not being held
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accountable to the laws that they's were an oath to uphold. >> i think the american people understand. she's ridiculous. everything she said you can't believe it. she's embarrassing. she's the borders are, get down and solve the problem. but it's by design that she doesn't want to solve it. millions of people coming in here. this administration puts the american people asked. they always have. and of the american people are gonna pay for it people the american people are paying attention though. we're going to knock them right over the head had. >> hannity: about a hundred billion dollars when this is all said and done. >> sean week shouldn't continue to fund this. >> hannity: thank you both. sadly the border crisis is not the only dire problem that's facing this country. thanks to biden's awful
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policies, our economy continues to spiral downward rapidly. 40 or higher inflation in the housing market is a disaster. sale of pre-existing home stopping, construction stopping. supply chain problems continue to persist. were in a recession. the new beer shortages is now on the horizon. i know i'm not gonna like that and then i don't think other americans will either. build more oil and gas pipelines is the answer. simple right? because biden prays at the altar of climate change alarmism in our fusing to green light major oil projects. even the advisor, lawrence summers, is saying, this is insane. this is from the obama
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administration. >> it's kind of insane that we have trucks and trains carrying oil all over this country rather than constructing pipelines which would permit accessing more resources, cheaper, safer transmission. >> is the host of tomorrow's live event at 11:00 a.m. on fox nation, the unauthorized history of socialism, fox business host larry kudlow. socialism the history of failure, but i know you're going to take it to another level, that's what i wrote. lawrence summers to say that, and for him to have been right on pretty much every economic problem we're having because of biden's energy and economic policies is pretty impressive to me. why is it okay to get oil and begged the iranians, the saudis, venezuela, opec, and we have more natural resources than all
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of these countries combined. go back to energy independence and ticketed a step further and go to energy dominance because germany and italy are paying hundred and 70% more to heat their homes this winter. >> i think we have a lot of business over there. >> i agree with you. i meant to give larry summers a lot of credit. i've known him a long time. he's made a lot of constructive comments. an inflation in federal spending. i like the pipeline. two quick things. the sinking economy, the gdp tracker from atlanta fed was marked down again today. third quarter, started out as 2.6, is now down to 0.3. this could be the third negative quarter. basic inflation rate is around 7%. that's the first point. fed is going to jack up their
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target rate big time tomorrow and it's like to be last. big increases in their target rate in november 2. look. on oil. today or yesterday, the interior department, deb haaland, vetoed with the navajos wanted. they wanted leasing on their land because they need the royalty money and they need the jobs. in this step helen, who herself is native american, she vetoed it. she went against the native americans in their own state. joe biden by the way has the fewest federal leases going back to harry truman in 1947. so what i'm saying is, they haven't done a darn thing to ameliorate the problem of high-priced electricity...
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>> hannity: can you? >> still very, very high compared... >> hannity: their artificially increasing the supply by reducing to dangerously low levels are strategic petroleum reserves, lowest level in 38 years. after the election the gonna guarantee. what's the logic behind importing oil from other countries but we can't produce it domestically? what's the difference in terms of the impact on mother earth. i'd imagine an america working to do it faster, cheaper and cleaner. do we not? >> first of all, natural gas is clean burning fuel. second, our oil production is the cleanest in the world, more than russia, the saudis, venezuela or is around. sean you know as well as i what's behind this very bad thinking, as you have this very
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radical, obsessive, climate change group that's in charge of the white house and the congress. so they're not interested in cheap electricity or cheap gasoline. they want high prices. then others in solving its problems for national security. they're only interested in election-year price-fixing. >> hannity: if you have an electric vehicle, don't you use the electric grid to power up the battery in the electric vehicle? isn't 90% of the electric grid in the country fossil fuel related? >> yes, of course. absolutely. it's related to natural gas. in california, gavin newsom is saying you got to buy an electric current ten years. but is also saying if you will not you can't recharge the battery. why? because it is a shortage of electricity. why? because it is no shortage of electric gas. you can't make this stuff up at
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the logic here is that the green new deal climate change session they have, without scientific evidence, with respect to our show tomorrow, are fox nation shown socialism, the regulatory assault on fossils is a perfect example sean of socialism. its central planning, it makes the government on the economy. nowadays, you don't have to buy the steel mills you did under stalin. you do it all to the regulatory dictates of the executive branch. that's exactly what they've done. they want to bring down free-market capitalism, they want to bring down free enterprise, they have these bizarre views about energy, and that's what were seeing play out until the cavalry comes in november. >> hannity: the sound parted, the american people are suffering needlessly. more americans racking up credit card debt with high
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interest rates. two-thirds of the country living paycheck to paycheck. democrats say they have compassion but they're not compassionate to the american people. thank you larry. when we come back, hannity investigation. james comer has an explosive report on the biden family syndicate and their corruption. also lee zeldin calling out the new york governor kathy hochul from her horrific record on crime. is it possible that the bluest blue states, new york, could turn red? straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> hannity: big breaking developments surrounding mr. zero experience, hunter biden and the biden syndicate.
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congressman james comer says he is evidence of hunters efforts to sell american natural gas to china. the congressman has obtained a powerpoint presentation from 2017 detailing these business arrangements and the whistle-blower has come forward to say joe biden was himself involved. he is kentucky congressman james comer. welcome to the program. i want to remind people that honor in his laptop, three weeks before the 2020 election everyone lied to us saying it was russian and miss admin and this administration, i'm paying half of dad bills, i have to pay for dads repairs. he takes half my income. so he implicates his father many times. now we have evidence that he did in fact meet with many of
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hunters foreign business dealing partners. and i've got this. tell us what you've got. because we have proof, emails, as well as a whistle-blower who confirms the validity of bank transactions showing hunter biden was negotiating the deal that chinese companies see efc to purchase natural gas. they had a map in their powerpoint written in chinese highlighting all the natural gas providers across the u.s. what hunter biden was trying to do was negotiate the sale of liquefied natural gas to china. but also see efc's main objective was to be able to start purchasing interest in the trailers so they could get their foot in the door and be able to have more control over american national guy's processes. this is a dead time when those processes are at a 14 year high
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and joe biden continues to deny any knowledge of hundreds involvement. we have confirmation that hunter biden told see efc that his father was going to be a major investor in the company and that he wanted to have keys to an office headquarters that was going to be negotiating the deal. the business was going to involve not joe but jill biden. this is the first proof we have that shady business dealing between the united states and china... >> hannity: binds bragging about firing a prosecutor in ukraine who we now know was investigating his son, who admitted he had no experience in ukraine, oil, gas, energy, but was being paid a lot of money. he did a $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china. he had a $100,000 shopping spree
6:29 pm
with the chinese national. and we now know, 14 meetings joe had with hunters foreign business partners. it's joe implicated here? does he deserve to be investigated for selling out his office? >> out the oversight investigation of hunter biden and is now invest investigating joe biden. we have proof that $5 million was transferred from see efc to hunter biden's company. that hunter has told see efc that joe biden was a part of it. this implicates joe biden's involvement in the email to the csc, hunter also gave the chinese company joe biden's personal cell number. hunter biden has referred to the founder of the country, patrick holt, as being the spy chief for
6:30 pm
china, the communist party. so hunter knew it's not only a chinese company affiliated with communism, it was also the company with the spy chief involved. everything about this is that shady business dealing. this the first time we have proof that joe biden was involved, with millions of dollars in transactions. >> hannity: this is another reason why and 49 days republicans, if they were in the house and senate, they will not subpoena power. and these investigations will take place and they need to. thanks for sharing with us congressman. also tonight, crime and major democratic run cities, continues to spiral way out of control all democratic leaders like farr left new york governor kathy hochul, ignores the problem, focusing on billions of dollars
6:31 pm
of cuts to the nypd. you might recall yesterday we show you this video of a man going on in acts rampage inside a mcdonald's. the suspect was promptly released on bail, a car swinging and accept mcdonald's like that. he's back in the state. he was charged with defending his bodega when the guy came around the counter and attacked him. by the way, a violent encounter ensued. the dhr asked the victim in this case, who had every right to defend himself. we have far too often these far left leaders turning villains and victims, victims into villains, and snow causing a collapse in seven major cities. in new york, lee zeldin is following to protect victims and refund the police, reduce crime, increase the quality of life are working americans across the state of new york. americans are fed up with a
6:32 pm
crime crime. our new yorkers fed up with all the crime? hogle doesn't even want to debate like most democratic candidates this election cycle. lee zeldin is now shown within the margin of area deep blue new york. here's lee zeldin. first is the crime that bad? they're releasing people committing violent crimes. we see it again and again. why is it the governor has steadfastly refused to rescind these nobel laws? why is that they're not refunding the nypd instead of defunding? >> she's weak and pandering to the far left, pro criminalizing party. when i was calling for a repeal of caches failed, she said there was no data to support it. she said you have to lecture to
6:33 pm
find out what her position is. when i was pledging to fire alvin bragg, she said he just got there, cut him some slack. you mention rose all the case. i was calling in front of bragg's office calling for the murder charges to get dropped and she said it's a local matter, knocking to get involved. meanwhile, when she was making this move after the supreme court over turn new york's concealed carry law, she was asked a few days later, what date did you have to target concealed carry holders? she said she doesn't need data, she is the governor. everybody woke up and discover there was no bill that afternoon, there was a bill signing. new yorkers in all walks of life, you don't have to be republican, everybody went safe streets. >> hannity: if this one problem i see you have comments that so many people have left
6:34 pm
the state of new york because a crime, quality-of-life issues, high taxes, burdensome regulation, that might have otherwise been very willing to vote for a republican. so demographically it's tough, especially in new york city. but you within the margin of error. is it possible for a republican to win the governorship in new york russian mark >> you not the stakes. new yorkers are hitting their breaking point. people have their wallet, their safety, their freedom, their quality of the kids education under attack and they know if they go elsewhere their money will go further in the live free or. new yorkers in all walks of life, we've seen it from people who always voted democrat, we see in the vote change from 2020, we have to work for it. >> hannity: the rest of the state in the last election went
6:35 pm
pretty red. the only part that's blue as new york city. you definitely in the fight. will watch this closely. lee zeldin thanks for joining. we have growing concern over john federman's health, it's really bad. is he fit for office? we'll show the video and you decide. ♪ ♪ i think the most important thing in life is to stay healthy. i noticed i was having some memory lapses. i discovered prevagen. since i've been on prevagen, i've noticed more clarity, more sharpness. the recall mechanism is a lot more concise. i've been taking prevagen for almost 10 years. it's wonderful. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ ♪ 's view on the pennsylvania candidate john federman are becoming more obvious and undeniable, hard to watch. here's federman yesterday while presiding over the pennsylvania senate. >> the senate will come to or order. the session will be opened with prayer. prayer will be offered by the chaplain of the senate. our next of businesses
6:40 pm
communications. the chair legs before the senate, auditor general's debt certification which the clerk will read. noted. the journal... will be fired in the galley. noreen federick as a neighbor of... the... adult mental health. stands and resets until tuesday on 1:00 p.m. unless sooner called. >> hannity: the science of the trust fund brat federman in addition to all this as his radical positions. he wants to release a third of pennsylvania prisoners including convicted murderers when he was on the parole board that he had see granted clemency to
6:41 pm
murderers. he wants and all cash bail. he wants pennsylvania to be a sanctuary state, he wants a moratorium on fracking. he wants safe drug shooting zones. he wants control of the senate, and it may well be decided by the state of pennsylvania. voting started yesterday. here to analyze the health issues are fox news contributing doctors. both of you have watched tapes of federal men. he is struggling. he's giving three, four, five minute speeches. dr. nicole will start with you. you've never examine them but you can see a dramatic difference since having a stroke. i have nothing personal against them, i wish him all the best in the world, but he has wild, sick, radical ideas.
6:42 pm
>> stroke is very common, every 40 seconds in the u.s. someone has a stroke. 25% of those people will have another stroke within the life good federman had a stroke, we don't know the specifics. with the campaign has told us is that he struggling from some level of aphasia which is difficulty understanding written and spoken language and also acting for himself. that can be frustrating and take use of aggressive therapy to see any benefit. so i don't think it's indecent to ask for full transparency of what is suffering from. his campaign and said that he's taken some test, he passed them. but is not doing live debates, not answering life questions. this could indicate that he struggling in their not being really transparent about it. when we talk about on the election, it's an investment in our future. americans deserve nothing less then to know that there's
6:43 pm
fitness in their candidates. and health. longevity matters. so the campaign should be honest and transparent about what he's dealing with. while the tests, you can't judge someone's ability based on them, the truth is, by seeing this person answer a lot of debate live, this parallels the challenges this person would see if they're elected to the se senate. >> hannity: we listed all of his radical positions that he holds, dr. siegel. he is not answered a single question from the media. 49 days until election day, early voting started yesterday in pennsylvania but he won't debate until october 25th. half the vote might be in by then. to me, that's so fundamentally unfair that the people of pennsylvania. i don't even think they should make concessions for him, even
6:44 pm
though some might say it's okay to make a concession read up teleprompter. but can he do the job? can the people of pennsylvania, should they be able to see him before they vote not after? >> absolutely. the public has a right to know. i agree with nicole about the debate being a test of cognitive function almost. the two cognitive tests he released this week are mild and don't look at executive function. can you juggle chris moore can you make decisions? can you plan? it doesn't include the oxford test, i want all of that. i want to see the records. the minister heart that has ballooned out. he has a defibrillator. he has an abnormal rhythm, a peacemaker, i wanted to see what
6:45 pm
his last echocardiogram shows. >> hannity: do you think the hard issues connected with the stroke issue? >> i think it's likely. dr. saphier made this point in directly already, he's at a risk with another stroke with a heart like that. the voters have a right to take that into consideration, it should be for maintenance center. what's his current status? why is a heaven issues thinking and speaking? any plan? can you make decisions? he would seem to be at a big wreck of a further stroke or heart attack. see with the people of pennsylvania say. they should be seeing to debates now while voting is going on now and not more than a month from now just before the election. thank you doctors. when we come back, sonny huston stoops to a new low, and questions about whether nikki haley is using a fake name to
6:46 pm
hide her indian heritage. cnn's don lemon was just demoted, he was schooled by a royal commentator. ♪ ♪ or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels.
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>> hannity: more vicious smears against republicans by the media mob, sonny huston, baselessly claimed that nikki haley uses a fake name to hide her indian heritage. >> nikki haley has gone by nikki since she was a child. i wouldn't be shocked if an indian woman growing up in south carolina at the time to do to avoid prejudice. i want to be careful about
6:51 pm
accusing. >> she's a chameleon. >> most cans pronounce the names... >> sometimes i would say would alyssa would say, people gravitate to different names for different reasons. be one of chris nikki is not a fake name. it's actually on the former south carolina governor's birth certificate. but sadly false narratives are at the center of the left's playbook. were seeing on displays royal family, the depth of queen elizabeth, don lemon on fake news cnn, suggested that the royal family pay reparations for slavery, but was dealt a brutal reality check. >> reparations for colonialism and members of the public are wondering why were suffering when you have all of this vast
6:52 pm
wealth. those are legitimate concerns. >> i think you're right about reservations in terms of whether people want it, you have to go back to the beginning of the supply chain. which was the first nation in the world to abolish slavery. it was the british. the apologists 2,000 able men tried to stop it because african kings were rounding up their own people, waiting in the beaches. >> fox news contributor's have a reaction. let's get your reaction to the exchange in the attack on nikki haley. >> i'll tell you right now. there's a democratic strategy. if your conservative minority, and you're not a democrat, you will be attacked. nikki haley was attacked because she's a republican.
6:53 pm
if you're a person of color, or a minority of any tab, the democratic party believes they own you. i left and you will be viciously attacked. the argument you have from racist sonny hobson was a typical attack against a minority who decided to exercise her right to be a republican. that's the short substance of this. >> hannity: joe, and the case of don lemon, i wouldn't say it's at the motion to go to a morning show but he had his own children it was failing miserably, the lowest ratings of any cable news network. now his ensemble show, a show that hasn't done anything well. it's us to set them up to say goodbye because of his really radical left-wing views? he says he's a journalist that is a talk show host like i am. >> that it be embarrassing for the new president over there,
6:54 pm
chrysolite, to put them in the morning show infirm six month later. it buys him a year or two. but you won't see any ratings change. caitlin collins, white house correspondent, she's decent but it's not going to go well. i can't remember the last time a guest owned an anchor on national television like that. she's a hundred percent right. it didn't originate in 1619, it's a worldwide issue, especially in africa. we look at sonny houston, all the testing moments in history, these are the most delicious comments we've seen some time. he plays the race card more than anyone from the bottom of the deck. sonny herself does not use her real name. the moderator of this
6:55 pm
dumpster fire of a program whoopi goldberg doesn't use her real name. it's karen o lane johnson. >> hannity: i had no idea. >> judge jeanine: joy behar's name isn't joy, sean. >> hannity: her name is joy less. she has no joy. >> it doesn't make a difference about the reasons. they'll attack any minority who goes to the right that's the sad part about it. as far as don lemon, that guest took don lemon up and him. thank you. straight ahead, more "hannity," after this
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don't forget to turn in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, my exclusive one-on-one sitdown with president trump at mar-a-lago, we will talk about the fbi raid, up coming midterms, is he running? all questions are on the table. never miss an episode if you set your dvr. "let not your heart be troubled," laura ingraham is ready to kill it as usual. hihello. it's be seven we've got brentwood, georgetown and d.c. >> hannity: i liked his plan better. >> laura: i'm half kidding, but i was at the border. they still trickle through. i watched tomorrow night. >> hannity: i thought that