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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  September 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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challenge tfrnths fda's out with a new warning against exactly what you think it is, chicken cooked in nyquil t fda said it could make somebody accidentally take a dangerously high dose of nyquil without realizing it because when you boil something it makes it more cons traited. >> laura: you have to be kidding and some people want to lower the voting age. that's it for us tonight. gutfeld next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: whoa, you guys, oh, happy tuesday everybody. yeah. shut up over there. take him out. get rid of him. so it's happening with the democrats and media once called evil is now getting a face lift. and i'm not talking about this.
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no, what i'm saying is what they demonized before becomes less satan i can as they ship to a new, far more evil target. and, no, not him either. you know, you guys always assume i'm talking about him. he is evil but you remember donald trump, right? big orange guy with crazy heir, funny as hell and got more done before 9:00 a.m. than biden did all day? he was hitler mussolini and uncooked chicken all rolled into one. he was the worst thing that ever lived and that includes whoever invented the view. but is he really that bad now that the sdpikably evil ron desantis came to town? this monster flew illegal immigrants grants to a rich pair dies on private jets. i know, what a [bleep]. so now desantis makes trump look like mr. belvedere says the new york times desantis may be a
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more competent trump in terms of his doability use the leverage have state to a mass power but also meaner and more rigid without the softer e centric activity. so he's so mean half this country's population is moving to his dam state. but the shift from don to ron was fast. it was just last week that the left was accusing trump ever selling nuclear secrets with no proof whatsoever and despite being a billionaire. so now he's loose and cuddly. trump is no longer certifiably insane now he ace excentric like your loveable rich uncle who wears a pirate hat to bed. trump now has soft edges like he's a pan of fresh baked brownies. you know what? maybe trumpy bear was right. >> the original trumpy bear trull original super plus
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american grizzly born june 14th flag day. >> greg: yeah, everybody laughed at that but now the times finally caught on. trump's so cute you want to squeeze him. and not by the throat or his balls anymore. but you get it, right? the media never really believes their political adversaries are evil it's just how they destroy reputations before moving on. it's like their version of a drive by shooting only instead of using guns and bullets to assassinate, they use words analyze. the ends justify the means even if it tears the country apart and puts half of cnn on unemployment. and and no matter who is hitler on a given day someone will replace him and they're counting on you to have amnesia about that just like the guy in the white house. when trump was running remember who became a more acceptable sflp mitt romney. he became the outspoken statesman who had the guts to criticize trump. because the enemy of liberals
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enemy is their friend. it's the only way keith olbermann can make friends. remember when mitt was running for president he was a batman pba, the penguin without a laugh. the media said he was accused of attacking a classmate and cut off the male student's heir. i didn't know he went to school with trey gowdy. he was accused of strapping his sick dog to the roof of his car, the same thing kat's husband does to her. but for different reasons. oh. oh, they feel bad about that. and, of course, there was this, joe calling him a slave owner. >> he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. they're going to put y'all back in chains. >> greg: you see? joe was [bleep] nuts even back
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then when he still had some of marbles. of course while they demonized mitt they said the guys before him weren't as bad as they said were before. john mccain a war monday gushing racist a sensitive republican. george w. bush compared to hitler now seemed more main stream. hell, according to the media he and michelle obama became bffs, he started a war based on a lie but since he doesn't like trump all the media talks about are his paintings. so like joe's depends, what the dems call evil never really changes. i know. i didn't like it when i was reading it. but i have to meet my quota of poop jokes. it's just the latest republican with serious potential to beat democrats. now it's desantis's turn because he scares them because nothing scares the left like competency
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because they've never experienced it themselves. so they pull out the standard phrases, he likes like a bully throbbing play games with people's live for his advancement. yeah they lied about him fudging covid stats and kidnapping illegal immigrants. sorry you big baby he's not a bully when he punches back. they did this on everybody like wolf blitzer. it's been around forever. more that the media needs a strong laxative. now the times sounds like this. what's more trump has the skills of a celebrity he's funny a stage presence and a natural ca ras ma. he can persuade an audience he's just kidding and doesn't actually mean it. that's nice. finally they described trump the way i describe myself. but we knew about this years ago. i guess the media missed all of that ave.ability too biggie building a ca balance
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congressering very fine people hoax. they were too busy trying to destroy the guy to see he wasn't the guy they were destroying. of course when you're no longer a threat the dems compliment you. but when you're a republican and they call you fun, that's like charlie being called by man son awesome and i dig your music. and they really screwed up if they say you should run for president. but maybe the media and the democrats should think twice before they decide that you're not such a bad person after all. remember, it's the same group that lets out murderers. [cheers and applause] period! >> greg:. >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guests. he's the first person i call when i need advice about a rash, host of dr. drew after dark, it's dr. drew cause chats >> greg: she puts the unity in community with impunity, host of sonnie's corner on sirius xm
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patriot, sonnie johnson [cheers and applause] >> greg: like a pigeon if she poops on you it's good luck. fox news contributor kat timpf. [cheers and applause] >> greg: when he's under the weather, that just means he's ducking. my massive side kick and the nwa world television champion, tyrus! [cheers and applause] >> greg: sonnie, how you doing? >> sonnie: it's going to be my birthday tomorrow so i'm very good. >> greg: congratulations. for your birthday, i'll call you hitler. >> sonnie: oh, good company, good company. >> greg: yes, because that means you've made it apparently. >> sonnie: yes, of course. my favorite trump and desantis. >> greg: what do you make of this because they see desantis a bigger threat now? >> sonnie: actually i think it's just because they're right. desantis knows how to use the levers of government in a way that trump did not and this is one of the biggest problems with trump when he came in, it was
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like he had to hit the learning curve. like he had to go in and figure out how to do things. he didn't know where he needed people. he didn't know how to get -- like we're looking at the immigration issue, right? i hope you're not counting on republicans to come and save you because they're not going to do it. if we remember when trump came in, who was trump fighting to get the wall built? republicans. they wouldn't give him the money. he had to go and look at the defense department and look at all these different areas trying to scrape up the money. now when desantis, if desantis were to become president, do you think he's going to have to do that or he's going to come in with a plan knowing how to do it knowing where to put people strategically in place to make sure that it's done and then how to follow through witness, how to handle media with it. like if you want to take the vitriol out of it and just be honest about it, they're right. >> greg: that's a great point. >> sonnie: desantis would be way more able to will power than trump was and that scares the
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hell out of them >> greg: that's a really good point p or them scare the hell out of you, too? >> sonnie: yes. because desantis has flirtation with government and using government force in ways that, as conservatives, we should be like, okay, maybe you should not be doing that. so he does have a fondness for using government at his will and whim as well. >> greg: all right. well, i happen to like what he does as long as it helps me p speaking of doctor, before we ask you, my left eye keeps. >> dr. drew: twitching a little bit or draining. >> greg: just keeping watering and i don't know -- >> dr. drew: tear duct. hot compresses on the tier duct tonight. >> greg: because i'm wearing my contacts and it never happens and i sit down here and all of a sudden i'm like a native american in the litter scombleeshl it makes you look charming. >> greg: does it make me look sensitive? >> dr. drew: yes. >> greg: i think the sawed generals finds it indearing and wants to hug me later by the way i'm staying at the hammontons.
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the in inn not the area. do you agree? >> dr. drew: i think he's a brilliant guy, isn't he a rhodes circular? i think there's something wrong with me. because i don't understand why, if you help undocumented workers get to a sanctuary city, you're an evil person. i thought -- and by the way, an island where they have an opportunity to practice their sanctuariness. he's helping them be what they claim to be on a small scale. i live in los angeles. we have half a million undocumented workers. we live at -- we walk the walk in los angeles. you can't even tell when people are coming in anymore. but a little island, they can't handle that? that's confusing to me. >> greg: that is confusing to me. is it confusing to you kat? >> kat: no. >> greg: good >> kat: i never get confused >> greg: it's a rare talent you have, you always speak with clarity and very concise answers that force the host to keep rambling >> kat: i didn't want to be disrespectful. >> greg: you don't have to be,
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answer a question >> kat: you didn't ask me one but i can take it from here. >> tyrus: just kick him >> kat: yeah. what's interesting watching this unfold is, what's going to happen. because this has obviously happened before as you pointed out demon icing republican and republican. what happened with trump is republican tooked this principled stance against trump where they made it their whole identify to be like i'm a republican but i'm not for trump. so now that we're continuing the pattern of demonizing other republicans, what's going to happen to these people? are they going to continue to agree that, okay, desantis is bad, too? all these other republicans are bad, too? it was just a principled stance against trump specifically or are they so addicted to the attention they're getting from people on the left they're going to actually be democrat or call themselves republican. i'm watching to see what they do. >> greg: they fell in love with the strange new respect >> kat: yeah. i went through it when i made some criticisms of trump, i had some blink 182 guy follow me and
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i was so excited and then i have started tweeting about guns, boom, unfollowed >> greg: exactly what happened 2015, critical of trump you get all these fans that are like celebrities and you could totally get with it and then you go i wonder what happens if i say this and they run away. >> dr. drew: talk about a colony on the dark side of the moon and tom will find you >> kat: i love tom, he was the best one. . >> greg: should we thenned conversation tyrus? >> tyrus: i'm begging you to. >> greg: something thoughtful? round it all out for us. >> tyrus: you know, desantis may be the perfect republican but i like the disrupter in chief. i like the fact that he didn't trust anyone because most politicians are dirty. when he said drain the swamp he didn't say the democratic swamp. let's be real. let's be real. and the reason why they privately didn't like him was, and not publicly, is because he had the transcripts. he wasn't afraid go are you questioning me?
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well didn't you do this? and didn't you ask me for money? because he didn't need any of them. people were behind him because he was different, because he was not a politician. the problem is, we have too many politicians in the government and we need more people who are walking in like, we got to clean this place up. >> greg: yeah. >> tyrus: and that's why you liked him >> greg: it's true but i had to come around to him because i was complaining his personality with his deeds but he hadn't done the deeds yet but i liked the deeds but he didn't get all the deeds done. >> sonnie: if you account for the learning curve, that's why you only got four years, not got -- you didn't get eight. >> dr. drew: speaking of counting how many curse words do you get tonight? you already used four. >> greg: i have four left. >> tyrus: do you expect to go off, doc? >> dr. drew: i was thinking i might. >> greg: okay. wait for this next segment. up next, this teacher gives out tests while mocking big breasts. ♪
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>> greg: welcome back. she isn't make fans with her giant cans. [laughter] >> greg: that's the topic of a new segment we're calling ♪ >> is this [bleep] even real? or are they just screwing with us at this point? sponsored by ipana toothpaste. >> greg: that doesn't exist. a teacher at a canadian high school, aren't they all, has become somewhat of an internet sensation and not for a good reason. according to the feminist blog reducts which broke this story, this is kayla lemux. here she is along with her friends, brian and stelter. >> tyrus: never over. >> greg: never over. >> tyrus: never over. >> greg: i have to work him into every story.
8:20 pm
i wonder if airlines make him check those things. she's a teacher at a high school near toronto. according to the toronto sun, she, was once a he, began identifying as female last year and started wearing massive prosthetic breasts to class. she was soon all the male students favorite teacher. i'm kidding. but apparently only recently kids in the school started posting about her because canada, as you know, just got the internet last year. this is now considered the biggest bust to come out of canada since seth rogen. [laughter] >> greg: and talk about cultural appropriation, clearly the person is identifying as wendy williams. i think, however, she may regret these boops when boobs when one gets caught on the saw table. the school is standing by her saying what's really at issue is
8:21 pm
her gender rights and also constitutional rights since those boobs could be their own country. in a statement to parents they wrote, oakville high school recognizing the rights of students, staff, parents, guardians and community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression which are protected grounds of the ontario human rights bill. now, whether this is real or just a prank, this person shows you you could do anything today under the protections of gender expression. you can have a penis and have a woman. you can have fake breasts the size of award winning pumpkins and blame the confused children for their trans phobia. you could be a 50 year old man and identify as a woodland nymph. go ahead and laugh about but i can pee anywhere i want. dr. drew. >> dr. drew: most disturbing
8:22 pm
thing about that picture is how she's wearing the mask. >> greg: okay. there's the possibility this is an incredibly ingenious long con prank. does it matter if it's a prank or not when the school comes out with this hilarious clarification? >> dr. drew: yes, you're right. however, i have a feeling -- i'm going to look at this through a clinical prism. you know how plastic surgeons make people wear the breast size they're anticipating getting with these prosthesis? sonnie's shaking her head yep. >> sonnie: no. >> dr. drew: i'm just saying you heard of it. >> tyrus: now's the time to cuss, doc. >> dr. drew: and sometimes people are getting these frankly distorted things put in and before they do they make you walk and see if this is what you want to do for six months and no one has thought about that but that occurred to me as one of
8:23 pm
those explanations but that's also saying she's headed towards that surgery and that won't go great. do you watch botched snoop tyrus you have kids. if you were a teacher -- it doesn't seem like these kids -- they're still doing their stuff, it's wood shop. >> tyrus: i only have one question. >> greg: yes. >> tyrus: one question. is she a good teacher? >> greg: yeah. >> tyrus: that's the only thing that should matter. is she teaching wood stop now technology or whatever it's called or is she standing in front of the classroom talking about what it is to be her. if she's doing that talking about her feelings and her this and that and struggle, then she's not a teacher anymore and shouldn't be teaching. because i was on a radio show today where a guy said worst thing you could have is a teacher with tattoos and body piercings and i said i have two of those, the tattoos. and so i said it's not about the cover of the book it's about
8:24 pm
what comes out of it the words inside. and i guarantee you if she's a good teacher the kids don't care. they're just, oh, got boobs and there will be one guy in the back going you got back pain? there will be one that says that kids don't care. it probably happened a few times where a kid came back from summer different, the same one giving you dedefinition so i didn't care. so she's probably a good teacher because the kids aren't coming home saying, oh, this happened, because, that's how you want to live, go big or go hard, i get it. but -- >> greg:. >> greg: that's now how the phrase goes. >> tyrus: that's how i said. >> greg: that's not in my phrase book. >> tyrus: well, you're not in my genetic department either. >> greg: kat, what do you real? prank? long? prank? what do you make of this?
8:25 pm
>> kat: i want to be really careful here because like the bra that i'm wearing now is not not prosthetic breasts. like what is the padding to prospectists threshold. because i'm wearing two cups of padding so if i'm not at the threshold i'm definitely approaching it. i guess the difference is she has the nipples on top. mine does not have that >> greg: i didn't see this going in this direction but that's why people watch this show. [laughter] >> kat: i don't want to be a hypocrite. >> greg: i see your point. i see your pushability i see your point. [laughter] >> greg: sonnie, what do you make of this whole situation? >> sonnie: i actually kind of agree with what dr. drew said.
8:26 pm
as long as the weight is there and can feel the pull on your back and understand what you're doing i'm going to sit up there and say you have fun like that. because i know a lot of big breasted women who go to have the surgery to get it reduced. and the funny part about it is i saw this story right under the vanderbilt story about how they were pushing the double mastectomy for our young girls. so i'm like, okay, for natural born women we cut them off. for men we give it to them. okay. that's a flex i didn't see coming. >> greg: brilliant point. >> sonnie: that's a flex i really, really didn't see coming. but dave chappelle came out with this thing called the race train, right? some things about black culture we want to get rid of we have to switch with other cultures. i need to have a gender trade here. if y'all want high heels and corsets and makeup and all that other stuff that we as women actually hate that we actually put on to make society think
8:27 pm
that we are fit women, take it. we will trade it to you. you can have it. you can have all of it. and if that makes you feel better, good, as long as we're not referred to as birthing people, i think it's a fair trade. >> greg: all right. we'll be continuing this discussion tomorrow on special report. up next, did a road rage fight end with a bite? but asthma has taken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms. trelegy helps make breathing easier,... improves lung function,... and lasts for 24 hours. go triple... go trelegy. because asthma has taken enough. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler... for sudden breathing problems. trelegy contains a medicine
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i've fallen a few times and pva is like, get up! we just keep getting up. they fought for us. now you can give to fight for them. let's do this. please call or go to now. your monthly gift of any amount will help our paralyzed heroes. >> greg: he works in the vegan sector but acts like hannibal lecter. his burgers aren't made with by son but he'll bite you like mike tyson. doug ramsey the chief operating officer of beyond meat, everybody's forced somebody to eat that, allegedly about it another man's nose in a road rage incident. which is really stupid because the nose is so bland.
8:32 pm
it's all cartilage as no meat. i learned that from doozy's cookbook. besides it's not even a good fighting move if you're going to bite you've got to go for the crotch. [groans] >> greg: i debated leaving that in there. like all vicious attacks involving cannibalism it happened on a saturday at an arkansas fastball game. ramsey apparently got upset at another driver that tried to inch in front of him in the parking garage line. the situation escalated fast, which is unusual since escalators are so slow. that was funny. police say ramsey punched the other driver but the poor man -- bit the poor man's notices ripping flesh off. reminds me of twister night at bret baier's office. he was arrested for felony battery and making a terroristic
8:33 pm
throat and has to face the judgment of his vegan co-workers for eating meat. tyrus i want to ask you a question about this because you deal in an aggressive area of sport and it's like why does -- like why do -- what does being in a car amplify and speed up the response to violence? like if there's no space between your feeling and what happens next, it is alike, you know, in that good fell as scene where he hops out of the car and beats up the guy with a gun. everybody's like that in a car and you can't stop it until it's over. >> tyrus: and it's not just men it's women, too, because i learned all my cuss words from sitting next to my mom and pretty much everyone's a racist [bleep] when they're driving in their car. you have three more doc. >> dr. drew: thank you. >> tyrus: there's something about a personification of you. when someone denies your car entry it's a personal attack. and it's like, this is what the
8:34 pm
internet's like except there's still a possibility for someone to reach through the screen and grab you. you drooled him and tried to pull out in front and didn't realize whether it's pant based, and there's some reason, plant based people, adams say something he doesn't like. >> greg: dagen mcdowell. >> tyrus: yeah, the vegans, plant based, and somehow end up with meat. but they're always aggressive and angry. his big mac attack was somebody's nose. he just ate flesh, that's how mad he was. so i think, doc, if you're plant based eat an egg or something. >> dr. drew: i'm not plant based. >> tyrus: i'm not saying you. i'm saying if you came across a plant based angry person push some form of meat. >> greg: the other part of this story, whenever two parts of the story make it a great stoefrment like if he wasn't working at a
8:35 pm
vegan place, this never would have made the news. it would be like your name is dr. drew and you got arrested for stealing lithographs. and everybody would say, ah-ha, dr. drew. >> dr. drew: got to follow him. >> tyrus: i don't. >> dr. drew: tyrus is right though, and you're right, too. the car is an extension of the body. same with the other guy's car but that's not a real person, that's a car over there then you get out of the car and now you're in. but people that bite like that, in my world, that is meth, that's steroids, that's hypo mania, that kind of thing. so i worry there's something else going on. sometimes alcoholics do this too where they're extreme and they just bite. >> greg: someone bit me in the ear once? >> seriously. >> greg: wasn't in a fight though. >> sonnie: i was waiting for a mike tyson joke, i was like okay it's got to be coming. >> tyrus: his name might have been mike but it wasn't tyson
8:36 pm
>> kat: yeah it was more of a magic mike joke. [cheers and applause] >> greg: that's a great cross over. magic mike tyson where he's in a sequel and he strips. if you're watching tyson, that's for you. do it. it will save your career. sorry sonnie. >> sonnie: i don't think it has to do with him being a vegan, i think it has to do with him being a ceo of a company that's about to go bankrupt. i think that might have more to do with it. if you want to look at the stress level, where is it coming from? it might have a little bit to do with that and realizing that everything you put your life work into is about to fail miserably and there's a lot of people that are happy that it's failing so that they don't have to, you know, accidentally put this gar beige in their mouth sometime and puke up for three days like i did when i accidentally put that garbage in my mouth for three days. so, you know, maybe, just maybe,
8:37 pm
that was why he was a little bit angry. but he -- nobody mentioned that he actually punched the man's window in and went to grab him and start like -- so it is some anger very much rolled up in him and i think i've seen this movie before. and i think they get us to eating the crickets and the cockroach milk, we're going to have more of these stories and they're not going to end with just the notices being bitten off. >> greg: last word to you kat >> kat: yeah, like, he was suspended but he earned it. you know? it's kind of, he got suspended not like he tweeted something. why did you get suspended? because i punched through a guy's window and bit his nose off. but also the hypocrisy goes further because i'm not leak a car gal, like i don't even drive them, but he had a ford bronco suv. that's not like a climate friendly vehicle is isn't it no,
8:38 pm
see, good point from you there, too, kat. and he was also on the safety council of tyson for many, many years which i feel like you can't do that if you're eating people. >> greg: isn't that crazy? he worked at tyson. >> tyrus: tyson >> greg: and then he bites somebody. is your head exploding? is your head exploding? my head's exploding. you can't see it at home but everybody, it's --. >> sonnie: i was waiting for the joke at the beginning, how are you making it at the end? >> greg:. >> greg: because it was too obvious sonnie, too obvious. coming up trudeau singing a queen tune but was it too soon. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection
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8:43 pm
being accused of disrespect for singing bohemian wrapsity in a london lobby while visiting for the queen's funeral. roll it, bridge it. ♪ easy come, easy go, little high, little low ♪ ♪ any way the wind blows doesn't really matter ♪ >> greg: whoa, what was he thinking, huh? probably wasn't. just be grateful he was singing bohemian rhapsody and not another one bites the dust. [cheers and applause] >> dr. drew: change my answer. >> greg: be thankful he didn't do anything from aladdin. all right, kat. do you know what bothers me about him? everything. but also, doesn't he seem like you know this type of snern cat cat totally. >> greg: you know this person >> kat: yeah he was there for the funeral jealous the queen
8:44 pm
was getting all the attention for being dead. >> greg: exactly. >> tyrus: the nerve >> kat: he was like, i want some, so he has to do that. of all the things that have disgusted me about him, this doesn't even make the list. more so what he did with the vaccine mandates and freezing the bank accounts of people associated with it. that's something that's truly disgusting. this is just a dude being a [bleep]. >> greg: sonnie i guess we could say it's good he wasn't singing in black face this time. >> sonnie: this time. >> greg: yes. >> sonnie: but i was watching the irish dancers dance to another one bites the dust so i can't really talk. >> greg: that's right. >> sonnie: they were vicious on twitter. and i was like, okay, i'm going to laugh but i'm not going to retweet it so i can keep my -- >> kat: and nobody knows. >> greg: until this show aired. by the way, this is the number one show among brits royalty. >> sonnie: i got called out that i was watching the irish do it
8:45 pm
but i'm not going to say how much black america was doing it too. that's just horrible and if this is the worst what trudeau has compared to what she went through on twitter that was a piece of cake because it was terrible in the twitter verse. >> greg: yeah. dr. drew, is there one likeable thing you can find about this clown? i can't. >> dr. drew: the heir. >> greg: oh, his heir's nice the hair's suffice you have great heir. don't put yourself down. >> dr. drew: i have different kind of heir. >> greg: it's really well manicured like a beautiful lawn. >> tyrus: it's almost not real. >> dr. drew: i didn't expect. >> tyrus: too perfect. >> greg: and arian lawn. white makes right on your head, only on your head. . >> tyrus: i don't know what -- cuss now, doc. >> sonnie: yes, yes, good time >> dr. drew: too easy. >> greg: dripping out of all my
8:46 pm
orifices. >> tyrus: wow >> greg: now i have allergies my eyes are leaking, my nose is running >> kat: allergies don't do that. >> tyrus: they really don't. >> greg: i'm falling apart doctor. is this a live intervention? >> dr. drew: is this live period? where are we? what is going on? but, listen, that dude lives in a bubble where he gets no feedback. he is so adored by his little political enclave. i talked to some canadians tonight and i said what is wrong trudeau, they said everything. same thing you said. they said the reason he's able to do that is he gets no feedback from the environment. so he literally feels everything he's done, even the more disgusting stuff that anyone with sensibility would know is not okay. he doesn't pick that snoop canadians are too nice to criticize him but we're not like that. this is the worst or best example of nepotism ever. he only got his job because his
8:47 pm
last name, dad was prime minister or whatever. but i would take hunter biden as president over that [bleep] [boos]. >> greg: oh, boo yourself. boo yourself. no, no. don't turn on me. don't turn on me. hunter has good connections. . >> tyrus: there is apples and fruit and vegetables if you want to go get them and throw them, now would be a good time. wow, gutfeld. >> greg: i know. >> tyrus: listen, you know what? trudeau's a geek and a moron but where did the criticism come from? that's what we need to focus. if he wants to sit around with friends and sing a really off-key song to god save the queen or whatever, twitter? we're giving grounds to another idiot on twitter, like it was so disrespectful. don't watch it moron. get off your computer. we need to stop giving weight to these twitter punks with their
8:48 pm
bots and their fake likes and crap. like you don't like what he did, why are you watching him? like start like country -- block him and move on. >> greg: i'm going to go on twitter tonight later and say that. >> tyrus: andle' find you. >> sonnie: just watch it and don't retweet it. good grace. you can have your fingerprints completely off of it it's very simple. >> greg: all right kids we have one more segment. this is my favorite one. did a model fool around with a married singer with a crappy sound? when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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8:52 pm
>> greg: five birds, told you adam levine sucked. >> i was having an affair with a man who is married to a victoria secret model. i'm sure you know who adam levine's. we were seeing each other for a year or over a period of months. this is how he came back. a serious question, i'm having another baby and if it's a boy, i want to name it sumner, are you okay with that? dead serious. >> greg: all right, that was instagram models sumner stroh. >> tyrus: that means you are unemployed. it >> greg: he crossed the line? >> tyrus: who cares, that's
8:53 pm
number one. number two, she was manipulated and she was innocent, because you annoy the others world-famous person who was married at all. take responsibility. you are a side chicken that's what you were and then he got mad and you blasted him. he needs to take responsibility, he was an appropriate and a bad husband and it is up to him and his wife to figure that out, but she is not a victim. it sat there in the production and everybody should be like you still decided to do it and you are just as bad as he is. >> greg: i agree with everything tyra said, but the problem is that i hate adam levine. yes, he is a scum. >> kat: no, his statement was horrible, because he was like a cross a line, but i assure you, not with my peis. not only do i not believe that, but we are like we don't care. and has a affair with a woman way younger than him, no, what it happens all the time. what does not happen all the
8:54 pm
times is to reach out to your affair buddy and say can my wife's name the kid after you? you have to talk about that part. that's the part. and we know that part is true. >> greg: and sumner is a terrible name. it is a force. correction! not a fort! the biggest correction ever. but still, like what a weirdo, i am drooling now. [laughter] what is wrong with me? >> sonnie: it will be up to them and i will lead them to handle their marriage, for the sanctity of their marriage i hope they can work it out and i hope that she gets her pound of flesh from her husband, because she deserves it. but i am with -- no, i think as tyra said, no, homegirl, you got only fast page and you know exactly what they were coming for. stop pretending you did not
8:55 pm
know. did this to me, my favorite kind of whores are honest. one that is like yes, i am a whore i do those things. i move in those ways. i'm good with that. give me an honest one. >> kat: unusually fun people. >> greg: instagram models, not fun, dr. drew. >> every time i come in here you [bleep] all over somebody i know or are friendly with. >> greg: you know the instagram model? >> no, i know adam levine. >> greg: he is a loser! >> this is a tragedy, he is a nice guy. >> tyrus: he really was going to name his child after their or have a conversation. >> greg: he said very mean things about fox years ago. and i have not forgotten that,
8:56 pm
adam. i will never let you forget that as long as i live. period [cheers and applause] don't go away, we will be right back. ♪ keep it comin' love ♪ ♪ keep it comin' love ♪ ♪ don't stop it now, don't stop it no ♪ ♪ don't stop it now, don't stop ♪ ♪ keep it comin' ♪ it's back america. applebee's all you can eat boneless wings. just $12.99. we were told, super young, that you have to be tough, you have to be macho in a male perspective. you feel like, you know, you're not able to open up and, you know, be vulnerable with your feelings, you know what i mean. you have this idea of this machismo, right? like that you have to always be the toughest, the strongest. for me as a man, it's about opening up. not feeling too macho to tell someone
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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to dr. drew, sonnie, tyrus, and kat timpf! i'm greg gutfeld, i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm julia turner and washington, breaking ron desantis is keeping delaware and white house officials guessing about his plans for more migrant flights, this is new cpd data from the border revealing a record number of people on the fbi's screening terror space have been apprehended there. plus it is not just a third


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