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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 21, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. my exclusive one on one .one-on si-ot down with president trumps at mar-a-lago. itwith presiwe'll talk about thb biden's failing agenda, the upcoming midterm. is he running in 2020 fourdterms tomorrow night? all questions are on the table e . nine eastern. we hop e you'll join us for that. please dvr and never miss an episode. unfortunately, that's all the time we have left. but let not your heart be trouble. laura ingraham is ready to kill it as usual. re, honey. why don't you ask president trump? why didn't he come up with this idea in 2019? they were still migrants coming across. he could send them to allit's the liberal. we got brentwood, georgetown ing dc with them in i liked his plan, but now they are. >> yeah, i'm i'm half kidding. u burat believ: e i was there at the border. there wasn't anything like it is now, but they still trickle s through. ti so it's always good to just send a little message to them. but i can't wait to watch. >> i'll be watching him. i thought that was the greatest political jujitsu move.
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however,though abandoning those policies, that work was really dumb. >> now we set an all right. lic. you bet. i can't wait to watch tomorrowll night. i will be riveted to it. i can't wait. all right. i'm laura ingram .. this is ingram angle on a very the tuesday, just seven weeks before the midterms, if you can believe it. >> the last gasp. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. look, in all seriousness, folks, that's how biden's right . forty nine days to go before th' the midterms and the democrats ,they have so much to be proud of. prou eight point three percent is the year over year numbernumr coming in hotter than expectedn and hotter than a lot of economists. on th >>is a lot of people on thishadh panel thought it was going to come in since middle oou>> sinft year, we've seen that inflationn is going up faster than wagefls >> that means that if you adjust paychecks for inflation, they'rest payce actually shrink robberies and property crimes are rising. robber shrinkiny has jumped 19%.
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crime is on the rise across a nation. >> a heck of a job. joey, but at least the democrats always had the pandemic to help them hold on to power. right? well, until biden messed that up on "60 minutes", that is the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. f woit's put the pandemic is ov ifth you notice, no one isover. wearing mask. >> everybody seems to be in pretty good shape.good shape. >> hannity the branch comedians at the white house, they're beside themselves at the pandemic is truly over. so is the president's federal health emergency. and that brings us to anotherfea biden walk. >> back to the white house now clarifying president biden's response. >> the white house rushed to clarify white house to put out a statement after the press conference. >> you not where ne we need toere no be if we're going tot be able o ,quote, live with the virus, is the pandemic over with ?the a
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a president's reflecting is the fact that we've made tremendousd progress t against covid-19. buwet he also said, you know, we have more work to do on covid. >> we need people to take thate vaccinvae. nd that i man is the definition of smarmy. now, at this point, tryingsmarmi sell this vaccine and thnee and new booster, it's trying to sell an eight track tapek ta player, okay? nobody wants one anymore. nobut that's not going to stop "the washington post" from selling the covid column. .montera and gently correcting biden writing a pandemic has shifted and normalcy has returned. in many ways , but it is not over. mr biden has not endedcial the official pandemic emergency when the official emergency endse, some 15 million will losc medicaid coverage. the reasonai the student loancoa repayment pause will end all this policy transitiongeason fos be done carelessly or hastilitye to d and a half years counts as hasty for
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"the washington post". i got it now. they don't ever want it to end because more emergencies equalte more government dependency, more government spending without ever having tondnt go through congress, by the way, which is the big defenders of democracy. anyone with a brain knows that biden's covid crutch, whether g. they know it or not, it's gone. isd now all democrats have to offer is a lousy economy, an a open border and rampant and regular americanse.s who actually paywould their own bills. they're beginning to place the blame where it properly lies. e thwith the democrats. the senate and gubernatorial races are starting to leanrace closer to the republicans in georgia. herschel walker is now up over raphael warnock and new polling is bad news fok.r the left wing supposed savior in georgia. stacey abrams and ron johnsonr n will beat the radical pro criminal candidate, mandella barnes. what a nightmare he is . in wisconsin. a new emerson poll has johnsonho
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now up by four points. , >> mandela is just a hard core leftist. milburn's, since the founding of america was awful in our national parks arrest, heoua supported a 20 percent increase in the gas tax and 70 percent top income tax rate. and the delbar, as opposed to school choice, but wants toproge teach your children critical race theorssy. yikes. and in nevada, a state thought to be solidly blue , well, it's turning out not to be catherine. cortez masto, a liberal who never cared about mas the borderto, and now pretends, is getting a serious challenge from republik in adam laxalt. now, a sizable sum of money on the fact that democrats, their own internal polling, is telling them that they'reatst on trackhel to lose the senate. it isn't even october yet,ven oc though. sotoyet so don't get all exciten because they're not going toot go down without a pathetic last ditch effort to turn the tide. and with the queensborough aid
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and the bad economic news piling up, of course, like clockwork, the january 6th committee reconvenes next weekko . so expec next more of the same d video of the capitol window being smashehe samd and people scaling the walls. you'll have a lot more of those for brow expressions from the committee members. aren't you tired of those? if only democrats cared as much. about the pain suffered by their own constituents, devastated by soaring bills, theit crime and fentanyl pouring across the open border, millions of non-citizens have invaded our country under biden, but democrats aren't interested in analyzing that video in the nextereste forty nine days. no wayd . t soo desperation, it makes peope do crazy things. expect democrat messaging over the next several weeks. to get nuttier and more extremeo and their tactics to be even eve more anti-democratic. they're going to work preir social media proxies to censor anyone who opposes them. >>oxyone who and that's throughf
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hate, never fully goes away and only hides it when given any oxygen that comes out from under the rocks in the last few years. >> we give it much too u mucndeh oxygen in our politics and ourhg media and on the internet. >> and of course, they're going to cry. >> racis m at every turn have determined that domestic terroris m rooted in whiteesti supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat. >> my dad would say if. your silence is complicity,: th they're going to villainizecan f parents and christians is dumb. bigots. dumb >> people on the local levelan affected school board meetings.d they won't forget the magar republicans descending on their school board meetings after january six . it was a quote, coordinated a
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attack happening acrossro the country. >>ss they're going to use t the doj, the fbihe, and every other branch of government to harass effective political adversarof govy is the search was a premises locates.da in florida belonging to the former president . i personally approvedsion t the decision to seek a searco hc warrant in this matter. wa and when that doesn't work,d they're going to try ttho shuter down their opposition by setting their activist dogs loose on conservative donors. now, you might ask, how is thisn going to happen? well, if they had their druthers, they would force super pacs or issueer pac advocacy groups to divulge their donor lists. biden's motives are so altruistic. >> i believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. there's much too much money that flows in the shadows to influence our elections. >> it's called dark money. it's called dark money. that' oh, now that's a problem.n' i didn't think it was a problem in 2020 when one hundred and
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seventy four million is flooded. the election from his anonymouse supporters os anonymr six times the twenty five million trump got. bide then couldn't even pretendo hide his ultimate objective. >> todayde, here's justample. one recent example. conservative activist who spent, as was his rightas u decades working to putis enough conservative justice on the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. s tonow has access to one points six billion dollars in dark$1.6b money to dilo more damage. and from our perspective and restrict more freedoms as far as we know, did he fallt? asleep there with where he wasi sleep talking about what biden's nut jobs want is conservative donors to live under the same protest? , as am u y coni barrett and brad kavanaugh still do. but the good news is biden'st ts words. they are just hot air signifying nothing. this bill woulrd be dead in the water. and speaking of a waste ofspeakg
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time, kamala had nothing betterr to do toda ty than repeat a tird old lie about states like georgia and of course, push for a federal takeover of state election laws, laws that not far from here, then drop boxespe and restrict early voting lawsct that states are passing, making it illegal to give folksanding uno stand in line to vote food and water undemocratic laws on american laws. the tr she's lying.ut she's a liar. the truth is , george electionoi integrity act demagogueon by charlatans like kamala as an act of some type of voter suppression. that law actually increased voting by the most significantoi margin ever during this lastgn primary season in georgia. ing thisand the idiots there lot the state. >> the major league baseball all star game for nothing. thanks.
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so the closer we get to c election day, the more desperate get toe they're goingo become. expect more anti-american propaganda, more interviews, mo with liz cheney and profiles ofi her. expect the regime media to hidet what's happening to your streets, to your schools, st your standard of living. expect more leaks, more investigations, lawsuits and threats to punish any republicans who speak uplicans and speak out. bu ot don't be distracted.speak you're too smart for that. dist. stay focused on the real issue. what's bes t for your kids and your country. we hav e a great opportunity this fall, so let's take advantage of it. and that's the angletage o. >> joining us now is newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and fox newsouse contributor. ne just getting in details details from a close door fundraiser. biden is all about the disinfectant. sunlight is the best disinfectant. he had a closed door fundraiser holding with eric adams and robert de niro in new york . amamong the things he said was, i know i got criticizedknow i
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the speech i gave in philly, g but guess what? you can't claim to be a democrat s with a small d. if ya engage in violence against the government sma, biden also warned that institutions are, quote, literallyvernment in jeo. newt, he's doubling downd. on that philadelphia speech. o >> your reaction? well, look, i think they're in eesperate straits and they'r doing desperate the fact is ings, after all the noise is over, the average american family is going tofind go to the grocery store.ha they're going to find out that eggs are too expensive, milk is too expensive, cheerios is too expensive. ios orhamburgers too expensive. and then in order to get home, e they're going to stop by the gas station this i spent five dollars and four cents a gallon trying to fill up my car. and i thought, you know, tooexps ivexpensive and they're going td look around and they're going to watch the local news and they're going to see, for example, in philadelphia, whichan
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has an all time record number of murders, and where 70% ofersa philadelphiansnd think that crie and safety is the number one issue. you go around the countryuff. and see this stuff. n dance,, theyca they can scream, they can pretend, they can li e. but the american people areare seeing in their own livesfferen a very simple fact.t anfag government socialism doesn't work. and when it doesn't work, it hurts your family. it hurts i your friends.t' its hurts your children and it. hurts your future. and that's whyhe, in my belief,e you're going to see the biggest tsunamthi of red , white and ble voters repudiating the biden team that we've seen.n team i think probably t since herbert hoover collapsed during the great depression. >> apsed du note we talked about at the beginning of covid thatnnin when they talked about a newof normal with the shutdowns
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and shutting down churches and suddenly a lot of thingswith are non-essential that are true, truly essential to us , especially as christians. we knew that that was really going to be their permanentheir new normal . they wanted that to be the new normal. so biden tonight at this fundraiser also went back to the cove. it is overline and tried the to massage it. what w done don't have they dont have the sound bite because it's closed door. bee it's cd, by the way, if you haven't gotten your boosters, get them. there's a lot of peopl y e who the pandemic is , quote, over is i got kudos for saying, but basically it's not where itt was. >> new t. . what? it's not[l where iaught was.s] they can't let go of the emergency because it's allet they have to spend a lot of money. they have to spend money without congress. r to spendm i thought i "the washington post" was very clear this morning thought. ey they were terrified. they thought, you know, if president biden having said it's over, actually stuck legally, that eliminated hundreds of billions of dollarsd of extra emergency activities oe
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which have been stipulatedn based on a covered problem, which the president just said didn't exist. and i think everybody ter on the left is just terrified. their goalri was to use covid as the excuse to basically put a totalitarian system in place to basically pay off their own la poliand to build a politica machine that would last for a generation. now alw l ofall it's falling a. they're not going to have a political machine that lasts for a generation. and the average american looksut out there and says, al tl this stuff is stupid. this stufwhat they did to our d was criminal and cost themre at least a year or a year and aof e half of their lives. whatirt they they tried to do, k we're going to find out later. there's a huge scandal behind the entire public health service system. huge bon a scale that, frankly, as somebody who's always beenh y pro thatst system, i helped double the national institutes of health budget when i wa no speaker. w
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i look now at what's this is an amazingly corrupt, dishonest and incompetent system that's all going to gradually come out. i think that kevin mccarthy's commitment to america is going to help lead to an amazing election this fall. and i think the american people are going to walk in the ballot bo x with a simple question. do you think it's working? if it's working, vote democrat . if you think it's not working, vote republican. and i think that's going to lead some genuinely maybe the biggest sweep of my lifetime. >> well, we'll see if it rivals what happened in 1994, but wet got to make a change here. and i agree with yourt to s assessment. great to see you as a after we showed you last night how biden and his team, his s on his 2020 four, hav whether he's going to run org tg not, have been evolving through the year. we have a new entry tonight tog. bring you democrat senator chris says it's goindeg' to be a while before we get a definitive answer. he said president biden has
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always been someone who talkedto about the need for a transition to a new generation of leaders. the question is just when and it's not clear to me that a he's made up his mind about when that should happen. joining me now is ari fleischer, fox news contributor and former white house presspres secretary ari is saying that joe biden may wait until the middle of next year to decide. >> yeah, your thoughts. >> as a republican , i would want nothing more than for joe biden. to declare for reelectionn fo and run because i would like to run against a guy who's going to be eighty two years old on election day or right after election day in the year. twenty , twenty four . but the fact of the matter is , laura and i predicted this last may, joe biden is not going to run for reelection. and chris, senator coons, senato who was biden's former chief of s gif, is giving an early indicationve of that. the democrat party is not, especially after they're going to lose the house, may loset the senate. gointre not going to wan a candidate who's about to turns
12:18 am
80 , an unpopularad president presiding over a bad economy to be their leader in the future. leaders are just not going to >>nt biden to step up and run again. now, hannity someone who has hia ari, that he'll run if bidenwon won't is gavin newsom becausiseo he did such a bang up job inm, california. he's already hitting the campaign trail with a stopnn gl at the clinton global initiative. we had to pay homage there and he bragged about what heraga did to california's energy industry. >> while we are as committed and more resolved than we've ever been to accelerateen toe ts transition. and with all due respect to those conservative governors out there, greg abbott other and others, they'rs,e as dumb as they want to be and they're'u just doubling down on stupid. and we will nostt follow their path. >> we're going in a completely different direction. well, ari, whose economic growth is economic growths
12:19 am
eclipses california's florida's texases because they stayed open during the pandemic texas d and refused to give in to the fear mongers and when it comes to people going in a different direction. governor newsom should be talking about a directi his n constituents. since they're leaving california, the state is actually shrinkinigoverng in population for the first timeg in decades. laur, ifhi when joe biden doesnt run, laura , we're going to have some 20 to 30 democrat. candidates run. it's going tito be mayhem.'s and it's a product of mayhem. i'm a big believer in primaries is the right way to sort out the future for either party. but it's going to be mayhem may on the democrat side. den 2020, youo nii had two nights of debates with the democrats. they had the bigs debate and the little kid debate. and that's going to happen again. that's how many democrats arecr going to throwar their hat in the ring. but the democrats need generational change and most democrats know it. in a minute.genera when youti loomost of k at the f senator chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, joe biden, it's it's a team led by 80 year olds wherup and the american people,
12:20 am
the democratic party, we're a country that wants renewal. nw we want fresh we want new people.can sa joe biden cay n say to the american people, he did his job. he defeated donald trump. that's retire and remember. . but it's time for somebodyt this new on the democratic side. and that's the message the democrat ts are going to be saying republicans want him to run. ou al l right. all right. alw great to see youay tonight, as always. now, this is jus t comingth to us after that smashing success with the martha's vineyard airlift. th rhonda santurce just pulled offa an arguably more impressive feat. victor davis hanson, charlie hurt, react to the breakine gl c news next day.t >> the two fox nation exclusive . first breakfast, new look at modern socialism. socialism seems dead and buried, but now it's back to get the truth behind the ideologies and how they continue to impact our society the most ferocious
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>> now to see if you're eligible collectively at five seven five five three five one , when biden is flying these people all over all o ple fruited plain in the middlee of the night, i didn't hearout a peep out of those people. they were provided an ability to to be in the most posh sanctuary jurisdiction, maybe in the world. and obviously it's sad that martha's vineyard people deported them the next day.d th >>em t desanto one , round one . and we just learned this moments ago, he won round two as well. all right. let's explain this. earlier today, the media, they descended on georgetown,
12:26 am
delaware, in anticipation ofeorw another planeload of migrants that was supposedly being sentts from florida to biden'sorida hometown. the white house took it soto seriously that president biden even prepared a snarky response ,sending migrants to delaware . do you have any comment or response to that, sir? he shoule d comesh visit shroye i even already said the only problem is there was no plane load. governor to santurce purposefully let these folks desa tt in the wind after the media fell for this information. from a resistance loser on twitter. and of course, the stantis. hass all the right people upset. you know, all that talk about using migrants as political pawns. what would they sal y topawn th >> two mig to migrants have filed a class action lawsuit againstst a santurce and other florida officials saying their fourth
12:27 am
and fourteenth amendment amendment rights have been violatedtizens s. >> joining us now is victor davis hanson, senior fellow at hoover, and charlie hurt, opinion editor at the washington times, fox news contributor. ontrib charlie.ut this story is getting more amazing by the day, but suffice it to say, rhonda santurce in his own way, punkt the entire media apparatus with this supposed planeload of migrants that never was. >> yeah. and of course, thi>> this is the same media that has boughty sine every single thing that thatat h has been sold to theasm over the past five years. they're completelye unquestioning aboucomplet thing, which is , of course, the real problem, because you cannot have a free republic without an informed public. ar and these are the people we're relying on . but it really is amazing the way the way this stunt has managed to expose the bush administration policies and expose the people thatratio. support it. you know, those those 50 migrants landing in martha's
12:28 am
vineyard, if they had been carrying rakes and mop buckets, they would have been welcomedth in open arms, as they ofteey wne . but because they came as humans looking for asylum, they could these people couldn't have handled it. and the policies revealed these themselves and these people revealed themselve ps. >> now, victor, you say that desanto should be a model toe other governors across the country. explai n. well, i think that the left doesn't know whether wheree goi migrants are going to be , but maybe they're going to be tomorrow at napa or maybetomr they're going to be in malibu or the upper west side or aspen. >> the point is that nobody can really object after he established this paradigwhm, because who would object that t very poor people that you support coming in illegally he o with an open border woululdd be be bused to a very tony community. these are all wonderful places to live, are much bettere
12:29 am
and where they are now. so there's no objection. they're they're coming ine, daylight and transparent. they're not being flown in att. night stealthy, like the biden administration is . and they're going to places that both all sanctuary cities, but more importantly, politically, laura , he's disrupted this democratic playbook, a little bit because we have these melodramas. we had january six and then we had the raid and then we had the phantom of the opera speech. jad now we hav speece january s. and they're all designed not to talk about the border or not to talk about gas or energy or crime or and all ofanista a sudden he's interrupt that narrative and he's got all this media attention. but it's not it's no media atttt a distractioion. it's about an issue, borde the border. so he's been able tor. to sort f disrupt the media mainstream media's narrative. >> but disrupt turned it to a real issue, not these distractions avat they're using to avoid issues. >> so it works for himoid re one of ways and maybe in the future they can say maybe the the governors can say, let's
12:30 am
have a moratorium on private jet travel till we solve this climate issue problem. woul or maybe we should said, let's not send our kids to prep schools. we're going to oppose charter schools or we're going to support teachers unions.charter let's just do what we say and it'll be everything will be fine. >> so there's a lot of otherar issues where this hypocrisy is going to be accentuated iftoe they follow it >>ted i thinkif all right, chao i want to get to this ridiculous lawsuit. it says that these meagere mi get this experience cruelty akin to what they fled in their home country. now, okay, as someone who knows edgartown, where they ended up ,i think they were in edgartown pretty. i know really well. so edgartown on martha'sown on m vineyard is now the mainstream of venezuela where you have these liberal women likenezu hugging a migranela?t and postig it on insta because they wantede to look likeral wo they were vie signaling. that's horrible stuff. that is a big loaded. you know what that i've heardknw
12:31 am
in a long time? yeah, they wanted alhal their selfies as they deported them and basically put them intm cages on a military base offr ia their island. now, it really is extraordinar y and it gives ronda santos. and republicans an upper hand in this discussion that republicans really have not managed to get the upper hand on in terms of talkingl no. about the incredible, inhumane treatment that joe biden's policies exposes these people to when when they're drawn to our border. whether it's young girls being e on the border, people dying, e horrible deaths, people being trafficked, people being murdered, the only people that are thriving right now are the drug lords and the human smuggling cartels. and this this stunt alone has done more to give republicans. and in thi s case, we're on to the upper hand in describing that human tragedyragedy.
12:32 am
joe biden alone has created it's really quite extraordinary. now. >> well, i think maybe next time, if the migrants if they left once the migrants toga be welcomed. i saw this meme somewhere. i'm kind of misappropriating it. this name sopld show u with leaf blowers. >> yeah, no, tha t was on the on or something. or the avalonbay. yeah, i will. leaf blower.n or yeah. then they'll be they'll be welcome. sog.'ll just go to wor k. victor, charlie, thank you. now when biden callously lies about inflation, well he's dismissing guests like my nex it one . meghan mccain is a louisiana mother who says her inflated grossly grocery bill now eclipses her monthly mortgage payment. she has a message forgrocer the president and the media next. >> jp morgan ceo warns of an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers
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12:38 am
what am i doing here? i'm going to lose track here. i can tell you at the very top six percent said quest to crush this inflation has already rattled the stock market. this year, the dow is down more than fifteen percent. the s&p five down eighteen percent. >> the nasdaq even worsee . wow. so let's put biden's numbers in perspective now. >> han year alone, the markets have lost approximately $7.6n point six trillion dollars in market value on trump's last day in office, the dow closed at thirty thousand nine hundred and thirty today. it closed at thirty thousand seven hundred six . so not only is the dow lower than it was when biden took office and four years under trump, including a year of covid, the dow rose by eleven thousand one hundred ninety, it eight points, or fifty six point seven percent. so the folks on wall street who spent a fortune to get ridet of trump, replace him
12:39 am
with biden, they're looking more idioticp and radical evera day. apparently, they're just willing to bankrupt all ofeverp. i guess just to pursue what, al open trade with china openp lab borders with cheap labor. >> but there is one thing going out. >> wer >> we are quickly approaching a point where the interests alone on our federal debt will overwhelm our federal budget, resulting in dire economic effect. if congress doesn' t control effec interest rates.t. contr but we can't control how muchol money is added to our national o debt. president biden's budget callsn. for $1 trillion in deficit s trill every year going forward. >>io and that's only going to make matters worse. when biden came into office, the u.s. debt was at about twenty seven trillion dollars. now,s it's thirty trillion. that's an increase of more than three trillion. and our finanl entry inour fina tonight's biden by the numbers ,the president and i also know that you cannot help us build k a better future if you are buried under a mountain of
12:40 am
student debt. and that is why we hav e announced that we will cancel ten thousand dollars of federal student loan debsot. el $10 then, alon,0g with 19 other executive orders, biden has signed since taking office, they've cost taxpayers a whopping one point five trillion dollars, according to heritage. tonight's biden, by the numbersh may cause inflammation, and the only cure is a vote for the gop seven weeks from today.ported ls >> now, as we reported last week, joe biden responded to a devastating inflation report with a white house celebration . >> it had the upbeat james taylor performance. right. if there was that biden was there, that biden and his aviator sunglasses, he declareds this the future. >> america's brighaviator t ande promise of america is real. o it is real. >> it is real. unfortunately, to many, painhing
12:41 am
is the only thing that's real. last night we told you about a wall street journal story profiling shoppers outside a supermarket 60 miles fromutsie new orleans. one of those profiled, megharsn naquin, says that prices have gotten so high she now spendsy n more money on groceries for her family of eight than on her fifteen hundred dollar monthly mortgage. meghan mccain joins me now. meghan, how much has your billi gone up in just the last year? alone? e la >> in the last year? definitely a few hundredd do dollars. >> so every time you go shopping every month, what is it? every time i go, shall we>> w go shopping multiple times? timesa week? but since within the last year, it's definitely gone up for the monthly budget. three hundred dollars. and what does that mean to me?. what does megan , what does washington not get about this
12:42 am
for regular working families?r u you salaw biden celebrating when this inflation number came out at the white house. >> how does that feel to you?>>o not so great. i'm sure he doesn't have to to worry about putting foodt puttin on the table once again. i is that one of the rising prices going up, not just the grocery prices, but the energy prices they have are like it has almost doubled in te the past few months. prices? and it wasn't just a slow progression. it was a month like one month. it was regular the next almost two hundred dollars more . and , you know, how are the people down here supposed to afford this during the pre? pandemic period, let's say in 2018, 2019 gasoline was at about two, 12 to 20 to 30 a gallon in most parts of the country. gallon iwas that more of an affr number for you and your family?
12:43 am
did did you notice if we able to save a little bit of money under those circumstances? save, absolutely. definitely more affordable. thank goodness me. gas prices have come down just recently. if you would have gas prices, the energy prices, the grocery prices were just regular people here. how are you going to affor d all that? >> well, what about the push for just go get an electrict ane car ? does that resonate with you? lenot for it makes no sense atff all to me. no sense of they want people to slow down on the their gridst pp and not use as much energy, but then go get an electric car . >> well, meghan, that's washington for you. this long. yeah. i want to know how washington yu this is . it's it. yeah. this is better not listen. it's a not because they to the real big you know, they're peopreally listening to people,
12:44 am
people and people like meghan. meghan, i really appreciatei ap your joining us . you have you a big family to tag care of and your budget to make and help is on the way. help is on the way. so thank you very much for being here tonight. all right.r a it's time for a pop quiz, a vegan food. exactly was just arresteand foro what, a setting zoo animals free.o animal be throwing paint at a fur coat during fashion week or c, biting someone's nose. tweet me your guesses at ingrams angle and we're goingeah to reveal the details aftere the break. plus, could a new biden executive order have you eating more lab created food? >> an angle investigation coming up. great feats deserve great feat. >> help get them with you of the only topical prescription treatment indicated to help reduce diabetic nerve pain of the feet. great feats, the everyday ordinary things that seem
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12:47 am
high octane offensive attack against america. the best pre game, the best analysis of the biggest game, merritt, michigan. all part of big news saturday on fox. >> man over forty five . do you have a frequent urgent need to day and night? i have good news presenting the euro live system, an outpatient treatment that simply reopens the channel to increase flow with no cutting. >> yes, most side effects are mild to moderate, serious bleeding and infection events are rare. visit yero lipscombe. >> ask your urologist about your left or call 807 five to eleven hundred today. >> emily harris and kelly are taking on the hot topics with powerful perspective and t
12:48 am
12:49 am
seven . >> all right. the answer to that angle, pop quiz. a vegan food. exactly was just arrested for c biting someone's nose out vegan to do that. tha >> no, no, no. fox news national correspondent istt is in l.ane. with all the savory details. >> matt lauer beyond meat is an innovative plant based foodplan- company offering vegan products that claimbad food to taste andk like real meat. it's got tha a lot of notoriety.
12:50 am
kim kardashian as a spokesperson and partnerships with mcdonald' is s and kfc. but lately the brand has been struggling and now one of its top executives has been suspended for attacking a guy, taking in a bite out of his no. takiy three year old beyond me, chief operating officeromeone doug ramsey has reportedly been suspended from his job's forom allegedly attacking a man afterj saturday's arkansaobs razorback football game. arka a say another driver made contact with a front wheel on ramsey's ford bronco. ramseye contac got out, started punching the other driver and then bit the man in the nose, ripping flesh, the driver and another witness edy ramsey also threatened to kill that man. man t records indicate ramsey was arrested and released sunday at eleven thousand dollars bond. he's scheduled was arrd and re n court next month. beyond meets shares hit a 52 week low this week as inflationk soars, customers are apparently not willing to pay for beyond
12:51 am
meets higher priced items. laura , matt , you did that.: mt read perfectly, without even cracking a smile. you're amazing, matt . ithoutgood to see you tonight. all right. president biden approved a little covered executiven co order last week on something called advancing biotechnology and bio manufacturing innovation. advancitechfor a sustainable, d secure american biotech economy . that's a mouthful. now, inside the order, you find this, the secretary of agriculture shall submit a report assessing how to use biotechnology and bio manufacturing for food and agriculture innovation by improving sustainabilitand bg and land conservation and cultivatlitye alternative fn resources. resour sounds a lotce like the government potentially encroaching on more farmlandinin here. >> joining me now is wesley smith, senior fellow atth
12:52 am
the discovery institute's center on human exceptionalism. now, beyond the concerns i justa listed, you could alsoli here that this could become another front in a culture war, as i understand.i >> explain that. yeah, yeah. you know, biotechnology is the most powerful innovation since the splitting of the atom. and it's reall ay important thai we discuss. it dep buent it depends on how it's applied. this could be a way for us to come together and find common c ground in terms of promoting scientific advancement. but the biden administration has always goo taken the extreme road, and the concern could thee be that foxtr example, in terms of biotechnological research, they could go into human cloning research or trying to create synthetic human embryos ,as they're no sw doingryos with mice. in terms of of the environmentfh you're talking about globaling n warming. and he always goes td lways o the farthest road he can. and that could actually further
12:53 am
split this country apart.lly fut because it depends on the regulations that are applied based on this executive order. the order itself doesn't have a lot in it thate order you cow on , but it will depend on howuy they actually try to apply it. >> well, when you hear about a bioengineered agriculture and it's going to be alle al new and improved, you're going to use less land, right?us wesley? less energy. be more efng to be more efficient. it's going to be betteficient rr you. they sell it like they sold the the covid lock down. so, you know, it's just going to be it's going to be better. innovative, new , normal, all of it.he end bu it in the end, it's just less freedom and less traditional american. now, american life, right? >> yeah, that's a real concern.e you know's u, there's a real slouching toward technocracy going on not only in thistechno country but internationally. cristhe idea that the expertsll. should tell us what to do, the experts should promulgatee e the regulations. the experts should decideate our policy and if anything,
12:54 am
the last several years has. taught us is that the experts should not be in control >> unless we see the effort to the limit the output of certain farmland in europe. we saw that big fight with the ,i believe, the norwegian farmers and now the united states . a lot of farm farmland in the netherlands, excuse me,>> h and the farmland being boughtan up in the united states under odd circumstance where the chinese are buying farmland. >> but that's beside the point . >> i guess the point is this cannee work if we come together as alad society and work out what we co shouldme be done and what shouldn't. it will not work if the extremea approaches than t we've seen, fr example, in gender affirming care from the busht administration are are pushed as well as say thank you very much. much. and when we come back , the last bite energy demands are rising and the effects are
12:55 am
that's why chevron and we're p5 will increasing production in the permian basin by 15%. on emi and we're projected toss reach one million barrels of oil per day. by 2025, all while staying on track to reduce our carbon emissions intensity in the area because it's
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: move over tide pod
1:00 am
challenge tfrnths fda's out with a new warning against exactly what you think it is, chicken cooked in nyquil t fda said it could make somebody accidentally take a dangerously high dose of nyquil without realizing it because when you boil something it makes it more cons traited. >> laura: you >> todd: fox news alert, president biden set to address the united nation adversaries -- >> carley: the white house grapples with a messaging crisis how the u.s. would respond to chinese invasion of taiwan and russia talks about escalating war in ukraine. >> the president will be


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